City Homicide (2007) s04e09 Episode Script

The Hit

MAN: To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under the heavens, a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which has been planted, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to break down and a time to build up, a time to weep and a time to laugh.
A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to get and a time to lose, a time to keep and a time to cast away, a time to rend and a time to sew, a time to keep silent Gary Sorry to hear about your mum.
Cancer's a mongrel of a way to go.
I could think of worse.
I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to embarrass you.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes Is this how you get your kicks, Terrence? You can't even back off and let me mourn my mother? Come on, I'm paying my respects on behalf of the force.
It's not like any other copper would.
and to eternal life.
You reckon anyone's gonna turn up at your funeral? (CHUCKLES) Mate, compared to you, I'm Mr Popular.
You think? Dogs die alone.
Get down! Drag him! WOMAN: Gary! Gary! Gary! It missed you by this much.
Thanks, 99.
Long range.
Couple of hundred metres from the grave site, but the shot definitely came from there.
High calibre, powerful scope, gifted marksman.
Nothing but the best for my mate Gary Beck.
Yeah, nice shot, but he forgot this.
I'll have to get that engraved.
Are you alright, sir? Oh, yeah, yeah.
it's not my blood.
it's Beck's.
We'll get uniforms onto a doorknock.
No, waste of time.
This shooter was in, out.
Job done, no fuss, no phone number.
Whoever wanted Gary Beck dead couldn't get him in jail, hence the execution at his mother's funeral.
(PHONE RINGS) (GRUNTS) Good news travels fast.
Commander Waverley.
We're gonna need your clothes too, sir.
Yeah, well, get me some more.
I expressly told you not to go to that funeral.
Come on, Bernice.
I know Gary Beck.
Given the opportunity to do a runner overseas, someone had to keep an eye on him.
And you thought that should be you? I was there in an official capacity.
You were officially at the dentist.
Gary Beck is a corrupt police officer.
You are the superintendent of Homicide.
People see you support him at his mother's funeral, they are gonna join the dots.
Come on.
I'm the one who arrested him! You had someone murdered, Gary.
I won't go to jail, Terry.
I have just completed a clean-out of Serious Crime thanks to Gary Beck.
I've had to shift four solid officers because of the perception of corruption.
Don't make me have to transfer you to the Dog Squad.
I like dogs.
This isn't a game, Terry.
You will keep a low profile from now on.
You will not respond to any media enquiries and you will not harass Stanley Wolfe or the investigating detectives.
Gary Beck was a parasite and a disgrace to the force.
I don't want any part in catching his killer anyway.
OK, let's get started.
Should we wait for the superintendent? Superintendent Jarvis will not be working this investigation.
He is a witness to the shooting and that is all.
So, Duncan? No luck on the shooter's car.
A canvass of the area came up empty.
Crime Scene is still going over the shooter's vantage point, but so far, nothing more than the casing.
What about motive? Who would want Gary Beck dead? Well, Beck was a corrupt cop and a killer.
There's no telling how many people he'd crossed in the past.
Yeah, cops and crime and everyone in between.
So we start making a list.
We got onto Remand.
Beck's been held there since Jarvis had him charged.
He applied for bail twice but got knocked back.
Who represented him in his bail apps? His solicitor, Francesca Heywood.
I was due to visit Gary this afternoon, after the funeral.
The duty officer called and told me there was no point.
How many people knew Beck would be at his mum's funeral? Um, remand centre staff, funeral home, myself.
What about your clerk, colleagues, personal assistant? No, I keep my own diary.
There's just me and a part-time clerk.
I did hear the superintendent of Homicide was in the know, if you're looking for leaks.
What can you tell us about Beck? He's my client.
Come on, Francesca.
He's a high-ranking cop on a murder charge.
Well, obviously I'm not gonna divulge anything that was said during our meetings.
That's privileged, and extends even after Mr Beck's death.
We're not asking you to break privilege.
We're talking about general conversations, before you got down to business.
Did Beck ever say he felt his life was under threat? I don't need to tell you what it's like for police officers who end up on the wrong side of the law.
Which is why he was in protective custody.
An allegedly corrupt cop is the lowest of the low.
Everyone gets a free kick.
Everyone turns a blind eye.
It's ironic, isn't it -turns out he was safer in prison.
He kept to himself.
Then again, he didn't have much choice.
Who did Beck have contact with? Me.
Other guards on the roster.
Other prisoners? Others in protective custody.
An hour communal exercise a day.
He make any friends? The only person he trusted was his lawyer.
And her, not so much lately.
What do you mean, 'rejected'? I'm sorry.
Bail was a long shot.
We might be able to get you out on compassionate grounds for the funeral.
When that happens.
“When that happens”? This is my mother we're talking about.
You said you could swing this.
Well, I thought we had a favourable magistrate, but somebody got to her first.
They said you were a flight risk.
Terry Jarvis (ECHOES) Jarvis - that'd be your boss, right? Used to head up Drugs and Armed Robbery? Yeah, that'd be the one.
Popular bloke in here.
Can you tell him to stop doing press conferences? Every time his mug's on the news, the inmates wanna chuck stuff at him.
Cost us three TVs.
Here we are.
Home sweet home.
If you think this is bad, you should see military prisons.
Blokes in here don't know when they've got it good.
How often do you check the prisoners? Every three hours.
Though every hour with him, as a suicide risk.
So he was monitored? (LAUGHS) Yeah.
Security's so tight even the governor knew if Beck so much as let one rip.
Everyone knows when he lets one rip and no-one notices when he craps a mobile? Don't suppose there's much chance of a gin and tonic? Rough day.
My big brother shot at my mum's funeral.
Did you see anything today that might help us with our investigation? No.
They wouldn't even take the handcuffs off him, you know? At the funeral.
After 30 years of service.
Not you.
The case against your brother was pretty damning.
Innocent people are charged all the time and then the truth comes out in court.
Did your brother call you from Remand? No.
I just used to visit him.
I was there last week.
I had to tell him that Mum was gone.
You'll be able to come out for the funeral, won't you? Gary, you're a police officer! Surely someone can put a good word in for you.
It's the police that put me in this place.
It's the police who wanna see me buried.
Gary Face it, Glor.
There's people in the police force who won't rest until I'm dead.
Gloria, did your brother say who wanted him dead? Superintendent Terry Jarvis.
So I'm a suspect, Freeman? I'm honoured.
What's this I hear about a phone down the bog? Beck was Neddy No-Friends.
Who'd he call? The speaking clock? Nick's getting call records together now.
When you find the shooter, let me know.
I'd like to buy him a drink.
Just a few questions before we go, sir.
What, are you serious? Just crossing our 'T's and clotting our 'I's.
You enjoying this? Just doing my job.
Fire away.
You made it your business to see that Beck's bail applications were denied - why? My prerogative.
That's not a reason, sir.
He was a scumbag and a murderer.
There's two reasons.
Witnesses have stated that you took particular interest in making Beck's life on remand as difficult as possible.
What witnesses? One said that you wanted him dead.
You got me.
I killed Beck in the parlour with the candlestick.
Well, as you know, we're just following up all lines of enquiry.
You have.
Now we're done.
Oh, if you hear anything about the poo phone, let me know.
Get out.
(chuckles) (FLICKS SWITCH ON AND OFF) (GROANS) shit.
(FLICKS SWITCH ON AND OFF) (BANG-! BANG-!) Looks like someone's got an issue with superintendents.
First Beck, now Jarvis.
Same shooter? Be a big coincidence if it wasn't.
But he switched weapons this time.
Handgun, not a rifle.
Got four bullets and casings so far.
Just updating Duncan.
The intruder was already in the house when Jarvis got home.
Mmm, it appears he turned the power off, so we've only got a vague idea of height and clothing.
And with all that on the shooter's side, he still managed to miss.
Life's full of disappointments, Freeman.
What if this morning didn't go to plan either? STANLEY: What do you mean? We stood at the shooter's vantage point at the cemetery.
It's a long way from the grave site.
No margin for error.
Move your hand a millimetre, breathe too quickly DUNCAN: Bang - he hits Beck instead of his real target, you, superintendent.
OK, here's how it's gonna work.
We start the investigation over, this time looking at Terry Jarvis as the target.
Jennifer's already divvying up the super's past cases so that we can work through any offenders with a grudge.
I want a follow-up on ballistics, vehicles, the canvass.
Go over both incidents, see if there's any cross-overs.
Ma'am? I want a member of this squad providing protective detail for Superintendent Jarvis whenever he's outside this building.
What motel's he at, ma'am? After a frank exchange of views with the superintendent, I've agreed to let him stay at home.
One of you stays with him at all times.
No disrespect, sarge, but wouldn't uniforms be better placed for protection? Superintendent Jarvis would have those uniforms for breakfast.
Take your work with you and rotate your shifts.
Allie, you're first.
Duncan, you're up next.
(PATS ON BACK) (KNOCKS ON DOOR) Duncan, come in.
I'd like off protective detail, sarge.
You've got somewhere you wanna be at 2:00 in the morning? No, I don't, sarge.
And I'm happy to work here in the office, I'm happy to guard him in the streets .
but I don't wanna spend any time at his house.
You've always managed to keep your relationship with Superintendent Jarvis professional.
To your credit.
I've found a way to work with him.
But going to his house? I mean This is a big case.
With Matt gone and no replacements, we're understaffed.
I need your full commitment to this team, Duncan.
Go home, get some sleep.
Your shift starts at 2am.
(DOOR CLOSES) Sorry I'm a bit late.
Don't worry about it.
These files are a good read.
Never knew Jarvis was involved in so many high-profile cases.
I guess if you stay in the job long enough Nah, these are big-time.
Take a look.
Maroun Street bomber, Vella brothers.
Drug baron Tony Keane.
Duncan, these are impressive.
All I can see is a heap of crims who might have good reason to want Jarvis dead.
Yeah, well, you put crims away, they're not gonna put you on their Christmas card list, are they? have our own files like this - a whole list of people who wanna kill us.
Where's my phone? You don't go after career crims like Tony Keane playing a straight bat.
They play dirty, Jarvis plays dirtier and people get hurt.
What, Jarvis is bent? I don't buy it.
He plays games, he uses people.
He finds their weaknesses and turns it against them.
Yeah, he's a smart cop.
Why do you think he hates Beck so much? Beck was an arsehole.
No, he hates Beck 'cause he is Beck.
(WHISPERS) Oh, yes! OK, good.
Don't forget to tuck him in and read him a story.
OK? Alright.
'Nigm Scumbag's name is Tony Keane.
(GUNSHOT) It was Keane who shot Claire.
(ECHOES) it's all gonna be alright.
Come on, it's gonna be OK.
She could wear a wire.
Charges could go away.
(ECHOES) Alright, Freeman.
Settle down, OK? (FLOORBOARD CREAKS) Oh, God! (chuckles) I'm not nervous, if that's what you're thinking.
Small piss pocket.
Runs in the family.
What's all this? It's your hit list.
Everyone who might want you to cop a bullet.
Impressive, eh? Not long ago I could count you on that list too.
Who says I'm off it? (chuckles) Dead.
Born again.
Doing 20.
Can't afford a hit man.
(SIGHS) Fear and hate, Freeman.
Makes the world go round.
I wonder if any of them would turn up to my funeral.
You'd be there, wouldn't you, Freeman? Sarge would go.
He would too.
Stanley Wolfe and the priest toasting me with orange juice.
(LAUGHS) Some party.
What about Waverley? Yeah, any excuse to get into a full dress uniform.
Sir, I don't give a stuff who goes to your funeral.
Just as long as it happens soon, eh? I'm just working the case.
Let's work the case, then.
OK, the shooter knew I'd be at the cemetery.
He was waiting for me.
Who did you tell? No-one! Commander Waverley tells me not to do something, I don't advertise I'm doing it.
Has to be someone with the contacts and resources to access a hit man.
Someone who knew my movements.
Someone who knows me as well as I know myself.
Also, with a bloody big grudge.
Gary Beck.
It's Gary Beck.
He set you up.
Gary Beck hired a hit man to take out Terry Jarvis? It makes sense.
Terry Jarvis is the only witness to Gary Beck's murder confession.
And with Jarvis out of the picture, Beck might have had a chance with the jury.
A slim chance -the evidence against Beck was solid.
Yeah, but he had nothing to lose.
Maybe he hadn't given up hope.
I'm not sold.
The hit man tried again even after Beck's death.
Why keep going when the guy who's gonna pay you is already dead? Well, maybe there's a middle man - someone who could pay up when the hit man finished his job.
Yeah, that is the way it works - half the money up front, the rest when the job's done.
If I'd stuffed up a hit that bad, I'd take my half and run.
Here we go - phone records.
Looks like, with one exception, all the calls that were made from Beck's secret mobile were made to the same number - a throwaway mobile that can't be traced.
What was the exception? A landline.
Account holder Marnie Rogers.
A call was made to you from this mobile number earlier this month.
I don't know it.
Look harder.
Are you for real? I'm still paying off my last mobile bill.
I can't remember one tiny call.
This call was made to your landline, not your mobile.
Cut the act, Marnie.
We know who the call was from.
Your mate Gary Beck.
Now, tell us what he said.
Ldon't know any Garys.
Look, maybe it was a wrong number.
My number's nearly the lost dogs home or something.
You usually spend 12 minutes talking to the wrong numbers? I'm telling you, I don't know any Gary Beck.
The longer you keep lying, the more you look like a prime suspect in the murder of an ex-cop.
(LAUGHS) Bull! Do I look like I'm joking? When did I supposedly get this call? (LAUGHS) That'll be my ex-boyfriend.
That's all.
God, you had me going there for a sec.
Your ex-boyfriend Gary Beck? No, my ex-boyfriend Dion Sharkey.
He called me on my birthday, begging me to get back together with him, go visit him.
Go visit him? He's in remand.
Who the hell is Dion Sharkey? Small-time drug runner.
He must be very small time.
I've never heard of him.
I heard you were taking a back seat on this case, Terry.
So, what - are you gonna kick me out of the viewing room? Nup.
No, I'm happy for you to observe.
I realise this case must have shaken you.
I'm not shaken.
I'm pissed off.
DUNCAN: So, why'd you call Marnie? I rang her on her birthday.
I wanted to let her know I was thinking of her.
Why'd you use Gary Beck's phone? I played up a bit.
They took away my phone access, so I had to look elsewhere.
I couldn't let my girl down.
She's not your girl anymore, though, is she? Oh, no, we'll be sweet.
it's just a bit hard, you know? Long-distance relationships.
Cut the crap! How'd you know Gary Beck had a mobile? In remand, there's not much I don't know.
So, where'd he get it? Well, I don't know.
DUNCAN: So, why'd he lend it to you? Well, me and Gaz were mates.
Asked him about his phone, he let me have a lend of it.
What'd he make you do in return? Nothing.
So you were just mates? Yeah.
Me and the Beckster.
We know you're scared of him JARVIS: Idiots! Gary Beck's dead.
He can't hurt you.
He wouldn't have anyway.
Me and Gaz were mates.
We used to shoot the breeze in the yard.
He was a good guy, you know? JARVIS: Superintendent Jarvis has entered the room.
Get up.
UP- Dion Sharkey.
I wanna shake your hand.
Why? I hear you've been doing a few favours for my boys in the Drug Squad.
Passing on valuable intel.
You're informant of the month.
It's nothing.
I chuck 'em a bone every now and then.
You're safe in protective custody.
I just wanna make sure you're comfortable.
Are you yanking me? You help us out, answer a few questions.
I'll put a word in the right ear, get your privileges upped.
And some smokes? Can I get some smokes too? Done deal.
What about a pie? I'm hanging for a pie.
From a bakery, you know? A real one with real meat (Yells) start talking! Back in your box, Freeman.
Don't worry about him.
He's harmless.
OK, the truth isme and Beck weren't really mates.
Is that right, Dion? Marnie hadn't come to see me for a couple of weeks.
It was killing me.
Come on, man, please! I'll do anything.
Anything! She could be screwing anybody by now! What about you? I hear you're looking for a phone.
So Gary Beck lent you his phone so you could call your girlfriend.
Yeah, it was her birthday.
And what'd he want from you, Dion? Nothing.
(LAUGHS) You scratch my back, I scratch yours.
Come on, what was it? He knew I could get him some stuff, that's all.
Beck wanted some downers and I got him some.
He was having nightmares, he couldn't sleep.
I'll put you to sleep if you don't cut the crap! Superintendent Jarvis, if we could have a moment of your time.
Interview suspended at 11:22am.
(/vHlsTl_Es) (Door closes) I was under the impression we had an agreement.
I didn't agree to anything.
Well, I'll rephrase it, Terry.
It was an order.
What the hell do you think you're doing in there? Trying to get to the truth, because Stanley's toothless terriers weren't getting anything out of him.
I'm not sure they were given a chance.
Kingston, Freeman? Your assessment? Their assessment! He's lying through his arse.
Duncan? I can't see Dion Sharkey organising a hit man.
What, you believe that cock and bull about sleeping tablets? Can't score himself a phone call but he's able to tee up a hired gun? It's a bit of a leap, ma'am.
Send him back to remand.
I obviously didn't make myself clear.
You are not part of this investigation and you are not to speak to any of the suspects.
Meanwhile, Bernice, there's still a bullet out there with my name on it.
He knows something.
Come on, people.
We're still waiting on ballistics so we can follow up on the guns.
What about Beck's finances? Any leads on the money trail? It's almost impossible to follow.
Beck sold his house after he was arrested for 700 grand.
Liquidising his assets.
Hit men don't come cheap.
Then he transferred 50 grand to a bank account in Monaco.
That's kinda where the trail ends.
Keep on it.
Nick, Allie, speak to Beck's Lawyer.
She handled his affairs, so she should be across his finances.
What else? I've got a list of the usual suspects for hired guns, but the fact that he or she missed twice says we're not dealing with the upper echelons.
New plan.
He wants to take me out, you want to take him down.
Frankly, I am sick of sitting around, waiting to be perforated.
You wanna lure the gunny into a trap? Exactly.
I'm not investigating, Stan, and I'm not talking to any suspects.
I'm just offering to play the damsel in distress so you can reel him in.
Surely we're not at that stage yet.
No, we are not.
There are a number of far less dangerous strategies on the table.
You're getting nowhere.
No, we're making progress.
it's day one.
Spare me! You lot are chasing your tails.
Superintendent I say we let him do it.
Finally, some sense.
I've done it before.
That's unless you wanna use a civilian to draw out the shooter.
(LAUGHS) You gotta be kidding me.
We all know the superintendent's happy to use other people as bait.
Yeah, thanks, Duncan.
You're not bringing that up again? It's ancient bloody history.
No, it's bloody not! Nothing's changed.
You're still shoving your rank down our throats so you can get your way.
What, because you know best? That's enough, thank you, detective.
You're not always right, sir.
So if you wanna be the bait, fine, but you better hope Senior Sergeant Wolfe's calling the shots.
You better hope I don't have your badge, boy.
Detective Freeman, my office now.
Everyone else, out.
Now, detective.
You better pull that prick into line, Stanley, or I will have him transferred.
Detective Freeman will be dealt with.
Too right.
You push to interfere on this case again and I will push back - hard.
(SIGHS) Poor Dunny.
I don't think he's slept since this thing's kicked off.
You know the Tony Keane case? Yeah.
Claire Jackson was Duncan's fiancée.
The one Keane killed? Yeah.
Oh, man! What? “Here, Duncan, read this file on Tony Keane - it's really interesting.
” (PHONE RINGS) NICK: Buchanan.
Oh Beck's Lawyer is on her way up.
Why did Beck choose you to represent him? You don't normally work murder cases.
Never say no to a challenge, detective.
I used to beat Gary in court back when he was a cop.
He knew my success rate.
Did you also handle his financials? Yep.
Gary authorised me to access his bank accounts as required.
So it was you that transferred At my client's written request, yep.
And you transferred that money to an account in Monaco.
Any idea where it went after Monaco? (SCOFFS) I wasn't his personal secretary.
No, I've no idea where the money went.
Transferring funds overseas isn't uncommon or illegal.
It is if you use it to hire a hit man.
Do you have any evidence of that? We actually can't divulge any details about our case, I'm sorry.
I found the 50 grand.
What, you traced it from Monaco? Uh, no.
I cast the net over Beck's associates, and guess where the 50 grand popped up.
Gloria's Locks.
A hair salon.
Beck's sister.
I thought it was a mistake.
I went to the ATM and I had The account it came from? I don't know.
I figured it was a bank error.
One of the girls at the salon said I could get into big trouble even if it was the bank's fault, so I phoned them up.
But I was on hold for ages, and then a client came in.
She wanted foils - she had a hen's night Gloria.
So What happened to the money? I got a phone call that afternoon from a woman telling me to withdraw 50 grand in cash.
And did you? She sounded tough.
She said if I didn't, I'd regret it.
Did you recognise the voice? Nuh.
She was just horrible.
She told me to drop the cash in a charity bin in the car park near my salon.
And then she just hung up.
So you did what you were told? Of course! I was scared - for myself, my business.
I don't wanna get mixed up in anything.
We think the money was used to hire a hit man.
The man who killed Gary? Yes, only Gary's death was an accident.
The real target was Terry Jarvis, and your brother organised the hit.
Do you believe her? Don't you? Yeah.
Where to now? I dunno about you, but I'm going to bed.
Lucky you! I get the 4am shift with Jarvis.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you, Kingston.
A delight, as ever.
Sarge's orders.
Where you go, I go.
Look, Freeman, move your car, will you? I've got unfinished business at the remand centre.
Sarge won't be happy about that.
You gonna stop me? It's not my job to stop you.
Get in, then.
Round up Sharkey's visiting log for my colleague, thanks, mate.
You've done your dash, Dion.
I haven't done anything.
The information's unreliable.
I told you guys the truth.
You can't do that.
The guard should be in here.
Oh, he'll leave us alone for a couple of minutes.
You know why, Dion? Because Gary Beck ordered a hit on a police superintendent.
What? Who? Me.
Gary Beck paid someone $50,000 to shoot me.
That money was put in a dead drop, which is what you'll be in if you don't tell me who picked it up.
Jeez I'm gonna hurt you, Dion.
It's not gonna leave any marks, but it's gonna really hurt.
You can't do this.
I've got rights.
You think you're safe here in protective custody? I can change all that, put you out in the yard with the big boys.
They'll work out you either screw kids or tell tales.
Either way, you're dead.
I didn't lie to you.
But maybe there's some details I forgot about.
Bloody ex-girlfriend.
You deny you picked up $50,000 from a charity bin on Stanton Street on Tuesday night.
That's right.
100% deny.
That's funny, because we heard you got paid a grand to do it.
Well, then someone's talking through their arse.
We got a great set of fingerprints off the clothing bin door, Marnie.
And a witness ID'd you.
(SIGHS) God, I knew that little ferret would end up being a hassle.
OK, yes, I picked up the bag from the bin.
What'd you do with it? I paid off my phone bill.
I dropped it in some bushes at the park, like Dion said to.
I don't know what happened to it after that.
Bloody Beck! Even from the grave, he's still pulling our strings.
He only gave each player a piece of the puzzle.
The Lawyer did the Monaco transaction, the sister dropped the cash, and Sharkey's girl was the courier.
And Beck was the only one who knew the whole picture.
Clever prick! Sarge, the ballistics report finally came through.
Both the handgun and the rifle used by the killer were military issue.
That prison guard - he made a comment about military prison.
That is a good place to start.
Result- Randall Finister, the prison guard, served seven years in the army at Puckapunyal.
He was on duty the morning Beck was shot, but we accessed his service records.
Turns out he was in the same platoon as this guy, Leo Bastoni, who stole weapons from Pucka and went AWOL.
Weapons that were later used in a number of unsolved car-jackings and a servo robbery.
And while Bastoni doesn't fit the eyewitness description in those of fences, it's likely he onsold the bulk of his stash.
Keeping a few choice pieces for himself.
He looks like he fits the bill.
Where is he? Thank you, superintendent.
You can leave that to us.
We will find him.
Let's go.
Well? Yeah, that's him.
Leo Bastoni.
Bad egg? You were in his platoon, Randall? Same as 45 other guys.
He was never caught, right? Yeah, he went AWOL.
Then what happened to him? Beats me.
Keep in touch? (SCOFFS) Hell, no.
See? Told you.
Told her what? That you didn't hire Bastoni as a hit man for Gary Beck.
She did some research, see.
Found out that the guns were probably stolen by Bastoni.
There you were in the same platoon.
Doesn't prove anything.
That's what I said! I'm charging him anyway.
With what? Yeah, with what? Conspiracy to murder.
Beck must have got the phone from someone.
Randall was the main guard watching him.
Not the only one.
Yeah, not the only one.
Yeah, but he's the only one with a link to stolen military weapons.
Ballistics reports don't lie.
Ah, I see where you're going.
Where's she going? Yeah.
She probably could make that stick.
But I didn't give him the phone.
I didn't give him the phone.
If I tell you what I know If I cooperate, we can do a deal, right? Dunno, Randall.
What have you got? He must have already had the phone.
All I did was give him a number.
The number for Leo Bastoni? Yeah.
But I didn't know he was gonna kill anyone.
Beck just said he needed a hired gun to protect his sister.
And you believed him.
It's not enough, Randall.
You need to give us Bastoni.
The hit's off.
We're charging Leo Bastoni with the murder of Gary Beck.
Beck, and The sniper rifle we found in his car boot made the charge hard to argue.
What about the attempted murder on me? Well, that's harder to prove.
What do you mean, harder to prove? He's denying it.
The pistol he used in his second attempt hasn't been recovered.
We've got nothing to show he was ever at your house.
We've got corroborating evidence.
Well, he's also proving useful to us in other investigations, Terry.
Armed robs, car-jackings.
You gonna turn a blind eye for some intel? He came into my house, Bernice, and tried to kill me.
And he's going to jail for a very, very long time.
No, no, no.
He is held to account.
We make an example of this bastard! This isn't just about you.
My bloody oath it is! Well, it's my decision how we proceed.
Now, I gave you an order, superintendent.
I get no say in this? Stay out of this case.
That is still my order.
We've got him.
Go home, Terry.
Yeah, right.
(SOBS) Hey.
Hey, Allie.
Glad this thing's over, huh? No more babysitting Jarvis.
I never realised he was such a prick.
I mean, I knew he was a prick, you know, but I sort of Yeah, OK.
Stop talking, Allie.
You were right- he does play dirty.
Talk about bending the rules, huh? OK.
I'm gonna see you tomorrow? Yeah.
See you tomorrow.
(REMEMBERS HIMSELF SAYING) I'm holding you responsible.
If anything happens to her .
you responsible.
If anything happens to her, I'm holding you responsible.
(CLEARS THROAT) So you were on with Gary Beck.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) A better man than you'll ever be.
Right, right, OK.
You call the shots.
It's over, you bastard.
The wrong man died.
You really loved him.
Were you in on the whole thing or did you just give him the phone? I gave him the phone, knew why he wanted it.
So that's why you're here, waving a gun at me.
You destroyed him.
That is my job, Francesca.
You're a Lawyer.
You know that - that's what I do.
Dog! Liar! Dog.
You're everything he said you were.
(LAUGHS) it's the game, Francesca.
We catch the bad guys.
That's what we do.
(SCREAMS) Down! Down! You took him away from me.
Francesca, please.
Think about this, please! (SHRIEKS) (GAS PS) So you put all this together? The Lawyer was in love with Beck and out for revenge.
Yeah, something like that.
That's impressive police work.
Good work.
Thanks, sarge.
Let's clear the area until Forensics get in.
You coming? In a bit.
That was quick thinking, Freeman.
It was lucky you turned up.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Why did you turn up? I read Tony Keane's file.
Claire's dead, Freeman.
Talking about it's not gonna do anything.
I've seen the autopsy report.
She was high when you sent her into that raid.
You fed her crack.
To calm her down.
Anything for a bust.
Doesn't bother you, does it? It bothers me.
Oh, it bothers me! You made a bad call! Why don't you admit it? Because that's the game, Freeman.
That's the game.
You're a real prick, Jarvis.
Alright, maybe if I'd done something different, maybe she'd still be alive.
OK? Thanks for saving my life.