City Hunter (Siti hyunteo) (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Brought to you by WITHS2 Episode 14 Father! Father! What on earth have I done? [Father.]
A man out for revenge turns back to save a life? Then there's no meaning in hitting Shik Joong.
Did you manipulate me? By having Shik Joong ahjussi get hit by Kim Jong Shik's car? No, it was only made to look like Kim Jong Shik's car.
Then, Father, you did it yourself? To Shik Joong ahjussi? It brought immediate results, didn't it? What I want to see is precisely this side of you.
Eyes lit with fire, intent on revenge, you without any regard for risk or consequence.
Are you in your right mind? You drove Shik Joong ahjussi to the brink of death?! You wanted me to kill someone so badly you went to that length?! If you want to stop my madness, quickly embed those bastards' hearts with bullets with your own hands.
With your hands With your hands This is the way to protect those who are precious to you.
The more you drag out the time, the more pain those around you will face.
That would be too heartbreaking.
I've thought about it.
Who could it be who is precious to you? I could think of no one.
But, there is exactly one person.
It is me.
The person who is precious to you.
Does this make your heart ache? It must hurt.
It must No matter how much you want me to, I cannot kill a person.
I finally realized something clearly today.
That your revenge and mine are different.
That it's depressingly dirty.
Shock! - 200 joules charge - Yes, 200 joules.
Clear Shock! Clear Shock! - 200 joules charge - Yes, 200 joules.
Clear Shock! Didn't Kim Jong Shik jump, trying to commit suicide? He was trying to grab an envelope of documents or something His heart Please do something.
Save him! Get the guardian out, hurry! Please, please Shock! Give it a big boost.
Clear Shock! Prosecutor.
Your father? Your car that was under the overpass, I drove it here.
Your father's car was taken by the police for investigation.
Where was the chauffeur? The chauffeur was having some coffee, waiting to be called, when he heard about the accident.
It has been confirmed the chauffeur was not driving.
And, according to eyewitnesses, your father fell while trying to grab some documents.
- Documents? - And behind him, there was a masked man.
I think you have a text message on your phone, it's been ringing since earlier.
Why don't you check it? [Father.]
I'm sorry.
Next is Chun Jae Man.
Lee Yoon Sung, what happened? Did you hurt your hand? It's not a big wound.
How can it not be a big wound when it's bleeding so much? You should leave me too! Before you end up like Ahjussi here, leave! Lee Yoon Sung.
It was Father.
The person who made Ahjussi like this wasn't Kim Jong Shik, but Father.
If it's for the sake of his revenge, he will try to manipulate me to the end.
To Father, I'm not a son, not Lee Yoon Sung, just a possession.
I'll stay by your side.
- I'll stay and - I don't want anyone to get hurt or to lose anyone.
All I need to do is stop seeing you.
All I need to do is bear it.
Yoon Sung.
Do you know what I have done? I made Ahjussi end up like this.
Even when Kim Jong Shik looked like he was going to die, I pretended not to I know that feeling well.
Kim Jong Shik, who took my parents from me I wanted to kill him too.
I wanted to make him pay in the same way.
When I was lonely and things were hard for me, I felt it even more.
It wasn't you who did it.
It was me.
If you hadn't done it, I would have.
So, don't torture yourself.
Because I understand it all.
If these are sent to the Prosecutor's Office, it's just a matter of time before your son loses his position.
Is this revenge for Operation Clean Sweep? I see you remember.
Those who risked their lives for the motherland, you sacrificed them off the shores of Nampo The shores of Nampo and I suppose you lived happily.
Living off students' money, and even covering up murder.
I will make it so that you will be captured by your son.
Whatever you do, don't touch my son.
You Don't ever get caught by someone else.
I will get you.
Whatever you do, where ever you go, whomever you meet, whatever you're thinking, just know I will be behind you watching.
You must be feeling very outraged, seeing how you're taking out your anger on anyone.
You've wrinkled my clothes.
You're no hero.
Just a murderer I've never met anyone as intense as you.
You want to come into work even after what happened yesterday? The Public Prosecutor's Office will operate fine without you, so go home and rest for the time-being.
- It's all right.
- Just because you act like this, do you think I'll put you on the City Hunter case? If you're going to talk nonsense, go home immediately.
I will stay out of the City Hunter case.
Instead, I will take Haewon Group's Chun Jae Man's corruption case.
What? I've uncovered some intelligence.
When we were investigating Lee Kyung Wan's slush fund, we found evidence that Haewon Construction provided illegal campaign funds.
Not only that, from tax evasion to construction bid manipulation, the list goes on.
Allow me to conduct a secret investigation.
You want to investigate Haewon Group's Chun Jae Man.
You're against me, aren't you? While trying to catch that man, a former senior prosecutor had to resign and the deputy prosecutor along with him.
A section chief prosecutor like me I'm debris in a typhoon.
That's why I'll carry out the investigation in secret.
You I know you're not feeling like yourself.
But your good image is already starting to tatter like an old rag, you're an eyewitness to your father's concealment of a crime, and you're not making any progress on the City Hunter investigation.
If you make a mistake with this case too, you could really be sent to Marado*, Kid! (*isolated island known for docile men ) If I can't crack this case, I won't go to Marado.
I'll resign.
Then, I'll assume I have your approval and start the investigation.
Ah What brings you here, Miss Kim Na Na? I'm not really the type who likes unexpected guests.
You came in the same manner to my house as well.
And not knowing any better, I treated you with sincerity.
And how did you find me here? I found the address on Lee Yoon Sung's GPS application.
And what could be your reason for coming to see me? Please let Lee Yoon Sung go.
So Lee Yoon Sung can live like a human So he can be happy Let him go.
You threaten me, you hit Shik Joong ahjussi with a car, and you want to manipulate Lee Yoon Sung like a puppet.
I see you know too much about us.
But, you see, you might have been able to come in easily, but you won't be able to get out quite so easily.
If I were going to back down because you threaten me like this, that would make me a coward.
But, what are we to do? Having lived these years, fighting this wretched world on my own, I've found that I couldn't survive without staking my life.
As Lee Yoon Sung's father, don't you love Lee Yoon Sung? How much more must you destroy Lee Yoon Sung before you stop?! How much more must Lee Yoon Sung have to destroy before you stop?! Right here, right now, I could kill you, Miss Na Na.
That's okay.
I'm a human bullet shield, anyway.
That look in your eyes, it would be a waste to kill off right now.
Don't shake Lee Yoon Sung anymore.
I won't stand for it.
I will do everything in my power to stop you.
I came here to tell you that.
I'll go now.
Lee Yoon Sung is waiting, you see.
In a coma? It would have been better if he had just died.
At least it's a relief he can't open his mouth, but monitor Kim Jong Shik's condition carefully.
If, by any chance, it looks like he might wake up, get rid of him.
Yes, Sir, don't worry.
I've already got plenty of headaches because of the Han-Il Life merger.
Lee Kyung Wan, Seo Yong Hak, and now Kim Jong Shik.
He's definitely an elusive guy.
For the time being, I think it's best to leave the country No.
It's rude to go out when you're expecting a guest.
We should prepare to greet our guest.
Do you have another plan? It's an all-out war! Before the bastard comes charging, I will drag him up to the surface first! Didn't I tell you not to go around alone?! I looked for you for a long time And why did you turn off your phone? I left you a note.
Didn't you see it? Come on, let's go in.
Are you all right? About what? Kim Young Joo.
It must have been a big shock to find out he was Kim Jong Shik's son.
You knew, didn't you? That's why you wouldn't let me listen in on the bugged conversation or watch the secret video.
I should have figured it out.
Really Are you really okay? What can I do if I'm not? It doesn't change the facts.
When the City Hunter delivered them to the Prosecutor's Office, Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak had army tags around their necks, do you remember? Those army ID tags are from October, 1983, and belong to a special forces unit that has been reported missing.
Those soldiers were in the process of fleeing after stealing classified military secrets when they were killed in the open waters by our military.
Why has this case been concealed? As director of the Agency for National Security Planning at the time, I received the reports of that case.
But, at the time, because of the Aung San case and the KAL airliner bombing, citizens' doubt and anxiety over their safety was at an all-time high.
Thankfully, before the classified military secrets were circulated, the soldiers were shot dead and it was decided to keep the case undisclosed.
Then, the City Hunter could be connected to that case.
That's right.
All of the recent activities of the City Hunter precisely are retaliations for that incident, and attempts to drown our social infrastructure in confusion and division.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you must not forget.
The City Hunter is not a hero, but a criminal who has betrayed his country.
That is all.
Chun Jae Man So you were the fourth out of the five.
Can you believe that? Calling those betrayed by the motherland criminals? I can no longer put up with this.
We cannot let his scheme make us irrational.
They end 20 lives and he covers it as punishment for a crime.
And declaring war against us on top of that Interesting.
Since the bastard has turned on the lighting, we should step up onto the stage.
The security won't be easy to pass, but I will get through somehow.
There's no need.
I can meet him as Korean expatriate from the US Steve Lee.
The reason I stacked up dirty drug money was to get that dirt on those bastards.
Now the time has come.
Who's calling whom a criminal? I see you've come out on your own, Chairman Chun Jae Man.
I think this hospital is owned by Haewon Group.
Excuse me, you're Bae Shik Joong's guardian, right? Ahjussi.
Ahjussi, are you awake now? Ahjussi.
Huh Why am I here? Do you know how scared I was?! Huh? Thank you.
Thank you for being alive.
Thank you for not leaving me alone.
Yoon Sung.
I found your mom.
Huh? Your mom I found her.
Bota Temple.
Bota Temple? I told her we needed to go to the hospital, but she refused.
She said now that her son knows she's here, he might come looking for her.
And that you must not miss each other in passing.
Aigoo Please take her to a hospital quickly.
My baby My son? I've never forgotten you for a single day, but I didn't know it was you when I saw you.
How upset you must have been when I didn't know it was you.
Son My Son I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
M Mom.
She must be moved to a sterile room and undergo chemotherapy.
Sometimes between parents and children, a match can be found, making a bone marrow transplant possible.
So, as you wait for your test results, you should take care of your body.
May I talk to you for a moment? Take the patient on secretly? Yes.
The patient feels she's in danger, so she keeps rejecting treatment.
Uh a stalker.
Yes, you can look at it like she has a stalker.
A stalker? I will pay the hospital bills all in cash.
Well then, shall I record it as a foreigner who has come in for treatment? Please, Doctor We need to save a person's life first and foremost.
It seems there are some adverse circumstances, so let's do it that way.
Let's get you checked into a sterile room.
All right.
I need to.
Now that there's a reason I must live.
But Today, let's get out of here.
Hmm? Do you know what the situation is right now? It's dangerous right now.
If I check in now, I may never be able to go out again.
This may be the last chance I get.
Don't say things like that.
I've met my son for the first time in 28 years.
I want to feed him, cook for him with my own hands at least once.
If I can't cook and feed you even once before I leave this world, I don't think I could rest in peace.
That's why More than living one more day, I want to cook for my son.
And see him eating it heartily That I'd like to see that at least once.
Oh! Oh, my I had an injection at the hospital so I'm all right.
Um, wait just a little bit.
I'll cook quickly and bring it out.
The weather's nice.
Should we eat on the wooden platform? Yes.
They all say my doenjang jjigae* is good.
(*fermented bean paste stew) I'm sorry.
I thought you abandoned me, and I grew up hating you.
I came to see how well you were living after abandoning me, but seeing you sick and miserable made me angry.
I thought, "If she had abandoned me, she should be living well.
" "Why is she in this state?" Possibly because I couldn't hate you if you died, I decided I must save you.
So that I could hate you as much as I wanted, I decided I must save you.
That's what I thought.
That's what I thought, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Your mom is sorry.
I couldn't protect you.
And, I didn't know you when I saw you.
And, for meeting you in these circumstances and putting you in pain, I'm so sorry.
I will live.
Yoon Sung.
Let's live a long.
A long and happy life Yes.
Yes, Mom.
You dare to disobey my order because of your compassion? I'll forgive you this one time, but next time, I won't make an exception for you.
I'm sorry.
Can you two understand me as I am? Eat.
Summer salted fish has to be salty to be tasty.
You don't eat beans? You're the same.
Father didn't eat beans either? Uh? Yeah.
The doenjang jjigae is really good.
Even better than Shik Joong ahjussi's Shik Joong ahjussi? Yes.
To me, he's like a mother, like an older brother, and like an older sister.
Did Jin Pyo continue to raise you? Yes.
He had really high ambitions for me.
So, he wanted me to excel in my studies, in sports.
His leg is like that because of me.
It happened while he was saving me when I got into trouble.
He did? I'm grateful.
And he's not putting you in danger? How could that be? What was Father like? Your father was warm-hearted and manly.
He saved me, and saved you.
By the way, that bandage on your hand What happened? Did you hurt yourself? I was exercising and hurt it slightly.
Oh, you should be more careful.
It doesn't hurt? I suppose it's a very sad thing to lose someone who's precious to you, right? To take away someone who is precious to someone else, to hurt them Those will all be punished.
Whatever the reason Is something going on? Tell me, Yoon Sung.
It's just our story.
The doenjang jjigae is really good.
I can eat it all, right? Have some.
The Han-Il Life acquisition, we've pushed it forward, even though the creditors oppose it.
If the creditors find out it's in the hole, it's certain they'll demand a debt-for-equity conversion.
Aigoo, there's a walkout on the construction side too.
The money sources have all dried out.
Should I look into moneylenders on the Myeongdong side? Are you nuts? Then, they'll certainly ask for stock as collateral.
Isn't there anyone who wants to roll around 500 billion won in cash? Chairman.
Actually, there's someone who wants to meet with you regarding investing.
Who is it? He's a Korean expatriate who owns a deer farm in the US and makes his money through agriculture.
From the outside, it looks like a small company, but we've found out that his cash assets are quite considerable.
He particularly has strong personal connections with the Republican Party so his power even has influence in the US Senate.
Are you certain? Yes.
His identity, his assets, and his credit have all been confirmed.
I'm Steve Lee.
I'm Chun Jae Man.
Yoon Sung.
I'm sorry.
I should have stayed with you.
Are you feeling okay? Yeah, I'm all right.
What are we going to do about your mom? Even if I pay the hospital bills with cash, and no matter how well she's hidden, it's a matter of time before she's found.
Just in case, I've looked into a hospital in the US as well.
When the first phase is complete, I'm going to take her to the US.
You're leaving? I have to save my mom.
Sometimes, it's refreshing and can open up that blocked feeling inside.
Are you happy being with me? Why ask that all of a sudden? Aren't you scared? Doesn't it give you the chills? Shik Joong ahjussi woke up fast.
I'm sure that man will also wake up.
- So, don't feel too guilty - I'm someone who you never know if I'll be there the next day.
If you're with me, you could be endangered too.
I told you my feelings are mine.
I won't ask you to take responsibility for them, so don't worry.
Uh You go on out to the car first.
This is our health center for our VVIP clients.
Why don't you get a health exam while you're here? Today, I've come only to take a look around the hospital, so I'll take a rain check on the exam.
The interior of the hospital is very nice.
Didn't I tell you? They're no longer patients, but clients.
Whether they're patients or clients, it's how much money they have that's important.
And I only invest in profitable businesses.
Please excuse me for a moment.
Why don't you go on in first.
So, you're going to invest in this hospital? For the bastard who knows only money, what else can be used but money for bait? With that bait, you could also suffer.
Chun Jae Man is absolutely no easy target.
I don't think you have time to be worrying about me.
I'm not worrying.
I'm just here to tell you not to get in my way.
I see you're getting more and more arrogant.
Watch carefully what I do.
One must take revenge as if it were really revenge.
As I do.
Why is your father here? Wasn't the man next to him Chairman Chun Jae Man? Father has started to make his move.
Then what about your mother? Don't you have to move her to another hospital? It could actually be safer here.
Because it's often things right under your nose that are hardest to find Let's go home and talk.
Let's go to my house.
Your house? Why? Is there something you need to get there? I've moved all my stuff.
It's not dangerous anymore, so I'll go home.
I've left it empty too long.
My wound has gotten a lot better, and I need to give Ddorong some attention.
And it's been so long since I've been to the Blue House, I might get fired.
You know Chief Park is looking for any chance he can get to wring my neck.
But, even if I go home, you can't leave me out of the operation.
You know there's no better partner than I, right? Are you mad? Because I moved my stuff without saying anything? Forget it.
Living with you, my refrigerator almost broke down.
So, it's good you're leaving.
What? Let's go.
Oh! Whoa You comment about how I just charge into a man's room, and you come into a house where a woman lives alone and lie down like that? This house is under my name.
Oh, geez Do you really think it will be all right, you staying here alone? It could be dangerous.
You're more dangerous to me.
Get up.
What about me? Why me? What did I do? Why are you acting this way? What? I've thought about the total amount I've stacked up, and you're just too expensive.
You just hit my shoulder.
How much was a shoulder again? How much was it? Give me 100,000 won, c'mon.
It wasn't like I touched you, I just had no choice but to push off you.
Don't make excuses.
Give me 100,000 won! Hand it over, quick.
Give it to me.
All right then, let me make you a killer cup of coffee.
Is coffee 100,000 won? Everything is expensive with you.
Now, even when I just see a coffee packet, I think of you.
Even when I just smell coffee, I remember.
"Kim Na Na, bring me some coffee.
" Just like that.
I'm not drinking it.
Why not? Are you resisting because it's a 100,000 won coffee? I'm not drinking coffee anymore.
I quit.
I'm going.
Lock the doors well.
And if anything happens, call me right away.
I'm going.
What's up with him? Is he really peeved because I didn't give him 100,000 won? You think of me when you even just see coffee? You can't Prosecutor.
Chairman Chun Jae Man and Steve Lee met, and They met? You didn't know? Isn't it odd that the two of them met? It seems there's some connection with the City Hunter, and it's also strange that Chun Jae Man, who was silent, suddenly brings up a 1983 case.
My seasoned investigative senses tell me, there's something there for sure.
What about the article I mentioned? Did you find it? I copied articles on the KAL airliner explosion and Aung San case that Chun Jae Man mentioned.
Take a look.
Due to this disaster, the rest of the President's tour schedule has been cancelled and he has rushed back to Korea.
[List of Survivors.]
Presidential Security Service Agents, Park Mu Yeol, Lee Jin Pyo Lee Kyung Hee's husband's name was Park Mu Yeol, wasn't it? Uh? It was.
There's no personnel file at the Blue House, but he's mentioned in the article.
Something smells fishy.
Let's go to the Blue House Presidential Security Service immediately.
Unni, hurry up! Da Hye, Agent Shin, I'm back to work.
Da Hye! Where is she going, all worked up like that? Oh? Miss Da Hye, what are you doing here? Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung You're finally back.
Now, you can tutor me again, right? Yes? Please tutor her every afternoon of the week.
So then our Da Hye won't skip her lessons and I can go home.
Look, look.
How can you quit when there are so many people waiting for you, Dr.
Lee? I've recorded all the days you were out as vacation days.
That sounds good, right? Then, I can't go on vacation.
If I can't see bikini-clad women in the summer, I'll die of some eye disease.
Oh my, Teacher Do you want to go to the beach with me? I have a bikini.
You can't go to the beach.
It's too hard to guard you.
Let's go to a pool.
I have a bikini too.
Aren't you all going back to your work? Really, is this some sort of joke room or something? Da Hye, let's go.
This isn't going to work.
Give me my 100,000 won.
I won't rip you off.
Unlucky Jerk, have you seen your biological father's face? There are Security Service albums.
Are you looking for this? Why did you come all the way here and look for this? I'm just really curious about what happened in October of 1983.
[Park Mu Yeol.]
[Lee Jin Pyo.]
Lee Jin Pyo Lee Jin Pyo.
I see that you were a Presidential Security Service agent in 1983.
And you safely survived the Aung San terrorist attack.
So, you've found out at last? That's not the only time I survived.
Why did you lie to me? As though you were a Korean living in the US Because I'd be viewed through a different lens if I said I was once a Presidential Security agent.
I succeeded on my own.
I felt it was unfair.
So, you laundered your identity because of that? Something smells awfully fishy.
Why did I have to launder my identity? Because back then, during that incident, I washed my soul in the sea.
That incident back then? Try to figure out what that incident back then was, Mr.
I suppose there's some reason that you contacted Chairman Chun Jae Man.
Are you saying you are no longer hiding, but coming out into the sunlight? Sunlight? I'm already living fine in a nice bright place.
My father left it for me, like a final testament.
That Chun Jae Man is next Would you like a glass? Why pick that? Picking something so expensive Why are we here? Come here.
Okay Pick from here.
How is this 100,000 won? is equal to 100,000 won.
And I'm sure it will be several 10,000 won bills.
Hurry up and pick before I change my mind.
- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - This! This one, this one, this one It's a present to celebrate coming back to work, so wear it well.
I've bought you a necktie now, so you have to include me now.
Include me.
Hey, Bear Na Na.
How many times do I have to tell you for you to understand? Do you have several lives? I'm a 4th degree black belt in Judo.
I'm going to work right now.
There will absolutely be no regrets, okay? Yes, okay! It's room 1205.
Have a nice evening.
Let's go.
Today too, I had such a rough day, converting 500 million won into ready money.
One apple carton It was exactly 500 million won.
Why did he make you do it? Why doesn't he do it himself? I think it was the District Office documents manager or something.
He said he's going to give it to him.
Tomorrow at 4, they're meeting at the office.
Ah, our chairman's best weapon is cash.
Tomorrow? You're going to make me happy today, aren't you? Of course Definitely.
One shot.
Tomorrow? District Office documents manager [Employee ID, Secretary's Office, Haewon Group.]
Oh! You scared me.
That's Chun Jae Man's secretary whom we saw at the hospital, right? You're really smart at times like this.
How can you go to a hotel with a woman you've seen once? What method did you use on her? I sweat a little at the health club she goes to, and she fell for me immediately.
Don't use that sort of tactic.
Use me.
Me Why abuse your body like that? Abuse? Me? Hey, all my alibis were women.
You're going to continue to be like this so just stay out of it.
You're just getting in the way.
In the way? I'm telling you again, but I can do even worse things.
Well, since you're probably exhausted, I'll drive.
Ah, that's enough.
I'm going to stick with it to the end.
I said that's enough.
Jong Shik Hurry and wake up.
Hmm? I'm absolutely going to catch that social disruption City Hunter.
Then, good luck.
Thank you.
I thought you'd be too busy to come.
I hear you're investigating me these days.
I have a lot of ears at the Public Prosecutor's Office.
What do you have against me? You did an interview a little while ago, didn't you? That a special forces unit which stole classified military secrets was shot dead in open waters.
But, the shores off Nampo in North Korea isn't open waters, is it? I was already curious about what happened in 1983, and your interview came like a blessing.
I will be coming to you for cooperation with various investigations.
Please be careful getting home.
He's my friend's son, but I have no choice.
Get rid of him.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, this is Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
This is the officetel* management office.
(*office and apartment building).
A report came in that there is a gas leak coming from your unit.
Excuse me? Please come quickly.
I'll be there right away.
I'm sorry.
Only authorized Yeah, Soo Young, it's me.
I came to see you, but I can't get in because I don't have a pass.
Can you come out to the lobby for a minute? Oh But the others have all gone out for a snack.
Then, I'll just leave.
They'll just think I'm in the bathroom.
I'll be right there.
[Chairman's Office.]
[Classified Document.]
Top secret files from October 1983, on elite soldiers who are missing in action, are locked until 2030.
Please allow us access to those files.
I think that's what Prosecutor Kim Young Joo was after.
This cash account is for 500 million won.
And don't ever forget to keep your mouth shut about this top secret document.
Since you work at the Ministry of Information and Communication, you must know how to keep a secret.
I know what result awaits me if I open my mouth.
Go on.
Then A document classified until 2030, who's going to have any interest in it then? No one will know if it disappears.
There should be no problem disguising it as a suicide.
That kid Kim Young Joo is too impertinent.
He's already an outcast at the Public Prosecutor's Office.
No one will be suspicious if you make it look like a suicide.
All right.
Then I'll be waiting for tonight's evening news.
This is Kim Young Joo's phone.
Is he not there right now? He got a call from the officetel where he lives about a gas leak.
The security office contacted him, so he has gone home.
He left his phone here.
Who is this? Gas leak? Yes, is this security? Yes.
I was told earlier there was a gas leak from my place, but there seems to be nothing wrong.
What are you talking about? You called earlier We never called you.
Excuse me? I see.
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