City Homicide (2007) s04e16 Episode Script


A N N O U N C E R: Previously on City Homicide.
(CAMERA CLICKS) Tell me I'm wrong.
Oh, God.
Abdul worked in Intelligence.
This was a professional hit.
Without that information, our team can't solve this case.
I need you to slow down your team's homicide investigation.
You're asking us to throw the case.
I have a list from SIS of people we are not to investigate.
Oh, so in other words, they know who the killer is but we're not allowed to touch him.
Mention anything, I'll have your jobs and see you do time in prison.
You're underestimating our crew.
They'll follow the leads no matter what we do.
In the background.
What the hell? RHYS: Trish and Wesley Claybourne.
I believe you know this man.
Muhammad Hartono.
So he killed Abdul? No, he got someone else to do that for him.
His name is Travis Martin Abbott.
He joined Hartono's cell two years ago.
He's your killer.
Intelligence tells us he's planning a major terrorist attack on Australian soil.
I need someone who knows Hartono well enough to get close to him.
I need you to go back under cover.
JENNIFER: We're Trish and Wesley Claybourne again.
Trish and Wesley Claybourne are real people.
Nick and Jen have assumed their identities.
Ready for this? Once I make the call there's no backing out.
Mr Hartono.
Wesley Claybourne.
Yeah, it has been a long time.
BYRNES: When will you tell them what they're really there for? They know what they need to know.
If they end up dead? Goodnight.
(SIGHS) Morning.
You got to sleep in the end? Mm.
(SIGHS) I thought it was gonna be easier this time.
Last time we hardly knew each other.
It's different this time.
You know how I feel about you.
Down! Down! Get down! (ALL YELL INDISTINCTLY) Nick! Nick! Jen! Nick! No! Stop! (GUNS cl_lcl<) (ALL BREATHE HEAVILY) Sorry about that.
You two should be dead.
What the hell was that about this morning? Consider it a wake-up call.
A wake-up call? We thought we were about to be killed! That's exactly what's gonna happen if you don't start taking this thing seriously! I just walked in.
I could've been anyone.
Your mate Ratcliffe is supposed to be watching our backs.
If you were for real, he would've stopped you.
This is about your own self-protection.
You're supposed to be Trish and Wesley Claybourne.
That's not who I'm seeing.
I'm seeing two cops still calling each other by their real bloody names! Hartono and Abbott are planning an attack in the next few months.
If they have the slightest doubt about your authenticity, they won't hesitate in taking you out.
If you're so worried about our self-protection, give us some guns.
We've been through all that.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
(SNIGGERS) Ratcliffe, take them back to the house.
Your meeting is in the next few hours.
I suggest you get your heads into the game before that.
Why is it when he says 'trust me' I have exactly the opposite reaction? Should we really be using cops for this? This attack isn't in months.
it's now.
And we still don't know where.
That's why we need these cops.
WOMAN: Urgent, sir.
Do you care to explain, Sergeant? Sorry, ma'am.
I can't.
Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the distinct impression that I made it crystal clear that Wahid's house was off-limits to Homicide.
You did, ma'am, and I passed that on accordingly.
Are you saying they ignored your orders? Sounds like your team's gone rogue on you, Sergeant Ryan.
It's making us all look like idiots.
Sergeant Ryan's been forced to lead his team down blind alleys, which can't have been easy.
I'm sure he can speak to them again, spell it out, make it even clearer.
I will.
You can guarantee it.
It's bad enough the media calling us 'incompetent' because we haven't solved the Supomo murders, without your team going off half-cocked.
I understand.
This reflects on you and your abilities as a senior officer, and if your team don't have enough respect for you to do as they're told, maybe you're in the wrong job.
STANLEY: He did say he'd deal with it.
I suggest we let him do exactly that.
Let's do it, then.
Go on.
Get on with it.
Put a rocket up 'em.
(ELEVATOR RINGS) Thanks for the support, Sarge.
Don't think for a minute I didn't agree with them.
You know, it's times like this I sincerely regret having Allie Kingston on the team.
Why her? it's Ryan's responsibility.
She's headstrong.
She's got a problem with authority.
Yeah, and your nephew's got a mind of his own too, doesn't he? He's gonna be commissioner one day, isn't he? I'm going.
I'm going.
MATT:: Close the door.
Duncan, you don't need to be here.
Is it OK if I stay? If you like.
What's wrong? Has something happened to Nick and Jen? As far as I know, they're fine.
This is not about them.
Look, Matt To be honest, I'm having trouble putting it into words because I'm so pissed off.
Do you have a problem with me being promoted to sergeant? Are you trying to undermine me? No.
Ha, that's funny, because I distinctly remember telling you all that Liem Swie Wahid's house was no longer relevant.
I did Say that, didn't I? Yeah, you said that, Sergeant.
Oh, that's good, because I was starting to think maybe I imagined it.
How'd you find out? You were photographed, you idiots.
I've just had these waved in my face by Waverley and Jarvis.
I was made to look like a complete dickhead.
It was a lead, OK? We think someone was killed in that house.
Do you, now? Not your concern.
While we were there we found a photo.
I'm not interested.
Nick and Jen under cover.
They gotta be working for SIS, right? Whatever they're doing, it's nothing to do with you.
We just wanna know what's going on.
I'll tell you what's going on.
As of now, all bets are off.
You step out of line again, any of you, and I write you up, understood? Now get out! Listen, Matt, the last thing anyone wanted was to get you in strife.
Too late, Duncan.
Jarvis is already making noises about my suitability as a sergeant in Homicide.
You're kidding.
If I was him I'd be thinking the same thing.
Did you know? Not until after the event.
You didn't think to tell me.
We're a team.
You don't dob on your team-mates.
I'm part of the team too, you know.
Hartono? In the flesh.
Alert them.
What? Got company.
(DOORBELL RINGS) All set, Trish? All set, Wesley.
Mr Claybourne.
Good to see you again.
Mrs Claybourne.
HARTONO: You look well.
JEN: Thank you.
Have a seat.
Would you like tea? Water? Water, thank you.
Wesley? No thanks, hon.
Very pleased you came to see us.
I have heard you've been released.
A new home, though.
Oh, it's a little bare right now but I'm hoping to add some personal touches.
We want to work with you again.
Pick up where we left off.
We still have contacts and we could have the import business up and running quickly if we had the backing.
Four years is a long time to have been away.
How do you know if your contacts are worth anything? Things don't change much.
We made some calls.
Most people are still in place.
We know we can deliver.
We did work well together in the past.
And you know that you can trust us, which is of the utmost importance.
There is one thing that troubles me.
Not long after you were imprisoned, many of my friends were arrested, both here and overseas.
That makes me concerned.
Very concerned.
You have my word.
(CHUCKLES) We had nothing to do with that.
Ahhyour word? We spent time in jail.
Just like your friends.
You were sentenced to seven years.
You've been released in four.
Why? Good behaviour.
That's the way it works in this country.
Good answer.
We understand your needs.
We have the infrastructure, we have the personnel.
We can help you.
Thank you for the water.
So we'll be hearing from you, yes? Do you think he believed us? Who knows with Hartono.
BYRNES: What do you reckon? Did he buy it? I did.
Two ex-gun runners turn up just as you're planning a bomb attack.
This'll help flush Abbott out.
That's bad timing.
There's no way Hartono will let Trish and Wesley Claybourne compromise his mission.
He'll get Abbott to take them out .
and then we'll get Abbott.
My brother and his wife came to this country for a better life.
They became Australian citizens.
Their children were born here.
They were proud to be Aussies.
So, please, if anyone can help the police find out who did this terrible thing.
Don't hold your breath, mate.
Don't start.
Hey, I'm just stating the obvious.
Even if we did solve it, it'd just be taken out of our hands.
a whole family murdered in their home, so if anyone saw anything at all, I implore you to contact 'Crime Watch'.
Any information, no matter how small, could be useful.
And I can assure the public at large that the Homicide Squad is doing their utmost to make sure that the person or persons responsible for this horrific crime will be brought.
Hey! She wants this solved as much as we do.
Your aunty's been told to pull her head in.
So's Wolfie, so's Mattie, so have you, Allie.
Yeah, so have we all.
Four people murdered, two kids, and we're expected to be OK about running a fake investigation?! Maybe Nick and Jen are solving the case.
Wishful thinking.
(TENSE MUSIC) (KETTLE Boll_s) Breakfast.
it's lunchtime.
We'll pass, thanks.
Social visit? Not at all.
Got instructions.
Boss wants you to crank it up a notch.
Meaning? We can't afford to have Hartono drop you.
You have to make him work with you.
So what are we supposed to do? You go to him this time.
Well, what's the rush? We just spoke to him.
You didn't make it clear that he has to agree to your demands.
Right, so what exactly should we do? Well, that's your call.
But you know your brief.
You get in with Hartono, you feed us intel.
Hang on.
We push too hard, we possibly don't get out alive.
Especially if we're unarmed.
It'll be a public place.
We'll have people there.
Seems to me we're ramping this up for no good reason.
I'm just the messenger.
We're operatives.
We do as we're told.
If it makes you feel any better, Hartono doesn't like getting his hands dirty.
No, Hartono uses people like Travis Abbott to do his dirty work.
Hartono's got a big operation happening.
He'll keep his nose clean.
Giving you a job's the easy option for him.
I'll go alone.
No! We stick together.
They won't hurt me with you still out there.
You'd turn them in.
Put their whole operation at risk.
I dunno if the boss I go alone.
Well, get yourself ready.
Kick off in an hour.
Look, all I'm saying is that it wasn't Matt's fault.
We went to Wahid's place without him knowing.
And all I'm saying is that he is your senior officer, Rhys.
It is his job to know what his team is doing at all times.
Understood, but even so.
Sergeant Ryan has been around long enough to know how to look after himself.
You worry about you.
Whose idea was it, by the way? Sorry? To search Wahid's house.
I'm guessing Detective Kingston.
It's alright.
You don't have to answer.
It's all so rushed.
We never moved this fast before.
Different people running things.
Yeah, McAllister.
All ego.
it's like we're working for him personally.
(MUSIC BLARES FROM RADIO) Something's wrong.
(MUSIC BLARES OVER MONITOR) I go to Hartono, I give him the message and then I come back.
End of story.
DOM: Knock, knock.
Oh, yeah, just let yourself in.
We set? Coming now.
See you soon.
I know.
(TENSE MUSIC) About halfway down on your right.
$2 shop.
You sure Hartono's in there? He's always in there.
Behind the cash register, usually.
Man's a capitalist at heart.
Remember, he has to believe that you and Trish are not going to go away.
And if it gets ugly? I'm here.
We've both got you.
What about McAllister? Is he looking out for me too? Mate, you've got some very serious trust issues, you know that? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Wonder why.
Anything happens, we're here.
BYRNES: Good luck.
HARTONO: What are you doing here? Please leave.
Trish and I are concerned we didn't make ourselves clear this morning.
Oh, yes, I understand perfectly what you were telling me.
Unfortunately, I've decided that your services are no longer required - you or your wife.
Where is she, by the way? I came alone.
I wanted to talk man to man.
I have no work for you.
I don't believe you.
considering what we did for you in the past, it's a fair bet you guys are up to some bad stuff.
Gun running again or something bigger? Dirtier? Please go.
My wife and I spent four years in prison for you people and we kept our mouths shut.
That could always change.
What is it you want, Mr Claybourne? Chance to do some work for you.
If I could help, I would.
You can help.
You can give us some work.
Call me soon.
We're not going away.
Couldn't have been clearer that he should.
Where does that leave us? We wait.
Hope that he agrees.
And if he doesn't agree, will he leave it at that? We'll be fine.
We can't be separated again.
(SIGHS) Let's just Let's just play it as it comes.
No, next time I come with you and we do this together.
We do this together.
He wants to meet me at his shop.
You mean 'we'.
'We' have to meet him at his shop.
Is there another way? Don't get all bleeding heart on me.
MCALLISTER: Travis Abbott will talk.
Hartono won't.
We need to flush out Abbott.
They're gonna be sitting ducks.
Our job is to stop a terrorist attack.
Halfway down on the right.
Well, if we are being protected, I don't see anyone.
Who are we looking for? Anyone who's paying us too much attention.
I wish we were armed.
(MAN LAUGHS) Got them.
Ratcliffe? Yeah, no worries.
All looks good so far.
If Abbott makes a move, it'll be before they get to the shop.
There he is.
That's a bit of a worry.
Byrnes, anything? Negative.
Ratcliffe? Negative.
Where's Hartono gone? Dunno.
(GUNSHOTS) (JENNIFER YELLS) Jen! Shooter! Jen! (GASPS) Jen! It's Abbott.
Get him now! Hear you.
I need this mongrel alive.
Jen Senior Constable, what's the story? We're still trying to work it out.
All we've got so far is that there were multiple gunshots.
One deceased.
Who is he? TODD: His license in his wallet says 'George Saleeba'.
He lives locally.
The witness who saw him get hit also saw a man with a gun get into the back of a white hatchback.
We get the plate? Partial.
Seal off the area.
No-one goes anywhere until we get a statement.
We need more uniforms.
The rest of you help out taking the statements.
MATT:: Sarge, you should probably take a look at this.
Looks like someone else was hit.
A woman.
According to a witness, she was taken by a group of men, put into a car and driven away.
STANLEY: Against her will? Not sure.
But apparently she was with one of the men before the shooting started.
It was Jen and Nick.
What are you talking about? The guy she was with was calling out 'Jen'.
Witness descriptions are a perfect match.
Whatever this was, they were in the middle of it.
(SOMBRE MUSIC) (DOOR OPENS) Whatever this is about, let's make it quick.
I don't need State Police interfering in my business.
Oh, I think you'll find it's not just State Police who are upset about your operation.
It's my affair, isn't it? I've got my hands full at the moment.
I'm sure you have, Mr McAllister.
Take a seat.
I'd rather stand.
Just say what it is you have to say so I can get back to where I'm really needed.
Is Jennifer Mapplethorpe dead? I'm sorry? Are you deaf? I'm not a violent man, McAllister, but for you I could make an exception.
Because if I have to go downstairs and tell my people that one of their colleagues has been murdered, you will not walk out of here unscathed, you get it? Mapplethorpe has been injured, I stress 'injured', and not killed.
There's a lot of blood, just a flesh wound, she'll be fine.
She was shot by the same bloke who killed Liem Swie Wahid and Abdul Supomo and his family.
So what happened? You failed to apprehend him? In good time.
OK, what about Detectives Buchanan and Mapplethorpe? What about them? After what happened today, surely they are now redundant to your operation.
If you're asking me to give them back, that's not gonna happen.
I still have a use for them.
How so? I'm sorry.
That information's classified.
Pompous prick.
How long are we gonna put up with this shit? (TENSE MUSIC) (DOOR OPENS) How is it? Have a guess.
Look, I'm sorry the Who was it? What? The shooter.
It was Abbott, wasn't it? Yeah.
Why didn't you return fire? That wasn't the strategy.
You wanna interrogate Abbott without him having legal protection.
That's why you didn't want Homicide arresting him.
It was an operational decision.
Nick, don't.
You guys are just using us to flush him out.
We're just bait.
Come on, Nick.
I understand that you're pissed off.
'Pissed off'doesn't cut it, Byrnes.
I wanna break your neck.
Look at her.
We need to find out exactly when and where Hartono's going to strike.
Abbott is the only way to get that information.
We don't believe your cover's been blown.
(BOTH scol=l=) Abbott fled before we picked you up.
Hartono disappeared before the shooting started.
So get some sleep.
We'll talk to you We're not staying here.
We're not staying here.
You're safe here.
We've added guards.
You won't see them but they're there.
We're supposed to trust that, are we? After what happened today? You awake? (GASPS IN PAIN) You OK? Yeah.
McAllister set us up.
What are we gonna do? I'd rather take my life in my own hands than trust McAllister.
Me too.
Tomorrow morning, I'll pretend to go shopping.
I'll need to come with you.
We find Hartonowe find Abbott.
(TENSE MUSIC) (TOILET FLUSHES) I'm gonna go to the shops.
Need to pick up a few things.
Yeah, I'll come with you.
Stretch my legs.
Come with me.
Quick as you can.
DOM: Hurry! There 's not much time.
What the hell? Where's Ratcliffe taking them? I didn't authorise this! Byrnes! Where have Buchanan and Mapplethorpe been taken? We can't tell you that.
You'll tell me or you'll regret it.
You're no longer in a position to threaten anyone, I'm afraid.
Sowhat? An innocent bystander gets killed in public.
Abbott gets away on your watch.
I'm responsible, I'll fix it.
You're off the operation, McAllister.
If you haven't received notification already, I'm sure it won't be too long in coming.
If you could escort Mr McAllister off the premises.
(KEYS CLATTER ON FLOOR) MCALLISTER: Piss off! (TICKING AND EXPLOSION) Right, everybody, this is Jeremy Byrnes of SIS.
From here on in, we're gonna be running a joint operation.
I'm sure I don't need to spell this out, but for those of you who may be slow on the uptake, understand this - everything said here is and will remain classified.
Sorry we're late, Commander.
You can blame Mapplethorpe.
Welcome back, Jen.
COMMANDER WAVERLEY: Good to see you both.
We now have information that these two men - Muhammad Hartono and Travis Abbott- are somewhere loose in Melbourne with an explosive device.
When and where they intend detonating that device is yet to be established.
BYRNES: Abbott's capture was crucial, but Hartono and Abbott went to ground yesterday after the shooting.
We believe they have their bomb and they're ready to go.
You told us the attack was months away.
That's what we thought but the intel changed.
Any chance they might have aborted? TERRY: Forget it.
We're dealing with crazies.
These mongrels, they don't give up.
Superintendent's right.
This man is believed to have had a hand in organising bombings throughout South-East Asia.
He won't give up his mission easily.
And neither will this man.
Travis Abbott is also part of the bomb team and is believed to have taken part in attacks on civilians on the sub-continent with automatic weapons and grenades.
Bomber and a shooter.
Lethal mixture.
Intelligence received from Abdul Supomo before his death is that they plan to set off a bomb in a high-density location.
Once emergency services respond, he'll take them out with sniper fire.
OK, so what are we looking at? Office buildings, movie complexes, shopping centres, what else? Could be anywhere.
I mean, we're talking needle-in-a-haystack time.
Precisely, which is why I want you to do what you do best.
Cross-reference with each other, and if you find nothing, do it again and, if necessary, a third and fourth time.
Alright, let's show those SIS dickheads how Homicide do it.
No offence, mate.
We have a bomb to find and time is not on our side.
Alright, let's get to it.
That's it.
Let's go.
Burnt out.
No occupant.
It's located here at the back of the Newport rail-yards.
Crime Scene are on their way.
Duncan, you and Allie head out there.
Get anything you can from it.
Matt, organise a major search of the area.
Get them knocking on doors, looking under rocks.
Rhys, you talk to the search team.
Abbott could still be in the area.
If they locate him, tell them not to approach.
Abbott is armed and dangerous.
Got it.
If we find him, I wanna be in on it, Sarge.
He's earned it.
You'll be there, Nick.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) Reckon you've done enough.
I'd like to be doing more but I'm having trouble squeezing a tea bag at the moment.
If Abbott's in the area, we'll get him, Jen.
Yeah, I know.
You should be at home resting up.
Is that an order, Sergeant? (CHUCKLES) Sarge, we've got a lead on Abbott.
Where? Uniform showed his picture to a woman two streets away from the burned-out car.
She ID'd Abbott as being a tenant in her apartment building.
They've got the place surrounded.
Come on.
Let's go.
(SIRENS WAIL, TYRES SQUEAL) (TENSE MUSIC) Police! Don't move! ALL: Don't move! Clear.
Clear! Clear! Look at this dump.
Start looking.
Any information.
Notes, invoices, scrap paper.
There's some old bills.
Petrol receipt.
TV hire place.
Here we go - one with a note on it.
“Travis, stop using my name.
I'm not gonna pay your bills, you loser.
“Brian Hale.
Mr Hale.
How well do you know Travis Abbott? Too well.
Meaning? I know him so well I don't talk to him anymore.
Then how did these bills come to be in his apartment? I sent them to him.
I was pissed off.
He kept using my name to buy stuff.
Why would he do that? Because he's an arsehole with no sense of responsibility and I wasn't gonna put up with it anymore.
He meant why would he use your name? We were foster brothers.
Foster brothers? When? DUNCAN: Pieces of paper in here.
Yeah, get amongst it.
Haven't lived in the same house since we were 14.
You seen Travis very often since then? Any time is too often.
When was the last time? I dunno.
A while ago.
Oh, come on, Mr Hale.
Stop dicking us around.
When did you last see Travis Abbott? How long ago was it? OK.
Two years at least.
It's a drawing.
Do you have any idea where he is now? I dunno.
It has been a while.
(SIGHS) it's a map.
Yeah, what of? Roads? An oval? A footy ground? Look, it shows the way into the ground .
or the way into the car park.
Look at the roads, where the oval is in relation to them.
Docklands Stadium.
Is there a game tonight? (FOOTBALL SIREN BLARES) (TENSE MUSIC) What about hobbies? Anything he liked to do? Yeah, he liked to shoot people.
When we were kids he had an air rifle.
A BB gun.
We'd be playing in the bush down by the creek and he'dhe'd make us run then count to 10 and come after us.
What happened when he caught you? (SIREN WAILS) STANLEY: I repeat, no-one is to enter the stadium.
Keep all gates locked.
Step away from the vehicle! Step away from the vehicle! Get your hands up right now! Hands in the air! That's a bomb! Don't shoot! G'day, Hartono.
Detective Nick Buchanan.
DUNCAN: Abbott's not there! STANLEY: Get after him, Nick.
Nick, go, go, go.
He'll be up high.
You guys take the stadium.
I'll take the corridor.
MAN ON TWO-WAY RADIO: Intelligence received is that they plan to set off a bomb in a high-density location.
Once emergency services respond, he's gonna take them out with sniper fire.
Last warning, Hartono.
Move aside! Now! TERRY: Come on, come on.
it's all over, sunshine.
He's a terrorist, not a suicide bomber.
He won't sacrifice himself.
BYRNES: Go! Get down! Get down! Check him! Clean, sir.
Muhammad Hartono, you're under arrest for conspiracy to murder Abdul Supomo.
Come on, let's go.
(TENSE MUSIC) Anything? (ANTHEM PLAYS IN DISTANCE) (TENSE MUSIC) Get down! Get down now! You take the left, I'll take the right.
(CROWD NOISE, FOOTBALL MUSIC) (TENSE MUSIC) Abbott! Police! Drop the weapon! (GUNSHOTS) Give it up, Abbott! You're finished! Arrgh! (BOTH GRUNT) You can't stop me! (SHOUTS) You prick! Arrgh! DUNCAN: Police! Nick! Nick, leave him.
We've got him, OK? It's OK, Nick.
Are you OK? Step away, Nick.
We've got him.
Come on, Nick.
You're alright.
Stay where you are.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
A performance above and beyond.
I think you two have earned a few days off.
Thanks, Sarge.
I think I could do with it.
What about the Supomo family and Wahid's relatives? Because officially, those murders go unsolved.
No, they have been solved, Detective.
It doesn't need to be on the six o'clock news to prove it.
Again, thanks, everybody.
I'm very proud of you.
Undercover, huh? RHYS: And we thought you two were getting it on.
Ha! ALLIE: So, who's up for a drink? Uh, not me.
I'm buggered.
Me too.
Go home, and that is an order.
(ELEVATOR RINGS) (GENTLE MUSIC) So, finally you get to sleep in your own bed.
But it'll be strange without you there.