City Homicide (2007) s04e18 Episode Script

Killer Moves

Yes, Sarge.
Where? Yeah, about 15 minutes away.
Do you wanna tells us how this qualifies as a homicide? I'll be out in a sec to enlighten you.
A martini would be nice.
it's early - I could do with a heart-starter.
Looks like a gig for Traffic to me.
That's what I thought.
Two dead, yeah? Yeah.
Man inside the car, young woman underneath it.
Witnesses say it came down the hill out of control, mowed her down as she was jogging.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Earphones in, she didn't even hear it coming.
No chance.
I'd concur with that.
Don't make us guess.
Why are we here? You're here because the driver of the car is dead and he was dead before it crashed.
Heart attack at the wheel, it's not unusual.
High stress, road rage, work issues.
Remind me not to car pool with you.
However, I have taken his body temp and noted his lividity and the lack of blood from his injuries, and that's why I've called you in.
He was dead hours before the car came down the hill but the collision team say the engine was running.
So how did he get into the car and start it if he was dead? (SIREN WAILS) (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Hello.
We need reinforcements? NICK: Sarge called us out.
Why? Duncan and I are across it.
Must have changed his mind.
Sarge? Morning, guys.
We're gonna need a death knock.
Nick, do you wanna do it with Jennifer? see how she responds.
Well, Duncan's already talking with witnesses and I want detectives across all aspects of this, not just uniforms.
Sarge, this doesn't make sense.
I'm done here.
It is better if we speak to the wife.
Alright, OK, Nick and Jennifer, you can help with the street canvass - see if anyone saw anything earlier.
Street canvass? Yes.
Just do it, OK? I'll get Levitt started on backgrounds.
Sarge? What about the jogger that was run over? There's no ID on her.
Someone needs to track down her next of kin.
One of you get on to that.
I want coverage.
And follow up with Pathology.
Lachlan Fraser.
What happened? At this stage, we're still completing the preliminaries.
Can I have a moment alone with him? I'm sorry, alone isn't possible, but we can give you a little privacy.
Any way we can speed things up, Ronnie? I already did the CT.
Found a subarachnoid haemorrhage.
In English, that is? A stroke.
He also presents with major lividity in his back and the backs of his legs, which suggests he was lying on his back for some time after he died.
Before he was put in the car? Yep.
On his back? Maybe he was doing the business, girl on top? What's that film? 'A Beautiful Mind'? You don't qualify.
Have we got anything more on the time of death? Around 10 o'clock last night, give or take.
So someone waited till morning, put him in the car and then started the engine.
Why would they do that if he died of natural causes? Like I said, girl on top.
Or maybe because the source of the haemorrhage was in his neck.
It's called an acute basilar subarachnoid haemorrhage.
'Sub' and 'haemorrhage' from the Latin, 'arachnoid' from the Greek.
Anyway, I found a bone spur in his superior C1 vertebra, just here.
And? If the victim's head was over-rotated with an abrupt or severe movement That can cause a stroke? In an extreme cases, resulting in death.
That's what happened to your guy.
Something I said? Abrupt severe rotation.
Yeah, thanks, Lara Croft.
No joke.
Lachlan Fraser was murdered.
His neck? We believe someone else was involved.
They then tried to disguise his death as a car accident.
Mrs Fraser, we need to ask you some questions.
Mrs Fraser? Danielle, did your husband have any enemies? No.
And the marriage? Solid.
Really solid.
Lachlan is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
How long have you been together? Uh, four years.
Where did you meet him? (LAUGHS) At the gym.
He was always there.
Hehe noticed me, he asked me out.
That's a bold move.
That was Lachlan.
Seize the day.
Things I'd dither over for months, he'd do in a heartbeat.
Buying a car, starting a new business.
He was impulsive? He just believed life is short .
so make the most of it.
And what about his business? What did he do? Properties, investments.
He has a business partner, Toby Rowcastle.
Any problems there? Toby can tell you more.
Yeah, we'll speak to him.
Was your husband meeting with Toby last night? No.
I called Toby when Lachlan didn't come home.
He said he hadn't seen him since training on Tuesday.
They train together? What for? Karate.
Toby's an expert.
Well, they both are.
That's their business dream, to start their own dojo.
A dojo? Yeah.
What's a dojo? A karate school, that's right.
And you're an expert? It's a life-long learning process.
I'm a black belt.
Qualified as a sensei, but I work as an assistant teacher.
What style? Shotokan-ryu.
Really? I study Gosoku-ryu.
(LAUGHS) Yeah? Yeah.
What level? Ni dan.
Takes commitment, doesn't it? Yeah.
I'm a Go dan.
You train every day? Ooh, impressive.
What about Lachlan Fraser? He's a black belt too.
It's just such a shock to hear that he's dead.
He wasn't much older than me.
We have reason to believe that Lachlan fought with someone shortly before his death, and the injury he sustained to his neck probably caused the stroke.
So where were you last night, Toby? Toby, where were you? (STAMMERS) Er, I was at home.
I worked on some ideas for the business, then I went to bed.
Anyone confirm that? No.
I was alone.
Don't leave town, please, Mr Rowcastle.
We may need to speak to you again, OK? Of course.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
(SOBS LOUDLY) Sex, it's the oldest motive in the world.
You think Toby Rowcastle is having an affair with Fraser's wife.
And then the wife and business partner conspire to cover up Fraser's death.
Hang on, five minutes ago you were all for Fraser having the affair and dying during sex.
It's still possible.
I think the business is a stronger lead.
The partnership was initiated by Toby - his expertise and his money.
What did Lachlan bring to it? He was doing the negotiating, organising the company.
He sourced the property out in Thornbury.
There's already another dojo out there.
So Lachlan and Toby could've been unwanted competition for the other dojo.
Yeah, it's worth thinking about.
Hey, I got some possible motives from the background.
Er Allie asked me to run a search on Lachlan Fraser's past business companies.
What'd you find? Well, Lachlan's business acumen was questionable.
He was declared bankrupt in '96 and his previous business associates weren't exactly complimentary.
I mean, they reckon this guy couldn't lie straight in bed.
Sir? Carry on, Sergeant.
So, ummode of death.
Severe rotation of the head, causing a stroke and death.
It's not exactly karate, but a martial arts practitioner could do it.
She's a go dan or something.
Ni dan.
it's a level of proficiency.
Let's take a good look at this rival dojos angle.
And the business partner too.
He claims to be a sensei.
What's that? it's a qualified teacher.
But he's very young.
If Toby Rowcastle's a Sensei, he must be amazing.
Yeah, not at business, though.
The deal was stalling.
Rowcastle had already paid a hefty deposit on the property.
Any update from Nick and Jennifer's canvass? Yeah, a witness saw Lachlan's car parked a couple of blocks away from the crash site late last night.
They'll need to shift their canvass.
Yeah, they're across it, Sarge.
What about the jogger, Jane Doe? Any word on her ID? Which one of you followed up on that? Rhys? Er, first I've heard of it.
Must've been Jennifer.
Sarge, she's got her hands full with the canvass.
I'll do it.
So what's next, Sergeant? Hmm? Mapplethorpe and Buchanan are on the street.
Levitt's learning how to make his first million and all you've got is a possible affair and the dead guy who knew karate.
All of which points towards Toby Rowcastle.
Bring him in.
We just let him go.
Well, bring him in again.
You think I twisted Lachlan's neck? You'd know how.
You're strong enough.
Lachlan's my friend.
We're in business together.
Why would I kill him? Because your business deal was about to go belly up.
You got in a fight, it went too far.
That's ridiculous.
We'll see.
We've already got people going over your financial situation, so don't you try and snow us.
You never met him, so maybe this is hard to understand, but Lachlan was a business genius.
Mm-hm? Really? Yeah, really.
When a gap in the market appears, you have to strike quickly.
To do that, you have to be daring.
“Seize the day”, “life's too short”.
Sounds like a walking self-help seminar to me.
You have to change your mindset.
That's what Lachlan taught me.
So you didn't know that he'd been declared bankrupt? No, I didn't.
You didn't check with any of his past business partners? I hope you didn't give him too much money, Toby.
I mean, what were you getting out of this partnership? The only thing I can think of is you were banging his wife.
That is beyond offensive.
I don't know what sort of people you're used to dealing with, but that is not me.
Maybe I've been a bit naive.
I'm not a businessperson.
That's why I hooked up with Lachlan.
And how did you meet him? At training.
My old dojo.
I was the assistant teacher there.
And that dojo's in Thornbury? Yep.
Where you were trying to establish your own outfit.
Ooh, jeez, I bet your old guru wouldn't have been too pleased about that.
You'll have to ask my sensei, Kenji Yamamoto, himself.
Lachlan said he had words with Kenji but I don't believe it.
It just doesn't sound like Kenji.
Oh, come on.
What, you're about to steal his patch, poach his students, hey? Of course he's gonna be pissed off! Lachlan gets in his face, a bit of argy-bargy.
Kenji loses his cool.
It didn't happen.
I know Lachlan said that Kenji had a real go at him but I don't believe it, it's just not Kenji.
He's a ku dan.
A master.
Karate is his life.
A master? So what you're saying is he could snap Lachlan's neck like a twig.
MAN: One! Two! (STUDENTS YELL) Three! How can I help you, detectives? Our apologies for interrupting, sensei.
Do you know a Lachlan Fraser? I do.
Why? He attended this dojo? He did.
'Attended' is a good word.
Unfortunately, he never learned to belong.
Why's that? He repeatedly broke the rules of the dojo.
I don't believe Mr Fraser sought perfection, or was faithful either to himself or to the art.
Disrespect to others? Violent behaviour? Violent behaviour is disrespect for others.
He hurt several fellow students, so I asked him to leave.
Sounds like you had good reason to dislike the bloke.
And then your assistant, Toby Rowcastle, decided to open another dojo with him, huh? He did, yes.
It was disappointing, but Toby's on a path.
He has a lot still to learn.
Were you angry with Lachlan? Anger is not productive.
And yet you chucked him out of your club.
Lachlan Fraser injured two of my students.
Dislocated one boy's shoulder.
The kid was out for two months.
Carla, these are detectives Freeman, Kingston.
Carla Shanklin.
I run self-defence classes here.
Lachlan came to them once a week, too, until he was asked to leave.
In my experience, he's a sleazy show-off, a danger and a bully.
Well, not anymore.
(ALL YELL) If you ask me, Lachlan never should have been allowed in the dojo in the first place.
And he was the last person who should have been running one.
Toby didn't think so.
Toby should've known better.
Lachlan charmed him.
He needed Toby, that's all.
For his money? For his qualifications.
Toby's an odd mix.
He's bright, really sharp, but incredibly naive.
And he was desperate to have his own dojo.
Yeah, well, Lachlan jumped on that.
Found just the venue for him.
Your sensei doesn't seem too agitated about Toby's defection.
Yeah, cool, isn't it? All that calm.
I'm working at becoming as evolved.
It was a different story with Lachlan, though.
We heard that he and Kenji had an altercation.
I don't believe you.
You sound pretty sure about that.
It wouldn't happen.
I know Kenji really well.
He's very advanced.
Come on, he wasn't just a little bit peeved that Lachlan was starting up in competition? I'm not gonna say it just because you want me to.
So Lachlan Fraser was a creep and he injured one of your students? Did that make you angry, Carla? Yes.
But I didn't go looking to teach him a lesson.
I may not be as evolved as Kenji but I'm no thug, either.
Any luck at the dojo? Couple of leads.
A female trainer.
Carla Shanklin.
She reminds me of someone.
Yeah, very funny.
We're nothing alike.
Martial arts freaks, up at the crack of dawn, no sense of humour, violent tendencies.
Take note of the last one, Duncan.
(LAUGHS) Crack of dawn, eh? (LAUGHS) Yeah, before, actually - 4:30, 5:00.
When did you become so dedicated to fitness? I used to run a bit.
A bit? Yeah, in races.
What, against other people? Der! Is this everything that they recovered from the jogger? Yes.
Her pockets were empty.
No house or car keys.
No-one's called in to claim her? No, not as yet.
And none of the crash witnesses recognise her either.
Oh, look, you'd been busy.
Thought I'd get the ball rolling.
Oh, thank you.
Alison Jones? Ashleigh Jackson? Abigail, Annaliese? That's a bit posh.
What's Allie short for? Allegra.
That's a bit posh.
MATT:: Updates.
What are we looking at? Oh, if it doesn't interfere with your tea break, Duncan.
(LAUGHS) Toby Rowcastle has the skill and a good motive - Lachlan had well and truly dropped him in it.
Kenji Yamamoto, now, he has good reason to be pissed off, and apparently he's got a temper too.
To me, he comes across as the real goods.
He's a ku dan, a ninth.
He's almost a master.
So he could snap Fraser's neck easily.
You don't get that far and go around attacking people.
Now, Carla Shanklin, well, she's not as 'evolved', is she? Now, she's worth a look.
This might be worth a look too.
Our victim had a whole bunch of medical bills to a clinic on one of his credit cards.
I saw it when I was going through his finances.
There we go - Albert Park Therapies.
It specialises in physio and chiropractics.
Look, mate, I don't know who you've been talking to but I have never injured a client.
We're considering a possible over-rotation of the head.
The person in question was killed by a trauma to his neck.
Well, maybe he was, but not here.
We always do pre-adjustment tests designed to pick up any potential problems.
Chiropractors don't perform major rotations of the head as a release - it's too bloody dangerous.
Kellie? Yes? Bring the appointments book through, love.
So, who is this patient, anyway? His name's Lachlan Fraser.
Lachlan Fraser? He's dead? Night before last.
Mr Deane just called to cancel his 1Oam.
(LAUGHS) What a surprise.
So where were you between I was here, working late.
Patients? No, I was doing my accounts.
And before you ask, I was on my own.
OK, so you'd like to cancel your booking for Friday the 16th.
Would you like to reschedule that? OK.
Thanks, Maryanne.
You get many cancellations? Oh, Michael's just cross because Mr Deane does it all the time.
You know, people don't think.
Michael could've booked in someone else for that time.
That was Mr Fraser's last appointment.
Two months ago.
He pulled out of care quite suddenly.
Does it happen a lot? People don't realise it's a commitment.
You need to keep coming to see improvement.
And you've got employees to pay and overheads to cover.
I'm not going broke if that's what you're implying.
Did your boss ever get cross with Lachlan Fraser? He won't know it came from you.
Michael's lovely, really.
Um, but some clients, they think they know better and they don't follow through on his advice.
Lachlan thought he knew better? (PHONE RINGS) Maybe.
I really don't know.
Thanks, Rhys.
We're on our way.
Thanks, Kellie.
That was Rhys.
He's found out that Lachlan and Toby were doing more than just competing with Yamamoto.
They were poaching his staff as well.
(SIREN WAILS) RHYS: Why would Lachlan Fraser's files contain a letter of offer for you to come and teach with him? Just because Lachlan offered me a job doesn't mean I accepted.
It's not signed, is it? Were you going to to sign it? it's good money for an assistant.
Yeah, it's more than I'm earning now.
Yeah, I was tempted.
But it's not about what you can earn, it's what you can learn.
And anyway I didn't trust Lachlan.
You said no? I did.
How did he react to that? The way he often reacted - he got angry.
And you got angry back.
I took a leaf out of Kenji's book, walked away.
He wasn't worth my energy.
It's like Kenji always reminds us - karate is about self-discipline, not picking fights.
Did your boss know about this offer? I didn't tell him.
If he found out about it, it would have been a big disappointment, huh? It's a massive loss of face.
Maybe Kenji had to take it out on someone else.
That's Lachlan's style, not Kenji's.
You like to comparing people to Lachlan, huh? You say you don't want anything to do with him, and yet you're completely fixated on him.
(LAUGHS) What happened? Did he turn you down? Oh, please.
You develop a crush on him, he rejects you, and the puppy love turns to hate.
I bet you don't have many female friends.
Am I hitting a nerve? You couldn't be more wrong.
Lachlan Fraser was a total sleaze.
He'd hang back after class, wander around in his jocks and hit on me.
It pissed me off then and it still pisses me off.
That's it.
End of story.
Lachlan wasn't a sleaze.
According to Carla Shanklin, he was.
The self-defence teacher? (SIGHS) Those karate women all seem a bit desperate to me.
I don't get why women do those kind of sports.
Well, what about fitness, discipline, reliance? Whole heap of reasons.
He wouldn't go for her, or for any of them.
I know it.
Well, why not? He met you in a gym.
If your husband was having affairs, it gives you motive to kill him.
Me? Kill Lachlan? Didn't you wonder where he went after class? The chiropractor.
He had to go and have his regular back treatment.
We checked, Danielle.
Your husband hadn't been going there for two months.
Well, that doesn't make any sense at all.
Unless He wasn't having an affair.
If there was any flirting or anything happening there, she would've been the instigator, not Lachlan.
They're all suspects.
The wife could be putting it on to cover her relationship with Rowcastle.
And Toby Rowcastle's got motive over the business situation too.
I find it very hard to believe that he trusted Lachlan with his money so easily.
Frankly, guys, you had this yesterday.
What else have you got? We've expanded our background searches to include Kenji Yamamoto and Carla Shanklin.
Carla Shanklin needs another look but I don't think Kenji is lying.
They could both be lying.
Don't let your own hobbies get in the way of your thinking.
Keep Nick and Jennifer informed.
They need to know which faces to add to the canvass as soon as possible.
Do I still look at the chiropractic angle? Which part of “they're all suspects” didn't you follow? (LAUGHS) Come on, guys, we need to crank this up a bit.
Well, what do you want us to do? They've all got motive and no-one's got an alibi.
You're being unreasonable.
Any one of them could've killed Fraser and put him in that car.
I want you to do your job, Duncan.
Sarge? Yeah? I was out of line back there.
This case, it's like grabbing at smoke.
There's nothing's solid.
Go back to the victim.
The better you know him, the more chance of a breakthrough.
Matt, you're a good detective.
But not a good sergeant.
Is that what you're saying? I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, look at you all cosy with your coffee while we go out and pound the streets.
Yeah, nice for some people.
Hey, I didn't send you out there.
Matt's working us pretty hard too.
I can see that.
Uniforms really don't need Nick and I covering the door knocks as well.
I wouldn't have thought so.
There's plenty of them.
I think I might go have a chat with Matt.
What? I don't think it's a good idea.
I just saw him down in the car park.
He's in a mood.
What happened? We had a few words last night.
He had a go at us about the case, and I bit back.
Bet that went down a treat.
I tried to patch things up but I think I made things worse.
How worse? Let's just say he'll be pretty dirty for a while.
Well, it's not easy coming back as sergeant to your old squad.
He's in a difficult position.
Mmm, so are we.
I mean, Matt used to be one of us, you know? And now it's like we can't do anything right.
Hey, Nick? I reckon he's the sergeant.
Chain of command.
Chain of command is always right.
You ready? Mmm.
Amy Jeffries.
Hmm? AJ, the anonymous jogger.
Her name's Amy Jeffries.
Don't you wanna know how I did it? Well, clearly, you've cheated.
There was a logo on her tracksuit jacket.
Ah, yeah.
I was thinking computers, IT.
Point Cook Swim Club.
I took her photo down there this morning.
She's a member.
What, all before 8am? That'simpressive.
Still haven't found her next of kin, though.
Boyfriend's not answering his phone, there's no-one at her home address.
I left my card with the neighbours.
What about her work, her family? Well, not everyone lives with their aunty.
And not everyone can be state champion, two years running, and I do mean running.
Have you been looking me up? No.
No! Yes.
it's none of your business.
Hey, you should be proud of this.
I would be.
And I'd appreciate you keeping your nose out of my life.
Drop it, Rhys.
Come on, Allie, let's go.
Back to the dojo.
What for? The Sarge says crank it up.
Alright, I'm all for that.
Who are we gonna shake? Well, the wife reckons that Fraser wouldn't be unfaithful, so I say that we rattle Carla Shanklin and we'll see what falls out.
(Yells) I'm sorry, Sensei.
Carla Shanklin, we'd like another word with you, please.
What about? Your relationship with Lachlan Fraser.
I'll leave you to it.
No, you don't have to go.
I already told my sensei about the job offer, and my decision not to take it.
It's not about the job offer.
it's about your personal relationship.
(SCOFFS) We didn't have a personal relationship.
He told his wife he went to the chiro's after class.
He didn't go there on the night he died.
He hadn't been going there for months.
So? He was a liar too.
And he was using that lie as a cover to spend time with you, wasn't he? No, he didn't.
Were you lying to us about not welcoming his attentions? No! Were you sleeping with him? You bitch.
(BOTH YELL) (YELLS LOUDLY) Carla Shanklin, you're under arrest.
No, Duncan, it's fine.
It's fine.
You will honour your opponent.
And in answer to your question, no, l wasn't with him.
I was here training until 1am.
Which I can confirm.
You know what? I believe Kenji.
I believe Carla.
Why? Because she put you on your bum? Didn't take Duncan long to stick that one on the grapevine.
Nothing we can find on the chiro either.
No cash transactions, no buried accounts.
I've gotta go.
Gonna knock on a few doors around Amy Jeffries's house.
I mean, what was she, 22? What about her parents? God, my mum would launch a full-scale search if I didn't call her at least once a week.
Well, good for you.
But just because they're her family doesn't mean they give a stuff about what happened to her, OK? Allie.
No, Rhys, I've gotta go.
Look, I'm sorry.
I don't know No, I know what you're doing.
Alright? And you've got no right, so you can just stop it, OK? Stop what you're doing.
What am I doing? No, you've done your research now.
You know I was a state running champ.
And now you're gonna use your big fancy Oxford brain to analyse me.
And I don't need you to tell me why I chucked it away, OK? I don't need you to tell me who I am.
I wasn't gonna do that.
Alright, I'm curious.
Yeah, and I may have formed some theories about middle distance running, thwarted dreams, never quite making the big time, all very 'Chariots of Fire', OK.
You're an idiot.
Yeah, I am.
My mother got more out of it than I did.
So I dropped out, I went overseas, and I joined the police force, which was another major disappointment to her.
And I haven't spoken to her in years.
Well, that's pretty big.
Yeah! And I tried - I tried to contact her a few months ago, and her phone's disconnected, so I don't even know where she is.
We're the police.
That's what our police computers are for.
I can't legally access the records of my own family, you know that.
Ah, Allie, get your skates on.
You've got another interview.
Look, I'll go ask around Amy Jeffries's neighbours, OK? I'll take care of it.
Allie? Duncan's down there already.
Yeah, who is it? Kenji Yamamoto.
He came in voluntarily.
Says he's got something to confess.
You saw the rules on the wall of the dojo.
These are rules I also follow in my life.
Strength of character comes from honesty and faithfulness.
Society has rules, too, Mr Yamamoto.
Sometimes, no matter how much people want to obey them, they fail.
I've told you the truth.
You always tell the truth? I do try to do that, yes.
But it's not always easy.
That's why I've come here today.
To confess to the killing of Lachlan Fraser? No.
Did you confront Lachlan about the dojo, get into a fight? No.
A split-second move and it would have been lights out for Lachlan.
You've got the skill.
So does your colleague.
But skill and anger are not good companions.
Wherever your anger may be directed.
So why are you here? I did have an altercation with Lachlan Fraser.
You fought with him.
He challenged me.
I didn't refuse.
When was this? On the night he died.
Lachlan came to the dojo and confronted me between classes.
He was angry that Carla wouldn't agree to work for him.
And he blamed you? He said there was only one reason he could think why she would stay working for me.
What was it? He said I must be sleeping with her.
And are you? That's no more your business than it was his.
But is that why you fought him and you twisted his neck? That's why I agreed to fight him.
He said he'd come back for me after my last class.
I confess I was angry.
I was a bad example for my student that night.
I waited well past 1am for him to show.
He never did.
Guess that lets him off the hook, huh? So Yamamoto, he wastes our time, he gives us nothing useful, but it's that's OK because at least he's cleared his conscience? I'm just saying I think we can drop him from the list of suspects.
That was huge for Kenji to admit that he let Lachlan goad him into a fight, even if it didn't eventuate.
You know what I reckon? What? He did fight Fraser, was going to confess but he lost his nerve when it came to the crunch.
And then he spun all that noble rubbish because he knew that you would fall for it.
No way.
He stays on the board, Allie.
Tomorrow's canvass.
You're joking.
Three more? Yeah, I think it's worth adding them to the canvass.
What, is there a new lead? Nothing concrete.
That's why we need to put them out there.
You might get a hit.
Matt, if this is just a fishing expedition, surely uniforms can be doing this.
I'm sorry, Jen, I can't give you any more resources.
OK, let's wait till tomorrow and see what Duncan and Allie Sorry, Jen Mate.
Jen's just saying that if we have to start all over again, run all these past anyone who opens a door we'll be out there till Christmas.
Any one of these people could've killed Lachlan, so any one of them could've dumped him in his car.
And any one of them could've been seen.
We know.
The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.
Jen! Jen.
(SIGHS) Jen.
What's up? What was that about? What? If I'm having a difference of opinion with my sergeant, I don't need you to come in to bat for me.
Hang on, hang on, I was agreeing with you.
Yeah, well, don't! I can stand on my own two feet, Nick.
I know you can.
I'm sorry, it's just all the secrecy, and springing apart all the time, and Matt nearly catching us the other night, it's I still feel like we're living undercover.
it's not easy, is it? No, it's not easy.
And I don't know how to fix it.
See you tomorrow.
Early bird.
I think he's trying to impress us.
Look, er, yeah, thanks.
No, you've been a huge help.
OK, goodbye.
Guys, think I might have something for you.
What is it? I've been following up on some of the members of Carla Shanklin's self-defence class, see if they'd confirm her stories of Lachlan's wandering hands.
Any luck? Yeah.
Carla was telling the truth.
Lachlan used to have this schtick he would try on after class.
He'd complain of chronic shoulder stiffness and try and get girls to massage him.
Like that'd work.
(LAUGHS) A couple of them suggested he go and get a professional to treat it.
He said he was already seeing a chiro.
Said she was fantastic.
She? I just need to find this other patient list.
What's this about? We need to talk to your receptionist, Kellie.
We need to talk to her urgently.
Why? She's not in today.
Did she say why she wasn't coming in? No.
She just didn't turn up.
I've been ringing and ringing.
Have you got her address? We need it.
This is gonna take all week.
Yeah, I know.
Nick Um, last night, I'm sorry I left like that.
Yes, mate? Jen! Yeah, we're onto it.
The chiropractor's receptionist didn't show up for work today.
And? Lives a couple of blocks away.
(SIREN WAILS) ('Ll'l'l'LE RED HANDS' BY CALLING ALL CARS) Kellie Briggs? Detectives Mapplethorpe and Buchanan.
We'd like you to come with us, please.
(SIREN WAILS) Hey! Kellie Briggs, you're coming with us.
Stealing? That's all, I swear.
The massage table's mine but I stole the rest of the gear - the massage oils, the towels and stuff- I took them from work.
And your boss found out? No.
But I thought he might after you guys came round.
After we came round? How are they doing? She's lying to them, but she's not very good at it.
Looking good for the murder? For something, yeah.
Our visit to your boss was in relation to a murder.
Is that what spooked you, Kellie? No.
Yeah, it is.
Because you were involved in that killing, weren't you? No, I wasn't.
We're gonna talk to all the patients that have dropped off your boss's books.
Are they gonna tell us that they've been getting cheaper treatment elsewhere? From someone unqualified? Kellie, I mean, if this was an accident, you know, you need to tell us what happened right now.
You're gonna find it in my car, anyway.
Find what? My appointment book.
I wrote down names and times and, umand the money.
I needed the money.
What happened? (SOBS) Uml usually just do standard releases, you know? I've seen Michael do it often enough.
But Mr Fraser said that .
said that his neck was really sore.
And? He, um He grabbed my bum and I just lost it.
(CRACK) (VOICE ECHOES) Mr Fraser? Mr Fraser? And thenand then I panicked.
I didn't know what to do.
What about calling an ambulance? He was dead.
It was too late for an ambulance.
How long was he on the table before you moved him to his car? Hours.
I had to work out what to do, so I know it was wrong but, um .
but I thought, if I made it look like a car accident So you took his keys, then you went to find his car.
He'd parked a couple of streets away.
Then? He was so heavy.
You don't realise how heavy someone is when they're So that took me all night.
I got him out, I put him in the car and, um .
I drove to the hill.
(WHIMPERS) I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
(ENGINE STARTS) I put the car in neutral and sent it down the hill.
I just panicked, you know? A panic that lasted seven hours and involved the carefully planned concealment of a crime.
And the death of a 22-year-old woman.
What? She was killed by the car at the bottom of the hill.
Half the job's paperwork.
You did OK turning up the connection.
Hey, Jen wanted me to let you know that Amy Jeffries's boyfriend has come in.
She's broken the news to him and taken him down to the morgue.
Nice of him to bother.
How did you find him? I didn't.
He's a schoolteacher.
He's been away on a Year 7 camp.
He came back today.
He got your messages.
Jen said he's pretty devastated.
Doesn't know how he's gonna break it to her parents.
Makes you think.
Well, you can't spend your whole life thinking you're gonna die any second.
You'd never do anything.
Yeah, that's true.
But you can make sure you've mended all your fences.
Shift's over.
We could go now.
Might work out better than you expect.
Right, well, that's her place, number seven.
You OK? You just gonna sit here until she comes out? (EXHALES) Nup.
Do you want me to come with you? I'll go talk to her.
Hey, you're gonna wait for me? No, I was gonna drive off as soon as you turn your back.
Yes? I'm looking for Barbara Kingston.
I'm sorry, she's not here right now.
She won't be long.
She's just taken the girls to the park.
The girls? Would you like to wait? No, ll can't.
Perhaps is there a message that I could give her? No, no message.
Well, who shall I say called? That was quick.
it's the wrong house.
Got the wrong house.
OK, so the police computers lie.
I should complain to Bernie about it.
Just forget it, OK? (STARTS ENGINE) Yeah, OK.