City Homicide (2007) s03e11 Episode Script

Hot House

He's my ex-husband.
Please, let me in.
Mrs Bolingbroke, I'm sorry, I can't let you Can't you at least tell me what's happened? Sorry, I can't discuss this with you right now.
Mum, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come.
Excuse me.
What's the go? Victim's name is Professor Christopher Bolingbroke.
Former head of the Pure Mathematics Department at Melbourne Uni.
Resigned last year and then started teaching privately.
He was stabbed, yeah? Multiple times.
But this isn't your run-of-the-mill stabbing.
How so? Someone's written on him, all over him.
What, Like a message? The answer is 42.
Logarithmic functions.
Algebraic proof, maybe.
Kidding again, right? Didn't you study maths at school? Humanities.
Not much humanity here.
Son, Harry.
Ex-wife, Vanessa.
The prelim autopsy report shows a blow to the back of the head.
Nothing fatal but enough to knock him out for a period of time.
We're thinking the killer used this time to restrain and gag him.
Didn't see a gag at the crime scene.
There's glue residue around his mouth.
The same glue that was found on the gaffer tape.
Approximate time of death, 9pm.
Stab wounds to his arms and legs preceded the fatal one to his heart.
- Do we have a murder weapon? - Not yet.
We're looking for a long-blade knife, about 30cm.
What about the writing on the body? We've confirmed the handwriting was the professor's.
Which is why one arm was left free.
Looks like the killer made him write the equations on himself.
We've sent it off to an expert at the uni, so hopefully he can shed some light on what it might mean.
In the meantime, Harry Bolingbroke's alibi checks out.
He was at his seminar till after midnight.
And the ex-wife? Oh, Duncan and I are about to meet some of her mahjong pals after this.
Well, find out what the relationship was really like.
'Cause there is no such thing as a completely amicable divorce.
- Ma'am.
- What else? Uh, Simon's tracking down Professor Bolingbroke's students.
Why the delay? There wasn't any diary or address book at his house.
Techs are working on his computer.
He wrote his own encryption.
But we've got an address for Gordon and Lucille Neades, whose cheque we found at the crime scene.
They were paying Professor Bolingbroke to tutor their son.
Have you caught whoever did it? Of course they haven't, Lucy.
That's why they're here.
How often did Professor Bolingbroke tutor your son? Uh, 30 hours a week.
get time to go to school? Liam is homeschooled.
Professor Bolingbroke and l work with him one on one.
How old's your son, Mr Neades? He's 1 4, but he has an exceptional mind.
Hehe won the Australian Maths Prize last year in the seniors division.
MRS NEADES: Surprised everyone.
Except Gordon, of course.
This couldn't come at a worse time.
The university entrance exams are in a month.
I'll call Professor Wilkes at Monash.
He might be able to step in.
Mr Neades! We still have questions.
The last time you saw Professor Bolingbroke, did he seem stressed or agitated? No.
Talk about anyone he was having trouble with? A student? Maybe a parent? No.
Was the professor happy with your son's work? He ought to be.
Liam's made outstanding progress this last year.
Is Liam here? He'she's in his room.
We'd like to talk with him.
You can be present, of course.
Well, he's studying.
Mr Neades, we can either do this here or at police headquarters.
It's your call.
Liam, hi.
I'm Detective Kingston.
This is Detective Buchanan.
Sorry to interrupt.
We just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes.
About Professor Bolingbroke.
Thanks, Mr Neades.
What are you working on? Uh, calculus.
Looks pretty complicated.
It's easy.
Who's your favourite footy team? I'm a Bulldogs fan.
They're breaking my heart.
Yeah, I don't really follow football.
- What about your mates? - Can we get to the point? Mr Neades.
Professor Bolingbroke was murdered last night.
What about the exams? We've only got three weeks left to prepare I'm going to give Professor Wilkes a call, OK? Mr Neades, again,can you please deal with that later? Did Professor Bolingbroke say anything to you yesterday? Did he seem worried or upset? Sure about that, mate? Did he ever talk to you about any of his other students? OK.
Don't worry, Liam.
We can do better than Professor Bolingbroke, hm? This has got to be a big shock for Liam.
Maybe he could do with a break.
The entrance exams for the university are in a few weeks.
Isn't he a little young for uni? Mozart was already composing concertos at five.
Always use Mozart.
What's up with you? He's hothousing his son.
That's what.
Hothousing? Massive workload, intense pressure, ridiculous and unattainable goals.
Child abuse, if you want another name for it.
I didn't see any bruises or cigarette burns.
Kid's dysfunctional.
We told him his tutor's dead.
First thing he does is think of his exams.
Kids have a right to be kids, not vanity projects for their parents.
Mrs Bolingbroke wasn't lying about playing mahjong on Sunday night.
Her friends were more than happy to help Duncan with his inquiry.
All divorced, all mid-50s.
All hungry for a man.
They wanted Duncan on toast.
So, what about the relationship between Vanessa Bolingbroke and the good professor? It may be amicable now, but it was pretty ugly at the time.
Apparently she threatened to leave him unless he cut down on his work or paid her more attention.
And? Obviously, he Chose work.
And her alibi is rock-solid.
Yeah, she won the evening with a pure triple chow.
After midnight.
Triple chow? You follow up on that cheque from the Neades family? Yes, mate.
Gordon and Lucille.
Professor Bolingbroke was tutoring their son, Liam, for university entrance exams.
That kid's going to university? Tell me about it.
OK, we've got a fingerprint match from the crime scene.
Belongs to one of the Neades family.
Gordon? No.
Eldest daughter.
Arrested 1 8 months ago for assault while working as a prostitute.
Placed on a 1 2-month good-behaviour bond.
You got a current address? No.
But her fingerprints place her at the crime scene, so find her.
We have no daughter.
She's dead to us.
Mr Neades, we under Look, she may be out there somewhere, but we don't know where.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment.
Interviewing a replacement tutor? Y es, as a matter of fact.
Ever thought of sending Liam to school, Mrs Neades? What, like a normal child? We tried that.
He was bored out of his wits.
Smarter than most of his teachers.
Is everything OK with Andrea? We just need to speak with her.
Do you have any idea where she might be? We lost contact.
We don't know where she is.
Now, if that's all.
Fair enough.
Thanks for your help, Mr Neades.
We won't trouble you any further.
Right, OK.
'Bye, Mrs Neades.
Can you believe that man? Pig! Makes you want to kill him.
We work for the other side, remember? Figuratively.
And Mum's not helping things.
She may as well have 'doormat' written on her forehead.
How long do we wait? What? Saw you hide your phone under the papers.
She might open up without hubby constantly peering over her shoulder.
MRS NEADES: Why did you want to talk to my daughter? We think she might have known Professor Bolingbroke.
No, I'm sure that she didn't.
Here it is.
We hired him well after she'd left home.
That photo you showed me - she'd been arrested.
What for? We're not at liberty to say.
Tell us about Andrea.
Your husband's not here now.
Sheshe was a beautiful girl.
She Much better at maths than Liam.
How old was Andrea when you started hothousing her? MRS NEADES: Eight.
She was 1 4 when she sat her university entrance exams.
She enrolled in honours - pure mathematics.
She was the youngest student that the university had ever accepted.
And then it all went wrong? All the other students were so much older.
She didn't have any friends.
Used to cry herself to sleep.
How'd your husband feel about that? He told her she was better than the rest.
Gordon loved her very much.
It broke his heart when she dropped out.
She Theythey fought.
She left with only the clothes on her back.
That was six years ago.
We haven't seen her since.
Then youturn up this morning and ask about her.
Did she ever try and contact you? Twice.
She phoned to speak to Liam.
But Gordon hung up on her.
She's your daughter.
Didn't you ever try and get in contact? I I I couldn't.
Isn't there anything that you could tell me about her? No, sorry.
Well, if you do find her, please, will you .
tell her to call us? Wouldn't your husband just hang up again? That was a little harsh.
You reckon? Didn't mention her genius daughter's now a cheap hooker.
$800 an hour? Well, she is hot.
- Where'd you find this? - Vice gave us a heads-up.
Oh, g'day.
Is this Celine? It's Nick.
Do you look as sexy in real life as you do online? Fantastic.
Right, well, Let's Let's do it.
Full service.
This is entrapment.
We have no interest in how you earn a living, Ms Neades.
As if you've been thinking about anything else since you picked me up.
When were you at Christopher Bolingbroke's? Why? Could you just answer the question? Will my answer get him into trouble? No, no, no, no.
He was murdered last night.
It might get YOU into trouble.
My fingerprints were found on his desk, right? That's where he wanted to screw me.
For an older guy, he's quite the performer.
Probably Viagra.
All the oldies are taking it.
Ever popped a bluey, Nick? What time were you there? Got there at 6:55.
Left on the dot of 8:00.
That's what he paid for.
Did anyone see you leave? I don't know.
I try to be discreet.
Where'd you go after you left? Home.
Showered, watched a DVD.
Which one? 'Mamma Mia! '.
I'm a Meryl fan.
Then I had another appointment just after midnight in Kew.
How did Bolingbroke get your phone number? Same way as you did, I suppose.
He called me just after 6:00 to make the booking.
That's the first time I've had anything to do with him.
Check my phone records.
We will.
Did you know he tutored your brother? What? No.
I don't have anything to do with my family.
When was the last time you did? About two years ago.
Your mother said it was six.
That's the last time SHE saw me.
But I sent my loving father an email just after I set up my website.
Couldn't resist.
An email? I wanted him to know what I was doing these days.
Just wish I could've seen his face when he realised how I've been using my gift.
Here's what I think.
I think you found out about Bolingbroke's connection to Liam.
How You saw something on his desk? No.
Maybe your parents' cheque.
You're just guessing now.
You realised he was hothousing your little brother.
And I can understand how that made you feel, Andrea.
Can you, now? He wasn't a client, but one of them.
He was one of those people who stole your childhood, made you do all those hours of study.
You could taste the bitterness.
It all just came flooding back.
Hang on, is this about me or you, Detective? Excuse me? Am I wrong? This is about you, Andrea.
I don't think so.
When you found out what Bolingbroke did, you decided to make him pay.
Isn't that right? Wasn't maths, though.
Was it music? Sport? Were you gonna be the next Serena Williams? Alright, that's enough.
Were you gonna be a star, Detective? Andrea, I'm going to release you, but you're gonna need to make yourself available for further questioning.
And further evidence, once we find it.
Interview terminated at 8: 1 0pm.
So was it your mother or your father who pushed you? Bet you were Mummy's little girl.
Your mother wants to see you again.
She'd never go against my father.
Hasn't got the spine.
You never know.
People change.
Look at you.
Child genius turns prostitute.
I quit uni on my terms, Serena.
I bet you crashed and burned.
You don't know me.
Couldn't make the grade,could you? A disappointment to everyone around you.
Yeah, and you've made a great life for yourself selling your body.
At least I've got a body worth selling.
You think you're empowered.
You're still playing your father's game.
The bitterness, the humiliation.
You can still taste it, can't you, Detective? I got away.
You're still trying to prove yourself.
You didn't get away.
Look at you, giving it up to old men.
You're a shining example for your little brother.
Hey! Keep my brother out of this! Get her out of here.
Lock her up.
I'm OK.
You let her get the better of you.
Ma'am, I didn't.
I know what happened in that corridor, Detective Kingston.
You lost control of the situation.
Ma'am, if I could just say I have also reviewed the interview tapes.
It was Andrea Neades running that interview, not you.
You let her goad you.
Yes, ma'am.
Won't happen again.
No, it won't, because you'll be staying out of the interview room until I say otherwise.
Ma'am Don't make things worse.
Clean yourself up,come and see me.
Both of you.
Was Andrea right? Were you put through this hothousing thing too? That why you're so fired up? I'm not fired up.
I'm doing my job.
Forget I asked.
I could run.
Run? Yeah, run.
You know, Cathy Freeman-type run.
State championships, national championships, training every morning and arvo.
Intensive camp every holiday.
It was my whole life.
Your dad was pushing you? No, he was long gone.
Mum wanted an Olympic champion in the family.
And? I just wanted to be normal.
I wanted to have friends.
I started hating the sight of the track, so I stopped.
And your mum? Um She .
thinks I've wasted my life.
She thinks I'm a loser.
Where's Andrea Neades now? Cooling her heels in the cells.
I don't want to press charges, ma'am.
Well, no-one assaults one of my detectives and gets away with it.
She'll be charged on summons with assault police.
Y es, ma'am.
You like her for Professor Bolingbroke? I do.
Andrea can't prove she left when she said.
And if she found out he was hothousing her little brother, it gives us motive - I know it in my gut.
Which won't convince a jury.
We need proof, Detective.
Y es, ma'am.
Well, she can spend the night as our guest - her little stunt should be enough to convince a magistrate to sign a warrant.
We do have a current address? Yes, ma'am.
It would be nice to find a murder weapon.
Or at least some bloodstained clothing.
I want you at Andrea's parents' place first thing, just in case your gut feeling turns out to be wind.
Gordon Neades knew his daughter was a prostitute.
If he discovered that Bolingbroke was a client, that could be a motive.
She said that she had never visited him before.
You believe her for that but not the rest? Take Detective Freeman with you.
Take the morning off.
Ma'am, you can't See a doctor.
Ma'am, I'm fine.
You've suffered a blow to the head, Detective.
I do not want to see you back here until you've been given the all-clear.
Sorry to bother you so early, Mrs Neades.
Is this about Andrea? Actually, we'd like to have a word with your husband.
Is he awake? Oh.
Well, he didn't come to bed last night.
He was up late.
Reorganising Liam's schedule.
Oh, uh Gordon? I don't usually disturb him when he's in his study.
Mum? Morning, Liam.
Mr Neades! It's Detective Buchanan.
I need to ask you a few questions.
Could you open the door, please? Oh, my Ooh! God! Come on, mate.
What? What's wrong? Gordon Neades was knocked out from behind using a blunt object found in situ.
He was bound and gagged and he was forced to write these equations on his body.
Just like Bolingbroke.
Two identical MOs.
Not identical.
There was gaffer tape left on Gordon Neades's mouth, not on Bolingbroke's.
Where are we with the equations? The one on Bolingbroke's body relates to something called the Riemann hypothesis.
The guy at the uni started to explain, but he lost me.
As far as I can see, the equations are the same in both cases.
But we're sending it off to analysis just to be sure.
Apparently, the Riemann hypothesis is an unsolvable problem involving prime numbers.
Harry Bolingbroke says his old man had a thing for prime numbers.
Looks like his old man also had a thing for hookers.
Pathology found semen residue and condom lubricant on him.
Which could support Andrea Neades's claim that he hired her services that night.
She was in lockup last night, so she can't have topped her old man.
So your, uh, gut instinct is looking a little shaky.
You need to check where Lucille Neades was last night.
And remember there is still one other suspect, who doesn't have an alibi and who has connections to both victims.
Liam Neades.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs Neades, but it's important we establish some facts.
When'd you last see your husband? Um Uh About 7:30.
We finished dinner and he went to his study.
He said he didn't want to be disturbed.
And then what did you do? - What do you mean? - Did you watch television? Did you talk to anybody on the phone? Yes.
Which? Uh II watched some television.
The preliminary time of death was around 1 0pm.
What were you doing then? Um, l I wasn't home.
Can you tell us what happened last night, mate? Dad was in his study.
Mum went out.
Your dad come out of his study at all? No.
He didn't come and say goodnight? No.
Where did your mum go? I don't know.
After Andrea left, I s I suffered from anxiety.
And, uh The doctor prescribed some medication.
I I came to rely on it a little too heavily.
I go to meetings once a week.
Narcotics Anonymous? Yes.
Gordon Gordon didn't know.
What time did the meeting finish? Um, about 1 1 :30, maybe a little later.
That's a long meeting.
Well Some of us stay around and chat afterwards.
And when you got home, you didn't notice anything unusual? Study door was closed.
Iassumed he was working.
So I went to bed.
Did you look in on Liam before you went to bed? Yes, of course.
And? He was? Asleep.
Sure you didn't leave your room? Yes! No.
I didn't.
Not to get a drink, something to eat? No.
Hear anyone else in the house? No.
Go to the toilet? No! I I was studying.
I didn't hear anything.
That's OK, Liam.
We've finished our questions now.
Liam is a victim in all this.
What they've been doing to that kid is child abuse.
That screams motive to me.
Maybe he just reached breaking point.
Teenagers have killed before.
Yeah, but could that kid be strong enough to overpower these two men? Well, he could if he snuck up on them from behind, hit them over the head with a blunt object.
With respect, ma'am, you haven't met this kid.
Well, what do you think, Nick? I don't know.
He says he didn't hear anything, but I'm not sure if I believe him.
His dad was bound and tortured.
That's gotta make some noise.
He was gagged! The sound was muffled.
Liam's not our killer.
Well, according to you.
Yes! He's a timid 1 4-year-old boy.
Should have heard him give his statement.
He doesn't even go to the loo unless his study's finished.
Talk to him! You'll see what I mean.
You're a mother.
I'm sorry.
I told you to stay out of that interview room.
It was a statement room, ma'am.
Don't play semantics with me, Detective! I asked her to come in, ma'am.
I needed a second chair, and seeing Allie gets on with the kid, I .
I thought it might help.
Cut the Neades family loose.
We've arranged for one of the constables to drive you home.
If you think of anything else that might be relevant, let us know.
Yes, of course.
Youryour father's Theytold me.
It's good to see you, Andrea.
It's been a long time.
MRS NEADES: Yes, it has.
It's good to see you too.
So, what are you gonna do now? Uh Uh, go home.
Um, sort things out.
Youyou could come and stay for a bit if you'd like.
That'd be good.
So, what do you say? Should we grab a DVD on the way? Nah, um I have exams.
Have to study.
No, you don't.
Study's been cancelled.
So's uni, at least for the next four years.
Oh, howhow about we just go home for now? Sounds good to me, hey, Liam? Thanks, Detectives.
I'll take you down.
She just got exactly what she wanted.
Family reunion with her mother and brother.
Father out of the equation.
She had all the reasons in the world to kill him.
So, how'd she do it from behind bars? The equations on Gordon Neades's body were exactly the same as those on Professor Bolingbroke's.
Look at the stab wounds on the arms and legs.
Different in both.
They correspond to the crossing out of equations.
As if the killer was punishing them for making mistakes.
Every time they got it wrong, they felt it with the knife.
To show them how it feels to perform under pressure.
Sounds like a tortured genius to me.
There's more here.
Gordon Neades's wounds are consistently 20mm to 25mm deeper than Bolingbroke's.
They also appear more deliberate, as if the killer was enjoying the process of torture.
Could be that they're just more confident second time round.
Professor Bolingbroke's phone records.
A call was made to Andrea Neades's mobile at 6:03pm.
Booking her services.
Matches her story.
Another call was made to Harry Bolingbroke's mobile at 9:05pm.
The son.
Which again seems to confirm her claim that she left at 8:00.
Yeah, I can't imagine the professor calling his son with a hooker still there.
What if it wasn't the professor making the call? What if it was the killer calling Harry to say that the job was done? There's no way that Harry could have killed his dad himself.
But that's not to say that he didn't hire somebody to do it.
You have a degree in pure mathematics, don't you, Mr Bolingbroke? Yes.
With honours.
And a PhD.
So we should call you Doctor? I hate wankers who insist on that.
You were homeschooled.
Hothoused, right? That's right.
Enough to make you hate your father? Yeah, indeed.
But I got over it.
These days, I'm grateful to my father for all the education he gave me.
There's been another murder, Mr Bolingbroke.
What? Gordon Neades.
Your father was tutoring his son.
Did you ever meet Mr Neades? No.
Um Do you think it's the same killer? We think it's highly possible.
Where were you last night? I was at home.
Can anyone vouch for that? No.
I was alone.
On the night of your father's murder, you were at a conference.
Right? That's right.
Why didn't you tell Detective Buchanan that you'd spoken to your father the night of his murder? II'm sorry? We checked his phone records.
You two hardly ever spoke.
Yet the night he was brutally murdered, he calls you.
What'd you speak to your father about? Uh, I didn't speak to him.
I was in the middle of a conference.
He left a message on my mobile.
I forgot to mention it because I was still coming to terms with his death.
Don't suppose you've still got that message? I do, as a matter of fact.
Want to hear it? Y es, I do, as a matter of fact.
Message received Sunday at 9:05pm.
Harry, it's your father.
Call me.
OK, so that phone call didn't give us the proof that we were looking for, but Harry Bolingbroke still could have hired somebody to kill his father.
I don't buy it.
Contract killings are cold, to the point.
This This was personal.
Bolingbroke has no alibi for Gordon Neades.
And he has no motive either.
So can we definitely rule him out for the murder of his father or not? He couldn't have done it himself.
The industry seminar he panelled was streamed live on the internet.
People all round the world can alibi him.
How'd you go, Simon? Lucille Neades did go to her NA meeting last night, but it finished just before 1 0:00.
She rocked on later to a local bar.
The barman lD'd her, poured her into a cab just before midnight.
By which time hubby was already dead.
We're back to square one.
Guys, I think I've got something.
Lucille Neades's EFTPOS card was used at the ATM on George Street at 9:57 on Sunday night.
- Not far from the Bolingbrokes'''.
- Sorry to rain on your parade.
But Lucille Neades has an alibi for last night, and that rules her out of both.
Who said anything about Lucille? How'd you get out, Liam? Through your bedroom window? Is that a yes? Y es.
Where'd you go, Liam? - Out.
- Why? You had no idea that Liam snuck out? Was he back in bed when you got home? I don't know.
What was that, Mrs Neades? I don't know.
I was drunk.
OK? I was drunk and I don't know.
What sort of mother does that make me? Where did you go, Liam? I want my mum.
Well, I'm afraid that's not possible right now.
He's scared out of his brain.
Maybe he's got good reason to be.
You have a pretty gruelling study schedule, right? I guess so.
How does that make you feel? Do you like studying, Liam? - I'm good at it.
- Sometimes it's tough, right? Sometimes you wish you didn't have to do it.
So that night, you just needed a way to make it stop.
Right? I didn't care if they went to university.
I I just loved them.
I loved them.
They're my kids.
Mrs Neades, do you think Liam might have hurt your husband? I know my son.
He wouldn't hurt anyone.
Where did you go after you snuck out that night? You have to tell us the truth.
Did you go to Professor Bolingbroke's? No! I went - I went to Laser World.
- Where? It's thisit's this game place on West Street.
Video games? Sometimes when I get sick of studying, I sneak out.
It helps clear my head.
But Pleaseplease don't tell my mum.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew he didn't do it.
Is that where you were last night too? Where are you going? I'm gonna check his alibi.
Shouldn't you wait till after the briefing? No, I want to bring his alibi TO the briefing.
Video parlour guy lD'd Liam.
He was there from 1 0pm until midnight.
Those places are crawling with kids.
How can he be sure he didn't go and come back? He can't.
The place has more CCTV cams than a bank.
I went through the tapes.
He was there the whole time.
We're getting nowhere.
Two murders, multiple motives and no viable suspects.
I still think Andrea Neades is dirty.
There's no way she could have killed her own father.
She was locked up.
OK, but what if she wanted to be locked up? What if she wanted an alibi? What if that's why she hit me? What if they're in this together? Harry Bolingbroke and Andrea Neades both hated their fathers.
Both had a hothouse upbringing, and both excel at maths.
So they make sure each has an alibi while the other one tops their father, then make it look like one killer with the same MO.
But it's the little differences that catch them out.
The depth of the wounds.
- The gaffer tape.
- Two killers.
But we need to find the link between them.
Where did they meet? Have they studied together? Lived in the same area? There's nothing in the background checks.
And there won't be.
These two are smart.
They'll know for their plan to work, we can't prove a connection.
So, what have we got going for us? They don't know that we know? They think they're smarter than us? Confidence leads to cockiness.
Which leads to mistakes.
So we need to push them into making one.
And this last form will allow for the release of your husband's body to your preferred funeral provider.
Thank you for offering to help take me through all of this.
It's very kind.
Well, there's a lot to think about, I know.
Yes, I've signed more forms in the last 24 hours than I have in my whole life.
How's, uh How's your son? How's Liam coping? Well, he's He says he's coping, but What are you reading? 'Fermat's Last Theorem'.
Thought you were gonna take a break from study.
It's not study.
It's for fun.
My dad gave it to me.
How much longer is my sister gonna be? II really should be getting Liam home.
I hear he's going to be starting school shortly.
Well, I'veI've still to decide about that.
I thought, um No.
Soso did l.
But Liam surprised me.
Hehe says he wants to continue with the accelerated study program, try and stay on track for university.
He's already pushing me to get him a new tutor.
And what does your daughter think about that? Well, l II haven't told her.
Iwant to let her settle in before I broach it.
Yeah, Mattie.
It's Dunny.
We're clear to go.
Ma'am? That report you asked for is finished now.
Thank you.
I want to get Liam home.
Yes, of course you do.
Detective,can you show Mrs Neades and the children out? Ma'am.
Andrea Neades and Harry Bolingbroke are smart operators.
It could take months before they drop their guard enough to incriminate themselves.
Ordinarily, yes, but I think I've got a way to speed things up.
Lucille is going to hothouse her son again, at Liam's request, but she hasn't told Andrea yet.
We're gonna make sure she finds out? That should catch her off guard.
Hi there.
You must be Liam.
Is your mum home? Mum, there's some lady here to see you.
And you're Mrs Neades? Who are you? Oh, I'm Julia Mayfair.
I'm studying pure maths at the university under Professor Wilkes.
I'm doing a thesis in symbolic dynamics.
So? What are you doing in our house? Professor Wilkes gave me your details.
He said that you were looking for a new tutor to run the accelerated home study program for Liam.
What? No, we're not.
real excited about working with Liam.
I've heard that he's an extraordinary talent.
You won't be working with Liam.
We haven't decided yet what course of action we're going to take with Liam's studies.
Y es, we damn well have.
He's going to a normal school, as planned.
Maybe this isn't the best time, so I'll just leave you my resume? Thank you.
Thank you.
MRS NEADES: Andrea, darling.
Liam wants to continue with the home study program.
Yes, I do.
He doesn't know what he wants.
He's a child.
He's been brainwashed his whole life.
Would you please calm down and listen? This is what Liam wants.
No, it's not.
It's what you want.
MRS NEADES: No, that's not true.
I have been listening to what Liam wants.
Like you listened to what I wanted? Locked in that study 1 2 hours a day, six days a week.
She still buying it? Big-time.
You never stood up for us.
You never once asked me what I wanted.
I can make up my own mind.
I don't want to go to school.
It's boring! I want to go to university.
You put this in his head.
This is what he wants.
I may have failed you.
I may have let you down.
But I have been listening to Liam, and we have to let him live his life the way he wants it.
He's got no idea what a life is.
He's never had one.
He's a child, for God's sake.
It's alright for you.
You had your vodka and your pills to numb the pain.
But what did we have? What about Liam? Do you have any idea what that man put us through? Do you?! You wouldn't make it stop, so I had to.
I had to make it stop.
Do you have any idea what I did for that boy? Oh, God.
What did you do? I killed that tutor! Oh! - That's it.
- Let's go.
It's gonna be OK now.
Stop it.
Things will be better.
I got rid of Dad too.
Let go of my arm! He was gonna ruin your life.
No, no, no, no.
You're scaring him.
I'm not gonna let you start torturing him again! There's a whole world out there, kiddo.
You have to believe me.
It might seem strange to you now, but it can be fun.
I'll show you.
I'll teach you.
Andrea Neades.
You're under arrest.
I'm arresting you in relation to the murders of Christopher Bolingbroke and Gordon Neades.
How could you do this? I did it for Liam.
She made a full statement, Harry.
She cut a deal and gave you up.
I really don't know what you're talking about.
She found out her brother wanted to be hothoused again and she fell to pieces.
So here's what we've learned.
Your father wasn't one of Andrea's clients.
You were.
You found out you shared a gift for numbers.
How did that happen? She whisper sweet equations in your ear? And together you came up with a plan.
Andrea went to your father posing as a post-grad student.
And she seduced him.
And, hey, who wouldn't be tempted? Can I make a phone call? What, now? Yeah.
Andrea made a call from your father's phone to her own mobile to make it look like he'd hired a call girl.
You knew we'd check phone records.
Andrea even told us to.
Then after she was done, she made a call to your phone using a message that you'd recorded earlier.
Harry, it's your father.
Call me.
That way, it looked like the professor was alive well after she left.
Andrea had her alibi.
You had yours.
As for the Neades, you'd been watching them.
You knew when Lucille went to her NA meetings.
You knew that Liam snuck out to play video games.
And you knew that Gordon was looking for a new tutor.
So you turned up to an interview and you killed him using the same MO.
Andrea was in the clear.
She'd decked a cop and got herself locked up.
You didn't have an alibi, but you weren't too worried.
'Cause there was nothing linking you to the Neades family, was there? If she'd just kept her mouth shut I'd planned it perfectly.
Then how come you're sitting here, Harry? Her little brother.
He was always her weakness.
I I should have known.
Another thing you should have known.
Andrea didn't sell you out.
She refused to make a statement.
But you just gave us everything we need to know.
Should have stuck to the maths, Harry.
Detective Kingston, you're still here.
Good result today, ma'am.
Yes, it was.
Ma'am? Yeah? I want to know what it is you have against me.
I don't have anything against you, Detective Kingston.
Well, you obviously don't like me.
Whether I like you or dislike you is beside the point.
It's, um It's your performance as a Homicide detective that I'm concerned with.
So you're saying I'm not doing my job properly? Put it this way.
I'm just not convinced that you're as good as you think you are.
And you're right.
I don't like you.