City Homicide (2007) s04e15 Episode Script


Senior Constable.
Expand your normal canvass.
We're gonna need a bigger-than-routine doorknock.
Will do.
(SIREN WAILS) Yeah, Sarge.
I think you're gonna wanna get down here.
It's as bad as I've seen for a while.
A whole family? Mum, dad and two kids.
Neighbour found them when she dropped round for a coffee.
Head shot.
It was quick.
She was running away.
Couldn't be more than eight.
They shot the dad first.
Looks like Mum heard the noise, came running, then came face to face with the shooter.
The boy was playing computer games, so he probably didn't even know what hit him.
Little girl wasn't so lucky.
ALLIE: All execution-style.
Definite pro job.
What is it? Uh .
you know.
What was that about? Tell me I'm wrong.
(MUTTERS) oh, God.
We'll have to tell someone.
Yeah? What happens then? I know we can't just walk into Waverley or Wolfie's office and tell them.
But I'd like to.
It isn't an option.
Abdul's dead.
They killed his children.
I remember him talking about those kids.
We have to think this through.
Nick, we know the victim.
We know what he was into.
That has to be the reason he's dead.
I know, but right now we can't do anything about it.
OK, let's get started.
I want you to forget the media storm that will soon be upon us but at no stage should you forget this - four people are dead, an entire family, and our community needs answers.
So - point of entry? Glass cut from a window next to the sliding door.
Didn't leave much to chance.
What about the family? Indonesian.
Illegals? We talking drugs? No, they're Australian citizens.
Abdul and Gema Supomo came out from Sumatra about 15 years ago.
They've got no criminal record, and the kids were born here.
Information from the doorknock shows that they were popular in the neighbourhood.
What about work? The father came out as a tiler.
Same job he's had since he got here.
The mother, she worked as a part-time waitress at a local restaurant.
Model citizens.
So far no-one's had a bad word to say about them.
Until they were shot.
What about you two? You're not saying much.
No, thethe crime scene this morning had that effect.
Given the nature of the case, I'll be running this one.
Matt, coordinate full backgrounds on all of the Supomos.
Daily routines, whoever they came in contact with.
Jennifer, Nick, I want you as lead detectives on this one.
BOTH: Yes, Sarge.
How are you going with the IDS? Rhys is at the morgue now with Abdul Supomo's brother.
This is my brother, Abdul Supomo.
Gema Supomo, my brother's wife.
Take as long as you need.
(SIGHS) I do not want to remember them like this.
Ben Supomo, my nephew.
My niece, Natalie.
How could somebody do this? Why? Spoke to the brother? How'd he take it? You heard how I reacted at the crime scene? Yeah, it was his family.
He got an alibi? Oh, you're all heart, aren't you? Closest family member, that's where we look first.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
And Duncan and I hit him with all the tough questions in the statement room.
But? But he's surprised.
He's devastated.
Duncan's checking his alibi, but neither of us like him for it.
What have you got there? I checked the family's belongings out of the morgue.
I'm just going through them.
Anything so far? Um, nothing on the boy.
Justtwo plastic bangles on the girl.
Wedding rings, watches.
I sent the parents' mobile phones to the techs.
Oh, but this -this was found on Abdul Supomo's person.
In his sock.
His sock? Yeah, not on the hook with the rest of the keys.
So, what makes this key so special? Looks like a locker key.
A train station, maybe, or a gym? Yeah, I'm searching online for businesses with the acronym 'CBH'.
Drink? Uh, no.
The ones that get to you, they're the ones that you find the answers to no matter what.
Should we contact someone? Who? Abdul was our contact.
Who do we call? I don't know.
Do they even know Guys, what's up? Oh, just refuelling.
You'll go through a few of those before this thing's through.
Yeah, you're right about that.
Alright, I'll leave you to it.
If they need to contact us, they will.
And what do we do in the meantime? Keep working the case.
We just can't use any knowledge from four years ago.
This has to be related.
Abdul worked in intelligence, this was a professional hit.
Without that information, our team can't solve this case.
Then that's the way it's gotta be.
It's never over, is it? I think I've got it.
'CBH' stands for City Bath House, Baylor Lane.
Nice work.
NICK: Progress? Yeah, morgue staff found a locker key in Abdul Supomo's sock.
His sock? That's what I said.
Must be important to him if he's walking around with it jabbing his ankle.
Jen and I'll take this one.
Hey, I don't mind going.
It's OK.
Matt said you guys were working backgrounds.
DUNCAN: Hey, guys! You forgot something.
I'm guessing you should flash this round when you get there.
Thank you! Is it just me or are those two acting weird today? DUNCAN: What do you mean? I dunno.
Nick wasn't right at the crime scene.
It's understandable.
And when I went into the kitchen before, they both stopped talking.
Are you sure it's not just you? I'm serious.
You guys haven't noticed? Two people start acting weird at work - usually only means one thing.
Nick and Jen? Yeah, good one! I'm Detective Mapplethorpe.
This is Detective Buchanan.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Of course.
I'm the owner.
Garth Osman.
You recognise this man? Yes, he's a regular here.
Are you certain? Yes, sir.
Very certain.
I'm good with faces.
And what about this - is this his locker key? (DOORBELL JINGLES) That's one of our locker keys, yes.
We'd like to look inside, if you wouldn't mind.
I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
You see, I guarantee my clients' privacy, so unless you have a warrant This key was found on the body of a murdered man.
Getting a warrant's not gonna be that hard.
Just give me a minute.
I'll get someone else to mind the desk.
Thank you.
Detectives, come with me.
And you are? I think you know who I am, why I'm here.
Give us a few minutes to follow this up.
Whatever was in that locker is long gone.
Let's go.
Can you tell us what's going on? This isn't the place.
Look, mate, if you want us to come Not now.
Not yet.
(CAR ALARM BEEPS) Can you give us some answers now? You worked for SIS in the past.
Four years ago.
A colleague spoke highly of you.
We did our bit.
So, what happened to Abdul and his family? Why was he killed? Was he still working for you? He was.
So his murder did have something We have a problem, detectives.
Your homicide investigation is getting in the way of an ongoing SIS operation.
What operation? JEN: Abdul was our handler when we worked undercover for SIS.
We'd like to know what happened to him.
I need you to slow down your team's homicide investigation into the Supomos' murder.
You're asking us to throw the case.
The murders will be solved, just not by the Homicide Department.
This is a national security matter.
It's your job, both of you, to keep this investigation away from SIS.
We don't work for SIS anymore.
Our job's to solve homicides.
You're both signatories to the Official Secrets Act.
You never stop working for SIS.
You know that.
You're underestimating our crew.
They're gonna follow the leads no matter what we do.
So you give them the lead.
Supomo's brother, Udiano, was having an affair with his wife.
But he didn't kill his family.
You want us to set up an innocent man.
Take them back to the bathhouse.
It's the Official Secrets Act.
You mention anything, I'll have your jobs and see that you do time in prison.
Clear? We're about to send our crew off on a wild goose chase.
Are you sure we should be doing this? I think it's the right thing to do.
National security trumps homicide.
If I can helpl will.
I spoke to the boss of the tiling company where Abdul Supomo worked.
Sorry, Sarge.
He never took a sickie, and he never had any issues with coworkers or clients.
Info back from Ballistics shows there was one shooter only.
He or she used a silencer on a .
32-calibre handgun.
Look, I'm chasing up gun registration, but Look, it's unlikely the shooter would be in the system.
Jennifer, Nick, anything from the bathhouse? We're gonna need a warrant to look inside that locker.
So, what took you so long? You've been gone a couple of hours.
We swung back via the crime scene again where we got a tip-off from the neighbour.
Seems that Abdul's brother, Udiano, was a constant visitor at the house.
That makes sense.
Except that Udiano mostly visited during the day when Abdul was at work and the kids were at school.
So he was having an affair with his brother's wife.
Certainly points to motive.
Duncan, I thought you checked his alibi.
Yeah, I did, Sarge.
He was working across town at the petrol station till 9:00 last night.
Pathology puts the death at 8pm.
But allowing for a margin of error in the science, he's a possible.
Yeah, something doesn't feel right.
Udiano would have motive to kill his brother, maybe, or the wife.
But why kill the kids - the entire family? Maybe it just all came to a head - Udiano wanted Gema to run away with him and she wouldn't leave her husband.
Udiano got jealous, killed them all.
“If I can't have you, no-one can.
” Bring him in.
Lean on him.
Good work.
You lied to us, Udiano.
I didn't lie.
DUNCAN: Well, you left out some pretty big details, then, didn't you? We would have interviewed him anyway.
He's lost his whole family.
We know it wasn't him and they're gonna put him through hell.
To them, he's a legitimate suspect.
Were you having an affair with your brother's wife? No.
Then why were you at the house when it was only Mrs Supomo at home? My brother - he worked very long hours.
And he was away for work a lot.
Lhelp out around the house where I could.
Oh, so youfelt responsible for his kids while your brother was away.
Was it also your responsibility to sleep with your brother's wife? Her husband was never there.
So you became like a husband to his wife, a father to his kids.
Is that right, Udiano? (WEAKLY) I loved her.
Your brother found out, didn't he? He found out about the affair.
I couldn't hurt her.
I didn't hurt her.
DUNCAN: Did you go around there and make them pay? Oh! (SOBS) Please forgive me.
Anything? Oh, he's admitted to the affair.
Rhys and Duncan are still pushing him for the murders.
There is the warrant for the bathhouse locker.
Thanks, Sarge.
And I just took a call from the owner.
He said he's got some interesting information about locker 27.
Didn't say what? Not exactly.
He just kept going on about privacy issues.
But he did wonder why you left before he had a chance to show you the locker.
He was insisting on a warrant.
That's not the story he told me.
Well, maybe he's caught some news coverage, felt bad and decided to cooperate.
Or he's just giving us the run-around.
Well, now you've got the warrant, there's no excuses.
We'll head down there.
I told him I'd go.
Oh, waste of manpower.
We've got it covered.
Take Allie with you.
If he's expecting her, it might smooth the way.
So, want me to drive? I'll drive.
You said on the phone that there was something interesting about this locker.
After your friends here disappeared, I went back to our records and saw that the locker didn't belong to the man they were asking for.
Are you sure about that? Do you wanna see his photo again? No, I know the face.
Plus I've seen it all afternoon on the news channels.
Here it is -locker number 27.
And a bathrobe.
Why the secrecy? So if this locker didn't belong to Abdul Supomo, who did it belong to? Well, according to my records, Liem Swie Wahid.
I've dug out his application form.
Thanks, Mr Osman.
That's great.
Did you ever see him with Abdul Supomo? No, never.
Mr Supomo was here on weekends and Mr Wahid came during the week.
And they always came alone.
Don't suppose there's an address on that membership form? I'll get you a copy.
Thank you.
(DOORBELL JINGLES) So first I'm thinking gay lovers - Supomo and this Wahid guy would meet at the bathhouse in secret.
But it goes sour, Wahid takes it out on Supomo's family.
But the owner said they were never there at the same day.
Well, maybe he got it wrong.
No, he's witness gold.
He's nosy, with attention to detail.
He would have clocked it.
Plus, Abdul Supomo kept the locker key in his sock, which, to me, sounds like there was something important in the locker.
So drugs, money, info Thongs.
(CAR ALARM BEEPS) What is with you guys today? Hmm? I just think we've hit a dead end, that's all.
Why didn't you get this information when you were here last time? He wanted a warrant.
We told you.
Oh, come on.
The guy was a pushover.
You just had to be nice to him.
He would've given you anything.
Oh, it was a different story this morning.
No, there's something going on.
The way you reacted at the crime scene, it was like you knew the guy.
I didn't.
I don't.
So, how come you guys have been acting so weird since then? We've all noticed.
Are you guys shagging? What? What makes you say that? We're colleagues, that's all.
That is definitely all.
Well, you know the deal - don't screw the crew.
Nothing's going on, Allie.
Hey, I'm not saying anything.
I'm just saying be careful, you know? It's a bad idea, always.
What do we do now? Well, we can't drop her off.
She's suspicious enough as it is.
Well, we go to his place and we play it as it comes.
Maybe he won't be home.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Maybe he's at work.
I'll check around the back.
If he's not there, we'll come back later.
She doesn't give up, does she? Here we go.
I thought you were keeping Homicide out of this.
What do you want us to do, tie her up? She's a detective, not a labrador.
Wait here.
Trying to stop her doing her job's only gonna make her more suspicious.
Stay where you are! Hey! Take it easy.
Unholster your weapon and get down on the ground.
That's not gonna happen.
I'm Detective Kingston, Homicide.
Unholster your weapon and get down on the ground.
You tell me who you are and where you're from or this conversation's over.
Detective Kingston.
Please come with me.
I need you to come with me to the front of the house.
I need you to tell me why a cop just had a gun pulled on 'em.
Who are you guys? You Feds? About time! Allie, you need to back down.
Like hell! I just had this guy point his weapon at me and he wasn't joking.
Allie, trust us.
You know these guys? You need to go back to Homicide.
We'll see you back there.
How about you try explaining this to me first? Allie, I'm serious.
So am I.
(PHONE RINGS) Answer it.
What? Answer it.
I guess I'll see you back at the office.
What the hell's going on? You're here to question Liem Swie Wahid? JEN: Yes, we are.
You're too late.
Wahid worked for SIS? Not directly.
He's part of a local terrorist cell.
Abdul Supomo approached him, convinced him to pass on information to SIS.
And that got him killed.
Wahid was a mole? And the locker at the bathhouse was a dead drop.
Wahid would leave information in the locker during the week.
Supomo would pick it up on the weekend.
Not exactly salubrious.
We need to be mobile.
Detectives, I believe you know this man.
Yeah, Muhammad Hartono.
Intelligence tells us he's planning a major terrorist attack on Australian soil.
When we knew Hartono, he was running guns.
That was four years ago.
These days, he's more interested in planting bombs.
JEN: So it was Hartono who murdered the Supomo family? Not personally.
He got someone else to do that for him.
His name is Travis Martin Abbott.
He joined Hartono's cell two years ago.
He's your killer.
Abbott's the ideal patsy for Hartono's cause.
Alienated, disaffected.
He believes the country owes him.
He'll do whatever Hartono tells him.
So, dare we ask why we're here? You worked undercover for SIS in the past.
As Trish and Wesley Claybourne of Claybourne Shipping, you helped Hartono run guns between Australia and Indonesia.
I don't have the luxury of time to train new operatives and embed them in the cell.
I need someone who knows Hartono well enough to get close to him.
I need you to go back under cover.
We're Trish and Wesley Claybourne again.
Mapplethorpe and Buchanan working for SIS? And not for the first time, apparently.
(LAUGHS) Well, bugger me! How long will they be gone? Indefinitely.
How are we supposed to explain to their buddies downstairs where they are? You're not.
That's the point.
You tell their crew we're across it and hope that's enough.
The Supomo investigation? I have a list from SIS of people we are not to investigate.
In other words, they know who the killer is but we're not allowed to touch him.
Yeah, orders from on high, Terry.
We are running dead on this investigation.
What are we supposed to do with other cases while we're two detectives down indefinitely? I've authorised extra overtime.
If you get stuck, we'll second some people in.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS BITTERLY) I have to trade a kidney to get overtime on a real case, but now the circus is in town, no expense is spared.
It's national security, Terry.
But I can't have Stanley tied up on a bogus case indefinitely.
It's under control.
Seriously, if somebody doesn't tell us what's going on soon They can't just sit in that office and pretend everything's normal.
I had a gun pointed at my head.
Next thing I've got Commander Waverley on the phone telling me I've gotta return to the office immediately.
They'll tell us what's going on when they're ready.
I'm taking over the case? That's right.
I will be keeping an eye on things, of course, but Commander Waverley wants you to coordinate from here on in.
Thank you, I think.
Now, I don't need to reiterate this is a very important case and we're gonna be under intense media scrutiny.
No, I know.
What about Nick and Jennifer? Uh, Commander Waverley is across that.
So, what do I tell the team? At this stage, I'm afraid, you can't tell them anything.
But I assume you're gonna tell me what's going on.
I know this is difficult.
When I have something that I can tell you, I will.
Till that time, these are the areas of the case that you can pursue.
It's gotta be something big.
Finally! Well? I can't tell you anything, I'm sorry.
You're joking! What about Jen and Nick? Where are they? I'm now taking over the Supomo investigation.
RHYS: I thought this was meant to be a high-level case.
A family has been murdered.
That's our focus.
We're setting up an information caravan in the Supomos' street.
Allie, I need you to coordinate.
What about Liem Swie Wahid? That's no longer relevant to our investigation.
He's no longer relevant? If you had seen the guys at Wahid's house They were Feds.
They had to be.
Rhys, I want you looking into Gema Supomo's background and the family's finances.
Duncan, you'll follow up on pathology.
I've had my orders, you've had yours.
So, come on, let's get on with it.
If you know that Travis Abbott murdered the Supomos and Wahid, why not bring him in, use him to find out what Hartono's planning? We would if we could.
He's gone to ground.
Use Homicide's resources to find him.
This is an SIS operation.
What about Hartono? Questioning Hartono didn't get us anywhere.
You two are our only hope of getting intel.
How long will we need to be Trish and Wesley? This is an open-ended assignment.
Months? Months sounds reasonable.
Years? You're a smart woman, Detective Mapplethorpe.
I think you understand what 'open-ended' means.
We've got jobs to go back to.
And what about our colleagues? What have you told them? it's been taken care of.
Trish and Wesley Claybourne, as of two weeks ago, you have been released from prison.
What about the real Trish and Wesley Claybourne? Where are they? They're in a witness protection program overseas.
SIS have kept tabs on them.
They're no threat to your cover.
We want you to approach Hartono again about using the Claybourne Shipping Company to shift guns.
This should give you up-to-date information about Abbott and Hartono's cell and everything you need to know about your covers.
How long have we got to learn this? You'll be in the field tomorrow morning.
Four people dead, and Matt's got us running in circles.
RHYS: I mean, we've got solid leads but we can't follow them.
What is the deal with that locker key? Something must have been going on at Wahid's place.
Something “irrelevant”.
This case is all over the news.
You've seen the papers.
People are screaming for answers.
And we can't give them any.
Why won't Matt just tell us what's going on? Do you think he knows? No, probably not.
I know who does.
(KNOCKS ON GLASS) Nearly done? Er, almost.
I'm just finishing off this media release.
Right, well, I was just heading home and thought you might need a lift.
I can't tell you.
I wasn't asking.
Yes, you were.
Yeah, OK.
I was.
I still can't tell you.
You don't want us to solve this thing, do you? I'll see you at home later.
Well, maybe I'll grab a bottle of something nice on the way home.
But I'm still not telling you.
(LIFT DINGS) She onto you? Yeah.
She knew exactly why I was there.
So I guess that means we leave it alone, huh? Yeah, I guess so.
You heading home? Well, there's not much point putting in the hours, is there? Yeah, you got that right.
I'm outta here.
See you tomorrow for some more of the same.
Yeah, tomorrow.
(DOOR SQUEAKS) Whoa, whoa! Allie! Allie, it's me! How did you know I was here? Try the unmarked cop car parked right outside the house.
Where'd you park? Two streets away, you amateur! Jeez! You couldn't resist a peek, huh? Yeah, figured you couldn't.
Thought you could use some back-up.
Since you're here.
This glass was cut this morning.
A clean circle near the lock, just like at the Supomos'.
There's no sign of any disturbance.
This morning's coffee.
Flight itinerary.
According to this, he boarded a flight to Jakarta this morning.
ALLIE: Who goes overseas and leaves their itinerary behind? This floor's just been washed.
(SNIFFS) Yeah, smell that? I can smell bleach.
They've cleaned up.
They missed something.
What? Blood? Mmm.
We should get that analysed.
We should go.
This isn't our case, remember? Anything we find, we can't act on.
This was a dumb idea.
I'm serious, Rhys.
Let's go.
Hey! Look at that! Look! In the background.
What the hell?! (READS) “Sri and Budi Bachsinar, Trish and Wesley Claybourne.
" Trish? WOMAN: Trish! I was with Jen a couple of weeks ago and this woman called out to her, called her 'Trish'.
An old friend? Yeah, sort of.
Jen brushed it off.
Trish and Wesley Claybourne.
Nick and Jen.
They've been working under cover.
How are we supposed to absorb all this information - names, addresses, dates, aliases? We did it last time.
We had a lot more than one night to prepare.
Come on, Jennifer.
We both know that you've already memorised your entire file.
It's me who's slow on the recall.
I just When I left home this morning, I didn't think it was gonna be the last time I slept in my bed for .
however long it takes.
Trish and Wesley Claybourne, Trish was born in Brisbane, Wesley in Melbourne.
They've been married eight years.
Worked in import/exports.
Claybourne Shipping out of Footscray.
Before they were arrested.
For what? Import and exportation of firearms.
Nick and Jennifer ran guns? Apparently.
So, what's the connection with the Supomo murders? Is there any mention of the name in those files? No.
it's gotta be related.
(CLEARS THROAT) What are you gonna tell your aunty when she asks why you're home late? I'll just tell her I had a date.
On a Tuesday? What, you don't date on a Tuesday? More of a Wednesday girl.
Hartono's target remains unspecified.
Locations with heavy concentrations of civilians discussed.
I know.
Possible bomb or gun attacks.
This is huge.
They're not asking us to stop this thing, just to get close enough to Hartono to keep up the surveillance.
I signed up to be a cop, not a spook.
It's not that different to Homicide.
Still catching killers, justhopefully before the damage has been done.
Morning! All set? We've done all the reading.
We've got some questions.
We haven't been given firearms.
I decided against that.
You're joking, aren't you? We have your house under constant surveillance inside and out.
Ditto when you're in the field.
What now? A driver will take you to your new home.
We have an agent nearby.
He'll make contact as required.
What about Hartono? When do we contact him? As soon as you're settled in.
Now, remember, many of Hartono's associates were arrested when his gun operation was broken up last time.
He might not want to risk using you or your company again.
It's your job to make sure he does.
Home sweet home.
(SIGHS) NICK: Sowhere are the cameras and mikes? Oh, they'll be here.
Right, guys? NICK: Who says crime pays, eh? Basic rental house, rental furniture.
J E N 2 Rental cops.
And people don't value what they don't own.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Hey! Saw youse two coming in.
Thought I might come and meet the new neighbours.
I'm Dom.
How you going? You need anything, Dom? No, just thought I'd welcome you to the neighbourhood.
You ever fancy a beer or a joint, just drop over.
I've got the good stuff.
Well, we'll remember that! Thanks, Dom.
I mean it.
I'm in the house right across the street.
You need anything at all, I'm there.
Good cover.
(LAUGHS) He's supposed to protect us? He's SIS-trained.
Must have a gun.
(SIGHS) I hope I sleep better this time.
You! You always slept well.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) You ready for this? Once I make the call, there's no backing out.
Make the call.
Mr Hartono? Wesley Claybourne.
Yeah, it has been a long time.
You're here late.
Yeah, I just wanted to finish going through the reports from the information caravan.
News sites are going bananas.
I don't want Sergeant Ryan on my case.
I thought you said this case was a big waste of time.
Yeah, I was just crabby.
What's in the file? Rhys and I went back to Liem Swie Wahid's house.
(SIGHS) I know.
I know.
When we were there, we found this photo.
It's Nick and Jen under cover.
Hey! Duncan.
Drop the act.
He knows.
You two wanna lose your jobs? We're trying to do our jobs.
You were told to leave this alone.
Well, what are we supposed to do about it now? We can't pretend we haven't seen this.
Yeah, actually, uml think we can.
Nick and Jen aren't just under cover.
Trish and Wesley Claybourne are real people.
Nick and Jen have assumed their identities.
So, where are the real Trish and Wesley? Locked up somewhere.
For someone to have gone to this much trouble, we're talking Intelligence.
Forget the Federal Police.
This is SIS.
Look, I think we just back away.
Pretend we've never seen it.
(PHONE BEEPS AND VIBRATES) (READS) “Will meet tomorrow at 11.
Ff' ' J! .
Is that it? No other details? Short and to the point.
He hasn't changed.
Is he coming with a deal or with a gun? (SIGHS) You OK? (BREATHES DEEPLY) I think I can do this.
You think Hartono will try anything tonight? Unlikely.
When are you gonna tell them what they're really there for? That information stays in house.
Technically speaking, they are in house.
Technically speaking, I could have your arse.
Move on.
We're leaving them in the dark like this.
They know what they need to know.
If they end up dead? Goodnight.
(SIGHS) Morning.
You got to sleep in the end? Mmm, finally.
(SIGHS) I thought it was gonna be easier this time.
Last time, we hardly knew each other.
It's different this time.
You know how I feel about you, Jen.
Down! Down on the ground! (JEN SCREAMS) Jen! Nick! No! Stop!