City Homicide (2007) s03e08 Episode Script

Time of Your Life

Score! Oi.
Oi! Get out of there! Hey, did you hear me? I said get out of there! I'm trying to run a business.
Give us a hand.
No, you don't.
Who's gonna clean this up, huh? Oh, I guess that'd be you, mate.
If you don't get out, I'll call the police.
I'm sure they'll be straight over, sirens blaring.
Leave it! No, you leave it.
Bloody put it down! You wanna go, do you, mate? Hey, do you wanna go? Uh, Albie? Do you recognise the kid? Yeah, he's one of ours.
I run the backpackers'.
Got a name? Gavin Miller.
I know where to find you, mate.
Yeah? Come on! Hey, hey, hey! I know where to find you, Mr Moyana.
What were you doing with the freezer? Picking it up.
Or trying to.
I run a reconditioning business.
Why were you trying to stop them taking the freezer? It's not the freezer I'm worried about.
It's the mess.
I spend half my life cleaning up after those pigs in there.
Just mopped up vomit after last night's cultural festivities.
Was the victim travelling with anyone? Yeah, yeah.
Jason Stoddart, a fellow Pom.
He'll be sleeping it off in room 1 0.
Death knock to a kid with a hangover.
Should be interesting.
Leave me alone.
Open the door.
Must have been some party.
Some party and a hell of a fight.
Where'd you get the bruises, Jason? Are you sure it's him? I've seen his passport photo.
It's him.
Oh, Christ.
You expect this sort of stuff to happen travelling in the Middle East, South America, not Australia.
The bruises, Jason - where'd you get them? Abseiling.
On Monday.
I fell, smashed into the rocks.
What? You don't think I had anything to do with this? Your mate was beaten to a pulp, you look like you've just gone five rounds.
You tell us.
Of course not.
Gav's me best mate.
We've been friends all our lives.
Our dads have been best mates all their lives.
Oh, what will I tell his dad? When did you last see Gavin? Last night when we got home from the pub.
Aboutabout 1 2.
As far as I know, we both crashed out at the same time.
So what's she like? Who? Waverley.
I heard she went nuts after her son got killed.
People are saying that she's come back too soon.
Superintendent Waverley is a bloody good copper.
If she's back, it's because she's ready.
Right, I've informed the British Consulate about Gavin Miller's death.
I'd like to have some progress for them as soon as possible.
Detective Kingston.
Y es, ma'am.
I want you to coordinate the doorknock of the area surrounding the hostel.
That's a uniform's job.
Y es, and I'm asking you to supervise.
Detective Freeman, alert Passport Control - the offender could be packing his or her bags as we speak.
And what's he supposed to tell them? "Look out for any foreign people leaving the country"? Kingston, put Passport Control on your list, give them names to crosscheck - people staying at the hostel, persons of interest.
You can do that now.
What else have we got? Uh, we have preliminaries back from Pathology, ma'am.
Cause of death was massive blunt force trauma - repeated blows to the head and face.
Estimated time of death is around 2am.
What else? The friend Jason has bruised knuckles, but his abseiling explanation checks out.
The guy running the day trip said Gavin was messing around with the rope.
He let Jason crash down three metres.
Apparently Gavin was still drunk from the night before.
The victim's wallet is missing, mobile phone's gone.
It could've been a mugging gone wrong.
What about the primary crime scene? The hostel's being searched, but so far no signs of a struggle there.
We think the attack happened somewhere else.
Uniforms are looking.
Well, let me know when you've found one.
It's good to have you back, ma'am.
Any hits yet? Nearly a dozen witnesses saw Miller and his mate return to the hostel around midnight.
Guest list - not exactly detailed.
The manager likes to keep things 'relaxed' for tax purposes.
And there's a guest you should probably speak to.
How are you going, fellas? Any luck in your cold case? He was found in a freezer.
See? Huh? Name.
Devlin O'Nairn.
Would you mind telling the detectives what you just told me? Certainly.
I said, "You lot couldn't find your own arses if they were on fire.
" More specifically, Mr O'Nairn.
I told the pretty lady that you're wasting your time doorknocking the streets around here.
And why's that? If your stiff was at the Hog & Hound last night he'd have cut through along the railway tracks.
Everyone does.
Are all backpackers smart-arses? You remember yourself at that age? I'd rather not.
Gonna be interesting having Waverley running the crew with Sarge away.
Especially for Allie.
Look - scuff marks.
Lots of it.
I'll call Forensics, get the lab rats to check if it's Gavin's.
You might not have to.
It's Gavin Miller's.
It looks like we just got ourselves a crime scene.
They got prints off the freezer.
Anyone we know? Everyone we know including the manager, the victim and a dozen current guests.
The freezer used to be in the communal kitchen.
Helpful! Look out - woman bearing snacks.
But where are the snacks? Nothing today.
Emma, you on lunch? Yeah, sort of.
Um, are you working on a case of a young English kid? A backpacker? Yeah.
How did you know? I got a call from my mum.
This is gonna sound really weird, but apparently it's my cousin.
Your cousin? Mum's family in the UK.
I don't really know them.
Hey, we might leave you guys to talk.
I'll catch up with you.
So How the hell am l related to Gavin Miller? Yeah, pretty much.
Mum's nephew.
She's hardly spoken to her family since she moved to Perth 20 years ago, but Aunty Barbara, Mum's sister, called, so I guess Mum wants to do the right thing.
What? A progress report? Can you do that? Yeah, of course, but there's not much to tell.
Gavin was beaten viciously.
We're looking for witnesses, narrowing down suspects.
As soon as we've got something solid, I'll tell you more.
My uncle's flying over with his mate.
You think you could talk to them when they get here? Sure thing.
It's gonna be a long flight for your uncle.
How well did Emma know her cousin? Not at all.
Good, 'cause he's a pervy little fella.
Techs got some videos off Gavin's phone.
Emma's cousin's been shagging his way across continents.
Paris, Goa, Bangkok, Sweden You name it.
Thanks, Allie.
I think we've seen enough.
The most recent clip doesn't have such a happy ending.
For the purposes of the tape, would you please identify yourself? Am I being interrogated here? My name is Sian and I am way out of your league.
Don't say that.
I'm just warming up.
Oh, your pre-season match, is it? Well, I haven't got time to waste.
Piss off and let me work.
Come on, sweetheart The voice is Gavin Miller's.
For a change, he doesn't close the deal.
When was it shot? Last night.
Pub around the corner from the hostel, 1 :43am.
That's proof Gavin left the hostel after the time Jason said they were both in their beds asleep.
That makes her the last person to have seen Gavin Miller alive.
Apart from his killer.
Unless she was his killer.
Yeah, Gav definitely came back here after midnight.
By himself? Yeah.
He said his mate was at home tucked up in bed.
What time did Gavin leave? What time did we kick him out, you mean? He was here till stumps.
A lot of people were.
$2 pot night.
Did he leave with anybody? Not that I saw.
Not with me either.
His little camera-phone game may work on some slappers, but not me.
Why not? He was good-looking,confident.
Cocky, more like.
Not my type.
Still, he didn't deserve to be beaten to death like that.
I heard he was in a bloody freezer.
People are unbelievable.
Did Gavin get into any trouble that night? No more than usual.
Except there was one thing.
Yeah, a Swedish girl came in, furious.
Gave Gav a serve in front of everyone.
Total cut-down.
Not sure what it was about, but she wasn't happy.
You know her name? Sorry.
We're looking for a Swedish girl.
And I'm looking for you lot to clear out and leave my guests alone.
Had a dozen kids leave in the last hour plus a stack of cancellations.
You know how much money I've lost? This Swedish girl might have checked out early this morning.
Like I said, everyone's checking out.
Mr Armstrong, the kid was found in your freezer.
I've got grounds to take you in and waste your time in a cell if I choose, so you wanna stop wasting ours? Alright, alright.
Erika Olsen.
She checked out around 6:00 this morning in a hurry.
Say where she was headed? Getting the train to Shepparton.
Fruit-picking, if you believe that.
Why do you say that? She's not the kind to rough it, travelling with Mummy's credit card.
Although, you might be on to something.
Why? I'll show ya.
Maybe she had another reason to leave town.
This was posted a couple of days ago.
Erika, sweetheart, yeah! Gavin Miller.
Now, there's chivalry for you.
All over the net.
If that was me, I would want to punch his lights out.
Erika Olsen, Swedish traveller.
Have we got this young woman? Not yet, ma'am.
Any reason why not? She bought a bus ticket to Shepparton, but she's not staying at any of the backpackers' or motels and bus drivers don't remember anyone of her description.
We think she's trying to throw us off the scent.
I've notified uniforms and Passport Control, ma'am.
By all reports, Gavin was good with his fists.
This Erika chick would've had to have caught him off guard.
Find her.
Uh, Detective Ryan, a moment? At least it wasn't me.
I understand that the victim was your girlfriend's cousin.
Yes, that's right.
She's never met him before.
She'd never actually heard of him before today.
I didn't mention it because I didn't think it would be an issue.
Well, normally it would be except I just got off the phone to the British Consulate.
Apparently when they called the Millers, they learnt that a Detective Ryan is going to keep the family up to speed on the case.
Look, I'm glad you're keeping the family informed.
I would appreciate it if you would do the same for me.
Yes, ma'am.
Of course.
You may not have any vested interests in this investigation, but I do.
Sorry to interrupt.
Passport Control called.
They just stopped Erika Olsen trying to leave the country.
Are you sick of Australia already, Erika? You only got here two weeks ago.
I changed my plans.
Yeah, killing someone sure will put a hole in your diary.
I didn't even touch him.
You were pretty upset when Gavin filmed the two of you having sex.
Yeah, I was upset because he put it online for everyone to see - his friends, my friends.
Even my brother in Sweden saw it.
So you threatened him? He wouldn't take the video clip down so I said I'd break his face.
Then you followed him down the path and you did just that.
No! Why not? He did a pretty rotten thing.
I wouldn't blame you if you punched him in the face.
I decided to go to Thailand instead, work on my tan.
I had a ticket, I just changed the date.
That's not what you told the hostel manager when you checked out.
It wasn't his business.
I don't like him.
He wants to know where you're going, what you're doing.
It's creepy.
Come on, Erika.
Don't play the innocent.
You were seen tearing strips off Gavin Miller.
Then you leave without talking to police, giving misleading information.
I went home to the hostel.
And then you try and skip the country.
I was embarrassed.
I just I just wanted to leave.
Not because I killed him.
Did you go home alone? Yes.
You got any witnesses to that? There was a girl in the dorm.
Name? I don't know.
Did you speak? Y es.
What about? Come on, Erika.
You don't need thinking time if it's the truth.
Actually, she told me it wasn't Gavin who put it on the net so I went to his room to apologise.
What time? About a quarter past one.
But Gavin wasn't there, just his friend, asleep.
How did she know it wasn't Gavin who put you on the net? She said it was the Irish guy, Devlin.
She saw him do it.
Going somewhere, Devlin? Yeah, Uluru.
I hear it's a massive rock.
I might even stop off and see a big piece of fruit too.
Might have to change your plans.
We've got some more questions.
What? Why? I've given my statement, you've got my fingerprints, my passport number, my shoe size.
In your statement to Senior Constable Stern, you said you barely knew Gavin Miller.
That's true.
We had a couple of beers but I didn't know him.
Just well enough for him to send you sex videos.
That was a laugh, a bit of fun.
Half the guys in the joint saw it.
But you took it one step further.
You put it online.
Gavin wasn't laughing at that, was he? We think he found you coming back from the pub.
You were tanked, so was he.
He'd just been publicly humiliated by Erika because of what you did.
You good with your fists, Devlin? What? I don't fight.
Did Gavin take a swing or did you go first, get a lucky punch and knock him down? How much had you had to drink that night? Whoa, hold on.
You've got this so wrong.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
I'm just trying to find Hands out of the bag now.
Look, look, look.
Gavin sent me a text.
"Nice one, Dev.
Now I'm famous.
" It's got one of those smiley faces too.
Emma, you home? Hi.
Hi, Matt.
Matt, you know Jason.
Yeah, I know Jason.
The loo - north, south? Just to the right.
What's he doing here? Blame my mother.
Her sister says Jason's really upset, gotta have him over, do the right thing till his dad and my uncle get here.
I had that kid in an interview room this morning.
What? He said he'd spoken to you.
I didn't realise he was a suspect.
Everyone's a suspect at this stage.
What do we do? Throw him out? Of course not.
It's just Well, it's a little awkward.
That's all.
Have you interviewed the manager at the backpackers'? Em, we shouldn't be talking about the case.
It's only Jason was telling me Listen, I should probably head off.
Sorry, it's just that with my involvement in the investigation Don't sweat it.
I understand.
To tell the truth, I'm beat.
It's been a long day.
Jason, tell Matt what you told me about that guy.
Em You should hear this, Matt.
What is it? I'm not sure if it will help.
But I was thinking if you're looking for somebody Gavin had issues with, maybe have a chat to the hostel manager.
What sort of issues? He and Gav didn't get on so well.
Gav threatened to report him.
The toilets are blocked, the fridge is a health hazard and the smoke alarms don't work.
Anyway, thanks for the grub.
I'll drop you back to the hostel.
I'd appreciate that.
You, uh, settling in, Bernice? Yeah.
Thanks, Terry.
I'd, uh, bring the fish tank down, but I don't know if the boys would survive the move.
Besides, it's a bit cramped in here, isn't it? Was there something you wanted? No.
I just thought I'd pop in, say hello.
Superintendent, I am aware that this is an important investigation with a great deal of international scrutiny.
So when you report to those bastards upstairs, tell them I'm doing fine.
Look, I'm not here to You tell them I've got all bases covered, from the uniform line searches to the consular liaison, and that Ryan and Buchanan are over at the hostel right now following up a lead on the manager.
Alright, alright, don't get your skirt in a knot.
I have got this one, Terry.
Alright, yeah, good.
I'llgo up and feed the fish, then.
The phrase 'deathtrap' spring to mind? Yeah.
Let's see what the manager has to say about these.
Gavin definitely had good reason to report him.
I just didn't really peg Gavin as the community-minded type.
You bastard.
You tell me what happened! Come you, you bastard.
Come on, you bastard! Lay off him.
It's not gonna solve anything! Tell me! Stop right now! Tell me what happened! Tell me what happened! Alright, son, get off him.
Ohh! Come on! Police! Put the weapon down! Put it down! Come on, mate.
Come on, Tony.
Come on, Tony.
Alright, but you arrest that miserable bastard right now.
I didn't do anything.
Shut it! I want to know what he did to my son! You're Emma's uncle.
We are very sorry for your loss, Mr Miller, and we're doing everything we can to find the person responsible for your son's death.
Not enough, is it? Haven't caught the prick yet.
We are pursuing a line of enquiry which we hope will yield results.
What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean? It means that the two of you are not to interfere with my investigation again.
I will make sure that you're kept informed at every opportunity.
We have the hostel manager in the interview room now.
We're just waiting for him to talk to his lawyer.
Too little too bloody late, innit? Mr Miller, I do understand what you're going through.
Understand? How the hell can you understand, you stupid woman?! I've just lost my boy.
Mr Miller, Mr Stoddart, I could have both of you charged with assault, affray and threatening a police officer.
What a load of bollocks! That I don't have you charged is entirely at my discretion because I DO understand.
But I assure you if you pull another stunt like you did this morning, next time I will not be so discreet.
Alright, I'm giving you fair warning.
Either your cops get their arses into gear and find the bastard that killed my Gavin or we'll handle this ourselves! That guy's really Emma's uncle? Apparently so.
It doesn't add up.
Here's something else that doesn't quite add up.
My lawyers advise me to make no comment.
That's probably wise considering what we just dug up on you.
So how about we just outline a few allegations? But feel free to butt in at any stage.
Eight years ago, you opened the Bunk-ln Backpackers - a dream of yours since your own backpacking days.
But business was a lot harder than you first thought.
You struggled to keep your head above water.
Let alone maintenance or repairs to the place.
So when Gavin Miller came along and pointed out your dodgy fire exits and the fact you didn't have a sprinkler system, you knew that he could shut you down.
And he threatened to do just that, didn't he, Mr Armstrong? No comment.
Gavin didn't strike us really as the sort of kid who'd be concerned about health and safety issues, not unless there was something in it for him.
We took a thorough look through your books.
Gavin wasn't paying you.
So what? I didn't charge him for his room, gave him some beers, shut him up.
That all you did to shut him up? Yes! Gavin was all talk, far too busy drinking and getting laid to report me.
But that's not all Gavin really knew.
Excuse me? Oh, he had something much bigger on you than a poor safety record.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Gavin Miller knew about your plans to burn down your hostel.
Your latest insurance policy.
Any reason why two months ago you doubled your fire policy amount and you added flood cover? No comment.
Well, it says here, "Because there were "significant property improvements and 1 0 new computers.
" Those 2 computers at the hostel didn't look so new to me and you haven't spent a cent on renovations.
Having trouble keeping that business open, aren't you, Mr Armstrong? So insurance fraud is your last chance.
But Gavin Miller found out, didn't he? Yeah, Gavin Miller and his big mouth,cocky attitude.
He threatened to bring you undone so you decided to keep him quiet NO! Alright, you're right.
I wish that hostel would burn the hell down.
And, to tell you the truth, I'm not upset that little arsehole is dead.
But I didn't kill him.
I did not kill Gavin Miller.
Let us do this, mate.
You shouldn't have to see him like this.
I don't need to tell you what Tony Miller is going through at the moment.
No, ma'am.
From now on, I want you to know where those two men are at all times.
Keep them informed, but don't give them any false hopes or make any false promises.
Tony Miller doesn't care about procedure or the law.
Right now, he is a loose cannon and I do not want him taking matters into his own hands.
He's a definite possibility.
Should've seen him sweat in there.
He's pretty close to the edge.
Whether that makes him a killer, I dunno.
That makes him chief suspect in my book.
The Swedish girl's a long shot.
She's more likely to have wanted to kill O'Nairn than Gavin Miller.
This might be useful.
A whole bunch of backpackers from the Bunk-ln reported their stuff stolen.
Quite a few fingers pointed in the direction of Devlin O'Nairn.
Gavin's wallet is still missing.
He would've fought tooth and nail to protect his beer money.
O'Nairn left for the coast this morning.
Waverley's organising a warrant first thing tomorrow.
Mattie, how are you going with the fathers? I'm keeping them up to speed.
Just wish I could tell them we've made some real progress.
Maybe you can.
Techs discovered a video on Gavin's phone which had been deleted taken on the night of the murder and erased a short time later - around the estimated time of death.
What's on it? Gavin Miller having sex.
More sex?! With who? Same girl who told us she wouldn't touch him with a 1 0-foot pole - the barmaid, Sian Ritchie.
We know you had sex with Gavin Miller.
Why lie about it? It's on tape, Sian.
We've got his phone.
Why lie? Because it's none of your bloody business.
You were the last person to see Gavin Miller alive.
Don't you think it's time you started telling the truth? Alright.
Gav stuck around after closing at the pub.
I was on lockup.
We had a few knock-off drinks.
And what can I say? He's a good-looking boy.
We had sex on the bar and it was great.
I'll tell you that.
But we got sprung.
My boss came in for the takings.
I nearly got the sack then and there.
Then what happened, Sian? We giggled our way out of the pub and down to the pathway.
I saw Gavin was fiddling with his phone and realised he must have filmed us.
He had the phone up on the bar the whole time,cheeky bastard.
That must have made you pretty mad.
You bet it did.
So what did you do? I confronted him, gave him a piece of my mind, made him delete it in front of me.
And then what? We finished what we started.
I don't believe you, Sian.
You were angry.
He'd taken advantage of you.
You didn't just leave it there.
Did you do something else, Sian? Did you do something about it? No, at least nothing THAT bad.
When we were doing it the second time, his wallet fell out onto the ground.
When we were finished, I picked it up, took it.
Oh, so not a killer, just a thief.
He owed me! Every time, he came in on my shift wanting freebies.
"Oh, put it on the tab, Love.
I'll fix it up later.
" Three times I fell for it.
I just took what he owed me.
So this was all about the money? You gave us the run-around in a murder investigation because you didn't want to get done for stealing a few dollars? I thought if I confessed you'd take away my visa.
This is my big trip.
I don't wanna go home yet.
I'm having too much fun.
Detective Ryan.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Tony, you've got to calm down.
You're not helping things.
Don't tell me to calm down, alright? Detective Ryan shouldn't be much longer.
What about that Waverley woman? Where the hell is she? She's in a meeting.
That is bull and you know it.
Mr Miller, I need you to stay here.
It's OK.
I've got this.
Tony, good to see you, mate.
What can we do for you? Like you even need to ask! Let's take a seat.
No, no, no! See, that's it - there's too much sitting about.
Nothing's getting done.
Nothing's happening.
Come on.
No! There's a killer out there.
Someone's killed my son and you lot are just sitting about on your arses.
Tony What happened to my boy? I just need to know what happened to my boy.
We don't know, but I promise you we will find out.
You have my word.
But right now the best thing you can do is go back to your hotel.
Come on, Tone.
Let's get you home, hey? You better keep your promise.
Can I just say, your family - mental.
I know.
I'm starting to see why Mum left England all those years ago.
No kidding.
I think she's feeling pretty bad, though, over in Perth.
It's funny - she's hardly spoken to her sister in all these years, they've spent the last two days on the phone.
You can't blame my uncle, though, over here in a strange country I don't blame him.
I'd do the same if it was my kid.
I just wish I could help him.
And you will.
I gave him my word.
Number one rule of the job - don't make promises.
I know why you promised.
Matt Ryan.
Sure thing.
Where? No, not a problem.
Gotta go? Gotta go.
This time it's not my fault.
Your family.
We owe you this one, I think.
I'm surprised you wanted to meet here.
A bit of home comfort.
Tony's asleep.
Jet lag kicked in? Half a bottle of Scotch kicked in.
Don't take him the wrong way.
He's a top bloke when you get down to it.
It's justhis mouth tends to engage before his brain.
He's a good mate, though? The best.
It should have been the same for Jase and Gavin, taking the piss out of each other till they was old and grey.
They were supposed to be over here having the time of their lives, no cares, no responsibilities.
"Shagging their way round the world", as Gavin had put it.
Gavin did pretty well for himself with the ladies.
A chip off the old block in that respect.
Jase was catching on.
He even got himself a new love over here.
He emailed me some photos.
Really? Yeah, which is another reason why I wanted to come down here tonight.
She works here.
Oh, there she is, over there.
So Sian Ritchie was Jason's girlfriend? According to his dad, yes.
Jason even sent him a photo.
If Jason knew Gavin was making moves on his girl Gets him back by beating the hell out of him, only it went too far.
Alright, bring Jason in, talk to him again.
But he didn't even know about Gavin and Sian.
From all reports, he was tucked up snoring in bed.
But what does Gavin do after sex? Sends videos to his mates' phones.
Probably what he was doing when Sian caught him fiddling with his mobile.
Problem is, Jason was one of the guests who had his phone stolen a week ago.
He could be lying.
OK, we found the phone, Sian took the wallet, so it wasn't a mugging.
This wasn't a random attack.
It was personal.
If Jason knew Gavin had stolen his girl, he had motive.
Except we can't prove it.
Just bring Jason in for interview.
I don't think that's the best idea, ma'am.
I've spoken to Jason twice now.
He hasn't given anything away.
He hasn't tripped up so far.
What's to say this time will be different? That's your job, Detective.
Find another way to get through to him.
Find another angle.
I think I've got one.
The fathers want me to take them down to the crime scene tomorrow.
Tony wants to see where his son was killed.
So we make sure Jason comes along.
Watch how he reacts? Then get him in and give him both barrels.
Understood? I just want to remind you how upsetting this can be.
If at any stage it becomes too much, if you wanna stop, you let me know.
I wanna see where my son was murdered.
I wanna know what happened.
You coming, Jason? We believe Gavin was walking back along this way when he was confronted by his attacker.
It was about 2am.
He'd just sent a message to some mates.
Gavin could handle himself so it didn't make sense that someone could just get one up on him.
That's right.
Gav could hold his own.
We came up with a couple of theories as to how he could've been caught off guard.
His wallet was stolen that night so it's possible that as he was scrounging around this area Looking for it, someone was able to sneak up on him and land a blow.
That's right.
Our other theory is that Gavin knew his attacker - a fellow backpacker or a friend, someone who was capable of getting up close, maybe striking up a conversation before landing a clean shot.
Gavin fought back, probably got a few hits in, but his attacker had the upper hand.
He hit him hard too, hard enough to smash his eye socket.
There was a lot of anger behind those punches, left and right, again and again, smashing his nose, breaking his teeth, driving him down, unrelenting until he knocked him out.
Gavin fell straight back, his head hitting the concrete with maximum force.
Does Detective Ryan have the fathers under control? Contained, more like.
They're in the statement room, but they're not happy.
They say we've got nothing on Jason.
They're right.
Jason's reaction at the crime scene didn't prove a thing.
Tells me everything I need to know.
He's guilty.
We can't even show he had a motive.
We've got nothing to prove Jason even knew Gavin slept with Sian.
Check this out.
Uniforms found Devlin O'Nairn in Torquay this morning.
They searched his stuff and charged him with theft.
Whoa, must've nicked everything from the backpackers' that wasn't nailed down.
Including exhibit eight.
"A prepaid mobile phone registered to Harouki Temura.
" How does that help? It may be registered to Harouki, but all the messages on it are to 'J', 'Jase' or 'Jason'.
Devlin sold this to Jason a week ago.
Before nicking it back a day after Gavin's death.
So Jason got a video message from Gavin Miller on the stolen phone? Yeah, message received 1 :45am - Gavin having sex with Sian Ritchie.
So Jason DID know Gavin slept with Sian.
There's your motive.
Charge him.
So here's the thing I don't understand.
I keep hearing about Gavin and Jason, J and Gav.
Best of friends since birth, like brothers.
And you know what? I don't get it.
Gavin's been rooting around the world and you've been visiting museums.
Unlikely travel buddies, let alone besties.
We know about Sian, Jason, how you felt about her.
We also know about the phone Devlin sold you.
So we know you got Gavin's message - the footage of him giving it to Sian.
Got it right here if you want to watch it.
Refresh your memory? I saved so long for this trip.
And when I got away, it was it was un-bloody-believable.
I loved it.
I wasn't just "Gav's mate" anymore.
Then one day I'm in the middle of Bangkok and there's bloody Gavin.
Tony had paid for him to come join me.
Straightaway, he's taking the piss, bossing me round.
You could've just split up.
And by the time we got to Melbourne, I was planning to.
It was just Sian.
What happened, Jason? What happened that night? Tony, talk to me.
You don't seriously believe this rubbish, do you? I told Gav I was heading to Alice Springs with Sian and without him.
He laughed, but I could tell he was upset.
I went back to the hostel, stewed for a while, then fell asleep.
Until the message came through? I rushed down there.
He was pissed, laughing.
He said he did it for me, to help me get over her, to show me she wasn't worth it.
He said he wouldn't let her come between mates.
I finally met a girl who liked me and not him, but he just couldn't let it happen.
He killed my boy.
Because he slept with Jason's girl, then rubbed his face in it.
He gave me a free shot, laughed about all the times I tried to fight him when we was younger.
You shut up about Gavin! Come on, Tony.
This is not helping! You shut it! I snapped.
I took my free shot, then another Shut it! Cut it out! This is how this all started in the first place! .
then another.
All of a sudden I'm standing there with blood on me hand.
Constable, I need help in here! Constable! Tony! Get him off.
Calm down.
Have you got him? Tried to think of a way to hide it.
The hard rubbish at the backpackers'.
He killed my boy! How could he do that?! I dunno, right? I dunno.
I knew what it would do to Dad.
To Tony.
We'll sort it out.
There's no sorting this out.
It's alright for you.
You've still got your son.
Yeah, well, they're locking him up.
Yeah? Well, I'm taking mine home in a box.
I kept my promise, but I don't think it's the result anyone was looking for.
You did good, Mattie.
My uncle's still waiting for the body to be released.
The family wants Gavin taken home.
I can get Waverley to make a call if you want, see if she can speed things up.
No, you've done enough.
I can take things from here.
It's nice your mum and her sister are reconnecting at least.
Speaking of that, Mum wants to do a bit more reconnecting.
She's going back to England? She's coming here.
And where exactly is she staying? As if I didn't know.
Case solved, consulate notified.
Huh, on time and under budget.
Top bloody effort.
Just feed us the paperwork when you're ready and I'll shoot it through to our friends on high.
It's all here.
All of it? Mm-hm.
Already? Oh, I might have to sit on this for a couple of days.
It'll make me look bad.
Bang-up job, Bernice.
Don't you ever doubt it.