City on a Hill (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Is the Total Black, Being Spoken

Know what?
Fuck you,
you Huxtable-looking,
motherfucker piece of shit.
Get the fuck down!
Get the fuck off of me.
Holly! Hey, hey!
How bad you wanna help us out?
Whatever you need.
You got two weeks
to move the stash.
How you holding up so far?
How d'ya think?
Kids okay?
I haven't told them yet.
What are you waiting for?
I got other plans.
You should have their uncle
tell them what happened
to their father.
Frankie wouldn't want that.
Christ, Cath.
Cry or something, will ya?
Been here six months,
and you're already a pussy?
I do my grieving in private.
Fucking match, geez.
What's the matter?
You don't think I can manage?
I never said that.
Do me a favor?
Just sell the merchandise.
And Tommy
don't you dare let me catch you
sniffing your fucking fingers
on my way outta here.
How many times
do I have to say, "No?"
I am not taking Decourcy Ward
off the Campbell case.
-William Rehnquist.
-Totally different situation.
He recused himself.
Conflict of interest.
Ward's wife is representing
Kelvin Campbell.
That doesn't necessarily mean
Ward is conflicted.
He released her client
pretty fucking quick.
He did the interview,
and with no tangible evidence
to hold the kid,
Ward let him go.
Standard procedure.
So eat shit, Rohr.
Be careful what you wish for.
What I eat, you eat.
You look tired.
- I was up all night.
- Oh, guilty conscience.
You shouldn't have released
Kelvin Campbell,
not till he gave us something,
like who put the stash
in Maddy Wilson's car,
or who was there
on Valentine's Day,
when Raina Allen was murdered.
Look, I don't blame Kelvin
for keeping quiet.
But who do we go to next?
Because unless we do
something, your guy, Suferin?
He's on leave, permanently.
The other day,
Jackie Rohr ambushed me.
Said if I give him
another name,
he'd take the heat off Suferin,
off the strike force.
Doesn't care what name,
but he means you.
Yeah, we're doing
the same thing to Kelvin.
We're profiling him.
So, what,
I-I-I shoulda waited
until he committed murder
to cuff him?
You know, I can't prosecute
people based on predications.
Don't give me that bullshit.
Come on.
We should bring Kelvin Campbell
back in for another go around.
You fucking know me.
You think I'd collar a kid
who didn't deserve the honor?
You tread lightly this time.
Better wake him up
if he wants his ride.
Go wait outside.
I need to talk to him.
-Be good.
-You too.
Son, I'm serious.
All this craziness going on,
I need you to stay far from it.
-I will, Ma.
-Your brother looks up to you.
Be the man
you want him to become.
I'll try.
Nah, nah, sit down.
I got class.
And I got grants to write.
This is more important.
Last night, after the vigil,
you weren't up for talking.
Today's a new day.
What happened?
I'm sure Miss Case told you.
She said the police detained
you for obstructing justice.
Said you tried to run.
Why were you running?
Undercovers pulled up.
They hopped out on us.
I was scared.
Who was with you?
- No one.
- You said us.
I-I meant me, Mama.
Look, I'm tired.
Uh, no.
I raised you right.
Kelvin Demetrius Campbell,
I didn't raise a thug
or a liar.
What, so you gonna
interrogate me too?
They attacked me out there, and
now I gotta deal with this..
Whatever the world wants
to heap on you,
you got your integrity.
You understand?
You got your brother
looking out for you.
You got me looking out for you.
We hate watching
you lose yourself.
When did you get like this?
Get like what, Ma?
Realistic mean
you gonna lie to me?
If you hanging on corners,
you're lying to yourself,
if you think
that's who you are.
I raised you with love,
with God in your heart.
And you're shaming us both
right now.
You're a man, true,
but you're still my baby,
and I'm not giving up.
I gotta go.
Hello, Josh.
Ah, thank you for agreeing
to see me.
My next appointment
is down the street.
You have until I get there
to make your case.
Okay, okay.
Here goes.
Look, I thought
about our conversation.
Plus, a few nights ago,
I had a little encounter
with Jackie Rohr.
I'm going to apologize
to Decourcy.
An apology
when you want something
doesn't qualify as an apology.
No, not just because
you should accept
our endorsement
for City Council.
Look, I screwed up.
I should have come over
to your place,
discussed the situation
in full, not just phoned.
I offended Decourcy,
and I'm sorry.
Look, Mel King got elected
as state rep with our support.
But even with
all our hard work,
we weren't able to put him
in the mayor's office.
Straight Irish men
have a stranglehold
on the Democratic Party
in Boston.
I haven't heard anything new
so far.
My organization needs
a candidate like you,
who can cross barriers.
But you need our base.
Even if you garnered
every Black vote,
it still wouldn't be enough
in a citywide election.
And if our two groups
each other for scraps,
the people who have always had
the power will keep the power.
Stab me in the back
the way you did Decourcy,
and I will make sure
that your Rainbow Coalition
loses all traction
in District 7.
Rightfully so.
Now that we understand
each other,
I do plan to run
for an at-large seat,
so the fact is,
I could use your group's reach.
We're gonna need all the noise
we can make countywide.
But before I accept
your endorsement,
I need for you to make
a sincere apology
to my husband.
Of course.
Is that the
DA-WITSEC informant file?
I see you're taking your gang
task force duties seriously.
Ah, fuck the BPD.
And fuck
that tiger empress, Shimizu.
I hear she's shitting
on you, too.
Why don't you take one
for the team?
I mean, all she needs
is a good
Make all our lives easier.
- Never change, Seanie.
- One question, Jackie.
This, uh, this DA you've got
a hard on for, Ward.
What'd he do to you?
I mean, I looked him up.
Ward made a lot of noise
with that St. Clair Commission.
Is this the only informant
you can find?
Miguel Guerrero.
He's your best bet.
He was one of Ward's informants
on a gang case.
He'slives in
the same neighborhood
as Rickey Townsend.
He's the same age.
He's good, Jack.
You rang?
What have you done
for me lately?
You mean
regarding Decourcy Ward?
As a start.
You know, Roy Cohn once said,
"Whatever you're accused of,
accuse your accusers
of the same thing."
If you spent half
as much time doing your job
as you do talking
about doing your job,
you wouldn't be in danger
of joining your friend Clasby
in retirement.
Well, Decourcy Ward
was quoted in the press
claiming that our Top Echelon
Informant Program was corrupt.
So I got my hands
on the DA file,
and it turns out,
we're not the only ones
who protect their snitches.
Decourcy let a kid off
in order to shield
an informant, Miguel Guerrero.
Is this a real story,
or are you
pulling a coin outta my ear?
You wanted results.
Hey, can I get a G?
Can you get a G?
Yeah, yeah, $60.
-Okay, yeah, I got $60.
-You got $60?
Here you go.
Wow, you're a bad boy.
Here you go.
- Uh, two decks.
- Two decks?
Yeah, I thought so.
Here ya go.
All right, I'll see you
in what, like, 20 minutes?
Yeah, fucking Jesus.
Over here.
Jesus Christ.
Life's just one big, long party
for you, huh?
I need more.
What happened
to the last package?
Sold, dipshit.
You're the one who said
we were selling H,
not stolen hubcaps, right?
It was bootleg cigarettes,
but yeah.
Look, I can get you more,
but I-I-I can't-I can't
front it this time.
I need the money, so
What money?
Jimmy, I got bills, I got rent,
I got food for my kids,
legal fees?
Fucking law suit.
By the widows
of the goddamn dead guards.
Remember, you're the one
who put my family
in this fucking cesspool.
Yeah, okay.
I-I also fronted you
5 grand worth of mud, okay?
Now, that's-that's-that's me
taking the risk, not you.
Now, we can work this out-
You gotta listen to me,
all right?
Hey, wait-wait.
Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, come back.
Just come back here.
Come here.
I told Frankie not to go
on the job that day.
He didn't listen.
You can lie to yourself.
You lie to yourself
all you fucking want.
You do not get to try
to explain yourself to me.
If you wanna make good
on this--
My parents
don't even fucking talk to me.
Do you think I wouldn't
fucking change that?
My brother was the only person
who didn't think
I was dog shit.
Corie and the girls,
fucking Florida is not
far enough away for them.
You and your kids,
you're all I got.
So of course
I'm gonna look out for you.
Butand we can make
a lot of money.
But I-I-I keep fronting
for you,
and then
and you don't pay me back,
-and then we both, we got--
-All right, all right,
all right
with the fucking violins,
I need more money,
or more product.
Yeah, I know,
but these-these-these people
that I'm-that I'm working with,
they're-they're, you know
They're not exactly--they're
not charitable, you know?
Are you gonna help us out
or not?
I'll handle it.
How much you got?
Show me the money?
Oh, man.
What you want
with Trey and Isaac?
Stand still.
Which one of y'all
came up short last run?
Say something, or both of y'all
getting schooled.
Fucking up the money.
Please, no, no.
Please, please.
Give me your coat.
I'll get your money.
I swear.
uneasy music
Fuck up the paper again.
His clothes, B?
Stop being sensitive.
somber music
Kelvin, get in.
-Am I under arrest?
-You can be.
Do you wanna go that route?
For what?
I'm done talking to you.
Come on.
What would your mama say?
I'm here, not Sergeant Caysen.
That supposed
to make me feel okay?
Raina Allen was murdered
on Valentine's Day.
Why did you attend
a candlelight vigil?
Raina was 11 years old.
at Trotter Elementary.
Favorite class was science.
But you heard all this
at the vigil.
Why did you go?
She.. mom..knows everybody.
You know we recovered
ten different bullet casings
at the scene?
Who else was there
on Valentine's Day?
How would I know that?
Moving on.
Two days ago,
you and one of your boys
hopped out of a Fleetwood
to "talk" to Junior Senegal,
but you see Sergeant Caysen,
you take off running.
Now, to be honest with you,
look, I don't think you wanted
to shoot Junior.
Because you ain't built
for this, nah.
But here we are, sitting here,
you acting all hard,
not talking.
The fuck would you know
what I'm built for?
This thing between
you and Junior,
it goes back a while, huh?
But the murder
of an innocent child
is a sign that things have gone
too fucking far.
You can't put shit on me.
Ten different bullets
means ten different guns.
You, Junior,
and who the fuck else?
Junior's a fucking snake,
and a liar.
You wanna know
whose bullet killed Raina?
One outta ten is yours.
This young man asks
for his lawyer,
but you still questioned him?
He chose to cooperate.
Son, you got a lotta people
who want what's best for you.
Do you some good to listen.
She's absolutely right.
There are others who are
truly alone in this world,
and you have three people who
are willing to be here for you.
Think about that.
The only question on the mind
of cops,
prosecutors and judges,
when they look at a person,
is whether that person needs
to be protected from society
or whether society needs to be
protected from that person.
You've lived long enough
to know where you stand.
And instead of you
doing something to get ahead,
you're being exactly like
they expect you to be.
It don't matter what I do.
If I'm guilty, I'm guilty.
If I'm innocent, I'm guilty.
There's no getting ahead,
playing by they rules.
Don't talk like that.
But you're too young
to give up.
It's the only shot we have.
We have to be twice as careful
as them, twice as smart.
And never let them know
what you think of them.
I have to do a quick errand
for the Coalition.
When I get home, we're gonna
finish this conversation.
Thanks, Miss Quays.
Be smart out there.
Hey, Annie!
You know you ain't supposed
to be doing that.
Watch it!
Rickey Townsend.
Come on with this bullshit.
What? Excuse me?
What did you say?
I thought so,
you fucking hood rat.
I need to talk to you
about Decourcy Ward.
The charge got dropped.
You hit a cop.
You think that's just gonna
float up into the ether?
Well, Mr. Ward let me go
'cause I was innocent.
Well, Officer Marbury has
a different version
of innocent.
Come on.
He can't keep harassing me.
He's a Boston cop.
He can do whatever the fuck
he wants to do.
-Who the fuck are you?
-I'm FBI.
Well, can I see a badge?
Listen, kid.
I could give a fuck
about you or Marbury.
But I need you
to do something for me,
so you can consider me
an ally for the moment.
This is what I need you to do.
I want you to say
that you're about to expose
a Suffolk County DA informant
by the name of Miguel Guerrero,
and Decourcy Ward let you off
in order to protect
said informant.
Do you understand me?
No, there was no one else
there, so no deal.
You know,
for a Latin High student,
you're a dumb shit.
All right, so if I lie,
what happens to Mr. Ward?
You want Marbury
off your back, or what?
'Cause the next time
he picks you up,
you're probably not gonna
make it to the station.
Ward's good people.
Powerful share today.
I don't know.
I don't exactly feel
like a fountain of wisdom
after only
293 days of sobriety.
Your 10-month chip
is nothing to scoff at.
A lotta people
don't get three months
their first time
through the program.
Susan, this is my mom, Jenny.
Your daughter inspired
the group today.
She's doing tough work.
Steps eight and nine
are the hardest.
Well, I'm really proud of her.
So I'll, uh, see you at home.
Susan, it was good
to meet you.
You, too.
So how is step nine going?
I made an amends with my mom.
My dadhe's not really
a feelings guy.
You're perceptive,
and determined.
You'll find a way.
Uh, hey, hey.
Are you okay?
Do you want me to get you
a glass of water, or
You know,
I've got some tissues.
No, no, no, thanks.
I'm completely shattered.
And I'm late for rehearsal.
Wildly going
to the body.
He avoids a quick jab
from the right--
Catches a left hook
right on the side of the head.
What a counter..
What'cha stressing bout?
They had shit on you,
you'd still be in lockup.
This Junior Senegal shit.
Believe you me,
he's a dead man.
If we move on him,
cops will know where to look.
Don't even trip.
He fucked with my family.
You think I'ma let
this shit slide?
I'm telling you, we too hot.
Why don't we just
let niggas know he's a snitch?
Let his own people
push him out?
There is some shit
you gotta handle yourself.
You don't gotta be
there, though.
Five-0's on you anyway.
That prosecutor
was asking about Raina.
Yeah? And?
Mighta been my bullet.
Bullets were coming
from all angles, B.
None of us will ever know.
Was in the building.
Thought I'd stop by
and say, "Hi."
Something tells me
I'm about to get
a poker shoved up my prostate.
Kid named Rickey Townsend
will testify that Decourcy Ward
let him off easy,
to protect an informant
you have working a gang case.
This has the stench
of Jackie Rohr.
Decourcy Ward doesn't smell
so sweet either.
He went over to the hospital
and was asking about
what happened to Holly Gunner.
You really willing
to let Ward's incompetence
and ego reflect on this office?
Yeah, I've been trying
to get Ward to fall in line
for over a year now.
He, like you, is
a fucking incarnated migraine.
Even so, if you think
he's incompetent,
you're in for a rude awakening.
I'm just here to help
your son, Mrs. Townsend.
Oh, there he is now.
It's like I told him.
That cop is gonna
come after him,
but if he listens to me,
we could prevent that.
Mr. Ward did right by me.
Well, everybody
has their reasons.
Now you have yours.
-I'm not going to lie.
-You gonna do what I say.
Your father and I allow you
to go to that school, don't we?
You don't have a job.
You don't pitch in around here.
Mama, for what?
I didn't even do anything.
I just--
Don't raise your voice at me
in this house.
Ma, please.
Don't make me lie.
He'll say what you
need him to say.
No, I won't!
Uh, I-I'm sorry.
You're gonna disrespect me
in front of a stranger?
I'm sorry.
When are you gonna stop acting
like a naive little boy,
and get your shit
together, Ricky?
I'm tired of this.
I'm not one of your little
gang friends on the street.
-I know.
-I'm your mama
You gonna help me, or what?
Are we gonna pretend like
today never happened?
Siobhan, I'm using every bit
of patience I have
to not scream at you
for taking Kelvin's case.
Excuse me? I could scream
the same damn thing.
I'm a public prosecutor.
I try the cases assigned to me.
You get to decide which cases
are worthwhile
and which ones aren't.
You wanna go down that path?
Or can't we just agree
that I'm doing what I gotta do
for me, and so are you?
This is
a much bigger conversation
than "agree to disagree."
I know.
But I'm hungry.
And if we ring the bell
on this prize fight, baby,
I'ma be too agitated to eat.
here, here, all right?
Something someone said today
reminded me.
My north star
and your north star
used to be identical.
I wanna make sure
we still share that.
You know, uhJosh came
by my office and apologized.
Wish I coulda been there
to hear him whimper.
He said he came
to see you first.
A little heads-up
would've been nice.
Like the people in your life
have never taken me
by surprise?
All those times
Jackie Rohr came here,
snooping around for information
about you?
He came into our home?
How many times?
Two, three,
what's the difference?
Why didn't you tell me then?
Because I didn't want you
todo anything stupid.
You were angry enough.
This motherfucker
What do you think
about me running?
-For City Council.
Uh, yeah.
If-if that's what you wanna do,
yeah, of-of course
I'll support you.
But fuck Josh Goshen.
Fuck him.
He has no loyalty.
He doesn't give a damn
about principles,
only opportunities.
Is that really the kinda guy
you want to get
in the trenches with?
one of us has to move forward.
When we were
fresh outta law school,
you didn't have a single offer
from a firm.
Not one damn interview.
I paid the rent.
I bought the food.
I supported you, until you
figured out what to do.
Did I ever hold that
over your head? Not once.
No, but you are right now.
After the Ryan case
went south, you stayed down.
Eight months have gone by,
and we're moving backward.
Is this about having a baby?
Not only, but yes!
Decourcy, I don't fault you
for being stuck on survival,
but take stock of what we have.
We deserve to do
some living too.
It's whatever you want,
Well, I uhI joined
the church choir today.
That's great, Mom.
It'll be good for you.
And your singing's terrific.
Well, you know, I miss church.
You know, the consistency,
the community.
Might have to go back to mass
to see you in action.
They'll probably put me,
you know,
way in the background,
like behind the organ, right?
With your voice?
No way.
No, I'm serious.
People should hear the you sing
when you're around the house.
It's like one
of those Disney cartoons,
with the birds fluttering.
It reminds me of Father Thomas
back in St. Gertrude's.
Father Thomas had
a powerful voice.
Not a good voice,
but a powerful one.
You doing that shit
all the time is a bad look.
Yeah, well, sell the downers,
do the uppers.
That way, I got more energy.
I work fucking harder.
American capitalism
at its best.
So Kelvin, is he all right?
Faggot-ass nigga
Junior Senegal's a dead man.
Yeah, no offense,
but they picked him up
before he fired a shot.
Now's not a fucking good time
to retaliate.
And I'ma take advice
from a fucking fiend?
If I'm a fiend, it's 'cause
I survived a shitstorm.
Get out.
Around the corner,
Jermaine has a pack for you.
-I need double.
I need more Mexican mud.
I set up shop in Revere.
I already fronted you one.
You want more,
you gotta pay me.
Your product is better
than what's going
through Southie right now.
And once word gets out
that the H is coming from me,
that's 10 grand a week for you.
Or we can keep doing
this thousand here,
thousand here, shit
if you want.
That way,
you got fucking steady money,
coming in
from outside your hood
even if that Youth task force,
they fuck up your ability
to operate.
All right.
Let's go.
If I don't see you
by the end of the week,
I'm gonna find you.
Dr. Anderson,
please dial the operator.
Dr. Anderson,
please dial the operator.
I don't wanna exhaust you.
I justI need to know
what happened that night.
I d
Who were you with?
Was the man Jackie Rohr?
He batted
under 260 last season, but
Hello, Salvatore.
I already gave my statement
to the police and to that DA.
What's his name?
I don't know anything
about anything.
- That was quick and concise.
- Figured you're busy.
Trying to save you the trouble
of asking me a bunch
of questions about Holly Gunner
I can't answer.
I need
the surveillance tapes.
Those tapes are screwed up.
This ain't the Bureau.
Technology's crap.
You and Jackie Rohr,
you were partners
for almost 20 years, right?
- Give or take.
- And now,
a lawyer from my office
goes out partying
with a bunch of federal agents,
including Jackie,
and winds up at your hospital.
St. Eligius
is a Catholic hospital.
We ain't in the business
to turning people away.
But maybe you should be.
The only thing I can figure is,
whatever Jackie has on you
weighs more
than your conscience.
The problem isn't who's out
to bring you down.
The problem is,
you have to live with yourself,
while Holly's kid
has to live with a mom,
who, according to experts,
may never walk
or talk right again.
Senseless tragedies
happen here every day.
If I find out
you helped Jackie
by erasing those tapes,
well, that would just be
the start of your suffering.
Work never ends.
My mother used to say,
"An idle mind
is the devil's playground."
But damn if I don't miss
the jungle gyms.
And trust me, your mama
could get down too.
I'll never forget
when John Lewis came to Boston
and we ended up
at the bar afterward.
And your mama ended up
on the bar,
reciting Audre Lorde.
That's her.
Oh, yeah.
"Is the total Black
being spoken?"
The Tenant Association
is trying to secure
some of the new
HUD Hope VI funding.
I'd like you to advocate
on our behalf.
At a grant meeting?
And beyond.
Ah, I work so much.
The only time I see Decourcy
is in the interrogation room.
And I'm thinking about running
for City Council.
As you know, everyone around
here calls me Nana.
That means
I have 3,000 grandkids.
And in turn, 6,000 voters.
That kinda influence
moves the needle.
You motherfuckers
gonna throw me out
on some bullshit?
You're gonna see me, bitch.
Believe that.
I ain't going nowhere.
27 evictions in a year.
-Did you try to help 'em?
-Didn't deserve to be helped.
We elevate the best among us,
and hopefully they move up
the ladder
to effect some change,
so we don't have to grovel
for HUD grants
and city assistance every year.
Is there more the Coalition
can do to--
uneasy music
You okay?
- Bathroom?
- Over there.
Honey, you okay?
Your blood pressure's good.
Heart rate's solid.
Let's check your lungs.
Stop playing with me.
The HCG in your blood tests
came back elevated.
You're pregnant.
Congratulations, girl!
Thank youfor everything.
Oh, God.
I know you two have been back
and forth about a baby,
but men are funny,
even the most resistant.
When he hears the news,
Decourcy will be thrilled.
I hope so.
Did you get
what I asked you for?
Where's the money
from the last one?
-Jimmy, I told you--
-No, I want the money,
all right? Okay?
So as soon as you make
your last dollar,
just give me everything.
-All right, relax.
-Relax? Jesus Christ.
I saw my supplier fucking beat
down a kid out in the street.
Stripped his clothes off,
And he's one of them.
I'm not one of them.
What the fuck do you think
he'll do with me?
You know, Jimmy?
It seems like
everywhere you go,
you're hiding from somebody
you stabbed in the back.
What's that say about you?
It says I'm a man on the move.
You got the H or not?
That's $10 grand total.
Are you sure--
Oh, jeez.
You know what?
I don't have time
for this, Jimmy.
I gotta go meet my lawyer.
You know why?
They're trying to take
the salon away from me.
Even when you're not around,
I gotta deal
with your bullshit.
And you know what?
I'm gonna have to deal with it
for the rest
of my fucking life.
I'll have your money.
Every good boy deserves
D, D.
Yep, coming. Coming.
I'm Decourcy Ward.
I work
with your husband sometimes.
Decourcy, yeah, yeah.
Jackie's mentioned you.
Come on in.
I'm Jenny.
Is there any chance he's home?
No, sorry.
Did you try his phone?
I can't find him anywhere.
Well, I don't really know
when he'll be back.
Well, look.
I wouldn't disturb ya,
but what I need to discuss
with him is off the
it's sensitive.
Would you mind if I wait?
No, of course not.
Come on in.
Uh, would you like some coffee?
How long you been in Quincy?
I've lived
in this house my whole life.
-Um, cream? Sugar?
-No. No, thanks.
Yeah, my wife and I
we, uh
wanna plant roots somewhere.
-And move out of Boston?
-No, no, she loves the city.
Born and raised.
I mean, you know, get a place.
Uh, room for a dog, kids maybe.
Big backyard.
Ah, I see.
Yeah, our backyard
never really got much use.
Even when Benny was little.
I mean, she
wasn't really into nature.
I do a little gardening.
But, you know,
with the grass
Getting Jackie to mow the lawn
was a little tough.
I'm having a hard time
imagining Jackie
pushing a mower.
So, uh, if you don't
mind me asking, uh
why are you here?
So last year, an informant
of Jackie's committed suicide.
Or so we thought.
Some new evidence surfaced.
Turns out Boston Homicide
thinks he was murdered.
Now I just came by
to ask Jackie to see
if he wanted me
to pursue the case
or look the other way.
Now, the informant
is a lost cause.
I mean, last year alone,
he was arrested on drugs,
an illegal weapon.
He even shot a cop.
Truth be told,
the world doesn't need
any more people
like Clay Roach.
Benedetta, hi.
This is your father's
colleague, Mr. Ward.
You know, your father,
he talks about you a lot.
Uh, yeah, I think
I've taken up
enough of your time.
Yes, uh, I'll tell Jackie
you were here.
Please do.
What was that about?
You know,
with your father, who knows?
Decourcy Ward came
to the house.
He came here?
What for?
I think, uh, to talk to me,
What about?
Clay Roach.
And what-what'd you say?
I mean, what do I know
about Clay Roach?
But, uh, Decourcy implied
that I should know.
And maybe I do.
Look, that night
in the hospital,
you said that, uh,
whoever hurt Benny
didn't have long to live.
tender music
That little fuck
got what he deserved.
Well, how 'bout
we can just-we can
just push it till tomorrow.
All right?
Stay away from my wife.
So you can bother my wife,
but I can't talk to yours?
You think fucking up
the Ryan case
made you bulletproof, huh?
Like you got nothing
left to lose?
Well, you're wrong.
The only thing that changed
is, now everybody knows
what I always knew,
that you don't
fucking belong here.
You've got a nice family.
Good looking wife--
Ah hey, hey.
I'm not here
for some clever back-and-forth
with a forgotten prosecutor
living off his wife's dime
until she realizes that
you're never gonna move up,
and she kicks your ass out
before you drag her
down with ya.
No, you came here to show me
how big and bad you are.
But you forgot,
I actually know you,
Big tough guy who couldn't
even protect his own daughter.
You mention my daughter
and I will fucking bury you.
You already buried
that informant of yours.
How did that work out, hmm?
Didn't work out too well.
Still got to your little girl,
Oh, save yourself
the embarrassment.
I can connect the dots.
Being a piece of shit
all these years
has finally caught up
to the great Jackie Rohr.
You're too out of touch
to make any moves,
too hated to call in
any favors,
and you're too fucking old
to scare anybody.
Oh, thank God
you're home.
I need
the fucking money, Cathy.
I'm coming over to get
the money, all the money.
Yeah-yeah, all right.
I'm coming over
there right now, okay?
I'm coming over now.
I gotta go out.
Okay, where can I meet you?
Meet me at Franklin Park.
You got the money?
The fuck I just say?
What're you still doing up?
Amazing how much energy
I have
when I'm not getting loaded.
Still, you need
your eight hours.
What I need, Dad,
is to talk to you.
We talked.
We haven't.
Ma and I talked,
about everything.
Non, her dad.
So I know why Ma's fucked up.
But you, you won't talk about
what made you an asshole.
Come on.
Maybe if you told me,
I could figure out
why I'm such a fucking mess.
The Rohrs are a study
in the legacy of fucked up.
My old man was a drunk.
He spent most nights
on the couch
'cause he was too shit-faced
to make it up the stairs.
That, and he couldn't
fucking stand my mother.
His dad was a drunk, his father
before him, and, you know,
I'm sure the list
goes on and on,
back to the moors in Scotland.
One night, during a blizzard,
the old man was too wasted
to make it home.
A neighbor,
sweet old Black lady,
Mrs. Giles,
found him and took him in,
and his feet
were blue from frostbite.
All fucked up
and he couldn't walk.
Lost his jobagain.
And then I started working
to, you know,
keep food in the fridge.
And I never stopped.
you don't wanna hear this shit.
I asked, didn't I?
I do.
There's some things that we
cannot control, Bendrops.
Our gene pool being one of 'em.
Yeah, but what
about your mom?
That's enough for one night.
You had me worried.
Franklin Park.
Dad used to take me here.
He fucking smacked me
in the head
'cause I'd stare
at those monkeys in the zoo,
make them go all fucking crazy,
you know?
Okay, where's the money?
You said!
I said I'd meet ya.
Oh, f-
I wanted to tell you
in person.
I.. I need more time.
I'm serious.
They'll fucking kill me.
Nah, they're not gonna
kill you, Jimmy.
Ah, fuck!
Cathy, I..
All right, Kick, go.
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