City on a Hill (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Don't Go Sayin Last Words

Just sell the merchandise.
You realize we could just
take that from you, right?
Go ahead. Go ahead. Try it.
Hey, lady.
Came to give you what you want.
So she takes my hand, and
she shoves it in the doorframe,
and she slams the door
on my fingers.
I'm begging her,
"Please stop, Ma."
And that's the night
I burned our house down.
You say the word,
and I will find Anton Campbell,
and he will suffer.
You-you'd screw me over
just to see me
get thrown in jail.
Where the fuck is Anton?
So you and your
20-something-year-old kid,
you're hanging out all night.
What are you doing?
We ate pizza, watched TV.
- What toppings?
- Pepperoni.
And what'd you watch?
In Living Color.
Then I went into my bedroom
and tried to go to sleep
to the sound
of his video games.
Uh, Mortal Kombat,
something like that.
Then I yelled at Anton
to turn the volume down,
and he snapped back,
"Mama, it's just nine p.m.
You ain't that old.
You just mad
I didn't ask you to play."
So he was with you,
7:15 that night?
Yes, at the time
that Siobhan Quays was shot,
my son Anton Campbell
was at home with me.
All right, you're good to go.
That's where
I feel my lies, too
in my chest and my back.
The thing is, you know,
when the shit goes down,
you're gonna be swirling
around that bowl
right alongside little Anton,
and this shit's
not going down easy neither.
Mr. Rohr, I understand
why you act the way you do.
Your sense of entitlement.
But you ain't fooling no one.
You've got a gun
where your guts should be.
Your power's got nothing to do
with your actual worth.
Everything that's wrong
in this town
lies right there
in that smug white face.
I'm getting the sinking feeling
that you don't like me.
All the people
you point your pistol at
usually nicer to you?
That was a nice touch
in there Mortal Kombat.
Kind of like what we're in
right now.
What I said is true.
All right.
Well, let's say that I wanted
to give you the benefit
of the doubt.
I don't, but let's say
that I did.
If what you said is true,
why is your son hiding?
Anton's been beaten once
by the BPD.
Maybe he's afraid
he'll be forced to confess
to something he didn't do
just to save his own life.
You've known Siobhan
since she was a kid, right?
You visit her
in the hospital yet?
Surgeon says
Siobhan's healing nicely.
He's keeping her
on antibiotics.
The only other thing is rest.
Time heals.
- Aa.. and?
- There's still a heartbeat.
So, according to Callie,
all things considered,
we're lucky,
hard as that may be
to feel right now.
Still, there's a VIP table
in hell for who did this.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for staying with her.
- Of course.
Did you find Anton's Fleetwood?
And the car that I hit
the red Honda Civic
did the owner ID Anton?
No to both, unfortunately.
Doesn't matter my testimony's
enough for an open-and-shut.
Maybe not so shut.
Anton's got an alibi.
That's impossible.
Grace Campbell claims she was
with him all evening.
No. No, bullshit.
I need to talk to her.
T-that's not gonna happen.
Fine. Fine, look,
we need to go search
let me go be a cop.
You go be a husband.
I didn't think you could top
those winter white lilies.
Mm, even prettier
than our wedding day.
- Just like you, babe.
- Mm.
How you feel?
I'm focusing on the positive.
I have to for the baby.
Let's use this ugly incident
as fuel
to make a change
for our child.
Can you believe
we get to say that now?
"Our child."
- Where are you?
- Hmm?
Back at the shooting?
What are you not telling me?
I-I don't want to
cause you stress.
The silence is the stress.
I know who shot you.
I saw him.
Me again.
Hello, Mr. Quays.
You know the drill.
Let's get you up, huh?
Keep your sunny side up.
Thank you.
who shot me?
M-maybe you don't need
to know, right?
All I ever got out of knowing
was a heart full of hate.
Don't make decisions for me.
Anton Campbell.
He was aiming for me.
I could say "I'm sorry"
a thousand times, Siobhan,
but I'd never be sorry enough.
This meeting
doesn't concern you.
And yet, here I am.
You need me
on the Campbell case.
I'm trying to think
of a nice-ish way to say
"we really fucking don't."
Grace Campbell is lying.
Her word against yours.
Her wor
a lie from someone
who wasn't even there
who's shielding her son
versus the firsthand account
of the intended victim?
Or beloved, put-upon activist
versus angry, unpopular ADA.
D, my guys can handle this.
- Have you found Anton yet?
- No.
Then what the fuck
you still doing sitting there?
Hey, I'm with you.
If my wife had been hurt,
I'd be ranting, too.
- Ranting?
- But you have
to settle the fuck down.
Don't tell me
to settle the fuck down!
I saw my wife get shot!
Which is exactly why
you can't be involved!
You're acting like you never
spent a day in law school.
I already made the mistake
of letting you
handle the Campbell case,
even though your wife
was representing them.
This is far worse.
If you can't understand
the conflict of interest here,
then you simply
don't want to understand.
I assign you this case
and you screw up,
I'm the laughingstock
of Boston.
And you, back in Brooklyn,
shining shoes.
Okay, one, I never shined shoes
a goddamn day
in my entire life.
Two, I won't screw up.
Because you're not on the case.
Get out of my office, Ward.
I can fire you, remember?
Sergeant Caysen,
I'm asking
as a concerned citizen,
how do you plan
to locate Anton Campbell?
You need to trust me
to do my job.
So you both expect me
to trust you,
but when I throw the boomerang,
the fucking thing
never comes back my way.
Trust this, Ward
you're a fucking pain
in my ass,
but I will not let you
My savior God
To thee
How great Thou art
How great Thou art
Oh, hey.
What do you think?
Am I getting better?
Yeah, sounds perfect.
Why's everything
got to be so churchy, though?
Well, it's a church choir,
We're not gonna be
singing Metallica.
What if God's a metalhead?
Hey, can you lend me
some money?
I got to send in
this application
before the deadline.
Just think, if I get in,
you can sing in peace,
won't have me
bothering you anymore.
Oh, I like you bothering me.
Well, how much do you need?
Five, ten bucks.
I got to overnight this thing.
I can remember when a postage
stamp was four cents.
Mom, we haven't talked
about Dad,
what he said the other day
burning down the house.
Well, what's there
to talk about?
Uh, I don't know.
I've been going to NA meetings,
you've been going to Al-Anon.
Maybe he should see somebody.
Yeah, well, I know
you're concerned, Benny, but
t-there's no way
that Jackie Rohr's
gonna sit on a couch
and talk to a shrink.
Yeah, but if we both
suggest it to him,
- then maybe
- He's just going to ignore us.
Or he's gonna launch
into some story
about the Angiulo brothers.
Take care of your business.
I thought
we were doing business.
Suddenly you go MIA?
My supply is tapped out.
Then what the fuck
are you selling, oregano?
Go back to your slice
of town, lady.
- Oh! Uh-uh. No.
- Leave me be.
Not until I get some mud.
I said fuck the fuck off.
God damn it. Fuck.
Better and better every day.
Thank you all.
See you Wednesday.
Hey, what are you doing now?
Want to grab a drink?
A drink?
No, I'd like about a dozen.
Are you worried
about something?
n-no, uh, singing
makes me thirsty.
That's all.
Okay, well,
how about, uh, Dorian's?
You know,
that place on Hancock?
Yeah, yeah, Dorian's. Um
But, you know, I just
remembered that I can't today.
How's Wednesday?
Five o'clock?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
I'm not talking to you here.
Then where should we go?
The rectory?
The Ritz?
Afternoon, Mrs. Tobin.
That's a lovely dress, Gladys.
Listen, if you think
I'll just disappear,
that this is all gonna go away,
you've got
a fucking screw loose.
What happened happened.
This is now.
There are rules.
I'm telling you
keep quiet and leave me alone.
Jenny, you really been
standing out among the group.
Ah is that a good thing,
or are you telling me
to pipe down?
- A very good thing.
- Oh.
I want you to sing a solo
next Sunday.
Uh, take a look
at "By the Blood
that Flowed from Thee".
Oh, God. I gosh.
I-I don't know.
I do. You'd be superb.
Yeah, I'm honored
you would ask
thrilled, you know, but I
all those people staring at me,
I get a little nervous.
I will take "no" for an answer.
Do some soul searching,
get back to me.
Okay, just
just don't count on me.
that number is correct.
I trip over my own feet,
I end up owing over $400
for some
piece-of-shit stitches?
Says amount due $400.
Guess the rest is implied, huh?
It's just the bills
just keep on coming.
You got kids?
Yeah, I do, too.
It's beautiful, right?
All the love, the joy.
You got a husband?
Mine's dead.
You know, I'm on my own, just
trying to get these three kids
through this shitstorm of a
frickin' tornado
he left behind.
Look, um, is there any way
that you might be able
to help me out here?
Surely the swipe of a pen,
the push of a button,
something that you can do to
to ease my pain here
just a little?
I could refile
with your insurance.
You think I'd be sitting here
wasting my time
if I if I had insurance?
Then there's nothing I can do.
You know, not for nothing,
but maybe Dr. fucking Dolittle
should've told me how much
this garbage was gonna cost.
I would've stitched up
my own frickin' hand.
It must be 50 frickin' dollars
a stitch!
Can I give some back?
Can I return 'em? Huh?
- I'll take 'em out right here.
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Ryan.
Fucking shit.
Fucking bullshit place.
Bet you know
who we're looking for.
I ain't seen Anton,
Sergeant Caysen.
No one has.
Walk with me.
Get your hands
out of your fucking pockets.
You too.
You heard
what Anton did, right?
But how you know that DA
didn't shoot his own wife?
You live in this building?
Put that down.
You live in this building?
You know the Campbell family?
Thanks. Been real helpful.
Yo, man,
what's the matter with you?
So I heard old man Dan's
got you warming the bench.
Just when I thought
life couldn't get any worse,
here you are.
Fuck Guy Dan. Fuck Caysen.
Oh, what, are we supposed to be
friends all of a sudden?
Hmm. I'm the only pal you got
right now.
Okay, okay, well,
then tell me, pal,
- where's Anton?
- I got nothing.
Yeah. Didn't think so.
Grace Campbell, man, she's
I mean, she's out there.
She's trying to get
HUD grant money
for the people
in Braxton Summit.
She's the reason those kids
have ball courts
and working fire extinguishers
and self-respect.
Why are you listing
her accolades?
Last I remember, we were trying
to destroy Grace Campbell.
Ah, I guess I'm just trying
to remind you and
and myself that, uh,
she's a force
to be reckoned with.
After all her accomplishments,
she's still out there
trying to do more
for more people.
Not bad for someone like Grace.
I'm just waiting to see you
try to wiggle your way
out of this one.
What you mean
"someone like Grace"?
What do you what do you mean
someone resourceful?
No, I'm-I'm saying
that the woman
has had every disadvantage.
Listen, if-if I was
dealt the same hand,
I would've gone to live
in the rain forest
and painted myself,
worn briefs made out of bark,
and learned to weave
and dance around.
The tribesmen that stayed
in the wilderness
they probably got wind of what
happened to Black people
in this country and said,
"If that's what you get
with air conditioning
and Seinfeld, no, thanks."
So you see?
It was a compliment.
Only you would think
what you said was a compliment.
On the other hand,
living in Boston
does have its advantages.
We invented the telephone,
the microwave,
and marshmallow fucking fluff.
And racism.
There's no patent on that.
I'm starting to wonder
what exactly I'm trying to do.
And how do I see myself?
A fucking spoke in a wheel
that'll roll over a kid
till he turns
into Anton Campbell.
Even with a mom like Grace,
kid just got knocked down
till all he could feel
was fear,
a fear that wants me dead.
You know, he hates where I am
when he sees me.
Being a foreigner, and
and as a result,
Siobhan got hurt.
If you could go back,
give up your whole career,
do something different,
just so what happened
to your daughter didn't happen,
would you?
Can't go back.
Neither of us can.
I'm asking earnestly.
you're talking about your wife,
not your kid.
It's different.
In a way, we are talking
about my kid.
Siobhan's pregnant.
Well, congratulations, D.
You just got yourself
a gaping chest wound
that'll never close.
Hey, no one leaves here
unless I say so.
Now you acting hard?
After hiding in your headphones
while me and Trey
out there hustling?
Cops are roaming the streets.
We make one wrong move,
they find us,
and they find 'Ton.
So what?
Anton's your blood, man,
not mine.
The fuck you say to me?
Might want to
keep your mouth shut
and keep that dumb shit
from spewing out.
Tense music
Dumb how?
Only a nigga with a death wish
is gonna shoot
at a fucking ADA.
Come on.
It's that motherfucker.
Yo, he on the left!
Kill his ass, get his ass.
Two more, two more.
They in the front
right there.
- Come on, let's move!
- Way to work.
- Way to work.
- Get the bag, man.
All that shit, let's go.
Professor Hastings?
I'm a friend of your daughter's
and your son-in-law.
I also happen to be the fella
who'll stop at nothing
to find justice for Siobhan.
You absolutely
must be Jackie Rohr.
Yeah, so you won't be surprised
that I'm here to talk to you
about Grace Campbell.
Mm-hmm. Fine.
You talk, I'll listen.
Uh, you know, everywhere I go,
all I hear is the good,
which, if you ask me,
is mighty suspicious.
If Grace was so perfect,
then how come
nobody's even jealous enough
to make up shit about her?
Everything I've done
for this city,
nobody has a nice word
to say about me.
But Grace, pah, they wouldn't
change a hair on her head.
And you know who else
got such glowing reviews?
Jerry Angiulo.
You had to love that guy,
'cause if you didn't,
he'd have people
that would kill you.
So I've been reading, uh,
a lot of back issues
of The Bay State Banner,
Rebellion News.
You and Grace, wow, you
you've been
through the best of times
and the worst of times, huh?
Oh, must've been a lot of trips
to the powder room
swapping stories,
intimate stories,
Sorting through Grace's
dirty linens won't help you.
So you're saying
there are dirty linens.
Grace never told me anything
because there was nothing
for her to tell.
Don't bother with her past.
"The great force of history
comes from the fact
that we carry it within us,
that we are unconsciously
controlled by it in many ways,
and history
is literally present
"in all that we do."
Brush up on Baldwin
before you come
see the Black professor
that's real cute.
You must be a fun teacher
Hmm, maybe I'm inspiring you
to be on your way.
Fine, well, you know,
forgive me for thinking
that you might want to help me
take down the family
that was responsible
for shooting
your only daughter.
Mr. Rohr.
Maybe you act dumb,
or maybe you really are.
Grace has given her life
to the service of others,
which means
she doesn't have a dime.
So ask yourself,
where did Grace get the cash
to bail Anton out of jail?
Now, I don't know
where she found that money.
Twenty-five hundred dollars
doesn't fall like manna
from the clouds.
When I say,
"Forget about her past,"
I mean live in the now.
You see, now, that's inspiring.
You should put that
on a magnet.
Cathy, your wrist.
What happened?
Did you try to?
What, try to kill myself?
No, no.
I, uh I fell.
And I wasn't even bombed.
Look, I'm sorry about the shit
your family's going through.
Ain't been easy for us either
since Sheik got back.
He's still shaky.
Tara, Sheik, I'm, uh
I'm just gonna
say this to youse.
the widows took my salon.
I got no income.
Cath, tell us what we can do.
Within reason.
I was making money,
but my source dried up.
Making how?
Wherever you used to cop
could you take me there?
Sheik, not for the drugs.
I'm not trying to oh, God.
I'm not trying to do them.
I just
I want to buy them
and sell them.
We'll help, but not that way.
That's funny,
you had no problem
knocking on my door
asking for stolen cash.
Now you want to get all holy
on me when I need a hand?
We can loan you some money,
but I
I don't want your charity.
I don't want your pity.
What goes around
comes around, Cath.
You threw cash our way
out of pity, right?
Stay for dinner.
I made pot pie.
Fucking pot pie.
You think I want to sit here
and have a home-cooked
fucking meal with you?
Tara, I got a dead husband.
I got a dead brother-in-law.
Both of my parents,
they're dead, too.
You know what?
And good for them
not having to see
their daughter like this.
I got nothing and no one,
and that is not the girl
I set out to be.
The only thing I got left
in this entire goddamn world
is three kids sitting home
wondering where their next
fucking pot pie is coming from.
They those three
are my only fucking purpose
left in this bullshit life,
so spare me
your fucking judgment!
I am doing anything possible
to keep the shittiest roof
over their fucking heads.
I am spurting blood,
and you are offering me
a fucking Band-Aid?
Fuck you.
Fuck your loan.
Fuck your charity.
Fuck you both.
- Cathy, wait up.
- Oh, so you can talk, huh?
Had me thinking you were
on fucking mute in there.
You, too,
with the fucking pot pie?
Relax, it's just my ticket
out of the house.
You got mixed up
with some dealers?
That who killed Jimmy?
Look, Jimmy had a lot of anger
pointed in his direction.
Don't matter
who pulled the trigger.
He killed himself.
I've been clean
for a while now, Cathy.
Tara likes me better this way.
So do I.
Neither one of us
wants to fuck that up is all.
Good for you.
I mean that.
If not for you, for your kids.
It's the least we can do.
Doing the least, huh?
How noble.
You look like
you had a shit day.
You gonna go home, cook for 'em
with a busted wrist?
I'll get the dish back to you,
all right?
Hey, wait.
I can introduce you.
Get you the connect.
But you got to make sure
I leave empty-handed, okay?
We never speak of this again,
and you
and you don't bring back
that dish.
Ma, I'm leaving.
Uh, the car needs a little gas.
Oh, I'm good.
I got a ride.
- With who?
- A guy.
Oh, a guy named?
Faust Aquino.
That's an asshole name.
Yeah, kind of like Jackie Rohr.
Where's he taking you?
The movies.
Relax, Dad. I'm going
with a group of people.
What are you going to see?
That Ninja Turtle thing?
Good for you, holding back.
I know you're dying
to go out there
and get a good look
at this Faust character.
Oh, God, me?
You're the one about
to bust out into a sweat.
But, hey, look, Benny sent out
her college application
today, okay?
She's gonna be on her own soon.
I'm not so sure
about this NYU thing, Jen.
What? All of a sudden,
you don't want to
- send your daughter to college?
- Jenny, I-I'm serious.
We couldn't keep her safe
when she's under our roof.
How the fuck are we supposed
to take care of her
when she's down
in fucking Manhattan?
We believe in her is how.
This is her chance
to be her own woman,
not just our daughter.
This is it's like a next step.
Yeah, but you're thinking
about the cute version
of college,
where you're
drinking cappuccinos
wearing a fucking
turtleneck sweater.
I'm talking about the bad shit.
I'm talking
about overgrown teenage boys
looking down, realizing
that they got a dick
for the first time
and they can point it
anywhere they want.
they're fucking Neanderthals.
Yeah, but you went to college
and law school.
Exactly, so I should know.
My roommates used to hang
around the 4 a.m. bars
at closing time,
waiting for the drunk girls
to spill out onto the sidewalk,
and they would call dibs
on 'em.
"I got the one
with the big tits. I got the"
- You know, and so on.
- Mm.
They called this
extracurricular activity
"scooping the slops."
Right, yeah, yeah.
This was your roommates
doing this,
while you were probably
sitting in a library
reading the Bible.
I was alone in the library,
seeing as I liked books
better than people,
and I never scooped no slops,
and that right there
is the God's honest truth.
Okay, well, Benny's strong.
She takes after me.
Well, then she's capable
of anything.
What's that supposed to mean?
Yeah, what's up?
Thanks, brother.
Your husband was a good man.
And by good, I mean
Frankie was trustworthy.
Are you trustworthy?
Trust me and find out.
All right.
beat it.
You want to tell me
why you handling
Copeland Crew like a pussy?
'Ton, wasn't nothing
I could've done.
I swear. Junior was
Fine, ain't nothing
you could've done.
But there's something
you could do.
Since when we get shot at
and not shoot back, Kel?
I don't know, man,
since the cops been after you?
Cops always on our asses.
Ain't nothing changed.
You shot Siobhan Quays,
and ain't nothing changed?
Anger got the best of me.
You got to leave town, man.
Ain't no other way.
I ain't leaving shit.
Boston's my city
as much as theirs.
Not true.
You in a dank basement
with mayo on your face,
and they outside
in the sunshine.
Look, if you don't care
about you or me, fine.
But you got to do
what's best for Ma.
I'll leave
soon as I get my money back
from them Copeland bitches.
How is that gonna keep Ma safe?
If we don't take care
of this now and I skip town,
Junior Senegel's gonna come
after you and Mama.
And I ain't gonna be around
to stop him.
We hit Copeland back.
Then you leave town.
Ah, Jesus.
You scared me.
Can I eat what's ever
on the counter in the foil?
Huh? Uh, yeah, sure.
Go ahead. Uh, it's fine.
Tony and Marie already ate.
Have as much as you want.
Do you want any?
No, no, it's all right,
I-I'm not hungry right now.
You want to watch TV?
Uh, maybe later, hon, okay?
When are we gonna
see Dad again?
listen, sweetheart,
I got to be honest with you.
We're not going back there
anymore, okay?
Ooh. So, you know,
I want to find my dad,
you know, confront him, but
but Ma's no help, you know?
She practically blackmailed me.
You could hire somebody
to search for him,
like a private detective.
With a husband in the FBI?
Jackie would have a shit fit.
Wait, get Jackie to locate him.
Believe me,
Jackie has no desire
to help me find my father.
Oh, thank you.
That was adorable, Jenny,
how you took an hour
and 100 sips
to drink a single Guinness,
but you're gonna
drink this one proper
- in four giant swigs, okay?
- You serious?
I-I thought that four-sip thing
was made up by the Irish
to torture American tourists.
No, I only want to see
four lines
of foam on the glass
when you're done.
To singing a solo on Sunday.
Oh, God, no, I can't.
I can't.
Come on, you're coddin' me.
No the church'd be filled
with my neighbors,
who will want to see me fail.
Hell, my-my mom
would probably show up.
No, really, if I said yes,
I'd probably want to jump
out of the choir loft
and escape out the back door.
Trust me no, you'll just
see a flash.
Okay, look at me, Rohr.
You're doing that solo,
or I'll throw you
off the choir loft.
Not bad at all!
It's like drinking
a loaf of bread.
First time we met,
I brought you coffee.
When you gonna hit me back?
I'm guessing that means
no news
All right.
Anton is playing hide-and-seek,
or maybe he skipped town
or got disappeared
like Jimmy Hoffa.
I don't fuckin'
Jackie, I've heard
your theories I need facts.
Okay, fine, fine, fine.
Let's take two steps back.
Anton gets arrested,
Grace raises an awful lot
of bail money
pretty fucking quick.
Now, assuming that she used
her son's drug money
No, mm-mm.
No way.
Easy for Mama to get.
Tough for Uncle to trace.
Siobhan's known this woman
a lifetime.
She believes Grace
just couldn't face
what her sons
were up to until now.
I thought you told me
Grace was smart.
Ah, children are a blind spot.
You said so yourself.
the only thing worse
than being blind
is having sight
with no vision.
Maybe she used a bail bond.
No, no, I-I checked
with the, uh,
neighborhood bondsmen.
She made inquiries,
but she didn't
she didn't follow through.
She wouldn't have any luck
getting that kind of cash
outside of Roxbury.
I mean, what what other money
does she have access to?
I mean, what would I do?
What would I do?
- What would I do?
- I don't want to know.
And I wouldn't need
a stocking cap to do it.
Just a blank check and a pen.
Braxton Summit?
Man, come on, that community
means everything to her.
She'd never steal
from those people.
Yeah, on good day, sure.
No, of course not.
Hey, do you know how
the Incredible Hulk came to be?
Jack Kirby saw a woman
lifting her car off a baby.
With her kid's life on the
line, this lady did something
that she would never
be capable of before.
Hysterical strength.
Grace's firstborn son is pinned
under the proverbial
Mack truck,
and you best believe
she's gonna lift
that fucking thing up
she don't care how.
In her mind, she borrowed.
Thinking she can
get the money back
before Anton goes to trial.
We need to subpoena
the Tenant Association's
bank records.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We can prove that Grace
stole the money,
then we can force her
to retract
her statement
absolving Anton.
And tell us
where the fucker is hiding.
Yo, Jackie.
Bobby, give me something good.
Just finished
comparing the ballistics
from the Siobhan Quays shooting
to the ballistics
from the Raina Allen
Valentine homicide.
Rounds didn't come
from the same gun.
They're not a match.
Bobby, go to hell.
We'll be there together
for eternity.
What are you expecting,
good news?
Of course Anton
tossed the guns.
You know, you've gotten
very pessimistic
over the last year.
Boston has that effect
on people.
Okay, look, you know the bullet
doesn't match.
I know the bullet
doesn't match.
Grace only knows
what we tell her.
And that's how we get her
to admit that she lied.
A lie to catch a lie?
That's almost biblical.
- Which way are you?
- Oh, back there.
I'm that way.
This was great fun.
You're a delight.
Hey, you know what?
Let me give you a ride.
Oh, no, no,
I have a short walk home.
No, I-I am so good to drive.
I promise.
I saw you
downing that Guinness in there.
I'll stay on foot,
if you please.
Hey, if I'm a little tipsy,
whose fault is that?
I'll be sure to confess my sin
to Father Doyle.
Oh. Say "hi" to him for me.
Good night.
Come here, you cunt.
Oi! Stop!
Fuck off!
Bastard! Ah!
Ow! Let go of me!
Hey, fuck off!
Fucking help!
Hey! Get your
fucking hands off me
Hey, get away from her!
Oh, my God.
- Get the fuck off her!
- Fuck off!
What the hell was that?
Uh, ex-boyfriend.
What's going on?
Are you in
some kind of trouble?
Not after you came in on fire
like the bloody Morrígan.
Maeve, Maeve,
if you really know that guy,
he might try it again.
We should call the police
or, you know,
I could have Jackie
track this asshole down
No, no, no, no,
just take me home
and forget what you saw.
We will need
twice as many trees.
Agent Rohr.
A subpoena
for the Tenants' Association
financial records.
Grace, I'm here out of respect
to give you the heads-up
about a target letter
that's coming your way.
You're under investigation
for embezzlement
for stealing from
the United States government.
Excuse me for a moment.
On the upside, I got some sway
with the U.S. Attorney's
I could make this whole inquiry
hit a dead end,
I mean, if you tell me
right now where Anton is.
I can't do that
'cause I don't know.
You could find him.
That bail money long gone,
sooner or later,
you're gonna get caught,
either by me or by the IRS.
You're gonna have
no place left to turn.
If I was you, I would cut
my losses right now.
You really want to sacrifice
everything you've built,
everything that
you've worked on,
just to save an ungrateful son?
There you go jumping
to conclusions again.
You do not know my son.
I know enough.
I would rather die
than to let my boy
my innocent boy suffer.
Oh, you want to talk
about suffering?
Siobhan Quays was shot.
Raina Allen before that.
A child, for fuck's sake.
Tell me,
who's your innocent boy
gonna hurt next?
My son had nothing to do
with any of that.
We know the Allens.
Anton, Kelvin, and I
were saddened by Raina's death.
My sons visited her parents
The bullet
that killed Raina Allen
and the bullet that they pulled
from Siobhan's shoulder
came from the same gun
Anton's gun, which we have.
These are dated
over a month ago.
It's all we got.
We work quarterly.
Well, I guess I'm gonna
have to subpoena the bank.
Oh, hey, I hear you're applying
for that HUD grant.
Twenty million dollars, wow,
that's a nice chunk of change
for the Braxton Summit
Folks are gonna celebrate
the woman
that was able to secure
that kind of grant, huh?
Maybe even overlook
her wrongdoings.
I got strings
I could pull, Grace.
I could pull hard.
But again
I need to know where Anton is.
Again, I don't know.
So retract your statement.
I told the truth.
Not gonna be much help
to your boys
behind bars in Danbury
for the next decade.
Hey, Father.
Jenny. Hi.
- Hey, do you have a minute?
- Of course.
Hear you might be singing
a solo this Sunday?
That's grand.
Yeah, don't expect too much.
You here for a pep talk, then?
No, actually, uh,
I need some advice.
All right, I'll do my best.
Uh, I
I-I think a friend of mine
is in trouble.
I don't want to gossip,
but I
I want to help,
so I feel kind of stuck.
Well, I'm afraid
I can't give good counsel
if you don't tell me
a bit more.
When I say trouble,
I mean, I
I think she may be, uh,
in danger.
But this really is
about a friend.
Uh, not me, I swear.
You still have to be
more specific.
She, uh she sings
in the choir with me.
The friend it's Maeve.
But, uh, last night
this guy, uh, attacked her.
And I you know,
I tried to help,
but she told me
that he was an ex,
but, you know,
I'm not so sure about that.
But it was it was scary.
And I know
I have no right to ask,
but has she confided in you
or told you
if anything's wrong?
I mean, 'cause I just
want to be ready
in case she needs my help.
Jenny, I say this
as your friend,
- not as your priest.
- Oh.
Do not get involved.
Stay away from that woman.
This is Maeve's own struggle,
not yours.
You cannot take that on.
But as a good Catholic,
I should
She's a good person.
But maybe she's not good
for you.
Car's in the shop.
You don't have to tell me that.
I know the car's evidence.
You want to sit in the back?
No, Decourcy, I don't.
Our escort?
Yeah. You need some help?
The nurse was telling you
how to care for the wound
'cause she was assuming
that you're gonna be
the one who's there for me.
You weren't even listening.
Sorry if I wasn't taking notes,
but you want to question
whether or not I'm there
for you?
Every moment of every day,
I'm trying to bring
Anton Campbell to justice.
Justice or is this vengeance?
We have everything to lose
and nothing to gain
from revenge.
Your family is right here
with you, alive.
You shouldn't even
be leaving the house.
Come on, Siobhan.
That sick son of a bitch
wants to kill you.
How long you been here?
We have to talk.
Look, your thoughts,
your feelings are yours, okay?
You don't have
to share 'em with anyone,
especially not some crazy lady
waiting outside your house.
But you're safe with me, okay?
You can tell me anything
if you want.
Look, I know the weight
of holding on to pain, okay?
Holding on so tight
that bottling it up
feels like the only option,
like that-that secret
is actually who you are.
But you know what?
It doesn't have to be.
Listen, it's nice
what you're saying,
but not all secrets
are the same.
Look, the first time I saw you,
you were crying, okay?
You said that a cousin of yours
had been killed by a car bomb
in Belfast,
which got me thinking.
The guy who attacked you
wasn't really your boyfriend,
was he?
You know, sometimes
saying something out loud
feels a lot better
than you might expect.
I'm IRA.
It feels kind of like
I expected.
Why'd you join?
'Cause it was
the right thing to do.
Listen, it started off
I was just hiding my mates
from the RUC.
Felt like
what a good friend does.
And then things got
more involved
more specific.
Errands, deliveries.
They taught me how to fight,
how to shoot,
how to build a fucking bomb.
They dressed me up as a nun
and sent me out to kill.
I missed on purpose.
That's why I ran away
to America.
But there's no escaping
their anger.
I live every day afraid
that someone'll show up
like that prick in the alley,
wanting to punish me.
So what do you do?
I need to disappear.
Yeah, that's right. You should.
I But I need money.
I need enough to travel,
to buy a new identity,
to start over in peace.
I told you we got to go back,
kill all them niggas, bro.
Fucking right.
Let's tear they ass up, man.
We got to wipe them out.
Come on! Let's move!
Kel, we good!
You weak motherfucker.
I don't know anymore, Kel.
I don't know where to take you,
little man.
Mama. Cc-call Mama.
You're the one been saying
we got to protect Mama.
How we gonna do that if you
call her in on this shit?
I'll figure it out.
I can take you to Brockton.
Anton, I'll die
before Brockton.
I won't let you die.
Oh, fuck.
Mama, Kelvin needs help.
- We was shot.
- Where?
- We're at Copeland.
- Mama.
I'm coming.
Anton, you better not
be there.
I'm coming, baby.
Kelvin, I'm coming.
Shh, it's okay.
I'm here, baby.
Mama's got you.
Don't worry. I'm gonna take you
to some place safe.
Yes, baby.
You know I love you?
Don't go saying last words.
You're not gonna die, Kelvin.
I'm your mama.
You do what I tell you to do.
Ma, I got to say
what I need to say.
Your love is special.
Everyone you know, you make 'em
feel like they matter.
I'm proud of you, Mama.
I ju I just wanted
to make you proud of me.
I'm sorry, Mama.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry
I can't make life better.
Kelvin, did Anton
shoot Siobhan?
Might've killed
little Raina, too.
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