City on a Hill (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Wickedness of the Wicked Shall Be upon Himself

You arrest me in front of my kids? Well, you fucking lied to me.
God, this is a miserable place, Miami, right? Too fucking hot.
I'm going to get used to this in hell.
It's good practice for you too, though, huh? Hmm.
You can keep that.
I earned that 18 grand.
The fuck you did.
I didn't pay you to tell me stories.
Did you ever think that maybe maybe I thought the bodies were in the truck? You know, I bet you've probably heard this a lot in your life, Jimmy, but not good enough.
Don't fucking pull that shit with me, Jackie.
You gonna leave me here? Huh? You didn't fly all the way down to Miami to tell me to go fuck myself.
I came for my 18 grand.
I thought the bodies were in the fucking truck, okay? [SIGHS.]
Would I risk havin' happen what-what just happened to me and my kids? I really believed you, kid.
But I guess that's what I get for being an asshole.
What your mother has felt every day - of her miserable life - Fuck.
You know when I was a kid, I was pretty good at left wing.
But my father he would ride my ass, you know? He would fucking embarrass me.
Every single game.
But he was there, though, every game.
So when you go home tonight, at least you can look your daughter in the eye while you disappoint her.
How did you know that the truck was there? You know, the Lynn Marsh.
I mean, you didn't guess, right? You wouldn't risk having happen what just happened.
You know who killed those guards, don't you? [KICK.]
- Daddy! Daddy! - Hey! - [CATHY.]
Kick? Kick? - [FRANKIE.]
Catherine? Catherine? - Catherine, shh.
- Kick, sweetheart, wake up.
Hey, we're right here.
Kick, come on.
- Oh! - Easy, easy.
Look at me.
It's just a dream.
- Sweetheart, it's just a dream.
Just breathe.
- [BOY.]
What's wrong with her? - Go back to bed, honey.
- Mom, what's happening? Go back to bed, honey.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Come on, let's go.
I'm here with you.
Your father's here with you.
All right? Everything's all right.
What did you dream about, huh? I was trapped in this building, and there were all these burnt-up bodies, and smoke.
Like after a war or something.
- Yeah.
- And I got scared, 'cause one of the bodies was Uncle Jimmy.
Uncle Jimmy.
He's fine.
Okay? You needn't worry about him.
From the size of the fragment and the impact of the steel, you're looking for some military-grade weapons.
And what kind? I mean, specifically? Christ, I've been at this all week, you know.
You're worse than my wife.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you let us know what you find after you run ballistics, and I'll let your wife know that you're doing God's work.
So, what if your CI doesn't tell you who killed the guards or where the bodies are? Am I supposed to just wish the grand jury a fond farewell? There comes a time in every man's life when he's gotta hoist the black flag and commence slittin' throats.
What, did you hear that on a pirate ride at Disney World or something? You're still looking at this like a fuckin' asshole prosecutor.
Slit throats.
Play dirty.
Grand jury's not a fuckin' trial.
You're not going for a conviction.
You-you asked Tommy Hayes about that fuckin' Lynn Marsh But I'm not allowed to bring up Lynn Marsh.
Lynn Marsh has nothing to do with the Kinicki case, okay? I-I need to get the jurors to see what we see so they can start asking questions on their own.
Let them connect Kinicki to the heist in Revere.
All right, well, so much for me helping you, then.
Is that what this is? Well, I'm out of practice at being nice.
We found the bullet fragment.
Who did? We did.
The state crime lab.
Let's celebrate.
- Me and you.
- Oh, yeah.
A saggy-balled, whiskey-dicked old man is exactly what I need.
So, can your people trace a fragment? Sure.
They just need time.
So, what do you say? You gonna reconvene? [ELOISE.]
You could wait for more evidence.
It's time to slit throats.
Thanks for coming to the church food drive, and don't forget your raffle tickets.
- Here you go.
- Raffle is at 1:00 today.
- Tell your friends.
- Siobhan.
I'm sorry for our little dustup the other day.
Reverend, have you heard about the Bantu philosophy Ntu? I don't think I have, no.
I'll give you the short version.
Ntu is the essence of purer life which celebrates our interdependence.
Every one of us has equal purpose.
Well, you majored in African Studies at Boston University, I see.
My husband and I work very hard at being equals.
Sharing each other's lives, our hopes.
If you and I are to continue working together, you must respect that.
I see.
Of course.
Ntu, hmm? I'll have to read up on that.
- God damn! Come on, man! [MAN 1.]
Where your wallet at? Where your wallet? [MAN 2.]
Yo, yo, shit! He's a cop! - [MAN 1.]
Go, man, let's go, let's go! - [MAN 2.]
Shit, yeah.
I'll let you know what I find out.
We'll talk again tomorrow.
Thank you.
How are you? I'm still shaky.
That day, the shooting at the church, "shaky" doesn't come close for me.
I need to tell you something about the reverend.
Four years ago, the church took a trip to Haiti to distribute food and medicine after the hurricane.
Our group went to the beach one day after helping out, and the reverend made some comments about my swimsuit.
I thought the comments were weird, but I brushed them off.
I was up for the AFC scholarship.
Then, later at the hotel, he said he wished he had a camera, so he could enjoy my figure a little longer.
Did he actually ask you for photos? He said that I should take the initiative, that then he'd know how serious I was about my future.
You didn't photograph yourself? Of course not.
You know how creepy that is from my reverend? Then there's no evidence.
Witnesses? Witnesses? I'm telling you this happened.
Haiti was four years ago.
- Should that matter? - No.
But that's how the law works.
Timing matters.
So, what do you want to do now? Sue? I don't want money.
But you wouldn't mind some? Kayla.
Kayla, wait.
- You don't believe me, do you? - I'm not saying that.
But why did you remain a member of the congregation if he makes you uncomfortable? So I should just run away? They're my people.
They won't be.
If you do this, every single member of that congregation will turn their back on you.
Your people, the ones you attend Bible study with, who smile and chat you up at church cookouts, they will drag your name through the streets, and you'll be sitting at home, alone, wondering why you waited four years to come forward, and trying to figure out if what happened What you recall actually went down that way.
And what would you do if the reverend tells you to take the initiative? I hope you know what you're doing.
Your Honor? This Kinicki case.
These men, Mr.
Hayes and Mr.
Sheehan, who you're bringing before the grand jury.
I'm not saying you're wrong for taking a shot at this.
Just don't miss.
You're 0 and 1.
Botch another case and, affirmative action or not, the climate gets that much harder for the next guy.
Shoot straight.
Nobody's in cuffs.
Easy for you.
You're not the one who's gonna be sitting in front of the grand jury.
Listen, this DA fucking prick isn't joking around.
He's a serious nigga, I'm telling you.
If you don't talk, there's nothing he can do.
No, well, there's contempt.
They can hold us till the grand jury is over.
- How long is that? - It don't matter.
You go in there, you answer a few easy questions.
You say you forgot the rest.
Like Nixon.
Yeah, look what happened to him.
He was pardoned, right? Now, if they had dug up enough about Kinicki, we'd be charged already.
They're looking for something else.
What the fuck are they after? Calm down.
Shit comes with what we do.
It's going to be all right, dude.
Sheik [SNIFFS.]
none of this.
How's Christie? She's all right.
How are the kids? You're not worried about me talking, are you? You? No.
Him? I don't know, maybe.
Let's go, let's go.
Knees up.
Let's see it.
Love it.
Let's go, let's go.
let's go.
Yes, one-two.
Find the space.
Right knee over the ball.
Use your laces for the par.
Go! Brilliant! - I can come back.
- Oh, no, nonsense.
James is the real coach.
I just offer advice, whether needed or not.
I actually need some.
All right.
Come with me.
It's beautiful here.
Yeah, a stroll's a fine way to clear the mind.
Don't you agree, Mrs.
Rohr? Please, Father, call me Jenny.
Well, you call me Dermot, then.
Seems only fair.
- "Deer-mut?" [LAUGHS.]
Well you got a bit of an accent there, but you're close enough.
So, what dazzling wisdom can I impart you? I, uh I don't know if I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing.
Let's have a seat.
You mean going back to school for your teaching degree.
I mean do you ever feel like your whole life revolves around one choice? I wasn't born a priest, Jenny.
Ya' know, when I told my mates that I aim to take the vow, they thought I'd gone mad.
Do you feel like you missed out on something better? Yeah, now and again.
You know, when I see new couples at a baptism holding their baby.
Yeah, I want that that connection.
So you regret becoming a priest? Oh, no, no.
I made my choice.
There's a million and two ways my life could have turned out.
But God only lets us live the one.
Our job is to find the value in that life.
Yeah, I think I let too many things get chosen for me.
What do you want, Jenny? [SIGHS.]
I want my family to care about me.
My daughter used to, you know, never want to let go of my hand, and now she, uh she barely talks to me.
That doesn't mean she doesn't love you.
Yeah, I know.
But she's spiteful.
Like her father.
And he drinks.
She doesn't come home.
I-I don't know who she's with, what's she's doing.
I I don't know how to talk to her.
How am I going to be a good teacher? I can't even reach my own daughter.
I've been thinking since we last talked.
How would you feel about volunteering here? At the school? Doing what? Well, the teachers are understaffed and overworked.
They could use your help.
Holbrook comes to mind.
He's a bit, well, dull.
But you'll interact with children.
Maybe figure out a thing or two about how to deal with your daughter.
Jackie already thinks I'm spending way too much time away from home.
Jenny, be brave.
Be yourself.
Be who God made you to be.
And then the rest of your life, well, I mean, it may not miraculously fall into place, but you'll be able to withstand whatever comes.
Fucking motherfucker.
- Hey! - [JIMMY.]
Hey, Tommy.
Where you been? We've been looking for you.
Got somethin' for you.
You just disappeared? I got fucking laid.
Good for you.
What's her name? - Huh? - Claire.
What's she look like? Like a mulatto version of Cindy fucking Crawford.
She had this red one-piece, and Whoa, fuck.
And we went down to the cape.
They got these really cheap hotels this time of year.
Where the fuck did you get the bread? Maybe you don't understand this looking the way you do, but when you look like me, you don't fucking pay for it.
That's something that you'll never know - for the rest of your life.
- Hey, with everything going on, you're not gonna tell anyone what you're doing, where you're going or who you're with? Nothing? Roll the fucking window down.
Roll the fucking window down.
I ever hurt you? - Huh? Either of you? - You're careless.
You're fucking careless.
Especially when you're not taking your meds.
Oh, fuck me with the fucking meds again.
Do you Do you think I'm not trying to get better? Do you think I fucking enjoy living like this? - [TOMMY.]
Oh, you fucking whine bag.
- Huh? Shut the fuck up, Tommy! - Shut the fuck up! - [TOMMY MOCKS LAUGHTER.]
Listen to me.
Nobody cares why you are the way you are.
You make people nervous.
You make people too nervous.
I can't protect you anymore.
Are you hearing me? Get out of the car.
Is there anything else you want to say? Maybe why the FBI was after you? - The girl was his wife.
- What girl? Fucking Claire.
She's a G-man's wife.
You're lucky I didn't tell Tommy about the FBI being after you.
Because I wouldn't see you again.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Yeah.
It's a lot of art, huh? I told my students to draw something that reminded them of home.
Want to see Catherine's? Yeah, sure.
She draws well.
Please, take a seat.
Catherine's been sleeping in class.
Her brother and sister, they're a little hard to get to sleep at night, so I've been letting her stay up a little late.
She says she's been having nightmares.
But, I mean, that's It's normal, right? She's a kid.
This may be a little more serious.
She's afraid to go to bed.
What? You never went through that? Sure.
But there was always a reason.
What am I supposed to do? Control her dreams? I mean Is there something wrong at home? I get it.
This is my fault, right? No, no, no.
This is my fault.
You people are so quick to blame the parents, right, when something like this happens.
Yet a boy hits her in the face with a hockey stick, school doesn't call me about a damn thing.
I know, that was mishandled.
He's since been reprimanded.
But he didn't just walk up and strike her.
She agitated him.
Which is why she should go and talk to our school counselor.
Listen, Miss Southworth.
My kid is not gonna talk to some shrink.
You understand? And not for nothing, but maybe you should go have some kids of your own, and let me raise mine.
Hey, Indira, what's the story? Where are you guys at? You trace that bullet fragment yet? "Indira"? - "You guys"? - Oh, don't start.
Why are you here doing single duty, huh? Oh, you mean, where's Warren? Yeah, um he likes to play the hero, but, uh he gets to go home.
So you got no place to go, huh? And here you are.
Maybe I understand.
What happened to your face? Ah, I'm just ugly.
- What, you? - Yeah.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I just I don't know.
I didn't see it coming, that's all, you know? Yeah, well, you know, that's how life gets you.
You tend to think that you're the hero of your own fucking story until that thing happens, let's you know that there's a whole other story going on that you never even imagined.
Life will constantly find a way to mock us for our lack of imagination.
Lincoln Steffens.
I think so.
It might be Stephen King.
So, what, do you gotta finish up here, or what? Why? Places we could go.
You think that's going to work on me? I'm not going to be your minor conquest because you're feeling vulnerable.
So all that this videotape shows is that Rodney King set the tone - for what happened out there.
Every time.
Are you surprised? The people you work with are no different.
King's bizarre behavior.
The BPD is setting Fields up.
A woman came to see me today, and made some allegations, claims that four years ago, Fields asked her for sexy pictures.
Are you s-Are you seriou ? Old righteous Reverend Fields out there - scheming for the booty pics? - This isn't funny, Decourcy.
They're assassinating his character.
Let me ask you something.
Why do you think that the man can do no wrong? Why? [SCOFFS.]
A black man calls out the police on their bullshit, then all of a sudden tales of sexual misconduct surface? - Look, look.
- This is political.
Siobhan, I told you to be careful.
I told you.
The cops have nothing criminal on him.
If they did, they'd have buried him a long time ago, and you know that.
What greeted them, however, was this nightmare, recorded on home videotape, that has haunted Los Angeles and these officers for over a year.
Difficult to Can you talk to your contacts and see where this attack on the reverend is coming from? Are you Hold up.
So I'm Mr.
Step and Fetch It all of a sudden? I'm out here doing Fields' bidding? This is not about him.
This is about me.
I'm trying Babe, I know you got a job to do, which is why I left the church without saying a word that day.
But understand this, baby.
I ain't doing shit for that motherfucker.
With eternal gratitude and love in our hearts, we christen thee Gulliver.
Hey, I was watching that.
I saw your teacher today.
She said you told her about the nightmares.
She asked me why I was falling asleep in class.
What did you want me to say? Check your tone.
Now Miss Southworth wants you to go and talk to some headshrinker at your school.
So you don't want to go and talk to some stranger, right? I don't know.
Hon you know you got somebody to talk to.
You know you can always "Always talk to me.
" - [TURNS TV ON.]
- Hey.
Hey! Look, Kick, I know these dreams are scarin' ya.
But you need to talk to me.
This family comes first.
I'm your mother.
You got to talk to me.
You gotta open up and let me Shut up! - Kick, I'm sorry.
- Don't.
- No, come here.
I'm sorry.
- Don't.
Kick, I'm sorry! I didn't mean [DOOR SLAMS.]
What happened to your head? You fall down drunk? Oh, my God, Dad Black ice.
Outside headquarters.
I was just saying, I have good news.
I got into a couple of classes at MCC.
Yeah, my first class is late in the day on Tuesday.
So you're not going to be home after school? See, she's plotting already.
Oh, and Father Doyle says that I can volunteer at St.
So I'm going to be a teacher's aide a couple days a week.
What's that look for? Just glad I go to public school.
Who burned the ziti? [MOTHER.]
Nobody burned the ziti, for God's sake.
Oh, yeah? Tell that to the bottom of that pan.
You needed that.
- How could you tell? - [CHUCKLES.]
You were on a mission.
It was like the month we were tryin' for Kick.
Kick's teacher wants her to go see some some fucking psychotherapist.
I put a stop to it.
Well, I think she should.
I do.
- You think she should? - Yeah.
She's scared to go to sleep.
Yeah, okay.
And sometimes so am I.
- You're an adult.
- I'm your wife.
Down the hall over there, those are your kids.
- We're your family.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah.
You think she should go see some Some psychotherapist counselor, or whatever.
The shit she's going to say to him, she should say in this house.
That's it.
You got a grand jury asking about fucking Kinicki.
You got three dead guards somewhere.
Your brother's out there playing Houdini - with God-knows-what cash - Shh! Don't tell me to "shh.
" Think.
This shit adds up, Frankie.
You tell me something.
What the fuck happens, you go away for the rest of your life? Then what happens to this family? Where in all this is it appropriate for you to hit our daughter? Yeah.
She talks to me.
So help me God, you lay another finger on her And what, Frankie? Huh? Go ahead, what? Just don't hit my kids.
What can we do for you, Decourcy? My wife's been asking questions about who's fucking with Fields.
The micks in Charlestown can't scare you, but the wrath of the almighty missus can.
Tell her you don't know nothing about Fields.
Well, what kind of questions? This girl is claiming Fields asked for lewd photos.
Any truth there, or are we just grasping at straws? Relax, 'cause it's only the beginning [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES.]
Why are you so interested in my wife? Are you Mr.
Rohr? Oh, so it is just my wife then.
You didn't ask who.
I said "my wife," you said "Mr.
" So I assume that it's just my wife that you're interested in, not the rest of the wives that are living in the parish.
- I'm not accusing you.
Accusing me? Of what? No, I'm just standing here with my dick in my hand, wondering why are you so interested in my wife? What is the fascination with her to you? [FAUCET RUNS.]
She asked for counseling.
I felt bad about Oh, so you pity my wife.
So, do you pity my wife? Well, to be honest, if you treat her like you're treating me right now, I can see why she'd need to look for consolation in other places.
Do you know that I was an altar boy once? Yeah.
Can you imagine that? I signed up because of a priest.
Father Thomas.
Looked like Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter.
Except he never killed anyone.
I mean, not after he took the vows.
He was a World War II vet.
Father Thomas, he was afraid of nothing.
I once saw him knock out a piece-of-shit dad that was that was beatin' his kid.
I loved that guy.
Taught me about justice.
But then one day, a rumor starts that he's putting the wood to some of the working mothers in the parish.
Father Thomas, he could take on anyone.
But not after that.
Not in that neighborhood.
He was gone.
So much for justice.
"The wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.
" That's good.
You're preaching this Sunday, right? Yes.
Why? Well, there's a very easy solution to all of this.
You are going to stay the fuck away from my wife.
Come Sunday, you're going to get up there and you're gonna preach your ass off.
And that collection plate is going to make you look like an earner in the mold of St.
Francis of Assisi.
Do the right thing, Father.
The parish could use a good guy like you.
I'd like to remind the jury before we begin that the work here is done in secret for your safety and that of the witnesses.
Hayes, raise your right hand.
You promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? [TOMMY.]
So help me God.
Ladies and gentlemen, you've all been briefed on the case regarding the disappearance of Kelly Kinicki.
Today, you'll be hearing from a lifelong friend and known accomplice of Mr.
Kinicki, Tommy Hayes.
Now, I'm not here to cast judgment.
That's up to you.
In that spirit, you can ask any questions that you think would help you conclude whether or not there's cause to indict.
My job is to help you extract the truth.
And hopefully Mr.
Hayes is here for the same.
Now, what is it you do to earn a living? I'm a roofer.
Part time.
You have four kids? That's right.
And you raise those kids with no government assistance.
You must not be from around here.
Snows a lot in Boston.
Old roofs like to collapse.
When was your last contracting job? Two months ago.
What location? - Brookline.
- Brookline? Wow.
Two months ago in Brookline.
So, what have you been doing in the meantime to feed these four kids? I have savings.
From robbing banks? I did a bank.
Commerce Bank on Broadway and Southie.
You should have seen that roof.
It was beat to shit.
What does that have to do with a missing persons case? [WOMAN.]
What's your relation to Kelly Kinicki? He was an acquaintance.
An acquaintance.
An acquaintance you were seen drinking with the night he disappeared.
We were at the same bar, yeah.
And you said that you saw Kinicki leaving the bar, the Ebb Tide, that night, and getting into an '88 blue Chevrolet Caprice, correct? I don't remember.
The initial police report said you didn't see him outside.
Then you testified under oath that you witnessed him getting into a blue Chevrolet.
I mean, a guy drinks in a bar So if you were drunk, Mr.
Hayes, why then specifically identify the color and make of the vehicle? I guess I was eager to assist prosecution.
Hayes didn't even flinch.
You're not dealing with the Dating Game killer, here.
You just got to double down on this next guy, the shithead, Sheehan.
Connecting a four-year-old missing persons case to a recent armored truck robbery.
Am I giving the jury too much credit? Hey, Billy boy.
I need a trace on a partial bullet fragment.
Sure, I got nothing better to do.
Hey, shithead, are you enjoying those fucking box seats I got you at the Garden? Huh? He's a Suffolk ADA.
He's good.
attorney know anything about this? Did I ask you to run the trace for the U.
attorney, or did I ask for a fucking favor? Come on.
We need to get those results before I go at Sheehan.
Not necessarily.
Look, I know you're out of practice with this whole "being bad" thing.
But you keep swinging, and you're gonna hit something.
What the fuck you mean? I am bad.
Oh, yeah, Michael Jackson was more convincing.
Practically had a conniption fit walking that tiny little fragment over here.
Ever heard of something called a little chain of evidence? Where do you think the staties take their ballistics to be analyzed? Right here.
I did you a fucking favor.
Yeah, you're bad.
So bad.
Looking at these maps, you probably recognize your neighborhood.
If you're present, that means you have a passion and a love for your neighborhood, and you want to make that place better.
Maybe you have ideas how to do this.
Maybe you have influence, like the fine ministers we've assembled, or the prominent lawyers who have joined our cause.
We ask that you tell the stories that brought you here.
Many of us have the same stories.
The same desires for improvement.
Tonight, we're going to do this open mic-style.
So if you have something to say, come forward and be heard.
Well, you all know why I'm here.
Our city has failed us.
But it doesn't mean we have to fail ourselves.
Our sons shot up our church, and what did we get? A few white cops who can't tell victim from victimizer.
They see our sons as predators.
So, what else are our sons going to do but act accordingly? Unless we show them a better way.
Oh, you got something to say, young man? What you gonna show us, Jesus? And he gonna feed our family? Why did you come here tonight if you have nothing to contribute? Hold on.
That's not how we're going to do this.
What is your name? Maurice.
Welcome, Mo.
The floor is yours.
My brother, what brought you through those doors tonight? Tiffany Moore.
Four years ago.
Ain't nothing changed.
Y'all remember Tiffany? [MURMURS OF ASSENT.]
She visits her mom one weekend from her grandma's in the South, and catches a stray.
One weekend.
Two damn days.
Four years, I've been thinking, what kind of busted-ass luck it take for something like that to happen? I used to run with them.
I put the word out.
Every day, same time, we went up to H-Block and shoot.
Said we was putting them boys on a schedule.
Every day.
So it ain't no fucking luck.
Ain't no fucking luck.
I remember Tiffany.
Twelve years old.
A child gunned down randomly is the height of senseless violence.
No mother should have to grieve her daughter for something like that.
- Oh, good morning.
- Why didn't you come find me? I asked someone where to find you.
A sweet nun told me you'd be here.
What? What's the matter? Just we haven't had time to clear you with our insurance.
For a volunteer teacher's assistant? I'm not teaching the class.
I'm just, you know, clapping the erasers.
The Catholic church are very particular with legal matters, given the recent rumors.
You understand? Yeah.
Oh, yeah, I understand totally.
My husband came to see you.
I beg your pardon? Did Jackie threaten you? - I have no notion of - Or bribe you? Or both? Mrs.
Rohr, I know that you're at a crossroads, and I truly want to be there for you.
Just give me time.
Real brave, Father.
I've reached out to the police commissioner.
You have the trust of the community.
The police have the power of the law.
And we can't let our emotions sink this opportunity.
If the cops take the reins, it's just going to be more busted doors, strip searches and humiliation.
We need equal partnership.
I'm pretty sure I can get the commissioner to let us handpick the officers who we want involved.
But only because you're cute when you argue.
Glad we're in agreement.
Boy, you'd give Vanessa Williams a run for her money in that dress.
Revered, what do you know about Kayla Wiley? She's a dedicated member of the congregation.
She came to speak with me.
- About the coalition? - No.
About you.
She said that you asked her for some seductive photographs.
Kayla said this? That the two of you were on a church trip to Haiti, which I verified.
And that you made some comments about her swimsuit, then asked her to take pictures of herself.
Oh! No.
What? I think I told her that she should have been in those Vogue pictures.
- I'll call a meeting with her.
- No, you shouldn't.
No, I have to make this right.
For the coalition, for legal reasons, don't you do a goddamn thing.
No, the tow truck's on its way.
I'll see you soon.
Hey, you got a quarter I could borrow? - Piss off, needle dick.
- Fuck you.
You got a fucking problem? You got something you want to say? Jimmy you talk a lot.
Like your father.
Ever wonder why he went quiet? Just trying to make a phone call.
Uh-huh, communication is important.
I have a message from Jackie.
Value is a funny thing.
One minute, something is worth a fortune and the next, the very same thing is worthless.
You're valuable to someone at the moment.
So you're still breathing.
Just tell Jackie that I'm going to find out who murdered those guards.
Okay? Have a pleasurable evening.
In his darkest hour Job cried out, "My kinfolk have failed, "and my familiar friends have forgotten me.
"They that dwell in my house count me for a stranger.
And they whom I loved are turned against me.
" These are the words of a man in the depths of despair.
Of a person who couldn't understand what he'd done to deserve this lot in life.
If we only stop to look outside of what is immediately around us, as Job eventually does when he looks to God, we can escape the fate that we find ourselves trapped in.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Sheehan, how long have you been a resident in Charlestown? All my life.
Forty murders since 1975 in your neighborhood, only 24 arrests.
That is a miracle of criminal enterprise.
Like I created murder? Kelly Kinicki and Tommy Hayes.
You've known each other for how long? Since you were kids? Uh-huh.
Are you aware that witness intimidation is a time-honored Charlestown tactic to make problems, and often people, disappear.
But intimidation only works if the violence is real.
Is that why Kelly Kinicki was murdered? I don't know if the guy was murdered.
"The guy?" You mean your friend.
An accomplice.
I mean, you did commit crimes with him in the past, right? I was acquitted.
Not on two counts of vehicle theft.
Kinicki wasn't a part of that.
Can you tell us what crimes Mr.
Sheehan and Mr.
Kinicki took part in together? [FRANKIE.]
What's so urgent? Grand jury.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Do you know what Tommy said? Do you know what Tommy said, like, on the stand? Why are you so nervous right now? Because the next step for them is me.
Or you.
I got nothing with Kinicki.
- Yeah - I'm not in his file.
Kinicki was a rat and a liar, and he might have put you in there to save himself.
I don't want to fuck you up, okay? I don't want to make a mistake.
Then keep your fucking mouth shut.
There's nothing in there to connect you to Tommy? Not enough for a subpoena.
That job up in Revere with the guards, is that is that clean? I took care of it.
What'd you do with the guns after? I took care of it.
Hey, I just want to help.
You want to help? You can take care of yourself.
- You understand? - Yeah.
You stay on your meds, no more Florida.
Okay, great.
You here for the thing? Yeah.
What's the fucking smoke doing here? - Why do we come to Hook? - Fucking drugs.
And guns.
Stop asking me the same question.
I don't know anything about what happened to Kinicki when he disappeared.
But you do know that he was trying to turn his life around, don't you? Aren't we all? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
So, ahem, why don't you tell us about the armored car that went missing in Revere Beach, hmm? Oh, okay.
So, have you heard of a cultural phenomenon called "code of silence"? It's a monolithic belief.
Don't talk to cops.
This includes prosecutors.
What's this Revere Beach thing you mentioned? Well, it's a string of armed car robberies that have plagued Boston, one of which involved the disappearance of three guards in Revere Beach.
Now, the armored truck that was hijacked was recovered out of the Lynn Marsh.
The robberies are believed to be the work of a small group of individuals who live in Charlestown.
So, what do you know about that? Saw something on the local news.
Did you disobey orders? Drank a little too much the night before.
A little cocaine to get yourself ready for the job? Is that why things went wrong? Drinking and drugging? You're talking bullshit.
- Is that why you slap your wife? - You black bastard.
Domestic dispute's in the file Gorilla! [JURORS GASP.]
Gorilla! Gorilla? I'm King Kong! I'm going to fucking bury you, you fucking nigger! [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Hey, did you hear what happened in court today? - [FRANKIE.]
Court reporter comes in, getting her perm done.
She starts talking about Sheik.
He attacked the prosecutor.
He got arrested.
You gotta be kidding me.
What the fuck am I supposed to do? Look, it's all right.
He hasn't said anything yet, and so we just we gotta handle it on our end.
He's going to be worried about his kids.
- [CATHY.]
Like I'd be.
That's why I'm going to go over, I'm going to go see Tara, going to put some cash in her hand.
- Hey.
- Yeah? I'm going to put cash in her hand.
I'm going to let her know she doesn't gotta worry about rent, food, nothing.
As soon as Sheik calls her and hears that everything's been taken care of, he'll play the part.
That's a good plan.
Meat loaf's ready in five.
These guys are all in pajamas, but Kick's got a poem she's gotta write for school.
I'll be right back.
We're good.
We got this.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Five minutes on that meat loaf.
Please don't let it burn, all right? [CARTOONISH MUSIC PLAYING ON TV CONTINUES.]
King Kong! King fuckin' Kong! Sheehan was just mad he didn't think about it first.
You know Kong dies at the end, right? [LAUGHS.]
Hey, counselor, might I remind you that bringing up the dead guards is a no-no.
You can lead the jury to the Revere heist, you can't tell them.
Hey, Sheehan's sitting in a cell, all right? A few days, he'll flip.
God, did you ever feel like your life was just one big fucking chest wound? Every day, and twice on Sunday.
You're my chest wound, pal.
The DA finds out that you broke the chain of evidence, we say goodbye to our badges and our pensions.
Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Sophia Lauren when you get mad? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
There it is.
Knock yourself out.
- You - Yeah.
No, he's in the john.
Told me to find out what you got.
Yes, thank you.
FBI traced the fragment.
And? An AK-47.
Fuck, yeah.
Let's go to work.
You see that look? That look right there? I love that look.
That's the look that says that I was right.
Fuck you.
Oh, you find that gun, and I'm going to make your legs shake.
I find that gun, asshole, you better sleep with one eye cracked.
Let them leave you up in the air Let them brush your rock and roll hair Let the good times roll Let the good times ro-oll Let the good times roll Let the stories be told Let them say what they want Let the photos be old Let them show what they want Let them leave you up in the air