City Homicide (2007) s03e01 Episode Script

The Money Shot

Oh, shit.
I want it back My mojo, give me my mojo back Give it back My mojo, give me my mojo back I want it back My mojo, give me my mojo back Give it back, back, back! Duncan! You look great.
It's amazing what a long sleep and a bit of exercise will do.
Where's the team? Crime scene.
One deceased male, single shot to the head.
You and I have been delegated to run profiles on the vic and the car.
Where's the location? Uh, no way.
Wolfie's orders - your bum, that seat.
I'm fine, Jen.
So are you gonna give me the address or do I get it from the job sheet? Wolfie's not gonna be pleased.
Oh, he'll get over it.
It's good to see you, Jen.
It really is good to have you back.
Thanks, Jen.
His name's Dale Williamson, Sarge.
He's a photographer-slash-muckraker.
- Paparazzo? - Yeah.
He wouldn't be short of enemies, then, would he? No.
Matter of fact, he's involved in a court case at the moment.
Invasion of privacy.
Planted a listening device at a pop singer's beach house.
Put that on your list, Matt.
Check it out.
Uh, anything from Crime Scene? Not a lot yet.
The blood spatter pattern and glass fragments indicate he was shot from close range while sitting in his car.
Got a residential address on the other side of the city.
Next of kin is Felicity, his wife.
Get over there, do the death knock, find out what he was doing in the area while you're at it.
You want some company, Si? Duncan! Dunny, what are you doing here? Good question.
Good to see you, mate.
Hey, you really did work out in rehab, didn't ya? Good for you.
It's good to have you back.
I left orders.
What are you doing here? There's been a murder.
I'm rostered on.
With me.
Dunny's looking great, isn't he? You're supposed to be behind a desk, not attending crime scenes.
Why? I'm fine, Sarge.
Jumping right in at the deep end is not the way to go with this, Duncan.
And holding back doesn't make things any easier, Sarge.
You've had a traumatic experience.
Sarge, my psych evaluation says I'm fine.
For limited duties, yes.
For how long? Until further notice.
Then what's the use in coming back? I mean, I'm either good or I'm not.
Let me go with Si and do the death knock.
It's a death knock! What can happen? Are you OK? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? No reason.
You just seem a bit tense.
That's all.
Hey, Dunny, look.
I'm really sorry I didn't come and see you in rehab.
That's OK.
The others did.
Yeah, but I didn't.
I'm sorry.
No worries.
It's OK.
Dale? Hello.
Dale! Dale, I'm in the bathroom.
Mrs Williamson? Dale, the baby's coming! Felicity Williamson? You're not Mormons, are you? That's all I need.
We're police.
I'm Detective Freeman.
This is Detective Joyner.
What's going on? Has something happened to Dale? I've been calling him.
He didn't answer.
Oh Uh, are you alright? Do I look alright? Uh, do you want to take a seat, Mrs Williamson? No, I'm better standing.
Just tell me what's happened.
It's something to do with Dale, isn't it? Is there anyone we can contact to come over and be with you Is he alright? What? Why don't you just have a seat? Ohh! I want to know what's happened.
Just tell me what's going on.
Oh, God! When are you due? Today.
My waters broke three hours ago.
I left a message on Dale's phone.
He was supposed to come and get me.
Call an ambulance, Si.
We can do this, we can do this.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Oh, no! This is Detective Simon Joyner.
I need an ambulance You can do this.
It's gonna be OK.
The ambulance is on the way.
That's it, that's it.
I want my husband! I know, I know.
I'm here.
Hold on.
It's coming, it's coming.
Alright, breathe, breathe, breathe.
Is that your first baby? Yeah.
Yours? Yeah.
You tell her? Let's speak to the doctors first.
Alright, Si.
Just watch his head.
See ya.
"Snaparazzi most hated.
" The court case with the listening device was just the tip of a very seedy iceberg.
That's the Ricki Verlaine thing, right? Ricki Verlaine? The singer.
Talk to him, see what else he's got to say for himself.
Herself, Sarge.
Gotta get past her management first.
He's the puppet master.
Apparently Ricki won't open her mouth without his permission.
Do it.
Anyone else who has current issues with our photographer? Well, we're compiling a list, sir.
Ah, Duncan.
You OK? Yeah, I'm fine, Sarge.
Si's at the hospital with Mrs Williamson.
Does she know about her husband? Yeah, Simon told her.
She's really struggling.
We won't get much out of her today.
But the baby's fine.
Boy or girl? A boy.
He came out like a rocket.
It was incredible.
So what's going on with our dead photographer? Dale Williamson.
He has an agent we can talk to.
Cheridah Lapstone.
She runs a whole bunch of these paparazzi guys.
Queen of the piranhas.
Organises commissions for them, picks up their freelance input, onsells images.
Hmm, a healthy percentage of what can be a very large sum of money.
OK, Jennifer, you stay on this pop singer angle.
Matt, you stay in touch with Crime Scene.
I need their preliminary findings asap.
What about me, Sarge? You've been through quite a lot today, Duncan.
Just stick to your desk for a while.
Oh,come on.
I'm just warming up! Let me hook up with Simon, talk to this Lapstone woman.
We'll get her to tell us what this photographer was working on.
OK, an active role, but I'm trusting you to keep me informed.
Any problems, I want to hear about it.
OK? For sure, Sarge.
Dale had a good dose of the mongrel in him and he was very good at sniffing out his own stuff, which is what he'd been doing most recently.
And you have no idea what he was working on? With Dale? Not until the prints landed on my desk.
Then I'd go for the best deal I could get for them.
What? By hawking them around the place? Tabloids, magazines, TV, whoever bids the highest at the time.
It's my job, Detective - the deal.
This is a terrible thing - not just his death, but Felicity having the baby like this.
I mean, what's she gonna do? A new kid, no husband You say you're concerned for his wife.
So are we.
The sooner we're across this, the better it's gonna be for her so if there is anything The only thing I can tell you is he was talking about a money shot.
Meaning? A shot worth thousands.
Possibly tens of thousands.
He thought he was getting close.
And that's all? He mentioned a small exclusive hotel, a hot tip.
What hotel? Uh, excuse me.
Detective Joyner.
This is Detective Freeman.
We're from Homicide.
Mind if we ask you a couple of questions? Homicide? Is somebody dead? That's usually why we get involved.
You are? Declan Canning, junior manager.
Not housekeeping.
Were you on duty last night, sir? Yes.
Tell me, did anything unusual happen here? Unusual? Maybe.
I heard a few pops and some screeching tyres in the early hours.
How early? At about 5:00.
I was busy with the kitchen staff.
These pops, what were they like? Gunshots? No, not that loud.
Three pops.
You weren't curious? Did you come out and take a look? No, I was organising the breakfasts.
Did you see this man hanging around at all last night? No, no, I don't think so.
Tell me, are there any celebrities or VIPs staying here at the moment? I couldn't tell you that.
This is a murder enquiry.
Think very carefully.
No, I mean I can't tell you.
There was one couple that arrived late and left early, all prepaid.
They used one of the villas.
People want their privacy.
You could change your name,couldn't you? Not credit records.
We'll need details of all the people staying here at the moment, the register.
You'll have to speak to my boss about that.
I wish you luck.
OK, take us to your leader.
Crime Scene reckon the shot that broke the side mirror probably happened somewhere else - no mirror glass here.
Could be at the hotel Williamson was staking out.
It's only three blocks away.
How did Duncan and Si go? Anyone hear anything? Three pops about 5:00am, not as loud as gunshots.
Could've used a silencer.
So maybe the earlier shots happened at the hotel, but only one of them hit the car.
And then the photographer was killed here later.
Get Crime Scene to look for broken mirror glass at the hotel.
Anything else? Well, it does look like cameras and maybe a laptop were taken.
There's an empty computer case and blood patterning on the seats, suggests several items were removed after the shooting.
Maybe our victim got his money shot at the hotel and then got himself shot as a result.
Makes sense, Sarge.
We need to find out who he was trying to photograph.
Thanks for that.
Sarge, police were called to a serious assault an hour ago.
The victim is Cheridah Lapstone.
Look, I can't deal with this now.
The doctor said it looks like your arm was deliberately broken and the rest of your injuries could be from a beating.
I wasn't beaten up.
I fell.
How I was working through.
I'd gone out to get something to eat.
I came back.
A man had broken into my office.
Did you get a chance to look at this guy? No, not really.
I challenged him, he came at me.
I just ran.
I tripped, hit my face on a desk.
And then? I don't know.
II managed to get to the storage room and lock myself in.
I called the police on my mobile.
The guy took off.
You broke your watch.
How did that happen? I jammed my arm in the storage room door trying to shut it.
The doctor also said you've only got bruising on the inside of your arm, kind of like it was held down and hit with something.
You're lying to us, aren't you? No! And this has nothing to do with the death of Dale Williamson? No, it's a coincidence.
That's all.
I don't believe in coincidences.
Do you? No.
What's that? Eyebrow hair.
Must have put it over her eyes so she couldn't see his face.
These are fragments of glass from the face of her watch.
How'd they end up here if she jammed her arm in the storeroom door? The door only locks from the outside.
How'd she lock herself inside, then? She lied.
Yeah, big-time.
Let's go back and find out why.
Nurse! She disappeared about Not long after we talked to her, according to the nurse.
After checking out her office, it was obvious she was lying to us.
We went back to the hospital to confront her.
She must have known we'd be back.
So she took off because she was scared.
Well, someone beat her up, Sarge.
They were looking for something, a photo maybe.
A money shot.
Any new developments on this mystery couple at the hotel? We may have a lead - a payment in advance was made via a booking agency.
Matt and Jennifer are following it up.
So you want us to stay on looking for this Lapstone woman? I'll put uniforms on that.
You go and talk to Williamson's wife, see if there's anything she can give us.
Uh, Simon.
How's Duncan going? Yeah, he seems fine.
Any problems, I expect you'll let me know.
No walking frame, I see.
No, Superintendent.
Good, good.
How was rehab? It was hard work.
Well, they say you, uh, get out of it what you put in.
That's what they told me.
I put a lot in.
Well, good.
Good to have you back.
Thank you, sir.
Didn't realise you had a visitor.
Detectives, this is Kieran Abrahams.
He's our solicitor.
We were just going through Felicity's affairs.
Affairs? Right.
It seems that Dale was better at photography than he was at managing our finances.
I haven't thanked you for Tim.
You were both wonderful.
We won't interrupt for long.
Just a couple of questions, if you're up to it.
No, stay.
Cheridah Lapstone - do you know her? Dale's agent.
Uh, we've had her over to dinner a few times.
She's missing.
You haven't heard from her? No, no.
You mean in suspicious circumstances? Yes, sir.
She was attacked.
Then she disappeared from the hospital.
Oh, my God.
We think it may have something to do with the last assignment your husband was working on, a photo he took.
Ms Lapstone called it a "money shot".
This could also help us find out what happened to Dale.
Is there anything you can tell us about it? Um, no.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Dale never discussed his work with me.
Well, he knew what you thought about it.
What did you think about it? I thought he was a better photographer than what his work allowed him to be.
I'm sorry.
I I can't help you with what he was working on.
Thank you for your time.
Hello? Ohh! Where is it? II don't know.
Ohh! You do know.
You were looking for it.
Arggh! II don't think it's here.
What's on it?! What does it show?! I don't know! Last chance.
Where is it? No.
Please! Sorry, mate.
Preston Walker.
The private villa in the hotel was booked via his corporate card through an entertainment industry travel company.
Who is Preston Walker? He's a manager.
Soap stars, B-grade pop divas.
Including Ricki Verlaine.
The pop singer that was suing our dead photographer? We're thinking Dale Williamson's interest in that hotel wasn't purely professional.
Getting photographs making that court case about the listening device go away - blackmailing the manager.
Or even both of them if Ricki was the other person in that room.
Either of them married? Y es, she is.
Shagging her manager wouldn't do her credibility much good.
So, what, the manager catches the photographer spying on them, and kills him? It's possible, Sarge.
Exposing an affair would hurt Walker as much as Ricki, if not more.
And the first two gunshots that the hotel manager heard Preston Walker has a lot to lose - clients, endorsements, promotion fees.
He probably rakes in a couple hundred thousand a year off Ricki alone.
A lot to lose.
You people don't know the size of the can of worms you're opening here.
Mr Walker, we know your credit card was used to pay for that hotel villa.
So to us, you're the biggest worm in the can.
What do you have to say about rumours of an affair between you and Ricki Verlaine? That they're exactly that - rumours.
Why are we even talking about this? You're right.
Rumours are useless as evidence.
But they do provide motive for this man to follow you to that hotel.
I know that person.
He's currently the subject of a civil suit being brought about by Ricki.
Bloody paparazzi.
They're parasites.
I'd cheerfully castrate the lot of them.
And failing castration, is murder an option? Because we have this paparazzo in the morgue right now.
Do you own a gun, Mr Walker? What? No, I don't own a gun and neither do any of my clients.
You can't seriously believe I had anything to do with his death? Why not? Usually we'd be asking you where you were, right now.
But we know where you were, don't we? You were in that villa, nice and handy.
I didn't leave the damn room.
And you need to prove that.
Who were you with? I will sue if any of this gets out.
You're in no position to be making threats, sir.
Who were you with? Alright.
I was with Ricki.
Stanley, I need a word.
What about? Duncan Freeman.
You've read the email I sent you? Do you really think it's responsible to put him back on full duties despite my report? I made an operational decision, ma'am.
One completely at odds with my recommendations.
A decision based on my personal knowledge of the man after having worked with him for over two years.
The man was almost beaten to death.
You don't know how he's going to respond to situations out there.
He needs more counselling, more monitoring.
What he needs is to get back to work.
What if he has to deal with a violent confrontation? Rare in Homicide.
Yes, but if it happens, you can't predict how he'll react.
Claudia, I do understand your concern, but I think this is the best way to proceed.
I just need to register my objections here, Stanley.
They have been noted, but I'm sticking with my decision.
OK, I just hope you understand the risk you're taking.
I do.
If there are any problems, you will be the first person I talk to.
Why did you take off from the hospital? I just checked myself out.
It's not against the law.
Why did you take yourself to Healesville? It's relaxing, quiet.
It's so quiet we could hear your credit card being used at that motel.
And if we could find you, so could someone else.
You were scared.
Someone threatened you, didn't they? No.
They wanted something! No.
They smashed your ribs, held you down, stretched your arm across the desk and they smashed that too.
Dunny, no, no They beat you.
The person who beat you could have been responsible for killing Dale.
Now, who was it? Just a guy.
I don't know.
Did you get a look at him before he put the tape over your eyes? No.
I came back from lunch, he was behind the door.
Big? Small? Big, strong.
You're right - he hit me, broke my arm with something.
Now, what did he want you to tell him? He said he wanted to know where the photo was.
I told him I didn't know what he was talking about.
But you did - Dale Williamson's money shot.
Dale's taken a photo of someone and they'll do anything to make sure no-one else sees it, including murder.
Who was it? I don't know.
He didn't say.
He just kept asking me where it was, hitting me.
I was screaming, screaming.
Yeah, alright! Alright.
I should have realised before.
Dale was protective of his material.
Like I said, he only ever brought me single prints of shots, but he also made a practice of emailing his memory stick content to his database at the end of every day.
Once he got back to his studio, he'd review the pictures and print off what he wanted.
At his studio? His home studio.
The images are probably there.
What? Me first.
It's clear.
Ambulance is already gone, Sarge.
It'll be a while before we can speak to him.
What did the ambos say? He's a mess.
Concussion, one broken leg, broken ankle and a bullet in the left shoulder, plus he'd already taken a beating before he went out the window.
Kieran Abrahams wasn't as lucky as Cheridah Lapstone.
He saw this guy's face.
He was lucky.
A long drop and a bullet - they left him for dead.
What's the story with the computer? Whoever it was, they took the hard drive just to be sure.
The question is did Abrahams do this or did he walk in on someone else doing it? I'd go for the latter.
The lock was smashed and he had keys in his possession.
He must have gotten them from Felicity Williamson.
They seemed pretty friendly at the hospital.
More than a solicitor maybe? If Felicity sent him here, she may know more about this "money shot" than she's letting on.
OK, at least one person seems to be out of the frame at the moment - Preston Walker is still in custody.
And Matt and Jen are with Ricki Verlaine so she's in the clear too.
You two get over to the hospital and talk to Felicity Williamson.
The duty nurse said Mrs Williamson checked out shortly after "her husband" came to visit her.
That was about an hour before we got there.
Wasn't her husband, though, was it? Not unless he escaped from a freezer in the morgue.
According to the nurse, he was holding the baby because she was too distressed.
We checked CCTV footage of the time and we came up with a clear image of the supposed husband - Anthony James Meade, 'Tony'.
Numerous arrests, a dozen convictions, aggravated assault.
Yeah, I know Tony.
He's a thug.
I wouldn't let him hold my baby.
So do you think he was using the child to threaten her? It looked like it.
Probably thinks she could lead him to the photo.
Maybe she can.
Maybe she sent her lawyer friend there to get it.
Half an hour later, she was gone.
Uniforms are out looking for her.
All signs are she's gone into hiding.
She'd want to find a good hidey-hole.
Meade's well-connected, not just to the criminal element.
He got off five charges courtesy of a very expensive lawyer - a bloke who's been linked to several so-called racing identities.
Anyone we like in particular? Max McKenzie.
Ah, Max McKenzie, clean as a whistle, dirty as they come.
What's his form? Oh, Max is a cleanskin, a legitimate bookmaker, for all intents and purposes.
Word from Serious Crime is his bookmaking's just a handy way of laundering money for his mates.
Who are into illegal gambling, drugs, etc, etc, and Max charges a premium for his services.
Tony Meade is Max's standover man.
A dodgy deal caught on camera, you think? It's very possible.
We need to find Felicity Williamson and her baby.
Matt, you run the search.
Duncan and Simon, get those photos back to the hotel, see if you can jog any memories.
Look again.
Was there anything else that happened that was unusual the night before last apart from the pops you heard in the early hours? Nothing I can think of, no.
Oh, this one maybe.
I realised I'd forgotten to order in skinny milk.
I went to pick some up at the service station, crack of dawn.
Yeah? And? I think this guy was there buying cigarettes.
But you didn't see him hanging around the hotel? No.
Anything else unusual with anyone else staying here? Not really.
There was one gentleman who'd booked in for two nights, didn't check out, didn't come back today.
He's left a whole lot of his personal stuff behind.
What personal stuff? "To my old mate Warren 'Keep the Faith' Farley, mate.
" Wazza Farley, lives in Geelong.
A well-known gunnie, purveyor of pills.
I busted him a couple of times.
What's he doing in town? He disappeared from the hotel.
Left behind a change of clothing, toiletries, reading material and a bag of coke.
He checked in under a false name, never checked out.
So it's a case of 'Where's Warren?' Wazza is way out of his depth with heavies like Meade.
Wherever he is, he's pooing his pants.
Uh, not anymore.
We believe what's making Tony Meade so antsy is not who's in the photo but what happens in it.
It's a killing.
Dale Williamson's money shot is Wazza Farley copping a bullet.
Warren 'Wazza' Farley.
I've never met a Warren Farley.
Oh, he's a fan of bad nonfiction written by criminal associates.
Yep? These bastards, they make pots of money selling this sort of crap and I think it's disgraceful.
They should be forced to donate the proceeds to charity.
The question is what was he doing in a boutique hotel in Melbourne? I've got no idea.
And where is he now? Well, try this for size - according to our colleagues at the Drug Squad, Wazza, he likes a punt on the horses, can't help himself.
Also not a bad way to clean up his drug money.
But the problem was he forgot to pay his bookie who does his laundry.
Your mate Max McKenzie.
He wasn't pleased so he sent Wazza a message.
Yeah, and Wazza thought he'd come up from Geelong, try and organise a payment plan.
Well, it sounds like a good story.
But McKenzie doesn't take monthly instalments so he sent you to deal with Farley, but somehow it all ends up on Dale Williamson's camera.
I prefer happy endings, though, hey.
And fact and not fiction.
I was never near any hotel You were in the service station across the road.
The station's got a security camera.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
I, uh I stopped for petrol and I bought cigarettes.
So charge me.
Williamson was snooping around after a sex scandal.
He came across a murder instead, Warren Farley's murder.
You shot and killed Warren Farley, didn't you? Me? Oh, piss off.
Where's the body? Probably in the car you were using, at the bottom of the bay.
You realised Williamson had it all on film so you chased him and you shot him too.
The only problem was you killed him a bit too quickly.
You should've found out what he was gonna do with that photo.
Well, you show me the photo.
You haven't got it, have you? Same as you haven't got this Farley bloke's carcass.
You're a killer, Mr Meade.
No, I'm not.
I lead a quiet life.
I have a lovely wife, lovely kids.
Early retirement.
Retire? You bastards never retire.
We've got footage of you at the hospital monstering Felicity Williamson.
You beat up Cheridah Lapstone.
You're in this up to your armpits! Detective Joyner, sit down! Hey, I was on a goodwill visit.
You, son, have gotta take a chill pill.
Now, are you gonna charge me? I mean, I've bought some cigarettes, I've talked to a woman in a hospital corridor, I've kissed a baby.
I mean, I like babies.
Uh,could I get a taxi for the inconvenience? Thank you.
I can't believe we let him go.
He's gonna go straight to Felicity.
We've got nothing to hold him.
We just need to find Felicity before he does.
He was going to kill me.
I had no choice so I jumped through the window.
The bullet hit me as I was going through.
Well, you're lucky.
He slipped up, didn't finish you off.
Do you recognise any of these faces? Him.
It was him.
He was beating me to death.
Then he stopped, to load his gun, I think.
That's how I got awayalmost.
I'll make the call, give them the go-ahead to bring him in.
What were you doing at the studio in the first place? We think you went there to look for Dale Williamson's photos on his computer.
We think Felicity sent you there.
Come on.
You're more than just a solicitor.
Mr Abrahams, Felicity is missing.
The guy that did this to you is after her.
Do you want Felicity and the baby to receive the same treatment he dished out to you? Oh, God.
I was after the photos.
That bastard Dale has left her with next to nothing.
If the photos really are worth something, it could help her through a very tough time.
She sent you there? No.
She didn't even know I'd gone.
So you get there and what? You caught this guy turning the place over? No, no.
The place had already been trashed.
It was like that when I got there.
He came in after me.
So if the hard drive had already gone and Meade wasn't responsible, then there's only one other person who knew about those photos.
I don't know anything.
Come on.
You're the logical candidate.
You knew Williamson sent pictures back to his computer.
So where's that hard drive? Have you already printed the photo? Already got a deal in place? 'Photos' - plural.
OK, I lied to you.
I checked myself out of hospital.
I was angry, not just for me, but Felicity.
I went and found the hard drive with the photos, made it look like the place had been ransacked.
If that man turned up looking for the pictures, I wanted him to think someone else had taken them.
But you had, just for a few thousand dollars.
No, for Felicity and the baby.
That arsehole husband of hers left her high and dry.
I've been in that position too.
I haven't even told her I have the photos yet or what's in them.
Well, she's missing.
Y es, she called me after that man visited her.
She was scared.
I told her to get out.
I've got her and the baby hidden somewhere safe.
We need the address.
Ms Lapstone, Kieran Abrahams is in hospital.
Now, he went after those pictures and nearly ended up dead.
The same could happen to her.
They probably think she's got the photos.
But she doesn't.
I do.
I've registered copyright on them too, on her behalf with my lawyer.
Oh-ho, Jarvis is gonna love these.
Felicity's safe.
Don't kid yourself.
Tony Meade has slipped his tail.
If you really care about Felicity, tell us where she is right now.
Don't move.
Is he alright? Police.
Don't move! Turn.
Put your hands on your head.
Turn around slowly and put your hands on your head.
You got him, Dunny? Don't move! Don't move! You're under arrest for murder, Tony Meade.
Now get in there.
Oh! Mind your head.
I've missed this.
Dunny's back alright.
"Mind your head.
" So old Wazza was a goner.
Oh, well, I can't say I'll cry about it.
But this one's the clincher.
Oh, Freeman, you bloody beauty! We got him - Max McKenzie giving the order, "Shoot to kill.
" Every copper in the State wants to see him nailed to the wall.
Ha! This weapon was found in your possession.
You planted it.
Two sworn officers were present when you disposed of the gun.
It's a conspiracy.
You know, Tone, last time we spoke, you mentioned our inability to produce evidence of a murder.
Last time we spoke, you went off your rocker.
You threatened me.
You got him on a leash now? Well, here's your evidence.
You see, we thought these were the money shots, but we were wrong.
The money shot's this one.
The first one in the sequence.
Max McKenzie, sicking you onto Wazza Farley.
So where's Max? You help us find him, it might help you.
Come on, Tone.
We know he's your boss.
You can't protect him.
He should be going down for the murder of Wazza.
He gives the orders.
Oh, come on! Max McKenzie might have you by the throat, but we got you by the balls.
So why don't you tell us where he is? Come on! Tell us where he is! Max McKenzie's at reception.
He wants to chat with you, Sarge.
This is an unfortunate misunderstanding.
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
So was Dale Williamson.
Sorry, I don't know who that is.
I'm doing the right thing, Detective.
I'm assisting you with your investigation.
Now, um .
what's happened is a friend of mine, a family man, he's taken revenge upon a known drug dealer.
Apparently this bloke was down in Geelong selling his poison to young people, ruining these young people's lives.
Is that right? Y es, and my mate lost his temper and shot the dog.
It's misguided vigilante justice, yes, but I intend to stand by this man and his family and I'm here to see he gets the best legal representation.
Mmm, his lawyer has already demanded time with him.
Told him what to say.
Well, the truth, I hope.
So how can I help you gentlemen? You can help by looking at these and admitting you went to this hotel with Tony Meade to kill Warren Farley.
Max doesn't even know Warren Farley.
In fact, Max was quite shocked by what happened.
Oh, horrified.
I told Tony he'd have to turn himself in, but he wouldn't.
You directed Mr Meade to kill Warren Farley.
No, no.
- It's what the photo shows.
- No, no, no.
He was calling me to come back.
That's what it shows.
I tried to stop him but he shot him anyway.
I couldn't bring myself to turn him in because he's a mate.
Anyway, now Tony's been caught, I'm sure he'll tell you exactly what happened.
He's a good man, Tony.
He's, uhhe's reliable.
We've been friends for 30 years.
So you're just gonna take the fall by yourself? He won't thank you.
Got nothing to thank me for, has he? And even if he did, I don't dog.
Even if it's the difference between 1 5 years and life? Why do you think that woman's still alive, hmm? She was holding that baby.
I could have shot her.
But she was holding that baby.
You didn't kill her because you wouldn't have been able to find those photos.
Tony's a dad, Detective.
He's got kids, got a great wife.
Oh,conjugal visits? He can do that.
I can do that, knowing that my wife and kids are being well looked after, or I can do what you people want me to do and dog on Max and put them all at risk.
It's not much of a decision to make, is it? Max didn't know what I was going to do.
Shoot him dead! Shoot him! So Max McKenzie walks and Tony Meade takes the fall.
That's the way it works.
You satisfied with half a result now, are you? Are you that different? I'm not different.
If I'm gonna nail somebody hard, I'll do it, but only if it's useful.
Useful is going hard after a crook like Max McKenzie.
Useful is keeping scum like him off the streets.
McKenzie didn't even break a sweat in his interview.
Going hard on guys like that just boosts their ego.
Right, it makes them think they've got us on the rails.
You're saying you care what a crim thinks now? No, I'm saying today Max McKenzie walks and we put away Tony Meade.
Tomorrow, maybe Serious Crime will get enough to nail McKenzie.
In other words, pick your battles.
That's not the Duncan I know.
What's this really about? Is there something you want to say to me, Si? Forget it.
Just forget it.
Ah, Claudia, come in.
I was right about Duncan Freeman.
He's gonna be fine.
I'm sure he will be, eventually.
When he was in a coma, they all went to visit him on a regular basis.
Then he went into rehab.
Matt and Jennifer still visited.
Simon never went.
Feeling guilt or anger perhaps? I don't know.
What I do know is it's not Duncan that needs your help.
You know we'll still get McKenzie .
for failure to report or perverting the course.
Mate, what's the point? He'll get off.
He's got all those flash lawyers.
We can try.
That's better than nothing.
Well, haven't you had enough What do you expect to achieve? An ulcer and a deadly cough? Why don't you just disappear?