City Hunter (Siti hyunteo) (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Kim Young Joo Kim Young Joo! This is SukJooDong Officetel*, Parking Level 3.
(*office and apartment building).
There's a man passed out here.
- Boss, did something happen? - Why? I think there's an intruder.
The security men are knocked out.
What? I called security from all the other floors, but should I call the cops as well? It's fine.
Don't make a huge scene and just investigate what happened.
Check the CCTV camera footage and find out who it is! Yes, Sir.
It seems City Hunter was here.
But you're too late.
Operation Clean Sweep from 1983 is going to be buried.
The one given to Chairman Chun was a copy and this is the original.
I put the money, in cash, inside the car's trunk.
I'm telling you in case it will be of some help.
But a prosecutor from the Seoul Prosecutor's Office requested several times to see that document.
By any chance, is the prosecutor's name Kim Young Joo? You already knew.
Yes, he said his name is Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
What do you need? Prosecutor Kim Young Joo knows about the incident that occurred off Nampo Port in 1983, and came to see me.
He also figured out that I'm Lee Jin Pyo.
Basically, he has uncovered our background.
You better be careful as well.
Kim Young Joo is someone who is as big an obstacle to you as I am.
I won't ever get caught, because I'm going to protect what's mine.
You dream big.
As someone who risks his life every single day, what could you possibly protect? You love and you want to protect that love Do you think it's going to go the way you plan? I'm going to live.
I'm going to make it out alive, so I can protect what's mine.
You pushed Kim Young Joo's father, Kim Jong Shik, to the brink of death.
Do you think Prosecutor Kim is going to let you off the hook so easily? Even though his father is a criminal A father is a father.
Then Father, why did you leave the punishment to me and then started approaching Chun Jae Man? I don't understand.
Have you given up on revenge? Try to think of what my battle strategy is.
Even if it won't be easy.
Yoon Sung, for you and I an ordinary life, a happy life is a life that's absolutely impossible.
This person is Chun Jae Man's man.
You said you were going out for field work, you went over to Chun Jae Man's place? Bear Na Na, why do you barge in without notice? You didn't hear me come in? I'm working right now, leave.
- Can I help you with anything? - No.
You saw me go into a hotel room with a woman and you still want to get involved with this? I couldn't help but let you get involved in the Kim Jong Shik case, but I'll handle Chun Jae Man by myself.
I don't want to drag you into this dangerous work.
Do you really have to do this? No matter what you say, I'm not going to change my mind.
Well, hurry up.
We're going to be late for visiting hours to see Ahjumma.
We were going to pick up Shik Joong ahjussi on the way, when he gets discharged.
Come on.
Yoon Sung.
The hospital isn't the place for me.
I was bored to death there.
I couldn't stand not having the Home Shopping Channel.
Are you really okay? You don't look like you had a near death experience.
Why would I die and leave the Home Shopping Channel behind? There are so many things I haven't bought yet.
I have to buy those dishes made by French craftsmen.
Rest here for now.
You're really okay, right? Yeah.
I have to go to the hospital with Na Na to see Mom, before visiting hours end.
Okay, go ahead.
Na Na, you don't look well.
Are you ill? No.
Lee Yoon Sung let's hurry up.
We're going to miss visiting hours.
Are you looking for something? Should I help you? Hold on.
Hey Wow, it's two 100 won coins.
You found it? Thank you.
Noona is quite strong.
You can pick up 100 won if you look inside the vending machine coin return slot.
Really? Are you here to visit someone? Where's your mom? She's in the isolation room.
Isolation room? We're going to an isolation room, too.
We'll see each other often in the future.
What's your name? Yoon Shik.
Kim Yoon Shik.
Kim Yoon Shik? Why does your name sound familiar? Yoon Shik Yoon Sung?! Maybe it's because your names are similar.
What are you looking at, Kid? Noona, that hyung is scary.
Guardians, you can come to the isolation rooms to visit patients.
Let's go.
Are you okay? I heard chemotherapy treatment is hard.
It's bearable.
But Na Na, can you tell him that he's going to stare a hole in my face? It's because he's embarrassed.
Lee Yoon Sung gets embarrassed very easily.
Kim Na Na.
I heard that if you're on chemotherapy, you could develop mouth sores and lose your appetite.
Are you eating well? Apparently, you've done some research.
Of course, I eat well and I'm receiving my treatment well.
You two talk, I'll wait outside.
Na Na is really pretty, isn't she? I've watched her grow up all these years, so I know.
She's nice, pretty She's not pretty at all.
She's meddlesome, an eating machine, and do you know how strong she is? Earlier, she helped a kid looking for coins, she even lifted up the whole sofa! Did you see Yoon Shik then? Is he still going around looking for coins? Do you know him? Yoon Shik's mom has leukemia, just like me.
I hear she got sick from working at a company called Haewon Chemicals.
Haewon Chemicals? That's a subsidiary of Haewon Group, right? I think so.
Oh, that's right.
I have something to give you.
What is this? Your father gave it to me.
Give it to Na Na.
We're not in that kind of relationship.
Why do you act so cold and stiff when you obviously like her? It's a happy thing to like someone.
I want my Yoon Sung to be happy.
Are visiting hours over? Hey, Bear Na Na, how can you just fall asleep anywhere? Let's go.
Ahjussi is probably waiting.
Um I thought about it I won't get involved in your work again.
But, you have to be careful, more careful, and even more careful.
Okay? And if you need help, let me know any time.
You know there's no partner better than me, right? Let's go.
Prosecutor Are you coming around now? How did I? I know things aren't going well these days, but how could you do something like this? You are more upright than anyone, and you never back down.
So, why? Why did you do that? It's not like that.
What do you mean it's not like that? You lit something weird inside your car.
Keep this a secret at the office for a while.
Of course.
Otherwise, you'll become a laughing-stock.
I said it's not like that.
And Chairman Chun Jae Man, secretly follow him.
Follow him? By the way.
Check your phone, you keep getting texts.
This person He's Chairman Chun's man.
Then, Chun Jae Man tried to Chairman Chun? Following Chairman Chun Do it closely and don't mess up.
Where are you going, Prosecutor? You have to rest more.
Forget that.
Do you know who called the cops for me? I'm not too sure.
Lee Yoon Sung actually Let's go to the office.
Prosecutor, you need to rest.
Miss, I have severe stomach pain.
Last night, I vomited twice.
Do you understand what I'm saying? My stomach hurts a lot.
Where do you feel ill? You know how to speak Thai? My stomach hurts like it's being ripped apart and I feel like throwing up.
This man says his stomach hurts and he feels like throwing up.
If you know the language, do you mind helping? Please wait just a minute.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
He's with Kim Na Na.
I told you last time, right? The day at the hospital when you took Lee Yoon Sung's blood sample to the NFS, I lost track of him at the hospital because of Kim Na Na.
Investigator Jang, for now investigate Lee Yoon Sung, or John Lee's family, who claims to reside in America.
John Lee? The reason why you almost died It's related to the City Hunter If we follow the City Hunter, Chairman Chun's corruption will reveal itself.
And I think Lee Yoon Sung is Lee Kyung Hee and Park Moo Yul's son.
And Steven Lee is linked somehow.
Let's investigate John Lee's parents first.
The reason you're so invested in the City Hunter's case Is it per chance because of your dad? I'd be lying if I said no.
The City Hunter sent Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Young Hak to me, so I'll do a little something for him in return.
Whatever went down in 1983, I'm going to investigate it to the end.
If you had disclosed it when I asked you to, this wouldn't have happened.
You really Mr.
President I'm really sorry for what has happened to your father.
I could have stopped it from happening, but I couldn't persuade my father, or even find the City Hunter.
That's what bothers me so much.
The tuition money If he had turned himself in, he wouldn't be in that state right now.
Do you know how much courage it takes to turn oneself in? When I was in elementary school, my family was really poor.
One day, I was really hungry, so I stole my friend's lunch.
The teacher found out and told everyone in class to cover their eyes with one hand.
She said if the person who stole the lunch raised his hand, she would forgive him.
But, in the end, I still couldn't raise my hand, even though I felt apologetic towards my friends.
My friends complained their arms hurt from punishment, and as more and more time passed, it became harder and harder to confess.
That's what it feels like to confess your crimes.
Your father probably felt the same.
I am no different as well.
That sudden sense of lost opportunity is a scary feeling.
Oh, sorry.
I came in without your permission.
You didn't change the passcode.
What are you doing here? Oh, sit down.
It's impolite to say things like that when it's not my house, huh? I was just going to leave this and go.
I guess I'm no good at being a secret fairy godmother.
Kim Young Joo You must be lonely by yourself.
I don't know if this is the right way to express it, but I feel like I've suddenly become an island.
An island? You've never said anything like that before, you must really be lonely.
How's your father? I wanted to visit because I was worried, but he has always disliked me.
Dad ruined it all You and me, and himself too.
Have strength, Kim Young Joo.
Being an island doesn't suit you.
You're more like a bridge.
A bridge between people.
A bridge Yeah.
I feel stronger now.
I always wanted to be your strength.
Although I was jealous, whenever you found strength, you would pour it all into work at the office.
You have a big surgery coming up, so you have to build up your body.
Eat a lot.
If I were healthier I'd roast a turkey for you, but just eat this for now.
Thank you, Ahjussi.
Na Na, eat a lot, too.
You worked hard.
Yeah, thank you.
Yoon Sung, do you have to carry out this revenge to the end? Why are you saying this all of a sudden? Maybe because of my near death experience, but I keep wondering if this is worth it Can't we just go live happily in another country without the boss knowing? We'll bring your mom, Na Na, and me? No.
If I don't finish this, I'll never be able to live a normal life.
Yoon Sung, I I already set it up to look like Mom went overseas.
Father doesn't know either.
I'll eat this later.
Thank you, Ahjussi.
I made him lose his appetite After all this ends and if I'm still alive It's birch bark and mushroom tea.
It helps to cleanse your blood.
If you're going to donate your bone marrow, you have to be healthy first.
But when are you going to do that? We have to wait for the test results, nothing's confirmed yet.
Everything's going to go well.
No matter what you do, I believe in you.
I'll be rooting for you.
You know right? I like you, Yoon Sung.
Brat, how can you say that you like someone so easily? That's a skill, too.
It's a good thing to like someone, why would you need to hide that? Either way, I told you to have strength so I'm going to leave.
I'll take you home.
No, it looks like you have a lot to do, so work.
Is this revenge for Operation Clean Sweep? I see you remember.
Those who risked their lives for the motherland, you sacrificed them off the shores of Nampo Operation Clean Sweep Nampo Port Lee Yoon Sung.
What kind of a person are you? City Hunter Is he really a traitor to the country like Chairman Chun said? The things he did up till now are closer to what a heroic outlaw would do.
Like Hong Gil Dong, he exposed crimes committed by corrupt government officials, and took back the stolen money and made half priced tuition a reality for students.
That was really satisfying.
We have to thank the City Hunter too, for exposing the corruption case with the defective military boots.
The soles won't have to be nailed back on anymore.
Looking at all that, he doesn't seem like a traitor, but someone who really likes our country, no? I don't agree with that.
It's definitely City Hunter who tried to assassinate Seo Yong Hak.
They say that it might be the City Hunter who killed Lee Kyung Wan.
I kind of wish that he won't get caught.
And that he'll beat up all those jerks who need to be taken down.
That's new, you're always so sharp.
Him sending those guys to the prosecutor's office, means he's trying to settle it with the law.
But if what Chairman Chun said is true, then shouldn't he also be punished for inciting civil unrest of whatever? I don't believe what Chairman Chun said.
Last time, I saw him ignore employees who got sick from working at his facility.
He blocked the press from reporting anything about it, too.
I don't trust anything someone like that says.
Tada! What is all this? It's all Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung's pictures.
I took them secretly.
Since it's cheaper to order prints online, I sent it over.
How many are there? This amount makes you a stalker.
What do you mean a stalker? Did I send him a letter written in blood or creepily call him? I just innocently took a couple of pictures.
A couple? It looks like about a hundred without even counting.
Either way, both of you have to keep this a secret from Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung.
If he learns about this, he might say he's going to quit tutoring me again.
Da Hye, I feel so bad for you.
Lee Yoon Sung, - towards me - What about you? Oh, never mind.
Oh, this is a picture of Agent Kim and Lee Yoon Sung.
I was debating whether I should print this or not because of Agent Kim.
Lee's chin didn't come out right in this photo.
You can have it.
You came out pretty.
Should I? Is Lee Yoon Sung in? Lee Yoon Sung left for work outside the office.
Suk Doo Shik.
He started off as a boxer and then joined a gang.
That's quite a history.
But now you're Chun Jae Man's shadow, and you take care of all the background dirty work.
[Credit Card Usage - Home Shopping Electric Oven/Range 149,000 won.]
Ah, that ahjussi.
My gosh.
How are you feeling? What are doing here? Even if you come visit like this, it's useless.
Until you acknowledge that what happened to me was a industrial accident, I'm going to maintain my alliance with the factory workers.
Maintaining an alliance? That's good.
But all of you seem to be oversimplifying what an industrial accident is.
Would it be an industrial accident if you got into a car accident on your way to and from work? Would an accident due to drunk driving also be considered an industrial accident? The company cannot be held responsible if someone falls ill while working in our facility.
So, you're saying the fact that I was previously healthy and became sick after working there, and the people I worked with there are dying one by one, are all just a coincidences? The court has ruled that there were hazardous chemicals used in the facility.
Did you not know this prior to starting the job? What? We told you before you started working that our factory works with benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde, which are harmful to the body.
We informed you of this before you joined the company, isn't that so? Yes, I knew this before starting work.
I'm raising a child by myself and I couldn't find a job anywhere else.
I knew the factory had a lot of problems, but I went there to work anyway.
But still, that doesn't mean it's a lie that I'm sick.
If the company doesn't acknowledge this, no matter how many years it takes, I'm going to fight to expose the truth that this is an industrial accident.
Is there a guarantee that you'll be alive at that time, Ms.
Choi Myung Sook? Your child is still young, if by chance something happens to you, I hear your child will be sent to an orphanage.
Yoon Shik, go outside.
It's okay, mom's okay.
Go outside, hurry.
Thus, our company has prepared a special compensation for you.
If you're willing to accept the compensation, we can also add your son's name to our scholarship fund list, so he can study without financial worries through college.
In addition, we'll guarantee him a job at our company, after he graduates.
Since you are the leader of the committee protesting this as an industrial accident, I'm extending this special offer to you.
But, Ms.
Choi Myung Sook, you must write a statement clarifying that your illness has nothing to do with our factory.
As for the workers making trouble, if you persuade them to give up, I'll further add to the compensation.
I'll send this person over here again tomorrow.
If you don't write the statement, you'll have to leave this hospital immediately.
Let's go.
They say ignorant fools know no fear.
A corporate industrial accident? Do they really think it's that easy? We should have moved all our factories overseas like Chairman Yoo.
I can't sleep thinking about how I'm giving money to people like that.
I feel like it's a waste to even give them a penny.
Make her sign that Industrial Accident Waiver, even if you have to use force.
Yes, Sir.
Chairman, here you are.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare committee members are in the spa at Terrace Sparkling.
- Great.
- They're all very pleased and having a great time.
They're important people so take good care of them.
You reserved that Korean restaurant for afterwards, right? Yes.
By the way, this is from Haewon Chemicals' manufacturing department.
It's a response to the civil rights group's request for information.
It's a list of chemicals used during the manufacturing process.
They asked if it's okay to send it like this.
Are you crazy?! If you let them know all these chemicals are used, then it will be ruled an industrial accident for sure.
Are you that stupid?! Just tell them it's confidential information.
Tell them not release this and don't even send a reply! That's what that was? It was the first time I saw it so I didn't know.
Wow, it's 100 won.
What the heck is this? Ahjussi, can you move your foot? It's under your foot.
The mother and the son are both like beggars, geez.
Get rid of him.
Go play over there.
These cheap people Why is he mad at me? You make me do all the weird things.
I'm not a beggar I'm really not a beggar.
What are you trying to do with all these coins you're picking up? I'm going to buy my mom a present.
You're a good son.
Wow, if you dig inside a garbage can, then you're really a beggar.
The Link Serum absorbs deep into the skin to revive your collagen.
It will also help decrease the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes.
Pretending like you weren't watching Ahjussi, tape these together for me.
Aigoo You made this into confetti.
Since you spent the whole day watching the Home Shopping Channel, you should work for your pay.
You did this on purpose to make me suffer, didn't you? Seriously, are you always so negative? Na Na is here, go upstairs.
Na Na? What are you doing in here when the owner isn't home? Look.
Didn't it come out nice? Put it away.
Why? When did you take this? You're making me feel like crap.
It makes you feel like crap? Do you think I would feel good about a picture being taken without my knowledge? I feel like I got owned without any warning.
Put it away.
I'll just leave it here.
Oh, Haewon Chemicals? This is where Yoon Shik's mom worked.
[Haewon Chemicals' Laborers: "Acknowledge the Industrial Accident.
Haewon so Chun Jae Man? I feel bad for her.
An agent like me works as a bullet-proof vest, but these people put their lives on the line not knowing when they're going to get sick.
Why won't they acknowledge her as a victim of an industrial accident? I told you to stay out of it.
Please go.
Oh, it broke.
You have a weird personality.
You don't like looking at this picture of us.
You don't like working together.
What's so good about doing things alone? I'll throw it out.
Throw it out or not, do whatever you want.
I'm going.
Hey, Kim As someone who risks his life every single day, what could you possibly protect? You love and you want to protect that love Do you think it's going to go the way you plan? H, Y, D, E Oh this is formaldehyde.
Toluene The pieces are coming together.
I'm guessing these are scary things.
Right? Kim Na Na.
You didn't leave yet? Ahjussi is working so hard by himself, how can I leave? You're not helping him either.
I'm going out.
Kim Na Na, let's go.
Where why? Where are we going? You're in the prime of your lives I'm sorry about earlier.
But I really don't like taking pictures.
But give that picture back to me next time.
I threw it out.
You threw it out? Why did you throw that out? You're really weird.
What is this? It's just a twisty tie.
It actually kind of looks like a ring, right? It's pretty.
Hello? Mr.
Lee Yoon Sung, the results of your DNA test are back.
You are a match to donate bone marrow to your mother.
Really? Thank you for the good news.
I'm a match for the transplant.
Really? That's great.
Ahjumma can be saved now.
You're saying John Lee's family is having a hard time? There's no way.
Both parents are living in a small rental apartment in Houston, Texas.
Did you look into where John Lee went for elementary, middle, and high school? Yes, and for 12 years straight, his attendance was bad, and his grades were in the bottom tier.
But he went to MIT? And he finished his doctoral degree in seven years.
His grades at MIT are all A's.
He even won an award for his dissertation.
It makes you wonder if it's the same person, something's definitely suspicious.
Check again by asking his classmates.
The narcotics team busted a drug smuggling ring.
They got caught while bringing it in from Thailand, it must be them.
Thailand? By the way, did you find out about Lee Kyung Hee? Yeah, but I don't know where she's hiding.
She wasn't on the list of recent leukemia patients receiving treatment.
What is that? It must be boring staying inside the hospital room all day, right? At least you can listen to music while staying here.
That song is from long ago.
How does a young person like you know of it? The patient really likes it.
How is the patient? When she came back, her immune system was very weak, we were worried, but she's recovering.
Her son takes good care of her.
He's also a match for a transplant, so they scheduled a date and are waiting patiently.
Please take good care of her.
How are you feeling? You have to be in good condition for the results to be good tomorrow.
So don't worry about anything and just rest today.
I finally met my son after 28 years and I haven't done anything for him.
But for me to live, it's causing his body more pain.
I'm too ashamed to hold my head up.
Don't say things like that.
Lee Yoon Sung, has a body like a warrior and he has a strong heart.
After you get better, do all the things you couldn't do for him before.
Go on vacations together.
Make him a lot of delicious food, too.
We'll invite you, too, Na Na.
You shouldn't be coughing.
But Did my Yoon Sung not give you a ring? A ring? Oh Yoon Sung must have felt shy.
You're already changed.
It's not my style.
It's the same outfit for all patients, so of course it can't be styled specifically for you.
But it looks nice on you.
You actually seem to like it.
Of course, Ahjumma is getting a stem cell transplant.
Oh yeah, I have a gift for you, Lee Yoon Sung.
A present? I asked the nurses to let you stay with your mom tonight in her isolation room.
The doctors gave permission, too.
This is a special service for only special patients.
Do you like it? Thank you, Kim Na Na.
Um What? Nothing.
If everything goes well, once we're discharged it will be close to Korean Thanksgiving.
This Korean Thanksgiving, I can make food with my Yoon Sung.
Together, we can have your father's annual memorial service.
Why aren't you answering? For me As long as you're not sick, and you're happy, then that's enough.
Your mom is already happy.
Because of you, I can be cured.
I'm very, very happy I got to meet you.
Do you want to hear a song that your dad sang often? Happiness, what is it? It can't be described with words.
A happiness without you is not possible.
I'm Prosecutor Kim Young Joo from the Seoul Prosecutor's Office.
I'm David Chan.
You called so unexpectedly, that I was only able to bring our yearbook.
But why are you looking for John Lee? You graduated from Everest High School in Houston, right? Yes, all the students from our area went there.
John Lee had to quit school as soon as he started high school, but He had to quit? Why? Because of a car accident.
He was hit by a drunk driver and he died on the spot.
Can I see a picture of John Lee? Here.
Are you sure this is him? Of course, we took classes together in junior high and we were quite close.
His birthplace, his birthday, his parents, the school he graduated from, everything is the same.
John Lee isn't Lee Yoon Sung, but Lee Yoon Sung lived as John Lee.
Put in a call to America.
Hello? You're John Lee's mom, right? This is the Public Prosecutor's Office.
I called you earlier.
Yes, please hold on.
I'm Prosecutor Kim Young Joo from the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office.
I'm sorry, but could you explain why your son who died in a car accident was not reported as deceased? Please tell the truth.
Forgery of legal documents is a serious crime in America.
No, we didn't do it It was a Korean man who came from the Golden Triangle.
- Triangle? - Yeah.
He was a Korean man from Triangle, who gave us money and bought John Lee's identity from us.
- Name.
- Tai.
- Next to you.
- Kai.
- Age.
- 28.
- Next to you.
- 27.
What are you doing here? We're in the middle of an interrogation, so please leave.
It will be brief.
Can't you see we're busy? Quit annoying us and get out.
I can be more annoying.
You know me.
I won't say it twice.
Let me speak to the Thai drug dealers for a bit.
Did you do everything I asked you to? Of course.
I'm a pro at putting puzzles together and finding hidden pictures.
It was easy.
Bear Na Na, you did a great job with that slow-witted mind of yours.
And that's not all.
If you look there, it's a report on Haewon Chemicals that I found on the internet.
Laborers are picketing to be acknowledged as victims of an industrial accident, but the company claims it has done nothing wrong.
But, isn't it weird that the company is huge, but only employees from one production line are getting sick? If you look at the article behind that, it seems the company isn't properly disposing its chemical waste.
Every 14th of the month is the day they're supposed to dispose the chemicals, but there was an article saying they dump it into nearby streams on rainy days.
Kim Na Na.
You know how to do these kinds of things, too? Why? Do I suddenly look prettier because I did things you were supposed to do? Hey.
I told you, look in the mirror.
Did you forget already?! You're Chicken Na Na.
Am I some kind of animal farm? You either call me a bear or a chicken every day.
Da Hye.
How long are you going to keep working here? Because of you I'm getting confused on whether I work here or for the Blue House.
Well, what can I do? I have to buy my dad's birthday present.
Mom cut all my allowance because I spent too much at the club.
Is there any other way? I have to at least work part-time.
It's not like there's a law that a president's daughter can't work.
But Unni, it's hard to work.
Because of the video uploaded on the internet last time, people recognize me.
I even have an anti-club.
Oh my, you know about it? You're not a member of that club are you? Are you crazy? But, you won't get into college like this.
Did you give up? I think I'm more suited for this kind of stuff than studying.
Lee Yoon Sung likes coffee, so I can become a barista and make him coffee Yeah! Unni, I want to become a barista.
I must! Da Hye, Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung It's best to give up on dreams which can't come true.
Either way, for the time being, you really, really must keep this a secret from my mom.
What drink can I get you? I found the right place, right Eun Hye? Yeah, you did.
Uh do you have a coffee that's strong and refreshing? Should I get you a double-shot iced Americano? That's very strong and refreshing.
One please.
Eun Hye, what do you want? Me? I want a gold kiwi shake and an ice cream waffle.
How would you like to pay your bill? Bill? I'll pay.
Did you eat? Yes.
Customer, this card has been declined.
Do you have another card? Declined? Oh, really? I have another card.
This is also declined.
There's no way Uh, here.
That shouldn't be I don't even have cash.
Then, pay with Add a strawberry smoothie to that order, and put the entire order on my card.
Wait a minute I have ten stamps on my coupon card, so mine should be free, right? Yes, I'll ring you up.
Hey, Lee Yoon Sung.
Ahjussi, perfect timing Can you go home and bring me the news clippings on Chun Jae Man and the building floor plan for Haewon Chemicals? The building is so old, I can only use the floor plans.
Floor plan?! Floor plan, yeah right! I can't go! I won't! If you want it, go get it yourself.
What's wrong? Did something happen to you out there? Are you asking because you really don't know? What is it? Cards! Why did you stop all of them? I told you before to stop using the cards.
Didn't I? Should I read out loud all the itemized bills from the Home Shopping Channel?! I told you I didn't buy it for myself! I bought stuff for Na Na too! For Na Na! Don't use Na Na as an excuse.
All the food you bring to the hospital is from the Home Shopping Channel, too.
Right? How can a man be so petty? Who's the one who ate it so happily? Whatever! Keep a log of the things you buy from now on, and I'll give you weekly allowance.
Hey you, really Punk you've really changed.
Ahjussi, you better not buy things from Home Shopping Channel again! They're my cards, I'm going to use them the way I want.
So, what!? Ah, seriously Geez such a kid.
If I stay here any longer, someone's going to call me a shopaholic.
Did I do it for me? I did it for you and Na Na.
I didn't even swipe that much, gosh [Yoon Sung.]
Ha! Be well, Lee Yoon Sung.
I'm leaving.
The call cannot be connected, transferring to voicemail.
You're going to stage a protest? We'll see if I reactivate your cards again.
Yeah, Bear Na Na.
Lee Yoon Sung, Shik Joong ahjussi is at my house right now.
But, there's a problem.
What problem? I think Ahjussi ran away from home.
He came with his luggage.
What? That Ahjussi seriously okay.
He's changed.
He wasn't like that at the Triangle.
I think nothing is too good for him, but he thinks everything is wasted on me.
Do you know how much grief he gives me lately over the food? I'm so sad.
Oh, Huay I can't even think of the name Huay Ni Ahjussi, what are you doing here right now? Hurry up and get up so we can leave.
No! I can't live with you anymore.
Being bullied, I can't live like that.
I gave the cards to you because I trust you, but my cell phone rings nonstop daily with text messages about credit card purchases.
Have you thought about the stress that causes me? Then turn off the ringer and don't let it ring! When I came here from the Triangle, what did you say to me? That there are a lot of good things here and you'll let me do whatever I want.
You said you'll let me live in luxury, but you get me beaten up by weird people all day long, you make me wash windows on high buildings, and send me out to pose as an insurance worker and commit fraud! I'm going to go back to the Triangle.
Go? Where do you think you're going?! You know that I can't live without you.
Can't live without?! You only scold me.
Yeah right, you can't live without me.
Ahjussi, I told you I can't live without you.
Okay? I was wrong.
Did I do it only for myself? I was just trying to feed you and take care of you I know, I know.
I was wrong.
All right? I'll let you use the cards, will that do? Yeah.
Excuse me, but can you take your marital spat back to your house? Such an embarrassment! Geez! Let's let's go.
Can you take this? Yeah.
Hurry up, let's go.
Go back safely.
Na Na, come visit.
I'm sorry.
Shik Joong ahjussi just left in a taxi.
Is your body feeling okay? No, I don't think it is.
Really? Oh, you have a fever.
My fever is going down right now, so until it's completely gone, don't move and wait here.
What was it like living in the Triangle? Did you have other friends besides your floppy-eared friend? It's really hot there, right? Lee Yoon Sung, you're in for it now.
Korea's winter is really cold.
I lived in America before, too.
Oh right.
You did.
You're staring at me with sexy eyes right now, aren't you? You never let a chance go by.
Do you really like me that much? This is why the person who confesses always loses.
Yeah, I like you Lee Yoon Sung.
Happy? Wow, how can a girl confess so easily? You iron face.
But Lee Yoon Sung, why don't you say it? Why don't you tell me you like me? Are you going to keep on making me feel like I'm losing out here? Tell me.
All right? Tell me, now.
Tell me.
Saying that I like you I can't do that for you.
Don't wait for it.
It's not like I really wanted to hear it.
I was just saying I have my own pride, too.
But, you have to grant me a wish this winter.
I'm going to think of one that's going to be really hard to grant.
I'm going.
There were challenges and setbacks, But, I do not regret.
When I close my eyes, I can feel you breathing, Now I can smile.
Yeah, Kim Na Na.
It's not like you didn't know.
Let's not get hurt.
So goodbye, don't cry, and smile.
The days filled with emotion, I'll entrust them all to you.
So goodbye, to the me who existed alone in the dark.
I need you.
I have to live like this How could I tell you that I like you? Laborers are not animals.
Let us live like humans! Let us live! Let us live! At night, don't do that.
What is this? You guys were a mess while I was gone.
Isn't he doing his rounds right now? But no one is there? Call him.
This is the control room, this is the control room, report.
He's not responding.
Is he sleeping? This is the control room, control room! Set off the exhaust gas pipes in factory room 3.
- Follow me.
- Okay.
[Bear Na Na.]
Lee Yoon Sung, you weren't sleeping, right? Yoon Sung, I thought about it on the last day of the year, do you want to go hear the City Bell ring? While we're there, we can wish for Ahjumma to get better too.
It's a good idea, right? Then, I'm going to reserve a spot at the Cafe, so you can't back out later.
Okay? It's a promise.
Lee Yoon Sung, can you hear me? Lee Yoon Sung, are you listening to me? Lee Yoon Sung You're late.
I've been waiting a long time for you.
You should have called and made an appointment.
What do you want? You don't look good, are you sick? I was out partying all night at a club.
The air there isn't good.
That's just like you, club and girls.
By the way, the City Hunter sent me a video.
It seems Chairman Chun is after my life.
I'm thankful to the City Hunter for worrying about someone who's out to arrest him.
If I meet the City Hunter, I'll tell him that Prosecutor Kim Young Joo is very thankful.
You look tired, get a good rest.
Poo Chai.
Main Translator: sparklinghugs Lyrics Translations provided by: lizzyd Spot Translator: meju, soutsada7 The classified document disappeared from the NIS.
From the NIS? Should we look at it together? Lee Jin Pyo The sole survivor of Operation Clean Sweep.
And Lee Yoon Sung, you're the City Hunter, right? I'll reveal it to you right here.
How long are you going to hold onto memories of people no longer by your side? I don't have the confidence in letting you go.
Kim Na Na, I like you.
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