City Homicide (2007) s03e07 Episode Script

Little Big Man

Steady my shaky hands Shut out the world's demands Just get the facts down Do you understand That this is a foreign land? So try to understand now Do you understand? Do you understand? If this is what it feels to love, then, I can feel that If this is what it feels to love, then, I can feel that If this is what it feels to love, then, I can feel that If this is what it feels to love, then, I can feel that Even when you're all alone Even when it's not your home Tommy! Come on! Boots on, mate.
fatal head trauma.
Once Crime Scene get out, I'll know more.
The bottle's not gonna smile for the camera, is it, Pete? How many shots do you need? We thank you.
Teresa and Tommy ride every morning at daybreak.
We ride in pairs in case of accidents.
Where would he have got the gun? Mine.
Use it for vermin.
Heavy-duty gun for rats.
Got another rifle out at the stud.
Use them for foxes, feral cats, whatever.
Well, we're not out there, though, are we? Was Mr Masters a drinker? Oh, a bit.
Not since he came back from Hong Kong.
He was on the wagon.
It looks like he fell off.
I know Tommy.
If he made his mind up to do something, he did it.
Suicide included? I meant not drinking.
And he'd never kill himself either.
Well, hehe's been pretty down in the dumps, Tess, since his suspension.
He didn't kill himself.
G'day, Ronnie.
Last time to the scales.
He'd be 55 kilos wringing wet, I reckon.
Little fella.
He was a jockey.
Yeah, helium balloons.
I'd like to say a big thank you to all the connections.
What makes you think it was murder? Oh, three things.
Plenty of whisky in the stomach contents but the alcohol reading was quite low in his bloodstream.
Which means? Which means he drank the contents of that bottle in about five minutes immediately before he died.
If he wanted to get drunk and rack up Dutch courage, he didn't give it enough time to kick in.
You think he was force-fed the booze? Quite possibly, yes.
There's bruising on his lips and the inside of the mouth that support that idea too.
And number three? The interesting question - why would you put your hand over the end of the barrel of a rifle before you shot yourself? That is a good question.
I think wee Tommy here was trying to send us a message.
He shot himself under duress.
This was a coerced suicide.
That's murder.
So place your bets - who wanted him dead? Hey! What are you doing? Nothing.
That's a crime scene.
What are you doing inside? I wasn't inside.
You were.
OK, prove it.
OK, MissStairmont, I'm taking you in for an interview.
What's going on? We have a warrant, sir, to search the premises.
I don't care about your flamin' warrant.
You can search all you like.
What are you doing with Teresa? Taking her in for questioning.
What for? This is a murder investigation.
And as your granddaughter pointed out yesterday, Tommy Masters didn't kill himself.
We're trying to find out who did.
She knows nothing about this.
Grandad Do you? I'll make a statement.
Just leave her out of it.
You should both come with us.
You can't do this.
Uh, yes, we can.
If you wanna check,call a lawyer.
Sir, after you.
Just ask your questions.
OK, why were you in Tommy's rooms? I wasn't.
Teresa, this isn't a game.
What were you looking for in there? Nothing.
You seem pretty sure it wasn't suicide.
Because Tommy wouldn't pike out like that.
He wasn't a quitter.
Besides, if What? If Tommy had wanted to kill himself, he'd never have used that rifle.
Why not? It was the gun he used to put Ginger Mae down.
Ginger Mae? His horse.
She'd broken her leg.
He got suspended about a month after he had to shoot her.
Why was Tommy Masters banned? They said he threw the race.
"Not riding to capacity.
" Didn't give his horse a fair chance to win.
And they can prove that? According to the evidence, Tommy deliberately rode his mount between two horses, made no effort to get out.
To make matters worse, he didn't ride hard to the finish - just jogged across the line.
Sounds like an open-and-shut case.
It was rubbish.
I felt sorry for him, OK? You get banned, you're not even supposed to go near a racehorse or working stables.
I gave him a bed and track work.
They could pull your licence for that.
I know.
And now they're dragging Teresa into it.
She's just a kid.
I'm 22.
Tommy was twice my age.
But But you had a crush on him.
Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a jockey.
Be like Tommy.
So you looked up to him and then it turned into something else? I'd written him this letter a few weeks ago telling him I loved him.
Like some kind of schoolgirl.
Did your grandfather know about it? No way! He'd never understand.
Did you sleep with Tommy? No! So you told him you loved him and he ignored it.
He was sweet about it.
He said I should find myself someone younger, somebody over four foot tall.
And he kept the letter.
I didn't want it coming out.
I went in there to get it - that's all.
I just found it when you turned up.
Thank you.
Do you know how your granddaughter felt about Tommy Masters? Why? She told him she loved him.
No, that's rubbish.
Wrote him a love letter.
She wouldn't do that.
Did you find the letter and confront Tommy? No.
You thought Tommy had taken advantage of the situation, didn't you? So you decided to put an end to the relationship.
Didn't know anything about a relationship.
By killing Tommy Masters.
No! There was no relationship.
Teresa's a good girl.
Tommy - you trusted him too? Tommy's a hoop.
A hoop? A jockey.
Just one of the lads.
But he'd know better than to mess with Teresa.
That'd be biting the hand that fed him, wouldn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
Love and protectiveness - pretty good motives.
No joy at Tommy's.
No sign of any other alcohol at the place either.
Just the bottle in the vehicle.
No prints.
What about the gun? The serial number on the rifle checks out.
It belongs to Ray.
I reckon he's worth a closer look.
Well, I'll run some background checks on him.
Phone records - Tommy Masters's mobile.
He made three calls to the same number just before he was killed.
Two five-second calls - possible hang-ups.
And then one three-minute call.
Who to? A bloke called Shane Walton, chief steward at the racing federation.
Steward? Like a waiter? Like an umpire, looking for cheats.
They're the ones that suspended Tommy in the first place.
So why would Tommy call him? Y es, uh, it's an important job.
Me and my colleagues all get carefully vetted, have to be above reproach, all that.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Especially given the game you're in.
So tell us about Tommy Masters, for instance.
Ah, poor little bugger.
Fallen star.
Not good for any industry.
Tommy called you recently? Y-yes.
I hung up in his ear.
Not the third time.
You spoke to him then.
What was the call about? Uh, well, he was just trying to get back in the game, that's all.
By talking to you.
Did he have some new evidence? No, he was babbling.
What about? Oh, you know, injustice, his career.
Tell me, why would Tommy even think that he could get back in the game? A suspension's a suspension, isn't it? Look, I've got no idea what he thought, mate.
Why don't you ask him? Oh, we would, except he's dead.
Can you think of anyone who might want Tommy Masters killed? Killed? I thought you meant he killed himself.
Well, he was pretty desperate when he rung me.
Did he regard you as an enemy? You suspended him.
A whole committee of stewards suspended him, not just me.
So what happened? Tommy pulled his horse up.
He didn't give it a chance to win.
You can't do that.
Why would he do it? We presume he was paid off by a person or persons unknown.
Our stewards inquiry never came up with any evidence or any money butTommy wouldn't talk.
He just copped it sweet.
The trainer of the horse that Tommy pulled up, was he suspended too? No, Leo was cleared of any involvement.
Leo? Leo Moss.
They call him Leo the Lion.
In fact, he was ropeable at the time.
He had to be physically restrained in the weighing room.
He He what? He told Tommy he'd never ride again.
He threatened to kill him.
Leo the Lion! What are you looking at him for? Possible involvement in an investigation.
I've been locked up with the review board all morning.
I miss something? It'll be on your desk, sir.
Tommy Masters.
He's a jockey.
He's dead.
Tommy the Terrier bought it? Terrier as well as a lion.
Go an interest in racing, sir? I've lost more money on the ponies than you've had cold salads, darl.
How did he die? It was made to look like suicide.
Ate his gun.
Where? Stairmont Stables.
Crikey! Tommy the Terrier! And a two-year suspension.
Despite lack of evidence of any bribery money.
Did you talk to the stipes? We've had a conversation with Shane Walton, the chief stipendiary officer.
You need more than a conversation.
Sounds like Tommy got shafted.
No bribery money, but he gets two years? That doesn't sound right.
Joyner, in the morning, you're with me.
Sir, isn't Superintendent Waverley back tomorrow? Not back till next week.
See you at sparrow's fart.
Better you than me.
Well, look who it is.
The track's most colourful racing identity.
Max McKenzie.
This just got very interesting.
Well, well, well.
This is a pleasant surprise.
Leo Moss? Who wants to know? Oh, Leo, this is Superintendent Jarvis and, um I don't recall the other gentleman.
Detective Joyner.
Bless you.
How are you, Superintendent? What are you doing here, McKenzie? Seeing a man about a horse.
Uh, later, Leo.
Stay well.
Need to ask you a few questions.
A few questions? Yeah, about Tommy Masters.
When was the last time you saw him? When they dragged me off into the weighing room the day of the race.
I guess I'll never have to see that little turd ever again.
That was a while ago.
You sure it wasn't more recently? Saw him in the paper this morning.
Bawled my eyes out.
Tommy Masters - dead.
Couldn't happen to anyone more deserving.
So you believe he lost the race deliberately.
Well, Look at the footage.
He threw the race.
Ah! He had a good reputation, Leo.
He had a couple of top rides coming up at the time.
Good living.
He was on the take.
The little bastard cost me and one of my owners a motza.
We had that horse backed to the hilt, and he pulled her up.
Max McKenzie a friend of yours? An acquaintance.
Owns a few horses.
I'm well aware of what he is.
So who was Tommy on the take from, then? Well, don't ask me.
The answer to that's your problem, isn't it? Well, unless we believe in coincidences, we just solved it.
Because you can bet your Fine Cotton socks it was someone who stood to gain plenty from Tommy throwing that race.
Was it something I said? Allergic to horses.
Our old mate, Maxwell Patrick McKenzie.
We've taken a closer look at the connections of the winning horse in Tommy's race.
McKenzie's definitely a part-owner but he keeps at arm's length.
When the horse won, he got a sly 50%.
Sly 50%? Yeah, the owners passed on a share of their earnings to him under the counter.
Helped him keep a low profile.
Well, the nag's never done much since.
I should know.
I've had money on it.
But I'd have more on Leo Moss knowing about that fix.
Max McKenzie was at Leo's stable this morning.
But Leo lost money on the race.
That's what the books say.
There's ways of losing money in one area and stacking it up in another.
Tommy pulled Leo's horse up so that Max's horse could win.
Well, maybe Leo was in on it and maybe he got a big payout.
So Leo Moss moves up our list of people to profile.
Well, he threatened to kill the victim.
That's enough for a start.
A bit emotional for you, Si? My lead detective is allergic to the hay burners.
In case it gets a bit much for you.
How's the follow-up on the Stairmonts? Uh, Teresa just got her apprenticeship.
Word is that Tommy was her mentor against the old man's wishes.
'Mentor' - is that what they call it? What, you reckon they were getting it on? Could be.
Another possible motive.
No, don't waste your time there.
That's where we should be focusing.
McKenzie's a bookie, right? He owns a few nags, uh, has an interest, but he makes his money off the punters and keeping a second set of books, laundering drug money.
Where there's Max, there's muck.
Just ask Tony Meade.
McKenzie's last enforcer.
We had to put him away for executing a photographer.
We thought we had Max too, but Tony took the fall for him.
Now he's been replaced by Dennis 'The Menace' Reece.
He's bigger and uglier than Tony but not as bright.
An enforcer.
Well, maybe that's the reason why there was no money involved.
Maybe Tommy got scared 'cause they were asking him to throw the race.
His horse, Ginger Mae, it breaks its leg, he has to put it down, and then a few weeks later, he throws the race.
You're saying it was "Do as you're told or it's you next time"? Nobbling the horse sounds like McKenzie's MO to me.
That and the fact that the stewards couldn't find anyone who'd made money out of Tommy's horse losing.
They didn't look very far.
No, he's involved.
Bribed officials, death threats, dead horses.
Max McKenzie's up to his ears in this and he's not gonna get away from us this time.
Race fixing? You must be joking.
I wouldn't even know how to go about it.
Tommy Masters was bribed, or more likely, forced to lose a race.
A race that your horse won.
Uh, yes, my fellow owners and l did have a lucky win a while back and, yes, there was an inquiry and Tommy did get suspended, but none of that has anything to do with me.
What about his murder? That have anything to do with you? Murder? Well, well! I heard that he was dead, but the word around the traps was that he killed himself.
He was murdered.
Well, that's shocking.
Isn't it, Dennis? Shocking.
Why are you talking to me about it? You know why we're talking to you.
I don't, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me.
You really have got tickets on yourself, haven't you, McKenzie? Yeah, your posh house, nice pool, flash cars.
Thank you very much, and all legitimately come by.
Now, unless you have something specific to discuss, Superintendent, I suggest you leave.
You really would think he could afford better help, wouldn't you? Specifically, we know you were involved with Tommy Masters's death.
This time we're gonna hang it round your neck if it's the last thing we do.
First part of that is slander, Superintendent.
And the second part is what's called a declared agenda.
You've decided to go after me regardless of the facts, which are I have never been so much as looked at by the stewards.
Yeah, right.
Nor convicted of any crime.
Not yet.
So I suggest you leave before you find either my lawyer or Dennis's swimming instructor breathing down your neck.
I'll happily take them both on.
Then I'll lock you up, McKenzie.
I wouldn't lay odds on that.
And I'm a betting man, Superintendent.
You got a problem, Detective? You're not worried about Max, are you? I just don't see what's to be gained by tipping him off we're investigating him, that's all.
Just rattling his cage.
No harm in giving him a scare, reminding him we're not going away.
Dennis the Menace won't need any reminding.
I'm sure he enjoyed his swim.
Joyner, don't let a runny nose shrink your balls.
Pick up Ryan and get back to Ray Stairmont's, wave Dennis and Max's pictures under some noses, see if anyone's spotted them around the place the last few days.
Did that annoy Jarvis? What do you reckon? Taking you off the case? He can try.
I know this guy's face.
He's a bookmaker, isn't he? Where do you know him from? The track, not round here, though.
You've never seen him with Tommy anywhere? Not that I can remember.
Anyone else in there? This one.
Big guy, yeah? Yeah, pretty big.
At the track too.
You think they had something to do with killing Tommy? We're just following up information at this stage.
What are you two doing back here? Haven't you asked enough questions? We are trying to solve a murder.
Why would you object to that? Go back to the stables.
I'm feeding out.
I don't care.
Go back and muck out the stalls.
I don't want you talking to her about Max McKenzie.
If he's involved in this, I want her kept well out of it.
You know more about this than you're telling us.
No? Then why are you so worried about your granddaughter? I'll talk to you after we feed out, but not here.
Tommy was approached to pull a horse.
By Max McKenzie.
McKenzie's not stupid.
Tommy was approached by another jockey, a young bloke who rides for McKenzie sometimes.
He's over in Dubai now.
Out of the way.
So what happened? Well, Tommy said no.
Then Colin Weatherby, that's this jockey, starts coming across heavy, mentioned a few nasty possibilities.
Tommy was scared but he raced and got the win, anyway.
Yeah, Max McKenzie wasn't happy about that.
Well, he had his bets in place.
He lost a lot of money.
Then, a few days later, Ginger Mae's leg got broken.
We worked that out.
No accident.
So then Tommy agreed to do what they wanted? No.
Tommy went and fronted that Dennis the Menace bloke.
Really? Dennis would've crushed him with one hand.
Tommy was a fearless little bugger.
And what did Dennis say? Well, Dennis denied any involvement.
Of course.
But he gave Tommy some advice.
Whoever did it, he said, must've meant it as a warning.
Maybe it'd be people, next.
People close to him.
Then he inquired after Teresa's health.
How do you know all this, Ray? Tommy came to me, asked me what he should do.
He told me the whole story from go to whoa.
He'dhe'd heard from the jockey again, told him that if he pulled up the next horse, no-one would get hurt and there would be a quiet 50 grand for him to slip under his mattress.
And you didn't think to call the police.
These are dangerous people.
You don't know what they're like.
What did you tell him to do, Ray? II told him to do what they said.
You don't stand up to people like that.
Hehe was a great rider.
I thought he'd be clever enough not to get caught.
He's fingered Max McKenzie.
You little ripper.
He won't go on record, though.
He's too worried about his granddaughter.
Hang on, it's a plausible story, but it's still hearsay.
Ray could be spinning his own line of bull.
I believe him.
You believe him because you want it to be Max McKenzie, sir.
We checked Ray out.
There's no charges against him.
No, but he's fronted the stewards a few times, known for his temper.
Once punched out a jockey for overuse of the whip, bashed an owner for abusing a horse.
He's still a person of interest.
Except all those sound like brain snaps.
This was cold, this was calculated - forcing someone to kill themselves.
A different kind of brain snap might be on the cards when it comes to his granddaughter.
No, this has got Max McKenzie embroidered all over it.
What we need now is proof, not just hearsay, right, Joyner? I've got another angle.
The antihistamines finally kicked in? Why the delay between Tommy throwing that race and his murder? Tommy had done what they asked.
Max had had his big win, Ray and Teresa were safe.
Everyone was happy.
So what changed? Tommy'd had enough of his suspension.
He finally decided to do something about it.
He called the steward, Shane Walton.
Tried to blow Max McKenzie's betting scam right out of the water.
But what if Shane Walton was crooked? Being paid by Max McKenzie.
Oh, he's crooked, alright.
Shane Walton's financials are squeaky clean, but Barry Walton's accounts are very interesting.
Who's Barry Walton? Shane's old man.
He's 83 years old and he lives in a care facility.
But his bank account's still active.
Money in, money out.
And the withdrawals either just disappear or they're followed by these big, fat deposits a couple of days later.
A pattern.
So we executed a warrant on the TAB.
Presto - there's an account there for Barry Walton.
It was opened years ago.
It's still active.
Shane Walton's been placing bets.
Not kosher for a steward.
There's also two very large cash payments into Barry's bank account.
before the race that Tommy Masters deliberately lost, This could be our way to Max McKenzie.
Wanna drive? We should tell Jarvis.
No, stuff Jarvis.
We'll do this ourselves.
Do you reckon Walton will talk? High-profile racing identity.
He's got a lot to lose.
We offer him a deal, you never know.
Yeah? Where? It's Shane Walton.
He's not gonna lead us to Max McKenzie now, is he? Don't go off without me next time, Joyner.
Just showing some initiative, sir.
Now we've lost a potential witness.
It's not my fault, is it? You got something to say to me?! You wanted to rattle Max's cage, give him a scare.
I guess it worked.
Now, you listen to me.
Shane Walton's dead because we were getting too close.
Now there's one less scumbag in the game board and we have another line of inquiry to pursue, don't we? Anything new from the transaction records? Nothing that links Walton to Max McKenzie.
All the deposits were made in cash.
Of course.
Then we'd better find another way to ping him, hadn't we? This was obviously a meet.
Someone Shane Walton knew.
And a meet has to be arranged.
I'll check phone records, talk to his wife, find out if she knew who he was going to see.
Another fake suicide? Not so well organised this time.
There weren't even any muzzle flash burns to Walton's head.
There won't be any residue on the hands either.
Bring in Max and his muscle.
Squeeze him.
See what you can find out.
Dennis might slip up.
He's not the brightest button on the blouse.
Be careful.
The Menace is probably carrying.
That's if he didn't leave his gun with Mr Walton along with a bullet.
What about Ray and Teresa Stairmont? You're not gonna hang them out to dry, are you? Would I do that? Go over and get the old man and the girl, bring them in.
We'll put them in a hotel or something till this is over.
No way.
There's no way anyone's chasing me off my own property.
You're not listening to me, Ray.
You could both be in danger here.
Well, fine.
Take Teresa.
I'm not going anywhere.
I don't want you here, Tess.
I told you I'm not going anywhere, not until you tell me what this is about.
You can't take either of us if we refuse and that's what we're doing.
So you might as well leave.
OK, alright.
You won't come, we'll organise some uniforms to keep an eye on the place.
Visible presence.
Anything comes up, give us a call.
OK? You know what this is all about, don't you? Just drop it, Tess.
No! You can't protect me from everything, Grandad.
Tell me the truth so I can deal with it.
You thought Shane Walton was gonna spill his guts to the stewards about your betting scam.
So you went round there and instructed your gorilla, Mr Reece, to shoot him in the head and make it look like suicide.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Superintendent, but I was at home playing snooker with Dennis.
We played all night and into the morning.
It was a marathon.
Max won.
We play two or three times a week.
Seriously, I couldn't have had anything to do with Tommy Masters's death and neither could Dennis.
You didn't maim his horse, either? No.
Or try to coerce him into fixing a race via your mate, Colin Weatherby? I don't know Colin personally.
He rides for me on occasions.
I think he's in Dubai now, isn't he? We're checking out who paid his fare.
Good luck with that, Superintendent.
There's a lot of very generous people in Dubai.
And we're organising for him to come back too.
Have to find him first, though, won't they? Well, they'll find him.
He won't tell you anything.
But he does know something, doesn't he? What? I don't know.
Can't rehearse every answer, can you? We haven't rehearsed anything.
You've got nothing, have you? No? Horse nobbling, standovers, betting scams.
Nothing on any of them.
I've got a business function and I really should go.
You're not gonna charge me, are you? Deja bloody vu.
That's exactly what he did to us last time.
He schools his muscle, they alibi each other.
Even if we trip Dennis up, he's still gonna protect Max.
Loyalty, fear - same result.
Not gonna get away with it.
He's having a good crack at it.
Just heard from the embassy in Dubai.
They're talking to the authorities about extradition, but it might all be academic.
That jockey, Colin Weatherby, he's done a runner.
Max must've got to him.
So I assume that you'll be releasing my associate? Your goon, you mean? Come on, Superintendent, you've had your fun.
Oh, no, that'll come when I charge you for murder.
I haven't started having fun.
You wait till I really start having fun.
If you pull me or any of my employees in here again without cause, I promise you enough writs to wallpaper your office.
Inside and out! Teresa, what the hell are you doing? Stay away from me! Where are you going with that? Out.
Sweetheart, don't be silly.
Come inside, we'll talk this over.
Too little, too late.
Teresa, please What have you got to say? Tommy came to you for advice, for help.
I told him to do what they said.
I thought it was for the best.
I was trying to protect you.
And now he's dead! I I know.
I was wrong.
They killed him because they knew he wasn't gonna let it go.
Not in the end.
They gave him a choice, didn't they? Him or us! And he chose.
I'm sorry.
You knew that and you didn't do anything about it! I didn't know what else to do.
I thought this was the safest way to play it.
The crooked way? Just keep it all hidden and it will all go away? I was thinking of you.
You always said what the racing game needed was more honest men.
I thought you were one of them.
Leave me alone! Tess! No! No! Nothing from the phone search.
If Walton called Max, it must've been from a public phone.
There's nothing from the crime scene either.
Just confirmation from Ronnie that it wasn't suicide.
Shane Walton was shot from three feet away.
Yes, Ray.
We know McKenzie is responsible for Shane's death.
We can't prove it.
When was this? OK, OK.
You just sit tight, we'll send someone round to pick you up.
Ray Stairmont? Teresa just drove off with his rifle.
Max McKenzie.
Get out! Take it easy, take it easy.
Out! I know what you did.
Everything that happened - Ginger Mae, the race fixing, everything! OK, calm down.
You've made a mistake.
Who are you? You know who I am.
Now, admit it.
You killed Tommy, didn't you?! I don't know what you're taking about.
Tell me! Listen, you don't want to do this.
If you think that shooting me is gonna fix everything, is gonna bring Tommy back, it won't.
Stay back! Why did you have to kill him?! I don't know what you're talking about.
Argh! Ahh! God! Where were you, you idiot?! Get around here.
Put her on the ute.
You know where to take her.
If you get any trouble from Leo, you know what to do.
Crazy bitch.
Gentlemen, I have important business associates arriving in a couple of hours.
What do you want? Where's your girlfriend, Max? Oh, come on, Dennis is never more than six feet from you.
Where is he? What do you want? Teresa Stairmont.
What about her? Come on, you bastard, where is she?! Detective, language.
I'd love you to.
Assault with witnesses.
Legal action.
Go right ahead.
We believe Ms Stairmont may be looking for you, sir.
Have you seen her? No.
You mind if we take a look around? Yes, I do.
You got a warrant? You'd be well advised to cooperate, Mr McKenzie.
Ms Stairmont's packing a nice gun.
And you're in her sights.
Thank you.
I'll keep my head down.
Are we done? What's the betting that Dennis has got her? Short odds.
Bloody short.
You three get over there.
We're not staying.
KALOF just got a hit.
And? Teresa Stairmont's ute sighted heading towards Leo Moss's stables.
No! No! Taking money for a few dodgy races is one thing.
Killing somebody You're a part of it whether you like it or not.
Grab a shovel.
Isn't there another way? There's no backing out now.
No more, Dennis.
I'm finished! Look, she has to go.
Tommy's obviously spilt his guts to her grandfather.
We don't know how much he told them.
I won't tell you again.
Either you're with us or you're not.
And if you're not .
you're just another loose end.
Get a shovel.
Hey! It's the cops! Get rid of them! Make them go away.
Whatever you have to do.
Leo Moss.
Detectives Buchanan and Kingston.
We're looking for Teresa Stairmont, Ray Stairmont's granddaughter.
Here? Why would she be here? We've got information she might've been brought here.
Bum steer, mate.
I don't even know Teresa Stairmont.
I know Ray.
I'm sorry.
Can't help you.
We're gonna have to ask you to come with us.
What for? To look at some pictures.
We think Ms Stairmont may have been abducted.
You might be able to identify some faces.
If there's anything I can do to help.
Now, move.
Come on.
Come on! Police! Put the weapon down! Put it down now! Back off, you bastard! Back off or I'll kill her! Looks like we just got ourselves a siege.
The hostage negotiator's on the way, sir.
Maybe we can buy some time.
I'm not buying anything.
I'm selling.
Him - out! Get out of therenow! Hurry up! What have we got, Joyner? Abduction, theft, fraud, conspiracy to commit murder.
We're making a list.
That's a long list, Leo.
You add that to my personal upset about money lost on races you probably helped to fix, and you get some idea what sort of situation you're in right now.
And we're gonna let all that go, Leo, and I'm just gonna let Max McKenzie know you dogged on him.
You'll be dead in a week.
Save the courts a lot of time.
What do you want? We want to get that girl out of there in one piece.
I want to know the exact layout of the inside of that stable, for starters! There's another way in from the back.
Ryan, Buchanan, over here now! You two lead a team round the back, alright? I'll act as decoy.
Start whistling.
There's an old window on the south side near the feed chutes.
Dennis won't know about it.
He better bloody not, Leo.
He better not.
No way out, Dennis.
Let the girl go.
We can talk.
Nothing to talk about! I'm taking her to the ute.
If you try to stop me, I'll blow her head off! Don't be stupid, Dennis.
It's all on Max's head.
I'm not interested in you.
You're small fry.
We just want you to bait the hook for Max McKenzie.
Not gonna happen.
This ends one of two ways, Dennis.
You're not gonna like one of them.
Let's just slow this down a notch.
You still with me, Dennis? I need to hear from you, Dennis! Talk to me or I send my people in! I'm still here! Good.
How about you give it up, Dennis? Throw out that gun of yours.
We're talking to Leo.
He's dumping it all on you, Dennis.
I don't believe you! I'll kill her! I warned you! I want a clear path to the ute! Police! Drop your weapon! Ambulance.
Might be a formality, though.
You alright? Thanks.
We're secure.
Grandpa! It'll be alright, sweetheart.
You're absolutely right.
The climate for investment is certainly not what it used to be, but there are always opportunities if you know where to look.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
Nice day for it.
Business function.
It's private.
Arrest warrant.
It's murder.
I suppose that you'd prefer that we did this inside, wouldn't you? Yeah, that's a really good idea because it'll give me a chance to call my lawyer as promised.
We prefer to do this out here, don't you, Joyner? Mmm, definitely.
Can I have a word? Yeah.
Look You came, I wasn't home.
You give me a couple of hours, I'll disappear.
What's in it for me? Money.
A lot of it.
Too traceable, Max, too traceable.
Hot tipswhen the fix is in.
Make a fortune in a couple of seasons.
You're a punter.
It'll look kosher.
Hot tips? Oh, yeah.
You can start with the fourth at Randwick tomorrow if you like.
Lady Ledashay.
Well .
I've got a tip for you, Max.
Relax the wrists.
It doesn't pinch as much.
Max McKenzie, you're under arrest for the murders of Shane Walton, Tommy Masters and the attempted murder of Teresa Stairmont.
Enjoy your sushi.
How was the look on Max's face in the interview when I told him Dennis was dead? He looked like he dropped 50 bucks and picked up a brass razoo.
Yeah, whatever that is.
Now Leo can't stop talking on record.
More scared of jail than Max? He won't wear a murder charge to protect him.
He's given us Max's direct knowledge in nobbling Tommy's horse, threats and coercion and the red-hot tip - murders of Tommy Masters and Shane Walton.
Max has been shafted big time.
He won't walk from this one.
What do you reckon, 1 0 years? Nah, Let's have some fun, Joyner.
I reckon there's a couple of beers in that fridge.
Tommy Masters may be dead, but he beat Max McKenzie to the line and then tore up his ticket.
G'day, Brian.
Yeah, Terry Jarvis.
Yeah, I do, yeah.
Race four.
Number 4, Lady Ledashay.
$200, mate, on the nose.
On the nose, mate.