City Homicide (2007) s03e10 Episode Script

Blood Trail

Nice morning for it! Crime Scene are on their way.
She was sighted about 5 k offshore, yeah? Water Police towed her in this morning.
Let's take a look.
Check this out.
It's a floating slaughterhouse.
Looks like arterial spray in the main cabin.
And a bleed-out on the bed.
Sheets are soaked.
Only one thing missing.
A body.
No better place to lose a body.
to anchor.
She was drifting.
Caught a current.
This marina's where she's berthed, though? Yeah, Water Police checked her registration.
This blood's not fresh.
She could've drifted for k's.
When Crime Scene get here, get them to run full coagulation tests.
We need at least a rough clock on this.
Yeah, righto.
Maybe she was boarded, you know? Drug deal gone wrong.
Doubt it.
Drug runners carry guns.
There's no signs of a firefight - no bullet holes,casings.
Plus, she's well equipped for fishing but there's no gaff and no scaling or filleting knives.
And there's no anchor or chain in the chain locker either.
Great for weighing a body down.
Talk to the marina people, eh? Start getting a line on owners, users of the boat.
This is where she's usually berthed? Yes.
Don't fall in, mate.
He knows what he's doing, Jake.
No sign of trouble.
No blood or anything like that.
Divers will check out the water.
Mr Branca, did you see anything out of the ordinary? What sort of thing? People being forced aboard or anything like that? Nah, nothing.
Jake? Not on my watch, no.
Your watch? Jake's night security.
And I manage the place.
I'm here during the day.
What hours, Mr Halliwell? Six in the evening till six in the morning.
And you're the only guard? Yeah.
There's a keyed entry.
Very secure, Detective.
And you saw nothing, heard nothing? When are you talking about? Last few days.
No, it's been quiet.
It's hard to help without an exact time frame.
To tell you the truth, I hadn't even noticed it'd gone.
We've got hundreds of vessels here, Detective - berthed,careened, being serviced.
Yeah, but you must keep logs of comings and goings.
We do, yes, but I've checked and the yacht's not logged as having been taken out.
I couldn't tell you when it left its berth.
OK, contact details for the owner might be a help.
Of course.
I'll get them from the office.
Hey, the cabin door, it's fitted with a padlock but it's just hanging there undone.
Are spare keys to the boats kept anywhere? No, mate, no.
These rich blokes don't trust anybody with their toys, believe me.
Looks like the owner might be our best bet.
Assuming it's not the owner's blood on board.
The boat? Why? What's happened to it? It was found floating off Port Phillip Bay.
Your husband is the registered owner, Mrs Mackie.
Is he available? No, he isn't.
Ewan died just over four months ago.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
Ewan was the sailor, not me.
I keep meaning to put it up for sale but I haven't got around to it.
It's just been sitting there? Eating up mooring fees, yes.
Have you ever loaned the boat to anyone or given permission to use it? No, never.
Do you have any idea who might've taken it out? Perhaps someone who had access to keys for the cabin and the motor? The only people I can think of are Gary and Biggles.
I think Gary may have keys.
Gary and Biggles? Gary Shay and Brin Taylor.
They were old sailing buddies of Ewan's from way back.
Well, it doesn't make me feel any better to tell you it was Biggles's idea.
Where can we find him? He's a commercial pilot in Europe at the moment.
Alright, so tell us about the boat.
Well, we've only taken her out twice since Ewan died.
Who had the keys? Me.
I didn't steal them.
When Ewan was alive, he gave me a spare set.
Let me take her out without him on occasions.
It's not like we were doing something he would've been annoyed about.
We were veryremiss in not speaking to Dee, but But you know what it's like after someone's died.
Contact can be awkward.
Tell me, has anyone else been on the boat since Mr Mackie's death? No.
Just me and Biggles.
I mean, we used to take out other people when Ewan was alive - our kids and so on.
But, uh, no, since his death, no-one.
When was the last time you went out? Last Wednesday.
Uneventful? Well, isn't that what fishing is? Uneventful, yeah.
I mean, we brought her back, berthed her as usual, cleaned her up,cleaned the gear.
Were there fishing knives on the boat? Yes.
Gaff? Yes.
Sea anchor? Yeah.
Why? What's happened? The boat was stolen.
We're looking into the matter.
Where are the spare keys? Oh, I've still got them.
At home.
We'll need them.
Of course.
We've got no bodies, ma'am, but we've got a lot of blood.
At least two victims, we reckon.
There were two blood types.
It appears the second victim was left on the bed, bleeding for some time.
And we're thinking the bodies were dumped at sea? A missing anchor and chain, it looks like that, yes, ma'am.
Alright, when were they killed? Joyner.
Sorry? Time of death? Uh, the coagulation of the blood suggests the attack happened in the last 48 hours.
All we know about the boat is it was taken sometime after Wednesday afternoon and before Saturday night.
Hmm, so we've got the killings pretty well pinned down, but there's a three-day window for the theft of the boat.
Yeah, that's correct.
We need to reduce the window of time for the theft.
Talk to the marina security guard again.
I can do without this.
I've gotta work tonight, remember? Why don't you speak to Mr Branca? He's up and about.
Our colleagues are doing that.
We believe that whatever happened on the boat happened on Friday night.
Yeah, well, whenever it happened, it happened out in the bay, right? And I was at the marina doing my job.
So you woke me up to ask me what? To think again.
Anything unusual between Wednesday and Friday nights? No.
No intruders, no attempts to get through the gate? No, the gate's well lit.
It's right in my line of sight.
You don't live alone, do you? No, I share with an old mate of mine.
He could tell us where you were those nights? He can tell you I went to work.
I don't skive off.
Gil sleeps during the nights, I sleep during the day.
I'm supposed to, anyway.
Actually, there was this pissed bloke outside the fence.
He was sucking on one of these.
Howling at the moon.
Drunk off his face.
Which night? Friday.
Yeah, he kept going on about what bitches women are.
I told him to pipe down and bugger off.
And he did? Yeah.
But he's no use to you blokes.
He didn't come inside the fence.
He just chucked his can, got in his car and took off.
Drunk? Yeah.
I should've called the cops, I suppose.
What kind of car? Beat-up red thing.
Don't know what the model was.
And no, I didn't get the rego.
Like the 'Mary Celeste', huh? Driving us crazy.
Nothing new from Branca, the marina manager, either? Nothing.
So we've got a murder with an empty boat for a crime scene, no bodies, and no missing persons reports that are any use.
And no useful witnesses, unless you count the pissed guy at the fence.
No line on who the bodies are, even if we had them.
Guys, there's someone here to see you.
She says it's urgent.
She told me she was staying with Hannah, her best friend.
I rang Hannah and she hedged a bit.
You know,covering.
When she realised I was really worried, she came clean.
Thank you.
Your daughter wasn't staying there? No.
Hannah said she thought she'd taken off for the weekend with Lincoln.
Lincoln? Gary Shay's son.
The guy who used to sail with your husband? Yes.
Jessica's been seeing him for a while.
I got to thinking, your questions about the boat.
So I rang Mr Branca at the marina and he told me something terrible had happened.
Please, what's going on? Mrs Mackie, there were signs of violence on the boat when it was found.
Oh, God.
Oh, no.
What? Are they? We have no idea what happened on the boat.
We don't even know who was aboard, so you mustn't jump to conclusions.
How long have Jessica and Lincoln been seeing each other? Um Sixeight months.
Whenever Jessica can get time out from her studies.
That's 'seeing' each other.
They've known each other a lot longer than that.
How The boat.
That's how they met.
When Ewan was alive.
Out on the boat.
Jessica can sail? Y es.
And it's just the kind of thing kids would do, isn't it? Take Dad's boat for a romantic weekend? You think she may have done that? The keys are still at home.
But maybe Lincoln took Gary's set.
Excuse me.
Where is your daughter studying, Mrs Mackie? Agricultural college down in Geelong.
Animal husbandry.
She wants to be a vet.
Do you have a photo of your daughter? That'sboth of them.
Pictures from her room at home.
Gary Shay has been looking.
He can't find his keys to the boat.
Do you think she's dead? We don't know.
I should never have agreed to lie for her.
It's done, Hannah.
Just tell us what happened.
Jess and Linc had a special weekend planned.
Jess's car crapped out, so Linc came and picked her up on Friday and they drove into town.
Any mention of a yacht? How did you know about that? What was said? Well, Jess told me that her dad owned a yacht and they were gonnayou know.
You don't get much privacy in the dorms.
Why didn't you tell Jessica's mother this? I thought she was in enough trouble, lying about staying with me.
OK, so Lincoln came and picked her up in his car? Yeah, and they drove into town.
Do you know what he drives? No, I don't.
OK, I'll find out.
Lincoln Shay's car.
That's Jessica's hoodie.
She must've been with him.
Some romantic weekend.
You got a picture of the boat? 'Black Magic' - check.
I've got the time line nailed.
It has to be them, doesn't it? It's definitely the boy's car at the marina.
No-one in it, so it's not looking good.
Bet you weren't expecting me to be here when you got back from secondment.
Yeah, thanks for the heads-up, by the way.
I couldn't do that.
You know what they're like.
It would've been nice to have time to get my head around it before seeing you.
You're doing a great job.
No-one suspects a thing.
Blood types are a match.
Simon's downstairs with the parents now.
They brought in DNA samples for testing.
I'm calling Ronnie, see if she can fast-track this.
I'm gonna get this information up on the whiteboard.
I've got two sets of parents demanding answers.
What can I tell them? We know now that Lincoln and Jessica drove up late Friday.
We assume that he used his father's keys.
To get into the marina.
Not the marina.
Just the boat.
Access to the jetties is by a well-lit gate.
They had to have jumped the fence not to have been spotted by the security guy.
But we're pretty sure that the blood on the boat is theirs, yes? Yeah, 99.
Same blood type.
Just waiting on DNA results.
They go out Friday.
Sometime between Friday night and Saturday night, they're killed.
Bodies are weighted down, probably by the anchor and chain, and then dumped.
The boat's found early hours Sunday morning.
Anything from the Water Police? Still liaising.
They've tried mapping tidal flows and we've got divers out, but without knowing exactly where the bodies were thrown over, we're not very hopeful.
Anything from that drunk at the fence on the Friday night? No.
We asked around the boaties, but it was late when it happened.
No-one saw him.
Alright, well, we'll see what else Kingston and Freeman get from the agricultural college.
Mapplethorpe, keep liaising with the Water Police.
Buchanan, 99.
Alright, we need to get the parents up here.
They should be prepared for the worst.
Mr and Mrs Shay, Mrs Mackie, we have now confirmed that Lincoln and Jessica planned to spend the weekend together on your late husband's yacht.
We believe they followed through with those plans, but something happened out on that boat.
They've been hurt? Or kidnapped? What? We're not sure what's happened to them yet.
You think they've been murdered? Oh, no! I thought this was just about the boat being stolen and that's all.
Now we discover it's about Jessica and Lincoln.
Why didn't you tell us before?! We didn't know until we talked to your daughter's friend, Mrs Mackie.
And we're still not certain.
We have no bodies.
Well, I won't believe it until I see a body.
My daughter is not dead! Mrs Mackie, is there anyone you can think of who would want to hurt your daughter? I don't believe she's been murdered.
I'mI'm not listening to this! Mrs Mackie What about Heath Blaysdon? He's Jessica's ex-boyfriend.
An acquaintance of Lincoln's.
She went out with him for a couple of months before she broke up with him.
And started seeing Lincoln instead? Mmm.
She said she broke up with Heath because he was too pushy.
Wanted to move it along too fast.
Lincoln and Heath, was there any animosity there, or? I think there was, yes.
Heath went to the same college as Jessica.
He's still obsessed with her.
How do you know that? He couldn't accept that she didn't want to see him anymore.
He even turned up at our place one weekend, a few weeks back, and she was home, looking for an argument.
And what happened? Threats? What? Nothing.
Lincoln happened to be there for dinner and he sent him on his way.
Does Heath have a car? Y es, he had a car when he turned up that day.
Do you know what it was? Mazda, I think.
Colour? Red.
Apparently, Heath Blaysdon was not happy about getting dumped and Lincoln just slotting into his place.
OK, we'll push him on that too.
Send me a photo, will you? No worries, Si.
Cheers, Danny.
So you weren't feuding with Lincoln Shay? No.
Smile, Mr Blaysdon.
Hey, you can't do that! Not without my permission.
Put in a complaint.
Jessica Mackie? Yeah, OK.
I admit it.
I wasn't happy when Jess dumped me.
I thought Lincoln moved in there a bit quick.
We had some words about it, but that's all.
What about Friday, when she was on a romantic weekend? What about it? Did you follow them up to Melbourne and hassle them? No.
I didn't do anything.
Where were you this weekend? Studying.
You weren't driving up to Melbourne, getting drunk and shouting abuse? No.
Where's your car, Mr Blaysdon? It's at my place.
And I will be making a complaint about that photo if you keep hassling me.
Make sure you spell my name right.
Sorry, guys.
Can't help you.
What about you, Mr Halliwell? I think I've seen him before.
- You think? - We need you to be sure, sir.
Is this the man you saw at the fence on Friday night? Yep, I'm sure that's him.
I was never there.
We know it was you at the marina.
You're lD'd.
This is a murder inquiry, Mr Blaysdon.
We believe that Jessica Mackie and Lincoln Shay are dead.
So you wanna start telling us the truth? Hang on, hang on.
I thought this was about harassment, not murder! So you HAVE been harassing Jessica Mackie? Look, all I did was pull a couple of leads out of her engine.
Put the kybosh on her weekend, you know? But Lincoln came down and got her.
Y es.
That annoyed you, didn't it? Yeah.
And, yes, I did follow them.
I sank a few cold ones on the way.
So you admit to following them to Melbourne.
Yes, OK? Do you admit following them onto that boat and later killing them? No! I didn't do that! So what did you do? I followed them down to the marina and watched them jump the fence, get down to the boat.
That's when I lost it and started yelling.
And? And that's it.
I chucked a can over the fence after them, but some security dude comes out and starts heavying me.
So I get back in my car and drive off.
Where? Back down to Geelong.
My place.
No, you didn't.
You drove down the road and then you snuck back and then you jumped the fence too, didn't you? No.
And then you stole a tinnie, you got yourself to that yacht and then you killed Jessica Mackie and Lincoln Shay.
I didn't do that! You killed them.
You weighed their bodies down and then you threw them overboard.
Look, I swear, I got back in my car and I drove back to Geelong.
What time did you get down there? Can anyone vouch for you? No.
Yes, but it took longer than the usual hour-trip.
Really? Closer to three, four hours.
I had to wait for a cab to take me the second half of the trip.
Cab? Hey, that's proof, right? The cab.
He can tell you.
And the cops.
What cops? I got pulled over, breath-tested.
They said I was borderline and wouldn't let me drive home.
His story checks out.
No way he could've got out to that yacht, killed them, then driven to the point where he got pulled over.
Alright, well, Let's look at this from another angle.
Crime scene.
Kingston? They've towed and slipped the boat.
Got prelim details from the lab.
And? Marks on the table from two glasses and a bottle, some spilt champagne, ash on the seat cover and traces of marijuana.
They took the yacht out in the bay, they partied, drank and smoked dope.
Had sex.
That's what they were there for.
Maybe they never got a chance.
Looks like they did.
Hairs on the bed linen are a match.
They had to have anchored.
Because you don't have sex while you're under sail or motoring.
They'd want a nice, romantic spot with a view, not too far out.
Right, so they're in bed, they're having sex and somebody gets on board and kills them.
Gotta be Heath Blaysdon.
He's jealous, drunk as.
That means another boat, even just a dinghy.
The security guard.
Yeah, he's the glitch, OK? We know the boat was taken on Friday night.
And now, it had to be motored out of its berth.
And another boat, maybe a tinnie with an outboard or a dinghy, probably went out after it.
Now, this guy, Halliwell, he reckons he saw nothing, that he heard nothing?! Come on! He'd be at work right now.
It's 1 am.
Wait until 6:00, when he finishes his shift.
He'll be tired.
You bring him in and you put him through it then.
Well, you guys got here quick! I only called for an ambulance five minutes ago.
I think it's too late.
What are you talking about? I did CPR, but it looked like he'd been in the water for a while.
I'm gonna ask you to stand back, sir.
What happened? I arrived at work.
He wasn't in the office.
I'm calling out for him, wandering down to check at the fuelling station.
I found him floating here, face down.
How did you get him out? Not easy, I can tell you.
He's no lightweight.
CPR didn't seem to be working, so I called for an ambulance.
But hehe's gone, isn't he? Yeah, he's gone.
- So what do you reckon? Accident? - Well Come on, this wasn't an accident.
It's too early to say yet.
He hasn't been in the water more than a couple of hours.
Could've slipped, hit his head as he went in, and drowned.
You'll need to check his lungs, right? Yeah, amongst other things, 'Doctor'.
Hey, uh, why don't I do the autopsy and you and your chums do YOUR job? Look around for an impact point that might relate to the wound on his head.
Sharp end of a piece of concrete, I'd say.
Just because he was in the water there doesn't mean that's where he FELL in.
Eddies, gentlemen.
Currents, surges.
Good luck.
I'll get the guys to start checking.
Yeah, good.
It could take a year.
Todd, what are you doing? That guy's got a camera phone.
Get him out of here.
Get him out of here! Right, have some respect, people.
Let's keep this area clear.
What do you reckon about Halliwell? Yeah, I reckon we were right.
He knew something and now he's dead.
Dead? When? I just saw him last night.
It happened at work.
Bloody hell.
I warned him about that security gig.
Why get in a dangerous game like that, huh? How long have you been flatmates? Couple of years.
Old mates? Yeah.
Got out of the army, had nowhere to go, ran into Jake in a pub.
Where do you work? Shopping mall.
Stupid, huh? Don't take my own advice.
Opposite shifts.
You don't see much of each other.
Odd days off.
Odd drink.
Did you see him on Friday night? Yeah, for about an hour.
He went to work, I went to the pub.
Anything unusual about that night? No.
What about when he got home in the morning? He was fine.
Why? Can you think of anything that he might've done or anything he said that might relate to his death last night? No.
He was fine.
I can't help you, mate.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Ronnie.
Uh, Jake Halliwell? Uhh, you're going to hate this - inconclusive.
Ohh, really? Well, it's not always up and down, black and white, Detective.
I can't confirm either way.
So what DO we have? There was alcohol in his stomach.
So he was drinking on the job.
Naughty boy.
So he may have been drunk? Tipsy,certainly.
And there was water in his lungs, so he was breathing when he went into the water.
He may well have hit his head and drowned - inconclusive.
Senior Sergeant.
I've been meaning to ask you.
I just wanted to check how your sessions are going with Dr Shiffer.
I don't want to know details, of course, but when I recommended him I thought you and he would be a good fit.
Yeah, he's great.
He's great.
I mean, he's really put things in perspective.
And you know how I was when we first talked after Duncan came back.
Yeah, I remember.
But I'm much better now.
Sleeping well.
No stress, apart from the usual with the job, but nothing like it was.
I'm seeing him again this week.
Oh, good, good.
I'm really glad to hear that, Simon.
If anything, she's leaning more towards an accident.
Except she says here he could've taken a single blow which knocked him into the water.
Drinking on the job - that explains why he didn't hear the yacht motoring out on Friday night.
No signs of a struggle, bruising? No.
Just the single-blow possibility.
Uniforms still haven't found an impact point for Mr Halliwell's head, but they have turned up something useful.
This tinnie was moored in one of the bays in the marina.
Belongs to one of the other boats.
And? Would've probably gone unnoticed, but one of Todd's guys saw something under the seat catching the light.
They found a filleting knife.
It has the name of Mackie's yacht etched into the handle.
It's covered in blood and it has human hair stuck to the blade - blond.
Prints? Yes, but nothing usable.
A tinnie with an outboard.
You tell me how Halliwell would fail to hear that on Friday night, even if he had been drinking.
This whole thing comes back to him.
It's a bit of a leap.
No, it's not, Nick.
It's not.
Jake Halliwell was estranged from his family.
Been out of touch with them since he was 1 7.
Why? That's when his mum kicked him out.
He'd rigged a video camera in his sister's bedroom and another in the bathroom.
And they didn't report it.
No, then she kicked him out.
Halliwell was a window-licker.
And you have a theory? I just think it's very unlikely those kids got that boat out of there without his knowledge.
He knew.
Maybe it was agreed, even.
Maybe money changed hands.
Senior Sergeant Leigh, I need you up here.
Jessica and Lincoln take the boat out, not very far, they drop anchor.
Meanwhile, Halliwell sits around, getting pissed like he usually does, and he starts thinking about what's happening out on the boat.
Which he can see anchored in the bay.
He knows what's going on.
Young Lincoln's screwing that really good-looking chick.
So he decides to lick a porthole, instead of a window.
He takes the tinnie out to the boat, he has a look, and then he decides to board the boat and join in the party.
And that's when it all turns to crap.
Not a bad theory, ma'am.
If Halliwell wanted to rape the girl, what were his plans for Lincoln? I think he only intended to look, as usual, ma'am.
But it got the better of him.
Boarding was an impulse.
They're only young kids, he was a big strong bloke.
What were they gonna do? He figures he can knock Lincoln out, tie him up.
I'd be inclined to take that theory further.
The type of person that you refer to as a 'window-licker' tends to be that way because they lack confidence when it comes to the actual deed.
They watch because they're too scared to do.
Certainly, alone.
An accomplice, then? It would make sense.
Especially given Mr Halliwell's subsequent accident.
Someone he'll get drunk with, someone else there to talk each other into a state of excitement.
Right, someone to help subdue the boy, join in the fun with the girl.
And that same someone got nervous when he saw the amount of attention Halliwell was getting from us, so he killed him too.
He worked alone at the marina.
Maybe he phoned a friend.
I'll run calls - landline and mobile.
Excuse me, ma'am.
They've found a body.
It's the girl.
Against the odds, this one turning up.
She must've come free of the anchor chain.
Maybe they were both tied in together.
Maybe sharks tugged at them.
Crabs did the rest.
She's been close to the beach for a bit,caught in the rocks.
It wasn't just crabs that did that.
The deep wounds were made from two different knives - one scaling knife, one filleting knife.
Same blade as the one found in the tinnie.
Two assailants is looking more likely.
There's a brown hair embedded deep in one of the wounds - from the blade.
The boy was killed first.
The bruising.
From the yacht's anchor chain, I think, and maybe a gaff.
But, Ronnie, if she was bruised Yeah.
She was bound in the chain pre-mortem, yes.
Any signs of sexual interference? Haematomas, contusions and lacerations of the genitalia and anus confirmed sexual assault.
There's extragenital injuries too - some bruising, abrasions and incised wounds show she resisted.
Incised wounds - from a knife? Presumably used to encourage her cooperation.
Given the extent of her injuries, it's likely she was unconscious for a large part of her ordeal.
'Cause that makes it better.
Thanks, Ronnie.
I knew we should've gone over there straightaway, Mattie.
Gone where? Jake Halliwell knew something.
That sick prick was involved.
He had to be.
But by the time we got off our arses to question him, he was dead.
If Waverley had let me go when I wanted to You can't blame Waverley for what happened to Jessica Mackie.
I blame Jake Halliwell for what happened to Jessica Mackie.
But we lost him - we lost our only lead because Waverley made a bad call.
In hindsight, maybe, but she made the right call based on the information we had at the time.
She was still alive, Mattie.
You can't change what happened to Jessica Mackie and Lincoln Shay and you can't change Waverley's decision.
Best we can do now is keep working.
Simon, we'll get a break.
We'll solve this.
We were right, ma'am.
Not stupid enough to use a landline at the marina, but he did make two calls on his mobile on Friday night - one at 9:40 and one at 9:46.
Well, we don't need the dramatic pause, Kingston.
Who to? His flatmate, ma'am.
Gil Smithfield.
And? His manager at the marina.
His boss? Fred Branca.
So if Senior Sergeant Leigh's theory holds, either one could be the other doer in the Halliwell murder.
Or both.
And all three could've killed those kids.
Pull them in, find out.
Is this gonna take much longer? I've got a marina to run.
We've got a murder to investigate.
So just answer the question, please, sir.
Your whereabouts on Friday night from 9pm to 3am.
I was with Fred Branca, Jake's boss.
With Gil Smithfield, Jake Halliwell's flatmate.
Alibi-ing each other.
Always effective.
How do you know him? Gil's ex-army, I'm ex-navy.
We met at the marina a couple of times, swapped stories.
I probably know him better than I know Jake now.
How did you meet him that night? We ran into each other in the pub.
I told you I went to the pub.
My wife's away at the moment.
I'm living the bachelor life.
Gil suggested some pizza and a movie.
At my place.
We watched TV.
Well, a DVD, actually - 'The Bank Job'.
Why didn't you mention Fred Branca before now? You didn't ask.
You were interested in where Jake was, not me.
That's convenient, isn't it? Hey, darlin', I wasn't the one asking the questions.
And they've got all the answers.
Well rehearsed.
Why did Jake Halliwell call you Friday night? To ask me how to fix the cable TV in the office.
He wanted to watch the footy.
He was having trouble.
So why then did he call Gil Smithfield a few minutes later if you were there? I didn't mention I was with Gil.
Ask HIM what Jake wanted.
He was bored.
I shot the breeze with him for a couple of minutes, that's all.
He was interrupting the film.
It's a good movie.
The bad guy wins.
Yeah, lucky him.
You rehearsed this story with Gil Smithfield, didn't you? No.
If you're covering for him - you know, if he threatened you - just come clean.
I haven't threatened anybody and I'm not protecting anybody either.
I was with Fred.
We watched a movie, drank some beer until late.
That's all.
Brick wall.
Did we learn anything? It's a classic pairing - leader and follower.
It's them.
You had to let them go? Even though they're lying.
Well, they've had plenty of time to sort their stories out.
I'm sorry - there's some damage to her face.
That's my daughter.
Jessica Ann Mackie.
That woman lost her husband to a stroke and now she has lost her only child, raped and murdered.
Fred Branca and Gil Smithfield joined up with that prick Halliwell.
It had to be all three of them.
It had to be.
I think you're right.
The problem is Is proving it.
I know.
I know.
OK, we've got phone calls, we've got one dinghy, we've got one fishing knife so far.
That was probably supposed to go over the side.
A knife with hair and blood, but no usable prints.
And nothing from the body, not after days in the water.
And no bloodied clothes or shoes or anything from Smithfield or Branca's places.
We've got no hard evidence.
We need a confession.
We need for this whole thing to come apart for these bastards to turn on each other.
I watched your interviews.
There's no remorse, no guilt.
They're just covering their own arses.
I reckon we get Branca back in and squeeze him.
Branca's not the one to put pressure on.
He's the more intelligent of the two, older, probably more imagination, and most likely the ringleader.
But it was Halliwell who got him there.
Yes, but he would've called them because he was too scared to make a move alone.
If he was going to do it, it would have to be reinforced behaviour.
So they took over.
A few beers and a lurid conversation down the track Duncan, did you get anything from the neighbours when you searched Branca's place? Some gossip.
His wife isn't just 'away'.
She's left him.
Loud domestics.
That'd fit.
He probably doesn't just shout at her either.
There's no record of domestic violence.
And it would be because she's too scared of him to report it.
Ground glass often looks like talcum powder, Detective.
My guess is that he has got a long history of violence, even sexual sadism.
We'll bring him in and squeeze the truth out of him.
Not Branca - Smithfield.
Presents as tough, but he's scared.
He doesn't wanna have to remember any more lines, keep playing that role.
You go for him - the coward inside the bully.
We'll go after Smithfield, first thing tomorrow.
It doesn't matter how hard we go, he's not gonna crack.
You've hardly touched your food.
Ah, late lunch.
Do you want me to heat it up? No, no.
It's fine, it's fine.
Mattie, I just know it's not gonna work.
You know, all this "coward inside the bully" stuff.
Gil Smithfield is tough.
He's not gonna give his mate up.
Well, things will be clearer in the morning and we've got a strategy now - we'll make it work.
Hey, Em, thanks for dinner.
It was delicious.
Don't get up.
See you tomorrow.
Suck it.
Suck it! Taste it.
Confess to what you did .
to the cops.
If you don't confess, you'll die.
I'll come back and you will die slowly, the same way the girl did.
It's your choice.
- Beautiful day.
- Beautiful! Lovely.
What are you two on? Blood-on-the-boat case, things have picked up.
Why? What happened? Matt's waiting for you.
In the interview room.
Gil Smithfield has come in.
Wants to make a statement.
What I told you was true to a point.
I did run into Fred in the pub.
We had a couple of drinks, then we went and got pizza.
Then? Fred went back to his place and I went home, when Jake called me.
To tell you about the yacht.
There was a footy game on.
He said I should come down to the marina, watch it with him, have a few more beers.
Sounded like a good idea.
So I went down.
And he called Fred too? Yep.
We're watching the game.
Jake starts talking about these kids.
They paid him 50 bucks to turn a blind eye to them jumping the fence and taking out Daddy's boat.
They were out there doing the business.
So you start talking it up.
Getting horny.
One thing leads to another Yeah.
It was Fred's idea.
Take a boat, go out there, have some fun.
What part did Jake Halliwell take in what happened? None.
Crap! He was gonna.
But when we got to the boat to head out there, he got nervous, scared.
Fred said, if he didn't have the balls, bugger off back to the office.
What happened when you got out there? It was supposed to be a sly look at what they were doing, but Fred's taken some beers, and when we can't see much, he gets on the boat.
And you follow.
He called me gutless.
The kid, the bloke, he gets antsy.
Fred gives him a shove, gets nasty.
I'm trying to stop the kid going for Fred, and Fred decks him.
Then what? He was out cold.
The girl was on the bed, starkers.
I swear, I only joined in the rape of the girl.
It was Fred that killed them and dumped the bodies.
He said we had to, said we'd gone too far.
Halliwell - what about him? Fred killed him too.
When we got back, I was in shock, you know, after what had happened.
Yeah, right.
Fred was pumped! We both washed off.
Went home without seeing Jake.
He was in the office, pissed.
You both washed off? You just said you didn't help in the killings.
I got splashed.
You saw the inside of that boat.
Fred went berserk when he started using that knife.
He was having a ball.
I got splashed.
But there were two knives used to kill the kids on that boat.
Yeah, I know.
Both used by Fred.
Then he wiped them clean and chucked them over the side.
Except one landed in the tinnie.
OK, so then the yacht was found Jake worked out what happened.
He was in the middle of a murder investigation.
He freaked.
So he had to be killed too.
Fred said he was a loose cannon.
He went there early, about 3:30.
Hit him in the head with a lump of concrete, knocked him in the water.
He told you this? Yeah.
When we were working out our stories.
Handy, that, for you - him telling you.
Fred said he'd kill me if I didn't do what he said.
I didn't have a choice.
You don't look like someone who'd just unburden himself to clear his conscience, Mr Smithfield.
What do you mean? Last night - you had an attack of the guilts or something? Is that why you're in here confessing? Don't pretend you don't know why I came in here.
I didn't kill those kids.
I can prove it.
Ah, right! Alright, boys, see you tomorrow.
See you, mate.
Fred Branca, you're under arrest for the murders of Lincoln Shay and Jake Halliwell and the rape and murder of Jessica Ann Mackie.
No way! This is complete nonsense.
This is that idiot Gil Smithfield, isn't it? Let me advise you of your rights Yeah, well, you advise Gil.
It was all his idea.
He was the one who killed them, all of them.
Pointing the finger at each other will only make our job easier.
Now, we've got you both and you're going down.
You and your mate.
It's his word against mine.
He's got a lot to say.
Your idea.
You both raped her but you killed them.
You grabbed the fishing knives and went crazy.
That was him.
So you admit to the rape but you deny the killing.
Is that it? We've got the girl's body.
You're gone on the rape.
OK, I had sex with her.
And who's to say that was rape? Well, your mate.
Your mate's saying plenty.
Yeah, he's trying to hide the fact that HE killed her.
Except that's a lie, isn't it? 'Cause YOU killed them.
You killed them to shut them up.
No, that was Gil.
He just went crazy.
I had nothing to do with that.
Is that right? I swear.
You swear? Well, then, tell me, why is there blood all over your clothes? Remember these clothes, Mr Branca? They were the clothes you were wearing the night you killed Jessica Mackie and Lincoln Shay.
So after you and your mate Gil washed off, you told him to get rid of these, to burn them.
You think that everyone does what you tell them.
But even your best mates know what a slime bag you are.
Even your best mates don't trust you.
He kept them.
As insurance, just in case.
He hid themat work so he didn't end up like Jake Halliwell.
I tell you, our lab will have a ball with those spatter patterns.
So like I said, you are gone.
Bastard! Who do you think you are? Sit down! Now! I swear I could've punched him in the face right there, Mattie.
Feel good, wouldn't it, assaulting him.
I know - you don't uphold the law by breaking it.
Who's breaking the law? Not us.
We're cops.
We're the good guys.
OK, good guys.
I should be back by 1 1 :00.
I'll still be here.
'Night, Si.
'Night, Em.
Amazing, eh? Smithfield dropping it all in our laps like that.
Must've got scared, I guess.
What of? All they had to do was stick to their stories and we would've never got near them.
What difference does it make? The important thing is that they're locked up.
End of story.
What do you think he meant about us pretending we didn't know why he came in to confess? Who knows? Who cares? We won.