City on a Hill (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

I Need a Goat

Hey, look out!
What are you doing?
- Jump, you loser!
- Jump!
Hey, take the plunge, kid!
Come on, the game's on!
Hey, asshole! Do it!
Come on.
Just jump already!
I got shit to do.
What, somebody hates
living here so bad,
he wants to take a nosedive
off the top floor?
Heroin's got this one
thinking he can fly.
Every day with these smokers,
Makes me sick.
Hey, I think
he's down to jump, dude!
- Jump, junkie!
- Pussy!
Move here from Charlestown,
did you?
Yeah, so?
My husband's
from Charlestown.
Talk about nosedives.
He's doing time at Walpole now.
Mine too.
Let's go, buddy!
Let's go! Do it or don't!
Government seized the house,
took my car.
Now they're trying
to take my salon.
I got bills.
I got kids.
I don't even know
why I keep visiting him.
I always end up less hopeful
than when I came.
That's why I stopped.
Come on, junkie.
You having a bad day?
Watch out for the car!
Yeah, you think you're getting
out of one thing,
end up right
in another shithole.
- Oh, God.
- He fucking did it!
How are we gonna protest
Raina's murder?
Or is this a candlelight vigil?
Hearts are too heavy
for a protest.
The elementary school's flag
has been flying at half-mast.
Yeah, even the guys
from the prison-to-work program
are spray-painting
Raina's portrait
all up and down Braxton Street.
There she is.
The community needs space
to mourn
before the grief turns
into rage.
I want you to do right
by Raina, you hear?
I will, Nana.
Don't go charging Gloria
and Darron
for more than the basics.
Oh, Nana.
You know I'd never do that.
- You want names and dates?
- No.
Glad the police
released the body.
And I hope they find
the killers.
In the meanwhile,
let's give this child
the funeral she deserves.
Why you looking all doomsday?
Hey, 'Ton?
Don't you feel bad
about the shooting?
About Raina?
It's not our fault
she lived where she lived.
I'm gonna need you
to make a run.
Why is this taking so long?
Justice sometimes
is a snail.
Even when the girl
is innocent?
The hardest drug Maddy Wilson
takes is aspirin.
Mm, remember,
today's hearing is a formality.
The FBI reviewed Maddy's case
and determined that the charges
against her were unfounded.
Yes, but will
the Youth Violence Strike Force
be punished
for the false arrest?
Probably not.
This is fucking bullshit.
- That was a righteous collar.
- Relax, Tony, relax.
- Done and done.
- We really appreciate this.
I would like to stay
and take a few more bows,
but I got to see a man
about a hound dog.
Child, you all right?
I just want to go home.
Come on, Maddy.
Jackie Rohr, hero.
All things turn to shit
around Jackie.
My gut tells me this will, too.
He did what you asked him
to do Maddy's free.
What, I'm just supposed
to forget all the things
that happened in the past?
Watching Hank die 'cause
of Jackie's showboating?
Hank's not here to say this,
so I will.
Focus on the present,
look to the future.
Hey, nice paint job.
I guess being the Suffolk
County DA has its privileges
new paint whenever you want
to cover up an ugly stain.
Did you know
that shit-green walls
were the number-one aphrodisiac
in prison sexual encounters?
There's something
about the hue.
Whatever you want, Rohr.
You got less than two minutes.
My friends and I at the Bureau
are investigating
the Youth Strike Force.
Apparently, these clowns
thought planting drugs
on a dean's list college
student was a good idea.
The case against
Madeline Wilson was dismissed.
Yeah, but Roxbury's still
in an uproar.
T-t-they want someone high up
to pay,
you know,
somebody with authority.
And this guy Tony Suferin,
his blood's not blue enough.
Now, I can do this on my own,
or we can work together.
- You need a goat.
- I need a goat.
Don't need to be you.
I'm not handing over one
of my DAs for sacrifice.
Mm, I would be careful
if I were you.
You don't want Braxton Summit
to become 1974 all over again
National Guard on every corner,
I mean
a federal housing project.
You feds grabbed the case.
Now you want my help?
Come on, Guy.
Haven't I come through
for you before?
Didn't I look the other way
when you were fucking
that sweet little piece of ass
down in South Boston?
I wouldn't want your wife
to find out.
You're losing your touch,
You're gonna make a mess.
Yeah, well,
I love making messes.
Ma, Non's on the phone.
She says she has to talk
to you.
She says it's
really important this time.
You have to talk
to your ma someday.
but today is not someday.
Hey, yo, tag that nigga, man.
- Yeah, get in there.
- Come on, man.
Yo, nigga.
When I left this morning,
this filth wasn't here.
You and your friends,
clean up the wall.
You heard me.
Clean it up now.
This old lady
must be smoking, B.
You hear what she said?
You see this folder?
We don't see shit.
I've watched y'all
losing games
on that raggedy ball court.
This folder determines
whether y'all will have hoops
with rims and nets
or broken backboards.
So y'all gonna take some pride
in where you live, you hear me?
And stop acting like
you don't have the
home training I know you got.
- Get off the court.
- You ain't moving Nana.
I've been threatened
by every gang in this city,
from the Copeland Crew
to the Lenox Boys.
Damn, son.
So I'll say it one more time.
Clean up the wall.
That's for cleaning supplies.
Bring me a bag of candy corn,
get yourself something sweet.
And bring me my change.
Between Madeline Wilson
and the murder of that
little girl on Valentine's Day,
the fucking city is on edge.
Five racial crises are all
I can handle in this lifetime.
I can take the lead, boss.
I mean, the only way
to counter an FBI investigation
is for this office to open
an investigation of our own.
the Justice Department?
Yep. I have some angles.
First and foremost,
Assistant U.S. Attorney
Holly Gunner
I believe that Jackie dumped
her in front of St. Eligius.
Has Gunner told you
that he did?
She had
a coke-induced stroke.
So you have no proof?
I will.
Jackie Rohr wants
to play up the ass?
He's the one
who'll get fucked here.
No safe word, no Vaseline.
Nadine Knowles?
BU Law, class of '86?
- Who's asking?
- Jackie Rohr, FBI.
You know, I was flipping
through your yearbook.
Saw a cute picture of you
and Decourcy Ward
at the Barrister's Ball.
Is he in some kind of trouble?
What happened between you two?
"Those who can"
work for the DA's office,
and "those who can't"
defend prostitutes
and low-level drug dealers
till they lose their minds.
Well, you
strike me as a "those who can."
You know,
I'm very close with Guy Dan,
and I know that he's looking
to hire some women.
I don't know what you're after,
Mr. Rohr,
but you're asking
the wrong girl.
Decourcy and I were friends,
Try asking the one who cried
in the bathroom
for an entire semester,
Sierra Mills.
Okay, Callie, give me the news,
the good, the bad, the ugly.
Why are you always
such a worry wart?
Back in college, you majored in
African Studies and worrying.
Two weeks ago,
you told me I had polyps.
And I said polyps are common.
They could lead
to complications,
but that's a rarity,
not the norm.
So, tell me
what do I have to do
to get pregnant?
After the hormone tests come
back, we'll have more answers.
Your poker face is abysmal.
I can't get pregnant, can I?
five months is too soon
to panic.
We usually don't test patients
your age
until they've been trying to
conceive for at least a year.
I don't want to wait
that long.
I can't give Decourcy
another reason to put this off.
You have to be patient,
and you need to have Decourcy
on board 100 percent
no matter when this happens.
In the meantime,
tell that hardheaded husband
of yours to take Robitussin.
Congestion medicine?
To enhance his motility.
Are you even old enough
to remember
when the State Street Bank
was actually on State Street?
My father told me
the stories.
Your old Beacon Hill dad, huh?
You get along with him now?
And how is your relationship
with your father?
Decourcy Ward.
Does that name
make you nervous?
Angry, young Black man
meets rich white girl
who wants to prove to Daddy
that he doesn't control her?
You two must've been
irresistible to each other.
Think people
are that simple, huh?
Well, there's a line
that I've always liked
"Study human nature
and act accordingly."
As in, if a guy's in your
office acting like a creep,
then he's probably a creep?
So show him the door.
So this, uh, fling that you had
with Decourcy in law school.
This must've started after
he met his lovely bride-to-be.
Am I correct?
Yeah, you know,
you learn more about people
at the end of a relationship
than you do at the beginning.
Decourcy showed
his true colors, right?
When crawling back
to the beautiful, perfect
Siobhan Quays.
Don't blame yourself.
Sticking with our own
that's human nature.
Can you not?
It's unprofessional.
Makes us look like
we got no business.
I think it looks like
we got no business
'cause we got no business.
Fuck me.
I've had clients come in here
from that courthouse
since the day I opened
this place
and now it's like
it's like I got purple spots
or something.
This has nothing to do
with you, Cathy.
I mean,
this is Frankie's doing
You shut your fucking mouth
about my husband.
You understand?
This'll blow over.
The customers,
they'll come back.
Soon as their hair starts
looking like shit, right?
Hey, Cathy,
I was thinking about it,
and, um, I don't want you
to pay me on Friday.
Why? You worked this week,
didn't you?
I don't need your charity.
then I quit.
I don't want your pity either.
I'll find another job.
Call me when
they come crawling back
looking like the dogs
that they are.
I'm gonna call you.
Of course you are.
I'm a heat freak
Home court in the streets
without feeling no grief
I wasn't looking for beef
Coolest guy you ever meet
if you come in peace
If not, I have a feast
'cause inside me's a beast
I'ma die on my feet, fool,
I'm made of concrete
How'd you get little
knucklehead Isaac and them
to clean the tags off the wall?
Bribed them with candy corn.
- You got some for me?
- Maybe.
Now wash up.
And make sure you thank your
Aunt B later for the casserole.
what are we thanking her for?
The way she burnt these edges?
Why she keep sending food over?
Everybody know she can't cook.
We thank your aunt for taking
time out her very busy schedule
to cook for her family
and the burnt edges.
you see the information I left
in your room
about the military?
Air Force or Navy
both are good options.
Free education,
good health care.
- I ain't Colin Powell, Ma.
- Nobody's saying you got to be.
But you got to be open to ways
up and out of this place.
See the world.
Maybe get
your own house someday.
A house for you.
Move out of here.
I'm gonna visit
the Allen family later.
They're grieving
something terrible over Raina.
Will you two come with me?
Sure, Mama.
Raina was a sweet child.
After the day I've had,
I need lobster.
I need to tear something apart
with my bare hands.
Hear you.
- Ah, had a tough day?
- Mm, that.
And I saw Callie.
Uh, Ward for two.
Your waiter will be with you
in a moment.
Hey, uh, I'll be right back.
I see somebody I know.
Excuse me.
Don't mean to disturb you,
Ms. Shimizu,
but we need to talk.
- I'm Decourcy Ward.
- I know who you are.
I never forget a fuck-up.
Business hours end
at six o'clock.
I phoned you twice.
I got no reply.
New job.
Settling in, sorting through
a bunch of dangling crap.
Oh, you mean like
the investigation
on the Youth Strike Force?
That cop broke the law.
You know,
some people might think
that by going after
Tony Suferin,
you're just trying to take eyes
off of your people
the FBI informant program.
No wonder you were demoted.
You have the instincts
of a doorknob.
You know, I was
the Assistant U.S. Attorney,
so I know when the FBI's trying
to hide something
let's say like a dirty agent
who left one of your lawyers
for dead outside a hospital.
Which agent?
An ongoing investigation.
I can't, at this time, say.
Maybe you should go back
to your wife,
assuming she's your wife,
while I still have a millimeter
of patience left.
Maybe you should be asking
if the Office
of Professional Responsibility
has been notified.
When you were
at the Justice Department,
you should've learned not
to poke the nest,
not to antagonize people
more powerful than you.
Oh, there's nowhere to poke
but up.
That a Brooklyn thing?
Don't ever come to me
unless I send for you.
There are some big,
white whales
you should leave be, Ahab.
You got a cold?
No, but Callie seems to think
you should take this.
But I'm not sick.
Callie was talking
about mobility or motility.
She said if you take this,
that'll help.
Callie thinks
I'm the problem?
- Not exactly.
- Then what exactly?
Monsieur, madame,
good evening.
We have two specials tonight
Broiled eastern halibut
with allumette potato
and braised ox joints
in casserole.
The fuck are you doing?
Hey, that's a sin, you know.
You're gonna go blind.
Worse than that, you're gonna
grow hair on your palms.
Start singing
like Ace of Base.
You're not funny, Jackie.
Not even close to funny.
- Just wait. Cathy.
- Get the fuck away from me.
Get the fuck away
from me, Jimmy.
Hey, wait. Just wait.
I just want to help.
I just just let me help you
and the kids, all right?
We're family.
You rat prick.
You don't think
you helped enough already, huh?
You go and fuck up
all our lives,
and now you want to come
in heres
like some white fucking knight?
Look at this dump.
Look at this place.
- Mary McCormack Housing?
- I got shit to do.
No, Cathy, Cathy, just
I'm real sorry.
But if you want
to help the kids,
and I know that you do,
then, Cathy, you got to
you got to take that anger,
and you got-you got to put it
behind you, okay?
Just let me help you.
What, and relieve
your guilt, huh?
You put us where we are.
And now you want to come here
talking all this this
"we are family" horseshit?
I'd rather cut my fucking tits
off with a butter knife
than take anything from you.
Well, then you better
start cutting now, okay?
'Cause right here,
this is ten grand.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Just take it, okay?
I know you need the fucking
money, so just take it, okay?
What the fuck are you doing
walking around
with cash like that?
Where'd you get it?
I'm working with these Black
kids over in Braxton, so
In Braxton?
What the fuck, Jimmy?
It's fine, okay?
Just trust me on this.
It's-it's totally fine.
T-they got nothing
on these guys, okay?
Because their mother she's a-
she's a fucking activist.
She works for the city.
No one's gonna-no one's gonna
touch these guys, okay?
And like you said,
I'm a piece of shit.
Yeah, I'm a piece of shit.
But her fucking sons
they're running a fucking
drug ring under her nose,
so I'm not the only piece
of shit in the world.
So take the fucking money.
How bad
you want to help us out?
Whatever you need.
This building is full
of jonesing shit-bums.
You know where they getting
their heroin?
Fuck, fuck, Cathy.
Look, y-you don't want
to go nose-to-nose
with those kind of people,
Fucking please.
Just keep the money.
No, Cathy, just wait.
Just wait, okay?
"Anything you need," right?
"Anything you need."
Huh, Jimmy?
- Or is that a fucking lie, too?
- All right.
Go get me the drugs
or get fucked.
I'll take care of it.
Here are some more empty vials.
What's up, Jermaine?
- It's Jermaine, right?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
- Marco.
Shit, sorry. My bad.
Typical white guy, right?
You're back early.
Got a special order for you.
Special how?
I need a half brick of brown.
Nigga, this ain't JCPenney.
We don't do half off.
I'm testing a new market.
- New means risky.
- No, new means money.
White trash love their heroin.
And since I'm white trash
myself, I'll blend right in.
Fucking gold mine.
You'll take the whole brick
or nothing at all.
Anton, see
see, I, uh, only got enough
money for half, so
Well, if your plan
is as good as you say,
it shouldn't be a problem.
Oh, plan's good, plan's good.
It's just, uh
I just don't like buying shit
on credit, that's all.
This ain't credit.
It's a chance for you
to prove yourself
for you to show us
you're more than a white boy
who put his brother away
for life.
So that, uh, you know
"playing with yourself" thing,
that's, like, an every night
sort of thing or what?
Do me a favor, okay?
Just forget what you saw.
Who were you thinking about?
I wasn't thinking
about anyone.
Hey, I'm your husband.
I got a right to know.
- Whose dick were you after?
- Pierce Brosnan.
Pierce Brosnan?
Oh, that's disappointing.
I mean, Brad Pitt,
I-I-I could see.
Nolte, maybe.
But Brosnan?
I mean, that insults
my integrity.
I was thinking about you.
Mom, phone's for you!
Lena, w-what's the matter?
W-What's going on?
Your ma is sick.
Okay, what do you mean?
Sick like how?
Sick like in the priest
is coming over
to give her last rites.
She's dying?
Look, if Ma was really
that sick,
she would've told me.
Rosa tried to call.
She got zippo.
How you can treat your own
mother like that
is a disgrace.
Tell her that, uh, I can't
No, uh-uh.
No, I'm no go-between.
You get your ingrate ass
over here now.
I guess someday's
finally arrived.
I taught you well.
You go right to,
"Fuck me? Fuck you."
Though if I was you,
I wouldn't expect an invitation
to the DOJ barbecue
anytime soon.
You were seen
with Holly Gunner at the bar
the night of her OD.
I don't remember that.
Is your old age affecting
your recall?
Well, "a clear conscience is
a sure sign of a bad memory."
Was that your answer
for Clay Roach, too?
You know, there was
no gun residue on his hands.
Tell me, h-h-how does someone
shoot themself in the head
with no gun residue?
Hey, ever attend any of those
BU alumni reunion things?
You know,
catch up with old friends
that you've lost touch with?
People get so nostalgic about
their college days, don't they?
They just they tend to talk
and talk and talk,
even about the bad stuff.
I know I do
all the heartbreak.
People got a lot to say
about your good
and not-so-good old days.
from what you've said,
which makes
for a nice fairy tale.
- Just more bullshit, huh?
- Maybe.
Or maybe I opened up an account
at the State Street Bank.
Very cooperative bankers there.
I have an idea.
Why don't we put
my long-dead past
up against
your recent deadly past
and see who goes to jail?
Mm, listen,
your boss is slapping your ass.
My boss is slapping my ass.
This Youth Strike Force
investigation thing
It's bigger
than the two of us now.
This has only ever been
about the two of us.
Through me
I'm living
in an empty room
With all
the windows smashed
You sound
pretty damn good, Mom.
But could I ask you a question?
You know,
you just never told me,
even though I've asked,
about where your dad is.
Uh, well, you know,
Ma says he's dead,
but, you know, she lies.
He could be in "Pongo Pongo,"
for all I care.
Well, I mean, if he is alive,
you should talk to him,
you know, find him,
tell him how you feel,
tell him who you are now.
You really think
I got a good voice?
Tracy Chapman good.
Oh, you're not just saying that
to be nice, are you?
No. Come on, Ma,
would I bullshit you?
You should sing more.
I don't have anyone
to sing for.
Sing for yourself.
Faster you get in,
the faster we're done.
I'm never gonna be done
with this woman
even when she's in the dirt.
Oh, my sister's always been
a pain in the ass.
Now she's even worse.
Living with her
is a daytime nightmare.
She makes me feel like shit
for needing a place to stay.
But, hell, at least she had
the decency to take me in.
You know, for someone
who's seriously ill, Non,
you're still making a lot
of noise.
Yeah, Ma.
You don't look like
you're about to croak.
What's your actual
medical problem?
- I need a hip replacement.
- A hip replacement?
That's all?
And you asked for last rites?
Yeah, I guess the senility's
finally settling in.
Watch your tone,
you little bitch!
Contrary to what
your high-school education
may suggest,
hip surgery
is a high-risk procedure.
Y-you're so full of shit, Ma.
What'd you really want
to say to me?
I called a lawyer.
I'm suing you and
that jerk off husband of yours.
I'm taking my house back.
- Who's your lawyer?
- Cashman, Esposito, and Hodge.
The front line
of the '70s Bruins?
That's a good one, Non.
Oh, Jesus, look who's here
the Irish one.
I know you asked
for Father Bender,
but he's otherwise engaged.
Jenny, Benedetta, hello.
Yeah, save your prayers
for someone who deserves them.
When this one goes,
she's pushing the down button.
Surgery couldn't kill
that woman
not even a stake in the heart.
That's all you have to say?
You owe me an apology.
You're right.
I need to atone for my sins.
What would you suggest?
I don't know.
Do people still get scourged?
May I ask something of you?
You want to ask me
for a favor?
Oh, you got nerve.
I came to you for help,
and you turned your back on me.
And then you sided
with my husband.
You have my deepest apologies.
And I want
to make things right.
I've seen you at the school
a couple times.
Seems like you're coming back
to the faith.
Attend Mass next Sunday.
I swear to God, this time
I won't fuck you over.
All right, I got strawberry.
Who wants a strawberry?
- Not me.
- Me!
You want it? Okay.
I know sour apple?
Sour apple, sour apple!
You want it?
Okay, you got sour apple.
- Okay, and I got a watermelon.
- Hi, Mommy.
- You want a watermelon?
- Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing here?
I got what you asked for.
It's out in the car.
No, psych! You have to stand!
No, I don't, Tony!
How could you even talk
to him?
Look, sometimes
we got to do things
that we don't want to do
in order to get what we need.
All right, you got two weeks
to get rid of the stash.
But, Cathy,
you got to call me right away
if you have trouble moving
that shit, all right?
It's not exactly
bootleg cigarettes.
Well, I won't be calling you.
I don't lie about what I can
and can't do.
Listen, you still got
that piece my brother gave you?
Shut your fucking mouth.
He is not your brother.
You are not our family.
- Not to him, me, or my kids.
- Nah, you're wrong.
Yeah, you're wrong, Cathy.
You know what I thought about
the other day?
And don't ask me
how I fucking thought of this.
It just popped in my head.
- At your wedding, I got wasted.
- Yeah, I remember.
Yeah, anyway, my dad got
so fucking pissed at me,
he threw me out of the K of C.
I was out in the parking lot,
I was just fucking
walking back and forth,
and your pops came out
for a smoke.
And he knew.
He knew how fucking pissed
I was with my dad.
He said, "Sure you are."
"But you aren't
because you're stuck
with each other."
And, Cathy,
we're stuck with each other.
And the same people
you sell that to
will kill you for that shit
if you can't protect yourself.
All right?
Just-just wait here, wait here.
Come here.
Can you handle that?
Yeah, I can.
Getting nowhere tying
Jackie Rohr to Holly Gunner.
Think I should just take
a few steps back,
focus on Clay Roach.
Look, right now
my goal's to find out
who killed Raina Allen
and who framed Tony Suferin.
Those should be
your goals, too.
They are,
but not my only goals.
An anonymous tip gave us
the name of a gangbanger
who was on the street
the night Raina was shot.
Haitian kid. Junior Senegel,
total scumbag
with the Copeland Crew.
I'm about to pay him a visit.
You want me to come with you?
No, I got this.
Junior Senegel.
- Hey, Junior.
- Fuck.
What's that?
You got something to say,
That's what they call you,
right Killer?
You ain't got no warrant,
get the fuck out my face.
- Raina Allen.
- Never heard of her.
Sure you have.
She was murdered three days
ago Valentine's Day.
Never heard of her.
I got a source says you have.
- Whatever, man.
- Whatever's right.
Doesn't matter if your weapon
fired the bullet.
You were on the scene.
You're an accessory,
accessory to the death of a
little girl, 11-year-old girl.
So I don't care
if you don't care.
- I do.
- You ain't got shit on me.
Walk away.
But know this, Killer.
Back in the stone age,
I was a beat cop.
I had to stand out in the cold
on the corner
night after night,
hour after hour.
Still can.
Still got the endurance.
You think
I'm not gonna haunt you?
You looking
in the wrong direction.
Whose territory
did that little girl die on?
I told you last month
don't post another late payment
notice on my door again.
Woman, don't ignore me.
You know what, James?
You go right ahead
and threaten me.
You'll find yourself living
in a refrigerator box,
and spring ain't anytime soon.
Post another note on my door,
you're gonna wish
you never knew my address.
I got 800 other families
I got to worry about.
I don't have time
for this nonsense.
Pay your rent
like you promised you would.
Problem out here?
Nah, we ain't got
no problem, man.
I was just talking to Nana.
I live a few buildings over.
No big deal.
We just got our rent dates
mixed up.
- Right, James?
- Right, Nana.
Fix your motherfucking tone
when you talk to my mother.
I swear I ain't know
she was your ma, 'Ton.
I ain't know you lived
in this building, man.
It won't happen again.
It's cool.
You have a blessed night,
Mama, I gave you pepper spray.
I ain't carrying
no weapon, boy.
I know how to handle
my own people.
You want us to be safe,
but we want you
to be safe, too,
out there fighting for people
who will cut your throat
in a minute over rent money.
Me and Kel can't be with you
all the time, Mama.
What if somebody runs up
on you?
No need being scared
of your own.
God keeps me safe.
God ain't answer the door
just now.
Well, God gave me you.
Now go get your brother.
Dinner won't fix itself.
Let's get ready to rumble.
Uh, are we talking
now or never?
Clock's ticking.
Hey, hey, uh, can
the clock tick a little longer
till I finish reviewing
these case files?
That depends on
if you want to have a child
before we're 50.
Come of course I do.
Of course I do, Siobhan.
But we agreed
to put the baby on hold
until things turn around
for me at work.
- We agreed?
- I thought we did.
And when will things
turn around?
- Soon.
- Give me a date.
March, April, May?
You know I can't.
Is your career more important
than our family?
What about my career,
my timeline, my path?
Does everything I want
for myself
have to be centered around you?
No, no, no.
Of course not.
Baby, look, a child is-is not
something for only you.
I want to be a father,
to be there for my child
the best way that I can be.
You know how it was
for me growing up.
How long are you gonna use that
as an excuse for holding back?
It's not an excuse, Siobhan.
I'll say this again.
I will not bring a child
into this world
until I can take care
of him or her,
and that can't happen while
I'm getting back on track.
Are we clear?
If we're on your schedule,
we'll never have kids.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Josh Goshen, right?
Hey, I hear you're looking at
Siobhan Quays for City Council.
Good on you,
going with the better half.
Uh, do we know one another?
Both been let down
by the same guy, Decourcy Ward.
- You're the FBI agent.
- Yeah.
You know, you're smart
to stay away from him.
Appearances, you know?
Guy's got a walk-in closet full
of skeletons.
Uh, let me make
an educated guess here.
You found out
about the abortion?
That's funny.
FBI's never been very good at
this COINTELPRO type of thing.
Excuse me?
You hear what you want,
and you assume everyone else
wants to hear that, too.
But you didn't even really
try very hard.
You talked to a few
of Decourcy's college chums.
They told you
about Sierra Mills.
She made Decourcy out
to be the bad guy.
But did you look up
where she had the abortion?
'Cause I found out.
It was a private doctor.
Her father paid
for the procedure.
Decourcy didn't even know
about it until I told him so.
There's no there there,
What the fuck
do you know, faggot?
Uh, you mind stepping away?
Appearances, you know?
Fucking asshole.
Excuse me.
Hey, um, excuse me?
Hey, uh, how long
you been taking singing lessons
with Miss Giordano?
I've been singing
professionally since I was six.
Hey, is, uh-is Miss Giordano
a good teacher?
By that, I mean patient?
She's tough to please.
Is your kid starting lessons?
Yeah, she doesn't really think
she's good enough.
Yo, Kel.
I can tell you a secret?
I found out last night
got into BU.
Oh, shit.
- You got in?
- Partial scholarship.
- Know what I mean?
- That's baller, yo.
But yo books,
like, 200 each.
And I got to pay
all kind of dorm fees and shit.
I need about five more Gs
just to show up to the bitch.
You finally gonna tell 'Ton?
Not yet.
I mean, so much going on,
I ain't had a chance to.
Maybe you don't.
What you mean I don't?
I mean you gone,
your corner gone.
He gonna see it
as losing money,
make you pay that back.
I mean, he can just
replace me, though, right?
I mean, all we do is sit there
handing shit out
and counting dope.
Man, you know what?
I wouldn't even have money
for the application
if 'Ton ain't put me on.
So, look,
I'm gonna tell him tonight.
That way, he can find somebody
to replace me.
No, Marco.
Listen to me.
Look, when the time come
for you to leave, just leave.
I'll handle my brother.
Oh, shit.
- Pussy ass
- What you doing?
Anton said if we saw Junior,
we should take care
of business.
Stay ready, ain't got to get
ready, know what I mean?
No, no, I think
we should hit up Anton first
- and wait for the green.
- He already gave the green.
Yo, what I tell y'all
Y'all dead out here!
Fuck that shit.
I ain't waiting.
BPD! Stop!
Get the fuck down!
Fuck you.
You want to fucking run, huh?
Yo, it's Marco.
- Junior.
- What?
He set us up, man.
- Where's Kel?
- I don't know.
Why would
they have arrested Kelvin?
For the same
trumped-up charges
they had on Maddy Wilson
being Black and in Boston.
I'm sure this was a case
of mistaken identity.
You mean profiling
If anything happens to Kelvin,
any type of conviction,
even a misdemeanor,
I'll lose my apartment,
my position with BHA,
and Braxton won't get
the HUD housing grant.
Did Kelvin ever say anything
to you about any enemies?
Or does anyone
in the neighborhood
have it out for him?
He goes to school, he does
his music, he comes home.
This is just
the Youth Strike Force
up to their same tricks.
I'll speak to Decourcy.
Back in the day,
something like this happened,
your mother didn't sit
on her hands
and wait for her husband
to do something.
She took off the gloves
and fought,
now, not later.
You sure this is the kid?
You're fucking kidding me?
- Did you get the gun?
- Nah, he dumped it.
Is Kelvin being cooperative?
He tell you who shot Raina?
Says he doesn't know.
Says he doesn't know
who planted the drugs
in Maddy Wilson's car either.
He's a bag of nerves.
He knows.
I'm here to see my client.
Excuse me, folks.
This one's going local.
You can take the express.
Chris, that's got to suck.
You make a righteous bust only
to have the ADA's wife waltz in
and take the collar away
from ya.
If Decourcy Ward
had any decency,
he would recuse himself.
And your boy Tony Suferin
taking the blame
for dumping the drugs
in Maddy Wilson's car?
I mean, this guy's
He's got a wife.
He's got a new kid.
He's on paid leave now,
but that paycheck,
that pension?
I mean, that could just
fucking disappear.
And I know that you guys are
canvassing the neighborhood,
looking for, you know,
who tossed the drugs
in the girl's vehicle.
And so far, you got nothing,
but what I don't understand is,
why is the Suffolk County DA's
office also investigating?
They are?
Well, you know,
so I've heard.
Now, I'm not a betting man,
but if I was a betting man,
I would say it's because
Decourcy Ward
wants to make sure
that the blame falls
anywhere other than
on the DA's office.
I'm listening.
I need a goat.
Doesn't need to be you.
Be still, my soul ♪
The Lord is on thy side ♪
Bear patiently ♪
The cross of grief or pain ♪
Leave to thy God ♪
To order and provide ♪
In every change ♪
He faithful ♪
Will remain ♪
Be still, my soul ♪
Thy best ♪
Thy heavenly friend ♪
Through thorny ways ♪
Leads to a joyful end ♪
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