City Homicide (2007) s04e01 Episode Script

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

srt by GeirDM Look out! Get down! Get down! (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) (POLICE SIREN CHIRPS) (INDISTINCT VOICES ON POLICE RADIO) (PHONE RINGS) I need Detective Joyner back.
Superintendent Jarvis, I didn't hear you knock.
I've got a drive-by shooting in leafy Suburbia.
I got the media going bananas and you've had one of my team holed up in that interview room for two days already.
I haven't finished my report yet.
Your report? You want a report? I'll give it to you - "Bad man falls off balcony.
"Good cop forced to sit on his arse instead of out there chasing crooks.
" If only it were as simple as that.
It is.
A murderer is trying to crawl out of doing jail time by pointing the finger at a copper.
So say you.
So says Detective Joyner.
Good enough for me.
I'm afraid it's not good enough for my department, sir.
They want a full and thorough investigation.
(SCOFFS) Want a clean-out.
If that's what's needed, yes.
Commander made it perfectly clear that cowboy cops will not be tolerated.
These officers put it on the line every day.
As soon as things get a little bit hairy, your mob want to put their toes in a jar.
Not everyone in the police force is a shining light, Superintendent.
They're not all bent either.
There are too many cops with psychological issues working in the field.
Don't give me that psychobabble crap, Senior Sergeant.
All I'm interested in here is the facts.
I'll give them to you, then.
I will continue with my investigation until I'm convinced that Simon Joyner did not push an unarmed man off a balcony.
What about my drive-by shooting? (SIGHS) Victim is Lionel Lewis, 55.
Survived radical heart surgery last year only to be gunned down in his own street.
Fully automatic weapons.
Who are these people? Bad shots, thankfully.
All those rounds, they only managed to hit two people.
One in hospital, one dead.
Crime Scene will be retrieving bullets for days.
Everyone's saying the same thing - the car came around that corner along there and just started shooting.
Vehicle make? Rego? Red.
How many in the car? ALLIE: Most people think two, a driver and a shooter.
Male? Female? Not sure.
It happened too quickly.
People kept their heads down.
Don't blame 'em.
Any suggestion they were aiming for Mr Lewis? It's hard to tell.
Everyone's just talking about the sound of gunfire and panic as they tried to get out of the way.
Spoke to the victim's wife.
No reason anyone would want him dead.
They lived quietly.
Not a lot of money.
No enemies that she can think of.
If he wasn't the intended victim, who were they aiming for? Try that guy over there with the ambos with the orange blanket around his shoulders.
This is his car.
The bullets are mainly concentrated around the front driver's side area.
Witnesses said that he yelled a warning and then he dropped down behind the car.
Well, if he'd been in it, no way he could have survived.
Poor Lionel.
I've lived next door to him for years.
Why would anyone want to shoot him? They didn't.
They wanted to shoot you.
Me? They shot straight at you, Mr Duffy.
Don't tell us you didn't notice.
I don't really remember much.
Did you see the shooters? No.
it's all a bit of a blur.
What about the vehicle they were driving? No, sorry.
Well, that's funny.
Because one of the witnesses said that you were the one that yelled to everyone to get down.
Which means you must have seen the car, the shooters, and you must have known what was going down.
Who would want you dead, sir? No-one! Mr Duffy, two people got into a car today with a fully automatic weapon and drove to your house with the intention of gunning you down.
You must have some idea who'd want to do that.
I don't! There must be some mistake.
I'm a TAFE student.
I study engineering.
Who'd want to kill me? BERNICE: Well, somebody wanted him dead.
His name's Eric Duffy.
He's got no criminal record.
Never been associated with any criminals.
Never had so much as a speeding ticket.
Yeah, but what he didn't mention is he's the president of The Patriotic Front.
It's a nationalist student group for the protection of Australian culture.
(SCOFFS) Don't start me.
NICK: He operates the group from his home, runs its website and campaigns against the influx of foreign students at TAPES and universities.
"We bend over backwards to celebrate other cultures.
"What about celebrating and protecting our own?" Duffy claims he's a patriot, not a racist.
The students we spoke to at the TAFE believe that his group are behind posters like these.
BERNICE: "Go home, foreign scum.
"Speak English or die.
" "Darkies, go home.
" Charming.
God, this country was black before it was white.
JENNIFER: They also say that The Patriotic Front is behind a series of violent race-related attacks at the campus over the last couple of months.
Anything to back that up? No evidence in the assault investigations.
But the students believe it's Duffy.
I believe that counts as motive.
One of the worst assaults was on this man - Naveen Roshan.
He was jumped while waiting for a tram.
So badly beaten he spent a month in hospital.
He lost the sight in one eye.
Well, does he have an alibi for this afternoon? Yes, a good one.
He decided Australia was too dangerous.
He went home to Mumbai.
But his brother's still here.
Sanjay Roshan.
The president of another student group.
Fight It.
Students Against Racism.
Well, talk to Sanjay Roshan.
Find out how far he's prepared to go to fight it.
Fight It is a call to solidarity, not to arms.
Our whole ethos is nonviolent protest.
Right, Ben? Yeah, absolutely.
We use words, not guns.
Words like this, Sanjay? Can you explain that, please? Uh, it's a letter of protest.
A letter that you wrote to the TAFE administration? Yes, that's right.
And signed by over 300 students.
Including myself.
Ben Corrigan.
Can you just read out the highlighted section for me, please, Sanjay? "Eric Duffy and his Patriotic Front must be held accountable "for the attacks on foreign students.
"If the TAFE does not act, there will be consequences.
" That looks like a consequence to me.
His name is Lionel Lewis.
He was murdered when the person firing at Eric Duffy missed.
Where were you between Are you serious? SANJAY: This is ridiculous.
When my brother got bashed nearly half to death, I couldn't even get the cops to return my phone calls, and now some white man gets shot at and here you are? It's a simple question, Sanjay.
Please answer it.
Where were you? I was here.
Alone? (DOOR CLOSES) I was in class.
Is there anyone that can vouch for your whereabouts between 3pm and 5pm? Yeah, I can.
Why? Who are you? Detectives Buchanan and Freeman.
This is my girlfriend, Michelle Brady.
What's going on? Eric Duffy was shot at this afternoon.
Couldn't happen to a nicer racist.
Is he dead? No.
Well, they missed.
Oh, that's a pity.
Wait a minute.
Don't tell me they think it was you.
How dare you? Do you know what happened to his brother, Naveen? That's why we're here.
Eric Duffy and his people bashed Naveen nearly to death.
Broken ribs, an arm, a leg.
Fractured cheekbone.
He'll never see out of his right eye again.
So you're certain Eric Duffy and his Patriotic Front were responsible for the attack? Yes.
We know they were.
How? Oh, come on.
A racist organisation, racist members.
You telling me that doesn't make any sense to you? Look.
We don't have any proof.
But there's no doubt the rhetoric spouted by Eric Duffy contributed to a climate of hatred around the campus.
People like Duffy are ruining this country's reputation.
So you acknowledge there's no love lost between you and Mr Duffy? There's no love at all.
But we didn't attack him.
Sanjay and I were both here at home.
All afternoon and evening.
Can you prove that? No.
But I can prove I didn't shoot at Eric Duffy.
And how's that? Because if I shot at Eric Duffy, I wouldn't miss.
(TRAFFIC NOISE) (KNOCK AT DOOR) Yep? Senior Sergeant.
Any word on Simon? Only that the investigation is ongoing.
I see.
The officer interviewing him is thorough, for want of a better word.
That's not how I heard Superintendent Jarvis describe her.
But it's a fair assessment.
You're familiar with Senior Sergeant Blake? Yes.
We studied psychology together.
She used to do my job.
Is she a particularly political animal? Blake would not be averse to career advancement.
But I think that she is more dangerous than pure politics.
She has sat in my chair - she's talked with police officers with deep-seated psychological issues.
So she knows how dangerous that can be.
And while I feel .
officers can be helped through their issues, Blake Believes they should be driven out of the force.
(SIGHS) There is no way that Simon pushed Mendez off that balcony.
The breakthrough that we had, the mood that he was in before he left that day, it just doesn't fit.
Let's hope Blake comes to the same conclusion, and soon.
How'd you go? Ben Corrigan, founder of Fight It.
Studying media at the same TAFE as Sanjay Roshan.
MATT: Michelle Brady.
NICK: A mug shot.
One conviction for affray at the G20 summit.
Part of a gang who threw rocks at the Mounted Branch.
Maybe she's taking political agitation to the next level.
I don't know - there's a big difference between throwing a few rocks and firing a machine gun.
DUNCAN: But she does hate Duffy with a passion.
NICK: They all do.
But only one of them owns a red Toyota Corolla.
Ben Corrigan.
And last week, he reported it stolen.
My car WAS stolen.
How does that make me the bad guy? You've called for Eric Duffy and his Patriotic Front to be banned from campus.
You've made it pretty clear how you feel about him.
So? So maybe your car wasn't stolen at all.
Maybe you just said that so you could shoot Eric Duffy.
How do you even know it was my car that was used? Do you know how many red Corollas there are out there? How do you feel about the attacks that are happening around TAFE? How do you think I feel? These people go around bashing up foreigners like it's a sport.
And no-one seems to care.
So anyone would understand you seeking revenge to, uh, fight it? That's the name of your group, isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, fight it with speeches.
Not automatic weapons, for God's sake.
Though the way things are going, mightn't be such a bad idea.
Look, search me.
Search my house.
Search my friends' houses.
We don't do violence.
We don't have weapons.
We're the bloody victims, for Christ's sake.
Yeah, but the question is, did you finally decide to stop being victims and do something about it? (YELLING) MICHELLE: Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Get off him! Stop it! Get off him! Get off! MAN: Stick to your own kind, bitch! (FLESH RIPS) Am Bitch! (SIRENS BLARE) How is he? Sanjay Roshan? Paramedics took him to Emergency.
A broken arm, couple of broken ribs.
Could have been much worse.
For him.
Neighbours report two males decamping the scene around 11pm.
Description? Aged between 20 and 30.
What have you got for us, Ronnie? Oh, a single blow to the temple.
Feels like her skull's been fractured.
Probable epidural haemorrhage.
I'll confirm in autopsy.
Any idea about the weapon? Oh, definitely blunt force.
No greater than A piece of pipe, maybe, or a baseball bat.
People love using sporting apparatus.
'Pure breeds only'.
Looks like they left a calling card.
Ah, not the only thing they left.
She put up a fight.
Managed to tear out one of her attackers' earrings and half his earlobe came with it.
So you'll have more than just DNA evidence to match your suspect.
NICK: Ma'am, the press are here.
They've cottoned on to the connection between Sanjay and the drive-by shooting - they're baying for blood.
Question Eric Duffy first thing in the morning.
He can claim he's a pacifist till he's blue in the face.
He's smack-bang at the centre of this.
Ma'am's right.
First a drive-by shooting in his street and now this.
He's got to know something.
Better find out what it is.
Before we end up with a full-scale race war on our hands.
You can't do this! For a nonviolent person, you seem to attract a lot of violence, Eric.
Anyone would think you do something to piss people off.
Hey, you can't take that.
Unfortunately, Eric, they can.
I've checked the warrant.
Tim Stanton.
Civil liberties lawyer.
DUFFY: What do you think you're gonna find anyway? Ah, let's see.
Racist propaganda inciting violence.
Those posters at the TAFE weren't ours.
Or maybe we'll find weapons - the blunt instrument used to murder Michelle Brady.
I keep telling you - I didn't kill Michelle Brady.
Remember, Eric, you're entitled to say "No comment.
" DUFFY: I don't have anything to hide! You have plenty of motive to attack Michelle Brady and Sanjay Roshan.
They were prime suspects in the attempt on your life.
You didn't think Sanjay Roshan would hold you responsible for the attack on his brother? It didn't occur to me he'd try to shoot me over it.
I'll remind you that my client was cleared of any involvement in the assault on Mr Roshan's brother.
What about all your members of your Patriotic Front? Can you speak for all of them? Maybe some members can't distinguish between words and action.
No! I vet the membership.
That kind of element just gives our cause a bad name.
Perhaps you'd like to ask my client where he was at the time of the murder.
What sort of time frame are we talking here? Between 9pm and midnight.
Well, that's easy.
I was here.
By yourself? No, with 11 others.
We had a strategy meeting for The Patriotic Front.
A bunch of racists covering for each other does not constitute an alibi.
Eric Duffy has to pay for this.
She was so passionate - if it wasn't for her, I would never have the courage to protest in the first place.
Did you see who attacked you? No.
They They put something over my head and I didn't see anything.
I tried to stop them, but they were too strong.
I may not have seen them, but I know who it was.
It was Duffy.
Eric Duffy and his foot soldiers.
What about the drive-by shooting? Were you responsible? Did you know about it? No! No! Up until now, I've seen no reason for violence.
Uh, Sanjay.
I need to warn you against taking the law into your own hands.
You can warn me as much as you want.
I think we've all established that words don't work.
Only actions.
If you do anything, anything, to retaliate I know.
You'll come and arrest me.
Since I have done nothing so far, you must let me go, mustn't you? This is the 10th time I've been through it today, the third day in a row in this room.
OK, there was a drive-by shooting yesterday.
And my squad is involved in investigating a double murder.
I need to get back out there.
Well, we're investigating a serious assault, one that left a man a paraplegic and in a coma - he nearly died.
I've prepared a formal statement.
There is nothing left to say.
Are you sure about that? Yes, I'm sure.
There's nothing you'd like to change about the statement you've provided? I've got it here if you'd like me to read it.
I don't need you to read it to me.
Mr Mendez fell off the balcony.
I didn't push him! So interesting you feel the need to raise your voice.
I mean, do you often have problems controlling your temper, Detective Joyner? I understand you sought psychological counselling over the last year.
I requested a copy of your files from Senior Sergeant Leigh.
I sought counselling for stress on the job, yes.
That doesn't mean I take those issues out at work.
Don't you? 'Cause it would appear to me that's exactly what you do.
Under enough pressure, you snap.
You lose control.
You become aggressive.
I mean, it would certainly match your psych assessment.
"Post-traumatic stress disorder manifesting as repressed rage.
"This type is prone to expressing that rage inappropriately "on targets believed to be getting away unpunished by the system.
" Any conversations I had with Senior Sergeant Leigh were private.
So you're not denying that assessment? I'm saying it has absolutely no bearing on this case! In my experience, these issues are always pertinent.
Yeah, thank you.
OK, look.
I'm suspending this interview for further investigation.
There is nothing left to investigate! Should take that time to get yourself something to eat.
We'll be back in an hour sharp.
Thank you.
BERNICE: This is a standard internal inquiry, as is protocol when an officer is involved in a serious incident.
The allegations are as yet unfounded, and no charges have been laid against Detective Joyner.
No further comment.
Anything useful found at the search of Eric Duffy's? Unfortunately not, ma'am - no sign of a murder weapon and no sign of the racist propaganda posted at the TAFE.
Have you checked his computer? Techs are checking for deleted files.
Sorry, Jennifer.
There was nothing there.
But I did find something else you'll want to see.
This is actually pretty cool.
What, the Patriotic Front website? No, not the site itself.
it's not cool.
it's offensive.
It's really simple stuff.
it's pretty much text and a JPEG.
What have you found, Paul? OK, a hidden link.
It's a technique used for hiding illegal content.
Child pornography rings use it.
So do terrorists.
You run the cursor over the screen until it turns into a hand, which means there's a link, and here It's under the fifth star of the Aussie flag.
So where's the link take you? To another website.
MATT: The Stockaders.
PAUL: A white supremacist group.
And it's not just a handful of TAFE students.
These guys are national.
They have some pretty heavy Web traffic.
It's much more extreme than The Patriotic Front.
They advocate violence, ethnic cleansing Ethnic cleansing.
JENNIFER: So who are they? It's linked to Eric Duffy's site, but is he involved? Maybe.
He might not even know that the link was there.
They could have easily hacked into his website.
Have we traced these people? it's not easy.
The domain is registered under a false name and the phone number's a prepaid mobile, but .
there is a PO box used for merchandise orders.
Including the T-shirt they pulled over Sanjay Roshan's head as they beat his girlfriend to death.
Find out who's behind this crap.
They've left us a calling card.
We'll pay them a visit.
(SIGHS) Anything in the box? Just a couple of T-shirt orders.
Got a list of return addresses, though.
We can phone those through to Matt to follow up.
Post office give you an address for The Stockaders? Skippy Ozborn.
White Road, Puretown.
That's hilarious.
Everything on the form's made up.
We have no way of finding out who these people are.
So we just sit here and wait.
What the hell did you say to ESD? I beg your pardon? You told Blake everything about discussions I had with you in confidence.
I have not seen Susan Blake for over a year, and any conversations I've had with you were strictly private.
She was reading from notes in front of her! She referred to sessions, to an assessment! Well, it wouldn't have been mine.
Our consultations were confidential.
She said she requested your files.
Yes, and she did.
But I never gave them to her.
Then what was she reading? She never actually said .
that it was your files in front of her.
That bitch! She baited me.
She certainly did, to see if she could fire you up.
And it looks like it worked.
I walked straight into it.
Simon, remember.
She can play all the mind games she wants, and she will, but at the end of the day, it is the evidence that counts.
Look, I'm sorry.
I should be getting back.
Hey, Simon.
Stay smart.
(DOOR SLAMS) Three days he's been with ESD.
Three days he's been suspended.
How many questions they going to ask him? I know.
Keep wishing I saw exactly what happened.
I saw the guy fall, but I didn't see how or why.
But you don't think Simon pushed him? No.
If I only turned around a second earlier, I'd be able to prove it.
Shut this bloody witch-hunt down.
Oh, here we go.
Doesn't exactly look like a warrior defender of our shores.
But he's got the key.
G'day, mate.
Too late to order a T-shirt? Hey.
No, no.
Let's not run.
Let's have a little chat.
I've got nothing to say.
Nice tattoo.
That's the Eureka flag, right, from the Eureka Stockade? Are you a member of The Stockaders? I don't know what you're talking about.
The group you were collecting the mail for, Damon.
Who are they? They're the solution, mate.
The future.
If this little runt's the future, we're in big trouble.
"Speak English or die.
" "Go home, foreign scum.
" Did you put these posters up around the TAFE campus? What if I did? it's not a crime.
Actually, it is.
It's called inciting racial hatred.
And here's another crime.
You might be familiar with this one.
It's called murder.
She probably deserved it.
NICK: So You know her? We go to the same TAFE.
She's going out with some curry muncher.
They tried to kill Eric Duffy.
OK, so how about you tell us where you were last night between 9pm and midnight? In bed! Asleep! Anyone confirm that? Nope.
Oh, so you don't have an alibi? We know you weren't at home, Damon.
We've talked to your flatmates.
I don't know what you're talking about! OK.
Well, then, how about I spell it out for you? You and one of your Stockaders mates beat up Sanjay Roshan and his girlfriend.
He's injured, she's dead.
One of you is up on a murder charge.
Huh? Might be a good time to tell us who's who.
I'm no dobber.
I'm loyal to my mates.
White might against foreigners.
You're an idiot.
The original Stockaders WERE foreigners.
No, they weren't.
You should read your history books.
At the Eureka Stockade, the brothers came from all over.
Greece, Italy, America.
Two of the Stockaders were black.
Piss off! Look it up.
Whatever you guys reckon, I'm not telling you anything about the Stockaders.
Something in my waters tells me it's gonna be a long day, Bernice.
Ma'am, there's been another murder.
Bloody long day.
His name's Junior Crean, a member of The Patriotic Front.
Eric Duffy said he was updating the website.
Who found him? Duffy and his lawyer.
Tim Stanton.
Cause of death? Several blows to the head with a blunt object.
Much like the attack on Michelle Brady and Sanjay Roshan.
Payback? Looks like it.
Oh, tell me that's not what I think it is.
I'm afraid so.
it's written in blood.
Why would anybody do this? He was only 20 years old.
Mr Duffy, you found the body, is that correct? DUFFY: Yes.
Junior was here, working on our website.
I'd been at TAFE.
I was coming home to meet with Tim.
When we arrived, the door was open.
We came in, we found him.
Did you see anyone else? No, I was trying to help Junior.
Not that there was much I could do.
I saw someone.
STANTON: I was just telling the constable.
While Eric was tending to Junior, I saw a man jump the fence out the back.
I can identify him too.
I saw him in court when I cleared Eric of the assault charges against his brother.
Who did you see, Mr Stanton? Sanjay Roshan.
Can we get a KALOF on Sanjay Roshan, ma'am? This is insane.
This is insane.
Junior never did anything to Sanjay.
Are you sure about that? Because Junior's missing an earlobe.
Which means he killed Michelle Brady.
He murdered Sanjay's girlfriend.
What a pleasant surprise.
Don't pretend you're surprised to see me, Susan.
You used me to manipulate Simon Joyner.
You led him to believe that I had breached his confidentiality.
I gave him free rein over his own guilt, that's all.
If he had nothing to hide, he wouldn't have been so angry.
And I'm thinking he didn't make an appointment to come and discuss these issues with you.
No, more like he stormed up, he made wild accusations - perhaps he got physical.
Not every cop with issues needs to be drummed out of the force.
Well, no, but too many of them take their issues out on suspects and witnesses, and don't tell me it doesn't happen.
We have both seen it.
What you might not have seen since you left my job is the rise in police seeking counselling, admitting there's a problem and doing something about it, which is exactly what Simon Joyner was doing.
Well, too little, too late, perhaps, in his case.
Whatever issues Simon might have, I saw him on the day of the incident.
I know the state of mind that he was in.
I do not believe he would push a man off a balcony.
Well, I'm sorry, Claudia, but you weren't there.
You didn't see what happened.
And you'll never really know what he's capable of.
I'm sorry, Susan, but I do know Simon Joyner, and I know that he didn't do it.
Junior killed Sanjay's girlfriend.
Are you sure? Yeah, we're sure.
Why would he do this? He didn't! I didn't! You're after the wrong people.
How's that? It's those Fight It filth you should be after.
They did this.
You know who killed Junior.
You've got a very clear description.
Why aren't you interviewing Sanjay Roshan? That is a very good question.
There's still no sign of him, ma'am.
He's gone to ground.
And? I'll go and see what I can do to help.
Got to close this one down, Bernice.
We're working on it, Terry.
I'm getting it from all angles, every orifice.
Between "Rogue cop under investigation" and "Our city's race wars", we need to give these journos something new to write about.
(PHONE RINGS) Yes? ALLIE: What do you know about The Stockaders, Eric? I've heard rumours about them, an extremist group, but I've got nothing to do with them.
We don't share the same politics.
Are you sure The Patriotic Front isn't just a front for The Stockaders, Eric? Yes, I'm sure.
And you didn't send two of your members around to teach Michelle Brady and Sanjay Roshan a lesson? Of course not.
Damon Haynes.
Do you know him? He used to be a member of The Patriotic Front.
But I kicked him out.
DUNCAN: Why? Because I heard he was behind some of the attacks on Indian students.
Did you report these suspicions to the police? Well, I didn't have any proof.
Well, right now, he's being interviewed about his part in Michelle Brady's murder.
JENNIFER: We can prove that you're the second attacker, Damon.
We're going through your flat right now.
We'll find something.
Blood on your clothes, hair, fibres.
Who knows? Maybe you've still got the murder weapon.
But if someone put you up to this and you tell us who that is, that could help your case.
I don't need any help from you.
(BANGS TABLE) ALLIE: I'm gonna ask you one more time, Mr Duffy.
Did you send Junior Crean and Damon Haynes around to beat up Michelle and Sanjay? I've got nothing to say.
That'll do nicely.
Cheer up, Bernice.
I've got a new headline for us.
How about "Case closed"? I think it's time to go and get Joyner back.
(LAUGHS) (KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS) Loud enough knock for you? Superintendent Jarvis.
I've been expecting you.
Oh, really? By now, would have thought you'd be up here with a letter of commendation for Detective Joyner and a whine from the Police Union about persecuting its members.
Done and done.
(LAUGHS) And in case that isn't enough for you, further evidence that your investigation's a joke.
What's this? Three of a kind, sweetheart.
A statement from the bloke Joyner allegedly pushed from the balcony.
He's out of his coma.
He wasn't aware that his mate had accused Joyner of pushing him.
So he didn't back up his story.
He admitted he fell.
Silly bastard, really.
Could have wiped years off his sentence.
I think you'll find that, uh, puts an end to your investigation.
(DOOR CLOSES) Alright, you bludgers, get back to work.
(ALL CHEER AND APPLAUD) Good job, mate.
About bloody time.
I knew you'd come up smelling roses.
Alright, so, what have I missed? Three groups.
The Patriotic Front.
These guys want to protect white Australian values.
Fight It.
These guys don't like racism.
And The Stockaders.
They want to bash up foreigners.
Bit of light reading for you, mate.
Compared to what I've just been through, it'll be a breeze.
Great news, mate.
Good on you.
Thank you.
Uniforms have located Ben Corrigan's car.
Who's Ben Corrigan? Fight It.
Students Against Racism.
DUNCAN: Anything to say he used the car in the drive-by? Shell casings under the front seat and a box of ammo.
I'm gonna bring him in.
And I'll bring in Sanjay Roshan.
Passport Control just stopped him at Melbourne Airport trying to get a flight to India.
You going home, Sanjay? Do you blame me? I guess not- I mean, if I'd beaten somebody to death, I wouldn't want to be there if the police came knocking.
I didn't beat anyone to death.
Are you sure about that, Sanjay? The last time we spoke to you, you seemed hell-bent on taking revenge on Eric Duffy.
We found your car, Ben.
There's shell casings inside and a box of spare ammunition.
Someone stole it.
They must be trying to set me up.
Who? Why? Techs are running fingerprints now.
Are they gonna be yours? On my car, yes.
On the ammunition, no.
You said you wanted to make Duffy pay for what he did to Michelle.
Yes, I did.
So you went around to his place? No! Sanjay, you were seen.
I wasn't there! You went around to Duffy's place.
But when you got there, he wasn't around, only a kid named Junior Crean, who was there working on the website.
You saw he had a torn earlobe, you realised he'd killed Michelle and then you flipped.
Wouldn't be the first - if someone did that to my girlfriend, I don't know what I'd do.
Well, you're a better man than I am, 'cause I found out what I would do.
And the answer is nothing.
DUNCAN: Oh, let me guess.
You're a pacifist.
I'm not a pacifist, Detective.
I'm a coward.
I wanted to go round there and make Duffy pay, as you said.
I was too scared.
I'd seen what had happened to my brother and to Michelle.
Now that I've been on the end of a beating too, I just wanted to go home.
Sanjay Roshan wouldn't hurt a fly.
And I don't own a machine gun.
We'll be letting you go, Ben.
Fingerprints on the ammunition weren't yours.
No kidding.
We can't place you at the scene.
Yeah, thanks.
Apology accepted.
And what about Sanjay? I'm afraid you won't be going anywhere.
What? You made threats against Eric Duffy.
And The Patriotic Front.
We both heard you.
And a highly credible witness saw you running away from the crime scene.
You'll be remanded in custody and charged with murder.
So this is Junior Crean? Member of both The Stockaders and The Patriotic Front, right? You're catching up.
Anything to help us identify the killer? Not really - by the angle of impact to his skull, I'd say his attacker was over 170cm tall.
Well, that helps.
Either that or he was standing on a chair.
Time of death, cause of death - it'll be in my report.
I do, however, have evidence proving his involvement in a murder.
Between the earlobe, the bloodstained clothes and the witness report, it's pretty clear he attacked Michelle Brady.
I'm not talking about Michelle Brady.
I'm talking about the drive-by shooting.
You reckon Junior Crean tried to gun down one of his own? I know he did.
The lab says there was gunpowder residue on his clothing.
But the clincher is here.
This burn in the depression above the collarbone.
An ejected shell case must have lodged there and burnt the skin.
In the excitement of the moment, he probably didn't even feel it.
So why would Junior Crean want to kill Eric Duffy? Aren't they supposed to be on the same side? Not really.
They both hate foreigners.
But Duffy claims that he's a moderate - he doesn't do violence.
Whereas The Stockaders can't seem to get enough of it.
Eric Duffy kicked out Damon Haynes from The Patriotic Front.
So maybe this is him and Junior Crean seeking revenge.
Or he's teaching him how a real patriot should behave.
Using actions, not words.
So they steal Ben Corrigan's car to set up their enemies to take the fall.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Clever plan -turn public sentiment against Fight it and win support for their cause in the meantime.
And they're doing a good job of it.
Have you seen the media hype, ma'am? Patriotism has never been more popular.
Junior Crean and Damon Haynes don't have a brain cell between them.
Yeah, there's no way they could have thought to orchestrate all this.
So who is behind it? The lab work came back from the clothes we found in your flat.
We know that you bashed Sanjay Roshan and Michelle Brady.
And we're charging you with murder.
You're looking at life.
Life? JENNIFER: Two people are dead.
We were just supposed to scare a few people.
We'd never used a gun before.
And Michelle Brady? That was an accident! She went for us.
It was one hit, that's all.
Who did you think would post bail for you, Damon? Was it the person who sent you to do this? The leader of The Stockaders? He's probably held up.
That's all.
Damon, you have been in jail for two days.
No-one has even asked about you, mate.
Not so much as a phone call.
No, he said he'd have our backs.
Junior called him after we accidentally killed that chick.
He was freaking out.
He was gonna go to the cops.
Boss gave him some cash, he'd drop it by, and he could skip town.
Wasn't for those Fight It pricks, Junior would be interstate by now.
Damon, stop! What? Listen to yourself! "Junior's freaking out.
He's gonna go to the cops.
" Your boss sets up a meet.
The next thing, Junior turns up dead.
So? So So, Damon Think about it.
What if it wasn't Fight It? What if it was your boss tying up loose ends, covering his backside? Your best mate's dead.
You're facing a life sentence, and nobody has come to support you.
Come on, Damon! Who did this? I made an oath! An oath?! To take the fall for somebody who killed your best mate? There's a meeting .
this afternoon.
He'll be there.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) (ALL CHANT) Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Are the stars on this flag black? ALL: No! Are the stars on this flag yellow? No! No, they're white! White! Yes! It's the blacks and the yellows and all them other alien stars, the ones that don't belong on the Southern Cross, that are ripping this country apart! (ALL CHEER) Go! Go! Move it! Joyner! Watch yourself in there.
Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Get down! Get down! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Keep your hands in the air! Down on the ground! You! Hands behind your head! Now! Do it, now! Down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Timothy Stanton, you're under arrest for conspiracy in the murders of Michelle Brady and Lionel Lewis and for the murder of Junior Crean.
And hiding behind the flag won't work, mate.
(ALL SHOUT) Mr Corrigan, where do you think you're going? We're going to take care of these racists once and for all! You're outnumbered 3 to 1! Well, this should even up the odds! Whatever happened to nonviolence? They beat Michelle and Sanjay with one of these.
But he's the one you charged! Mr Roshan is in the process of being released! Yeah, well, it's a bit late for that now.
Right? Get their weapons! Hold them! Come on, you racist dogs! This is my country, mate, not theirs.
You're talking to the wrong person, you stupid prick! CORRIGAN: Hey! Gun! He killed Junior.
He tried to kill me.
He lied to me! And he used me and my principles to stir all this up.
To create a powder keg.
He wanted to light the fuse.
Yeah, well, now they've got a martyr.
Get rid of him.
Charge him.
Take him away.
Statements, all witnesses.
Get Crime Scene and Pathology here.
Contain them! No-one leaves here until we've spoken to them.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Oh, Blake.
You really know how to ruin a celebration, don't you? Look.
If you're here to argue Detective Joyner's reinstatement, you can forget it.
I have another witness who alleges that Simon Joyner assaulted him.
And this time, he's not a suspect or a criminal.
He has nothing to gain by coming forward.
Right, and what does this solid citizen have to say for himself? He says that Joyner wrapped a chain around his neck and choked him.
And Joyner warned my witness that if he didn't cooperate with police, he'd go back and finish the job.
I'll get Joyner back in here.
Yeah, I suggest you do, sir.
Because he won't be reinstated this time.
I told 'em, go get a warrant.
They left and he came back.
Detective Joyner? That pretty boy.
He caught me off guard, smacked me across the face with his gun and .
picked up a chain, wrapped it round me neck and started choking me.
BLAKE: And what did he want? PULLMAN: He told me I had to come in for an interview.
Otherwise he'd come back.
And do what? His exact words? Yes, please.
Blow me brains out.
BLAKE: So you assaulted a witness and threatened him with further violence? What do you have to say for yourself? No comment.
You know, Superintendent, every time I do this, I want to be proven wrong.
You'll be suspended pending further investigation, but consider this the end of your career, Detective Joyner.
I'll see you out, Senior Sergeant.
the information we requested That is a promise.
Do you wanna talk to us?! She's clutching at straws, right, Joyner? Joyner? Sir.
Keep your head down.
We'll sort this out.
(DOOR CLOSES) (Does BARK) RECORDING: This is Stanley Wolfe.
Leave your message after the tone.
(BEEP! Sarge, it's Simon.
I'm in trouble.
I need your help.