City Homicide (2007) s04e11 Episode Script


What have you got, Ronnie? Male, early 40s.
Demolition crew discovered him this morning.
He's been dead at least 12 hours.
Found this in his back pocket.
It looks like a hotel swipe card.
All he had on him - no ID, keys, phone.
So far we're talking John Doe.
Well-d reseed.
Well-stabbed too.
Multiple penetrative wounds.
He lost a lot of blood.
Someone trying to make him suffer? Could be, or someone who just didn't realise how long it takes to stab someone to death.
So this is where he was first stabbed.
And then dragged himself this way toward the entrance.
No phone, no-one around to hear him - he didn't stand a chance.
He couldn't call for help, but he still had a pen.
It looks like he left us a message.
NICK: Stewart Franklin.
Maybe he knows something about the killer.
Maybe Stewart Franklin is the killer.
You two take the back.
And stay sharp.
This bloke could be dangerous.
Let's move it.
Step out here, please.
What? Nice and slowly.
Move out of the house.
What's this about? Are you Stewart Franklin? Why? What the hell is this about? Sir, please answer the question.
Are you Stewart Franklin? No.
No, I am.
JENNIFER: Do you know this man? Nup, sorry.
You've never seen him before? Never.
So can you tell us why your name and mobile phone number would be written on his hand? I don't know.
Where'd you get the photo? This man was found dead this morning.
Do you know anything about that? Why would he? He's just a kid.
Where were you yesterday between 4pm and 8pm? I was here.
And I was here with him.
The whole time? Yes, the whole time! I'm always at home.
I'm not working at the moment.
I haven't been for 11 months.
Have you seen this man? No.
What about his mum? She say anything about anyone hanging around? I doubt it.
Tanya walked out on us years ago.
Look, I really think someone's given you a bum steer here.
This has absolutely nothing to do with us.
NICK: A murdered man had Stewart's number written on his hand.
Come on, mate.
We need the truth.
He is telling you the truth! Stewart, a man is dead.
This is a homicide investigation.
Do you understand how serious that is? Why don't we ask the Franklins to come in and make a formal statement tomorrow, give them some time to think things over? Do you mind getting Mr Franklin's formal details? Sure.
Mr Franklin, I need to sight your driver's license.
Alright, I'll grab my wallet.
Stewart, I don't know why you're lying to us, but I know that you're not telling us everything.
Now, keeping secrets from your dad is pretty normal.
There are things I used to keep from mine.
But this isn't normal teenage stuff.
This man is dead and we need your help.
Alright, Stewie, you and me have gotta go down to the station tomorrow .
unless there's something you think you need to tell them now.
Anything else at all, Stewart? Nup, nothing.
Hey, you get anything from the kid? Tomorrow.
Why didn't you use the old phone book method, you know, scare him into spilling his guts? He's just a boy, Rhys.
He needs his breathing room.
I need a coffee.
You could have at least brought him in here, shown him you were serious.
We've got no grounds for a formal interview.
We can't force him.
One swipe card, traced.
Issued by Wilson Hotel in the city.
Already? Yeah.
The room was booked under the name Kevin Masters.
Hi, Paul.
How you doing? I'm good, thanks.
Rhys gave you the info I left for you from the swipe card? Uh, yes, yes, I most certainly did.
I also checked the driver's licences of all the 'Kevin Masters' in the State.
None of the 'Kevin Masters' on file match the physical description of your John Doe.
I was thinking maybe he could have used a fake name to book the hotel room.
Isn't that your job, Rhys? Oh, no, it's OK.
I knew it was to help you out, Jen, so I offered.
Thanks, Paul.
We'll take it from here.
Yeah, I bet! The address? Well Sure no-one else has been in here? The staff were told not to disturb him and not to service his room.
So this is all his mess? Mm-hm.
Eugh! How do people live like this? Well, we can't all fold our underwear, Nick.
I don't fold my undies.
Flight itinerary - Queensland.
No computer, no diary.
He just writes notes on whatever's lying around.
Yeah, like the menu.
Or his hand.
So Stewart's number wasn't some dying message to us.
No, just part of his personal filing system.
Queensland driver's license.
Kevin Rogers Masters.
Oh, here we go.
Buying or selling? What do you think? There's a few of them.
This might explain it- private investigator.
Kevin Masters - Queensland PI, in town investigating DVD piracy for movie studios.
Why is a PI doing it? isn't there some kind of task force? The studios are desperate.
They're willing to pay big money.
Tough job.
JENNIFER: And he helped prosecute a long line of offenders.
So it could be a crook taking revenge for a bust.
STANLEY: Or trying to stop one from happening.
That's what we're thinking, yep.
Nah, I don't buy it.
STANLEY: Do you care to elaborate, Detective? Well, DVD piracy isn't that big a deal.
I mean, hey, everyone downloads stuff, no-one goes to jail.
Why would you risk life in prison for murder? NICK: Because the game's changed.
Drug dealers have started to move in - big profits, low risk.
Crooks from the drug trade wouldn't think twice about carving up someone like that.
For a few thousand dollars? Oh, just for fun.
What about Stewart Franklin here? What's his involvement in this? JENNIFER: We're not sure yet, Sarge.
I've got them coming in tomorrow.
Hopefully we'll have some evidence to put in front of him.
This guy's gotta be worth a look - Cayden Bitner, IT nerd turned DVD pirate and the last guy Kevin Masters helped charge.
And? And he made threats in court to destroy Kevin Masters.
Yeah, I threatened to destroy him.
He destroyed my life.
Did you get any gear confiscated? (SCOFFS) Try everything.
My PC, my servers, my routers, my storage, the lot.
That's a bit harsh.
Alright, so tell us about Masters.
Oh, he's an arsewipe, man.
I mean, thanks to that guy I'm unemployable.
I mean, who's gonna hire somebody who's got a criminal record? So you took revenge? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, come on.
You can admit it.
It was smart work.
His assets were frozen, car was impounded ALLIE: His computer sent pornographic emails to everyone in his address book.
Really? (CHUCKLES) Beautifully done, mate.
And then Detective Kingston, did you read this file? .
a Russian internet bride shows up at his family home in Queensland.
His wife must have been shattered.
What a crack-up.
Pretty funny.
No, it isn't.
Kevin Masters is dead.
This isn't a joke, Cayden.
He was murdered last night.
I No, you're way off here.
No, no.
How many times do you think he was stabbed? Go on, take a look, 'cause that's what revenge looks like, Cayden.
I didn't do that.
Oh, come on.
You planned to get Masters.
You yelled it out in court.
You're in some serious trouble here, Cayden.
Well, I hope you've got a good Lawyer.
I think we're done here.
Hang on.
Hey, no, no.
Wait, wait.
Look, I didn't kill him, OK? Maybe I went a bit far but OK, I'm not admitting to anything, but if you want a real suspect, I might have a name.
RHYS: His name is Phong Lam.
He's an ex-drug dealer.
Now he's selling DVDs.
Smashed our geeky friend into a little geeky pulp for selling discs on his patch.
Home address? We got better than that, Sarge.
We got the address of his burn operation.
It's a house in Knot Street, Altona.
So Phongy's given up the baggies and moved over to dodgy DVDs.
He always was one of the smart ones.
What? You know him? Yeah, an old mate.
Listen, Stan, I might run this bust, if it's no skin off your nose.
You go for your life.
Better dust off the old flak jacket, then.
So any updates on Stewart Franklin's involvement in all of this? Well, he's involved.
His mobile records show hundreds of incoming calls.
I followed it up.
It seems Stewart's the one you call when you want the latest release.
So Kevin Masters was either trying to nail Stewart or use him to build a case against his supplier.
OK, there's your evidence.
Go and see what he's got to say now.
I'll swap you if you want.
I'll talk to the kid, you go on the raid.
Jennifer and Nick will talk to Stewart Franklin.
Rhys, you gear up.
TERRY: OK, listen up.
Let's make this fast and clean, alright? Phong's a slippery bugger.
Let's move.
ALLIE: Don't move! DUNCAN: Police! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! ALLIE: Stay where you are! MAN: Get on the floor now! He's making a run for it! Hey, Phongy.
Long time no see.
(CHATTER ON COMPUTERS) What do you know.
Hey? Bingo.
ALLIE: Knife! Come here.
Girl power, hey, Levitt? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Stewart's disappeared.
He's gone.
He left after you did this morning but he didn't go to school and didn't go to work this afternoon either.
Not answering his phone? Something's wrong.
He never does this - he's gotta be sick to the gut to miss school, he's never missed an afternoon at work.
Could he go to his mother's house? They don't get on.
Mind if we look around? Is this his bedroom down here? Straight off the rack.
Where'd he get these? Nick.
I don't understand.
What's he been doing? We believe your son's involved in selling pirated DVDs.
No! No, he wouldn't do that.
He knows better than to do that.
He works at the bakery.
I told him not to.
I told him to concentrate on school, but he wanted to help out while I wasn't working.
Your son's name was written on the hand of a murder victim.
Like it or not, he's mixed up with some dangerous people.
Does the name Phong Lam mean anything to you? No, no.
But if he's the one that got Stewie into this, I will tear his eyes out.
And so? And soPhong, you know anything about this? Well, I mean, I'm no doctor, but he looks pretty dead to me.
Don't be a smart-arse.
His name's Kevin Masters.
He was a PI investigating DVD piracy.
And since that seems to be your game these days, you wanna tell us - is this your handiwork? Nope.
We've got you on the piracy.
We found 1,200 of these in total.
A few thousand bucks in fines and a smack on the arse.
This is no smack on the arse, Phongy.
This is murder.
That's a long time on the inside.
So lose the lip! Did you know this bloke was looking at piracy in your area? If he was, he didn't have anything on me.
Are you sure about that? 'Cause I'm thinking maybe he had enough to shut you down so you dealt with him.
I know you don't like loose ends, Phong.
You use schoolkids to sell your DVDS? Does this look like amateur hour to you? You used kids to peddle your baggies in the drug days, Phong.
What's changed? Kids.
No respect these days.
We found these in a 15-year-old boy's bedroom.
They yours? You're hurting my feelings now.
My products are the real deal - DVD menus, extras, the lot.
You know me, Jarvis.
I'm a pro.
And this -this isn't the job of a pro.
Smug prick.
RHYS: What? Phong didn't come to the party? He's not admitting to anything other than a few pirated DVDs.
He's just made bail.
JENNIFER: Oh, great! You think he was involved in the murder? It's not beyond him, but Jarvis doesn't like him for it.
Well, where does that leave us? Starting fresh tomorrow, I guess.
See ya.
Thanks for your help.
Who was that? That was Stewart Franklin's mother finally returning my call.
She didn't even care that her son had gone missing.
Should we be looking at her? I thought the same thing at first, but, no, she's just too far removed.
(DIALS PHONE) Mapplethorpe, Homicide.
Yeah, I'm following up a KALOF on Stewart Franklin.
Yes, I can hold.
You really get off on this stuff, don't you? A kid has gone missing, Rhys.
You can help look for him if you like.
Is it all cases that get to you or is it just the ones involving kids? You've got my number.
Thank you.
I bet it's mainly the kid cases.
Single female, mid-303, no family.
Excuse me? But then I guess this whole place is kind of like your family, isn't it? The team! You know, I think that psychology degree of yours has really gone to your head, Rhys.
Fascinating stuff, psychology.
Do you realise you're old enough to be Stewart's mother? Don't you have somewhere else to be? A life of your own to go to perhaps? (BLOWS RASPBERRY) Not yet.
it's only early.
Have you checked his local cinema? He would have seen all the movies six months ago, but it's still a good place to hide out.
Ah, good morning, Bernice.
I was on a raid with your nephew yesterday.
A success, I hear.
Yeah, once he worked out who the baddies were, it was all smooth sailing.
Detective Levitt might not have the field experience of other officers, but his academic background is going to be a definite asset to this crew.
Oh, yeah, Oxford University carries a lot of weight down in King Street.
I'm just ribbing you, Bernice.
Terry-Jerry, don't ever underestimate the value of a good education.
Any luck? Thank you.
Hey, what are you doing? I'm taking your computer away.
Must be your turn for the audit.
Audit? Yeah, Duncan and I got hit yesterday.
But they brought my baby back, safe and sound.
I have to analyse all your computers for illegally downloaded material.
There's nothing illegal on my computer.
Put it back.
Sorry, Nick, I'm just following orders.
What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I've got a murder case to work! They've got this new technology out.
it's called pen and paper.
It'd probably work faster than your old dinosaur.
Uniforms have found Stewart Franklin.
Railway workers spotted him at first light.
I should've gone harder and brought him in anyway.
There was nothing more you could have done, Jen.
There's no signs of a struggle, nothing to indicate he was pushed.
He didn't jump.
It's an option.
You can't tell.
So, what, you think that he had a hand in Kevin Masters's death and he couldn't handle the guilt? No, I just think we need to keep an open mind.
Nick, he didn't jump.
OK, he, uhhe knew too much and someone got to him before we got to the truth.
Yesterday when we spoke to him, he was scared.
He was not suicidal.
He was terrified.
So who was he terrified of? Phong Lam was bailed last night and he was hell-bent on finding whoever it was that ratted out his operation.
Maybe he suspected Stewart.
Possibly, but there's no evidence of a connection between them.
And the discs that Stewart had were all low-grade so it doesn't seem like Phong's league.
JENNIFER: So who was Stewart selling for? Anything in Kevin Masters's file? Well, calling them 'files' is a little bit rich.
After that IT nerd attacked his computer, Masters was avoiding technology.
It's a mess.
Look at what the concierge found in Masters's pigeonhole this morning.
ALLIE: Happy snaps.
Masters had these images printed from his memory card.
It's a link between Phong Lam and our little Stewie.
Evidence of a connection.
We let you back out on the street last night, Phong.
And this is what we woke up to this morning.
That wasn't me.
NICK: These photographs were taken three days ago by Kevin Masters - the private investigator who was murdered.
He had you under surveillance, Phong.
He had the kid under surveillance, not me.
Yeah, and now that kid is dead.
Again with the “not me”.
We believe Kevin Masters was using Stewart to build up a case against you.
That kid didn't know squat about me or my operation.
Stewart knew that you killed Kevin Masters.
You shut him up by pushing him over a bridge.
(CHUCKLES) You guys don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't kill the little turd.
I just had a few words with him.
That's it.
More than a few words.
What were you discussing, Phong? He was selling his cheap-arse product on my patch, so I .
I suggested that he stop.
Where were you last night? I was at home with my girlfriend.
Did you go out at all? No, I didn't.
You guys have got nothing on me.
You're wasting your time.
JENNIFER: Sit down! We are not done here.
I didn't kill anyone, OK? I don't need to.
I've got all sorts of ways of dealing with people I don't like without killing them.
Is that a threat, Mr Lam? I don't need to make threats.
That's just the way it is.
We've got nothing to hold him on.
You know that.
He's a danger to the public.
So is my dentist and he's roaming free.
Look, Phong Lam's a smart businessman.
He moved from drugs to DVDs to avoid doing jail time.
Why is he gonna leave us a trail of bodies to find? What else have you got? Stewart's dad remembered a friend called Jarred dropping around the house a few times, private school uniform.
And the dad couldn't have remembered this yesterday? He thinks he worked at the bakery with Stewart.
So what's the delay? Grab your partner, dosido.
Yeah, Stewart Franklin's been working here a year now.
Good worker.
One of the few who don't whinge about the early starts.
When was the last time you saw Stewart? Tuesday.
Why? He's not in any trouble, is he? Stewart Franklin is dead.
Dead? What happened to him? Do you recognise either of these men, Lance? Sorry.
You've never seen them around here anywhere? No.
Why? Did they do something to Stewart? We're just following inquiries at this stage.
Do you have another boy that works here, called Jarred? Yeah, Jarred Rayner.
He works in the shop.
Do you have contact details for Jarred? Yeah, they're on the board.
Actually, I was just about to call him.
He didn't show up for his shift this morning.
I don't like it.
If this Jarred Rayner is involved with DVD pirating with Stewart, and now he's disappeared Hey, try not to jump to conclusions.
This case has really got to you, hasn't it? Some of them just do.
(DOOR OPENS) Jarred? Stop right there! Jarred, police! Hey! Ohh! NICK: Come on, mate.
Get off me! We just want a little chat.
Get off him! Hey, we're police! Quit it with the rake! Get your hands off him! We're police.
Hey! Get your hands off my boy! Get off him! I said, “Quit it with the rake.
” (chuckles) (CLOCK CHIMES) Steward Franklin is dead.
What? Are you serious? Who's Stewart? Is he from school? No, he's from the bakery, but we weren't really friends.
JENNIFER: Are you sure about that? Stewart's father says he remembers you visiting the house.
No, not me.
Is this why you ran, Jarred? Are these yours? They're mine.
Yours? Where did you get them? Jarred gave them to me.
Are you aware they're pirated copies, Jarred? Well, of course he is.
He's not stupid.
And you're aware that's a crime? (SCOFFS) Hardly! Everybody does it.
Everybody I know has them.
Do you sell DVDs, Jarred? Don't answer that.
That's none of their business.
It's OK.
No, it's not.
Mum, really.
Zip it! Hear me? I'd like to tell you what happened to Stewart.
Is that OK, Jarred? See, Stewart was selling pirated DVDs, probably thought it was no big deal, but then he was killed, possibly murdered.
That's enough! When? Last night.
I'm asking you to leave.
If you're mixed up with the same people, you could be in real danger.
He is not mixed up with anything! We don't want to charge you.
We are trying to help you.
We're trying to find out who killed Stewart.
Now, you can call me .
any time of the day or night and we can talk.
I will be calling my Lawyer.
We should've charged her.
Oh, with what? Assault with a deadly rake? We could get a warrant, shake her up a bit.
Hey, what are you doing now? I'm done with your laptop, Detective.
Thanks, Paul.
Jen, can I have a word? Can it wait a minute? Actually, no.
it's kind of What is it? One of the crew has illegal DVDs on their computer.
What? The tech audit.
One of the crew has illegal downloads on their hard drive.
Someone in Homicide? I don't know what to do.
I mean, I'm obliged legally to pass the information on, but at the same time, I consider you guys to be my friends.
Well, you have to tell Waverley.
I don't think that'd be a very good career move.
You have to tell Waverley, Paul.
Hey, Jen, you gotta check this out.
Oh, the security footage.
What footage? From the hotel our PI was staying at.
I checked it all, hours of painstaking viewing.
No popcorn.
Aw! And? And these are our two key suspects, right? Mm-hm.
The IT nerd and the drug guy.
Well, neither of them were anywhere near the hotel in the week our PI was killed.
Ls this helpful, Rhys? Very.
Paul, you wanna explain? Oh, the hotel stored all of its security footage on their server, but it had an unsecured port on their firewall so I guess it actually wasn't that secure.
Anyway, it would have been really easy for someone to get in via telnet and manipulate the files, change the time stamps.
Someone hacked in, changed the video.
This is what you watched.
RHYS: The corridor outside our Pl's room.
But this is the original file someone didn't want us to see.
And look who's visiting our Pl's room right before he gets killed.
JENNIFER: That's Cayden Bitner.
RHYS: Our IT nerd.
RHYS: You went to a great deal of trouble to hide that security footage.
Well, I knew how it would look.
How is that, Cayden? Me visiting the guy the day he was murdered? Not great.
Why were you visiting him? To apologise for all the inconvenience I caused him.
ALLIE: Ha! What? it's true! Let it go, Cayden.
You hated the guy.
He stole all your precious toys.
You were never going to apologise and he knew that.
Here's what I think.
I think you got back in the game.
I think you were burning DVDs again and Masters found out.
BITNER: I'm not selling DVDs! You getting schoolkids to do that for you instead? No! I don't even have any equipment.
Besides, why would Masters invite me into his room if he just wanted me charged? Good question.
Yeah, he's got a point.
It doesn't make sense.
My bet's extortion.
The PI wanted his life back and was willing to pay to stop the sabotage.
So he met with you to make a deal.
RHYS: Only you weren't interested in his money, were you? You wanted him out of the picture.
You wanted revenge for what he'd done to you so you lured him to that building site and you stabbed him, didn't you? No, I didn't kill him! You were in his hotel, Cayden.
You hid the footage.
OK, yeah, yeah.
I was blackmailing him, OK? But that's it.
I am not back in the game and I didn't kill him.
NICK: Any joy from the IT crowd? No.
We got him for blackmail, but I just can't see him for murder.
There's no connection to Stewart Franklin.
So back to square one - more late nights.
Should keep you happy, Jen.
Crime Scene found this sat nav under the driver's seat of the Pl's car.
Any info still on it? The last address he searched for was Hardwick Bakery.
I keep asking myself why the boys were still working there.
They were making more than enough money selling DVDs.
Why get up at 4am to get covered in flour? A search warrant? That's right.
Any idea why this address would be in the navigation system of a murdered man? It's a bakery.
A lot of people come here.
The man was a private investigator so tell me - what would he have been investigating here? I don't know.
My secret coffee scroll recipe? We looked into your finances.
Business was good last year.
And your power bills are way up.
The back door's locked.
Uh, the door over there's locked.
Any chance of opening it for us? Why all the power points, Lance? I was thinking about extending, putting the kneading machines out back.
I might still, the way business has been booming.
We believe you've been using your bakery to burn your illegal DVDs.
I bake bread.
That's all.
An extra $2,000 cash has been deposited into your account every week for the last six months over and above what your bakery earns.
It's a cash business.
I'm sometimes a bit scrappy with the paperwork, but it's all there.
When we visited your shop previously we showed you a photograph of this man.
You denied ever seeing him.
So? We think this private investigator got your details from Stewart Franklin, the 15-year-old boy who you've been using to sell your illegal DVDs.
NICK: The PI started sniffing around and you realised you had to stop him.
You killed him.
What? No.
Then you pushed that boy over the bridge to cover your tracks.
This is ridiculous.
My Lawyer told me to make no comment.
But I wanted to help you guys out.
Where were you last night, Lance, between 10pm and 1am? I've got a statement here that my solicitor prepared.
It'll tell you everything you need to know.
I've got nothing to do with burning DVDs and absolutely bugger all to do with murder.
From now on, I'm saying, “No comment.
” I'm sometimes a bit scrappy with the paperwork, but it's all there.
(TAPE REWINDS) NICK: There you are.
JENNIFER ON TAPE: We think this private investigatoi: .
What are you up to? There's just something about this guy.
Watch his hands.
They're in his pockets the whole time.
And? And when we went to the bakery he wouldn't touch the photograph because he had flour on his hands.
You're right.
Now watch.
Watch how he hands over the statement.
my solicitor prepared.
Look how he holds it.
He's avoiding leaving prints.
But why? He's not on the system.
He's got no priors.
That we know of.
So what's he hiding? God, you'd think he'd be packing up by now.
He'll come.
I don't suppose you've got any dodgy DVDs on your work computer? No, of course not.
Oh, well, Paul says that someone in Homicide has got illegal downloads.
Did he say who? I think it's Rhys.
Huh, it'd be interesting to see him talk his way out of that with the commander.
Here we go.
Come on, Lance.
You've gotta put your hands down somewhere.
There it is.
OK, Lance, let's see who you really are.
(JENNIFER SIGHS) You pacing up and down isn't gonna speed things up.
I know, but how long can it take to run a set of prints, really? Do you think I work too hard? No.
Do you think I spend too much time at work? It's Homicide.
I've got life.
I see family and friends and Yeah, you see Dunny, you see Matt, you see me.
Not just you lot.
I mean, just because I'm not married with kids doesn't mean I'm over the hill.
Not by a long shot.
What is it about this case that's got under your skin? (COMPUTER BEEPS) Nick.
We've got a match.
Match for what? That's why he didn't want to leave prints.
In 1995, Lance Hardwick, our baker, was living in Darwin, which is where we believe he crossed paths with this girl.
NICK: Alouisa Dyall was 19 and a tourism student.
She was raped and murdered on her way home from a club at 4am, carved up with a knife just like the PI.
Lance Hardwick owned a bakery.
He was probably going to work at that time.
NICK: He never came up in the police investigation because there was nothing to connect him to the girl.
Until now.
His prints were all over this knife.
It all makes sense, Sarge.
Lance couldn't afford to be busted for DVD piracy because his prints would have been linked to Alouisa's murder.
And that's your motive for the murder of Kevin Masters and Stewart.
Did you get a photograph of him putting his prints on the bin? No, but I watched him do it.
And his were the only prints on the bin? No, there were others, but I saw exactly where he placed his hands.
From how far away? I had binoculars.
So you can say without a shadow of a doubt they're his prints? No.
No, I can't.
I'm sorry.
it's circumstantial.
The defence would run rings around us in court.
It could derail both cases.
OK, but this guy's a rapist and a murderer.
He owns a bakery, kids work with him.
He can't just be left out on the street.
I will put him under surveillance, but you need to find a reason to charge him.
When's your mum home? Another hour.
Jarred, we need your help.
We know your boss at the bakery was burning the DVDs.
We also believe he's the one that killed Stewart and the private investigator.
Now, I know it's a big ask, but we need you to make a statement against Lance Hardwick.
I didn't see him do it.
I didn't see him kill anyone.
I know.
That's OK.
All you need to do is tell us about his DVD operation.
Give us that, we'll put him away for a long time.
What if he finds out it was me who talked? We'll make sure he doesn't.
Can't someone else do it? Honestly, at the moment you're our only way in.
What do you say, Jarred? You know what? It's OK.
Listen Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry, OK? I want to help out.
I do.
But if Lance It's OK.
The kid's terrified.
ALLIE: I don't blame him.
Lance Hardwick's killed three people now.
Two of them he's carved up with a knife.
He's still our cleanest shot for an arrest.
No, he stays out of it.
So what's the plan? We send an officer in undercover posing as a buyer for his old burn equipment.
You're sure he's still got it? I'm not.
If we play it right, it might be enough to get him talking.
We don't need him to say much, just enough to charge him with piracy.
Then we can get his prints legitimately.
Alright, so who's on the wire? So this is all part of my initiation, then? Yeah, very funny.
JENNIFER: Well, he's already seen me and Nick, so And I heard you were a big help in the raid.
(EXHALES) Hey, Rhys.
Watch your back.
He is up to this, isn't he? Well, one thing he is good at is talking.
Um, guys, isn't that Jarred Rayner? What the hell's he doing here? ALLIE: He's gonna get himself killed.
Hello, Jarred.
I wanna talk to you.
NICK: Allie, you take the back.
I'll just close this.
Round the back with Allie.
(GRUNTS) Allie, you and Rhys round the back? ALLIE ON RADIO: It's padlocked.
Come here.
I should have known not to trust you two little pricks.
You killed him, didn't you? Shut up! You killed Stewart.
You threw Stewart off that bridge.
Oh, just a little push.
That's all it took.
What I did to Stewart and that PI is child's play compared to what I'm gonna do to you.
Oh! Nick, stand back.
Freeze! Police! Don't move! Oh, thank God.
That little bastard pulled a knife on me.
He was trying to kill me.
PHONE RECORDING: Just a little push.
That's all it took.
What I did to Stewart and that PI is child's play compared to what I'm gonna do to you.
It's all recorded, dickhead.
Lance Hardwick, you're under arrest.
You're not obliged to say or do anything, but anything you say or do may be given in evidence.
You may communicate or attempt to communicate with a friend or relative Why did he have to kill him? He didn't have to kill him! it's OK, Jarred.
No, it's not! I got Stewie into this.
I was the one who told him about Lance, about the pirated DVDs, told him it was no big deal.
Why did I get him involved? Why couldn't I just have gone to the bridge with him? It's not your fault.
Yes, it is.
It's not your fault! You were really brave today and because of you we caught Stewart's killer.
Just promise me you'll never do anything like that again.
Deal? Deal.
(ALL CHATTER INDISTINCTLY) The computer audit results.
This should be interesting.
JENNIFER: Yes, very.
They're taking it pretty seriously.
I wouldn't want to be the one they caught.
NICK: Ma'am.
Happy to report a clean bill of health for Homicide.
ALLIE: What a waste of time.
Paul, you said someone had downloads.
I know, but trust me, I had no choice.
Paul, I just wanted to say thanks for the upgrade, mate.
She's running a lot smoother now you removed all those files.
(WHISPERS) Jarvis? What is it, Rhys? You didn't really think I'd be stupid enough to have downloads on my computer? No, of course not.
No, I do all my downloading on my home machine.
You know, you really are good with kids.
No, really.
Soyou up for a drink? I'm just about to call Kevin Masters's wife and tell her we caught her husband's killer.
See you tomorrow.
It should only take 10-15 minutes if you're OK to wait.