City Homicide (2007) s04e10 Episode Script

Just Desserts

Order for table 11, plating up now! One lamb, yes? MAN: Andiamo, ragazzi! MAN 2: Yes? Go! Ladies and gents, how are we? WOMAN: Oh, fantastic.
MAN: Wonderful, thank you.
Top up your glass for you.
So are you off to France again this year? WOMAN: St Tropez.
More champagne on the house for the table.
Certainly, chef.
Ladies and gentlemen, how are we doing here? Does champagne go with seafood? Fantastic combination.
Oh, that looks delicious! Scallops Barbieri - my signature.
Smooth, whitebeautiful.
And some extra for Molly, yes? Thank you! Absolutely, chef.
Buon appetito.
Who's garnishing? Me, chef.
Really? I just saw my scallops Barbieri.
That wasn't a garnishing, it was a bloody shrubbery! Sal, I've got three tables coming up.
Table 7 is up now.
It's 'chef' to them, 'chef' to you still, Tony.
Capiche? Yes, chef! Come here, you bloody moron.
See this? This is a knife, OK? Lemon verbena finely chopped with citrus and crushed pistachio! How many times have you done this? Dozens, chef.
How many times have you seen me do it? I don't watch IV, chef.
Yeah? Well, maybe you bloody well should! Certainly, madam.
My apologies.
We'll fix that for you straightaway.
Sal! Sorry, chef.
You, get more champagne to table 7.
Go! Now! Subito! 'Bye! You keep screwing up like this, Carmel, you'll be doing the bloody dishes.
Oi! You head out that door, you don't come back.
No! (sizzles) (SCREAMS) (APPLE COMPUTER STARTS UP) Oh, it looks like we're no longer one person down.
NICK: Looks like they've got the flashiest computer in the building.
Where is he? In the loo? Would you like me to check for you? (LAUGHS) Shut up! Well, 'he' might be a 'she', anyway.
Well, he's not.
Rhys Levitt.
Figured the new guy should get the coffee.
We usually rotate, but we always admire initiative.
Cappuccino, right? ALLIE: Ooh, party tricks! He's done his research! Ah, it saves on formal introductions.
Can't stand formal introductions.
You would be Nick - latte? Thank you, Rhys.
Duncan - flat white, one sugar? And Allie, the same.
NICK: Very impressive.
It would be impressive if it wasn't on the kitchen wall.
I don't take sugar anymore.
JEN: It was an old list.
Lesson number one - don't trust old lists.
Here's me thinking you'd be amazed.
I'm impressed - with your computer.
It was a gift.
Who can afford it on what they pay us, right? Tell me about it.
So any work for me to do or do we just wait for somebody to get bumped off? Oh, we all just take turns.
How very democratic.
Mmm, and then if you've got a clear board, you're next up.
And I have a clear board, don't I? Morning, all.
Detective Levitt.
Call me 'sarge'.
You've met everyone, I assume? Yeah, we had coffees together.
That is good.
We've just had a call-out.
Who's up? Uh, that'd be me, sarge.
Oh, and me.
So this is your first stint in Homicide? Yeah.
Yeah, after I made detective I took leave.
Bit of travel, bit of study.
You know.
How about you? Career girl? Married to the job? Very observant.
Well, study paid off.
Ever been here? On our pay? Mr Levitt.
it's Detective Levitt today, Clifford.
And Mapplethorpe.
How are the scallops? Scallops are off, sir.
Clifford Dunn, maitre d'.
Which one first- oil or knife? Gideon! Sorry.
What? Do you listen to music while you do that? Whale songs, actually.
it helps me concentrate.
I had an ex that used to meditate to that stuff.
Drove me crazy! Gentlemen! The body.
What killed him? The oil has cauterised the wound, which means it was poured after he was stabbed.
So, what killed him? The knife.
The knife, great.
Time of death? Uh, from the probe Liver? Anal.
We stay away from the liver if we can these days.
Really? When did you Guys! Time of death? Internal temp suggests between 1am and 3am.
I'll narrow it down once I do stomach contents.
So, who is he? That would be Sal Barbieri, the owner.
The celebrity chef, right? Yeah, with about six cookbooks to his name.
Quite the rep too.
Boozer, party boy, women.
Major ego.
Well, he's a chef, isn't he? So, who found him? I came in with the fish and Sal was there, on the floor.
You said you were the chef de cuisine.
Second in charge of the kitchen.
Not anymore.
The king is dead.
Long live the king.
It's a hell of a way to get promoted, mate.
Can you think of anyone who wanted to kill him? (SIGHS) He's had plenty of run-ins.
Some physical.
String of mistresses too.
Married, unmarried - if you believe the trash mags.
Well, Sal's personal life was his business.
What about here, in the restaurant? How did he treat the staff? I guess you could say he had a love/hate relationship with most of them.
Including you? I respected his talent.
Well, respect is one thing.
Doesn't mean he was liked.
Yeah, well, he worked the staff pretty hard.
You made your own way in this morning.
There was no sign of a break-in.
So the killer must have had a key, right? Either that or somebody jumped him when he was locking up last night.
Sal always left last.
And usually too pissed to drive.
It's possible that someone stayed behind in the restaurant and then killed him, isn't it? I guess.
You'd have to ask Clifford that, though.
Good idea.
When will I be able to get back into my kitchen? Uhwe'll get back to you.
I doubt it.
We check the place pretty thoroughly.
We're gonna need lists from the last three months of all the customers and the staff.
And how many sets of keys are in circulation? Uh, Tony and I have a set, so do Sal and his wife.
That'd be Susie.
Are we gonna be able to open tonight? You busy tonight, are you? Every night.
Yeah, we've got a full house.
People book three months in advance.
We've got some important film types and pollies in tonight.
Well, no.
This is a crime scene and it stays that way until we say so.
Does Susie know? Has anyone told her about Sal? (WHISPERS) She won't be able to ID him from his face.
Mrs Barbieri, your husband's face has been badly burnt.
Are there any distinguishing marks that will help you identify him? A birthmark, perhaps? Umjust show me his hands.
You work in kitchens for nine years - sharp knives, hot pans - you get a lot of distinguishing marks.
That explains them.
Mrs Barbieri? (SOBS) Yes.
This is my husband.
Salvatore Barbieri.
Can you tell me when you last saw your husband? Last night at the restaurant.
And you weren't concerned when he didn't come home? I knew where he was.
lI thought I did.
In some other woman's bed.
And you weren't bothered by the affairs? They weren't 'affairs', they were shags.
You get used to it.
You weren't angry or upset? Not enough to kill him.
I used to let it get to me, but I'm over it now.
Are you? Yes.
Sal's a bastard, but his fame is our meal ticket.
Why would I destroy that? And you knew that he stayed on at the restaurant? He was getting stuck into the red wine.
I went home right after service.
You went straight home? Long bath.
Except for George Clooney.
I think we have everything we need at the moment, Mrs Barbieri.
I'll ask a uniform to take you home.
Thank you.
What's with the phone, partner? I had a thought during the interview, so I checked it out.
Would that guy have wanted to kill Sal, do you think? It's Lars Kellner.
He's a food critic, very influential.
Writes for the 'Great Restaurant Guide'.
Yes, I have heard of him.
He cost the restaurant their triple-star rating.
Sal was suing him for defamation.
Sal Barbieri was a promising young chef who got too much recognition too early and it turned his head.
He was very good, though, wasn't he? The cult of celebrity! Look, it turned him into an arrogant, lazy so-and-so.
It also made him attractive to female customers, didn't it? Oh, really.
Look, I'm not interested in Barbieri's little peccadilloes.
I'm a critic, not a gossip columnist.
His fame made him a target for you, though, didn't it? I didn't target him.
We have a copy of the review you wrote here, Mr Kellner.
You didn't just confine yourself to criticising the man's food or his restaurant, did you? You got stuck in on a personal level.
No! It reads as personal.
That's why Sal was suing you for defamation.
A suit that he was certainly going to lose because every word that I wrote was absolutely true.
And you can prove it was actually the chef de cuisine doing all the cooking in the restaurant? Well, lsuppose the kitchen staff would have to say so in court And they were all terrified of Barbieri.
So a finding for Mr Barbieri was well on the cards.
A hundred-grand law suit? Ooh, that's expensive.
Yes, but I didn't kill someone over this.
If you think that money's behind all this, you should be checking the Barbieris' bank balance, not mine.
Why's that? Well, I've heard rumours.
I mean, the restaurant was full every night, but it seems that Sal's lifestyle was sending them broke.
So you're a gossip columnist after all.
(PHONE KEYPAD CLICKS) Do you think he was right about the restaurant's finances? Made sense.
We'll follow it up.
Lesson number two, Rhys - teamwork.
That's how Homicide functions.
Yeah, OK.
Whaf'd I do? That thing, with the phone.
When? What thing? When we're in an interview, we both do the interview.
Yeah, OK.
Lesson two - teamwork.
Except I thought speed was of the essence too, right? The whole “murders get solved within the first 48 hours” thing.
That's why I googled him.
Good idea, badly handled.
I think we should talk to some more of the restaurant staff, like the new head chef- do you wanna discuss it first? (PHONE BEEPS) Why would I wanna kill Sal? Because his death gave you a clear run at taking over the kitchen.
Major step forward career-wise.
Not if I'm in jail, it's not.
I don't fancy plating up on plastic trays.
Where were you after 11 last night? I went home about then.
Left the crew to clean up.
And your boss? Oh, he was still kicking up his heels with the punters.
I just went home and crashed.
It had been a huge night.
How did you get along with Mr Barbieri? We've been through all this already.
Tell us again.
For the tapes.
He was an aggressive, ego-driven tyrant.
And now you're standing there, holding the spoon.
How do you feel about that? Good, actually.
I worked hard for it.
I created half the signature dishes on that menu and Sal took credit for them as well.
Well, why didn't you walk away? Because I'd put too much in.
And I could hardly take the dishes I created with me.
I'd just be accused of stealing Sal's ideas.
It doesn't leave you many options.
Oh, well, I suppose I should tell you that we had a fight last week as well before you find that out too.
A physical fight? I waved a meat cleaver at him.
Threatened to use it.
Didn't use a knife instead? No.
The kitchen's always hot, always frantic.
Everyone's under pressure to come up with their best.
Conflicts are part and parcel, but Sal was out of control.
Capiche? Yes, chef! (PLATE SMASH ES) He was getting stuck into Carmel again.
'Again'? Did he do that often? He was always picking on her.
Why her? I guess he didn't like rejection.
So he made a move on you? He made a move on anything with tits.
I threatened to report him.
He backed off, contented himself with making my life a misery.
If it wasn't for Tony, I Detective Mapplethorpe, the guest lists and staffing rosters you wanted.
Excuse me.
So if it wasn't for Tony He looked out for me.
If it wasn't for him I'd have left.
It must be hard working here after what happened.
Carmel, do you have any idea what happened to Sal? No.
What about the other staff members - any similar situations to you? You should, uh, talk to Monica.
She's front of house, senior wait staff.
Did she tell Sal to get lost as well? (CHUCKLES) No, the opposite.
She's his latest thing.
His mistress? That's the goss.
Half of it.
And, uh, what's the other half? Well, she's been off work all week sick, right? Yeah.
It's weird, 'cause they call it 'morning sickness', but you can get it all day.
I should get back.
Yeah, go ahead.
I got the lists.
Anything else useful? Er, no.
No, same as everyone She hated his guts.
So, what next? Oh, it's late.
Let's call it a night.
What, no coffee?! What, no rotation? Fast learner.
Hey, wouldn't mind a hand with these client lists.
Oh, we might have something better.
JEN: Yeah? Yeah, you're gonna love this.
Did you notice on the staff rosters that Monica Jones, head waitress, had all last week off? I made a note of it, yeah.
Word is she's pregnant, and most likely to Sal Barbieri.
What? When did you find that out? Last night.
Carmel hinted at it.
And you didn't feel the need to share that information? It was just gossip.
Didn't want to bother you unless I found something good.
And did you find something good? Monica was pregnant.
She's not anymore.
She had an abortion.
Maybe we should get her in.
So I've been sick.
So what? Been to a doctor? No.
You don't need a doctor's certificate to get time off work? I haven't been asked for one.
Is that because of your special relationship with your boss? Oh, Clifford and I get on well No, we're talking about Sal Barbieri.
Your lover.
Whowho told you that? He was or he wasn't? I'll remind you, Miss Jones, that this is a murder enquiry and lying is not a smart move.
OK, we were lovers, yes.
How long? Several months.
Several months?! God, that has to be a record for Sal, doesn't it? It wasn't just sex.
He cared about me.
Then why didn't he come with you when you had an abortion? You did have an abortion, didn't you? And let me repeat what Detective Mapplethorpe just said - this is a murder enquiry.
He did come with me.
He dropped me at the clinic.
Whose idea was it to terminate? Sal's.
He didn't want any children.
He had big plans.
And they didn't include his wife.
It wasn't working between them.
They both knew that.
And Sal and I really had something together.
So, what were the 'big plans'? I'd have the termination, he'd leave Susie, we'd run the restaurant together.
And open more places too.
And you weren't angry that he made you terminate? No.
Did his wife know what was going on? Course not.
He hadn't left her yet, had he? He told me to keep it all secret till he'd sorted things out with Susie.
And then he was gonna leave her.
MonicaSal slept with anything that moved.
What makes you think you're so special? He loved me.
You really think she's that naive? Jen, are we good? So you understand how it works now, right? Yeah, absolutely.
We share the credit.
It's not just about credit, Rhys.
You find a clue, no matter how small, and you share it with me.
We work together, we work together Yeah.
Sorry, I'm still on my L's.
So let's talk to Susie Barbieri together.
(DOORBELL RINGS) OK, Nikos, I'm just gonna run through that again.
So that's 12 dozen Sydney rock.
(SIGHS) Why didn't you say? Uh, yeah.
OK, have you got any of the Coffin Bay? OK, I'll have 12 dozen of those.
And then Tony will be by to pick up those crayfish in an hour.
Nikos, I gotta go.
'Bye! Sorry, detectives.
Just one more call.
Actually, we need to speak to you first.
(SIGHS) Can we make it quick? Sorry, I am so far behind for our prep for tonight.
It'll take as long as it takes.
(SIGHS) it's a nice set-up you've got here.
Well, I've seen 'comfortable'.
This is more like 'well-off'.
No wonder you were happy to put up with Sal's crap - tantrums, his cheating.
I've already told you - I had no issue with Sal'sflings.
Yeah, flings are one thing.
But what if, say, your husband got an employee pregnant? Which one? We're not at liberty to say.
You don't have to.
It's Monica, isn't it? Isn't it? I've seen the way those two carry on.
You found out that your husband got someone else pregnant.
You were angry.
A shag's one thing, but this was the final straw.
But I didn't find out.
I've already told you - I didn't kill my husband.
So, how far along is she? (MUTTERS) The little bugger! That's not a good idea.
(GASPS) Don't do that! Why are you looking at Rhys Levitt? Because I can't work him out.
On one level he's really good, and on another, he's like a bull in a china shop.
Hmm! Working well together, are we? He's driving me crazy.
He's running off on tangents and chasing ideas without consulting! Getting results? What is he doing in Homicide? Well, where should he be - Fraud? He'd be perfect there.
Why does he know so much? Well, the coffees were up on the board.
It's not the coffees.
He knew who we were! You introduced yourself! You didn't! And Dunc Jen, have you got those booking lists? Yes, right here.
I've just had another thought I wanna follow up.
Do you wanna tag along? No, no, you go ahead and just keep me in the loop.
“A bit of study,” he said.
Little bugger.
He's just completed a masters in criminology and psychology at Oxford.
At Oxford! He took a year out to do it.
Levitt? Good on him! And here's us thinking you were running customer background checks from the restaurant, Jen.
I am! You've got Rhys's personnel file open.
Yeah, he's a customer.
He's been there several times.
It's a legitimate part of my investigation.
Well, if he eats at Barbieri's, he's gotta be cashed up, right? Or his family is.
Right- and connected.
JEN: And why has he landed here with no practical experience whatsoever? (SIGHS) I need some fresh air.
And he's got a sweet computer.
Ah, Jennifer.
How are we doing on Barbieri? Oh, a few interesting developments, sarge.
Bring me up to speed.
Now? Yeah, now'd be good.
Where is your partner? Oh, he's following up a new lead, sarge.
Something breaking? Yes.
I'm not sure yet.
Give us10 minutes? RHYS: You've called Detective Rhys Levitt, Homicide.
Please leave a mess Dunny, I need to find Rhys.
Why, what's he done now? I don't know where he is.
He's not answering his phone.
Can you help find him? We've got a briefing in 10 minutes.
I'll go and check the male toilets for you, then, shall I? Thank you.
Summing up, these are our main suspects, all five of them.
Allie, you and Nick were following up on the customers, right? Yeah, we spoke to all the people who were eating in the restaurant the night Sal Barbieri was killed.
Did they hear anything from the kitchen that night? Oh, just the usual yelling that goes on in one.
And there were no complaints about him? No antagonism? ALLIE: No.
No sleazy behaviour? Well, no more than usual, they reckon.
Nick? Most of the women seemed to lap it up anyway.
So We know all this, Jennifer.
What's this new lead you're developing? DUNCAN: Found him.
Sorry, sarge.
He was down with Techs.
My computer's not fully networked.
Wanted to run a cross-check on the restaurant patrons.
Mmm, cross-check with what? Well, Jennifer and I were talking and we had an idea, didn't we, Jen? We had a few ideas.
Which one were you thinking of? Wealthy punters, broke restaurant.
Maybe Sal fraternises so much because he's trying to get information to blackmail them with.
That's out there.
NICK: Good idea.
DUNCAN: Any luck? No.
No, we were wrong about the blackmail, as it were.
No large cash sums changing hands.
So we thought we'd just keep following the money But I did strike gold on another front.
I cross-referenced the booking and mailing list addresses with burglaries committed in the last six months.
Found a pattern.
Five patrons burgled in that time.
And each burg happened on a night they were dining at the restaurant.
STANLEY: Good work, Rhys.
And you too, Jennifer.
I didn't know there was a briefing.
Well, next time, take your mobile, even if you're in the building.
Lesson three? I asked if you wanted to come.
I know.
You said no.
It was a good thought, Rhys.
You'll make sergeant in no time.
Ah, right.
So that's it.
You think I'm just here to climb the ladder.
Well, aren't you? I'm not ashamed of wanting to get results, Jen.
We all want results, Rhys.
It's just how we go about getting them, right? Now, about these burglaries - do you think Sal was involved or not? The Barbieris' finances are on the slide.
Maybe Sal needed to refinance his expensive lifestyle.
Yeah, or maybe he found out about the burglary scam and he confronted whoever was doing it.
Yeah, that fits his personality.
So someone shut him up before he could turn them in.
Well, whoever was running the scam needed a good knowledge of the customers and the booking patterns, and Sal wasn't very well across the business.
No, but the maitre d' was.
Front of house - the impeccable maitre d'.
Wouldn't be hard to tease out personal information about your patrons.
What they're worth, what jewellery they're wearing.
Their schedules.
This is ridiculous! And insulting.
Is that what you told Sal when he confronted you? It's not a conversation we needed to have.
Arranging burglaries of regular customers? (LAUGHS) How would I even think of something like that? With help.
And there had to be someone on the outside too actually doing the robberies.
You're out of your mind.
I've never done anything illegal in my life.
You've got records.
Check 'em.
Already happening.
And you can search my house if you like, for thespoils.
Thanks for the invitation.
Saves us from getting a warrant.
(CLEARS THROAT) Duncan? Yes, we need to search Clifford Dunn's residence.
So re-opening tonight, are we? Yes.
We'll be full, I expect.
Nothing like a scandal for boosting business.
I can't believe you'd suspect me of something like this, Detective Levitt.
Oh, it goes with the job, Clifford.
We're naturally suspicious.
Well, you can tell your aunt she'll struggle for her special table in future.
RHYS: You can tell her.
JEN: Thanks, Dunny.
Well, the search is all organised.
We'll give you a lift.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Anything from the search of Clifford's place? Nothing that matches the stolen goods, anyway.
Clifford Dunn is Mr Tidy.
ALLIE: How's his background looking? I did a detailed pass.
Worked his way up from sweeping crumbs off tables.
Poached by Sal Barbieri when he first started up.
Financials - clean as a whistle.
I can never get that - aren't whistles full of spit? I can't find any spit in this one.
I did find something interesting in the waitress Monica Jones's financials, though.
What? A payment of $10,000 to the registrar of the Brisbane Magistrate's Court.
Bail payment? Give the woman a prize.
One Shane Barnett finished his sentence six months ago.
Since then He's been here.
Hmm! Now we're cooking.
I'll let Jen and Rhys know.
So, where is he? I don't know.
We broke up.
I haven't spoken to him since I left Queensland - check my phone.
Oh, there's always pay phones.
Pay phones? What are they? Nobody uses pay phones these days.
They do if they've got something to hide.
You were the planner - the inside source.
Just because I've got an ex who's been done for burglary doesn't mean we're stealing from my boss's customers.
Your lover's customers.
Why would I do that to him? You see, our problem is you've got two issues with Sal.
He wouldn't leave his wife and he made you terminate a pregnancy.
Both are great motives for murder.
Yeah, according to you.
Have you even spoken to my ex? I'm sure you'd know if we had.
You can't even find him, can you? We don't intend to stop looking.
Well, when you do find him, he'll tell you I've got nothing to do with this.
Sleeping with Sal and stealing from his customers at the same time? She doesn't seem right for it.
We really need to track down the boyfriend.
Are you listening? Yeah.
Always listening.
And we need to find a way to put more pressure on Monica.
Yeah, and on Clifford Dunn as well.
Yeah, well, he lies to his customers for a living, so he could be tough.
What are you doing? I had to get the number.
Your condolences are very much appreciated.
Hello! (MUTTERS) Sorry I'm late.
Where have you been? Car trouble.
Tonight goes like clockwork.
Andiamo, ragazzi! What do you want? Table for two.
That's not funny.
I don't need any grief right now, OK? What happens tonight is going to decide whether this business survives or not.
I'm not joking.
I booked a table.
You booked a table? I thought you said there was a 3-month wait.
Under the name 'Waverley'.
Rhys, you can't Drop a name if it gets you up the list.
Detective A number of our command personnel use this place, and I wanted to make sure of a table in Monica Jones's section, which is what I've requested.
Wasting your time, then.
She's not here.
Where is she? I fired her.
It was just gonna be too much having her here in front of me every night.
And Clifford Dunn? Where's he? He's late, which is something else I don't need.
We'll just look at a menu while we wait for him.
If you have time for dinner, I assume you've identified my husband's killer.
Not yet.
You think I'm a callous bitch, don't you? Re-opening a couple of days after your husband's death? This place was Sal's dream - our dream.
We both worked for years to get it happening, and I'm not gonna let it die now.
Scallops are fantastic.
You don't seriously think I'm gonna eat anything.
Why not? Here we go.
(RHYS CALLS) Excuse me! Clifford.
Why'd you run? We scare you? Something to hide? I know why you're here, but I didn't do anything.
I swear.
She was dead when I got there.
Stabbed in the back.
Same MO.
But no hot oil.
And the theory is? That Clifford was terrified that Monica was gonna implicate him in the burgs, so he went round there and killed her.
And this happened while you two were out dining in a restaurant.
Checking out suspects, sarge.
It was my idea.
I don't care whose idea it was.
I want a full report ASAP.
Well, this doesn't look good, does it? It would look a hell of a lot better if we could solve these murders.
Well, we've got the maitre d'.
Good place to start.
You were the inside source for the burglaries, weren't you? We're gonna cross-reference your phone with Monica's ex.
That'll prove your connection.
We've got you, Clifford.
Monica had talked about an ex-boyfriend having spent some time in jail for burglary.
He was coming to Melbourne.
I got in touch with him.
But Monica didn't know.
You formed a partnership.
No wonder you were so keen to re-open the night after Sal had been killed.
We had a couple of jobs planned.
So, how'd it work? Did you match phone numbers, addresses? It's my job to make the customers feel at home.
I'd get to know the regulars.
Everything about them.
I'm a very good listener.
And while they were dining at Barbieri's I'd give their details to Shane, he'd do the break-ins, fence the goods and then we'd split the takings.
With you and Monica Jones.
She didn't know anything about the burglaries.
Is that right? She was not involved? She foolishly loved Sal.
You didn't feel that way about Sal, did you? Sal promised me the world.
“Come and work for me.
I'll make you a partner!” I quit a quality job on that promise.
I'm still waiting.
Bet you resented Sal's ego - his success as well, didn't you? Everyone did.
But only one person killed him.
Not me.
Still, it's a good job, maitre d'.
Swanning around, deciding who gets in, who doesn't.
You've got no idea what it's like, do you? Sucking up to all those people every night, taking their rudeness.
Keep smiling.
Keep being charming.
So you stole from them to make yourself feel better? I wanted some of what they have.
I wanted some of their life, not just .
tips andfamiliarity disguising their contempt.
Sal found out what you were doing, didn't he? So you killed him - and Monica too.
Loose ends, right? No.
(SIGHS) I didn't kill anyone.
Then why did you run? I panicked because I thought you'd found out and come to arrest me.
I'm a thief.
I'll admit that.
But I haven't killed anybody.
Why were you late for work? Monica Jones was killed not an hour before you turned up at the restaurant.
What were you doing at her house? I went there to find out how much she knew.
And what happened? Poor darling was dead when I got there.
Still warm.
I've told you - I'll admit to organising the burglaries.
You can arrest me for that.
But I haven't killed anybody.
And no amount of questioning is gonna make me say that I have.
Clifford's still denying it, and I believe him.
We've got him and Monica's ex, Shane Barnett, for the burgs, but Clifford's not our killer.
So, who are we looking at? These two - Tony and Susie.
We got a little bit distracted with the maitre d's scam, but there's a distinct possibility that their relationship is more than just professional.
They were acting very much like lovers.
Well, she's got motive for Sal and Monica Jones.
DUNCAN: Husband and mistress.
Susie's got no alibi for Sal, but she's rock-solid for Monica.
Right, but we saw Tony arriving late for work last night, so he has no alibi.
We should pull them both in.
Yeah, if they're in this together, we divide and conquer.
They'll cough up.
Why have you got me in here? I'm not saying anything to you people.
You have screwed up everything.
This is crap! Monica killed Sal because he turned his back on her after the abortion.
That right? It makes perfect sense.
Well, then who killed Monica? Clifford killed her.
Because of this burglary thing.
You see, it doesn't make sense.
Two murders, one MO.
One killer.
Clifford Dunn had no reason to kill Monica.
She actually wasn't involved with any robbery.
She knew nothing about them.
Did she find out about you and Susie? There's nothing to find out.
Is that why Susie fired her? No, Susie fired her for screwing her husband.
Where were you last night? You were late for work, weren't you? On your big night.
So? My car broke down.
Did you talk to anyone? Did you see anyone? No, I got it started again and went straight to work.
What if we told you we have a witness that can place you outside Monica's? ALLIE: Were you there? Tony, were you there? Answer the question, Tony.
I went there.
Why did you go to her place? Because I felt sorry for her after getting fired by Susie like that.
I just went to see how she was.
And how was she? A bit upset, but alright.
I didn't kill her.
Why would I? I liked Monica.
I'm telling you, she was very much alive when I left.
So you're not having a relationship with Susie Barbieri? Of course not.
She's my boss's wife.
What about the saucier, Carmel Shatner? (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Carmel? Yeah.
She just works in the kitchen.
Yeah, but you said yourself you were always sticking up for her.
Because I felt sorry for her.
Well, she said to us that she only stayed on because of you.
Because I was friendly to her, that's all.
NICK: He's a nice guy, Tony? He's gonna be a first-rate chef.
He's not bad-looking.
That's not important.
it's how he handles himself in the kitchen.
Oh, from what I can see, he can handle himself in other places too.
I don't know what you mean.
A little touch, a little kiss in the dining room as though no-one was noticing.
Just friendly relations with the staff.
Tony's friendly with lots of people, isn't he? Do you really know your lover, Susan? Why do you think he defended Carmel Shatner when your husband had a go at her? How would I know? Did you know that Tony and Sal nearly came to blows over her? It's gonna be the same thing all over again - him sleeping with somebody else.
Carmel?! NICK: With you increasingly pushed aside.
Carmel? Your liaison with Susie Barbieri is just a matter of convenience, isn't it? No.
You get a slice of the restaurant.
A shot at the top job.
No! No, he wouldn't do that.
What? Use you? He wouldn't He already did.
Sal's murder was a conspiracy, wasn't it? No.
You'd had enough of Sal cheating on you.
You thought you had something going with Tony and you thought you could keep the restaurant, with Sal dead.
So you persuaded Tony to kill him.
RHYS: Admit it, Tony! No! You never cared about Susie.
You thought you had everything - the restaurant and Tony Pascoe.
You deluded yourself that Tony was yours.
Tony doesn't care about you.
He'll be in the room next door gloating about how he fooled you, got the restaurant and got Carmel.
So you see, Susie, all your plans have come to nothing.
Sal's dead, you're gonna lose the restaurant .
and Tony, to a younger woman.
She's close, but she's not gonna give it up.
Keep her sweating.
She might crack.
We can't hold them for much longer.
She doesn't want to believe that he'd betray her.
Maybe we're wrong.
My instinct is we're not.
If regulations let us interview them together, I reckon they'd end up pointing the finger at each other.
But BOTH: We can't.
Or can we? You're right to go.
Thanks for your cooperation, Mrs Barbieri.
What did you say to them? What's going on with Carmel? Tell me what's going on.
Come on, sir.
What is going on, Tony? Nothing.
You're lying, aren't you? God's sake, Susie.
It was her all the time, not me.
You're just as bad as he was.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You said it was me you wanted, not the restaurant.
Susie, don't.
I loved you, you bastard.
Keep your mouth shut! You said if we got rid of Sal Shut up! As if I could have spent my life with your moods! You said you loved me, you bastard, and I believed you! And you're screwing Carmel! Because I couldn't stand the sight of you! That's one thing Sal got right- hating you! You tortured him with boiling oil, you sick bastard! I'm gonna tell them everything! You hear me? Everything! Whathappened to my life? Beautiful.
That was just beautiful.
Got them both.
Nice scam, coffee boy.
Well, it was Jennifer's idea.
Tony's just confessed to killing Monica after she confronted him about his affair with Susie.
So, how did she catch on about the affair? Monica saw them secretly pashing, figured out he'd killed Sal.
She was gonna talk to us, and Tony couldn't stand for that, could he? Your first homicide case and you've smashed it.
It's my first real case ever, actually.
You're kidding.
No, I barely had time to get out of uniform before I went overseas.
Yeah, how'd you know that? Detective Levitt, how are you settling in? Ma'am, no problems.
Caught a case already.
And closed it, I hear.
Teamwork, ma'am.
You're not here for a holiday, so keep up the good work.
And don't pick up any bad habits.
(WHISPERS) Ohh, what a bitch! Tough, is she? Yeah, yeah.
If she takes a set against you, she can be a real cow.
Well, I'll remember that.
Real cow.
Lesson four.
He did alright for someone with no experience.
Yeah, he's got good ideas.
He just needs to share them, eh, Jen? He's doing alright.
'Night, all.
ALL: 'Night, ma'am.
Hey, I'll do our brief for the DPP, if you like -take one for the team.
Thanks, Rhys.
Oh, my God.
(GASPS) What? Now it all makes sense.
I know why Rhys scored a job in Homicide.
The restaurant- he booked under the name 'Waverley' and the maitre d' talked about his aunt's “special table”.
(LAUGHS) He's her nephew.
Ohh Auntie Waverley, huh? Ohhh, no.
Allie? I just told Rhys his auntie was a bitch.
And a cow.