City Homicide (2007) s04e03 Episode Script

Flight Risk

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srt by GeirDM (CAR ALARM BEEPS) (BURGLAR ALARM BEEPS) (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (CAM ERA FLASH POPS) That's one pair of scissors I wouldn't go running with.
Same ones used to cut her clothes off? We'll get confirmation from the lab.
Pretty sure to be your murder weapon, judging by the penetrative wound.
(SNIFFS) You smell that? Perfume.
Not quite.
Eau de chloroform.
(SNIFFS) Sweet but it'll knock you out.
That's coming off her hair and face.
Phew! What's this? Dark blood on the pillow's arterial, from the single stabbing thrust to the throat.
There's diluted blood found in the shower.
He must have washed himself off.
Raped? Yeah, it's looking like it.
I'll confirm after the autopsy.
She got one of her hands free.
Yeah, during the course of events.
Abrasions on her wrist support that.
We checked doors and windows both inside and out.
There's no sign of forced entry.
And the place is thoroughly alarmed.
Well, she must have brought her attacker home with her.
I don't think so.
Come and have a look at this.
I think whoever it was jumped her here as soon as she cleared the security code.
Well, it wouldn't be hard to get in behind her.
Depends on how quickly that roller door comes down.
Well, she'd have her back to it.
He whips in, grabs her, subdues her.
Well, that fits with what Ronnie found - traces of chloroform.
So that's how he knocks her out.
No need to force entry.
She dropped her briefcase here.
It popped open, left this mark.
Well spotted.
Well, the case is damaged.
The house is tidy but all the work papers were just thrown into the briefcase along with the house keys.
Not her style.
So he cleaned up in here? So that we wouldn't know how he got in.
We'd assume she knew her attacker and let him in.
Look here.
Yeah, well, the shoes beside her clothes are red.
So, if her legs were thrashing about Well, this would fit.
The door's automatic.
She's got a remote in the sun visor.
So your idea could work.
Todd, check out the garden and the bushes outside.
See if someone was waiting there.
Sure thing.
She was raped prior to being killed.
There's tearing and traces of lubricant from a condom.
So he used a condom? Considerate.
Toxicology confirmed my suspicions - chloroform was used to render her unconscious.
Only temporarily, mind.
I'd say she was conscious during the rape.
The scissors were definitely the murder weapon too.
The three stabs to the chest were made after the first one to the throat.
Why's that wound wider? The scissors were slightly open.
There's a double penetration which widens in the deeper tissue.
One of the blades severed the jugular.
The other one jammed in the gristle of the windpipe here.
She bled out? Yes.
Well, that free hand says she was a fighter, so maybe after he cut her clothes off, he left the scissors nearby, she tried to grab 'em, he got them off her, killed her.
(GROANS AND CRIES) She got her hand free, alright, but I don't think she went for the scissors.
What's that? it's from the hand she got free.
A scraping from under the nail.
Skin? She scratched him? No, it's not skin.
I think it's latex - rubber.
But not from a condom.
I'll get it analysed.
What, latex like a mask? Something like that, yes.
(SCREAMS) (GAS PS) So, she could've ripped his mask off, seen his face.
Quite possibly.
In which case, she could identify him.
So he had to kill her.
No! (SCREAMS) (INDISTINCT RADIO COMMUNICATION) (SIREN WAILS) Whoever it was knew something about her routines, when she'd be home.
He was waiting.
There's crushed plants behind the bushes of the garage, ma'am.
Footprints? BUCHANAN: No.
But we did find freshly chewed gum.
Lab says it's of the nicotine variety.
Must be a bit careless if it's his.
Careless? Confident? Arrogant? What about the chloroform angle? Does that narrow the field? No leads yet.
it's readily available in solvents and industrial cleaners.
Vets use it quite a bit.
MAPPLETHORPE: Suspects are a little thin on the ground - no social life to speak of, according to her PA.
Too busy being successful.
Boyfriends? Apparently not.
Husband and kids could come later.
(PHONE RINGS) FREEMAN: Anyone trying to get close? Not that we know of.
So, who'd know her movements well enough to know what time she'd be home on any given day? Well, nobody, according to her PA.
Did she always get home late on a Friday? She never left the office before 10:00.
Well, someone knew her well enough to plan her rape.
Well, then, we start with work.
Phone records, credit records.
Usual run for matching MOS, known offenders.
Yeah, I'll get on to Rape Squad, get them to send over the unsolveds.
In that case, we'll need a truck.
She wasn't just executive director of sales at that company, Zoe Fulton was also on the board of Brinstle Holdings.
And she was a director of the Cyclo Group and a multi-cultural theatre trust.
And you know this, how? Because Terry Jarvis knows this.
And Terry Jarvis knows this because it seems our beloved assistant commissioner knows it.
And we don't know why he swallowed the fly.
That was Jarvis on the phone.
I'm wanted in his office.
My bet is the AC's corporate mates have been in his ear about fallout and company confidence and all that other bottom-line nonsense that they angst about.
None of which is our problem.
Well, it is our problem if Command makes it our problem by putting the squeeze on Jarvis.
What's the plan of attack? Head it off at the pass.
(KNOCKS ON DOOR) Terry, before you say anything, I don't care what kind of pressure you're under from those idiots upstairs, this investigation is going to proceed at its own pace.
Did I say anything about cranking things up? I don't think he did, Bernice, and neither did I.
Assistant Commissioner Warner.
I simply passed on some personal knowledge about the victim in case it should prove useful.
That was very kind, sir, and I have passed it on to the investigative team.
So, why did you want to see me? I didn't.
WARNER: Restructuring, Bernice.
Complex stuff.
Like the board of selectors and the national cricket team, we have to respond to pitch conditions and team fitness and broader strategies, the critics .
if a man wants to field the new-look team.
Terry's done a fine job as superintendent of Homicide.
A fine job, Terry.
Thanks, Lachlan.
But you are wasted down the order, Bernice.
And right now, we need to field someone with broader overview, broader responsibilities.
I'm not sure I understand.
You're appointed Commander - Crime effective immediately.
Overview of all Crime divisions.
There's no-one better suited to the job and it is also a just reward for the loyalty and the perseverance you have shown in what have been very difficult circumstances.
Commander Take a couple of days.
Have a look through these.
Then the two of us can sit down and discuss how we're going to move on.
Congratulations, Bernice.
Thank you very much.
So much for the glass ceiling.
(PHONE RINGS) ohm (GRUNTS) Yeah, hi.
No, no.
I'm up.
On my way.
Yeah, I haven't forgotten.
See you soon.
Are you off? Yeah, sorry, I You forgot to come to bed? I got back really late.
I didn't want to wake you.
So you slept on the couch? I'm late.
I'm supposed to be on coffees.
Just don't forget dinner tonight.
Dinner? You know.
My boss and his wife.
They're coming round? Right.
Of course.
Brian and Mrs Monica.
Brian and Monica.
They're lovely people.
They're really looking forward to meeting you.
I'm going to the market to pick up the salmon for the sashimi platter Not a big deal, then.
It's OK, I've got it locked in the memory bank.
Promise? Promise.
I better get changed, yeah? Yeah.
Got a hit? Sure do.
Spent the whole night going through Rape Squad files.
Found a matching MO.
Dunny and I are off to see the victim.
Matching MO? Her name's Gabriella Cromby.
Tied to the bed, clothes cut off with scissors and raped using a condom.
Just like Zoe Fulton.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) (GATE U N LOCKS) He was wearing a mask? An Elvis mask, to be exact.
It was all he had on.
That and later a condom, thank God.
When this man attacked you He didn't just attack me, Detective.
He raped me.
How did he get in? The security's a later addition.
Understandable, wouldn't you say? Can you give us the details of what happened? Take your time.
He was waiting for me, they think.
He surprised me when I got out of my car, put aput a bag over my head.
There was a smell.
I couldn't breathe.
You passed out? I came to tied to my bed.
He'd cut some of my clothes off.
He waited till I was awake.
He showered, cut off my underwear, then he raped me.
Showered again, got dressed, left me tied up.
What was he wearing? A tracksuit, sneakers.
Nothing really identifiable.
The bruising to your face He took some pleasure hurting me while he was I'm sorry.
I know this is hard.
He's done it again, hasn't he? That's why you're here.
Your case never got to court.
Why? Insufficient evidence.
I didn't see his face - he never took his mask off.
You were lucky he didn't.
You couldn't identify him? Not to the satisfaction of police, no.
They said he had an alibi.
But I'm sure I knew who it was.
I recognised his voice.
He spoke to me while he was raping me - abuse, obscenities.
His voice wasn't muffled behind the mask? Yeah, but it was him, alright.
We'd been in competition for offshore drilling rights on the North West Shelf.
Gone head to head a couple of times.
What was his name? Daniel Worthington.
Daniel Worthington is a high-ranking exec from an oil company.
He travels for his job.
Worthington spent a few years in the UK, was posted home four years ago, spent two years in Sydney and is now back here.
He's only a person of interest in this other rape, right? Yes.
But Worthington is connected to this victim.
It's just that they could never find enough evidence to put him at the scene.
The MO fits in every detail- the surprise attack, the plastic bag and the chloroform, the cutting of the clothes, the condom, the mask, showering.
He takes his time.
He enjoys humiliating and abusing the victims.
But he was alibied for Gabriella Cromby's rape? Yes, the wife and daughter said that they stayed at home and watched DVDs until they fell asleep on the couch.
But Cromby swears she recognises Daniel Worthington's voice.
Well, voice recognition's not an option on this one - the victim's dead.
But we can connect them - Worthington lives near Zoe Fulton, so he might've known her or at least seen her around.
Anything else on him? Just general background, there's no convictions for anything and he's married, with a teenage daughter.
I checked out the company website.
Worthington scored a promotion and a new posting three months ago.
He's due to take up his new job in two days.
In Kuwait.
Well, we don't have extradition arrangements with Kuwait, so if that is our guide, then we lose him tomorrow.
If we could get a DNA sample and match it to that nicotine gum we found I don't think we'll get a warrant for that.
And there's no point- he'll be long gone by the time the analysis comes through.
We need hard evidence now.
Let's see if he'll volunteer a sample anyway.
If he is innocent, we'll confirm that down the track.
If he is our man, it may rattle him enough to slip up.
(CORK POPS, CHAMPAGNE POURS) (CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) (SLOW JAZZ) No, no, no, the male professionals earn their money.
I mean, three sets to win a title payout? The women get off easy.
(WOMEN SCOFF) Oh, you think so? Lawrence, you back me up here.
Too dangerous, mate.
Ladies, you both look gorgeous on the court, you're both grace and elegance personified, butwould I pay to watch the game? (CHUCKLES) FREEMAN: Daniel Worthington? Detectives Freeman and Kingston.
Could we have a word, please? A word? Sounds ominous.
What about? Perhaps in private, Mr Worthington.
Darling? it's fine, sweetheart.
it's fine.
I've got a lawyer on hand, should I need one.
(WOMAN LAUGHS) Alright, I confess, I have on occasion snuck into a disability parking space.
Very naughty of me.
We're not here about your parking, Mr Worthington.
We're detectives.
Well, what can I help you detect? It's in relation to a homicide investigation.
Yeah, we need your cooperation in obtaining some evidence to eliminate you from our inquiries.
Eliminate me from what inquiries? We would like your cooperation in obtaining a sample of DNA.
You want me to give you a DNA sample but you won't tell me what it's for? I'm not obliged to give you any more details.
Oh, right, you're not obliged.
Well, we'll see about that.
You see, my friend over there really is a lawyer.
And he's a very good one.
Well, you're very welcome to have him come with you to Homicide where we can take a sample And I'm sure he'll tell you exactly what you can do with your DNA sample.
You realise that refusing to provide a sample means that we'll have to treat you as a suspect? Are you threatening me? I'm offering you advice.
Offer it to my lawyer.
Get out of my face.
Eh! Hey, what are you doing? Let him go! No, your friend is being taken in for assault police.
I suggest you step back.
And you are under arrest.
JARVIS: You're holding him for questioning? We're holding him for assault police but he's refusing to answer questions until he gets a change of clothes and his lawyer turns up.
And his lawyer, no doubt, will make it as difficult for you to question him about this rape murder or any earlier rape.
Yeah, we want to buy some time.
We need to get a court order for DNA and a search warrant for his house.
Bloody hell.
Command are already making noises about these corporate high-flyers.
(SIGHS) What's your evidence? We have strong circumstantial evidence.
What, he chews gum and might have known both women? Yeah, plus he overreacted on our approach.
Terry, this bloke is not just a flight risk, he is a flight certainty - he leaves for Kuwait tomorrow.
You're putting all your money on one horse, Stan.
What if it's not him? We are pursuing other avenues, believe me, but with this suspect we only have tomorrow to rule him in or we lose him for good.
You're gonna need more.
Something from you, Mrs Freud.
I assume that's why you're here.
I think he's definitely worth a good look.
A good look for what - murder or rape? Both.
The evidence suggests that this murder was unintended.
It was something he had to do.
If she hadn't seen his face, she'd probably still be alive.
How do you read this rapist? Well, I think that he is clearly narcissistic and possibly anger retaliatory.
You know that for sure? No, not yet.
But I would like to see if Worthington fits the profile.
OK, I hear you.
And you're holding him? If you want me to score these warrants, I'm going to need an informed recommendation.
Go study the bloke, apply the theory.
Thank you.
Before we start, let me say this is ridiculous.
A gentle push is not assault.
it wasn't gentle.
And a spit on the foot is an assault when it's directed at police.
You know that, Mr Bradshaw.
My client is a respected businessman of international standing.
FREEMAN: A client who was refusing to cooperate He's smart letting his lawyer do the talking.
Why keep a dog and bark yourself? Lawrence, these are police.
I think you credit them with too much intelligence.
This is just an exercise in time-wasting.
Mr Worthington, you're under arrest for interview in relation to a charge of assault police.
You're the one who demanded legal representation and delayed the interview process.
Detective Ryan, you don't mind if I duck out for a cigarette first? More time-wasting.
We're in no hurry.
Smokers can't get through a shift without their fix.
Oh, you've given up, eh? Is that why you're always so aggressive? Oh, I'm not aggressive.
They just take the edge off.
I'm making a note of all this.
I'll be using it in court when we sue you for unlawful detention.
Nick, the gum that he chews is a nicotine replacement.
Let Jarvis know.
It might help with the warrant.
No worries.
The tie-in with the gum's looking like a good possibility.
Oh, good.
You don't think we should wait till the warrant comes through? (CHUCKLES) Ever the patient one.
No, let's stir them up, try and get Jarvis more to work with.
Alright, smoke break finished.
I better get back in there.
RYAN: Let's go through this again.
So what's your take? Your evidence, his presentation, I think he's good for it.
We're not talking to him about rape, yeah? Oh, I think that he knows what he's here for.
I don't understand.
What are you talking to my husband about? I'm sure your lawyer will give you all the details, Mrs Worthington.
Right now we'd like to ask you some questions about this woman.
Do you recognise her? I'm not sure.
Her face is familiar but Yeah.
Mum, she goes to the tennis club, doesn't she? Zoe something.
She lives around here, I think.
That's right.
Well, I may have seen her.
I can't say I know her, though.
Does your husband know her? Why? Is that the reason you're questioning Daniel? Well, we're questioning him on another matter but this may be related.
What's going on? Does he know her? Not to my knowledge, no.
Are you sure? Mum? Well, I don't know every person he's acquainted with.
Can you tell us where your husband was the night before last? What? From 10:00 onwards.
Well, Dad was here.
We all were.
And what was he doing? We were watching DVDs.
We were all on the couch watching television until the early hours.
And thenand then we went to bed.
And what time was that exactly? Look, I'm not comfortable with this.
I don't want to talk to you anymore.
I want you to leave.
OK, but before we go, Jade, we need to speak to your mother in private.
What's happening? Is my dad in trouble? No, not necessarily.
If he's done nothing wrong, he'll be fine.
We were here.
All night.
Exactly what is it that you're accusing my husband of? Zoe Fulton was raped and murdered.
And you think Daniel did it? And do you remember this woman? Oh, please! Gabriella Cromby.
She accused your husband of raping her two years ago.
Oh, look, we went through quite enough back then.
Daniel was the victim in all that, not her.
How? He's an attractive man.
Women like him.
That woman met my husband during some business negotiations.
She made several passes at him, he turned her down and then she made false accusations against him.
He was the victim.
She still says that he raped her.
Well, she's still lying, then.
There were never any formal charges.
Her complaint was dropped.
It was without foundation.
No, it just couldn't be proved.
Mainly because of your alibi, which is the same as it is now - you said he was at home with you.
Which was true.
Daniel was with us.
You're accusing me of lying.
I'm not.
He was with us.
That was super quick.
We're on a clock.
It's the ammunition you need.
Tell me this won't blow up in my face.
I don't think it will.
I've been watching him.
I think that Worthington is a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder.
What's that in normal speak? it's also known as the God complex.
Oh, that I understand.
High achievers with an over-developed sense of self-worth, a pervasive pattern of grandiosity and need for admiration.
Yeah, I've known a few of those in my time.
I've also looked at the victims more closely.
And? They're both strong, assertive women.
I think they represent someone from his past.
And we're betting they're not the first women he's attacked? A lot of anger-retaliatory rapists offend frequently.
So whether it's him or not, you're right, the odds are that there'll be other victims in this series.
Why do they rape? To punish women for real or imagined wrongs.
Yeah, but this Worthington bloke didn't even work with Zoe Fulton.
They go to the same tennis club.
He could have come on to her and she cut him off at the knees or maybe she just symbolises someone who did.
He fits the profile, sir.
Give me the chief magistrate.
Still warm from the court.
You want to check this out.
It's a court order for your DNA.
A cheek swab.
Having your lawyer present is a good idea.
First it's trumped-up charges and now it's absurd court orders.
Do the public know you're wasting their taxes like this? He's all yours.
(SIGHS) This is ridiculous.
What grounds was this warrant issued on? You'd have to ask the magistrate for any clarification.
We apply, they decide.
You don't even know what you're looking for.
We're looking for any material evidence that may have a bearing in the rape and murder of Zoe Fulton.
Like what? We'll know when we find it.
I don't know what good this will do you.
Well, maybe we'll get a match to the gum that you dropped in the bushes outside Zoe Fulton's house.
Before you sneaked into her garage and put the bag over her head.
This is out of order, detectives.
it's pure speculation.
They can't charge you.
They've no actual evidence.
Gonna take longer than that for the DNA results to come through, right? FREEMAN: That's why you're so cool about it - you'll be in the Middle East, long gone.
I'm cool because I haven't done anything.
(INDISTINCT RADIO COMMUNICATION) You're wasting your time.
We'll see.
FREEMAN: Do you recognise this woman? No, I don't think so.
Are you sure? She used to look like this.
He said he didn't recognise her.
No, no, no.
Lawrence, it's OK.
I have seen her in the neighbourhood but I just didn't recognise her like that.
Or he didn't react to the first photo because he's already seen the real thing.
I've seen her.
Tennis perhaps.
Don't know her name.
Her name's Zoe Fulton.
Did you ever speak with her at the tennis club? I'm not even sure it was there I saw her.
What grounds do you have to even be questioning my client in this matter? We have a whole lot of grounds.
Maybe we'll have even more once we've finished Mr Worthington's house.
Well, he's not worried about the searching his house.
Not even a flicker.
FREEMAN: Where were you the night before last? I was on the couch with my wife and daughter watching DVDs.
What DVDs? I can make you a list.
They were family friendlies.
See, my daughter was with us.
We watched till we fell asleep, we woke up on the couch and we went to bed.
All of us.
DANIEL: This is ridiculous, you know.
But we can talk about this for hours if you like.
We will if we have to.
You'll either charge my client or release him.
The law allows us to hold Mr Worthington for a reasonable time to complete our inquiries.
And who decides what's reasonable? My client has been extremely accommodating and you've yet to table a shred of evidence to explain why you continue to detain him.
This is going nowhere.
We'll have to terminate the interview and cut him loose.
Sarge, tracked back through Worthington's Aussie postings and found someone of interest.
Selina Morgan - she was in Sydney the same time as Worthington.
What makes you think she can help us? She was raped, identical MO.
Get her in here.
The rape was just over three years ago.
We're sorry to stir all this up again.
Your colleague said it might help, so Ask your questions.
Any idea who it was? No.
He was wearing a novelty mask.
I'm going to show you a series of photographs and they may or may not contain someone you recognise.
If you do remember a face, you just say so, OK? Him.
I recognise him.
My God, it was him.
Are you sure? I mean, the weekend before it happened, I was at a trade fair and (SNIFFLES) .
he was there, was coming on to me, making suggestive remarks.
Being a jerk.
And I told him so.
It was him.
Still not enough.
She identified him.
She identified him as having hassled her at a trade fair, not as a rapist.
How are Matt and Duncan doing? Not getting far.
He's confident and time's on his side.
OK, a hypothetical.
You meet Zoe Fulton maybe at the tennis club or the gym, suggest a coffee, come on to her.
She won't give you the time of day.
Knocks you back in no uncertain terms.
She thinks you're a loser.
I'm not a loser.
Oh, you are to her.
And this makes you angry, so then you stalk her BRADSHAW: My client is not obliged to respond to your sick fantasies.
Then you lie in wait and rape her.
When she rips your mask off, you kill her.
You had to - she saw your ugly face.
She was a brave, strong woman.
She wasn't going to be intimidated into silence.
Not like your wife and child intimidated into providing your alibi.
I haven't done any of this.
That's a lie, isn't it? No.
And it was a lie two years ago when you attacked and raped Gabriella Cromby.
Oh, yeah, that was a lie.
And she was the one doing the lying.
My client is a successful businessman.
That was a blatant attempt by her to cast aspersions on his character in an extremely competitive industry.
What, you didn't make a move on her? No.
Misunderstanding, was it? Yes, it was.
But you said it never happened.
How can someone misunderstand something that never happened? Daniel, make no comment.
Detectives, you're badgering my client.
Your client is lying to us.
No, I'm not.
It didn't happen two years ago, it didn't happen this time.
No evidence, no proof and both times an alibi.
The same one.
Two years ago, the complaint was dropped - no case to answer.
And the same thing is going to happen now.
MAPPLETHORPE: We still have the nicotine gum.
By the time we get the results, he could be in Kuwait.
A prolonged interview isn't going to wear him down.
He's too confident.
I think we need to try a more historical approach.
Dig deeper into his past.
That's where we'll find his Achilles heel.
All three victims are assertive, independent, successful.
Most likely they're reminiscent of someone in Worthington's past.
Someone that he wants to punish.
Allie and Duncan are chasing up his work history.
Matt, Jennifer - family, school records, other possible victims.
Wherever that man has lived, we're going to need everything you've got.
The plan is to confront him with someone who knows how to press his buttons and who represents everything that he detests.
The aim being to push him over the edge emotionally.
Press his buttons.
You have someone in mind for that? There's no-one he'll detest more than me.
But we need to prime him first, so I need a volunteer.
Someone I can really have for breakfast.
Dinner, you mean.
(SOFT JAZZ) Ah, bring your glasses over.
We shouldn't wait any longer.
He gets tied up.
(CHUCKLES) His boss isn't as understanding as you are.
Don't worry about it.
These things happen.
(LAUGHS) Sugar in that one.
it's very late, Detective.
Sorry, I've been told to wait by my boss.
You must pretty busy too, eh? Top exec in your company.
My colleague said you landed a promotion.
Running Middle East operations.
In fact I should be in Sydney right now tying up loose ends before I go.
Well (CHUCKLES) I should be at the footy.
I thought we already got your statement.
So did I.
(DOOR OPENS) Senior Sergeant, Worthington's history.
(PHONE RINGS) Matt Ryan.
Yes, I have an inquiry about an executive relocation.
The name's Worthington.
Mm-hm Strike any interesting nuggets? Pure gold, Superintendent.
This ploy better work.
We're fast running out of reasonable time.
I reckon she's on a mission, my boss, scoring points.
She sees a man that's made something of his life, pedals twice as hard to mow him down.
Well, nothing I have has been handed to me on a plate and it's not going to be snatched away either.
(DOOR OPENS) Detective Buchanan, since when did this become a coffee emporium? Well, they've been waiting quite a while, Senior Sergeant.
I thought I might Getting coffee and gossiping.
Clearly that's all you're good for, Buchanan.
You're excused.
Senior Sergeant I said 'out'.
That'd push me over the edge.
Mr Braidshaw Bradshaw.
I'm Senior Sergeant Claudia Leigh.
If you seek to interrupt this interview, you'll be ejected and we'll arrange legal representation of our choice.
Ls that clear? Hardly legal.
But it's clear.
Let's you and I get something else clear too.
I know that you raped and murdered Zoe Fulton.
What I want to know is why.
Well, there is no 'why' because I didn't do it.
I've never hurt anyone.
It's because they remind you of someone, isn't it? Your mother? A dominant sibling? Are you a qualified psychologist, Senior Sergeant? Yes, actually.
I am.
Fully qualified.
You don't like to be dominated, certainly not by women, do you? I'm comfortable with women.
Very comfortable.
Oh, you don't like being rebuffed, do you? How many, Daniel? How many victims? Zero.
Gabriela Cromby, Zoe Fulton .
Selina Morgan.
Mr Cool.
Didn't even flinch at the new name.
How many more? Or do you even remember their names? I think we're done here, Senior Sergeant.
You've had your reasonable time.
My client has to fly out this evening.
You've no cause to delay him Who do they remind you of? No-one.
They put you down, so you rape them? I said we're done here.
Mr Worthington needs to get to Sydney now.
The matter is urgent because he has business to complete before he leaves the country tomorrow.
You raped them, but in your head you were raping who - your mother or was it your sister? I know what you're trying to do.
And while I'd love to let you get it out of your system, Lawrence is right, I should be heading to the airport We're done when I say so.
Daniel, let's go.
Sit down! Daniel! It's alright, Lawrence.
Let her finish.
Let her have her moment.
You want me to speculate? I'd say it was your sister.
She's the one with all the acclaim, isn't she? Child prodigy, accelerated entry into law, cherry-picked for a UN position into Geneva, a star player in international human rights by the age of 35.
Feted by governments, beautiful, talented and so much brighter than you.
In her opinion.
Oh, no, she's smarter.
And more respected than you.
You're just an executive.
Just another suit.
And no matter how wonderful you tell yourself you are .
you're just not good enough.
Lawrence is right.
We're done here.
You'll still be charged in the assault police matter and I will be pursuing the rapes and murder, I can assure you.
I'm one woman you can't intimidate.
Have a nice night.
Oh, I'll have a very nice night.
And a very good flight.
But not close enough.
BUCHANAN: We need a confession.
Or to break through his veneer.
Yeah, well, then get a sledgehammer, because in 12 hours he's gone for good.
Sooner or later, he's going to want to justify his actions to prove that he is superior.
I just need another go at him tomorrow morning.
Yeah, well, that is not going to happen, not if his lawyer's got anything to do with it.
He won't let up until Worthington is firmly ensconced on his international flight.
So we focus on punching a hole in his alibi.
We might have a way to do that.
You've got something? RYAN: Yeah, we think so.
We've been looking at the wife and daughter.
We thought, "How can they just sit there and lie about him?" RYAN: Especially the daughter.
Does he intimidate her? Threaten her? Well, maybe she believes what she's saying.
So, they all go to sleep on the couch, he goes out, does his thing, then he comes back and pretends to be asleep beside them.
He wakes up next to them.
What are you saying? He drugs them.
What, chloroform? Sounds risky.
There's more to search for in that house.
That makes sense.
Well, then, let's do it.
Yeah, let's go.
Quick sticks.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, for God's sake.
it's nearly midnight.
It's a further search under the provisions of the previous warrant.
Excuse us.
We have some more questions, Mrs Worthington.
Is your husband here? No, he's in Sydney.
He'll be back in the morning.
Mum, what are the police doing back? Jade, sorry to disturb you.
I'll get Lawrence over here.
He'll put a stop to all this.
Go back to your room.
Mum Do as you're told.
Mrs Worthington, we've located another rape victim.
Oh, and why would I care? Because your husband is a person of interest.
He has done nothing wrong.
Does the name Selina Morgan mean anything to you? No.
You recognise this woman? No.
it's hard to recognise them too, isn't it? Oh! How dare you show me something like that! Three victims, Mrs Worthington.
Three violent rapes, maybe more.
All of them connected to your husband.
I'm not going to ask you again.
Please leave.
All of them raped, this one murdered.
We believe your husband did this.
Detectives, in with his shaving kit, shoved in the back of the cupboard.
This medication is prescribed to you.
If we remove it from the premises, will it create any medical problems for you? No.
I haven't used it in ages.
I had insomnia for a while.
With all the moving, I thought that I Thought that you'd thrown it away? I thought I must have overlooked it.
We believe that your husband used you and your daughter as an alibi.
Each time, at home, in front of the TV falling asleep.
You wake up on the couch, he's still there.
Except he left - he left and he raped a woman and then he came back.
What was it? A nice hot drink, settling in to watch a movie? Is that how it worked? Get out! He drugged you.
He drugged you and your daughter each time and then he went out and he did this.
Think about it.
And talk to us before it happens to someone else.
I want you to get out of my house right now! The hot chocolates? Mum? (CRIES) oh, my God.
Alright, state of play.
We have less than eight hours to present a case to the DPP and, effectively, we are no closer to nailing this bastard.
So, those drugs don't count for anything? The prescription drugs are just more circumstantial evidence.
And Worthington knows it too, the arrogant prick.
Tonight he flies interstate, tomorrow the world.
He might try to fly out from Sydney.
Can we get an injunction to prevent him leaving the country? Not without hard evidence.
You get me that, I'll get the judge out of bed.
We know this man did this.
Go through the research again.
You've got until morning to come up with a case.
Victim one, two and three.
I'll take personal history again.
I'll be at home.
Anything turns up, anything at all that you need my input on, call me.
Thanks, Claudia.
1) Yeah, I'll hold.
Yes, I'm calling from Australia.
Can you put me through to your sex crimes unit? Aberdeen.
(GASPS) Hello, Senior Sergeant.
(Doe BARKS) Claudia was right about there being more victims.
I went further back through his employment history, just talked to the UK, they've sent files.
I think we have two more possible rapes.
I want you awake for what I'm going to do to you.
So here we are, just the two of us.
(LAUGHS) This is exactly the same MO.
This guy's been doing this for years.
Surely the DPP will have to pick this up now.
Well, only if we can build it into a cohesive brief.
We've gotta lay it all out - physical evidence, psychological framework, history, the lot.
The way you talked to me, the way you tried to humiliate me .
in front ofeveryone! I mean, who the hell do you think you are, you stuck-up, arrogant, smart-mouth bitch?! Not so powerful now, Claudia, hmm? You're not so powerful now.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, that's right, you were right about one thing.
It was my sister Julia.
it's always been about Julia.
(WHIMPERS) I'm really going to enjoy putting you in your place.
(RINGING TONE) She's not answering.
These women are even the same physical types.
And this one in Aberdeen, he was only there for three days and she was raped during that time.
Surely the DPP can't just write that off as a coincidence.
shower time.
Then party time! (GRUNTS) No mask required.
(RINGING TONE) We've gotta get this information over to her.
What, Claudia? Yeah.
She's still not answering.
It's OK.
it's OK.
It's OK.
(CRIES) Not one of our citizens, however prominent, is immune from investigation and prosecution.
And as newly appointed commander of crime division, I will always encourage my officers to pursue matters to their conclusion.
Even if it involves, as it did in this case, the use of force.
We will make our streets safe.
(SWITCHES OFF TV) About time we had a leader with balls.
(LAUGHS) That's the nicest thing you've said to me in weeks.
Well, you just give the order, boss, and it'll be gloves off, steel toecaps on.
We wouldn't say that to the press, though, would we? Oh, no.
Our little secret, Commander.
(CHUCKLES) Here's to secrets.
Oh, yes.