City on a Hill (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Bill Russell's Bedsheets

Suspenseful music
- [shouting]
- [continuous gunfire]
[medical device beeping]
[scattered laughter]
[door clicks shut]
Did you say "nigger"?
Is that what you called him?
You already fucked up, brother,
so you might as well
talk to me.
Did you say that word
to a police officer?
Yeah, I said the word.
You said that word
to a Black
Boston police officer?
You put the hard R on it too,
didn't you?
I called him a house nigger.
'Cause he is one.
You, uh
do you know the price of hate?
- What?
- [Decourcy] It's a saying.
Eldridge Cleaver.
Man, fuck you.
Talking about Eldridge Cleaver
right now.
I'm in jail.
So you know Cleaver.
Yeah, I know Eldridge Cleaver.
So you've educated yourself
Yeah, somewhat, just like you.
Then why are you in here
"just like me"?
Man, every day
I get off the bus,
this motherfucker jacks me up.
I go to Latin.
When I went to King,
I never had any problems.
Now, all of a sudden,
when I go to Latin,
here's this big motherfucker
every day.
Did you hit him?
Nah, man, I ain't-
I ain't hit him.
You wanna tell me
what happened?
I'm supposed to trust you
now that we talking?
'Cause they keep you around,
you Uncle Tom the rest of us?
Yeah, I said "Tom."
That cop's a bitch,
and you're a Tom.
I've read Eldridge Cleaver.
A lot.
You're one of them.
You know, maybe you're smart
or maybe you think
you're smart
but you damn sure ain't wise.
Nah, see, if you were,
you'd ask for a lawyer.
Would've never even
opened your mouth,
but you, you still
holding out hope.
You still think your mom
isn't gonna find out.
You still think
you're going home,
that maybe maybe
there's some justice
in the world,
there's someone who cares about
the truth of what happened.
Now, that may be smart
but that sure ain't wise.
Doesn't mean you're wrong,
Maybe you can go home.
But you gotta decide right now.
You wanna be right
or do you wanna be happy?
Because maybe I'm that guy.
Maybe I just give
a fucking shit.
Man, if you're lying to me
that's fucked.
You wanna be right,
or you wanna be happy?
- [knock at door]
- Come in.
I dumped the Townsend case.
Which one is that?
Sixteen-year-old. Resisting.
Kid Black?
You trying to prove a point?
Nah, no point.
You sure this isn't
some passive-aggressive way
of you telling me
to fuck myself?
That you don't prosecute
what you don't want to?
[Decourcy stammers]
What's, uh
what's that line
you've been telling me
the last few months?
You wanna be right
or you wanna be happy?
You tell the fucking cop, then.
I'd be delighted, boss.
You ever been called
a house nigger?
Yeah, to my face.
And I've been that kid.
And I've known cops like you.
Know what?
Fuck you,
you Huxtable-looking
motherfucker piece of shit.
The Doobie Brothers'
"Jesus is Just Alright"
upbeat rock music
Doo-doo-doo, doo doo,
doo doo doo
doo doo, doo doo doo
Doo-doo-doo, doo doo,
doo doo doo
Doo-doo-doo doo doo
[car horn honks]
Watch where you're going!
[sniffs] I've been driving
boosted cars on this road
since before your mother
got her period.
I know where the fuck
I'm going. [sniffing]
[sniffs and grunts]
You know, Emerson says
you can tell
the best heroes by their humor.
Sir Thomas More
on the scaffold, et cetera.
- [Holly sniffs]
- So what's that make me?
- [Holly] Mm Henry VIII?
- Oh.
I ain't never been
that fucking fat.
Oh, but you'd kill your wife,
Okay, okay, so we go right
to that subject, huh?
Oh, you already established
that you'd cheat on her.
- Hearsay.
- [Holly] Uh-huh.
There are all these stories
about the great Jackie Rohr,
and I gotta say,
I'm a little disappointed
in the new nickname.
What new nickname?
[Holly] Oh, you don't know
what they call you.
I am woman.
- [laughs]
- Ah, fuck.
I am woman, hear me roar.
- [Holly laughs]
- [Jackie sniffs]
[sniffs, laughs]
Jesus is just alright
with me
Jesus is just alright,
oh yeah
Jesus is just alright
with me
Jesus is just alright
[Jackie] No.
Hey, hey, what the fuck?
Fuck! Fuck me!
[car horn honking]
Oh, no!
[Jackie panting]
[dialing on phone]
Salvy! What hospital
are you working at now?
No! No, no, no.
The fucking road's closed.
All right, listen.
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Take a walk outside
in ten minutes.
Fuck me.
Jesus fucking Christ.
[car horn honking]
[Jackie grunting]
[tires squeal]
Jesus Christ!
You have got
to be fucking kidding me.
Oh, nice!
Hey, thanks for stopping by!
Nice seeing you!
Oh! Oh, my God.
Young lady?
Jesus H. Christ.
I need a doctor!
Child, what happened?
Nana Campbell,
they taking my house.
How they gonna take your house?
- Can I help you?
- Who are you?
Randy Finch.
I-I do mortgages.
How come I haven't
seen you before?
I just transferred here
from Hyde Park.
And you make ladies cry
in Hyde Park?
Ma'am, she's defaulted.
Did you default?
I just need two more weeks.
You can't give this girl
two weeks?
Why are you telling me
my business?
I'd like to make a withdrawal.
You can step right over there
You're gonna help me.
I'd like you to call Al Jacobi,
your boss,
and tell Al I'd like
to withdraw
all of the money out of
the tenant management account
for the Braxton Summit
housing projects.
This is ridiculous.
[dialing on phone]
[Randy groans]
Al, I have a, uh
person here who wants you
to know
that my actions are causing her
to make a withdrawal.
All the funds
in the Braxton Summit account.
- What's your name?
- Grace Campbell.
Her name's Grace Campbell.
[keyboard clacking]
Yes, I have her, uh,
portfolio right here.
I know.
We don't have those kind
of funds on hand.
Yes, sir.
Okay, I will.
- Mrs. Campbell
- Ms. Campbell.
Um we can work
with Miss Jones here.
Mm. You're a good man.
Kill 'em, kill 'em
My lyrical beatdown
will leave you in a coma
'Cause you can't hang
a high school diploma
Your brain of fatigue,
you're out of your league
You're running out of gas
and your tank is on E
Somebody buy him a heart
'cause he's petro
Take your whipping
like a man
Brother, let go
No apologies, tears,
or violins
Get your black suits
'cause I ain't smiling
I'm shooting
the gift of gab
Brother, you're ripped
in half
Soon as the mic is passed,
you won't live to laugh
If there's laughter,
I'll get the last one
You loafed on the lyrics
and you caught a bad one
So who's got no style,
look at your profile
Man, where'd you
get that jacket?
Little Big Man
boosted an LTD.
We rolled on that mall
in Newton.
Gotta be three sizes too small?
Show off the fit, though.
Who gives a shit
about your fit?
Man, don't nobody take sizes
you rob a store, all right?
You take what you get,
and you go.
Ominous music
Go get my brother.
What you gonna do?
Grab the stash
and go get my brother.
Tense music
Yo, Kelvin, where you going?
Where you going?
Come back here, motherfucker!
[engine revs]
Dramatic music
Where you going?
We right here!
Come here, motherfucker!
We right here!
We right here!
Come on.
[Anton] Come on,
you cokehead motherfuckers.
- [Kelvin] Anton!
- What?!
We good.
[dog barking]
[alarm blaring]
You good?
Yeah, we good.
[person] Okay, folks.
See you here next week.
[indistinct chatter]
[Jenny] Benny.
Mom, what are you doing?
Oh, I saw they had
an Al-Anon meeting,
same time as yours.
Just thought I'd sit in.
Hey, you want a ride home?
I was just gonna take the bus.
Uh why?
I don't know, I mean,
I'll take the ride
if you want me
to take the ride, but
I took the bus here,
so I can take the bus home.
You know I gotta learn
how to be on my own.
- Right?
- Y-yeah, but
but you're not on your own.
Yeah, I know, Ma. [chuckles]
Can I at least drive?
You know, my, uh, astigmatism,
- you know, I have a
- [Benedetta] Yeah.
I have a hard time
being a passenger.
See you at home.
[phone rings]
[scissors clatter]
She had a stroke.
Your mother.
Who the fuck you think?
- She's alive, though.
- [Salvy] Yeah,
but she can't speak.
Her husband must be thrilled.
Oh, yeah, you joke.
Holly Gunner is an assistant
U.S. attorney, Jackie.
There are people here
asking questions.
[phone clatters]
Who's calling you this late?
One of your Guinea
goofball cousins
just shit the bed,
left you a million dollars
and the number
of a divorce attorney.
Congratulations, sweetheart.
It's your lucky day.
What do you wanna ask me for?
I think we should
get Benny a car.
Is this her asking
or you asking?
Mm, me.
No, she's been home
three months now.
I think she's demonstrated
enough that we can trust
I'm not getting her a car
so the next time
she runs off
with some fucking idiot,
I gotta drive up
to New Hampshire
and bail her out of trouble.
- Now, that's unfair.
- [Jackie] No.
You know what's unfair?
Is you being all the way
up her ass
ever since she's been home.
Jesus Christ, leave her alone.
Ever since you threw out
your mother's shit,
you've been stalking
around here
like the fags in Camelot.
Get a fucking hobby,
for Christ's sake.
You're really gonna look me
in the eye and say that?
I had a job, and you went
and fucked that up!
Oh, God.
Everything that ever went wrong
in your life is my fault, huh?
No. I
you know, I think we
need time to cool off.
[Jackie] What? What? No.
What are you doing? Wait. Wait.
I'm just talking here.
What, you want every
conversation to go your way?
That's not how this works, Jen.
You know, you're right, Jackie.
Don't mean I gotta like it,
Hey, yo, what you want?
What you need?
Nice outfit, asshole.
Shit! Fuck!
Tense music
Shit! Fuck!
Freeze, you fuck!
When you were with the feds,
did you know this Holly Gunner,
the one they found half-dead
outside of St. Eligius?
Uh, no.
[Dan] Well, she works
with the new U.S. attorney,
who'd rather keep this
out of the headlines.
Don't blame her, but the family
wants justice
for their daughter.
They called her congressman
who called me.
And you want me to handle this?
Here's how this usually works.
I let you drop a case,
you drop one for me.
You do minimum investigating
and then say,
"We found nothing,"
and everyone's satisfied.
What if there is something?
Did you hear me?
No subpoenas, no warrants,
no grand jury.
And then you say,
"We found nothing."
- You trust me with this?
- No.
But you're one person
I can spare
if this blows back on us.
[bathroom door
opens and closes]
[officer] Why you gotta be
difficult right now?
[Madeline] I'm not-
I'm not trying to be difficult.
- [Grace] Maddie?
- [officer] So why the attitude?
Lady, not now, huh?
Hey, easy.
What's going on?
Ah, God.
A significant amount
of crack cocaine
was found inside the vehicle,
Did you have a warrant
to search?
- [officer] Probable cause.
- Based on what?
I could see the drugs
in the car, ma'am.
[officer] Madeline Wilson,
you're under arrest.
What are you charging her with?
Possession with intent.
Oh, you have to be fooling me.
Nana, I didn't do anything.
[Grace] Don't say nothing
till I get you a lawyer, child.
- [officer] Back off.
- Don't say nothing!
You hear me, Maddie?
Where you going?
They're in there getting drunk
off your work.
First thing you learn here,
doesn't cost anyone anything
to tell you you did a good job.
Come get me
when they put my name
at the end
of that big sign downstairs,
starts with "Rawls & Goodwin."
Well, ducking out
when they're celebrating
a merger you brokered
isn't the way to make partner.
Tell 'em to put on
Channel Four.
I've got other business
to take care of.
[councilman] You admitted
that this coalition rally
has nothing to do
with Cambridge.
Do not put words in my mouth.
You said that this rally
is to draw attention
to the policing in Boston.
The policing in Greater Boston
is a drain
on the greater metro economy.
Resources wasted,
money poorly spent.
The people of Cambridge
should know
where their taxes are going.
These are submitted questions.
"What do you say to those
that think holding this rally
in a place like Cambridge
is an implicit threat?"
A larger part
of your constituents
might be offended
that you assume
they're just as afraid
of Black people as you are
Oh! [laughs]
Damn, Siobhan.
Took me years to adopt
that kind of erudition.
Well, Miss Eloise
didn't raise a fool.
Question was a plant.
Just can't believe
the councilman
was dumb enough
to read the thing.
Your mama has
that great big heart
and style
to cut a man's throat.
You got the style.
You got the heart.
I won over the Braxton Summit
Tenant Association, didn't I?
Got your support
for the Genesis Coalition.
Now, I know Nana Grace
isn't a fool.
[Grace] Some people
ain't never gonna stop
trying to make me out
to be a fool.
Whose throat do I need to slit?
Could be a lot of throats.
Resident's daughter
got brought up
on a possession charge.
She's never been
in trouble before in her life.
She's dean's list at English.
Boston PD did this?
The Youth Violence
Strike Force.
Well, they've gone
out of their way
to work with the coalition.
- They wanna turn her out.
- Excuse me?
[Grace] You have
to pardon the Reverend.
He's, uh, had his experience
with Boston PD.
He can get a little agitated.
They want a snitch.
They wanna use HUD's
one-strike policy,
scare this young woman
into talking.
- One strike?
- Convicted and evicted.
The rule applies to any person
living in a HUD household.
Just doesn't make any sense.
Like I said, I've worked with
the Youth Strike Force before.
They are usually patient
with first-time offenders.
Unless the investigation's
been taken away from them.
By whom?
[Hughes] FBI.
[door slams shut]
[keys jingle]
[Siobhan hums]
I have to ask you a favor.
There I was,
thinking I was dreaming,
but here's the nightmare.
A Braxton Summit family
is being tossed out
of their apartment because
their 20-year-old daughter,
who has no criminal record,
had a few dime bags of cocaine
"found" in her car.
[Decourcy] Siobhan,
do you see me right now?
Yeah. I'm looking right at you.
No, do you see me?
This is what happens
when you don't slow down.
You know, the-
these people, they-
they see that
you're after something,
and they're not there to help
you accomplish that,
they're there
to take advantage,
and this here is what's left.
You don't think
I'm smart enough
to pick and choose
my own battles?
You let that kid off
the other night.
Yeah, and he called me a Tom
to my face.
Yeah, but you let him off
You can act like
you don't give a shit anymore,
- but I see you, Decourcy.
- [sighs]
I did that to fuck
with the cops.
You really wanna
fuck someone over?
Madeline Wilson.
I haven't seen this case yet.
'Course not, 'cause the feds
took jurisdiction.
Now, think.
Whose balls can you break
to make sure
the right thing's done?
Want a drink?
Not a fucking word.
I'm in the middle
of something important,
you summon me in here to come
and kiss your fucking ring?
We got a date
with Mahogany Row.
What? When?
New U.S. attorney
is on the fucking rag.
I wanted to give you
fair warning.
You get two guesses.
That was Connelly's screwup,
not mine.
Yeah, but Connelly
isn't here anymore.
- So why me?!
- [Putnam] 'Cause you are here.
[Jenny humming "Alone"
by Heart]
I hear the ticking
of the clock
I'm lying here,
the room's pitch dark
Since when can you sing?
You don't remember me
singing you to sleep
when you were a baby?
What's all that?
Ah, nothing.
Just some stuff of mine
I forgot about from the attic.
Uh, you need something?
We should talk, Ma.
What's up?
I just I've had to look over
my actions
in the past year, and
Are you making an amends?
Is-is that what this is?
- [Jenny] An amends?
- Yeah.
Yeah, Ma.
- You don't have to.
- Mom-Mom, please.
I re Mom, please.
I really wanna talk.
All right.
[Benedetta] Okay, I just
I know I was a problem.
I was
I don't know how
to put this.
I was angry.
I was angry.
I was just angry,
and I think I fed off
the hostility of this place,
and that's not an indictment
of you or Dad,
I'm just saying, I
never stopped for a minute
to consider
what you were going through,
and what you had to deal with,
and what you've been through
in your own life,
and I just I never listened.
Sweetheart, it's okay.
It's not.
No, it's not, though, Ma.
But you're a child.
Ma, please, just hear me out.
This isn't the kind of thing
you're even supposed to be
thinking about.
But this all happened,
so regardless
of what I say or you say,
this is something
I have to think about.
Wanna-wanna sit?
So where do we begin?
Madeline Wilson.
You in on that?
We made the arrest.
Did you kick her case
up to the feds?
No. FBI claimed it.
That doesn't surprise you?
Girl with no record,
FBI claims it.
She had a night's stash worth
of crack cocaine
in the back of her Camry.
And the FBI knew
about the arrest
before we even booked her.
So what's that tell you
about Miss Maddie Wilson?
The bureau wants her to flip.
And you just said,
"Sure, no problem.'"
FBI says they want her,
what can I do?
Why is this important to you?
I've been asked to do a favor.
[laughs] You might be
out of your depth there.
Well, maybe.
But maybe there's a fed
I can fuck with a little bit.
[Caysen] Interesting
you should say that.
You hear about
that assistant U.S. attorney
they found on the sidewalk
outside St. Eligius?
Know who runs security there?
FBI. Retired.
Salvy Clasby.
Why-why does
that sound familiar? Clasby?
Clasby, Clasby
I work both sides, same as you.
[solemn music playing
on stereo]
[Decourcy] Now even the drunks
won't listen.
To your bullshit stories.
I ain't funny no more.
Were you ever funny before?
Oh, no, no.
No, we don't
serve you people here.
Now, that's low.
Even for you.
It's not even pointed.
Hennessey on the rocks, man.
What, Jesus Christ,
I thought you might
get the impression, if it
weren't already apparent,
that I'm not here
for conversation.
Yeah, Jackie, you ain't
getting rid of me ever.
If you could've
gotten rid of me, you would've.
The fact that you can't has got
to drive you fucking insane.
Well, people tend
to hang themselves.
We all do.
Just a matter of time.
You know, there's this line
I've been dwelling on.
Can't seem to get it
out of my head.
It's, uh
the price of hate.
You feeling that?
You hate them.
You end up destroying yourself.
Who said that? Nixon?
Ah, so you're familiar
with the concept.
Is that how Holly Gunner
ended up
outside the hospital
of one of your old partners?
You give me too much credit,
Oh, when you're good,
you're good, Jackie.
So this is where the ask comes.
No, it's not an ask.
This is a "do this or else"
kind of thing.
Girl in Braxton Summit Housing
is being held by the FBI
on a bullshit charge.
So what-what the fuck
do you want me to do?
Talk to your colleague
who's running
the investigation, a'ight?
Tell him to go
find somebody else
- to groom as an informant.
- Hey!
Have you been alive long enough
to have seen Bill Russell play?
Here we go
with the fucking stories.
[Jackie laughs]
Oh, no, no, no.
Indulge me. Listen.
Bill Russell
won 11 championships
in 12 seasons
with the Boston Celtics.
He was part of the first Black
starting five,
first Black coach,
and this guy Russell,
you heard him speak,
he was a fucking man.
But do you know why
you never see Bill Russell
at the Garden?
Despite all those banners
up in the rafters
and his number retired,
because in the '60s,
Bill Russell moved
into a white neighborhood,
somebody broke into his house
and took a shit
in his fucking bed.
Didn't even steal nothing.
Just took a shit between
Bill Russell's bedsheets.
And nothing
this guy had done mattered.
Not the winning,
not the professionalism.
Someone took a shit
in his fucking bed.
Oh, wow.
So why even try, right? Right?
[both chuckle]
I'm not fucking asking, Jackie.
Can't help you, kid.
Things have changed.
The way this job is done
has changed.
I can't do things the way
I used to do them anymore.
I'm I'm sorry.
You wanna push me?
You really wanna
fucking push me?
Could I be any clearer?
Fuck you.
You know, I genuinely
did not wanna believe
the rumors were true.
Hear me roar.
Uneasy music
Ow! Fuck! Shit!
[clock chimes]
You okay, Dad?
[Jackie sighs]
What are you still doing awake?
Oh, I-I don't know.
I couldn't sleep,
so figured I'd you know.
Are you throwing this out?
Remember when we used to play
Fort Apache with this thing?
I liked being the Indians.
You always letting me win
probably wasn't
historically accurate, though.
I didn't mind.
I've been looking
for a short hill
to die on my whole entire life.
[Jackie laughs]
That-that was supposed
to be a joke.
Dad, I need to talk to you.
We really need to talk, Dad.
Did I ever tell you
about the time that the Indians
took over the Mayflower
down in Plymouth back in 1970?
Yeah. Yeah.
Thought you'd be the last
white man to kill an Indian.
What's the matter?
You don't like my stories
no more?
Don't feel bad.
Nobody does.
[clicks tongue]
Night, sweetheart.
I thought I heard you.
Kid's still awake. [sighs]
What were you talking about?
Did she make an amends to you?
What-what the fuck
would she have to make
an amends to me about?
Did she make an amends to you?
No, don't answer that.
Was she trying to talk to you?
[Jackie] Why do you
have to know everything?
'Cause I'm her mother.
[Jackie scoffs]
[voice breaking]
And I let that happen to her.
That's your mother talking.
[Jenny] No, my mother
never took responsibility.
All right, please.
I'm begging you
listen to me.
I know that's hard for you
to do.
But please, please.
I've spent a lifetime
wading through human shit,
and these things that happen,
they're not your fault.
You know that.
I can't stop thinking
about what happened to her.
What she had to
You gotta find
something else to do but worry.
I know, I know.
I-I fucked that up
for you before.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
But I wanna help.
School wasn't really what
I was supposed to
No, no, please, please.
Don't start making excuses
for me.
What do you want?
Uh I don't know.
[Jackie] Well
what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
Well, you gotta
figure that out, Jen.
Stood up too fast.
Suspenseful music
Rohr, what the fuck?
I thought you pricks
had a nickname for me now.
What was it again?
I never sang the song.
No? What about you,
you fat fuck?
I don't even know you.
One of the lucky ones.
Jackie, give me the wires.
Why? You got some place
you need to be?
- We're working here!
- [Jackie] Okay.
Madeline Wilson. Talk.
You trying to turn her? What?
Why else would I waste my time?
Can you drop the case?
Fuck am I supposed to do?
I made a big thing
about taking her
- from the BPD.
- [Jackie] You can blame me.
That should work.
So what the fuck are you guys
doing in Chinatown?
Informant gave us a tip.
Someone you know all too well.
Oh yeah? Who?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
Try me.
Jimmy Ryan.
Apprehensive music
[siren wailing]
[Clasby] You know, when I was
in middle and high school,
I had a pair of stethoscopes.
It's not true,
but it sounds good, right?
[PA] Dr. Collins to emergency.
Dr. Collins
I don't think we've ever met.
You need no introduction.
You're the DA pooched
the Ryan case.
How does an FBI agent end up
in St. Eligius?
Private security's the dream.
You still pals
with Jackie Rohr?
We talk.
Oh. Let me ask you a question.
In your opinion.
Why would Jackie want to start
following the rules
all of a sudden?
Comes with age.
Fear of hell.
Or guilt.
Guilt over Holly Gunner.
I was being facetious.
You know if she was assaulted,
that crime falls
into my jurisdiction?
We called the Boston police.
Something you didn't tell 'em?
I can't talk about a patient.
You know there's
a surveillance camera
pointed at the sidewalk
where she was found?
What's the warrant for?
Just something I need signed.
Top Echelon Informant Program.
What do you need to know?
Why have I not ceased
to hear about this
since I was assigned here?
Uh, Boston Globe's coverage
of Whitey Bulger.
Was Bulger an FBI informant?
I wouldn't know.
Who would know?
Well if he was an informant,
we wouldn't know
'cause his handler
no longer works for us.
Okay, then.
Jimmy Ryan.
He was an informant.
- [Karen] You ran him?
- Yes.
Ah, but Bulger and Ryan
are not comparable.
But you see
where I'm going here?
Oh yeah, sure.
I'm the only one
left around here
who was involved
in a potentially damaging way
of doing business.
I'm the Last of the Mohicans.
This isn't nearly
that romantic.
This is actually quite simple.
You retire,
or I make your life hell.
I realize this is sudden.
You're used to your friends
being in this office,
guys whose careers you made.
But unfortunately,
they're gone,
and all we're left with
is the bullshit
and the cost
of what they've done.
Meaning me, right?
I'm the bullshit?
I suppose all Clinton hires
are saints.
We don't cut deals
with murderers.
Not so innocent, though.
Holly Gunner.
Holly had no
professional problems.
Assistant U.S. attorney,
drugs in the middle
of a heroin epidemic?
Yeah. Mm.
That is a real issue.
Drugs hit close to home,
don't they?
Do us a favor
and walk away.
You'll suffer me a while.
- Jackie.
- Get the fuck out of my face!
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Unsettling music
[siren wailing]
Mm. Jesus! Jackie.
Do you know this cunt
in the U.S. Attorney's Office?
The slope bitch?
Uh, yeah yeah, sure.
Uh, Karen Shimizu.
Yeah. Shimizu.
What do you know?
Her thing's civil rights.
Ah. Whose isn't now?
She was born in Manzanar.
Oh, yeah?
What, the internment camp?
I could use that.
This isn't about
that U.S. attorney
[Jackie] Hey.
Nobody knows
that I was with Holly Gunner.
She was young.
She had too good a time.
End of story.
Then why'd your pal come
around here asking questions?
That Black DA.
[Salvy] How many Black DAs
they got in Suffolk County?
Could've given him
those surveillance tapes.
I'd've been free of you,
of this bullshit.
Why didn't I do that, Jackie?
You really have to ask me that?
Oh, tell me
some of that famous bullshit.
Make me feel better.
No, no, no.
No-no, no.
No bullshit coming.
There's no feeling good
about this.
Hiding what happened
to Holly Gunner is just
that's just something
we have to do.
And if you expose me
I'm not gonna feel good
about ruining your life,
but it's something I most
certainly will have to do.
Where are the tapes?
Gone. Erased. Replaced.
All of 'em?
There's a copy.
I suppose that's
your insurance policy.
I can live with that.
You got no other choice.
The price of hate.
Did Nixon say that?
I believe so.
And how's your husband?
[Siobhan] Bitter,
but I try to be patient.
He's reading a lot of Dubois.
Starting to get really tired
of hearing about the souls
of Black folk.
I'm guessing he was
close to his mother.
How do you arrive at that?
Just convenient how you slipped
into that role for him.
- [Siobhan] Don't.
- [host] Here we are.
[indistinct chatter]
Not gonna happen.
Politics isn't
for the faint of heart.
Did you just talk down to me?
It was a lame preface
to an apology.
An apology.
Where are you from?
Well, that figures.
And you wanna talk
Boston politics to me.
I was babysat by Mel King.
Yeah, you can wipe that
"oh, gosh" look off your face.
You fucked over my husband
and didn't think
I'd be looking into you?
Really, I just wanna
work together.
Work together.
Like you can sit there
and offer me something.
The fact that you're here means
you need something from me.
Isn't that right?
I need a candidate who
And you wanna talk politics.
Well, that was
something to see.
Have you lost
your mind, bringing me here?
You can't hold a grudge
in this business.
Oh, well,
then you really lost your mind.
This is Boston.
Boston runs on three things:
sports, politics, and revenge.
so you're already thinking
of running.
For city council?
Oh. Yeah.
I just don't need Josh Goshen
to make it happen for me.
[Eloise chuckles]
[hip-hop music playing
on radio]
You know, for a guy
who supposedly
made his name stealing cars,
it's not a great look,
you don't have a fucking car.
Who told you
I didn't have a car?
Why the fuck am I here?
Maybe I like
having a chauffeur.
Are you testing me?
What's that you said
about me "supposedly"
making money off stealing cars?
I heard you were part
of the Hot Box Crew.
Not "part of."
I was HBC.
Oy. Yeah?
Yeah, you and every other
fucking Black kid I ever met.
Wouldn't get on the buses,
says he's part of HBC.
How many Black kids you met?
I don't know.
About three.
And every white kid I ever met
is a bank robber.
Armored car thief.
[laughs] Yeah,
it's a good point.
You really HBC?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Well, you probably
didn't get enough credit
for what you did there,
going down the demarcation line
in Dorchester,
stealing all those busted
American cars.
And then
all that poor white trash,
they cash in on the insurance,
and they buy Japanese.
Should be a fucking plaque
to you in Toyota Japan:
"Top American Sales
You know, I like your brother.
He's a lot more talkative
than you.
So we gonna do this or what,
Tense music
I won't end up
like your brother.
You wanted a new market, right?
And you wanted to do business.
Well, you're not exactly
the only fucking source
of heroin in Jamaica Plain.
do I get my product,
or do I go see what
the other nut jobs can offer?
[grunts] Oh, fuck.
Do we understand each other?
Fucking cocksucker.
[door slams]
Ow, fuck.
[water running]
After all the trouble
that you went through
not to go to school
with these fucking people,
you end up dealing drugs
in Roxbury.
How you know what the fuck
I'm doing?
You're not my only snitch,
Well, you're not all wrong,
but you're not all right
And to be specific,
we're in Jamaica Plain,
and I only buy
my drug supply here.
And luckily, these JP nigs
they didn't go to school
They actually think
I'm some sort of hero
- for getting away with murder.
- [Jackie] Mm-hmm.
And you figured you ratted out
your own brother,
so why not a couple of
drug-dealing boys in the hood?
No, no.
I didn't rat on him
not yet.
They know you're talking
to the FBI?
Jesus Christ.
The only reason I still talk
to the fucking FBI
is so that they stay away
from something
I might do in Southie, okay?
Happy Valentine's Day.
You do know they kill rats
in Southie.
They also love heroin.
You hear anything about
Decourcy Ward in Jamaica Plain,
you let me know.
I figured they'd carry you
to work in a sedan chair.
This a joke
about Asians driving?
Oh, no, that's not
what I meant.
Why not just call me
a dragon lady?
Well, actually, Dragon Lady
was Chinese,
hated Japanese people.
Besides, it's a cliché.
Can I be honest with you?
What do you qualify as honest?
[Jackie] Have you ever read
Lincoln Steffens?
Madeline Wilson.
[Karen sighs]
Who's that?
It's a case that we grabbed
from the Boston
Police Department.
Youth Violence Strike Force
set her up,
quite possibly with the
blessing of the DA's Office.
How'd you come
to that conclusion?
Well, she had no priors,
no KAs,
no record whatsoever,
yet suddenly she turns up
with a carful of drugs.
I mean, come on.
Why would they do that?
That's how we made informants
in my day.
This you being honest?
No. This is me being honest.
Look, you got put into that job
to take the blow
for all the old white men
that had that seat before you.
Now, you're not responsible
for what they did
Whitey Bulger and the
Top Echelon Informant Program
but just like me,
you're gonna be left
holding the bag of shit.
Now, you wanna prevent that
from happening,
you gotta do what every fed
in this town does
whenever the heat
gets turned up too high.
You gotta go after
the Boston Police Department
and the District Attorney's
Let me make sure
we're clear here.
You're suggesting a probe into
the Boston Police Department
and the Suffolk DA
for doing the same thing
you once did for us.
Takes a thief.
Jesus Christ.
- [Marie] Get on!
- No, not now, guys.
- Come on.
- No, now!
- [laughs] Come on!
- Get on!
- Now! Get on!
- I said
Oh, Jesus Christ.
[grunts] All right?
I'm on.
- Little weirdos.
- [laughter]
uneasy music
[Benedetta exhales heavily]
You know, I really thought
the harder amends
would be with Mom.
[Jackie] Sweetheart,
you wanna make an amends to me,
you just do what you gotta do
to feel good again.
Enjoy your life, kid.
That's-that's the only thing
you owe me or your mom.
Neither of us are getting off
that easy, Dad.
We still have to talk.
Ah I d
I-I don't
I do.
I wanna be your daughter.
You are my daughter.
[Benedetta] No.
You see me as a victim.
I don't know.
Maybe that's just how I feel.
But if we could talk, maybe
that'll change.
Are you hearing me at all, Dad?
Yeah, kid.
I am. [clears throat]
Soft dramatic music
[music playing in video game]
Three K light.
How can you tell that
from watching?
Because ten K in old 20s
is two and a half inches high.
What are we gonna do
about Copeland Crew?
They must see us as weak.
Lot of the boys got caught up
in that fed sweep last year.
They got everyone evicted
from Braxton.
If it wasn't for that
fed sweep, we wouldn't be here.
A lot of people above us
till that sweep happened.
So what you thinking?
Copeland Crew needs a humbling.
Tense music
[gunfire, people yelling]
[person] Where you going?
We right here.
Come here, motherfucker.
[person] Let's go!
- [gunfire]
- Oh, fuck!
[person] Come on, get up!
We're right here!
We're right fucking here!
[person screams]
[Barry] No!
Somebody help!
[Gloria sobbing]
Somebody help!
Solemn music
[Barry] Not yet.
Not yet.
Don't you no.
Don't take my daughter,
not yet!
That's my daughter.
- Raina!
- It's okay. We got you.
We got you and your family.
I'm so sorry.
- [Barry] My baby's gone!
- [Grace] I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
She was such a sweet girl.
I'm so, so sorry.
Two gangs go after each other.
Stray shot catches Raina Allen.
Eleven years old,
shot in the head.
You find them.
And I do not wanna hear
a suspect died while resisting.
Dear Lord,
we thank you for bringing us
together as a family,
and we ask that you keep Raina
in your embrace.
Tonight we gather
to share a meal in your honor,
and we thank you for this food
and for all
our other blessings.
In Jesus' name,
Dramatic music
- [Chris] Hey.
- [Decourcy] Hmm.
You mind telling me why
the fuck I'm being subpoenaed
by a federal grand jury
for violating the civil rights
of Madeline Wilson?
The f
To get at me.
How's that work?
The feds investigate you,
the Youth Violence
Strike Force.
Who makes your cases?
Investigating us
for a civil rights violation
is his brand of irony.
Fucking prick.
You had to pick a fight, huh?
Fucking Indians stood
on the deck of the Mayflower,
threw wax pilgrims
into Plymouth Harbor.
Eh, no arrows left,
which is a shame, really,
because I been looking
for a short hill to die on
my whole entire life.
A federal probe
into the practices
of the Youth Strike Force,
saying that they planted drugs
on Maddie Wilson
that the hill to die on?
You know, I been trying
to place that line
that you quoted to me
the other day,
"the price of hate."
That's James Baldwin, right?
Eldridge fucking Cleaver.
[Jackie] Oh, but there's
another quote of Baldwin's
that-that I-that I-I like.
"People are trapped in history,
and history is trapped
in them."
Now, I'm gonna be
self-referential here,
so forgive me,
but you know that story
that I was telling
about the Indians?
Do you know why the Indians
became so beloved?
It's because they gave us
an image of what we were not.
We could look at them and say,
"That's not me,
and it never will be."
There's a price to hate.
There's also a value
in having a good enemy.
This is where things
get dirty, huh?
Excuse me.
[whistling The Standells'
"Dirty Water"]
The Standells' "Dirty Water"
I'm gonna tell you a story
I'm gonna tell you
about my town
I'm gonna tell you
a big fat story, baby
Aw, it's all about my town
Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks
of the river Charles
Aw, that's
what's happenin', baby
That's where
you'll find me
Along with lovers,
muggers, and thieves
Aw, but they're
cool people
Well, I love
that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you're my home
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