City on a Hill (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice

Hey! You find that AK-47 yet? Oh, okay, so I'm the asshole for pushing a little ballistics test through.
These things take time, Jackie.
I'm just saying, it shouldn't be too hard, even for a state trooper to find an AK-47 in fuckin' Massachusetts.
A foreign-made AK-47, because I haven't seen an AK since the weatherman read the wind wrong, but what the fuck do I know? I'm just the asshole.
You make a salient point.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You're just the asshole.
Hey, say what you want, he hasn't fucked us yet.
That's a big word: "yet.
Oh, hey.
Nice work on that church shooting.
How many of those killers you put away already? - Oh, that's right.
- Fuck off.
You think kissing ass over here is going to keep anyone from realizing that you got nothing on that fucking church case? You're not DCU anymore.
You can't just bullshit your way through.
What, you mean like you? - [SCOFFS.]
- I hear you got CIs that feed you nothing but bullshit.
I also hear that your bosses are sick of your bullshit.
The great Jackie Rohr.
- He's got no "roar" left.
You going down, fuckface? I'm going up, dry balls.
What are you doing? - Hi, Uncle Jimmy.
- Hey.
Pass pass me the ball.
Pass me the ball.
Come on.
Oh! Oh! God hates me.
Huh? It's a long day, I'm tired.
What do you want? You haven't heard? The staties found an armored car.
Lynn Marsh.
What do you care? You weren't involved with anything there.
It's strange, is all.
Tommy goes in front of the grand jury, - Tommy walks - Don't bring up Tommy right now.
- Huh? - I said, you don't need to bring up Tommy.
How did Tommy not get bagged like Sheik? Because Tommy knows how to stand up, and Sheik took a shot at the DA.
So you you're not even slightly worried here? Do you know what the difference is between me and you, Jimmy? Eleven months and six inches.
When I do something, I do it right so that I'm not sitting around worried and looking like you right now.
You remember remember Luke? Luke Lowe? [LAUGHING.]
He had that one arm longer than the other? Luke Lowe? Remember him? Luke Lowe.
Stole your bike.
Stole my bike.
I was ten years old.
And what did you do? You want down to Sackville Street and you beat the fucking shit out of him.
And? And I got my bike back.
Who gets your bike back, Frankie? Huh? Hey Listen to me.
What if What if we just get out of here? All of us, you know? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Where should we go, Jimmy? I don't know.
I don't know.
We'll just go.
Just while this grand jury thing dies down.
Yeah? You know what? I'm just going to pull the kids out of school and spend money I don't have so that you can feel better about yourself.
None of the money's left? Huh? What do you need? You need more money? No.
You need more money.
What if we hit another one? Please.
I'm going back to sleep.
Just fucking hear me out, okay? - No.
- Just fucking let me Not another goddamn word.
Sitting here saying you want to help? Bullshit! Bullshit, Jimmy! Dad? You okay? [JIMMY.]
Hey, sweetheart.
It's he's that's what uncles are for, so he can get pissed at me instead of you.
Hey, we're just fooling around.
- I'm sorry.
Did you tell anybody I reached out? There's a reason the cops talk to me, Salvie.
I'm not in the habit of tellin' 'em who my friends are.
This is strictly off the record.
I don't want to read a story quoting unnamed sources or any of that bullshit.
I'm giving you a string.
You need to pull the thing yourself.
Some of the shit we did.
We all got a higher power we answer to, right? Well, somehow I let mine be a co-worker.
The guy's all charisma, season tickets, do no wrong, while being all kind of asshole.
Started slow.
We got a little too chummy with the informants and lazy with the paperwork.
Next thing you know, there's a case of wine delivered to my house with a grand in cash tucked inside.
Bought and paid for before you can say a prayer.
Decades of good police work.
Stellar reputation, and [SIGHS.]
I'm leaving you with a name.
You said "we".
What if I dig up something on you? You know I won't reveal you as a source.
But I tickle the wire and there's something on you, no promises.
Salvie what are you after here? Nothing.
Maybe peace of mind.
Maybe a good night's sleep.
Oh, smells great, Ma.
Been thinking about your lasagna all day.
In class, in the library.
Ooh, I like your hair.
- Shelby did a good job.
- Oh, thanks.
Hey, where's Bennie? She eat already? She didn't come home after school.
Oh, shit.
What's the problem? You and she have plans? You going to do homework together, or what? She's been a little off more and more lately.
You think she's all right? [JACKIE.]
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
She's fine.
She's not a baby no more.
Besides, you're not around anyway.
You're too busy doing whatever.
Bettering yourself, or whatever that is.
I got a right to ask.
You want me to put an APB out on our daughter? Huh? Or maybe - maybe Father Doyle should find her.
I gotta go meet somebody.
Oh, I'm done with the bunch of ya.
Can't even fucking threaten me like a decent fucking human, huh? This is me being nice.
It's called civility.
If I tell you what I have, you're just going to call me a fucking liar.
Enough with the fucking prologue, Jimmy.
That bar, the Ebb Tide.
I don't know where the guns come from or how they get brought in.
But the bartender he sells them to a shine who works for the gas company.
Oh, blaming a person of color.
That's original.
You think I'm fucking lying? How many fucking persons of color you think they got fucking checking meters in Revere? If you're lying, next time, there's no threat.
I-I-Is that human enough for you? Fucking knucklehead.
- Leonard Jensen? - [JACKIE, ON PHONE.]
Works for the gas company.
What do you say tomorrow we pay a little visit to his employer? - I'm there.
- Nighty night.
How'd you do with the forensics? Surprisingly, things are going our way.
They pulled a fragment embedded in the roof of the armored car.
The lab test results point towards an assault rifle.
Those guards must be dead.
Well, Jackie Rohr has a lead on who might have sold the gun.
We find the AK, we're that much closer to putting the killers away.
You know, I can't wrap my head around how Charlestown practically voted for Nixon, you know, law and order, and yet they glorify that "code of silence" nonsense.
It's tribalism, babe.
I mean, it doesn't have to make sense, you know? People protect their own.
Feeling okay? Uh yeah, yeah.
Do I look okay? I'm not talking about how you look.
You just seem different.
Not by yards, by centimeters.
- Uh - Hmm.
Y-You know that BPD captain, - Shag Lewis? - Mm-hmm.
He's coming in tomorrow to see my bosses to talk about Fields.
I swear, he's one of the people trying to undermine the coalition.
No, no, no.
I spoke with him.
He's in total support of what you're doing.
- Is he? - Uh-huh.
- You trust him? - Yeah.
I don't trust anyone that easily.
Even you had to earn that privilege.
Roach, I'm Michaela Freda from the Phoenix.
I'm looking for your son.
His parole officer gave me this address.
He don't live here.
Your son is a rat.
Do you know that? For the FBI.
- I don't believe you.
- And yet, you do.
You know the kind of man you raised.
What the fuck, Ma? You're lower than pond scum.
You a cop? No, I'm a reporter.
I want to ask you a few questions.
A couple weeks ago, you were charged with shooting a cop.
That case was broomed.
Yeah, and I'm curious to hear how that happened.
I mean, it's not every day that a sergeant changes his story on the stand.
Maybe Minogue was lying all along.
Well, maybe the FBI pulled some serious strings to get you off.
Which makes sense, seeing as your file's sealed.
I've been doing this long enough to know that's a rat red flag.
I'm I'm trying to watch a movie here.
I don't want to do a story about some paid miscreant.
Why don't you give me something off the record? Just tell me who you're dealing with at the feds.
The ghost of J.
Edgar Hoover.
Okay, you are hilarious.
But if I were to break a story about the junkie skell who shot a Boston cop and got off 'cause he's paying for dope with fed informant money.
I didn't shoot Stevie Burke.
Trey Leeds did.
- And he's dead.
- And that doesn't matter.
You know and I know, I write that article, there's going to be a whole lot of people looking to throw you a Southie blanket party.
All right, [CLEARS THROAT.]
you want a name? Talk to that DA who let me off.
He made a deal with the devil.
A four-star fuck-me-in-the-ass devil.
Come on.
Where are ya? [JENNY.]
Living room! - [CHUCKLING.]
- Hiya, Sue.
I brought cannoli from Mike's Pastry.
Oh, thank you.
- Your ma home? - No, she's at bingo.
- Aw.
- Have a seat.
The old neighborhood looks old.
You still going to MCC for classes, right? Get that teaching degree? Yeah, but I feel bad about spending the money.
You think Jackie feels bad spending? But I'm taking a big risk.
You know, it's gonna take years to get a degree.
And then, you know, who's going to want to hire me? What are you going to do instead? Suffer till you croak? [SIGHS.]
Uh, that's not the reason I asked you over.
Uh, there's something else.
You got a daughter the same age as mine.
Is she disappearing all the time? She was.
Well, how'd you get her to listen to you? Easy.
I didn't try.
We sent her to Dana Hall, an academy for girls over in Wellesley.
Shit, I can't do that.
I There is something.
Your husband.
He's a classy guy.
Leonard Jensen is a fuckup.
This is not a race thing, this is a fuckup thing.
He's assigned to Roxbury.
Whatever he's buying at a bar in Revere Beach, that's extracurricular.
So you just give us his route, his history.
Pretty sure you need a warrant.
Likely we do.
Sadly, we don't have one.
Now, I could go get a court order, or you could just point us in the right direction and go take a leak.
While I'm gone, I was you, I wouldn't look in those top drawers where I keep the personnel files and the home addresses, et cetera.
How much of what we've done in the last 24 hours is illegal? I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Better to let a thousand guilty men go than one innocent suffer.
Increase Mather.
I went to law school too.
But he said that after they hung the witches in Salem.
From injustice came the way to describe justice.
Only when you've seen one can you shape the other.
That's an excellent justification.
Hello, Leonard.
Hey, I'll put a tail on him.
Who said this to you? Skank.
K9 officer.
- He asked you that? - Oh [SNORTS.]
he didn't have to ask.
I could see how he was looking at me, all kind of squinty-eyed, just trying to put the pieces together.
And I'm like, just fucking ask, okay? I've been asked enough.
What are you? All right, Jensen's on the move.
Let's go.
Captain Lewis has done us a huge favor.
He's informed us about bad acts committed by one of your pro bono clients, Reverend Fields.
Are there charges pending? Not yet.
The good reverend has been part of the community for decades.
No one's life gets sweeter if these accusations become public.
Thank you for your courtesy, Captain.
You need to interview the women in this file immediately.
I will.
I'll handle this.
You've said that before.
Enjoying your heart attack sub? You take home a K9 officer people call Skank, and you want to lecture me on my gastrointestinal choices? I didn't take him home, okay? He asked if I was Lebanese.
I said goodbye.
At first you had me convinced you were genuine Italian.
Yeah, well, you pile up your hair with Aqua Net and throw on some hoop earrings [SCOFFS.]
no one looks at you any different.
There we go.
Let's go in.
Not without a warrant.
You can say you want a haircut.
Yeah, me wantin' a haircut in Roxbury? You'd be styling in a hi-top fade.
Do you remember any of these nightmares you're having? - Pieces of them.
- Like what? Bodies.
Bodies? You're having nightmares about dead bodies? - Yeah, I guess.
- Mmm.
Have you had a death in the family? - Not really.
- Not really? What does that mean? Are you afraid of something, Catherine? - What frightens you? - I don't know.
Well, what do you do for fun? - What makes you happy? - I like to draw.
Would you draw a picture for me? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
That's Jensen's house.
This guy risked all this nice stuff right here.
For what? How do you think he got the nice stuff? What, no way someone who isn't white could work hard to earn a life legitimately? Skank really got to you, huh? Well, he just He just made me think, you know? I mean, my parents sent me to America, to school when I was ten.
They came here in the '70s from Iran, and one day they didn't have a country.
But here? They made a living.
Persians are really good at making money.
But what do I do? I get a job working with the county, for the security.
And after a while, the pertinent question becomes what am I? So, yeah.
I have a little compassion for this jizz-bag's daughter who's going to have to go through life explaining who she is.
Well, I hope you're happy.
You've sucked every ounce of joy out of ruining this bastard's day.
Oh, I'll still enjoy it.
Miss Bullock is here for you.
I have to get him to daycare.
I appreciate that you're willing to talk.
You know you don't have to.
Yes, I do.
So, why'd you wait to come forward? Hayley? Take Kyle to the kitchen, get him anything he wants.
That okay? Come on, Kyle.
How old is he? Six.
- Do you have kids? - No.
I'm a good singer.
Uh, yeah, you were in the choir.
I had talent.
I was given a couple of solos.
I don't think the old ladies liked it, the reverend picking out this young girl.
But I was good.
One day, I was maybe 16, there was this little room off the entrance of the church basement.
Type of place you hang your bag and coat.
The old ladies were jealous, so I would go down there to be alone when we took breaks.
This one day, Fields finds me there.
And I think, "Someone I can talk to.
Someone who will understand.
" But he don't talk to me.
He just stands there staring.
Big old smile on his face.
I knew somethin'.
I don't know what I knew.
I tried to leave, and he blocked the door.
He physically kept you back? He folded his arms, aggressive, like, "You're going nowhere.
" I was trapped.
I went down there to be alone.
I was alone then, you know? Fields told me he wouldn't let me out of the room until the pretty girl sang a song for him.
Sang a song? Yeah.
He wanted me to sing him a song.
What'd you do? Scream? No.
I sang him a song.
I stand Amazed In the presence Of Jesus the Nazarene And wonder how He could love me A sinner condemned, unclean [DOOR CLOSES.]
Tough day? You were right.
Is that why you look so miserable? Don't try to be cute.
Not now.
What was I right about? That I can't.
Not anymore.
Fields? There was another accusation.
They bring charges this time? No, because he's smart.
This girl was 16.
She's got a kid now, raising him on her own.
I mean, this is a woman.
But when she talked about him, I could tell that she went back to that moment.
Fields made her sing a song for him.
- Was that all? - That's plenty.
A man doesn't have to grab your boobs to be intimidating, to be frightening, to make you feel like you're worth nothing.
You know what she said? That day was the first time she had to think about life as predator and prey, to wonder why he singled her out, what about her came off as weak.
That's why he believed he could do what he did.
A predator.
That's who I've tried to make the face of our cause.
I can't work with him anymore.
Slit his throat.
What? It's like you said.
Fields isn't the coalition.
You've been developing alliances with other pastors.
Use those alliances to push him aside.
Fields says he doesn't mind being crucified.
I'm Pontius Pilate or Judas? [CHUCKLES.]
I love you.
Good and bad.
Now, you got a little bad in you.
Same as me.
Hey, hey, hey.
You want to come to bed? I still need a minute.
What the fuck is this about? The gasman.
Little Leonard.
He takes the guns from Revere and he moves them down to Roxbury.
We arrested him a little while ago.
He won't talk.
He won't tell us where he keeps the guns.
Who his partners are.
Considering you went to so much trouble bailing out your CI in Bromley Heath, we thought you'd want to join the fun.
Oh, so now my help is good enough for you.
None of this is about you, asshole.
Oh, yeah? What's it about, Hank? Decourcy trusts you.
God knows why, but he does.
And if you hurt him, you play the hero and fuck this up for him, I swear on my child's eyes you will fucking hurt, brother.
When the fuck did you start giving a fuck? I told Kick's teacher I didn't want you talking to my daughter.
Catherine came in my office voluntarily.
Please, have a seat.
These nightmares are caused, I believe, by a repressed trauma.
Has there been a death in the family? Why would you ask that? She mentioned seeing bodies.
Now, this could be grief over a death.
A grandparent, an aunt, an uncle.
No one that I know of.
My parents died years ago, and both Frankie's folks are still alive.
So is her uncle.
Then then none of this makes sense.
Then what the fuck am I doing here? Because of this drawing she did.
Any idea what it means? [TIRES SCREECH.]
Jackie, the fuck? I'm in a hurry.
Oh, the most lenient parole officer in the entire fucking city is suddenly in a hurry.
What, do you got your boyfriend waiting or something? I got to hand-hold some moolie taking a piss test.
Think I need you in my face right now? - Where's Roach? - [SCOFFS.]
Hey, he's long been your problem, Jackie.
What, you don't look in on your ward? I just tell them he's working for the FBI, so he might be dead.
You gonna move, or not? I don't want to go down to Roxbury to try to find this kid.
Come on.
Ask me if I give a fuck.
You really want to do this? With me? Jackie, you think you're the only one with a brain? I got tabs on every drug test that Izzie asked me to switch out.
I got my pension time.
Do you? Are you going to move, or what? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
- You know who that is? - Nope.
That's Michaela Freda, from the Phoenix.
Doesn't care who she pisses off.
That story on the FBI fucking up the narcotics paperwork? Hers.
It's good to see you again, You never told me whether Stuart had rocks in his pockets when he jumped off the Tobin.
Oh, Stuart's old news, especially now that your story jammed up the FBI narcotics lab.
Troopers in the state lab are grateful for the overtime.
You owe me a scoop.
Or you could introduce me to the new hotshot ADA.
Decourcy Ward.
I'm interested into how and why your cop-shooting case went belly up.
You friends with Clay Roach or something? We're on our way to a meeting.
Good to see you, Michaela.
Well, maybe I should talk to Junior Minogue, since he was the cop to swivel on the stand.
Maybe you're curious too why he did.
That's my pager.
Is she someone I need to worry about? Oh, yeah.
Even the mayor crosses the street when he sees her coming.
Come on.
We're taking a bath.
- Let's go.
- I don't want to! Yeah, I know you don't want to.
Let's go.
You stink.
Come on.
- You stink! - Me? - I stink? - You stink! You, you're done.
- You're finished.
- Dad! The water's freezing.
- Yeah? You're not getting out of this, pal.
No, the water's cold.
The boiler shit the bed.
Please call a plumber.
Yeah, and pay him with what? We need hot water.
I'm gonna go fix it.
You can't fix everything.
Well, I'm gonna go down there, maybe I just put my mouth around the pipe.
Give it a shot.
Where'd you get that? Your school counselor.
Cocksucking motherfuck! - [SIGHS.]
- It's Your father's losing his mind.
Look [SIGHS.]
what is this about? You can't figure it out? You asked to see that shrink? - Yeah.
- Why? What'd you two talk about? Nothing.
He's a twerp.
He said you were afraid.
I don't know, Ma.
Do you think I never been afraid? Hmm? - When I was a little girl - [FRANKIE.]
Fuck! the Boston Strangler broke out of jail, all right? And even after they caught him, I was so scared, I couldn't go to sleep until Grandpa got home.
Hey! - What, honey? - Nothin'.
- Catherine, I'm trying to - Please, Ma.
I'm tired.
Motherfuck! [SIGHS.]
You find your informant? Not yet.
Losing your grip, Jackie boy? Well, this is an old lesson about life.
There's no accounting for human beings.
I have some of my finest colleagues looking for him.
Waiting on a call.
Michaela Freda.
What about her? She's snooping around, asking about the cop shooting.
But you never did tell me how you got Minogue to nuance his testimony.
Well, you know.
Truth is, bullshit is bullshit.
Who remembers? But don't sweat Michaela.
We got a barracuda to fry.
You want to take a guess how many murders there were in Roxbury this year? - Gun murders? - Not a clue.
No humans involved, right? - That's low, even for me.
- You know, I, uh I looked up the facts after we arrested the gasman.
Forty-five dead on the year.
Most young, male, black.
All I could think was, any of those 45 dead black kids could have been me.
I'd just be another statistic.
Shit, I am a statistic.
I'm the one lone black male prosecutor in a Suffolk County DA's office.
And I'm sitting here working triple overtime to find the killers of three white guards.
You know, I was reading this thing about Lincoln.
You know, everybody thinks of him like as this idealistic god, but the truth is is that Abe was a master politician.
He was like Roosevelt, but without the money.
He knew how to work the levers, how to reward those that did what he wanted, and punish those that didn't.
The rest of it, eh, it's just a story we tell ourselves.
Yeah? You know, last night I said the same thing to Siobhan.
No one's wholly innocent.
Or wholly guilty.
At least I hope not.
Otherwise, I won't be well remembered.
You had to mention Lincoln, though? Literally I just read that.
This is going to be an adventure.
You ready? - [SIGHS.]
- Dad! - Yeah? The water's still cold.
Oh, yeah? You can't handle the cold? You sit in the tub.
I did when I was your age.
Your uncle and I wanted to be frogmen more than anything else in the entire world.
We'd take cold baths and see who could stay in there the longest.
I could be a frogman.
Absolutely, you could.
It's not going to be like this forever.
You know last time I was in Roxbury? Not now.
I'm sick.
What, these other shitbags don't take care of you? - There's no honor anymore.
- [GASPS.]
I'm going to go into fucking shock.
I figured this might be the case.
Leonard Jensen.
Where does he store the guns? No, Jackie, seriously, I'm going to die.
Then, please, let me help you.
I tell you about the guns, I'm I'm done.
I'm no good to you.
W-Well, that that's it? That's that's all my loyalty gets me? Okay.
Help me and I'll talk, and after I'll I'll I'll be done.
For your troubles.
Actually, last time I was in Roxbury was a couple of years ago.
I took my daughter to the zoo.
Yeah, and this black bastard comes up to me, sticks a zip gun right in my side, asks for my shoes.
Gucci loafers.
And my daughter, I don't want her to see this.
She's over there watching the monkeys, right? So I take off the shoes and I give them to the guy.
Later, she notices and she says to me, "Dad, what happened to your shoes?" I told her the monkeys took 'em.
Made her day.
So where does Jensen store the guns? [SIGHS.]
Know what, Jack? Fuck you.
- Hmm.
- Do you think I'm fucking stupid? - Oh! What was that? Nothing that'll kill you.
Just weaker than you need.
I won't ask you again, you fuck.
Jackie, these These niggers won't just blow my brains out.
So you want a chance to run? I'm offering you one.
But you play games, and I'm going to leave you here.
And if you survive the night, I'm gonna throw your ass in Walpole.
You think you'll do okay in there? Huh? All on your own? So af-af-after everything, you cut me loose? What are we, friends? Uh [SNIFFLES.]
Apartment 317, Building 4.
I need more.
So do I.
Keep talking.
I debate Jerry's tax, because I think I agree with the New York Daily News columnist who said it was the biggest rip-off of working people in the history of American politics.
- It was a terrible idea, but - [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS.]
Oh, are you a Jerry Brown man, Decourcy? The only one talking about taking money from the rich, so, yeah.
Not because he wants to put Reverend Jesse Jackson on the ticket? I'm not the biggest fan of reverends at the moment.
And why is that? - He means Fields.
- What? Why? - What happened? - [SIGHS.]
Women are accusing him.
And you believe them? Yeah, Mom, I do.
He came onto me.
Wait, what happened? [SIOBHAN.]
I handled him fine.
Siobhan, what did he do? What I went through is nothing compared to the other women.
Well, this accusation hurts all of us.
You don't think he should take responsibility for what he's done? There are things you have to do sometimes for the cause.
So I should preserve his reputation for the greater good? Close my eyes, lie, for the greater good? Fields isn't perfect.
Are you? - Are you? - That's not the problem.
What's the problem, Decourcy? The problem is that we marginalize ourselves every time we bring the subject back to race.
The coalition's not about race.
It's about justice.
Y-You make race the problem and not something that's more inclusive, then we'll always be defined as black.
All right? So for the cause, hey, all due respect, it's not the same battle.
You have no idea what I've been through.
You think things are bad now? When the Civil Rights Movement was fully There we go.
Yeah, that's right.
Here I go.
Mom [SIGHS.]
Well, there are debates, - and there are debates.
- Mom, wait a minute.
I thought you'd learn by now how to speak to my mother.
Well, since we're asking questions, were you ever going to tell me about what Fields did to you? He didn't do anything.
Just paid too much attention, made an inappropriate comment.
The other day, you said I earned your trust.
- Yes.
- What else don't you tell me? Excuse me? No, you know you got another part of your life, that's fine.
That's fine.
I understand.
Hmm? [SNORTS.]
Why are you up this late? Why are you? Found the rat at the apartment where the guns are being stored.
Bromley Heath, Building 4, Apartment 317.
Well, I'll get the warrant.
Yeah, and get your boss to agree and we'll go to town on these bastards.
Hey, can I ask you something? Yeah, sure.
Do you ever get tired of the shit? You ever read Macbeth? I'm so far in, it would take just as long to turn back.
Nighty night.
The guns are in the apartment at Bromley Heath.
Hank Signa's organizing a raid at dawn.
I was you, I'd bring in the Youth Violence Strike Force, BPD, they, uh they organize this group to, uh to deal with the gangs.
And they could use a break.
Well, these guys can be a part of the bust as long as they understand the state troopers call the shots.
Yeah, you're going to like these Strike Force guys.
Okay? - Yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
They're just like you.
They want to change the world.
Why two versions of the same story? Clay Roach shot your partner.
Trey Leeds shot your partner.
Which is which? [MINOGUE.]
You want answers, you fucking bitch? Huh? Look in your diary, back when you were fucking a certain fed to get on the front page.
Chris Caysen around? Yo, Cap.
You got a gentleman caller.
Decourcy Ward? Indeed I am.
Good to see Minogue's calmed down.
Yeah, he has his uses.
Scares children.
We take him out onto the street, tell kids they don't cooperate, we'll let him out of his cage.
What's going on here? Is that what you guys do down here? We let the players know we're not going anywhere.
Makes doing their business hard.
They want us gone, stop shooting each other.
Jeez, who'd you piss off to get this assignment? No one.
I'm here on my own choosing.
Eleven-year-old girl sitting on a mailbox.
Tiffany Moore.
Two stray bullets.
You were there? I saw enough.
What? - This Bromley Heath gun thing.
- Yeah? Last time I was over there, they shot my partner.
- Who's "they"? - I want to be first in.
I I'll take your request under consideration.
Yeah, you consider.
I'm first man in.
Hey Fucking asshole.
So, I assume you're willing to work with the state troopers on this raid.
Don't assume.
You sat with all those other pinstripes on the St.
Clair Commission.
Looking down from your pedestal at us lowly cops.
I never called cops lowly.
There's a caste system in this town.
White, black, lawyer, cop, pilgrim, Injun.
Before we come together, you have to prove you see me and the men I work with as equal.
Now that's ironic.
My brother's a cop.
He was sitting in his patrol car protecting a witness house.
He was ambushed.
Nearly died.
Was this the same day your dad marched with Dr.
King? I'm a detective, Ward.
I check out the people I'm going to be dealing with.
I do too.
Hmm? You thought Charles Stuart was innocent even after he jumped.
If you're always right, you're doing something wrong.
Who said that? I did.
My men are a team.
Let us do what we do.
Troopers can be backup.
Hank Signa will understand.
And for the record, my brother really is a cop.
All units stand by.
is in position.
Section 10-54, code one.
Repeat, 10-54, code one.
Stand by.
is moving in.
Repeat, S.
is moving in.
All backup units, be in position.
Code 1-10.
Marauders in place.
Move in.
- Oh, fuck, it's the police! - [GUNFIRE.]
- Aah! [OFFICER.]
Drop the gun! Drop the gun! [MOANING.]
Drop the gun! - Officer down! [MAN ON RADIO.]
Shots fired.
Officer down.
Officer down.
All units, we have a 10-57.
Move into designated support positions.
10-57 in progress.
Stand by EMTs.
Support units, we have a 10-55.
Officer down, officer down.
- Show me your hands! - Don't shoot.
- Keep your hands up.
Don't move.
- Show me your hands! - Down, down! - Don't shoot me! - Don't shoot.
- Keep your hands up.
Attention all units.
Command reports all suspects subdued, need transport vehicles to assigned location.
EMS bus on location, awaiting transport of injured.
, Captain.
Awaiting injured officers.
Trauma team on the ready.
You men are good? Yeah, yeah.
All right, clear this for our vehicles, please.
Get those units out of here.
Let's move out, move out.
Bus comin' through.
10-4, 10-4 on that.
- [WOMAN.]
You think Crowley could be essential? - All right [MAN.]
Head down that way.
I want a canvass, both sides [JACKIE.]
That's not an AK-47, is it? Let's hope it was all worth it.
All right, bus is pulling out.
Two escorts, let's go.
another two blocks.
Hey, hey, hang on.
I'm jumpin' in.
Junior, you're gonna die a hero.
You helped solve this case.
You did.
In fact, some of it is buried in your beer gut there.
I can hear it now.
The eulogies, the hymns, the bagpipes.
Everyone forgetting what a lousy piece of shit you were your entire life.
Fuck off.
Your wife's gonna be upset for about five minutes.
You should die.
I know.
And I will, eventually.
But this should be a comfort to both of us.
There's no hell.
There's only this life right here, right now.
And the last thing that you're gonna see in your lousy life is my ugly fucking face.
Move back.
Hey, Ma.
Hey, why only two? Where's Bennie? She went out.
Third night in a row.
What about Jackie? Who knows? Well, we gotta find Bennie.
First you gotta find Jackie.
- Just finish.
- Are you close? - I'm okay.
Just come.
Oh, that's not gonna work for me.
What's the matter with you today? - Nothing.
- Fine.
Fuck this.
What? You won't take care of me.
What the fuck are you talking about? [SIGHS.]
Oh, this is what you're worried about? No.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
- We're gonna be all - No.
Hey, honey, we'll be all right.
How will we be all right? You'll just, you know, you'll take care of the thing.
Is that what one costs anymore? It's been a while.
Fuck you! Baby.
I got a kid.
One is enough.
All right, one more, one more.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Bennie, my turn.
- Uh-huh.
Want a hit? Yeah.
I guess we could share.
- Yeah.
That's pretty good stuff.
Thanks, yeah.
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