City Homicide (2007) s03e03 Episode Script

Chop Shop

A major task force investigation continues into the shooting death of State Police Constable Rick Barton.
Constable Barton was shot and killed last week after pulling over a speeding car.
A full police funeral was held today in his honour.
Rick Barton was 20 years old.
Today we paid tribute to one of our own, who died defending his community.
It's been a week since the death of Constable Rick Barton and, thankfully, some progress has been made.
Any information Hey.
How'd you go? .
or your nearest police station.
The men and women of the force are here to serve and support the public and now we need your support.
We've identified a late-model blue Monaro coupe as the vehicle I made soup.
when he was shot.
Not really hungry.
As yet we have not found this vehicle and want to locate both the car and the owner.
In other news, the financial crisis You need to eat, Matt.
You don't wanna talk and you can't sleep.
The least you can do is eat.
Unlessyou wanna talk.
His poor mum.
Looks like he's been here for a few days.
Found by a guy on his way home from fishing.
Said he didn't touch anything.
Would have been the smell that gave it away.
No ID on him but he looks well fed.
The latest threads.
Beaten, then shot at close range.
He's just a kid.
What do you reckon? Gang thing? No, that's Greek.
That says 'mother'.
Yanni Georgiokopolis.
His family reported him missing four days ago.
Prior to that, he spent six months in a youth training centre for 'theft of motor vehicle'.
Yanni was an ace car-booster.
Gone in 60 seconds.
It took him longer than that to die.
The pathologist's preliminary findings from the scene are that he was given a good bashing, then shot.
Simon - known associates, especially ones with similar MOs.
And try to get us a list of his favoured hangouts.
Yeah, I already got a couple of leads on that, Sarge.
Build a picture of his movements in the days immediately prior to his disappearance.
And Matt and I are paying the family a visit.
Right? Yeah.
I thought you were on the Barton task force.
Yeah, the coffee's better there, but the computer they've given me is a relic.
So what's the lowdown? Jarvis said there'd been progress at the press conference.
And you bought it? Progress is Jarvis's way of saying time has passed.
The truth is we've got and nothing but dead ends.
Still, shooting a cop.
Killer can't stay hidden for long.
Assuming he's still around.
If it was me, I'd be long gone.
Hey, Matty, you worked with his brother, right? Sean.
A solid cop.
From all reports Rick would have been too.
I used to go round there on my way home from the academy, to drop Sean off.
Rick was always there.
The annoying little brother.
He'd follow us around, asking questions about guns and gangsters.
He said he wanted to be a cop.
Just like us.
Is it him? Yes, it is.
We're sorry for your loss.
But we will need to talk to your parents about your brother's movements, his friends.
Talk to me.
My parents won't be much use to you.
How was Yanni killed? He was beaten, then shot.
We can't give you the exact details.
Your brother had several arrests, mainly to do with car thefts.
He was known to associate with some pretty shady characters.
Can you give us anything about any of them that might be able to help us? What's the point? It's too late now.
We will need one of you to come down to do a formal ID.
Dad wanted to send him away when he first went off the rails - to live with our cousins in Greece.
I promised him that Yanni would be fine, that it was just a phase.
Boys being boys.
Boys didn't do this.
Tell us who you think did it.
Roula, you've got three other brothers.
You don't want your mother to bury another son.
Heard the name Ibrahim Al Masri? No.
You guys aren't from my side of town.
Bad guy? Understatement.
Al Masri and his mates have the whole neighbourhood terrified.
Coburg's their turf.
You want a cheap car, they're the ones you go to.
Otherwise, stay the hell away.
Your brother was involved with Al Masri? It started off with Yanni stealing cars, just joy-riding, you know? Thing is, he was very good at it - and Al Masri saw possibilities.
What sort of possibilities? Boosting cars for more than joy-riding, I guess.
You're saying Yanni was stealing cars professionally? Look, I don't know for sure, but suddenly he was flashing around all this money, and attitude.
I guessed what he was up to.
I tried talking to him about it, but he wouldn't listen.
And Al Masri was the one paying him? Yanni never admitted it.
But he wouldn't, would he? Too scared? Hell, yes! These aren't people you cross.
Yanni did six months in juvie rather than risk a run-in with those pricks.
And what about you? You're not scared? Yeah, I'm scared.
If Al Masri finds out I've been talking to you We'll speak to Al Masri, and keep your name out of it.
You might wanna talk to Ari too.
Ari? Ari Christou.
Our cousin.
He and Yanni did everything together.
He has to know something about all this.
So where do we find cousin Ari? Same place you find Al Masri.
At his wrecking yard.
I'm gonna call Duncan.
No,come on, are you two on together, or what? Those handcuffs would come in handy, eh? Yeah, just answer the question.
Or you'll be trying them on for size.
Oh, I think I might like that.
Yeah? Not as much as I would.
Yeah? Uh.
- What you gonna do to me? - You don't wanna find out.
Unless you want us to take you in for a formal interview, answer the question.
Yeah, I own the place.
OK? Owner-operator.
We're looking for one of your employees.
Ari Christou.
Ari Christou.
Ari Christou.
Never heard of him.
Our information is that he works here.
Well, your information's wrong, then, babe.
OK, well, you show us the books and if it turns out he works here and he's not on the books, we can refer this to our colleagues at Major Fraud, 'babe'.
Ari Oh, Ari! Yeah, no, he works here sometimes.
But he's not here now.
I'll let him know that you was looking for him.
I'll, umI'll I'll leave a message.
You - show me some ID, now! Ari Christou.
Nice to meet you, Ari.
- I'm not saying anything.
- Why not? 'Cause I've got better things to do with my time than talk to you.
What's got you so scared, Ari? I'm not scared.
When was the last time you saw your cousin, Yanni Georgiokopolis? Screw you.
Did you murder your cousin? What? No! Whathe's dead? You're saying you didn't know that? Yes! I didn't kill nobody.
So you wanna tell us where you were four nights ago? Make that seven.
What, more from Pathology? Yeah, he's been dead for at least a week.
Took the family three days to report him missing.
Now, why would that be? No! I just told you, I didn't even know he was dead! You don't seem surprised, upset.
Course I'm upset.
What do you want me to do? Cry? What do you know about your cousin's associates? What? Who did he hang out with? Apart from you? I don't know.
And if I did, I wouldn't be telling no Jacks.
Get in there and update them on the estimated time of death.
Not that he's gonna change his tune.
Because it seems to me and my colleague Stanley.
You know Detective Superintendent Beck from Serious Crime? Wolfe.
Gary wants us to release the Souvlaki Kid into his custody once you're done.
Why? We have an ongoing investigation - seven months ongoing.
We think he might be able to help us.
With respect, sir, help you with what? We're investigating a murder here.
And murder trumps everything? I'm not here to get into a pissing contest, Terry.
Tell him.
Serious Crime are unable to divulge the details of their investigation at this stage.
I know where they're coming from, Stanley.
But they need to interview him.
You think this kid might be your killer? We have no evidence to that effect, but we suspect he can help us, yeah.
If you can nail the little snot for murder, good for you.
Put him away for 20 years.
But even if that happens, I still want to interview him.
Clear? Abundantly.
Your cousin was beaten and then shot at point-blank range.
You wanna see what that looks like? Or do you already know? No! You were close to him, weren't you? I wasn't there! He means close to the family.
Your uncle, your other cousins.
His brothers and sisters.
Think about what they're going through.
I don't know nothing! What about Al Masri? What about him? What does he know about Yanni's death? Nothing! I don't know.
I mean, ask him.
I don't know! Listen, Ari - I know these people are heavy duty.
I understand that you're scared.
But if you talk to us, we can keep you safe, we can protect you.
You understand what I'm saying? What? Like, disappear? If you have information that can help us, we can help you.
You think you're being loyal, but you're loyal to the wrong people.
Your family are the ones that matter, not Al Masri.
She's right.
You're in over your head.
Look, I don't know who who killed Yanni.
If you change your mind and decide to talk, or if you need any help, and my bet is you will, this is my number.
Look, I don't need no help.
Especially from a Jack.
Yeah, well, just in case, eh? Not so fast, Mr Christou.
Superintendent Beck from Serious Crime has requested a further interview.
Your turn now, is it? What do you want? You can start with losing the attitude.
Screw you.
He's scared, and I think he's nearly ready to talk.
I'd like to have another crack.
Perhaps, Superintendent, when you conclude the interview, you could let Detective Ryan know.
Can do.
Beck's gonna put him through the wringer.
Might work for us, for the morning.
Wear him down.
Thanks for the update.
The task force have got a breakthrough on the car involved in the Constable Barton shooting.
They've found it? No.
Just the owner.
Returned to long-term parking at the airport to find it missing.
They're circulating registration to all personnel.
Well, at least it's progress.
In a week? Not enough damn progress.
What? What is it? Hello.
Ari? You said you'd help me.
Look, I need your bloody help, OK? He's after me.
Who? Who do you think?! OK.
Calm down.
Where are you? Matt? They're gonna kill me.
I know they're gonna kill me.
Ari, I need you to focus.
Tell me where you are.
I'm in the desertedpub, you know? Next to the old factory Please! Please don't.
Please don't kill me Please, don't do it! Please.
I didn't do anything.
Ari? Please, don't! Ari! They carted him away.
What time did you call it in? About 2am.
There were two other calls.
Shots heard.
That, plus a triangulation on the mobile gave patrol a rough location.
But nothing found, huh? No body, no.
Just the blood andthis mobile.
Sir, I thought we had an understanding.
You were gonna call me when you'd finished with Ari Christou.
That was the idea, yes.
No information on the body? No, sir.
So, what happened? Looks like he went and got himself shot, doesn't it? I mean what happened about you handing him back to us? We either had to charge him or release him.
Little turd knew his rights.
So you just put him out onto the street? It was his choice.
Sir, he was terrified.
And with good reason, apparently.
You should have called.
Remember who you're talking to, Detective.
With respect sir, I heard this man being murdered.
Wolfe, get this dickhead away from me.
Detectives Ryan and Kingston, get things moving with the uniforms.
Dead or injured, they took him away.
Maybe someone saw a car or something.
Get on it.
Let me make something clear - I don't have to explain my actions to you or to anybody else, least of all one of your detectives.
Point taken.
But I think it's time you started sharing information, don't you? We have a body in the morgue, we've got another person missing, possibly dead.
That's your problem, isn't it? Yes, it is.
But if I have to, I will ask Superintendent Jarvis to go to the Assistant Commissioner and demand your cooperation .
The names of your dead guy and his cousin Ari came up in connection with 1 3 missing late-model vehicles.
These cars were cloned in Victoria and New South Wales as part of a rebirthing, scrap-metal export set-up.
How's that work? Some vehicles are shipped out whole, some are duplicated in different States, some are broken up for parts, sold interstate, but the bulk are broken up for scrap metal.
Mainly for the Chinese market.
It's big business.
And Yanni and Ari were boosting the cars.
Yeah, them and a dozen other kids.
They're all at the bottom of the feeding chain though.
And at the top - Al Masri.
Yeah, he uses minors to do his dirty work.
That way no-one risks serious jail time.
The kids get off with probation, a little stint in Youth Training.
And Al Masri remains a cleanskin.
He's smart.
That wrecking yard you visited - it's mostly legit, but it's a great front for the illegal stuff, however, it's not the actual site for the chop shop.
That's what you wanted to talk to Ari Christou about.
But he wouldn't give us anything.
And since we had nothing on him, we had to cut him loose.
We put a tail on him for his own protection, but he gave us the slip.
For his protection? Or so you could follow him to the chop shop? Alright, shut it, Ryan.
So, Gary, how long you been on this? Seven months.
You still haven't gotten anywhere? Like I said, nothing sticks to Al Masri.
We've got all the major players, we're just looking for the material evidence.
Maybe you're closer to getting it than you think.
Why, suddenly, is Al Masri killing his drones? He's just knocked off two of his best car thieves.
Maybe he's scared.
Er, thinks someone's been talking.
They're not talking to us.
He could be getting edgy.
Al Masri's arrogant, but he's not stupid enough to think he's invincible.
You got what you need to know.
I'd appreciate a heads-up if you locate Ari Christou.
Alive .
or dead? Either way.
That's the second time you've gone Beck.
What's going on? Ari Christou was put out there as bait so Gary Beck could get a break on his chop shop investigation.
Beck may have spent seven months investigating, but it looks like Ari just gave up his life for the cause.
Beck doesn't care about people, only results.
He's a self-serving prick.
And your superior officer.
And that superior officer commands your respect.
Y es, Sarge.
Now, I want you to talk to Yanni Georgiokopolis's sister again.
The rest of us will hit the wreckers.
We need to find a way to link the boy's death and his cousin's disappearance to Al Masri.
I'm aware tensions are running high since Constable Barton's death.
But I suggest you watch your step.
Superintendent Beck is not someone you wanna tangle with.
Not you fellas again? What is it this time? Wanna check my super scheme or something? Your copy.
It's a warrant to search these premises.
For what? We're investigating a murder.
OK, I want you all down that side.
Search every inch of this premises.
You're not gonna find anything, you know? If you were talking about your balls, I might agree with you.
You're wasting your time.
I don't know nothing about any of these murders.
Who said there was more than one? Why don't you answer the question.
I don't have to say anything to you.
It's all gonna come unstuck, you know? Piss off.
Something you need to see.
That's from the car Constable Barton pulled over when he was shot.
I got no idea how that number plate ended up in the yard.
Maybe someone broke in and dumped it.
Why would they do that? Well, it's obvious.
Trying to get me into trouble.
Oh, yeah? So who do you think would do that? Well, everyone's got enemies, don't they? What's he doing in here? We found some material evidence, sir.
Has he said anything? Nothing so far, but they're about to turn up the heat.
Constable Barton was shot and killed by somebody driving a blue Monaro with that registration.
What do you have to say about that? I got nothing to say.
'Cause I wasn't there and I don't know nothing about it.
"l don't know ANYTHlNG about it.
" "l don't know nothing," means you DO know something.
Do you see? And, as it happens, we agree with you.
You do know something.
Yanni Georgiokopolis was killed the same night as that police officer.
Tell us about that.
Yanni used to work for me sometimes in the yard.
But that's all I know.
Doing what? Anything I told him to.
Does that include boosting cars? So are we gonna find parts of this Monaro scattered all round your yard, Mr Al Masri? I doubt it.
It's a big yard.
Well, the place is crawling with police right now.
So if it is there, we will find it.
Go for broke.
We will.
And when we do, you'll be linked to the death of a police officer.
I wish I could help you, but I don't knowanything about any of these murders.
I'm an upright citizen.
Why wasn't I informed about this? This is now a joint operation between the Homicide squad and Barton task force.
They've got an officer in there, we've got an officer in there.
In the spirit of cooperation.
Mr Al Masri? AL MASRl: I've got nothing to say.
He's not stupid enough to murder a copper.
Have to be crazy to do something like that.
You don't qualify? I didn't shoot nobody, and I don't know nobody who shot nobody.
And I got an alibi for that night.
Oh, what were you doing? Drinking with some mates.
I can give you names.
As many as you like.
That's all we're gonna get out of him.
Let me have a go at him.
Sorry, but your chop shop needs to take a back seat.
A cop's been murdered.
You know that takes priority.
Superintendent Beck, he was in the Armed Robbery Squad, wasn't he? Yeah.
At the same time it was disbanded for corruption? Detective Ryan, as you know with Superintendent Waverley, just because they point the finger at you doesn't guarantee you're crooked.
So you be careful where you point your finger.
You might get it bitten off.
Some of you know one another.
Some of you don't.
I don't care.
You're not here to make friends.
Fact is, all your investigations are cooking in the same oven, so it makes sense to exchange recipes.
Constable Barton was killed nine days ago and we still have not nailed the prick who did it.
Our most likely suspect is Ibrahim Al Masri.
Who just hightailed out of here with his fancy lawyer and his middle finger pointed squarely in our direction.
Now, I don't know about you, but I would love to wipe the smile off that smug bastard's face.
Homicide have been looking at Al Masri in relation to the murder of Yanni Georgiokopolis and the disappearance of Ari Christou.
The murder of Ari Christou.
His body was found a couple of hours ago.
His injuries match what you heard on the phone, Matt.
Shot twice.
Close range.
OK, so the number plate from the wreckers is not the only connection between these two cases.
Pathology have confirmed that Yanni Georgiokopolis was murdered on the same night as Constable Barton.
The same night Ari Christou came home all covered in blood.
These are not coincidences.
There has to be a connection.
The car was stolen.
Yanni and Ari boost cars.
They panic.
They shoot Constable Barton.
Then Al Masri comes to clean up the mess, make sure the kids' mistake doesn't rub off on his business.
I don't buy it.
These kids steal cars all the time.
No way they'd kill a cop just to avoid a few months in juvie.
Unless there's something else going on in that car we don't know about to make it worth their while.
What if we're talking about a complete crossover? Maybe Yanni was already dead when Barton pulled up the car.
He sees blood all over Ari.
And Ari's about to get done for murder, so he's desperate.
Makes sense.
Except for the fact that Ari's now dead.
AhAri wasn't the only person in the car.
According to the latest eyewitness statement, there were three people in the car.
Which brings us back to our friend here.
OK, so we refocus on the boys, with Constable Barton as a potential witness, now deceased.
Ryan, you've got a visitor.
What are the rest of you waiting for, an invitation? Get out there, find me some hard evidence.
Let's pull this together.
Chop, chop! Roula.
How can I help? I was just at my aunt's.
Your people are searching Ari's room, going through his stuff.
She's shaking, wailing.
She's a mess.
I understand this must be hard for her, but Ari is dead and we need to investigate.
I know.
So maybe I can help you.
How? They're not gonna find anything.
The family's already been through Ari's room, they've taken things away.
What things? They say it's to protect him, to protect the family's reputation.
But I think it's because they're scared.
Your people find anything, it looks like they helped.
What things were taken, Roula? Phone numbers.
Photos, of Ari and Yanni with Al Masri and his mates.
Posing with guns, she said.
Big grins on their faces.
You have these photos? No.
She burned them.
Like she burned his clothes.
The clothes with the blood on them? The ones Ari was wearing the night Yanni disappeared.
That was the same night a police officer was shot.
You said you may be able to help us.
But what you're telling me isn't exactly helpful.
Potential evidence has been destroyed.
There is something, though.
My aunt said she went through Ari's pockets before she burned the clothes.
She said she found a lot of money in his pockets, and a bill from a restaurant for that night.
What restaurant? No.
I don't remember either of them.
Don't get many Greek boys in here.
You people just can't come in here waving around police identification.
It's not good for business.
We know this boy was in here a week ago.
Do you remember who he was with? I have many customers.
How am l supposed to remember them all? Wonder if any of your other patrons were here that night.
Maybe we should talk to them.
Or maybe call the health inspector.
I'm sure he'd love a look around your kitchen.
So what's it to be? Look, there are people you do not go against.
Not in any way.
We know for a fact that this guy was here.
Now he's dead.
So is that guy.
Were they together? If I tell you anything, I help you, I'll be dead like them.
Let's go see these people here, Matty.
I'm sure they'll help us.
The first boy, he booked a table.
He met with the other boy.
And? They ate a meal.
The first boy seemed scared, nervous.
The other was relaxed.
Then a third one arrives, but not to eat.
He calls to them and they leave.
The third one.
Was it Ibrahim Al Masri? No, no, no.
Not him.
Another young man.
They started out together, then suddenly, this one, he seemed scared, didn't want to go.
They almost drag him out.
Describe the third guy.
It was not Al Masri.
I did not say that.
We heard you.
Describe the guy.
About the same age as the others.
Blond here.
Long at the back.
Uma baby beard.
What happened? I was curious.
I looked out the window and saw them pushing the nervous boy into the car.
Then the car drove away.
That's all I saw.
I swear.
Who drove? Who was in the front seat? I didn't see.
Was it one of these guys? No.
They all got in the back.
What did the car look like? A car is a car.
It was blue.
Like this one? Yes.
Like this one.
This car was involved in the killing of a police officer! It's been all over the TV for a week! You must have seen it! I don't watch television.
I run a restaurant! We need proper ID of the third guy - the one with the beard.
You can come down the station and do a face-fit.
No! No, I told you all I know.
If I come to the police station, I'll be dead too.
They kill me if they know I do this.
We'll bring the mountain to Mohammed.
Er, you've missed Matt.
Er, I tried calling, but his phone's off.
Yeah, it's pretty full-on in here at the moment.
There's cops who've hardly been home since Constable Barton was shot.
Matt's out chasing a lead.
It's official.
I'm stalking my own boyfriend, aren't l? Are you OK? Are you scared of getting killed? It's an occupational hazard.
You don'tthink about it.
You can't.
It's like the things that we see on the job.
You can't dwell on them, otherwise you'd never get out of bed in the morning.
Matt never talks about it.
That's because he doesn't want you to worry.
You are the best thing that has happened to Matt inforever.
He doesn't wanna bugger it up with work.
I wanna help him.
You do help him.
Trust me.
I'd better go.
Er, just let him know I dropped by.
Oh, there's some frittata for him in the fridge.
Enough for all of you.
Oh, legend.
The beard, not so thick.
The hair - er, blond at the front.
Thanks for the update.
Just had Jarvis on the phone.
Al Masri has given our dogs the slip.
You're kidding.
How's it going here? We now know there were four people in the car - the three boys in the back and the driver.
Crime Scene Report shows that the shot came from the driver's seat.
Odds on it was Al Masri at the wheel.
The eyes - wider apart.
A little.
The nose - broader.
Y es, yes.
That's it.
That's him.
Circulate that image immediately.
We need to find him before Al Masri does.
I thought my chop shop operation was old news.
Now you need my intel? We believe this man was a witness to Constable Barton's death.
And since we lost our last witness, he may be our best chance of getting to Al Masri.
His street name's Mags.
He's a road-racer.
Any idea where we might find him? Well, he won't be at home if Al Masri's after him.
Well, I can't imagine us picking him up at the next road race.
If he's smart, he'll be laying low.
He's not smart.
But you're right, he won't be racing.
We impounded his vehicle a few weeks ago.
Sarge, we just got a hit on the head shot.
Worker in the local chicken'n'chip joint recognised Mags.
Saw him enter that warehouse.
Uniforms are posted round the back.
What's Beck doing here? He cut a deal with Jarvis.
Said he'd feed intel if he was allowed in on the operation.
OK, let's move.
Simon and Allie, you're with the Superintendent.
Matt, you're with me.
Police! Stop! Right there! Don't move! Keep your hands up in the air where I can see them! It's cool! Just keep 'em in the air.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Keep 'em high.
Well, that was easy.
Bring 'em down.
Come on! You went to arrest this Mags kid and Al Masri was there? Correct.
The force's most wanted man.
My team are not to blame.
I'm not blaming your team, Stan.
Five armed detectives, not to mention countless uniforms - how the bloody hell did Al Masri get away? This is not a rhetorical question.
How did it happen? I had Uniform secure the rear of the building.
They were guarding against Mags coming out, not someone going in.
I issued a KALOF on Al Masri to all patrols You know as well as I do, uniforms don't read those alerts.
Come on, Stan, this is not the time to drop the ball.
I agree.
But even if we had Al Masri, we have nothing to charge him with.
Crap, Stanley.
The rat's a cop killer.
There's ways and means.
OK, but we now have a witness downstairs who can put Al Masri in that car, who saw him pull the trigger on Yanni Georgiokopolis and Constable Barton.
Well, go on, Stan.
Get in there.
What I don't understand is how did Al Masri know where to find Mags in the first place? Same way we did.
Word on the street.
Or someone tipped him off.
Yeah, like who? I never seen 'em before.
So you don't know these two young men? Nah.
That's funny, because you were seen with both of them the night this one died.
I didn't kill him.
But you know who did, don't you? Go get him, Stanley.
Progress report, sir.
I've got uniforms stationed at Al Masri's home, the wreckers, all his local haunts, even his grandma's house.
Transport? Bus terminals, train stations, passport control all notified.
He'll come up for air.
Scum always rises to the top.
Come on, Stan.
We need a name.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We know that you and Ari Christou took Yanni Georgiokopolis from that restaurant to the blue Monaro.
You were seen.
Nobody'll say that.
Not in court.
Maybe not.
But you can.
And, if you do, and you were not directly involved in the murder of this young man or that police officer, we can put you somewhere safe.
You can disappear, start again.
Clean slate.
No fines to pay off, no worries.
No car.
The car can be arranged.
It's only been impounded, not crushed.
These blokes love their cars more than their girlfriends.
He will try it again.
I want it in writing - the witness protection thing.
You tell us what you know first.
Yanni was doing just fine, you know? But he wanted a car.
Like mine.
So he'd started boosting some wheels for himself - you know, selling them on the side.
Al Masri couldn't let that happen.
So he tells you and your mate to go and kill him? No, man.
The idea was just to give Yanni a good beating.
So how did he end up dead? We get to this park and, you know, we give him a bit of a kicking.
And then suddenly Al Masri comes in with a baseball bat and steel toecaps.
He beat him so bad we were all covered in blood.
And then he shot him.
Just like that.
We were just supposed to teach the guy a lesson.
So you were sitting in the car with a dead body when Constable Barton pulled you over.
We're not stupid.
He was in the boot.
But the copper saw the blood all over us.
So Al Masri shot him.
Just got word from patrol, sir.
Al Masri's been sighted at the car wreckers.
Get them out of there.
I want everyone down there now.
Keep your gun on the door.
Cops! Draw 'em out front! Go! Stop! Police.
Drop the gun! Police.
On the ground! - Now! Down! - We'll check out the back! Right, you.
Just stay where you are.
It was him or me.
I had no choice.
Good on you, guys.
Jeez, anyone'd think he'd done it all on his own.
Did you talk to Emma last night? She was asleep when I got in and I left before she woke up.
Why? She was in here yesterday.
You should probably talk to her.
I will.
Thanks, mate.
That was a good result today, sir.
You must be pleased - taking out a cop killer.
There's gonna be a lot of people wanting to shake your hand.
Still, it's a shame.
Now we'll never know about the chop shop.
The location.
And how Al Masri managed to keep it hidden.
It's like he had someone on the inside.
If you make any accusations against me, no matter how veiled, or how bloody inaccurate, I will have your badge and your balls.
Now, I understand you were close to the, er, Barton brother.
This time I'll let it slide.
You're overwrought.
Where two oceans meet I will find you there 'Neath the wind-worn heath On the clifftops bare And I will find you there And I will cover thee And you will cling to me Where two oceans meet We found the man who murdered Rick.
Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah And when our candles burn He was a good cop, Mrs Barton.
We will both return 'Neath the wind-worn heath A good man.
Where two oceans meet.