City Homicide (2007) s04e02 Episode Script

Good Cop, Bad Cop

(TRUCK HORN BLARES) That's good.
We'll talk to you again.
TODD: I've just got a few more questions for you.
Where's Pathology? Yeah, they're on their way.
Pullman's Towing.
That rings a bell.
Not for me.
What's happening with Crime Scene? Yeah, they found a partial footprint.
Smooth leather sole.
That's good.
Leather's absorbent, not so easy to clean.
Excuse me.
You can't go in there.
Detective Senior Sergeant Susan Blake, ESD.
Don't you remember a face? I'm sorry, Senior Sergeant.
Supposed to be part of the training, isn't it? Detectives.
Crime Scene are still working over there, Senior Sergeant.
Better make sure we observe the protocols, then, haven't we? What's the ESD's attack dog doing here? Sticking her nose in it.
And her claws.
The tandem killers case.
Simon was on that.
The owner's dead.
A Mr Harvey Pullman.
What happened to your face? Walked into a hoist.
Not paying attention.
Me? Assault him? Mattie, do I look that stupid? MA'l'l': Did you assault him, Simon? Mattie, do I look that stupid? ESD.
Yeah, Blake and her offsider.
Has this got anything to do with Simon? JARVIS: You can bet it has.
Not long ago, Detective Joyner had cause to interview the deceased.
The deceased subsequently accused Joyner of assaulting him.
That's not gonna stick.
Now Pullman's dead, do you mean? You might be right.
But if Pullman's been murdered, you can bet your bottom dollar Simon Joyner's going to be the prime suspect.
May I ask what your interest is in this case, Senior Sergeant? No, you may not, Detective.
We're not obliged to divulge details of any of our investigations.
You are to me.
This is a Homicide inquiry, not ESD.
Superintendent, I think you'll find our cases intersect.
A blow to the back of the head, a chain used to crush the windpipe, by the looks.
By the looks? Any prints? No, it's been wiped clean.
But enough similarities with the assault Alleged assault.
the alleged assault by Detective Joyner on Mr Pullman, wouldn't you say? Too early to make judgments.
We'll be with Detective Joyner, when you want him.
(DOOR BUZZES) Simon, I got your message.
What kind of trouble? Sarge, when did you get back? Couple of days ago.
What's, uhwhat's going on? Sarge, listen, l I shouldn't have called you.
Well, you did and now I'm here.
You said you needed my help.
Sarge, ll wasn't thinking straight when I called, OK? I can't talk to you about this.
ll can't put you in that position.
Why, Simon? What the hell has happened? Detective Joyner.
Got a visitor.
Detective Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe.
According to our files, you're on sabbatical.
I have been.
And you are? Detective Senior Sergeant Blake.
This is Detective Lincoln, ESD.
We've come to collect Joyner for interview in relation to a murder.
A murder? And to secure these premises pending the issue of a search warrant.
Unless things have changed since I've been away, Homicide investigate murder.
We're in the middle of an ESD investigation.
Let's not split hairs.
He has the right to refuse.
No hairsplitting involved.
Sarge, it's OK.
I'll go.
Your call, Simon.
But you can expect me to be across this, Senior Sergeant.
If this is a murder investigation, it stays with us.
BLAKE: Sir, you can threaten me with the union, you can cry foul, but none of it makes any difference.
I'm conducting this investigation for the Ethical Standards Department.
With respect, Senior Sergeant, ESD are not equipped to handle a homicide investigation and you know it.
With respect, don't push me sideways to protect one of your own.
Are you suggesting we'd do that? Of course.
Why not? Joyner's one of the boys.
Simon Joyner is a fine police officer.
Simon Joyner assaults witnesses.
Whoa, whoa, whoa there, you two.
That's enough.
Jesus, you're a regular pit bull, aren't you, Blake? I'm not the one arguing the toss.
You're the one pursuing an agenda.
My job is to clean out corrupt officers.
I have every right to investigate this matter, and you can't stop me.
So we'll work with you instead.
We'll set up a joint task force - ESD and Homicide.
Senior Sergeant Wolfe will lead.
Sir Senior Sergeant Wolfe has years of experience investigating murders.
He'll lead.
OK, Stanley? Sir.
Superintendent Waverley, they'll work to you, you'll keep me informed.
I want this thoroughly investigated and off the books ASAP.
Thoroughly investigated by Joyner's mates.
The composition of the team is my business.
Unless, Senior Sergeant, you're questioning my ability to adequately supervise their work.
Of course not, ma'am.
You're Stanley's new right-hand man.
You won't be needing your sidekick.
You can send Lurch back to the mansion.
You'll accept our kind offer, I expect.
Of course, sir.
So long as we're talking active participation in the task force, not observation.
Well, Senior Sergeant, uh downstairs in 10 minutes? I'll start the questioning if you're happy with that, seeing as I'm probably better prepared.
Hmm, fine.
Bernice, get your people moving.
Anything interesting comes up from Joyner's interview, Stanley will feed it to you.
I do not believe Simon Joyner is a killer.
I agree.
And you keep that bitch on the straight and narrow, you hear me? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Beats missionary work, eh? I was helping build a hospital, Terry, for people who were in desperate need of one.
I've gotta say, not much beats that.
Senior Sergeant.
Where's your mate? Oh, he's been replaced.
Detective Joyner, you are required for interview.
Harvey Pullman had made some very damaging allegations against you, allegations that could well have put an end to your career.
And? And that's why you killed him.
What purpose would be served by my killing Mr Pullman? You already have a recording of Mr Pullman's allegations.
I didn't do it.
I thought ESD'd be out of this by now.
It's a murder inquiry.
You thought wrong.
Superintendent Waverley needs you upstairs.
She's setting up a joint task force.
What, with Blake in it? You can't protect Joyner.
Vamoose, the three of you.
BLAKE: Harvey Pullman was attacked in exactly the same way as when you recently forced him to attend an interview.
You think I'm dumb enough to repeat an alleged method of attack? Desperate people make mistakes.
I'm not desperate.
Joyner, tell the truth.
It'll be a relief- for you and us.
You killed him, didn't you? No.
I did not kill Harvey Pullman and I have no idea who did.
Where were you last night? I was at home by myself.
STANLEY: All night? Yes, Sarge.
Welcome back, Stanley.
And what were you doing there? Nothing.
I wasworrying mainly, about her.
In other words, no alibi? What would you say if I told you that you were seen leaving your apartment late last night? She's bluffing.
I would ask why you haven't already charged me.
Detective, we have motive.
An alleged motive.
We have means and we have opportunity.
Anybody has the means to beat and strangle someone to death.
How do you know that's how he was killed? Because you told me, Senior Sergeant.
Harvey Pullman was killed using the same means that he'd alleged that I'd used to intimidate him earlier.
Score 1, the suspect.
You know, if it was me investigating this murder, I'd be trying to find out who else Pullman told about this supposed attack, because, obviously, someone has duplicated it when they killed him.
Someone has deliberately tried to put me in the frame.
And while I am sitting here answering these questions, that person is still out there.
JARVIS: She doesn't want to leave without getting her man.
Big chance for a promotion.
What's your take on Simon? I have a mind like a steel trap - closed.
He didn't do it.
Alright, Detective Joyner.
Let's start again.
You keep an eye on this? I'd better get the troops moving or there's a real possibility this attack dog's gonna get her man.
NICK: OK, preliminary autopsy report puts Pullman's death at sometime between 11:00 last night and 1:00 this morning.
His wife said he worked all day, then stayed at the pub till 10:00.
Is she coming in? She'll talk to us after she's done the ID.
Started going over Pullman's company records over the last couple of years.
Any dodgy accounts? Threatening letters? It's just a small business run by a guy with crap spelling and illegible handwriting.
What about the family? Allie's onto it now.
There was a first wife.
She now lives in Darwin.
Anything else? I've been looking at phone records, sir.
We didn't find a mobile with his body, but we did find his phone bill.
I've checked with his phone company.
Anything of note? There was a text message sent from his mobile last night.
What's the number? It might be useful.
Simon Joyner.
Check it, double-check it and double-check it again.
Time is running against us, boys and girls.
Detective Buchanan? Senior? You've got a very cranky visitor, a Mrs Dorothy Denzel.
She said you'd know what it's about.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Timing! OK, Phillipa, I'll deal with it.
An old case.
Sorry, guys.
I won't be long.
Dorothy Denzel - do you know the case? Yeah.
Missing child.
Nick worked on it for months.
Unsolved? Yeah.
Is that the mother? Nah.
That's the suspect.
It's started again.
What has? The harassment.
She left me alone for a while, but she's started coming around again lately.
Isabel Marsdale.
She's gotta move on.
You do know how hard it is for her to let it go, don't you? (SIGHS) it's been five years, Detective Buchanan.
Isabel still blames you.
She's been coming around, knocking on my door, she's bailing me up in the street.
She's practically accusing me of murder.
I don't think I can take much more.
How did she appear to you? Seems to have cleaned her act up.
But that isn't the point, Detective.
Look, I feel terrible about what happened, but there's nothing I can do about it.
So, please, can you get her to leave me alone so I can get on with my life? My first unsolved.
Been in Homicide for two years.
Three-year-old boy missing, believed murdered.
Yeah, that was the neighbour that was babysitting him.
Left the house for a bottle of lemonade.
And? Gone for 10 minutes while the kid was asleep, got back, he was taken.
Blood on the bed, window forced open.
And you already looked at her for it? She held up under questioning.
Still maintains her story.
The corner shop guy supported it back then too.
We never found Eddie's body, so his mum's not had any closure and keeps on hassling the Denzel woman.
Well, she can't let it go.
I know how she feels.
I hate unsolveds.
(PAGER BEEPS) Task force meeting.
It's about to start.
Alright, everyone, let's see where we're at with this.
What have we got so far? Pullman's history is pretty chequered, ma'am.
He did time some years back for assault, possession with intent to supply, supposedly been clean since he came out about 12 years ago.
And the guy that he assaulted was another towie and it seems they had a couple of run-ins.
We're checking that out.
He also has biker associations.
A former member of the Black Snakes.
He claimed to have left them.
Well, check those biker links.
You can never really leave those gangs.
We have a prime suspect already, ma'am - Detective Simon Joyner.
We'll keep looking at the bigger picture.
We need to remain objective.
We need to be unblinkered.
What about the phone records? Well, we're still checking, but it appears .
Pullman may have sent a message that night to Detective Joyner.
It appears he may have sent a message? Well, did he or didn't he? What are you trying to say, Detective? We're still checking, Senior Sergeant.
Well, how long does that take? Our job is to solve a murder.
The best way to do that is to follow all leads.
We keep closely looking at Detective Joyner.
I'm sure I can rely on you to do that, Senior Sergeant.
At the same time, we pursue any other possible suspects.
Mapplethorpe, you can liaise with Crime Scene and Pathology.
Yes, ma'am.
Freeman, get onto these biker angles and the assaulted towie.
Buchanan, follow up on that text message.
It's good to see you, Sarge.
Despite the circumstances.
Great to have you back, Sarge.
Thank you, Matt.
Where are we at on the deceased's wife? She's at the morgue.
We're giving her some time.
Bring her in.
We need to talk to her now.
Harvey was no saint, but he didn't deserve this.
He was a good provider for Layla and me.
Did your husband have any enemies? No.
Not from his bikie days? Long gone.
Harvey was lovely once you got to know him.
He was locked up for assault.
So? That was years ago.
He did his time.
What about your daughter? How did she and Harvey get on? What's that got to do with anything? Were there any problems at home? Look, this is a bloody waste of time.
I know who killed Harvey and so do you.
MATT: No, we don't.
Yeah, right.
He was giving evidence against the cop that beat him up.
He told me all about it.
He said the copper wouldn't be happy and he was right.
It's obvious who killed him.
Sharnie Pullman's a part-time hairdresser.
Seems she's a good worker with a regular client base.
Women or men? Both.
I'm working through them now.
Maybe she got too close to a client.
Pullman found out.
They argue.
She kills him.
Or the client does.
it's worth checking.
The daughter, Layla, she's on the dole.
She's doing some course to become a nail technician.
Has she got a boyfriend? A bit of a revolving door.
I'm checking.
Come on, guys.
Harvey Pullman's an ex-bikie who's been convicted of assaulting a rival towie.
Now, there's got to be something in all that.
OK, I'll be there.
My cold case is waiting for me - Isabel Marsdale.
The mother? Yeah.
Yeah, I do need to talk to her.
Just go, mate.
Alright, I'll be quick.
Sorry, guys.
I came as soon as work told me you'd called.
Isabel it's about the case, right? Have you found Eddie? No, no.
Please don't No, no, nothing like that.
Take a seat.
We've had a complaint.
Dorothy? Look, I'm sorry, OK? I just wanted to ask her some questions.
Well, she says you've been harassing her.
I just couldn't stop going over it in my mind.
Dorothy leaves the house for 10 minutes to go to the shop, someone breaks in and snatches Eddie away.
YOU said it's a big coincidence.
I know, I know.
But Dorothy is within her rights to ask you to stop hassling her.
Nobody else knew she was babysitting.
I didn't give her any notice, just dropped Eddie off on my way out.
Isabel, you have to stop beating yourself up about this.
You have to let it go.
Yeah, well, I wish I could.
It's justit's hard when it's your fault.
You were a teenager.
Hey, a solo mum.
No, that's no excuse.
Ll had Eddie to think about.
And instead, I was just out partying all the time.
Drugs and guys - all I thought about.
You just don't realise what you've got until you lose it.
If anything turns up on Eddie, I will let you know straightaway.
Just promise me you'll stop chasing Dorothy Denzel around the place, OK? I just really miss him, you know? They searched Simon's place last night.
Find anything? Haven't got the full inventory yet.
They took his phone.
Anything on the text message Pullman sent him? The message wasn't there.
It had been deleted.
That doesn't look good.
Have you turned up any other suspects? No.
We may have another motive.
What motive? I've just been looking at the family more closely.
Harvey may not be the reformed character that his wife makes him out to be.
In what way? Mrs Pullman has been in Emergency three times.
"Household injuries.
" So what? I'm a klutz, and that makes Harvey a wife-beater? Bruising, suspected fractured eye socket, two broken ribs.
Three separate occasions.
All accidents.
What is this? He's dead, Mrs Pullman.
He's not gonna get into any trouble now.
What difference does it make? Just tell them, Mum! Take it from me, he was a total bastard.
Are you stupid? They're digging for a motive here.
Sounds like we might have one.
You haven't got anything.
You're just looking for a way to cover this up.
How about you, Layla? Did you see any of these "household accidents"? No.
But he got what was coming to him.
You little slag.
He was good to us.
Go on, keep covering up for him.
Me? I'm glad he's dead.
Maybe I can stop locking my bedroom door now, hey? That's all crap.
You're a little liar.
Yeah? it's easy to tell yourself that, isn't it? Well, I'm not lying.
He was in there every night.
Want me to tell them what he used to do to me? That's enough! He's not my dad, anyway.
He's my stepdad.
And he was a prick.
So Pullman was interfering with his stepdaughter - that's motive.
IF Layla really killed her stepfather, why would she be so forthcoming with her resentment? Standard technique - get it out there.
So we don't look at it too hard.
It could also be motive for the mother.
Maybe she finally believed Layla and did something about it.
And then she lied through her teeth.
Oh, come on, Detective! God, you can do better than that.
We need hard evidence like we found last night.
Do you want me to update the team? No, thank you, Senior Sergeant.
A pair of Simon's shoes was found to have blood on them.
BLAKE: They're with Forensics right now.
What does Simon say about the shoes? Detective Joyner has been held overnight for further questioning.
I'm sure the matter of the shoes will come up.
Senior Sergeant, we need to brief our superiors.
If you lot can give us everything that you have You caught the babysitting detail.
This is all crap.
Don't worry about it.
Your guys will sort it out.
Don't you need a cup of coffee? Some fresh air or something? Call of nature? That'd do, yeah.
Mattie, you should get out of here.
Blake'll have your backside.
They're still in the briefing.
I just came to tell you to hang in there.
We know you didn't do this.
Do you? Well, you didn't, did you? Blake reckons she has evidence.
Blood on some shoes.
Blood on some old shoes.
Mate, who knows what I've stepped in over the years? So she's got nothing, right? She's got a recorded statement from Harvey Pullman about me attacking him with a chain and pistol-whipping him.
When? You know when.
Back when we needed him to cooperate with us.
And did you do that? Assault him? Jesus, Simon.
Look, Mattie, I've done a lot of things that .
that I should probably be ashamed of, you know? But at the time, they felt right.
At the time, they felt like I had no other option, you know? Sometimes you just run out of options.
What are you saying? The Sarge always said that we don't become the thing that we hunt.
So? (DOOR OPENS) What the hell is this? Get out of here now! I .
Now, Detective.
Very professional team you have, Senior Sergeant.
We work as a team here and we will continue to do so.
This is just a glitch in the process.
These detectives have a long history together.
You also have uniforms colluding with these detectives.
Joyner's colleagues are understandably concerned.
I will speak to them again about it.
Thank you, Superintendent.
With respect, ma'am, it's a bit late.
I have material evidence tying Detective Joyner to the scene of Harvey Pullman's murder.
The shoes.
Which are still subject to forensic analysis.
I have a witness.
Sorry, I was gonna tell you.
A gentleman called in with some information.
And he can place Joyner at the towing company around the time of death.
Who is this witness? Dave Trilby.
Mr Trilby, I would like you to repeat the statement that you made to me earlier.
And to answer any questions that I have about it.
OK, sure.
Uh, well, my car broke down about three days ago.
"ABOUT three days ago"? Uh, three days ago.
It had to be towed.
Harvey Pullman took it.
Said it was only gonna be a couple of days and it had already been three and I needed my car.
Then I saw Mr Pullman outside the pub.
Which pub? The Rose, at the end of his street.
I drink there too.
That's how I knew about his towing outfit.
That and my rounds.
I do a run in the area.
Supermarket flyers, that sort of stuff.
So you saw Harvey Pullman when? Last night, about 9:00.
I asked him about the car.
He said he thought it was ready, to look in on my way home.
He was going there to meet somebody, he said.
An appointment.
This isn't looking good, Terry.
When I got there, the lights were on.
And I went in, and I was going to call out.
But I saw Saw what? There's this young bloke just crouched over him.
Pressing under his neck with something.
And he was just he was just swearing at him.
And I backed off behind some machinery and he took off.
He looked scared.
And I went in.
There wasthere was just blood .
and there was this chain .
and Pullman was dead.
Mr Trilby, I showed you a series of photographs of similar-looking young men, did I not? Yes.
And you immediately identified one of them as the man you saw? Yes.
Is this that photograph? Yes.
That's him.
That's the bloke that killed Harvey Pullman.
Are you absolutely sure of that? Yes.
So why didn't you come forward before? I was scared.
I didn't want to get involved.
What changed your mind? I saw all the police, knocking on doors andl needed my car.
I knew I was gonna have to front up at some point, so I came forward.
That's enough of that, I think.
Hehe's lying.
Why would he lie? I don't know, don't know.
I put it to you that you're the one who's lying, that you killed Harvey Pullman because he was giving evidence against you.
No, I didn't kill him! So you weren't there that night? You WERE there.
Found these at your apartment.
And we all know what this is, don't we? It's blood.
And Forensics confirm that it's a match to Harvey Pullman's.
OK, thanks.
Well? (SIGHS) Dave Trilby's car IS in Pullman's repair shop.
It's been there for four days.
How are you going on Trilby? Not so much as a parking ticket.
His 'drinking in the pub' alibi checks out.
There's no links to Simon? Nothing that would give him reason to have it in for him? Well, some link to some old case or something.
He's a solid witness.
No, I don't buy it.
What about the blood on the shoes? I know about the blood.
And I know about the witnesses.
But I also know Simon, and there's gotta be some other explanation for it.
Yeah, OK, I was there.
But Pullman was already dead when I got there.
He was telling the truth in his statement.
I did assault him, some months ago.
We were trying to force his cooperation in an investigation.
But I didn't kill him.
Harvey Pullman sent you a message that night, didn't he? Your colleagues found it in the phone records.
Yeah, he sent me a text message.
A message which you later deleted.
What did it say, Simon? It basically implied that his silence was for sale.
What, that he'd retract his allegations against you? Yeah, for a price.
Did you intend to pay him? I don't know.
I don't know.
He hadn't named his price.
So he did name it and it was too high, and you killed him instead.
Is that how it went? No.
No? NO! No! And that is the truth.
The truth? (SCOFFS) I don't think you know what the truth is anymore.
And I think you need to reconsider your statement- all of it.
Interview suspended at 2:12.
OK, we'll be there in 10.
Dave Trilby's boss is gonna see us.
He's in Northcote.
Won't be a tick.
Detective Buchanan! Need a hand? No, I'm fine.
What is it? I need to get these inside.
I won't hold you up.
I just wanted to tell you I spoke to Isabel.
She won't be troubling you anymore.
Oh, good.
Well, let's hope that's an end to it.
Not for her, I suppose, but Well, thanks for coming and telling me.
Who's the guy? Good question.
I think it is a legitimate line of questioning.
You're looking for an out for him.
What I'm looking for is the truth.
Every motive has a psychological underpinning, Senior Sergeant, you know that.
My questioning Detective Joyner could expose that.
It could just as easily expose his guilt as his innocence.
We are after the truth, that's all.
And what have I been involved in? A witch hunt? If you're so confident about your case, an exploration of motive should not be a problem, should it? I don't believe you're a killer.
Well, that's a plus.
But I do think you have some major issues.
Which I've been dealing with.
Some things need more than therapy.
They need time.
I took time.
No, you didn't.
Sitting shut in an apartment isn't 'taking time'.
I believe you're suffering from vicarious trauma syndrome.
So we've talked about the feelings of helplessness.
The world isn't a safe place, there's nothing you can do about it.
I didn't kill him.
Yes, you did.
Simon, you confront things every day.
The worst kinds of evil.
Pullman was arrogant, disrespectful of authority, a wife-beater, a molester.
Harvey Pullman was garbage.
But I didn't kill him.
So how did you feel when you went there? I felt angry.
What did you intend to do? I don't know.
I don't know.
Put yourself there.
In your head.
What did you see? Any detail.
Oh, God, this is a waste of time.
Stay here, Senior Sergeant.
She's checking his story.
Let her follow through.
What did you see? Feel? He was dead.
You stepped in Pullman's blood and you didn't realise? I was just fixed on him.
And you were still angry.
At first I was relieved.
Then I was scared.
So I got out of there fast because I knew what it would look like.
Oh, yeah, like you were guilty.
What do you think you're doing, Senior Sergeant? I'm going to Command.
There's no more time to be bought.
We are not buying time, Senior Sergeant.
We have to be sure.
A Homicide detective goes down for murder, the whole department gets tainted Your department is not my concern.
My concern is to see Joyner dealt with.
I'm done here.
(ALL CHATTER) Alright, everybody.
Listen up.
Short and not-so-sweet.
It's now been made official, so everybody needs to know.
There will be no statements made to the press or any other media, unless made by me.
Detective Simon Joyner has been officially charged with murder.
I checked the rego of the car that guy was driving.
Car belongs to a John Denzel.
Can you believe that? Her son? Yeah.
Looks like he loves his mum now.
But where was he when little Eddie went missing? When his mum was a suspect in a murder? Nowhere to be seen.
Well, you've gotta follow that up.
Too right.
I've got this briefing now.
I'll get onto it later.
I'll cover for you.
Nick, go.
I owe you one.
More than one.
(CAR APPROACHES) Is that your grandson, Dorothy? Yes, Detective Buchanan, I can explain.
I can explain Hey Hello, Eddie.
It was luck.
When I came to tell you I'd warned off Isabel, I saw you and your son.
Not that I recognised him.
There were never any photos in your house.
We're not close.
We hardly speak.
That's right.
You were estranged.
But that was all an act, wasn't it? Look, my son's got nothing to do with this.
He was living interstate at the time of Eddie's disappearance.
Yeah, I know.
Keeping a low profile so he could hide the boy.
I told him to stay in Queensland.
But they wanted to be in Melbourne, didn't they? Be close to me.
Bad idea.
When Isabel started coming around again, I panicked.
I had to scare her off once and for all.
So you got me to do that for you.
Pity I cared enough to come and tell you the result personally, otherwise you might've got away with it.
I did it for all the right reasons, you know.
That girl didn't care for her son.
Too busy partying and doing drugs.
The times I went around to her house to found the boy all alone, or her unconscious, drugged out, on the couch.
So you arranged for your son to kidnap him, an alibi at the corner store, and a staged break-in.
Which one of you cut the kid to leave the blood behind? (GASPS INDIGNANTLY) All I was trying to do was give that child a chance of a halfway decent life.
My John always wanted a son.
But his wife couldn't have children, so You and John will be charged with child stealing and false report to police.
Isabel Marsdale did not deserve that little boy.
That was not your decision to make.
Or your son's.
Has his family seen this? It's hard not to.
I called them.
Let them know we all think Simon's innocent.
If he's innocent, Trilby has to be lying.
But why? He's connected to the Pullmans somehow.
Our doorknock turned up several reports of a green Subaru parked at the corner near the Pullmans' house.
Trilby owns a green Subaru.
Maybe he just parks it there when he's delivering his flyers.
Or he's a regular visitor.
I'll come with you to get Trilby.
I'll get the women with Allie.
So do what you usually do - spin them a line.
Bloody press! Robber's dogs.
We'll have to give them something soon.
Very soon.
Blake's organised a press conference with the Commissioner.
They'll crucify him.
DUNCAN: You know the Pullmans, don't you? No.
MATT: Yes, you do.
Your car's parked by their house every second afternoon.
I just leave it there.
So you know the house we're talking about, do you? Yes! it's always the little things.
OK, so I know them.
Doesn't mean I was lying about what I saw.
MATT: You know Sharnie Pullman.
I've never even heard of Dave Trilby until just now.
So why does he park outside your house every other afternoon? How the bloody hell would I know? I work every other day at the hairdresser's.
Gonna have to go back full-time now.
What days do you work? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.
They're the days that you visit.
So it's not Sharnie, huh? OK.
So I was seeing Layla.
The little slut! (LAUGHS) Senior Sergeant, if I could have a moment.
I've got a press conference in 20 minutes.
You have some time to spare.
Dave Trilby is your lover, though, isn't he? No.
He put one of our colleagues in the frame for your stepfather's murder.
We're not in the mood to be lied to.
TRILBY: I'm not lying! Yes, you are! You killed Harvey Pullman.
You lured Simon Joyner there by sending him a text message on Pullman's phone.
Take a seat, Senior Sergeant.
I think you need to see this.
You pretended to be him.
The message said Pullman would stay quiet for a price.
You and Dave stole the phone so we'd think Simon Joyner took it to cover up the message.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Layla couldn't kill Harvey Pullman by herself.
She got you to help her.
Why would she do that? She told us why.
Because he was molesting her.
He'd been doing it for years.
Your mum wouldn't listen.
You had to do something.
He was supposed to be my dad, but the evil bastard wouldn't leave me alone.
So when I heard him talking to Mum about how that cop assaulted him, I knew exactly how to do it.
How to make him pay.
And you got Dave to help you.
Dave did whatever I told him to.
Did he kill your stepfather for you? No, no, it was her! All I did was bash him in the head, just knocked him out for her.
She did the rest.
She's the one that used the chain on him.
She's the one that sent the message to Joyner.
It was her.
Yeah, I did it.
He deserved it.
I assume you'll be cancelling that press conference.
(KNOCKS) JARVIS: Detective Joyner.
Detective Joyner, you've been exonerated in the matter of Harvey Pullman's murder.
BLAKE: And in light of that, Command have decided, at this point, not to continue with any further internal inquiries into your previous cases.
Forgetting something, Senior Sergeant? And, uh, my apologies for detaining you.
Apology accepted.
But I still don't think you're suited to being a police officer.
And I think it's a matter of time before your name comes across my desk again.
(GENTLE MUSIC) SONG: And I'm alright Standing in the streetlights here Is this meant for me? My time on the outside is over And we don't Know how you're spending All of your days Knowing that love isn't here You see the pictures but you don't know their names 'Cause love isn't here And I can't do this by myself All of these problems They're all in your head And I can't be somebody else You took something perfect And painted it red Well, you took something perfect And painted it red You take the best things from me Then everything gets empty That's not a world that I need Oh, you take the best things from me Then everything is empty That's not a world that I need Oh, ooh, ooh And I can't do this by myself All of these problems They're all in your head And I can't be somebody else You took something perfect And painted it red.
srt by GeirDM