City Homicide (2007) s03e02 Episode Script

Meet & Greet

As I walk through the desert of time With my water and staff I'd say I'm somewhere between a quarter and halfway I won't buckle or bend although the path may I'll only change for the better until my last day Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, OK? Wallet too, mate.
Come on, move it! Don't give him anything, mate.
I've got it.
Why don't you put that down and get a proper job? Mind your own business.
This lS my business, you dropkick.
Watch out! Arggh! Arrgh! Ahh! Jesus! Come on.
Yeah, hi.
Detective Senior Constable Allie Kingston.
I need a car to Arthurs Lane, off Newlands Road.
Yeah, I've got an armed offender here with a sore head.
Soon as you can, hey? I've gotta be somewhere.
They're on their way.
My head, you bitch.
Shut up! You made me late.
Preliminary time of death's the early hours of this morning.
There's signs of a break-in.
Suggests the killer was waiting for him to get home.
He was forced to strip, lie face down on the bed, he was tied up, gagged, whipped with a TV aerial.
Broken off from over there.
Then there was a pretty frenzied attack with a butcher's knife before a major stabbing blow to the neck to finish the job.
Just in time for the cleaner to find him.
No witnesses, no leads? No, not yet.
Uniforms have started doorknocking.
let's follow up on the weapon.
What do you think? It's obviously a sexual crime.
Male rape? Maybe.
Wait for the autopsy.
Sorry, sir, I had difficulty getting in.
Detective Senior Constable Kingston, Senior Sergeant.
You're late.
Sorry, sir, I was delayed.
Y es,considerably.
Sarge, here's a DVD that looks interesting.
Detectives Freeman and Joyner, this is Detective Senior Constable Allie Kingston.
She'll be joining our team.
Hi, my name's Samuel Bowler.
I arrived in Melbourne from WA just over a year ago.
Job offer - I'm an HR consultant.
I don't have too many friends here.
Make that no friends, really.
Not exactly a good selling point on a dating DVD.
What I'm looking for in a partner is a woman who enjoys life.
So, we know our victim was looking for love.
What else do we know? Samuel Bowler lives alone, works for a headhunting firm in the city.
OK, I'll swing Matt and Jennifer off the doorknock onto the HR outfit.
Duncan, you make contact with the victim's family in Perth and liaise with Crime Scene.
Simon Dating agency? You and Detective Kingston.
But first, Detective Kingston, a word, please? Great, I get to babysit.
I love babysitting.
Crime Scene will return your shoes once they've finished taking samples.
Thank you, Senior Sergeant.
You contaminated a crime scene.
Next time, watch where you're standing.
Normally I would do that, Senior Sergeant.
I received a phone call from a divisional detective wanting a statement about the armed offender that you arrested.
The reason I was late at the crime scene.
Apparently, you arrested him single-handedly.
The detective was impressed that you took on a man armed with a knife.
I just reacted.
Anyway, the knife that the guy had, it was this squitty little thing, it was kind of like a pocket knife.
So it was no big deal.
Let's make one thing perfectly clear, I'm not impressed.
You should consider yourself lucky that you were not hurt.
No, really, I was across it.
I can handle myself.
I don't care how well you think you can handle yourself, he could have had a concealed weapon - a gun.
It could have escalated.
But it didn't.
What do you expect me to do, just stand there and let this poor guy get mugged and stabbed? This is not a debate, Detective.
Yeah If you pull any reckless stunts while you're on this team, the relationship will be very short-lived.
You get it? Y es, Senior Sergeant.
That's all.
Thank you.
Get back to work.
Senior Sergeant.
Watch out.
That'd be, "Watch out, SlR.
" Idiot.
Uh, that idiot is Terry Jarvis.
Superintendent Terry Jarvis.
Of Homicide.
You can drive.
Detective Joyner and Kingston.
We'd like to speak to your boss.
Whose name is? Mr Dexter, Jack.
Jack, there are some police here wanting to talk to you.
No, detectives.
He's coming out.
Tell me, your name is? Carley.
Carley Whitman.
Have we met somewhere before, Carley? I don't think so, no.
Are you sure? 'Cause I'm pretty good with faces.
Another investigation maybe? No.
I've never had anything to do with police.
Family? Don't have any family.
Jack Dexter.
Good morning.
How can I help you? Samuel Bowler.
Yes, I remember him.
I mean, he's one of a large number of clients, but he seemed like a very nice man.
So, what can you tell us about him? Not a lot.
Typical of many of our clients - shy, bit of a workaholic.
Not a lot of time to socialise.
There's no date in his DVD.
We don't do that.
But he signed up about a year ago, I think.
I can get Carley to check his file for you, get the details.
Did he have many dates through the agency? It's not that simple.
We don't set up one-on-ones initially.
The way it works, we hold meet-and-greet parties bi-monthly.
Clients book and pay to attend.
There's an activity - a cooking class or wine appreciation to get people relaxed and interacting.
And then individual follow-up? Y es.
If a client's attracted to someone, they ask to view their DVD.
And assuming they're still interested? If it's reciprocated, we organise a one-on-one date.
Usually something low-key like coffee or lunch.
And then what? Whether the relationship goes from there is up to the clients.
OK, so, back to the original question, one on ones.
Er, no.
Mr Bowler didn't request any.
He was very picky.
He knew exactly what he wanted.
And he didn't find it? No.
Alright, we'll need a list of anyone that attended the meet-and-greets with him.
Oh, now, look, there are confidentiality issues here.
That would be just about our whole client list.
He attended several parties.
We can get a warrant if we have to.
But it would be simpler if you just gave us what we needed.
Simpler for you, maybe.
I'm sorry.
Unless you have proof Mr Bowler's death is somehow connected to us, I'm afraid I'll have to withhold my files.
Right, quick introduction.
This is Detective Senior Constable Allie Kingston.
She will be working on our team from now on.
Jennifer Mapplethorpe.
Matt Ryan.
Welcome aboard.
Anything from the victim's work place? Yeah, his colleagues said that he was a hard worker, quiet but friendly enough.
Bit intimidated by the boss who's got a rep as a tyrant.
Bowler sometimes turned up to their Friday night drinks but he was a bit shy.
What about contacting the family? They're in Perth, Sarge.
The brother's flying over to do the ID.
As soon as he clears his calendar.
A busy man, apparently.
And not at all upset about the news of his brother's death.
Really? This Jack Dexter from the dating agency, is he a suspect? Not yet.
But he wasn't exactly cooperative.
He's gonna make us work for our warrant.
Might've got something else from that agency, though.
Yeah, the receptionist.
I thought I recognised her.
Carley Whitman.
Only when I came across her, she was Carley Cooper.
I was appearing in court on a case.
She said she'd never had anything to do with police.
She also said she didn't have any family.
But she was before the courts.
Not her, her brother.
Jasper Cooper.
Put in a very impassioned plea on his behalf at his trial.
Brother and sister are extremely close.
Y et she lied about him.
Why? Maybe because he was convicted.
Maybe because now Jasper Cooper is a registered sex offender.
Dropping his dacks and attacking an undercover police officer in a public loo.
He was lucky to only get nine months.
Jasper was innocent.
Not according to the court.
But what we ARE interested in is why you lied to us about never having had anything to do with the police.
It's not a lie - I wasn't on trial.
I was there as a character witness for my brother.
My innocent brother.
The one you said didn't exist.
OK, I lied so exactly this wouldn't happen.
Your name was Carley Cooper back then.
Why change? I got married.
That's not illegal, is it? No ring? I got divorced too.
I lost the husband, kept the name.
What's any of this got to do with Samuel Bowler's death? Well, Samuel Bowler's death was violent, with sexual overtones.
You work at the dating agency where he was a client.
And two years ago, the brother you lied about was convicted of assault police and indecent exposure.
It was entrapment.
Jasper wouldn't know how to hit on someone.
It was the police guy who made the advance on him, Jasper got scared and told him to get lost.
Well, that's not the way the undercover officer told it.
I checked out the file.
Your brother assaulted the officer - broke his cheekbone.
He didn't mean to, he was scared.
It was an elbow, when the bastard tried to arrest him.
For nothing.
It's hard enough for him to get a decent job before.
Now, forget it.
Why is it hard for him? He's just not bright, OK? Now, I still don't see what this has to do with your case.
Are you protecting your brother, Ms Whitman? From you lot, yes.
Has he ever been a member at the agency? No.
Attended any of the meet-and-greets? No.
He's not a client.
We'd like him to verify that.
Where is he? I don't know.
Don't lie to us again.
Why would I tell you where he is when he's done nothing? And the last time he did nothing and he sat in a room with police, he ended up in jail.
OK, here's the deal.
We need to talk to him to eliminate him from our inquiries.
You bring him in by 8 o'clock tonight and we put on the kid gloves.
If we have to go looking for him, we will go in hard, believe me.
So what's it to be? Alright.
I'll get him to come in.
Tonight? Tonight.
By 8:00 or we come looking.
Come on, it was worth a shot.
Really? She's already lied to us once.
Soon as she tells her brother we're looking for him, he'll disappear.
Well, I guess we'll see, won't we? Plus, you didn't consult me.
What?! I've gotta ask you about everything? Sometimes in an interview, you have to make a spontaneous decision.
We're a team.
We need to be on the same page.
And here at Homicide, we don't give the crims a head start.
Detective Kingston, present from Crime Scene.
The card said, "Don't do it again.
" Thanks.
I stepped in blood at the crime scene.
It's a work of genius.
Allie Kingston.
We'll be right there.
They're here.
Jasper, we're letting your sister stay with you but you have to answer our questions, not her.
Do you understand? I'm here because I haven't done anything wrong, 'cause I want you to stop hassling my sister.
Nobody's hassling her.
We're letting her sit in, aren't we? So long as she doesn't interfere.
Cops messed up my life oncealready.
So what do you want? We want to know where you were last night between 8pm and the early hours.
At my flat.
Alone? Y es.
No alibi, then? No.
Have you ever been a member of Love Rules, the dating agency? No.
My sister works there.
Are you sure you've never been there? He said 'no'.
Ms Whitman.
Do you know this man? No.
Never seen him? What are you saying, you think I'm a poofter? Nobody said that.
I'm not a poofter, OK?! Oi! Calm down.
Do you have any feelings towards men, Jasper? What do you mean? One way or another - like? Dislike? I'm not a poofter, OK?! Samuel Bowler was raped, he was whipped, he was stabbed.
You have a history of violence and homosexual soliciting.
Hey, I'm not gay Sit down! I was set up in that toilet.
I'm not gay.
He's never hurt anyone either.
Not intentionally.
Anyway, that man wasn't the only person from my sister's work to get hurt, was he? Jasper Tell them! OK, Carley, do you want to tell us what he's talking about? Geoff Adams? He stopped attending the agency's meet-and-greet parties.
They chase clients up, keep the payments ticking over.
Carley Whitman rang Adams and his mother told her he was in hospital.
He'd been attacked at home.
And we got an address.
Same MO? We're not sure yet, Sarge.
Follow it up.
Find out.
Tonight? Oh I'm sorry to disturb you so late, Mrs Adams.
Oh, you're lucky you caught me.
I just got back from my film club.
So what's this about? It's about your son, Geoff.
Yes? Umwhat is it you need to know? Geoff was a client at a dating agency, Love Rules.
You told the receptionist there that your son was the victim of an assault.
Y es.
A vicious assault.
Nine months ago.
What happened? UhI was away at a spa retreat.
I came home and found him It was awful.
I took him to the hospital Did your son tell you any details about what happened to him? I pieced it together.
Afterwards, Geoff was very depressed.
For weeks he wouldn't leave the house.
It was the shame, he said.
The shame of being raped.
Why are you asking me about this? We're following a line of inquiry on another matter.
Where is your son now, Mrs Adams? We'd like to speak to him.
Youyou can't.
My son threw himself under a train.
He's dead.
Heard you had an interesting first day.
Caught a break on the Bowler matter late last night.
Yeah? Yeah.
Another victim.
When? Nine months ago, this guy named Geoff Adams killed himself.
Hang on, you just said he was another murder victim.
No, I didn't.
We spoke to his mum, asked to speak to him and she told us he was dead.
What happened? She came home from a night away and found him tied naked to his bed.
He'd been attacked.
Raped? Yeah.
And then he developed depression and killed himself.
I've reviewed the Geoff Adams DVD from the agency.
He was on their books too? Yeah.
The DVD's pretty much the same as Samuel Bowler - lonely single man looking for love.
Heterosexual love? Ostensibly.
Heterosexual guys, a homosexual killing.
Where is everyone? It's only 7am, Sarge.
Well, I hope Pathology aren't keeping bankers' hours.
No, I just came from the lab.
Have they got anything for us? Was there semen present? No, but there was definitely violent penetration.
Bowler was raped.
Same as Geoff Adams.
What else do we have on him? Not a lot.
Divisional D's attended after he was found.
Tied to his bed, beaten.
But according to Ms Adams, they just treated it like it was a joke.
They seemed to think it was a queer's prank on another queer.
Despite the fact Adams insisted that he wasn't gay.
So in the end, it went nowhere.
Adams didn't want to proceed, the D's had no suspect, no charges were filed.
Have we spoken to the lead detective? Yeah, he's coming in this morning, Sarge.
This could be a series, Sarge.
Escalation from serial rape to even more violence and murder.
It is possible.
Two deaths from the agency, I should be able to bounce a warrant off that.
Make sure everyone's across these developments.
When they turn up.
Love Hurts - probably did in this case.
The agency was actually called Love Rules.
That the kind of joke you made when you responded to Mrs Adams's call? Nah,come on, mate.
We were very professional.
The guy was a mess.
So you took it seriously, then? Yeah.
Like any other assault.
Some of the boys made a few cracks, I shut 'em down.
Snobby old bird wasn't even clear about what had happened.
See anything you like? Just listening in.
Detective Kingston's with our crew.
So, the investigation - it was a dead end? Yeah.
No witnesses, no sign of this Love Rules mob.
And when Adams got out of hospital, he came round to the station, made a statement of no complaint.
He said nothing had happened, so eventually we just had to let it go.
Just another gay bashing, eh? Hey.
We did our job.
Sometimes it doesn't work out.
What about his mother's allegation that you guys thought it was all a joke? Yeah, we've already talked about that, Allie.
Didn't happen.
I brought the file over like you asked.
So, why do you think Adams was reluctant to cooperate? I don't know.
Embarrassed maybe? Would you want to tell the world you'd been rooted by a bloke? Mmm.
Not that you'd understand that.
What were the circumstances? It's all in there.
Rapist was waiting for him when he got home.
Broke in the back door.
No pun intended.
And Mum was away on a regular girls' weekend? Yeah, that's right.
Looks like the rapist had studied their movements and knew when he'd be alone.
No description? No.
Only what he told his mum - umrapist was wearing trackie dacks, novelty rubber mask - Donald Duck, didn't say a word during the attack, so I guess Adams couldn't have helped us even if he'd wanted to.
So that's all we got? Sorry, mate.
Just a big fat nothing.
Hmm? He gave us a partial description, the Donald Duck mask.
It's a clue.
Why didn't you tell me he'd arrived? Either we're partners on this case or we're not.
You can't pick and choose.
Hey, I know Zach Roberts.
He's a sleazy idiot.
I knew he'd be more cooperative being quizzed by a guy, I made a judgment call.
Well, thank you very much for the professional courtesy of letting me know what you're thinking in advance.
What, like you did yesterday? That's different.
I'm using my instincts in an interview situation.
This was a deliberate decision to sideline me.
Hey, if you choose to view it that way, I can't stop you.
Jarvis has come through.
We've got a warrant to serve.
Who's coming with me? Fine.
You go.
I'm going to watch these dating DVDs again.
I swear I'm going to lose it with her.
You cut her out of the action, Si.
Yeah, for good reason.
Come on, just get her in a pissing contest and get it done with.
You think this is funny, mate.
You'll get yours.
I'm looking forward to the challenge.
Can they do this?! No, they can't.
At least not until I've spoken to my lawyer.
No, that's not how it works, sir.
I need these computers to run my business.
Yeah, and we'll get copies of the hard drives.
We'll get them back to you ASAP.
No! Sir, two of your clients are dead.
The first was attacked, the second was murdered.
Most likely by someone they met at one of your parties.
And they'll do it again.
Either we move on this quickly and nail them or this drags on.
But the longer it does, the more chance it has of hitting the media.
Then your business will really go down the crapper.
You're threatening me.
I'm telling you how it works.
Step aside, please, sir, you're impeding the execution of a search warrant.
Thank you.
You'll get these back when the detectives are finished with them.
We'll need your staff files too, sir.
for the day.
It's doing my head in.
Bowler was Mr Ordinary, so was Geoff Adams.
Why target them? These files, they're all full of Mr Ordinaries.
What? I know.
Research is necessary.
Organised Crime might be all about kicking down doors and chasing cars, Homicide's not.
Research has its uses.
Yeah, well, kicking down doors is fun, though.
You should try it sometime.
- Heading home, Sarge? - Yeah.
I just wanted to see how the research was going.
I trust that you have read DSS Leigh's psych profile on our killer? Yes, Sarge.
Probably straight, using homosexual acts as part of a revenge or dominance drive.
She notes the similarities in physical types and ages of victims.
Maybe he was raped himself.
Escalating violence and rage during the assault.
So our killer puts up a front, supposedly seeking a female partner, but in reality trawling for single,.
Lonely male victims.
We're checking out anyone who fits the physical profile, cross-referencing them to our criminal records.
It may be that the killer has committed other criminal activities.
We're also checking hospital reports.
If we can find more rape victims, we might be able to find more leads on the killer.
It's gonna be a long haul, so let's start fresh in the morning.
Shall we? Right.
You don't get brownie points for staying the longest, you know.
I know.
Hey, listen, oi, I'm really sorry about before.
I get a bit intense sometimes.
Listen, oi, yeah, you do.
Get some sleep.
Lay the plan, say the fans gonna fish you, I'm gone Time to write my own role in this debut And this song with strong will Arggh! Arrgh! Morning.
We're all back into it.
Where you been? What happened? Uh, I took a bit of a knock.
At least you can't see a lump.
Thank God for hair.
You OK? No.
I screwed up.
Really? Again? Big-time? Yeah.
Kind of like marching bands and fireworks big-time, yeah.
I went to the Bowler crime scene last night.
Somebody was in there.
They jumped me.
What the hell were you doing at the crime scene?! You want me to issue you with a megaphone? Who jumped you? I don't know! A guy! If I knew, it would be because I caught him, wouldn't it? Then I would be a hero instead of a dickhead.
You are absolutely intent on screwing up here, aren't you? Why were you at the crime scene? I was looking for inspiration.
Right, and that's what you put in your job diary, is it? Oh, you did make an entry about where you were going? It wasit was spontaneous.
I was on my way home.
Wolfie's gonna have you for breakfast.
No, he's not 'cause I'm not gonna put myself on the menu.
Come on.
Do not be even more stupid.
You have to tell him.
Oh, sure, OK, and he's gonna be tough but fair, will he? This person that jumped you was at the crime scene.
This is now an integral part of the investigation.
You have no choice.
Shut up! OK, I know.
I know, OK? Really.
I thought I was doing something useful.
OK, more than anything, don't say that to him.
I thought I was doing something useful.
Did you get a look at this person? No, but he caught a good heel spike to the foot and then I bit him on the arm.
So there was a violent confrontation? Kind of.
There either was or there wasn't.
Are you hurt? Just a bump on the head.
Which you haven't had checked out, right? Not yet, no.
You will do that, Detective Kingston.
You will also give me a full written report of everything that happened, anything you can remember - the size of this man, his physical strength, even his smell.
Is that clear? Yes, Senior Sergeant.
And next time you decide you want to visit a crime scene, you make a job diary entry as per protocol.
Yes, Sarge.
You could have been badly hurt and still lying there on that floor.
Yes, Sarge.
Consider this an official warning.
Here in Homicide, you play by the rules.
You don't make up your own.
Do you understand that? Yes, I do.
Sarge, development.
The cross-referencing work between the client's agency list and our records came up with a hit.
Clive Sebastian Manning.
Why the licence blow-up instead of a file photo? That's because this guy isn't a crim.
He's another possible victim, Sarge - rape.
Yeah, he was a client at Love Rules when it happened.
Matt and Jen are picking him up now, Sarge.
What's the background on this guy? He attended the ED at Queen Victoria about six months ago.
He said he's been mugged.
But he'd been beaten up and, the doctor realised, anally raped.
If it is the same attacker, it fits the pattern of escalating violence.
Geoff Adams, raped nearly 1 2 months ago.
This guy, beaten and raped six months ago.
And now Samuel Bowler, beaten, tortured, raped and killed.
Was it reported? Not by Clive Manning.
The doctor called it in from the hospital.
By the time the uniforms got there, Manning had left the emergency department.
They followed up.
He insisted nothing like that happened to him.
It was just the mugging.
I guess rape's not something guys want to readily admit to, is it? Mmm, which is why I want you in this interview with Jennifer.
We might get more out of Mr Manning with no males present.
Uh, someone's been murdered? Yes, tortured and killed.
You might have known him from the agency.
What agency? Love Rules, the dating agency.
You were a client there a year ago, weren't you? So? Well, so was this man.
Do you remember him? No, no, I don't.
Could I see your arm, Mr Manning? What? Your left forearm, if you don't mind.
Thank you.
This man is named Samuel Bowler.
Mr Manning, Clive, there is evidence Mr Bowler was raped before he was killed.
That's one of the reasons we were hoping you might be able to help us.
Right, OK.
So that's what this is about, is it - what that doctor said? Look, we know how difficult this is Huh, the female tag team.
Better than jelly-wrestling, is it? Mm.
I wasn't raped! I was mugged.
How's our new recruit shaping up? A little overenthusiastic, but I am reserving my judgment at the moment.
I heard she took on some scrote with a knife.
She must be a bit of a goer, hey? Well Had a break in this case yet? Look, I can't help you guys with this.
Sir, this happens to thousands of men every year.
It mostly goes unreported because the victim feels ashamed and guilty.
Is that right? He feels as though he should have been able to defend himself, but that's not necessarily true.
Why are you telling me this? Statistically, a large number of the victims experience erection and ejaculation.
These are all perfectly natural physical consequences of male rape and it doesn't mean the victim enjoyed it or that he's gay.
That's really interesting information.
Thanks for sharing it with me, but I still can't help you guys.
Mr Manning Mr Manning, this person who mugged you, can you tell us what he looked like? Clever girl.
Was he short? Was he tall? Uh1 75.
He was very strong.
Well, you did well to get away from him, then.
Did you hear his voice? No, he didn't speak.
Get a look at his face? No, no.
He had a mask on.
What kind of mask? A rubber mask, Donald Duck.
That matches the Geoff Adams case, sir.
The victim in that case reported the assailant also wore a Donald Duck mask.
The new girl's kicking goals, hey, Stanley? He didn't see his attacker's face or hear his voice, same as Geoff Adams.
OK, so where are we at now, boys and girls? Third victim, sir.
We're sure? He dodged all your probing questions on that count.
An ED doctor's notes give us corroborating details - abrasions on the wrists and legs indicative of being bound.
Rectal bleeding.
The guy was tied up and repeatedly sodomised.
He managed to get away and get himself to a hospital.
He's never gonna give you any of that.
He gave us the Donald Duck mask.
It's a veiled admission of what happened, isn't it? I think so.
And we got a rough height.
The other thing is this fits in with your escalating pattern of violence theory, doesn't it? Mmm, unfortunately no good to us, not without a description.
All it does is confirm our fears this is a series.
It's going to happen again.
I've got a man at the morgue who's flown in from Perth to ID his brother's body.
Name's Philip Bowler.
Who's gonna take it? Sorry about the delay.
They don't usually run out of forms.
It's fine, but I'd like to get back to my hotel.
How was your flight this morning? Early.
Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Take a seat.
Did you hurt yourself there, Mr Bowler? Uh, yes, playing squash.
Can we get this done? If you'll excuse me.
OK, I've marked where you need to sign.
So you're taking your brother back to Perth, then? That's what Mum wants, yes.
It's not up to me.
How long will it be before it can be released? Uh, 'it'? His body.
Mr Bowler, you don't seem very upset about your brother's death.
I'm not upset.
We haven't spoken in years.
Our mother's not well.
A lot of that has to do with the pressure Sammy put her under, pressure I was constantly expected to deal with.
What kind of pressure? Oh, business stuff, you know? Creditors, failed ventures.
Sammy was irresponsible.
Nothing else? No.
What is this? We're investigating his murder.
Any information's useful.
Well, that's all I can tell you.
Is that it? Are we done? No, we're not.
I checked your flight, Mr Bowler.
It wasn't this morning.
You flew over straight after we called you.
You were here last night, weren't you, at your brother's? You attacked my colleague.
Ohh! Did you kill your brother, Mr Bowler? What? For God's sake, no.
I see.
Well, first, in all fairness to the good people at the morgue, they don't run out of forms.
We asked them to say that when I noticed your limp.
Buy us some time while we checked your flights.
We've since checked your brother's history in WA too where he lived under your mother's surname.
He did well to escape conviction, didn't he? And not for failed business ventures.
Indecent exposure, indecent assault I lost count of the number of late-night phone calls I got from police telling me he'd been arrested.
I can't tell you how much it cost keeping him out of jail.
What was his problem? I don't know.
Your mother remarried, didn't she, and you moved out? When my stepfather moved in, yes.
Read between the lines.
Abuse? I don't know for sure, but, yes, I think so.
Sammy said some things over the years.
If you didn't kill your brother do you have any idea who did? No.
What were you doing at his place last night? Nothing.
Why were you there, Mr Bowler? I was there for I don't know.
'Cause of all this other stuff.
I was looking for anything that might get out, turn ugly, embarrass the family.
What sort of things? I don't know.
Porn, a diary, pictures.
I don't know.
Nah, it was more than that.
You attacked someone - me.
There's more at stake than your family's reputation.
What was it? OK, till we work out the answer to that, they're gonna have to pop your brother back in the freezer.
You're not going back to Perth.
You're being charged - assault police.
Samuel Bowler's sex crimes go right back to his teens long before his stepfather was even in the picture.
All charges were dropped, more victims ashamed to come forward.
Bowler liked to hurt to dominate, apparently.
I thought your brought me down here to talk about suspects, not victims.
We're working through developments, Superintendent.
Detectives, explain where this takes us, please.
We're not sure yet, but our interview with Philip Bowler raised even more questions.
Like why did he break into his brother's place? - What was he doing there? - What were YOU doing there? I hear everything.
Come on, golden girl.
Give us some answers.
He was protecting himself.
How Look for journals, diary entries, anything that would implicate him.
In the murder? No.
OK, Philip Bowler wants us to think that his younger brother was abused by his stepfather, but I think that Samuel had been abused for year by HIM.
Look at the similarities between the victims and then check out the psych profile.
What are we supposed to be looking for? If Samuel Bowler wasn't dead, he would be the only person in this mix who fits the psychological profile of a serial rapist.
So you're saying maybe we had it back-to-front.
Samuel Bowler fits the only physical description that we have - around 1 75, strong.
And Samuel's dead so we don't have a description of his attacker.
Allie's right - he was the serial rapist acting out revenge on his brother through his victims.
But now the tables have turned and Samuel's been murdered by one of his victims.
The question is which one? Why would I want revenge for something that didn't happen? Sir, we know what happened.
No-one is judging you about that.
No, you're accusing me of murder.
Where were you three nights ago? Oh, I don't know.
Um, I was at home.
Can anyone verify that? Yes.
My girlfriend.
How long have you been seeing her? Uh, about two months.
We'll give her a call, tell her what all this is about No, don't.
Please don't do that.
I don't want her to know anything about any of this.
Then you need to be honest with us.
Did you kill Samuel Bowler? The guy that attacked me had a mask.
I didn't even know who he was.
So he did rape you? To beto be tied to a bed and violated like that for hours Just fear and shame and self-doubt and worst of all, like that other cop said, you respond and it makes you question everything about yourself afterwards, just everything.
So, yeah, I lied.
But I didn't kill him.
I didn't even know who he was.
Mr Dexter, you said before that Samuel Bowler was 'picky' about the kind of woman he was looking for.
Y es.
And he never once requested a DVD of a potential date? Not that I can recall, no.
You've seen the files.
Carley? No, he didn't.
But he did keep coming to the meet and greets? And paying his fees, yes.
Right, so who was to argue? Right.
Did you have any relationship with Samuel Bowler outside your professional capacity? That's ridiculous.
What about you, Miss Whitman? Do you have any particular recollection of Mr Bowler? Not really, no.
Particularly in relation to men? No.
Wasn't there an incident with your brother? No.
Her brother Jasper? Is that his name? I don't remember.
He worked as a waiter for us a few times.
At the meet and greets? "He needed work," you said.
He didn't come back after the incident.
What incident? It was nothing.
So why lie to us about Jasper being at the agency? I didn't lie.
I was asked if he was a member.
He wasn't.
Splitting hairs.
You said he'd never been here.
He worked here.
Only casually.
What happened between your brother and Samuel Bowler? Jasper spilled a tray of drinks on him.
That's all.
Jasper got upset, took off, didn't come back to work again.
Jasper gets upset easily.
It's just the way he is.
He's like a big kid.
Same question - why lie about it? Because of this, exactly this! Because of his history.
I knew he'd be an instant suspect.
OK, so where is he now? I don't know.
Carley, you can't protect your brother all the time.
We need to know.
Where is your brother? So you can do what? So we can talk to him and get to the truth.
You'll scare him.
You'll scare him and upset him.
He'll dig himself into an even deeper hole.
Why would he dig himself into a hole? OK, Carley, if you want to protect your brother, you need to tell us everything.
You can come with us when we pick him up.
You've got to be completely honest with us.
About six weeks ago .
I came home and found him.
He was naked, tied to his bed, bleeding from there.
And he begged me not to tell anyone.
He begged me.
Carley, are you saying that Jasper was raped by Samuel Bowler? Y es.
He must have picked him out another time when he was working.
But Jasper didn't kill him.
He told me and I believe him.
Well, now he has to tell us, doesn't he? OK, Carley, where can we find him? Carley.
Now, remember why you're here - keep him calm, make sure this happens with no fuss.
Now go.
Jasper, no.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone! Leave me alone.
- Jasper.
- Stop.
Jasper, it's OK.
Stay away! We just wanna talk.
Stay away or I'll kill you! I will! No, no, no! Jasper! They're gonna make me tell.
They'll make me tell about everything, about what he did to me, about his smell.
Jasper, no.
They know already.
It's OK.
No, it's not! You said you'd fix it! You said you'd keep me safe.
But it's not OK.
They won't believe me, like last time.
It wasn't my fault, but they won't believe me.
Jasper, it doesn't matter, any of it.
I'll look after you like I always have.
Carley, don't move.
Don't move! Listen to your sister, OK? - No! Carley! - Weapon clear! Carley, help! Put your hands behind your back.
Calm down.
Just calm down.
Dunny, take him.
Carley? You're under arrest, Jasper Cooper.
Carley, help me! It wasn't my fault.
I didn't do it! I know! You're not going to jail.
I know you didn't do it.
I know you didn't.
That incident with Bowler at the agency when your brother dropped the drinks, it wasn't just an accident, was it, Carley? Was it, Carley? His smell? Well, he used a very particular cologne to mask thismusky smell he had.
Jasper remembered it from when he was raped.
And he smelled it again when he was serving the drinks? Yeah.
What happened? Jasper freaked right out.
When he realised it was him, he dropped the tray and he ran.
I found him at home that night and he told me.
He told me it was Bowler.
And you said that you'd fix it? And I did.
I wasn't sure at first so I went to his house.
I broke in.
I found the mask - Donald Duck like Jasper had said.
I I did it.
I tied him up and I whipped him until he confessed and then .
I killed him.
Come on, you're making this up to protect your brother.
I did it.
Prove it.
I wanted him to die knowing what it was like for my brother.
And so I raped him as brutally as I could.
What with? A vibrator.
Which is why there was no semen present, was there? Jen and Dunny are down the pub already.
See you there.
Alright, mate.
Going to the pub.
You coming? Oh, I'm not much of a drinker.
Pool shark? Darts.
Good work today.
See you in the morning.
Thank you, Sarge.
You keep your knuckleduster in your handbag, alright? So you coming? It doesn't really feel like we had much of a win, does it? Yeah, Homicide's like that.
You get used to it.
Yeah, if I last long enough.
It better be your shout first, then.