City Hunter (Siti hyunteo) (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Episode 13 These will make good japchae.
Have you tasted that brand before? But, it would be so much better without these vegetables.
Oh! The tomatoes! Kim Na Na, are you okay? Isn't that your father? Let's go for now.
We'll talk later.
Kim Jong Shik's 200 billion won that was father's response to my method of returning it.
I'll keep doing it my way even if it means being at odds with my father.
And I'm going to protect those around me too.
Shik Joong ahjussi my mom and you too.
Just promise me one thing.
If I ever get into a dangerous situation again, like today don't save me.
We were lucky today, so we are both fine, but who knows what will happen next time? I don't like it when you're in danger because of me.
I also don't like it when you get hurt because of me.
and I definitely don't want you to have a hard time because of me Stop it.
- Lee Yoon Sung - I said stop it.
You almost died because of me! Please, I said that's enough! Did you buy everything from the market? What's wrong with him? Did you guys fight? Today we saw Lee Yoon Sung's father.
B Boss? At the market? Yeah.
Are you okay? I'm okay.
There's no way you could be fine.
Do you know what sort of man the boss is? He even stole a newborn baby from his mother and raised him like this.
Are you really okay? What are you going to do from here on out? Are you just going to let Yoon Sung be like this? At the Golden Triangle, he lost it and started waving his gun around, when the woman who raised him was killed.
I just have to make him like that again.
Let's talk.
Do you only think about yourself? Is everything fine if you're okay? How can I ignore it if you're in danger? I know better than anyone that every single day is a war for you and that every moment is a struggle, so how can I lean on you? How can I ask you to protect me as well? I'm going to become someone you can lean on.
I'm going to become stronger, so I can protect you.
What exactly do you eat to become this brave? So, just now you thought, "This girl is really cool," right? What? You thought "I really have a good eye when it comes to women," right? Forget it.
If you're finished talking, get out.
What kind of a woman just walks into a guy's room without a second thought? And if you say something like that again, I won't leave you alone.
Stop getting so angry, you're making me feel bad.
This is a robbery, a robbery.
The City Hunter stole our university's operating funds and to increase his popularity, he distributed it to our students.
If you only listen to the City Hunter's side, then you're looking at our university with tinted glasses.
But that money was absolutely never put to personal use.
Then why was that money found in your home? The banks are facing bankruptcy and closure because of the bad economy, and so I placed it in the safest place, my house.
Due to this case, our university is facing critical operational hardship.
Therefore, we are in a situation where we have no choice but to raise tuition fees.
What are you doing? [Myung Mun University.]
It's so tiny.
If you hide it in there, it's completely unnoticeable.
These can't even be detected by the bug sweepers, right? Either way, these advancements in technology, just mean more trouble for us Security Service agents.
If you're going to act like an agent, just leave.
Oh, sorry.
I said it without thinking.
My job is to find these kinds of things.
But, when are you going to go place this? You don't need to know! You said you're going to guard; so guard then, not me, but this house.
Oh, that unlucky jerk Hey! Guarding the house isn't my style.
What are you doing? Let's go.
We're going to be late.
Hurry, we're late.
I'm sure that Kim Na Na and Bae Man Deok know the City Hunter.
They've both just disappeared.
Bae Man Deok will be hard to find as all traces of his identity have been erased.
But, I've sent the guys to watch those who know Kim Na Na.
We'll find them soon.
If you find them, kill them.
Since they stole my money, they'll have to pay the price for it.
The City Hunter will definitely come find me for revenge.
Kyung Hee disappeared? From the hospital? Yeah.
Her health isn't too good and I can't find her.
Do you happen to know her cell phone number? I don't.
It's been a while since I've contacted her.
Then by any chance, do you know who she's close to? I don't know.
She's like that, she doesn't say much and doesn't express her feelings.
And there are a lot of mysterious things about her.
Okay, I see.
Thank you.
Ah, seriously Why did this car suddenly stop? Maybe it got overheated.
Do you have the engine coolant? Ah, seriously The Myung Mun University chairman will be angry that we're late.
They should have had this car checked regularly.
Hello? This is the secretary from Myung Moon University.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We went to buy some ice coffee, but the car broke down.
We've called for emergency backup.
No, it's okay.
The chairman has a lot of guests today, so you don't have to come in.
Really? That's good.
Then we'll see you next time.
Rest comfortably.
We'll do the work for you instead.
Wow You're really good at acting! Wear this and put on your seatbelt.
We have to finish within the 2 hours that Kim Jong Shik is away.
[City Hunter Steals 200 Billion Won from Myung Mun University's Scholarship Fund.]
What? A sick day? She doesn't take a sick day unless it's really bad.
Anyway, I understand.
Na Na Did something happen to her? She hasn't picked up her phone in a couple days, I'm so worried.
Aigoo Did something happen to Na Na? I went to the house yesterday and she wasn't there.
Her phone is off.
And according to her co-worker, her uncle called and said she's going to take some sick days.
But the only uncle that Na Na has is a distant uncle she doesn't keep in contact with.
By any chance, has she been in contact with you? No.
If she even took days off, then she must be very sick, right? Prosecutor, Prosecutor Hey, Investigator Jang.
Did you catch the City Hunter or something? Why are you making so much noise? No, it's not that.
Prosecutor Ha Dong Wook's Office has requested that we hand over all the City Hunter files.
What's going on? What's going on? Why is the City Hunter case I'm working on? He couldn't trust the bank so he left it in his house.
We're going to go investigate.
You You're off the City Hunter case! Director! The Attorney General and I know you're Chairman Kim Jong Shik's son, so how can we let you handle it? It's a basic rule that prosecutors can't work on cases that involve their families.
Your dad, Seo Yong Hak, Lee Kyung Wan, the City Hunter The department heads met and decided to hand everything over to Prosecutor Ha.
I'll stay out of my dad's case, but let me continue investigating the City Hunter.
but please let me continue investigating the City Hunter.
We have a strong suspect.
A strong suspect? Then hand that over to Ha Dong Wook as well and get off the case.
Director! We put in too much effort just to hear people say, "They went easy on him because he's family," or "They covered up the case.
" I refuse to get hit with that crap.
I won't let that happen.
That's what you think.
Before they even graduate, students are taking out large loans due to expensive tuition, and the majority are now credit delinquents! In the current atmosphere, if we don't investigate this properly, the Prosecutor's Office will lose all credibility and we'll be done for! He's a prosecutor's father, and he keeps fobbing off the investigation calls.
If you have the guts and time to argue with me, go and relay this message to your father instead.
If he continues to view the Public Prosecutor's Office as a joke, not just his nose, but also his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears will be hurt too! Once they're in a position of power they all look down on us! But you Did you really not know? It's not that I suspect you, but it just doesn't make any sense.
There was 200 billion won in the house, how could the son not know? This won't be the first time a prosecutor's career is ruined because of family.
It takes only a second to get covered with sh*t.
Yeah? Leave.
We're from Korea Information and Communications.
Go inside.
The Chairman is out right now, so the office is empty.
- Okay, work hard.
- All right.
Hello, this is Chairman Kim Jong Shik's office.
He's out of the office right now? Okay, then I'll go there and wait.
I'm sorry, but the Chairman told me to stay in the room while you're here.
I understand.
People who ask for our services, tend not to trust people in general.
Oh, what's wrong with this? Is something wrong? This device is alarming.
Should I let Chairman Kim know? No Let me double check it.
Oh, it's working fine again.
Oh, that's a relief.
For a brief second the sensor went off, but it was a false alarm.
Oh, can I get a drink of water? I got a little nervous, so I became thirsty.
Oh, yeah.
Right now, the security team is here inspecting the office for bugging devices.
Do you want some coffee? I'm okay.
It's going to be a while before the chairman returns.
I'll wait.
These days the latest bugging devices from the US interrupt with the radio frequency spectrum analysis, making them difficult to detect.
So, are you able to detect the frequency? Yes, Na Na? Yeah, it's Kim Na Na.
Prosecutor, where are you right now? I can't really hear you.
H Hello He I can't Are you He llo? Oh, okay.
Yeah, can you hear me now? Your aunt was really worried.
I heard you took sick days.
Are you really sick? I hurt my arm, but I'm okay.
But the signal is still kind of bad.
Oh, hold on.
Oh, I can hear you better now.
Tell my aunt not to worry about me.
Are you at your uncle's house? Yeah.
It's been a while since I've seen him, so I'm going to stay a couple more days.
Then, I'll call you again.
Take care.
Lee Yoon Sung is going to get mad if he finds out I brought my cell phone.
It's odd that a Private University Foundation suddenly wants to hold a meeting tomorrow.
When times are sweet, they swallow; when the taste turns bitter, they spit it out.
Find out what those guys are plotting.
The prosecutors have served you a subpoena.
What should I do? Oh, you scared me! I almost bumped into them.
So, that's one of Chairman Kim Jong Shik's cars.
But why did Prosecutor Kim come to the office? Am I a prosecutor? How would I know? Oh, the 200 billion won He probably came here to investigate him.
Yeah, he's so cool.
Cool? He's getting paid to work, do you think he'd play around? And, I told you to turn your cell phone off.
Someone like Kim Jong Shik can track you down with your phone number.
Don't pick up calls from unknown numbers too.
I know.
I've already turned it off.
It's still not too late.
Turn yourself in.
Just tell the truth and ask for forgiveness.
Don't you feel apologetic towards the students and their parents for taking the tuition money they worked so hard to earn? That day when I saw the 200 billion won at your house - I shouldn't have just left.
- It's my university.
I founded it, and I invested in it.
It's my money, why can't I use it the way I want? Other people do it.
Why am I the only one you're asking to abide by the law? I'll tell you again, I'm innocent.
Innocent? Fooling others isn't enough, so now you're fooling yourself too? What? When I found out you paid off the witness and turned yourself from offender into victim.
The misery nearly drove me mad.
But if that was the one and only stain in your life, then although I'm only the son, I was willing to shoulder the responsibility of your crime, for the sake of the victims' family members.
The statute of limitations has passed.
- There's no crime.
- Statute of limitations? Yes, Statute of Limitations.
It's been over 10 years.
Even though there was a death involved, it wasn't even a hit-and-run accident.
It's over.
Do you really feel no guilt at all? As a result of the accident you caused, the wife passed away and the husband has been in a vegetative state for over 10 years! Isn't it lucky? One died and one is in a vegetative state.
What did you say? Dead people don't talk, and someone in a vegetative state is unlikely to wake up.
How lucky is it that those people are paying for my crime? Father Their lives are over anyway.
So what if they take the blame for me? Do you think every human life has the same value? I'm different from those people.
I've dedicated my whole life to education in Korea.
Without me Korea's education won't be what it is now.
Punishment? Forgiveness? Confession? Screw it all! The car accident from 10 years ago, I forgot it long ago.
That day, I was just a little unlucky.
Just unlucky Just a little unlucky In that accident back then You should've been the one who lost your life.
Then I wouldn't have to hate you so much now.
I detest the fact that I was born your son.
Young Joo.
Do you think that a crime will disappear with the passage of time? October 1983 What happened then? Why is the City Hunter targeting you relentlessly? I don't think I can protect you this time.
Please take care of yourself.
I founded it and I invested in it.
It's my money, why can't I use it the way I want? Other people do it.
Why am I the only one you're asking to abide by the law? I'll tell you again, I'm innocent.
- Innocent? - Knock, knock.
- Kim Na Na coffee.
- Oh.
Just text me and I'll make it.
Oh, thank you.
Did you find out something? Oh, it's Prosecutor Kim.
Why? Show it to me.
The quality of the device isn't very good.
And the camera is tilted so the faces can't be seen clearly.
I think we'll have to move the camera.
I wanted to see how Prosecutor Kim pressures Kim Jong Shik.
I'm sure he'll coolly knock him out, right? Is a prosecutor a wrestler? What do you mean "knock him out"? Get out, I have to work.
It was so hard placing it, how are we going to move it? Investigator, did you find out the whereabouts of Lee Kyung Hee? Lee Kyung Hee? But Prosecutor Weren't you pulled off the City Hunter investigation? So I'll stop just because they tell me to? Ah, Prosecutor They said they're going pass the case to Prosecutor Ha, so let's stay out of it.
We have a lot of new cases assigned to us, Prosecutor.
Something definitely went down in October 1983.
Lee Kyung Hee said at that time her husband was a Secret Service agent, but the Blue House has no record of him on file.
We have to find Lee Kyung Hee.
I understand.
From now on, I'll work on the City Hunter case on my own.
But, he can't.
Excuse me.
Have you seen the owner of the Madis snack stand? We haven't.
We've been worried because her shop has been closed for a couple of days now.
Yeah, we're worried.
She lives alone so there's no one who takes care of her either.
I guess that's her fate.
It's not easy to lose your child when he was only one month old.
She lost her child? I think it was in 1983.
She had a son.
She went to hang the diapers out to dry and when she turned around, he was gone.
You said a son, right? But, who are you? A moment ago, someone asked Min Suk's grandma where the owner of the snack bar went.
Who was it? Lee Kyung Hee and Lee Yoon Sung So you had your blood tested to see if you're a match to donate bone marrow because Could it be? You don't know where Lee Kyung Hee is either? Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak For both, their corruption was filmed by a hidden camera and then exposed to the pubic with the release of a video.
What if that technician back then was Lee Yoon Sung? Now what is it? After talking to your father like that, you're feeling sorry? No.
Since the Prosecutor's Office has started to investigate, I came to ask you to show up when you receive the subpoena.
What? I thought you might use the predictable excuse of chronic health issues like others do to refuse.
You seem to think you can read my mind.
Yeah, Investigator Jang.
What? You located Lee Kyung Hee? Oh, Dangjin Hae Shim Orphanage.
I got it.
I'll be right there.
You're a lot skinnier than before.
Come home sometime and let's eat together.
I'm busy.
Oh, Dangjin Hae Shim Orphanage.
Dangjin, Hae Shim Orphanage? [Hae Shim Orphanage.]
Excuse me.
I'm Prosecutor Kim from Seoul District Prosecutor's Office.
In a little while a man will come looking for Lee Kyung Hee.
Could you direct him to the inside of the church? Please help me.
Hurry up and come, Lee Yoon Sung.
[Hae Shim Orphanage.]
Are you looking for Lee Kyung Hee? Yes.
Lee Kyung Hee is here, right? Follow me, please.
It's this way.
Lee Kyung Hee's leg has been bothering her.
Is she adjusting well to life here? Oh yes.
She has improved a lot since she came here.
Please go in.
What is it? Where have you been? You seem to be very curious about me.
But I think I've told you before, if you want to question me, then bring a certificate or something first.
Oh, a warrant? You must have done something wrong if you won't talk without a warrant.
A jab is no fun.
Wouldn't it be better to be an infighter and throw a single knockout punch? Or, if you don't have a straight punch, then stay out of the game.
Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
There's dirt on your clothes.
The kids at the Hae Shim Orphanage were playing ball.
Hae Shim Orphanage? What's that? We can look at the security tapes at the Dangjin toll gates to prove it.
But since you're so careful, you probably changed your license plate.
Did you say a single knockout straight punch? Oh, dear I like to be straight forward and not beat around the bush.
You talk too much.
This is the last time I'll ask.
Please turn yourself in.
Otherwise, something even bigger is going to happen.
Bota Temple? The air is so nice Oh, my Oh, God.
What do I do? It just fell in.
It won't turn on.
I'm so stupid.
Oh, Sseunim*.
(*Korean term for addressing a Buddhist priest) Namu Amitabul, Kwan Seum Bosal*.
(*Mantra: Honor Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of compassion) By any chance, in this temple Is there someone who looks like this? The one in the middle I'm not a bad guy, I'm not dangerous at all.
Really I'm not.
You see Her name is Lee Kyung Hee and she is ill.
She disappeared from the hospital.
I think she disappeared because she lost her will to live.
Her son is anxious to find her.
But Lee Kyung Hee doesn't have a son.
Ah, yeah Yes, everyone thinks that, but that's not the case.
She has a son who's alive and well and works at the Blue House, Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung.
He's a very handsome young man.
He's really eager to find her.
Please help me.
Ah, seriously Have people conned you all your life? It's true! Please believe me, Priestess.
Are you sure it's that room? You're saying she's not coming back today, tomorrow, or the day after that or two days after tomorrow or three days after tomorrow? She went to the Buddhist nunnery to pray.
They go from temple to temple praying.
I really don't know when she'll be back.
Ah She should have taken her cell phone at least.
There's no signal in the temples.
Why would you take it if it's a nuisance and gets in the way of praying? Oh, yeah I'll give you my cell phone number.
It dropped in the water so it won't work.
Ah, then I'll give you Lee Kyung Hee's son's phone number, Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung.
When she comes back please please please As soon as possible please, have her call him.
Okay, then.
I'll make sure to have her call when she returns.
Please, please, I'm begging you kindly.
Then, I'll be going.
- Did the monks personally make these? - Yes.
Take this box over to Prosecutor Ha Dong Wook's office.
Oh, I had an MP3 like that one.
That was 9 years ago, It was a present from my girlfriend back then.
That brings back all those memories.
Did you also get that from a girlfriend? It was a present from my dad for getting into college.
Ah So you kept it till now because it's a present from your dad.
Are you not going? Should I go? No, I'm going.
I'll go right now.
The type of prosecutor you aspire to be, is like an upright bamboo.
They protect justice, truth, human rights, impartiality, and integrity.
If they fall, then all of these things become mere encyclopedia terms.
In fact, I believe they would only exist as words in a dictionary.
Young Joo, I hope you become a prosecutor who protects the justice of the Republic of S.
This isn't another attempt on your part to investigate? That's This is the elite Hae Won Jae Club.
You won't believe it's just a coincidence, but we're both members.
You pretend you're not, but you must be from a wealthy family.
Your father is Chairman Kim Jong Shik, right? You've revealed to Kim Na Na that you're Long Leg Ahjussi*.
(* secret benefactor) When are you going to come clean about being Kim Jong Shik's son? That's not something you need to concern yourself about.
There's a limit to playing around with people.
People like you slap a person and then turn around and offer candy.
Isn't that a bit much? As Long Leg Ahjussi, you supported her, but it turns out you're the son of the enemy who injured and killed her parents.
What do you think is going to happen if she finds out? Have you thought about how she'll feel? You talk about Kim Na Na like you know her better than I.
Back off from Kim Na Na completely, if you want to really be remembered as Long Leg Ahjussi.
Is what why you saved her? At the broadcasting station, you saved her even though it meant losing Seo Yong Hak City Hunter.
I told you that a jab is no fun.
Apparently your memory is worse than I thought.
I can become a prosecutor too.
Oh, you're back? What's so hard that you have that "I'm going to die" look on your face? Chief, you don't understand.
It's so hard guarding Da Hye all day.
When Doctor Lee Yoon Sung tutored her on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she wouldn't waste a minute and come back.
But now she only thinks about ways to run away.
I told you she's unique, didn't I? Is Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung really not going to return, and be her tutor five days a week? I'm really going through a hard time.
Boo! Where are you going? Someone came to see me.
They said it's some man.
A man? A man? Who? How would I know? Aish! Who is it? Did she have a meeting* without me? (*friends introduce each other's friends) She loves me she loves me not.
She loves me she loves me not.
She loves me she loves me not.
I wonder who's here? Who is it? It's me, Shin Eun Ah.
Oh, you're Lee Yoon Sung's uncle.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What are you doing? I came to give you this.
It's green tea.
The moment I smelled this green tea, I immediately thought of you.
Oh, oh dear.
Agent Shin doesn't like green tea because it's bitter.
Oh, really? That's because you leave it in the water too long.
If you follow the directions written here, the flavor will be really great.
Ah, Lee Yoon Sung.
He doesn't have to take care of me this much.
What? When you go home, make sure to tell Lee Yoon Sung that I'll drink it well.
I'll drink it well, thank you.
Hey, hey I want to see if it's good too.
Agent Shin.
Lee Yoon Sung didn't buy it, I did.
The phone is turned off, so please leave a message Why isn't he picking up? Kim Na Na.
Ahjussi didn't tell you where he was going? No, he didn't say anything.
It wouldn't be Kim Jong Shik No, right? Hello? Agent Shin? I gave you green tea from the temple? My uncle came to the Blue House? Blue House? Blue House Didn't Kim Jong Shik send those scary guys of his there, to find me? When did he stop by? Just now? Oh, yeah, please enjoy it.
I'm going.
Ahjussi really has some guts I'm going too! Ahjussi.
Ahjussi Ahjussi! Ahjussi - Can you hear me? - Ahjussi.
- Wake up, Ahjussi! - Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Kim Jong Shik.
Ahjussi Ahjussi, open your eyes.
Ahjussi! Ahjussi, wake up! - Yoon Sung, calm down.
- Ahjussi.
Ahjussi We've got a line in.
He's in asystole.
- Start CPR and get me some epinephrine.
- Yes.
- Check pulses and rhythm.
- Still asystole.
Ahjussi - Check pulses and rhythm.
- Still asystole.
Ahjussi Please don't die Don't die.
Ahjussi!! Check pulses and rhythm.
It's back up to 68 bpm.
There are no major external injuries, but there is some internal bleeding.
We'll only know the extent of the bleeding once we go into surgery, There's a possibility he might not make it through the surgery.
Please save him, Doctor.
I'm leaving him in your hands.
The emotions you're feeling right now I know them well.
When my dad was lying like this in his coma, I thought about it hundreds of times a day If I wasn't a powerless student, If only I could drive Kim Jong Shik I would get back at him for what he did, using the same exact method.
The look in your eyes right now, is the same as mine back then.
It makes me nervous I think I understand a little now, how my dad feels.
Maybe even that's being too kind to those guys.
Please watch over Ahjussi.
Lee Yoon Sung I got a call from the Ministry of Justice.
They're going to give you an award at the ceremony this year.
To me? That case involving the corrupt mayor and the embezzlement and abuse of power case, for cleanly solving those 2 cases, they picked you.
Does it look to you like I work to receive awards? Stop giving your superior an attitude all the time, okay? If you keep acting this way, because you keep letting the City Hunter escape, the workplace gossip of you getting demoted to Marado, well I can make that a reality.
Director The ceremony hall is small, so you can only invite 10 guests.
Here's your guest list.
Take a look.
I think you can scratch him off the list.
I'm going to leave first.
[Kim Jong Shik, Myung Mun University.]
The Prosecutor's Office sent this.
Forget it, you read it and handle it.
Your son sent it.
Young Joo? [Invitation.]
[Location: Seoul District Prosecutor's Office Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor.]
I'm his father, of course I'm going.
Yeah, Aunt.
It's me.
I stayed for an extra few days because I haven't seen Uncle in so long.
You were worried, right? Yeah.
What? Tell Prosecutor Kim I said congratulations.
What? He got demoted? Why would someone who's getting an award be demoted? Because of the City Hunter? Oh, I see.
Ah, yeah.
I'll call you again.
[Seoul Prosecutor's Office First Half 2011.]
[Prosecutor of the Year Award Ceremony.]
Why are you here? You invited me to come.
Investigator Jang.
The City Hunter will appear here today.
Keep an eye on the entrances and the broadcasting room.
I understand.
I think the City Hunter is going to appear.
- Seal the entrances - Prosecutor Kim, I told you to stay off the City Hunter case.
There are several hundred prosecutors here, unless he's crazy, would he really come here? The ceremony is starting soon.
Go back to your seat and sit down! - Please take care of my son.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Please take care of my son.
Thank you.
- Yes.
The recipient exposed collusion and abuse of power between Hwamyeong's mayor and local leaders, discovered large-scale corruption in government social service, and protected the taxpayers' hard-earned money, contributing to the realization of a just society, This award is bestowed by the Republic of Korea's Minister of Justice, Hwang Soon Yil.
Now we will listen to Prosecutor Kim Young Joo's speech.
I'm Prosecutor Kim, the recipient of this generous award.
In my mind, prosecutors Prosecutors are like upright bamboo.
They protect justice, truth, human rights, impartiality, and integrity.
If we fall, then all these things become mere encyclopedia terms.
In fact, I believe they would only exist as words in a dictionary.
There are many people who try to take away our power, but in order to ensure that these words won't just exist in textbooks When I found out you paid off the witness and turned yourself from offender into victim.
The misery nearly drove me mad.
But if that was the one and only stain in your life, then although I'm only the son, I was willing to shoulder the responsibility of your crime, for the sake of the victims' family members.
Isn't it lucky? One died and one is in a vegetative state.
What did you say? Their lives are over anyway.
So what if they take the blame for me? Do you think every human life has the same value?> I'm different from those people.
I've dedicated my whole life to this nation's education.
Without me Korea's education wouldn't be what it is now.
Punishment? Forgiveness? Confession? Screw it all! The car accident from 10 years ago, I forgot it long ago.
That day, I was just a little unlucky.
Just unlucky Just a little unlucky The Statute of Limitations for manslaughter in a car accident is 5 years Even if it was involuntary manslaughter rather than a hit-and-run, the Statute of Limitations has already passed.
He blackmailed the witness? Isn't that a problem? How long has Prosecutor Kim known about this? But it was his father, so what could he do? What's the use of having several hundred prosecutors gathered here if not one of you steps forward to catch him?! Ah, this is the law, huh? Right Who did this? Hold on Is the City Hunter responsible?! Father The broadcasting room Go to the broadcasting room! Hey! Kim Na Na Prosecutor Kim Is all of that true? You're really Kim Jong Shik's son? The father committed the crime, and the son felt bad so he became Long Leg Ahjussi? So, not knowing any of this, I was inspired to live well through your letters and gifts, and found the hope to survive till now.
What is this? Is it pity? Or guilt? I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier.
Let's meet later and I'll apologize properly.
- But right now - No.
I won't accept your apology.
Prosecutor Kim, you aren't the person I knew as Long Leg Ahjussi.
Na Na.
I'm really sorry.
Even if you sling rocks at me, I won't try to dodge them.
But right now I have to look for my father.
I'm sorry, Na Na.
Wh Who are you? Don't you already know? Don't do anything stupid, unless you want to die in front of your son's eyes.
Where were you going? The party has just started.
That day when I saw the 200 billion won at your house I shouldn't have just left.
Turn it off! I said turn it off! If this recording is sent to the Prosecutor's Office, it's only a matter of time before your son will be forced to resign.
Is this retaliation for Operation Clean Sweep? So, you still remember.
The men who risked their lives for the motherland, you obliterated them in the waters off Nampo.
And yet you lived happily, spending students' tuition money on luxurious food and clothes, and covering up your homicide offense.
You I'm going to make sure your son is the one to bring you to justice.
All the documents proving your corruption, I'll send them exclusively to Prosecutor Kim.
If he tries to conceal these records, he'll be ruined.
And if he exposes all of this, then both of you will still be destroyed.
It's going to be fun seeing you get caught by your own son.
My son Please don't touch my son.
What a touching display of paternal love, when I grew up without a father to share such things with.
If you are a real father, then what can you do for your son? Will it be honor or humiliation? Don't come any closer.
I can't make my son suffer even more.
Nothing like dying or being killed I'd like it if the City Hunter would catch him and deliver him to Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
I want it exposed that he's not someone to respect.
I'd like it if his hidden character was revealed.
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