City Homicide (2007) s04e17 Episode Script

Gut Instinct

MAN: Get up! Who's there? Make a noise and you're dead.
Now, get up! Get up! You - stay there.
Please! Don't hurt us! Get your keys and get dressed.
We're going for a drive.
(SCREAMS INTO TAPE) The alarm - turn it off.
(CONSOLE BEEPS) Try anything, I'll blow your brains out.
Bright and early.
Can't keep away from the place, eh? I could say the same about you.
Ah, it's the best time of day.
Get more work done.
(PHONE RINGS) Matt Ryan.
Maybe not.
We're on our way.
(PHONE RINGS) Is that yours or mine? Yours.
What time is it? (PHONE RINGS) it's just after 6:30.
(SIGHS) Here we go.
At least she didn't see it coming.
WOMAN: I can never go back into that house.
How could someone do that to her? I'll leave you to take a moment.
Excuse me.
Nice place.
Yeah, very nice.
Matt? Inside with Ronnie and Crime Scene.
Morning, Jennifer.
What have we got? Someone took a dislike to the lady of the house.
Who found her? Her sister, Ruth Engelman.
She live here? No, no.
She called past early to pick her sister up for the gym.
Found her with her throat cut.
Taken her statement? Not yet.
I'll sit with her, see if she wants to talk.
Detective Buchanan? Got the time? Gisele Goldberg.
The killer gained entry by forcing the lock on the back door.
Gave the place a good going-over.
Crime Scene found some empty jewellery boxes and an empty wallet.
Robbery gone wrong? Yeah, looks like it.
She lived her with her husband, Isaac.
So far we haven't been able to locate him.
Ronnie? I have time of death around 4:00 this morning.
Cause of death Pretty obvious.
You wanna take over? Sorry.
Cause of death - massive blood loss as a result of her carotid artery being severed at least twice.
Twice? Yeah, the killer had a couple of goes at her.
Arterial spray, as you can see, was dramatic.
Then she continued to bleed out.
Murder weapon? A 20cm Cutler chef's knife.
You can tell the brand? Found it in the kitchen.
It'd been washed clean.
So you can't be sure, then.
Rhys .
save your money.
Uh, Sarge, I just spoke to Ruth Engelman.
The sister? I asked her where she thinks Gisela's husband is.
She got distressed and said, “He's got to be at the store.
” Have we checked it? What store? Their business - a jewellery store in North Melbourne.
Nick and Rhys, you better get onto that.
Door's ajar.
Mr Goldberg? Mr Goldberg? (MUFFLED MOANS) it's OK.
We're police.
M-my wife! They've got my wife.
They broke in.
Gisela's still at home.
Mr Goldberg She's my wife.
I wanna see her.
What are you waiting for? You have to go and help her.
I'm afraid we've got some very bad news for you, Mr Goldberg.
Isaac Goldberg's being treated in hospital.
Have you started on his statement? Not yet.
Dunny's there for when the doctors give him the nod.
There were two armed robbers - one went with Isaac to the store, the other stayed with the wife.
Slit her throat.
Why kill the wife and spare the husband? Maybe she recognised him.
Store employee Adam Milton.
He didn't show up for work this morning.
Plus the fact that the CC I V footage was removed from a concealed cupboard in the store -it looks like an inside job.
Does this Milton guy have form? No.
Jen and Allie went to his flat.
There's no sign of him.
Neighbour thinks he moved out yesterday.
OK, put out a KALOF on Milton and his vehicle.
I'll get a warrant for his flat.
Got a moment, Sergeant? Keep me informed! Ma'am.
I've had a call from Armed Rob.
Understandably, they're not happy about being locked out of the Goldberg case.
Well, this is a homicide investigation, ma'am.
Committed in the course of an armed robbery.
Yes, but And their help could be invaluable.
Ma'am, we already have a lead that looks promising.
The theory is an inside job gone wrong.
I don't want to interfere with that.
But it would be great to have a go at changing the culture, wouldn't it? Getting rid of some of the petty jealousies between departments? I've asked Peter Copeland to join us on this one.
OK, ma'am.
I'll do my best to make it work.
Detective Sergeant Copeland, you know Matt Ryan.
Only spoken on the phone.
Good to meet you, Matt.
You too.
I'll leave you both to it.
Sarge! Duncan just called from the hospital.
Isaac Goldberg is ready to make a statement.
He'll be here in an hour.
Do you wanna bring me up to speed while we wait? Yes, umlet's grab a coffee.
This Adam Milton character - he's got no form? No.
So, how do you reckon he planned to shift the bling? Well, he works in a jewellery store.
I assume he's got contacts.
Who'll handle hot merchandise? Possibly.
Fences, black market dealers.
it's more your terrain than mine.
Yeah, bloody difficult terrain it is too, mate.
Armed robbers are like circling sharks.
Fences are the bottom feeders sifting through their crap.
So, what does that make you? Ooh, I'm the octopus, mate, reaching everywhere with my big tentacles.
(LAUGHS) No, no, nothing gets past me.
Is there anything on the other crook? Not yet.
If the hired help is involved, it makes me wonder what this Goldberg character stands to benefit from the burg.
You think Goldberg might have set the whole thing up himself? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck I can't take a duck to the DPP.
I need real evidence.
Well, you point me at Goldberg and I'll tell you if he's in on it or not.
Deal? Now, you said they were wearing balaclavas.
That's right.
Did you notice anythingfamiliar about either of them? No.
No, no, just think about it.
Say, an employee, past or present.
Could they fit the description of one of your attackers? We only have one employee at the store, Adam Milton.
A loyal employee, is he, Mr Goldberg? He's OK.
How's this relevant? Would you call Adam a self-starter? You know, an ideas man.
Are you saying Adam's involved? I'm not saying anything, mate.
(SIGHS) How's the store doing? It was doing fine until yesterday.
Why's he playing it this way? He's setting him up.
He thinks Goldberg's involved.
You're insured against theft, right? Yes, but Loss of income? Property damage? You're paying high premiums, I bet.
But the payout you're about to get! Ooh! (LAUGHS) I'd like to see that cheque.
What about wifey? Has she got a big fat insurance policy too? A mill? Two mill? You think I had something to do with this? I don't know.
You tell me.
Did ya? No.
Look, Isaac, we're just trying to get a better picture of things.
It's Mr Goldberg.
And your disgusting accusations won't give a better picture of anything.
My wife is dead.
She was the love of my life.
(SOBS) She was my life.
Hubby isn't involved.
Spouse is always a suspect.
Maybe in homicide, junior, but armed rob's a more complex beast.
Well, this isn't just armed rob.
Solve the robbery, solve the murder.
it's not rocket surgery! (LAUGHS) I don't think we should rule out Goldberg just yet.
Look, I'm on the clock, mate.
You wanna waste your time, knock yourself out.
You rode Goldberg but you got nothing out of Adam Milton.
Hey, I wasn't the only one in there.
Levitt hardly said a bloody word.
Well, I didn't get much chance.
What do you want, a memo? OK, OK.
Let's just concentrate our efforts on finding Adam Milton.
Get onto his records.
Track his mobile and credit cards.
When he sticks his head up We'll be there to kick it in.
Copeland's a dick.
At least he's contributing.
He's hijacking our case.
That bloody interview was more about his armed robbery than our murder.
We're all on the same side, Dunny.
There's something about Goldberg that just rubs me the wrong way.
Like what? Ah, it's stupid.
I mean I can't even give you an example.
I just I don't like him.
Keep on digging.
See what comes up.
Yeah, he's the victim of an armed robbery, though, and his wife's just been murdered.
Suppose it makes sense he's a bit off.
You're not gonna believe this.
Adam Milton has form for aggravated burglary.
But we checked - he's a clean skin.
Adam Milton is, but Adam Miller isn't.
An alias.
You wouldn't want Adam Miller within 10 k's of your jewellery store, let alone working there.
Theft, burglary, aggravated burglary Yeah, but not murder.
Well, maybe that wasn't part of the plan.
Until Gisele Goldberg recognised him.
And then he had to kill her.
JEN: Morning! Ma'am.
Ah, ma'am, we've had a break.
My guys got a lead on the prick who's fencing the bling.
When did that come through? I don't know.
Couple of minutes ago.
What about the employee, Adam Miller/Milton? His flat's deserted.
it's possible he might have done a runner interstate.
We've circulated his picture and known aliases.
We should get a bite soon.
Maybe his fence will have something on Miller.
Spirit of cooperation, I'm happy to take one of your people along on the bust.
Detective .
Mapplethorpe would be a good fit.
Why's that? This prick has a weakness for good-looking women.
I'd ask you, ma'am, but I can see you're flat chat.
(chuckles) Did you see the hairy eyeball she gave me? Tough old cow.
Needs a good root, don't you reckon? So, what's the game plan? OK.
Fence's name is Rob Doherty.
That is his favourite pub.
Left his flat five minutes ago, so he should be here in aboutthree.
Which means you've got that long to tell me the Jen Mapplethorpe story.
You married? No.
Engaged? In a relationship? None of your business.
Don't bat for the other side, do you, Jen? (CHUCKLES) Do you like Thai food? I know a little place in Richmond does a magic mee krob.
Come on, Jen.
No-one understands a cop better than another cop.
Wouldn't you agree? Sarge, it's guys like you who make the idea of changing teams suddenly a very attractive option.
(CLEARS THROAT) were up.
Stay here.
Robbie, come here! (LAUGHS) I haven't done anything! Haven't you, Robbie? No, mate.
I promise.
Then you've got nothing to worry about, have you? I've been trying to keep my nose clean, I swear.
You've got receipts for everything in there, have you? Mate, fully legit.
I got 'em from an importer.
Antiques, all genuine.
Seems like we might have been misinformed, yeah? (GRUNTS) Sorry, Robbie, my elbow slipped.
(GRUNTS) Sorry again.
Let me help you up.
So you're not trying to shift the stuff from the Goldberg job? What Goldberg job? (GRUNTS) VIhat'? I didn't catch that.
No, I swear! You shouldn't swear in front of a lady.
You know better than that.
Now, why don't you do some thinking for me.
(GROANS) You thinking, are you? Ahhh! Tell him and he'll stop! Alright, alright! it's .
Dale Blunt.
COPELAND: New suspect.
Dale Blunt, Miller's partner.
Nasty piece of work.
Got form going back 15 years including three counts of assault.
Now he's teamed up with the killer.
How reliable's your intel on this? Very.
ALLIE: How very? Comes from the fence who was handling the merchandise.
Did you recover the jewellery? Wellno.
According to him, Blunt still has it.
How do we know he wasn't just spinning you a line to save his own skin? Wanna back that up, buddy? Adam Miller has always worked alone in the past.
Why take on a partner now? Especially one with form.
It's too risky.
Academy has a lot to answer for these days.
They all think they're frigging FBI.
(LAUGHS) What have you got here? Let's see.
Ah, Adam Miller.
'96, shoplifting.
'98, theft.
'03, obtaining property by deception.
'06, going equipped to steal, aggravated burglary.
Are you picking up a pattern here, Columbo? Yeah, I get it.
There's escalation of Miller's MO.
Yeah, which makes him ripe to team up with a violent thug like Blunt.
Two hostages requires two crooks.
I get it.
Besides, my source knows better than to lie to me.
Why don't you ask Mapplethorpe here? She was there when I interrogated the little turd.
Jen? No.
No, I don't think he lied.
MATT:: So you think it's good? Yeah.
ALLIE: We got an address for Blunt? Mm-hm.
Well, let's go get him.
Easy, tiger.
It's happening even as we speak.
What? In the spirit of cooperation, since they got the information, Armed Robbery are doing the bust.
Got a sec? Sure.
Come in.
Nice work, by the way.
I wanna make a complaint against Copeland.
OK, let's just take a breath.
Matt I know the guy's a sleazebag, but we're making progress on the case, which is the main thing.
There's no excuse for what he did.
You wanna lodge a sexual harassment complaint, you won't be the first.
No, it's not about me.
Copeland crossed the line in his treatment of Rob Doherty.
How? Well, it started with a couple of 'accidental' elbows to the guts and then he nearly broke the guy's fingers.
Any other witnesses? It was down a laneway.
He really worked him over.
Do you think Doherty will sign a complaint? No, he's terrified of Copeland.
You think he'll at least corroborate your version to Ethical Standards? Probably not.
But I'm telling you what happened.
Jen, if I take this further and Copeland denies it and Doherty backs him up You said yourself you thought the info was good.
The info is good.
His methods are criminal.
I'll take it on board.
And do what? (PHONE RINGS) Dunny.
OK, you and Allie take him in Interview 1.
Armed Rob's on their way in with Dale Blunt.
So, what are you gonna do about Copeland? I said I'll take it on board.
Mattie, you can't let him get away with this.
I'll see you tomorrow, Jen.
I hope your blokes have fun with this dickhead.
He bled all over my back seat.
All over my shirt - look.
What happened to him? Oh, resisted arrest.
I had to use appropriate force.
Anyway, I'm gonna go get rid of this stuff before it stains.
You guys give me a hoy when you're done? What, you're not gonna stick around and see if he's our guy? No.
My blokes have got enough evidence on him to start a museum.
No, he's going down for the armed rob.
I mean, if you can get Miller for the murder too, great, but, you know, it's not a deal-breaker.
DUNCAN: Gisela Goldberg.
She had her throat cut.
I had nothing to do with that.
Well, one of you did.
Makes sense to us it was you.
I mean, Adam Miller, he had the inside knowledge on the shop.
He knew where all the most precious merchandise was stored.
DUNCAN: He spent months learning the trade, getting the expertise.
ALLIE: Well, why would he risk sending you to the shop with the jeweller when you might just come back with a bag of sparkly glass? Mmm, Miller's the brains.
He went shopping and you held onto Gisela Goldberg.
And you cut her throat.
See, that's what's wrong with you lot.
You're so cynical.
You are.
(SIGHS) Say me and Millsy did do the burg.
You mean armed rob.
And? Well, Millsy figured you cops would think he was the one that went to the shop 'cause he knew the layout.
Which we did.
So we switched.
Millsy told me where everything was kept.
The safe, the top gear, everything.
He stayed with the wife? Then it wouldn't look like an inside job, see? Clever.
So you maintain .
that Miller did the murder.
That's right.
Millsy told me how much he hated that bitch.
He must have taken the chance to do her some damage.
I swear I had no prior knowledge of what he was about to do.
You can't nail that on me.
You got a law degree, do you, Dale? I know my rights.
Well, then tell us where we can find Adam Miller.
What's in it for me? We might be able to come to some sort of arrangement if you give us Miller.
I want a deal in writing.
Of course you do.
OK, I'm gonna have a word to my senior officer.
Sarge, I wanna take a closer look at Isaac Goldberg.
Why's that? I don't know.
It's just a feeling.
Did we just watch the same interview? Forget Goldberg.
Adam Miller's our man.
Copeland's nailed it.
So that's a no? Rhys, just for once, try being a team player.
Sarge, what do you want me to do? I'll step in, remind Blunt he's in no position to make demands.
Perhaps we can wrap this thing up here and now.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna talk to the victim's sister again.
Ruth Engelman.
Sounds like something I'd do.
Matt's not gonna be happy.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna tell Matt.
Now, Ruth, you said in your statement that your sister and Isaac had a good marriage.
Yes, I did.
You phrased it like this - “I'd come to realise Isaac was devoted to her.
” “Come to realise”? It just sounds a bit odd.
I used to have my doubts about their relationship, but I don't anymore.
What sort of doubts? My sister was a very strong woman.
She was definitely the dominant force in that marriage.
Everything had to be her way.
Isaac, being Isaac, would just grin and bear it.
OK, so he was fairly accommodating.
They bought an old jewellery business and moved into our family home.
Gisela had all the money - a fact she liked to remind him of often publicly as well.
I used to think Isaac resented it.
Used to? Gisela would have been a difficult person to love at times.
But the accident Isaac was courageous.
What accident? About two years ago, we were coming back from Daylesford - my cousin's wedding, all in convoy.
Isaac and Gisela were in a car behind me and Great-Aunt Dodie.
But you crashed? No, not us.
Took a shortcut off the highway.
I lost them.
By the time we got there, it had already happened.
Their car had run off the road into a dam.
Isaac had swum free, but Gisela was stuck in the car.
I saw him go back.
He risked his life for her.
Gisela and Isaac might have seemed like an odd couple, but they'd become soul mates.
Everyone should have someone so special.
Rhys, are you heading home? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, soon.
I hear Adam Miller's still missing.
What's this? Well, this is a car accident two years ago.
Single vehicle involved.
it was the Goldbergs.
Seems Isaac heroically saved his wife from drowning.
I thought that Dale Blunt confirmed that Miller killed Mrs Goldberg.
He cut a deal and he gave us Miller's whereabouts too, but he was wrong.
Lookcan I run a theory past you? Sure.
What if Isaac wasn't a hero two years ago? What if this was his first attempt at getting rid of his wife but he lost his nerve when the sister-in-law's car turned up? Is there anything in there to support that? Hmm, it's just a matter of interpretation.
Road they're on was seldom used and it wasn't on their direct route home.
Well, how did he explain being there? Said he took a shortcut.
Accident Investigation Team said there was nothing wrong with the car.
Yeah, no skid marks on the road either.
He said he took a microsleep.
Drove off the road into the dam.
Wife was asleep at the time.
In fact, first she knew of it, she was waking up and the car was filling with water.
Isaac was gone.
She was a non-swimmer.
She had little chance.
Until her sister's car happened along.
And that was the rest of the convoy that should have been safely out of sight on the freeway.
Yeah, like I said, it was just a gut feeling.
And yeah, maybe I'm wasting my time.
I mean, no-one else seems to have a problem buying that it was Miller.
They've all got a lot more runs on the board than I do.
Test your theory on your team.
I feel like I'm losing a friend.
Mmm, he put himself in a tough position.
Coming back as a sergeant to his old squad was never gonna be easy.
Matt is one of the most principled people I've ever known.
I could have a word if you want.
(LAUGHS) I don't need you to fight my battles, thank you.
I didn't mean it like that.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Expecting someone? No.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Matt! Hey.
I felt bad about how we left things this afternoon.
it's late - I'm in bed.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
We'll talk in the morning, OK? OK.
Oh, Dale Blunt gave us an address for Miller.
A pub in Footscray.
Great! We get him? No, he wasn't there.
Cleared out.
(SIGHS) Shame.
Jen, if I'd had my way, we'd never have gone near Armed Robbery or Copeland.
I know.
He's a throwback to the bad old days.
A bloody dinosaur.
Yes, he is.
It was Waverley's idea to bring them on board.
She's got this bee in her bonnet about changing the culture.
'Departmental collaboration', she calls it, but really, it's all about her making her mark and it's me who's gotta make it work.
(chuckles) OK.
I'll let you get back to bed.
I'll see you in the morning.
So it was all Waverley's fault.
You weren't supposed to hear that.
I could hardly help it.
I know.
I know.
COPELAND: Better be good, Levitt.
Just get started, Rhys.
My theory is that Isaac Goldberg is responsible for the murder of his wife.
(LAUGHS) Tied up and two suburbs away! Yeah.
Yeah, I'm not sure just yet.
Maybe he was working in tandem with Adam Miller.
Nuh, been there, asked that.
Goldberg hasn't got the nuts.
Detective Levitt, what's your evidence? Well, firstly, there's the matter of the CCTV disc.
Which we assumed Blunt took on Adam Miller's instruction because the recording equipment was well concealed.
But when you think about it, why would he take it? I mean, he's wearing a balaclava.
His identity is already hidden.
He had no need to.
Dale Blunt's knocked over three servos and a bottle shop, and he always knocks out the CCTV.
Yeah, but I think there's something else on that footage we're not supposed to see.
Like Goldberg getting free and leaving the shop? (LAUGHS) Is there any forensics at all linking Harry Houdini to the murder scene? Not as yet, but Gisela Goldberg's throat was cut from behind.
Why? Miller was holding her in a head lock.
it's the easiest way to do it.
She's a middle-aged woman restrained with duct tape.
I think it points to the killer having an emotional connection to the victim.
The same reason her eyes were taped shut.
So he didn't have to face her.
Please! Adam Miller knew Gisela Goldberg from the jewellery shop.
She was his employer.
None of this takes the spotlight off Miller as our murderer.
No, it doesn't, but when you take into account the previous accident Ma'am? Well, don't you agree it could put a whole new spin on the current case? Yeah, actually, I was just getting to that.
I think Isaac Goldberg has tried to kill his wife once before - two years ago, in a car crash, possibly staged to look like an accident.
Actually, it's all in here.
What's his motive? Insurance payout? I think he hated her, pure and simple.
Look, obviously it's all very circumstantial and you'll need a lot more if it's gonna fly, but I think it's clearly worth taking another look at Goldberg.
I don't mind, as long as I get my two armed robs.
Do you have the resources, Sergeant? Yes, ma'am.
Keep me informed.
Might be circumstantial, but I reck OK! Let's see if we can find some concrete evidence to back up Levitt's theory.
What exactly are we looking for? Evidence pointing at Goldberg.
Rhys reckons he took the surveillance disc.
So, why isn't he doing this? He's back at the Goldbergs' house looking for other clues.
And he convinced Matt? He didn't have to, according to Allie.
He got Waverley on board with his whole new theory.
OK, thank you very much for your help.
Anything? The wound on Goldberg's forehead was still bleeding when we found him.
So? So I just spoke to the doctor at the ED.
He said that if the wound had been inflicted hours earlier, it would have clotted more.
He said in his opinion, it had been bleeding for a much shorter time.
How does that fit? Blunt admitted to hitting Goldberg with the butt of his shottie.
If Rhys can take it to the top, then so can I.
About Pete Copeland? Yeah.
He's a menace who needs to be stopped.
Hey, check this out.
No CCTV disc, but this is a match on the duct tape used to bind Isaac Goldberg.
So you're saying Goldberg could have used it on himself.
Or Dale Blunt simply grabs the nearest roll of tape and uses it to bind Isaac Goldberg.
I mean, it's still circumstantial.
Yeah, but it plants reasonable doubt in a jury's mind.
Blunt will testify.
He's not a credible witness.
The DPP is gonna need a lot more.
Alright - what about the doctor at the ED? Well, it doesn't get more credible than that.
According to him, that head wound shouldn't have still been bleeding.
Unless Goldberg bumped his head trying to free himself.
I'm sorry, Rhys.
it's all looking pretty wafer thin.
The DPP would laugh at us.
Yeah, you're right, sorry.
I've wasted everyone's time.
(PHONE RINGS) Matt Ryan.
OK, thanks, Pete.
Rhys! Armed Robbery have arrested Adam Miller.
They're bringing him in.
I wonder if he could give us the lowdown on the jewellers' relationship.
Rhys, you can talk to him as much as you like, but first, Copeland and I are gonna nail him for the murder of Gisela Goldberg.
(KNOCKS ON DOOR) Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you have a moment? Yeah, sure.
Come in.
Have a seat.
Did you have a word with Sergeant Ryan this morning? Sergeant Ryan and I exchanged several words this morning.
Which ones in particular are you referring to? About Sergeant Copeland.
What about him? Ma'am, I know departmental collaboration is useful Go on.
And I know we're all on the same team, ma'am, but turning a blind eye to unethical behaviour Jennifer, what exactly are you talking about? Copeland assaulted a witness in order to obtain information.
You saw this happen? Yes, I was there.
Did you try to intervene? Yeah.
Stupid question.
And you told Sergeant Ryan about this.
I'm sure that Sergeant Ryan was gonna raise this with you, ma'am.
I will look into it.
Er, are you in a rush, Sergeant? We've got Adam Miller, ma'am.
Oh, good.
Who's going into interview? Me and Copeland.
You might be interested to know that Ethical Standards has just launched an investigation into Detective Sergeant Copeland.
One of his informants, Robert Doherty, has come forward, complaining that Copeland assaulted him.
Did you hear anything about that? I did hear something, ma'am.
I was under the impression Doherty would be unlikely to make a complaint.
Oh, did you speak to him? No, ma'am.
Not yet.
(SIGHS) Sergeant, departmental collaboration is important, but if we condone violence, we absolutely betray the people who look to us for leadership.
I'm sure ESD will be keen to get your report for their investigation.
(SCOFFS) Yes, ma'am.
We met at a pub, he found out where I worked then came up with a plan to do the robbery - it was all his idea.
Don't you have any ideas of your own? Yeah.
Did you tell Dale where to find the CCTV disc? No.
Oh, come on, Millsy.
You'd do that to protect a mate, wouldn't you? He was wearing a balaclava.
It wouldn't matter.
Back at the house, Adam - did Gisela Goldberg recognise you? Is that why you had to shut her up? No, I didn't touch her.
What's your gut feeling on this guy? Oh, it's not as strong as Matt's.
Why'd you put tape over her eyes? What? Gisela Goldberg.
Was it so she couldn't see you slit her throat? Is he for real? I'd answer the question.
You never know what he might do to you.
I didn't put anything over her eyes.
I didn't kill her.
So, who did? I don't know.
Ah! I got it, Millsy.
You don't wanna be a dog, and I can understand that.
Nobody liked the old cow either.
It could have been anyone who killed her.
Even her own husband couldn't stand her.
Isaac Goldberg loved his wife.
In public, maybe.
But I worked at that shop for months.
Every time she came in, she'd complain about something he wasn't doing right.
He'd be all “Yes, dear.
No, dear.
” But after she'd gone, he'd bitch and moan about her.
Yes! Nice.
Thanks for your 'help' in there, mate.
Mate, you are lucky I don't drop you here and now.
You went to Waverley about me.
I have got ESD breathing down my neck.
It's out of my hands.
Yeah, I bet that's your line on everything.
You're a bloody thug.
(SCREAMS) I get results! Bugger results! Don't you ever compromise a member of my team again! Or what? I'll have you myself.
AS if.
What? I want a go at Goldberg.
We do it together.
I told you what happened.
I don't know why you refuse to believe me.
Oh, no, look -the robbery happened like you said.
Dale Blunt knocked you unconscious with the butt of his shotgun.
But then you woke up, you were alive.
It was still the middle of the night.
You managed to untie yourself.
Maybe you even started to call the cops.
But then you had another idea - an idea that you had been dreaming about for years.
I don't dream.
Do you remember the look of relief in your wife's eyes when you got home, Mr Goldberg? She thought you were there to rescue her.
She thought the nightmare was over.
Like the time you rescued her at the dam.
Do you remember that? What? The dam.
What are you talking about? The first time you tried to kill your wife, Isaac.
I saved her.
So you got the knife from the kitchen.
And you put on gloves.
You cut a strip away from around her ankles and used it to cover her eyes.
Now she knew something was wrong.
Did she start to struggle, Isaac? This is your story, not mine.
Even with her eyes covered, you couldn't look at her.
So you got behind her and slit her throat.
Messy business, cutting a throat.
Blood spurts out.
How's it going? Rhys has laid the groundwork.
Mattie's on board.
ALLIE: At last.
MATT:: You hadn't counted on that, had you, Isaac? RHYS: No, you hadn't planned for anything, really, had you? God, if only she had drowned in that dam, life would have been so much simpler, wouldn't it? You knew you had to clean yourself up.
You took a shower.
Dried yourself with your towel.
Two people lived in that house, but we only found one towel in the bathroom.
You cleaned up the scene, didn't you? Washed the knife, then you went back to the store.
You'd done it.
You had finally done it.
You were thrilled, elated! You were free, weren't you? You were clean.
But you couldn't be found all nice and clean because Dale Blunt had whacked you in the head.
Yeah, you had a gash.
Problem was it had pretty much stopped bleeding by then.
So you fixed that.
So many things can go wrong.
Like that other car.
What other car? The one that arrived after you'd driven into the dam.
Ah, you thought you'd lost them.
Your wife's relatives.
But so many things can go wrong.
Ooh, that was lucky.
It was close, wasn't it? You got the disc.
Got rid of it.
Tied yourself up as best you could.
Then you waited for us to turn up.
Was that what it felt like when you swam out of the car? A rebirth, freedom? Then your sister-in-law's car turned up, didn't it? You had to go back.
You had to save your beloved wife.
I'm a good person.
Yeah, but you do a lot of things wrong, don't you? It's called 'being married', Detective.
When you were coming back from Daylesford - what had you done this time? Did you pick the wrong tie? Did you eat too loudly, speak too softly? Did you embarrass her? I didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, but she still found something to peck at, didn't she? If only that car hadn't caught up! Everything would have ended at the dam, just like you planned.
Alright, alright! She loved tohumiliate me in front of everyone.
She loved to put me down .
belittle me.
But not anymore.
I enjoyedcutting her throat and .
shutting her up once and for all.
I enjoyed it.
NICK: Nice work, guys.
Nice work, Rhys.
Followed his gut.
DUNCAN: Forget about his gut.
What about his balls? Could you say that any louder, Duncan? Well done.
You cracked him! I honestly had no idea how he'd react to that accident stuff, but sometimes you gotta go on instinct.
Rhys, you might be nearly as good as you say you are.
NICK: Oh, come on.
Not that good.
DUNCAN: I'd like to see Copeland's face when he gets the news.
I'd be happy if I never saw Copeland's face ever again.
MATT:: Detective Levitt? When you're done.
Close the door.
You're pretty happy with how this case turned out.
Well, we got the right killer, Sarge.
In the end.
Why didn't you come to me earlier? Well, I told you I had a suspicion about Goldberg.
But you didn't tell me you had any evidence.
Yeah, I know.
And in spite of my orders, you went outside the chain of command to Commander Waverley.
No, look - she saw me working the case, then she quizzed me about it.
It ended up being just a couple of cops reviewing the evidence and tossing ideas around - that's all.
Don't blame Commander Waverley when you knew full well what you were doing.
She walked into that room and she knew more about the case than I did.
I wasn't trying to undermine your authority.
I didn't know she was going to come in.
Crap! (MUFFLED) You must think I'm a complete idiot! That's exactly what you did - undermine my authority.
Well A stunt like that makes it impossible for me to do my job.
And then, in the middle of a crucial interview, you pulled out that photo of the towel.
Because it made sense.
It was a tactic.
It was circumstantial.
You were bluffing, and I should have known about it.
You got lucky.
But that's you all over, isn't it? (MUFFLED) You think you can just waltz into this workplace, proud of your big Oxford degree, like you know it all? You think that's how it works? Isaac Goldberg is our killer.
Wasn't it worth it? (SIGHS) If this happens again, you're out of this squad.
I don't care who your aunty is.
Understood? Yes, Sergeant.
Get out.
(ESKIMO JOE SINGS) J* You live so much it's like you're dying J' You can't get up, your body's trying J' Oh, you build so tall it's like you're flying J' But rocks will fall The sky keeps climbing.