City Homicide (2007) s04e04 Episode Script


srt by GeirDM Sweetie.
How's your grip? (CHUCKLES) Here I am.
You made it! Hello, sweetheart.
Oh, let me have a look at him.
Oh, my God.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, perfect! I'm a happy man.
We're all clear here, Mr Forbes.
Give me 10 minutes.
We'll make the airport in plenty of time.
Stay with the car, alright? Yeah? (WHISTLES CHEERFULLY) We're fine here, sir.
Thanks, mate.
Do you want a hand to pack or No, she's right.
I'll manage.
You could chuck me that other coat out of the cupboard, the grey one.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Oh! Please! (GRUNTS AND YELLS) No.
ALLIE: No gun anywhere.
Unless it's under him.
So judging by the trajectory of the contents of his head and the spatter patterns You reckon our friend here opens the wardrobe, the killer's inside, pops one into his head? Spins out, shoots number two, walks up, puts another round into his head.
Number two looks like the main target- Howard Forbes.
This guy's a hired bodyguard, according to his partner downstairs.
Nick's talking to him now.
Bodyguards? They didn't do a very good job, then, did they? Nup.
Should've checked the wardrobe.
What's his mate given us so far? He heard four pops.
Silencer? Came running up the stairs but by the time he got here, the shooter had gone via the back window.
It's not too far to jump if you set up your escape route first.
They knew what they were about.
So Howard Forbes.
We've got a name.
Yeah, but who was he? And who wanted him dead? All yours.
You'll want to check the ground below the rear window.
No worries.
Yeah, no problem.
NICK: This Howard Forbes - was he a regular client? MAN: Yeah.
He flies in about twice a year.
The last four times, Darren and I have been looking after him.
Darren -the other victim, your partner? Yeah.
His name's Darren Gillies.
We set up together about three years ago, personal security.
Did Mr Forbes say why he needed security? No, just that he was wealthy, thought he could've been a target.
He always carried around a lot of cash.
That's gone.
Where'd he fly in from? Never said.
He always kept things close, you know? A couple of times he forgot to rip the luggage tags off- Rio.
Both times? Yeah.
If I ever get my hands on whoever You'll have them over to us for questioning, right? Wouldn't bet on it.
Darren wasn't just my business partner.
We were best mates.
Yeah, well, you try any vigilante stuff and you won't be going to his funeral 'cause you'll be in a cell.
You got that? Bodyguards here are not licensed to carry firearms, are you? So how come your mate's wearing a shoulder holster? The client insisted that one of us be armed, paid us an extra grand.
MATT: And now the gun's gone.
This it? You took it? Yes, I took it.
I told you - we were mates, always had each ether's backs.
Whoever shot him deserves the same.
You need to calm down.
And we need everything you've got on your client.
He have any criminal connections? I don't know.
This was a pretty clinical killing, execution-style.
So who was he? Said his name was Howard Forbes.
We picked him up from the international terminal last night.
He never said anything to you about what he was doing? No.
We were his employees, not his sidekicks.
So he was secretive? Yeah.
If you realised he was up for a hit, you would've done things differently.
A lot differently.
Believe me.
Then your client might not be dead.
My friend might not be dead either.
OK, so what have we found out about this security firm set-up? OK, Dayton and Gillies are privateers.
There are bigger and better personal security outfits, but this Howard Forbes chose them.
Why? Probably because they didn't ask too many questions.
How long have they been operating? About three years.
Prior to that, they worked for one of those bigger outfits.
Prior to that, they were in the army together.
Setting up the security company was Dayton's idea.
And you let Dayton go? Had to - no gunshot residue on him.
And Ballistics confirmed the gun in his possession hadn't been fired.
Cameron Dayton's just a witness at this stage.
And very pissed off at losing his mate.
What about Howard Forbes? There are no matches on file or on international flights yesterday.
'Forbes' could be an alias.
There was no passport in his belongings at the apartment.
Maybe the shooter took that as well as his cash.
The bodyguard said Forbes had a fair bit of money in the apartment.
No sign of it now.
And Dayton gave us the run-down on Forbes's routine.
Every trip, he stayed in that same serviced apartment block.
And Gillies and Dayton stay next door.
STANLEY: Doing what? Ordering in meals, driving him around - Port Melbourne, usually the same street corner drop-off and pick-up every time.
Except today was a one-off - dropped him in the city.
Whereabouts? Just behind Prince Edward Hospital.
So what? He was visiting someone? It looks like it.
He got Gillies to purchase some flowers on the way in.
When they picked him up 90 minutes later, he didn't have them anymore.
OK, run Forbes's prints as soon as we get them from Pathology.
See if anything turns up then.
I'm still talking to Passport Control.
See if they turn up anything.
And we've got uniforms flashing his photo around the Prince Edward.
It's a big place.
in and out every day.
That's gonna take a while, Sarge.
I didn't see him.
Thank you.
If we can't find out who he is, we can't identify motive, nothing.
Are you here for Forbes? Also known as Mr X.
Cheer up.
I might be able to help you ID him.
Underneath that nice suit, hey? Look like prison tats to you? Yeah.
Yes, I have.
Just go down the corridor, turn left, then right.
OK, thanks for your help.
Maybe he did time in Brazil.
We'll run him past Interpol.
I don't think you'll need to, unless there's a Pentridge in Rio.
The tats helped us fast-track the prints search, sir.
His real name's Craig MacNamara.
Back in the late '70s and '80s, he was a thief with a temper and a taste for violence.
A stretch in juvenile, then Castlemaine and Pentridge.
That's an old file photo from the time.
in a professional hit.
Something must have happened in between.
You'd think so.
We checked his record.
The file was closed.
Craig MacNamara disappeared, presumed murdered 12 years ago.
His body was never found.
Today he was alive and well and answering to the name Howard Forbes.
Until he was killed execution-style.
Leave this with me.
I'll see what I can find out.
What's your next move? We need to trace Craig MacNamara's relatives.
I already checked the hospital.
There's nobody listed under that surname.
Well, before he disappeared, he had a wife and a 16-year-old daughter.
Now, the wife died of cancer.
The daughter's still out there somewhere.
Was Craig MacNamara's disappearance investigated? There's nothing on his file, just that he was missing, presumed murdered.
And his family? His wife would have been very ill then, so we need to speak to the daughter.
We got a line on her.
Her name's Emily.
Married four years ago.
She's now Emily Rigby.
I'll check the hospital.
JENNIFER: And the husband? Grant Rigby.
ALLIE: Crim? Cleanskin.
Him and his wife run coffee shops called Coffee Cats.
They're doing well, expanding, making their own blend.
And MacNamara flew in from Rio.
Coffee and Brazil - is that a cliché or a clue? Both, I reckon.
The real question remains - who knew MacNamara was gonna be in Melbourne? Let's get digging - his daughter, old associates, cellmates, accomplices, police who knew him.
Find out who had a grudge.
Or something to hide.
There was an Emily Rigby at the Prince Edward.
She was in the maternity ward.
She checked out this afternoon.
She went home with her husband.
Got an address? (PEOPLE YELL AND ARGUE) MAN: I don't know anything! Get out before we call the police! (SCREAMS) Stop it! Leave us alone! Leave us alone! (MAN YELLS INDISTINCTLY) Police! Put it down, Mr Dayton, and back off! Ohm (YELLS) You need to listen! When we say, "Back off," we mean it.
(BABY CRIES) We just got back from the hospital.
My baby's upstairs.
Go and see to him.
Get up! What is this? This madman forces his way in and starts screaming and yelling.
Grant Rigby? Yes.
What the hell's going on? Who's dead? He keeps raving on about somebody who's dead.
You know what's going on.
I don't know anything! He pushed his way into my house and started screaming at us.
I want this man charged.
I want him locked up! He threatened my family.
What the hell is he going on about? You know.
My mate's dead, shot in the head.
They know something! Shut up! You've got a short memory, Mr Dayton.
I warned you - you go vigilante, you get locked up.
Why would Grant and Emily Rigby know who killed your partner? Because Darren was just collateral damage in a hit on our client.
Only four people knew we were gonna be in Melbourne - me, Darren and those two, his daughter and his son-in-law.
As far as you know.
OK, yes.
But I had every right to be pushing them for answers.
Darren and I go back a long way.
What am I supposed to tell his parents? I'm not just going to let this lie.
Even if it means breaking the law yourself? Yes.
NICK: OK, so you went to the hospital and you tracked his family down, didn't you? DAYTON: So what? You found out your client had visited his newly born grandson, you decided to pay his daughter and son-in-law a visit and heavy them.
They know something.
They must.
Mm-hm, right.
So what did you find out? Nothing.
You guys interrupted me, didn't you? Ha! Grant Rigby is still requesting we wait till morning to talk to them.
I thought he wanted to know what this was about.
Well, he does, but his wife's pretty shaken up.
He's more worried about her and the baby.
We've also confirmed they were still in the hospital at the time of the shooting.
First thing, then.
you would have this mystery all sewn up, wouldn't you? I'm just trying to find out who killed my mate.
No, you're not! You're trying to fix the mistake you made.
I was bloody good at my job and so was Darren.
You were hired to provide protection and you failed.
That is why your mate died.
You bitch.
Sit down.
Get your hands off me.
And what were you planning to do if you did find out? Hunt the shooter down and exact your own justice? Yeah, we'll be keeping you overnight.
You're a threat to witnesses.
NICK: You need to cool down, Mr Dayton.
You can see a magistrate in the morning.
Interview terminated at 6:45pm.
Single malt.
Is this to soothe my nerves or get into my pants, Terrence? (CHUCKLES) Stimulate your memory, Gary.
Old cases.
You been trawling around in my old files again? Craig MacNamara.
What about him? You had him on a plate about Not exactly on a plate.
He was a person of interest in a bunch of armed robberies.
Did you talk to him? A couple of times, as I recall.
it was a long time ago.
You surprised to hear there's no record of interview in his case file? It was probably considered not worth keeping.
He was never charged.
I only found out he was a suspect by asking round the traps.
So why wasn't he charged? Not enough evidence.
Judges tend to insist on evidence, don't they? But didn't you put it together? Eventually it stopped being an issue.
He disappeared.
Word on the street was he'd been bumped off.
Yeah, I know, except he wasn't dead not till today.
He had bodyguards in tow.
One of them was killed as well.
It looked like an execution.
(SIGHS) Thanks for the whisky, Terry, but it's a waste of a good malt.
I don't know anything about this.
Can't help ya.
Yes, you can.
You can confirm our ID.
it's been a while, but I'd say that's definitely Craig MacNamara.
Is that his muscle? STANLEY: Mm.
Can you tell us what you remember about Mr MacNamara, Superintendent? Not a lot.
Like I said, a long time ago.
Was 'Forbes' an alias of his back then? Not that I know of.
Superintendent Beck was looking at him for armed robbery.
Until he disappeared, yes.
I wasn't surprised.
Why not? Well, he had plenty of enemies, quite a rep as a hard man, well earned - he put a few people in hospital in his time.
He was a nasty piece of work.
Any suspects in his disappearance? No.
It wasn't even reported.
He was just suddenly gone.
We didn't ask.
Good riddance, as far as we were concerned.
If you chaps are all finished here, I have livers to dissect.
Thanks, Ronnie.
So you've got an ID, a bit of history and that's it? It looks like you've got your work cut out for you, Wolfe.
Mr Dayton.
ALLIE: We hear you have something you want to say.
Are we gonna have a reasonable conversation? Yeah.
it's been a rough day.
My judgment's a bit off.
But I'm all good now.
I'm gonna let you guys do your job.
That's good to hear.
So I'll be charged and bailed, yeah? That's the way these things usually go.
For what I did at Forbes's daughter's place, I mean.
It's not like I hurt anyone or anything.
We'll still keep you overnight.
You can see the magistrate in the morning.
Fair enough.
When I get out, I promise you I'm gonna pull my head in.
You don't really think he's gonna back off, do you? Not a chance, but he's not gonna say that to the magistrate.
He's a loose wire.
He should stay locked up until we close this case.
Dad only came back to visit his grandson.
Why would anyone want to kill him? Did you know your father was travelling under an assumed name? No, no, we didn't.
How often did he visit? Not very often.
He was busy.
MATT: We've checked, Emily.
Our information is that in the last eight years, he visited you at least twice a year.
That's right.
That's not really very often, is it? We also know that Craig MacNamara was a notorious criminal who disappeared from Melbourne He did some bad things, yes.
That doesn't mean I should never see him again, does it? What were the visits for usually? He runs a big export business in Brazil now.
Coffee beans? Yes.
We use his beans in our chain of stores.
What about enemies from his past? Well, we don't know anything about that, do we, Em? I was 16 when he left.
I didn't know much about his world.
OK, so he lays low in Brazil for four years and then he suddenly pops up.
Why? (SIGHS) My mother died.
He came back for the funeral.
Thought he should do the right thing.
Did you have a problem with your father-in-law? We got on OK.
What motivated the subsequent visits? I think he felt guilty.
He started us off with the coffee shops.
Since then, it's been pretty much a business relationship.
He's not as bad a man as you make him out to be.
He was a good guy in the end, right? How do you mean? Emily, we were told not to talk to anyone about that.
Yes, but to the police? Who told you not to talk about what? Dad said we should never talk about what he'd done.
He told me the whole story - how the rumours about his death were deliberate, started by the police.
He couldn't contact us because he was in the Witness Protection Program.
(SCOFFS) Relocated, he said, because he helped you guys.
He was a key witness in a big murder trial.
You reckon Gary Beck's known about this all along? I wouldn't put anything past that mongrel.
He's been sitting on it.
He'll be hiding something.
You can bet on it.
He's got a bad rep.
That's no secret.
We've had a few run-ins.
We cornered a cop killer who could've blown the whistle on Beck.
Beck shoots him in self-defence.
There were no witnesses.
I can't say it out loud around here, but I've always thought he was bent.
OK, wax out of ears, bums on seats.
There are very strict protocols in place for dealing with Witness Protection issues.
Superintendent Beck has been ensuring the integrity of the program, but now all this has come out It's time to share, but any information I give you here today remains strictly confidential.
Is that clear? was the key witness is a major trial that put two men behind bars for the rest of their lives.
Ralph Druitt and Noel Shirley- two heavy-duty players who, back then, specialised in bank jobs.
MacNamara was their wheel man in a whole string of armed robberies.
He was driving the getaway car in the last one that went wrong.
Four people were killed including a small child when a bank guard tried to stop the robbery.
Druitt and Shirley had shotguns.
It got very messy.
And MacNamara? He was up for the killings too when they all got caught, however, as the driver, he wasn't actually involved in the shootings.
We cut a deal with him.
(SCOFFS) Of course you did.
TERRY: He got name suppression.
Testified against his two mates, they went to jail.
They weren't happy.
MacNamara was put into Witness Protection.
Sometime later, rumours of his murder were circulated.
He disappeared.
To Brazil.
That's a bit unusual, isn't it? Oh, well, there you go.
It wasn't exactly what we planned, but some months after his relocation to South Australia, MacNamara fell off the radar.
We didn't know where he was.
He disappeared for real.
Should've stayed that way.
Except he decided he wanted to reconnect with his daughter.
Looks like it, yeah.
He resurfaces.
If his old mates found out about his visits, they could be behind his death.
They could, except Noel Shirley's not much used to us now.
He met an unfortunate end about five years ago in his cell.
So that leaves us with Ralph Druitt.
ALLIE: Let's have a chat with him.
Fine, but your inquiries - just to make the point again - should focus only on this murder and not on the history.
What? You mean the cock-up with him skipping Witness Protection? We didn't make a noise about that disappearance for very good reasons.
For all we knew, his old mates could've caught up with him back then.
Now, if people think the program doesn't work, witnesses will stop coming forward, won't they? And that concerns still applies, does it not, Superintendent? Exactly, Wolfe.
So be warned.
If I find you are inquiring in areas that will compromise this program, I will shut down your investigation.
Understood? Oh, right, so we can investigate just as long as the outcome doesn't make Gary Beck look bad.
Talk about a mission impossible.
You're not sold on his version of events? Mate, what Gary Beck's selling I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.
MacNamara testifying against his mates is easy enough to verify through court records.
And like it or not, Beck's got a point.
The integrity of Witness Protection needs to be protected.
The only thing Beck protects is himself.
We got access to Ralph Druitt.
Corrections are bringing him over.
Do you smoke? No.
Good on ya.
Filthy habit.
I could do with one right now.
(WHEEZES) So Craig Mac is dead, hey? He was shot.
Where? In the head and the chest.
(COUGHS) I mean where? The bugger's been off the map for years.
Here in Melbourne.
Why are you telling me this? Because we think it's possible you had something to do with it.
Huh, what? Because he dogged on me and Noel? He put you away for life.
And now he's dead.
I hope it was an ugly, painful death like mine.
And you had nothing to do with it? How would I do that? This is my first time outside the wall for years.
You could still pull some strings.
(COUGHS) I've got no more strings, son.
Shirl's gone and I'm sucking life out of a bottle.
I got no more strings.
What about your son? You leave my bloody son out of this.
We're already talking to him.
You've got no right.
He's a good boy, my son.
(WHEEZES) He broke the family mould and walked away from the business.
Except he didn't, did he? He still visits you inside every month.
Like I said, he's a good lad.
You leave him alone! MAN: I've heard of Craig MacNamara, yes.
He was one of my father's shonky mates way back.
Well, he was more than a mate.
He was an accomplice.
Yes, well, I know my father's history too, of course, but I took it as a lesson, not an example.
I've never been involved in anything crooked.
You know what happened to Craig MacNamara? I wasn't interested.
Old man said he disappeared, did some kind of deal with the police.
I'll be right over! We can do a good deal for you on that one.
What's this all about? Craig MacNamara is dead.
So? He was shot.
it's possible your father had something to do with it.
That's ridiculous.
He's in jail.
Yeah, we know that.
So where were you yesterday? You think I shot MacNamara? You've gotta be kidding.
Why would I do that? Because your father put you up to it because MacNamara put your father in jail.
Where were you yesterday? Here all day till about 7:00.
Ask my staff if you like.
We'll do that.
I've got customers to see to.
My father was responsible for four deaths in that robbery.
It ruined families' lives, his life, my mum's life too.
I made bloody sure I never went down the same road.
Why would I go there now? Well, you visit him every month.
it shows you still care.
Yes, he's my dad and he's dying and I still care about him.
JENNIFER: He's not a player, Sarge.
We did a background.
There's no record, not even a speeding ticket.
And his staff and some customers even back up his story.
And his car yard's a big contributor to some youth programs in the area too.
He's a do-gooder.
What about his visits to the jail? According to the Correctional Services guy, his visits are more dutiful than anything.
I just thought you'd like to know that bodyguard Dayton's made bail.
He's back out there.
What did you expect? Sarge, this guy, he's a murder waiting to happen.
He wants to nail the person who killed his mate.
We gotta get him off the streets.
And how do you propose to do that exactly, Detective? Well, I would prefer not to wait until he kills someone.
He's been bailed on the only of fences he's committed so far.
The best thing you can do is find the person who killed his partner before he does.
(ROCK MUSIC) Alright, take care.
See ya.
Ohm (GRUNTS) SONG: Coming home right now Can you tell me if the people Need the light at all right now? I'm coming home It's been too long Since the light was gone I'm coming home.
Any word on our rogue bodyguard? No.
Are you expecting any? I might have put a KALOF out on him yesterday.
You're kidding.
Come on.
It's in our interests to keep tabs on him.
He's fooled the magistrate with his good-guy act.
I'm not buying it.
You better hope Wolfie doesn't get wind of any unsanctioned KALOFS.
Yeah, yeah, I'll wear it.
Sarge keeps banging on about this prioritising MacNamara's shooter, but me, I would like to stop the next murder before it happens.
What? Sarge.
Detective Kingston.
You and Matt get over to the hospital.
Travis Druitt has been attacked.
And, Allie? Yep.
It's my decision to prioritise Craig MacNamara's killer, but I do hope you understand I'd like to stop the next murder happening too.
I'd just locked up for the night.
This guy jumped me.
Your doctor said the face was just the half of it.
Yeah, broken wrist, three ribs You get a look at the guy? No.
He was wearing a balaclava.
And he was fast.
Did he say anything? Oh, yeah.
Gave me a message for my dad.
He said he knows Dad organised it, said he's figured out who pulled the trigger and Dad's lucky he's still got a son to visit him.
I thought I told you to leave my boy out of this.
Mr Druitt, this has more to do with you than with us contacting your son.
Crap! You made him stick his head up and someone tried to cut it off.
Who was it? We think we have a fair idea.
Then arrest them! We need proof! OK, Mr Druitt, this was a revenge attack.
This man told your son that he knew you were behind the killing of Craig MacNamara, that you hired the trigger man.
He was wrong.
I never hired anyone.
Your job now is to protect Travis! No.
Our job is to find the shooter before your son's attacker does.
Well, I can't help you.
I never organised nothing.
(WHEEZES) No whisky today? Yeah, a bit too early.
Yeah, it is a bit.
This Cameron Dayton bloke, he's certainly causing you some grief.
He's a crafty bugger, ex-army.
You think he's the one that attacked Ralph Druitt's son? He's the most likely candidate.
What I'm wondering is, though, he says he knows who the shooter was - how could he know that? Why are you asking me? Look, Gary, I'm stuck here.
I'm asking for your help, mate.
Anything for an old mate, but I've got my responsibilities too.
Yeah, I know, you have to play it very cautiously, look after Witness Protection.
Which is a priority.
I know it makes it hard for your blokes to do their jobs They'll manage.
Look, OK, where do I start? You put Ralph Druitt away for the deaths of the four people in the robbery, then you got Craig MacNamara to testify against him, then you buried his interview.
Didn't bury it.
It must have slipped out of the file.
Now, Druitt and Noel Shirley can't have been too happy that MacNamara turned evidence against them.
Mightily peeved, but Shirley's dead, Druitt's locked up.
And his son's a solid citizen - yeah, I know.
But somebody out there is still linking MacNamara's shooting to Ralph Druitt.
I mean, who could that be? I have no idea.
And you've got no idea how this half-arsed freelance bodyguard Dayton found out who killed MacNamara before we did? I'm sorry, mate.
I can't help ya.
Is that all? Yep.
Thanks for listening.
Huh! Nothing like a good sounding board when you get to a What do you call it? Sticking point? The word you're looking for is 'conundrum', Terry.
Let me know when you work it out.
What are you doing here? Oh, have you got a minute? Actually, no, babe.
Bit busy.
I was just organising my passport for renewal and wondered if you wanted an application.
No, it's OK.
I'll do that later.
It's just if we're gonna go overseas, Matt Yeah, if.
If we go overseas.
You haven't even decided if you're taking the job yet.
So let's discuss it.
Tonight when I get home.
(SCOFFS) Well, lately when you get home, I'm already asleep and when I wake up, you're back at work already.
That's my job.
This is a big case.
Starting to sound like an excuse.
I've gotta go.
Hey, I'm here now! Take 10 minutes and let's talk.
Emma, please.
This is a major decision.
I'd like to give it time.
You've had time.
You're just avoiding.
Can we not do this here? We can't do it anywhere else.
Hey, Emma.
How's it going? Fine.
So I'll see you at home.
Yeah, see you there.
Hey, any news on Dayton? I'm not your message service, Allie.
(EXHALES) (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) (TENSE MUSIC) There's gotta be more to this Witness Protection scenario than we're being let in on.
Yeah, putting money on it.
What about Beck's directive? What about it? The Witness Protection Program doesn't need to be compromised.
Right, 'cause we've got a double murder to solve.
Beck had MacNamara dead in the water over these earlier armed robberies he did with Druitt and his mate, right? Then MacNamara gives evidence on this last job and everyone seems to forget about all the others.
NICK: The last job included murder.
The rest never went to trial - part of the deal with MacNamara.
But none of the stolen money was ever recovered.
What happened to that? MATT: Good question.
It might be the answer to how MacNamara got overseas and where he got his start-up money for his coffee business.
Maybe that's what we need to be looking at- not the history, but the period after he disappeared.
For that, we need to talk to the bodyguard - Cameron Dayton.
Don't forget the Rigbys.
That's where Cameron Dayton first headed.
Something pointed his nose in that direction.
DUNCAN: Well, he's off the radar.
Uniforms are out looking for him, but they're having no joy.
We can't be sure it was him who attacked Travis Druitt anyway.
Yeah? Same size, same sex.
Plenty of motive.
I don't reckon Ralph Druitt hired anyone to do any killing.
You believe him? The man's dying.
His son's been threatened.
If he had any information, he'd give it up.
Guys, we got another call-out - body found in a back lane, possible shooting victim.
And Pathology wins by a nose.
Or breast.
You're here fast.
Yeah, we took a swiftie on the freeway.
Deceased is here by the bins.
Crime Scene are on their way.
Ah, the bronze for them this time.
JENNIFER: You in the area, Todd? Yeah.
We were four blocks away when the "Shots fired" call came through.
Old guy who found him was putting his green bin out, said he heard some loud bangs nearby, but couldn't be sure where.
So the body was dumped? DUNCAN: No, I don't think so.
Look at the trail of blood.
JENNIFER: I think you're right.
I think he collapsed here.
One in the front, two in the back.
The one that killed him went through his liver as he was running away.
Two shots fired from his gun.
An old clunker, automatic.
A street buy.
Probably intended to throw it away.
He meant what he said about avenging his mate.
DUNCAN: I've got something.
Copy that.
Found a couple of spots of blood over there on the corner.
Then I found some more, a lot more, over here on the back gate.
I think our other shooter gone through here.
ALLIE: Police! Don't move! JENNIFER: Police! Don't move! ALLIE: Police! DUNCAN: Clear! JENNIFER: Clear! It's all clear.
Looks like Dayton got his trigger man.
JENNIFER: I'll get Crime Scene over here.
Can you organise some uniforms for a search? So who do you reckon lives here? Marco Mitchem.
He rents the house.
And he has an arrest record as long as your arm, sir.
For what? NICK: Assault, assorted violence.
He's a contractor, muscle for hire.
Killer? No conviction for that.
But, hey, if the price was right So he'd be up for killing a police informant like MacNamara? Quite possibly, yes.
The question is how did Dayton find Mitchem? Yeah, a rental, one of yours.
No, I want to check the hirer.
Dayton? OK.
Yep, thank you, thank you.
Allie found some evidence on the mobile at the search.
Phone call? A text.
We're running the number it was sent from.
What else you got? Well, mostly theories.
Dayton came equipped, so someone cashed in on his thirst for revenge.
Somebody's pressed Dayton's buttons and given him Mitchem's name and location.
Dayton organises a gun, goes after Mitchem, tries to pop him but gets shot in the process.
So who gave him Mitchem's name? It has to be the guy that hired Mitchem in the first place.
Whoever arranged the hit on MacNamara wanted to eliminate the shooter, the loose end, the man he hired.
DUNCAN: Except everything went wrong and Dayton ended up getting killed.
Sarge, Allie called again.
They believe they've found MacNamara's money and passport along with a ski mask at Marco Mitchem's house.
OK, Mitchem will know the person who hired him and tried to set him up and he will not appreciate it.
NICK: The list of people in the know just got a lot shorter.
The bodyguards - Gillies and Dayton - they're both dead.
That just leaves MacNamara's daughter and her husband.
Grant and Emily Rigby.
And as a long shot, Travis Druitt, our car dealer.
Duncan, pick up Jennifer and cover Druitt at the hospital.
Nick, you and Allie get over to the Rigby place.
You wanted to speak to me.
Did I? Well, three messages in my office said you did.
Oh, yeah, I did.
No, it's nothing important.
Have you had some developments in the MacNamara case? I wouldn't say developments.
I heard the vigilante bodyguard caught a bullet.
Happens to the best of us.
And the bloke who shot him is still on the loose.
Have you been listening to the police radio again, Gary? I like to keep up with current events.
Any idea who clued him in? Who clued who in? Who told Dayton that it was Marco Mitchem who shot his mate? Yeah, we got a short list.
Anyone we know on it? Wouldn't be surprised.
(WOMAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) What do you want? To check on you.
You OK? No, I'm not.
I got a call from the jail.
My dad died.
He had a massive stroke.
All this stuff going on I'm sorry about that.
But we've got a job to do, Mr Druitt.
Right now, that includes protecting you.
Now, I'm gonna ask you again - did you arrange to have Craig MacNamara killed? No! Nobody's been here, threatened you? No-one's been near me.
Just doctors, nurses.
Why can't you just leave me alone? Duncan.
Marco Mitchem was sighted in West Melbourne near one of the Rigbys' coffee shops.
Are the Rigbys there? No.
I just called the house, spoke to the baby's nanny.
Emily and Grant left for that coffee shop 10 minutes ago.
Nick and Allie are on their way.
I reckon we can get there faster.
OK, let's go.
(GUNSHOT) (SCREAMING) No, no, you've got it all wrong! Look at him.
He's crazy.
It had to be you! How else did the bastard find me? I don't know! I don't know who you are! I'm the one you hired, you prick.
Now you've put that madman onto me to take me out.
I don't know what he's talking about.
Look, you've made a mistake.
No, you have.
(SCREAMS) Police! Put the weapon down! Police! Put it down! (SCREAMING) EMILY: What's he talking about? What did he mean about you hiring him? What's going on? I thought he was going to shoot you.
He won't be shooting anybody else.
Won't be able to give evidence against this bloke either.
No, ll can't believe Grant would commission anybody to kill my father.
We loved him.
DUNCAN: How did you feel about your father-in-law? I didn't like him at all.
Your wife know you felt like that? It was the only thing we disagreed on.
He was an overbearing, controlling, self-absorbed prick.
She couldn't see that.
And that made you angry, him undermining you? He was always going on about how it was his money that was behind us, we wouldn't be able to get the business up without him.
He never let us forget it.
EMILY: He wanted us to be comfortable.
That's it.
He never forgave himself for disappearing all those years ago.
He had to be the centre of everything.
You should've seen him at the hospital.
Even our son's birth was about him - making a big show of it, ordering the nurses about.
I wish he never came back.
So you had him killed.
No, I didn't have him killed! So why did Marco Mitchem come after you? I have no bloody idea.
Someone must have put him up to it.
I don't know.
Who? I don't know! I wonder how Mitchem was recruited.
Face-to-face? Or a go-between, someone who told him it was Grant Rigby paying for the job.
We got some useful information on that phone - the one used to send Mitchem's name and address to Dayton.
And? It was a prepaid purchased yesterday, one use, throwaway.
Bought at a little shop in Malvern? Yes, sir.
No useful description from the shop owner - a man wearing a hat and sunglasses, paid cash.
(SIGHS) Stan.
Just hold them up for a minute, will ya? I'll do this.
Terry! Stan.
That for me? The whisky or the gun? Where's the phone? You know about the phone? I put a surveillance team on you.
They saw you buy the phone.
They would have seen me ditch it too, then.
I guess they missed that bit.
How'd it all go down, mate? offered me a deal.
He took half the missing money from the robberies to skip Witness Protection.
I got the other half for setting up the deal in the first place.
Then you put the note in his file - "Disappeared, presumed murdered.
" And I removed any trace of him ever being interviewed for the armed robs.
Hey, you turned a blind eye, for a price.
It was a lot of money, Terrence.
Where is it? Overseas accounts, retirement fund.
He was supposed to be gone for good.
Then one day, I just see him out on the street.
(CHUCKLES) That'd be a worry.
I fronted him.
He told me to piss off.
He threatened to blow it all wide apart.
And when he continued showing up? I kept tabs on him, found his family, kept watch.
I knew he'd come back.
When he did, I had to off him.
I had no choice.
If he got caught, the whole thing would come unravelled.
So you hired Marco Mitchem.
Told him I was just a go-between, that Grant Rigby had put up the cash to have his beloved father-in-law killed.
So Rigby knew nothing about it.
He was an innocent.
But that idiot Mitchem was not supposed to kill that bodyguard.
And when the bodyguard's mate started running amok, you had to deal with that too.
Him I could've dealt with, but when your mob got involved, I had to start boxing clever.
It nearly worked.
Pushing us at Ralph Druitt as a suspect? And using Dayton to try and do the hit on Mitchem.
The attack on the car dealer? I did that too.
Misdirection, mate.
Keep you looking at Druitt while I set up the hit on Mitchem.
Oh, well.
Like you say, nearly worked.
I won't go to jail, Terry.
You had someone murdered, Gary.
I also made a deal that got me two convictions, convictions on two men that had killed four innocent bystanders.
Don't you forget that! Fair enough.
Good result.
Pity about the rest.
I'm not going to jail, Terry.
Come on, mate.
I'm wearing a clean suit here, mate, alright? STANLEY: Move in! MAN: Move in! I'm sorry, Gary, but you will be going to jail.
Stanley, arrest this prick, will ya? Senior Constable.
Mind the broken glass.
Gary Beck, you're under arrest in relation to the murder of Craig MacNamara and Darren Gillies.