City on a Hill (2019) s02e07 Episode Script


Suspenseful music
[Maeve] There's no escaping
their anger.
I need to disappear.
I need enough to travel,
to buy a new identity,
to start over in peace.
When are we gonna
see Dad again?
We're not going back there
anymore, okay?
I thought
we were doing business.
Go back to your slice of town,
- Oh! Uh-uh. No.
- Leave me be.
Not until I get some mud.
I said, fuck the fuck off.
The bullet's been successfully
removed from her clavicle.
Pregnancy's still viable.
[Jackie] A subpoena
for the Tenants' Association
financial records.
Come on, let's move!
[indistinct shouting]
Weak motherfucker.
[metallic door slams]
[indistinct chatter]
Do we know whose blood that is?
Not yet.
But based on who's dead
up there,
we can make
a pretty good guess.
It's the Campbell brothers.
Cocksuckers don't know
how to quit.
Kids turn vicious
when they feel trapped.
And trapped they shall be.
[siren wailing]
Three dead. Copeland crew.
- Any witnesses?
- One.
Claims he saw
two young Black males
fleeing the scene,
one dragging the other.
There's a trail of blood
goes through the basement
right to the back door.
Hospital intakes?
BPD checked Mass General,
Boston City, St. Eligius
no gunshot victims
matching our description,
but based on the amount
of blood in there,
I'd say that kid is either dead
or on the doorstep.
Which means Grace will be
keeping them close by.
Tense music
How is he?
Stable. Barely.
I removed the bullet,
sutured the wound,
but the blood loss
Kelvin needs a hospital.
Police will toss him in a cell.
Suspect dies in custody
is caught for a conviction
without a courtroom.
There's only so much
I'm able to do here, Grace.
You're a doctor!
In Nigeria, yes.
In Boston, I'm an orderly.
Well, you can take mine.
My blood. I'm O-negative.
I just don't have
the equipment.
Look, tell me
everything you need,
and I'll run and buy
what's necessary.
With blood on your clothes?
Take a moment to think.
Not now. Please.
Most of these
are at Baxter's Pharmacy
on John Street.
Thank you, Dr. Mensah.
Could I bother you
for another thing?
A coat.
Take whatever you like
from my closet.
Solemn music
Can't bring myself to pray.
Tired of begging.
Yeah, you and me both.
Two shortens the road.
What's that?
Oh, it's this
it's this thing we say.
Um, it's our version
of "misery loves company."
So, uh,
I have to admit,
I'm a bit embarrassed
about the commotion
the other night.
Don't be.
I'm-I'm glad I was there.
I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't happy
hitting that bastard.
Aye, but to ask for money,
to burden you with my problems.
It's not how I was raised.
Yeah, life turns you
into the one thing
you swore you'd never be.
Maeve, you're a good person.
You deserve a lot better.
[bell tolling]
[Maeve] Have you decided
to sing the solo?
I'm leaning towards yes,
but I'm-I'm
absolutely terrified.
You know, most people
think fear is a bad thing.
A bully or weakness.
It's not.
Fear is a compass.
Tells you where to go
and where not to go.
You know, every time
my quartermaster
tasked me with an assignment
even little chores
like delivering messages
or buying food
for a safe house
I was afraid.
But what scared me the most
were the things
that I knew I had to do.
Sing the goddamn song, Jenny.
[TV playing indistinctly]
[Cathy] Guys, if you're hungry,
there's cutlets in the fridge.
Where are you going?
I, uh
I gotta run a couple errands.
Look, if you guys
need anything,
you call Miss Bartha
downstairs, all right?
Call her.
Nobody leaves the apartment,
nobody comes in.
- [Tony] Okay.
- [Cathy] Nobody.
What about Grandma?
Especially not her.
[door latch clicking]
I'm trusting you.
[door slams]
[knock at door]
Tense music
Hey, Grace, can I come in?
No, you may not.
How are the kids?
One piece, I hope.
You hear there was
another shooting
over there in Copeland Park?
[clicks tongue]
Three dead young men.
I don't know.
Just seems like
whatever we do
you with your coalition,
me with the FBI, you know
the violence,
it just never seems to stop.
You know that word,
It's like when you bring up
a delicate subject
by claiming not to bring up
said subject.
It's like, uh, you know,
mentioning without mentioning.
I'll give you an example.
I don't need to say
that your sons are responsible
for those three corpses
over there in Copeland Park
'cause you and I both know
that Kelvin and Anton
are fuckin' murderers.
You watch your words
when you talk
about my family in my house.
Everyone always
forgets the shoes.
I don't know why, but they do.
You have the right
to remain silent, Nana.
[cell door slams]
She ask for a lawyer?
Not yet.
Make any calls?
Not a word.
Kind of a nice change of pace,
her shutting the fuck up.
You should follow suit.
Why Grace Campbell?
Why-why couldn't anyone else
be sitting in that cell?
Because she aided and abetted
the man that shot your wife.
Look, she's not a criminal.
She a decent person,
indecent situation.
Well, 99% of the time,
that's exactly
what a criminal is.
Usually, we could only hold her
for 48 hours, but
If there's
exigent circumstances
shoes covered in blood
we could detain a suspect
for as long
as we can justify at trial.
Now, why change tacks
just 'cause
it's Grace Campbell?
Let's let the bitch stew.
By the blood
That flowed from thee
[singing indistinctly]
That flow from
Hey, I got something
I need to tell you.
Oh, fuck. What happened?
I'm gonna sing a choir solo.
Ten o'clock mass this Sunday.
Jesus Christ, Jen,
you deliver good tidings
like a fucking undertaker.
Well, with you,
good tidings die real fast.
Not this time.
No. I'm proud of you.
What do you say
we celebrate, huh?
Caffé Vittoria.
You, me, Benny.
That's sweet, but we can't.
Is that banshee lady
coming over again?
No, Maeve will not
be joining us.
Fuck my ass, not your mother.
Oh, God, no.
All right, so who?
Well, Benny invited her friend.
Uh, Faust.
Faust Aquino.
So Faust.
Why the fuck you wearing a tie?
Dad, how about we try
hospitality for a change?
No, I'm-I'm-I'm
genuinely interested.
Was the tie your mother's idea?
Did my daughter tell you
to make a good impression?
I'm old enough to dress myself,
Mr. Rohr.
The tie felt appropriate.
All right.
A straight answer.
Declarative sentence.
I like this kid.
Ah, we're all thrilled
to hear that, Jackie.
How about we just, uh,
keep on eating?
Well, normally,
when people eat, they talk.
I didn't offend you,
did I, Faust?
- No, no. Not at all.
- Oh.
That's a good name.
It's like that poem.
"I would myself
unto the devil deliver
if I were not a devil myself."
Yeah, my full name's
"Faustino," actually.
- Mm.
- You shouldn't have said that.
Now he's gonna tell us
about an Italian mobster
he arrested 20 years ago.
And ask if you two are related.
No, no, no, I'm sticking
to a polite line
of conversation.
- Scout's honor.
- Uh-huh.
I am. I am.
So Faust
where you going to college,
Uh, NYU. I hope.
Same as Benny.
Did you two plan this, or?
- No, we applied separately.
- [Faust] Right.
But I'd be happy
if we both ended up there.
Familiar face
in an unfamiliar territory.
Boston is like a town,
and New York's a city.
You gonna let them shit
all over Boston?
You always do.
I love Boston.
It's my home.
But I'm just ready
for something new, you know?
Hey, kid.
Before you go,
let me ask you a question.
What would you do
if I hit you right here,
right now?
Wait, what?
[Jackie grunts]
Good answer.
You're fucking insane.
Yeah, usually
[clears throat]
But if you're gonna be
with my daughter,
I need to know
that you can protect her.
[Faust coughs]
[car door clicks shut]
[Decourcy sighs]
[Siobhan groaning]
- Siobhan.
- [door rattling]
Baby, baby, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
Wha how can I help?
T-talk to me, baby, please.
What's wrong?
[fluid trickling]
[Siobhan] Shit.
[Decourcy] Sh Siobhan.
Talk to me, please?
I need to go to the hospital.
- [sobbing]
- Yeah. Okay.
Foreboding music
You want light or dark?
Come here.
Hey, ain't this Jimmy's spot?
Jimmy's gone.
From now on, you come find me.
And who are you?
There ain't no need for names.
First, I thought
you were a hooker.
Yeah, thanks, asshole.
I was being nice.
How the fuck is that nice?
Suspenseful music
foreboding music
Faust was a hit.
You said the same thing
last night.
What, are you going senile?
Yeah, you wish.
Be the happiest day
of your life
you put me in a fucking home.
Hey, Benny likes Faust,
Faust likes Benny.
That's what matters.
Do you know in France
that you can marry dead people?
Yeah, it's got something to do
with the, uh,
soldiers or the-the coal miners
taking care of their loved ones
or something.
I don't know.
I read that,
but I can't remember where,
which probably means that
I made the whole thing up.
I need money, Jackie.
Okay. For what?
Uh, to help a friend.
She's having a hard time.
Let me guess: the Irish one.
Maeve. Yeah.
Okay, yeah, so ju-just
to be clear,
you don't need money;
someone you barely fuckin' know
needs money.
I know the poor girl
well enough
to wanna make sure
that she's okay.
She's not a girl!
She's a grown fuckin' woman.
She moved over here
all by herself.
I-I don't need your approval
to do something decent.
Then why did you ask me?
'Cause that's what
husbands and wives do!
They actually
talk things through.
How much does she need?
A couple thousand.
No fucking way.
If you were going through shit,
wouldn't you want
someone to care?
No, because I fix things
on my own.
And what if you couldn't?
When that day comes,
you slip me some hemlock,
and you bury me
in the backyard.
I already dug the hole.
But go ahead, go ahead.
Convince me.
What does Maeve
need the money for?
She got caught up with the IRA.
They forced her
to do some evil shit.
She came here to escape,
but now they're after her.
Boston is an IRA vacation town!
They send soldiers
to Southie to hide
or-or to restock the armory!
Jackie, the other night,
some maniac
grabbed her in an alley.
I mean, thank God I was there
to stop him and
You stopped him?
Well, I hit him with a brick.
And I'm being serious here.
These people
are fucking animals.
Stay away from Maeve.
I brought this into our home.
We both did.
[alarm beeping]
You can't keep hitting snooze.
You gotta get up.
[alarm stops]
Can you do something for me?
Get rid of any reminders.
[knock at door]
There are two police officers
parked out front.
Yeah, yeah.
They're to protect us.
- All right, come on.
- Good.
It's good.
I'm sure, after last night,
you might want your privacy.
You want your privacy.
I can turn around and go.
No, no, no, no,
it's-it's all right.
We, uh
we're happy to have you.
Yeah, we're-we're happy
to have you.
Is Siobhan awake?
She's awake,
but, um, still in bed.
I know it feels like
the end of the world.
Yeah, but
another day has dawned.
[Dan] We didn't win yet.
Not even close.
- Are you listening to me?
- [Jackie] Mm-hmm.
[Dan] Grace Campbell
can make our lives
the worst kind of hell.
I've already gotten calls
from a dozen
Afro-American ministers,
from the president
of the city council,
from fucking
Acting Mayor Menino.
So no scare tactics,
no bullying,
none of your
Calico Jackie shit.
This is a conversation.
The end goal being?
To convince her to cooperate.
Have you talked to Decourcy
about this?
No way this is one case
I refuse to let him steamroll.
Look, Grace's lawyer
is on his way over here.
Can I count on you for once
in your shithead life
to be tactful and persuasive?
Are you kidding me?
I could sell dick brownies
to a dyke on a diet.
What did I just say?
Here you go, angel.
Tea makes me nauseous.
I only steeped the bag
for 30 seconds
and added a little honey,
just how you like.
Please don't baby me.
[Eloise] You are my baby.
I can't help myself.
You get the day off
from being sorry.
You hurt;
it's as simple as that.
But the hurt
that you're feeling,
it's called motherhood.
I have the same ache
in my heart right now.
Only difference is,
I get to use that pain
to take care of my child.
Before I had you
I had two miscarriages.
Your dad and I
thought we were cursed.
But all of those
sleepless nights
and all of the tears, and
all of the doctors
they all led to you.
[footsteps approaching]
You're gonna be late.
Hey. No, no, no.
I already called Guy Dan.
Told him I wasn't coming in.
- Mm-mm. No, no, no.
- [Decourcy] Yeah.
You can't be cooped up.
That's the last thing
you need right now.
Don't worry about me.
I-I'm worried about me, okay?
My mom's here,
and she's gonna stay,
and I can't have both of you
fawning over me
because there's only
but so much tea I can drink.
You sure?
I'm gonna go take a shower,
and after that,
the bathroom's all yours.
Sentimental music
Forget every nice thing
I said about Grace Campbell.
You put her boy away.
You bury
that whole fucking family.
Ominous music
My client told you ad nauseam
she does not know
where Anton is.
That's true; what's also true
is that
I don't fucking believe her,
because the last time we sat
in this room,
she lied to my face.
I equivocated behind your back.
Had to
out of self-preservation.
At any point
in this investigation,
did Mr. Rohr mention
that he forced himself
into Ms. Campbell's home
without a warrant twice?
I had probable cause.
To put a loaded
government-issued firearm
to her head?
You know,
there's nothing better
than listening to a lie
when you know the truth?
That accusation
is categorically false.
Moving on.
How about Kelvin?
Do you know where he is?
Kelvin had nothing to do
with what happened
to Siobhan Quays.
Still a drug dealer.
Still wanted in not one,
not two,
but three ongoing
murder investigations.
Kelvin needs medical treatment.
If Kelvin needs a doctor,
he's got one.
What else?
My client is requesting
a letter
from both the FBI
and the DA's office
supporting Braxton Summit's
application for HUD funding.
We want any charges related
to Anton's bail money dropped,
and Ms. Campbell's affidavit
claiming she was with her son
the night of the shooting
expunged from the record.
You're asking for an awful lot
without offering
much in return.
Nobody likes a lady who takes
without giving.
When I was a kid,
my dad used to
tell me this joke
not to make me laugh.
He was educating.
He said,
"The good citizens of Boston
hate two things:
racism and Black people."
Funny, right?
We teach our children
at a young age
that the system is broke.
That the system takes
without giving.
[Jackie] You've been swimming
against the undertow
for a while, we know.
But this? This is not that.
We can make
your false alibi disappear.
You stole money from a federal
fucking housing project,
and we can make that go away.
But the one thing that
we can't pretend didn't happen?
The baby died.
Siobhan's baby.
She was pregnant
when Anton shot her.
Now, do you really
wanna protect him?
Were you in my closet?
My dad is dead.
[silently mouths words]
I'm sorry.
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
I just
I didn't tell you 'cause
'cause I don't believe
he's gone, myself.
Any more than I believe
this place is our home.
I'm just not ready
to admit that.
But sweetheart,
I promise you,
I am gonna make things better.
Sweetheart, it's okay
to be sad about it, okay?
Don't fucking touch me!
You gotta be
fucking kidding me.
You made a deal
with Grace Campbell?
That's what we do, isn't it?
Make deals.
Could've talked to me.
Asked my opinion
out of courtesy.
I could have.
But you're liable to be biased,
given the circumstances
Fucking biased.
Have you considered the fact
that Anton is probably gone?
And you let Grace off the hook
for nothing?
What would you
have me do instead?
Lock her in a cell
till he's locked in a cell.
Come on.
You don't cure syphilis
by cutting off your cock,
and you don't close a case
by beating down the one person
who can give you
the information you need.
Do you remember what happened
when we made a deal
with Jimmy Ryan?
That's all on you, pal.
Besides, Grace Campbell
is not Jimmy Ryan.
Explain to me how, hmm?
Go home, Decourcy.
Be with Siobhan.
And tell my wife what?
That we're here buddying up
with a woman who lied,
obstructed justice,
to help a murderer
evade capture?
There are 50 ADAs I could've
assigned to this case,
but to make sure everything's
being done properly,
I'm handling
all the details myself.
You wanna question
my judgement?
But deep down,
you know I'm right.
Remember that next time.
Sir, yes, sir.
The next time my wife is shot,
I'll stay the hell
out your way.
I know you're out there, Rohr.
I can feel you scheming.
You put a gun
to the woman's head?
I was in a mood.
[Maeve] Have you made any
progress finding your father?
[Jenny] I think I'm gonna
table that idea permanently.
Do you know how the UVFs
kill Catholics?
They knock on your door,
and then they stab you
in the heart.
If you're home alone,
they cut you to pieces.
That's how my dad died.
You know, at first,
I was angry
at the Protestants
for their cruelty,
at my dad for fighting them
but now I just wish
that he was here
to answer my questions
or listen to me complain.
If there's anything
that you want to tell your dad,
do so
while you still can.
This is, uh, it's $5,000.
Go on.
Sentimental music
I don't-I don't know
what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
Just take care of yourself,
Foreboding music
The fuck you doing here?
They catch you with your hand
up a cassock?
These are very dangerous times,
Mr. Rohr.
I work for the FBI.
Got anything particular
in mind?
There's only so much I can say,
and I wasn't privy
to the whole story,
but you have a right to know
at least part of the truth.
What do you say
we skip the opening prayer
and get right
to Holy Communion?
"Thou shalt not steal."
So somebody got robbed.
In a way, yes.
In a way, no.
Please stop speaking
in fucking tongues.
Somebody asked for money
very recently,
and I believe this individual
got what she asked for.
Sallow Irish cunt.
All right, you're gonna tell me
everything that you know,
and don't give me any shit
about the seal of confession.
I believe the person
in question
intends to buy guns.
[playing note]
By the blood
that flowed from
No, that's too low.
By the blood
That flowed from
You gave my money
to that fucking terrorist?!
After I told you to stay away?
It's our money.
And I'm not gonna apologize,
so spare me your rant.
Fuck my rant!
I should arrest you.
What, for stealing
what you stole?
Hey, does your boss know
about all the cash
we got hidden in the basement?
That's getaway money, Jen.
You weren't supposed
to touch it
unless it's
a fucking emergency.
Do you know how pathetic it is
that we even have
getaway money, Jackie?
But I didn't take that, okay?
So back off.
I went to the bank,
and I made a withdrawal
from the account
that we been sharing
for 20 goddamn years.
I did a good deed!
And I feel good about that,
so shut up
and let me have this.
That woman
is a con artist, Jen.
You got fleeced as usual.
And by the way, that midlife
crisis tattoo of yours?
That's what's fucking pathetic!
Oh, yeah, you didn't say that
in the bedroom!
Hi, Mama.
Kelvin's been asleep
since I got here.
He all right?
He lost a lot of blood.
Is he gonna die?
I don't know.
I've been praying
every five minutes,
begging and bargaining.
Maybe it's time for a hospital.
Why'd you shoot Siobhan?
I didn't.
And I'll do it again and again
till I knock the lying
out of you!
If I say anything,
you become an accomplice
after the fact.
Do you have any idea
where I just came from?
I'm already an accomplice.
I didn't know Siobhan
was in the car.
That doesn't answer
my question.
[Anton] Her husband was gonna
keep coming after us.
He wasn't gonna stop.
I had to push back
to protect our fam
You failed, Anton!
I made a mess,
and I don't know
how to clean this one up.
But if there's anything
I can do
to get you to stop
walking around, hating me
You're right.
Kelvin does need to go
to a hospital.
Out of state would be safer.
St. Veno Wall is in Providence.
All right, let's go.
When he wakes up.
Afram said
we could borrow his car.
The police
will be looking for yours.
And after that,
you and me, we're done.
Hey, what are you doing?
[Benedetta] You can't hear
your pitch
when your stomach's growling.
Aw, what a nice surprise.
Thanks, darling.
You know, I'll start
with coffee.
You should avoid hot and cold
when you're trying to sing.
Bad for the throat.
Drink water.
No ice.
How the hell do you know that?
Wow, you really are
your father's child.
I'm not sure
that's a compliment.
Hey, have you seen him
this morning?
He was gone before I woke up.
Maybe he went to church early,
got the good seat.
Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi,
mi, mi, mi
I can do this,
I can do this
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for including me.
Is your dad coming?
He fuckin' better.
And for the deceased,
for the sick, and for all those
unable to be here today,
let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, hear my prayer.
Mournful organ music
Jesus, savior
Hear our cry
Thou wert suffering
Once as we
Hear the loving
We thy children
Sing to thee
By the blood
That flowed from thee
In thy bitter
By the scourge
So meekly borne
By thy purple robe
Of scorn
Jesus, savior
Hear our cry
Thou wert suffering
Once as we
Hear the loving
We thy children
Sing to thee
Main Source's
"Live at the Barbeque"
Street's disciple,
my raps are trifle
I shoot slugs from my brain
just like a rifle
Stampede the stage,
I leave the microphone split
Play Mr. Tuffy while
I'm on some Pretty Tone shit
Verbal assassin,
my architect pleases
When I was 12,
I went to hell
For snuffing Jesus
Nasty Nas is a rebel
to America
Police murderer,
I'm causing hysteria
Science is dropped,
my raps are toxic
My voice box locks
and excels like a rocket
Hey, it's like that y'all
(That y'all)
That y'all (That y'all)
that y'all (That y'all)
That y'all (That y'all)
that y'all (That y'all)
That y'all (That y'all)
That's all!
Fatal is merciful
and they curse me
When I grip the mic,
I show no mercy
I got heart,
I rip the party apart
From the seams
and hem 'em up
Like bell-bottom jeans
But you get done,
you get blues like 501
Brothers are live,
but I bet ya I'm liver, son
So round up your crew
and entourage
And let the God merciful
just take charge
Hey, yo, it's like
that y'all (That y'all)
That y'all (That y'all)
that y'all (That y'all)
That y'all (That y'all)
that y'all (That y'all)
Hi, Mama.
Hi, Anton.
Kelvin good?
He's in the car.
Got him some breakfast.
That was sweet of you.
When did it get so fancy
around here?
New money, new houses,
new people.
Remember Kelvin
used to mess around down here?
Came home crying
'cause Anthony Bruno
ripped his "He-Man" shirt.
I used to tease him
for crying like a baby,
and you told me,
"Shut up or help."
So I went to school
the next day,
smacked the Bruno kid around,
they had you come pick me up.
I thought you were gonna
whup my ass in the car.
You never said nothing.
So I'm thinking, "Uh-oh.
She gonna wait till we get home
and really hit me
with some preaching."
So we walked in the door.
You still ain't talking,
so I asked you,
"Am I in trouble?"
And you say,
"You don't fight
with your family.
You fight for them."
Then you went back to work.
You were cold
for that one, Mama.
I'm okay.
- I'm okay.
- [siren wailing]
Get down
on the motherfuckin' pavement!
Get down! Get the fuck down!
Get on the motherfuckin' ground
right now!
On the ground, Anton!
Get on the fucking ground!
Suspect moving up the stairs.
- [Jackie] Get down. Get down.
- [Chris] Let's go, Anton!
It's over!
Suspect is inside.
Standing by.
Suspenseful music
Hold your fire!
There could be
civilians inside!
Holding fire.
Trying to make contact.
Anton, think about it!
- [Grace] Let me talk to him.
- [Jackie] No, no, down!
Let me talk to him!
[Chris] Too late for that.
Way too late.
Anton, think about it!
[Grace] Anton!
Anton, come talk to me.
Put the gun down!
Anton, stop
before you hurt somebody!
He might be coming your way.
Be ready but do not engage.
Do not engage.
No way out, Anton!
Come on, kid.
Drop the gun and come out.
Anton, please! Please, listen!
[Jackie] Drop the gun
and come the fuck out!
Fuck this.
I'm going in.
Sergeant said "do not engage."
I'm not gonna sit here
waiting for this motherfucker
to pick us off.
You got nowhere to run, Anton.
Nowhere to go.
Is my mom still out there?
Yeah, she's here.
Take her home, man.
[Grace] Anton, come out
before somebody gets hurt!
I said, take her home!
[Chris] We don't wanna
hurt you, Anton.
Throw the gun on the porch,
put your hands in the air,
and walk towards me.
Get her outta here, man!
[Chris] Come out
with your hands in the air.
I said, get her outta here!
She's with us, Anton.
How else would we know
where to find you?
Somber music
Throw the gun out.
We got you surrounded, Anton.
You ain't got nowhere to go.
Be smart and drop
the motherfuckin' gun.
Tense music
- [Grace] No! No!
- [officer] Shots fired!
Shots fired!
- [Grace] Let me go to him!
- [Jackie] Oh, no, no.
- [Grace] Let me go to him!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, no.
- Let me go! That's my son!
- Hey, hey, hey! Come here!
- No!
[Grace sobbing]
No! No!
[Jackie] Take her away.
Get her away.
No! My son!
All clear, Sarge.
[officer] Suspect is down.
Suspect is down.
No! No!
Somber music
foreboding music
- [grunts] Fuck!
- Fuck happened?!
What'd you want me to do?
What I told you to do.
Block him the fuck in!
I had a clear path
to apprehend the suspect.
He wasn't gonna surrender,
so I took a chance.
He fuckin' wheeled on me,
He wheeled on me!
I fired.
Give me the gun.
- Go back to the station.
- [groans]
Don't do a fucking thing
till I say.
Give me your fucking gun.
Tuck your tail
between your legs
and get the fuck outta here.
This ain't a fuckin' tail,
You just didn't have the balls
to do what needed to be done.
You're going to tell me
what happened.
every fucking detail.
I wasn't there, sir.
I was outside.
- You were outside?
- Yes, sir.
Get the fuck outta here.
[thunder rumbling]
[indistinct radio chatter]
I'm so sorry, Grace.
No. You're not.
I understand how you feel.
No, you don't.
You weren't trapped.
Not like us.
Could've walked away.
You still can.
I shouldn't have trusted
any of you.
Somber music
How in the name
of bleeding Jesus
did this turn into Ruby Ridge?!
Tony Suferin
was under my command.
I take full responsibility.
Yeah, you do that.
I'm gonna stick
to whatever story
makes this mess go away.
Man, fuck all that.
I will not let this go away.
Our job is
to prosecute criminals,
to remove dangerous men
from society,
and it seems pretty clear to me
that Officer Suferin
is one of them.
You wanna go after BPD again?
I don't wanna "go after"
I want an investigation.
Due process.
Justice should work both ways.
We need to handle this
Oh, it can be delicate.
But we still gonna handle it.
You know,
ever since that night,
all I wanted to do
was lay my hands on the kid.
Just hurt Anton the way
he hurt Siobhan, you know?
Then I got what I wanted.
Now I just feel like shit.
You didn't kill him.
No, but he's still dead.
It bothers me.
It should bother you too.
First time I ever used my gun
on the job
I was-I was working at a desk.
I was out in the field
and I get called back
to headquarters,
I'm assuming to get fired.
Agent in charge takes me
to Parker's
for beer and oysters.
Ho Chi Minh
and fucking Malcolm X
washed dishes in this place,
and here I am,
getting the royal
fucking treatment
'cause I killed a bad guy.
Now, see that
that's conditioned behavior.
You know there were Americans
in Hiroshima
when we dropped the bomb?
POWs, navy pilots
shot down over the Pacific.
Killed 100,000
Japanese civilians,
but shame only crept in
when a dozen of our own died.
There's an Us,
and there's a Them.
That's what this country is
the whole fucking world, even.
Borders on a map, religions,
fucking football teams.
Us and Them.
Say it like it's a good thing.
No, it's not good,
it's not bad,
it's just the way things are.
The price of hate.
[monitor beeping]
Time to go, Ms. Campbell.
I didn't tell Kelvin
about his brother.
I couldn't bring myself
to wake him up like that.
We unbreakable now, baby.
Ain't nothing left to break.
Come on, Ms. Campbell.
I'll take you home.
Soft rock music
Lenny Kravitz's "What the
Fuck Are We Saying"
Oh, will we
ever understand?
Or is the fate of man
at hand?
Oh, will we live,
or shall we die?
How will we ever know
If we never try?
The government's
the devil's hands
It's a lie and it's a scam
They wind us up
Put us down,
and watch us go
And if you close your eyes
There's a big surprise
What the fuck
are we saying?
Do we feel
what we dream about?
We've got
to keep on a-praying
And one day
we'll see the light
I've been lost
in the name of love
And we kill
our brothers daily
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