City on a Hill (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

Pax Bostonia

Forget every nice thing
I said about Grace Campbell.
You bury
that whole fucking family.
I want justice.
I want justice
for Decourcy Ward.
I want justice for his wife.
Is my ma still out there?
She's with us, Anton!
How else would we know
where to find you?
No! No!
- Fuck!
- What the fuck happened?
He fucking wheeled
on me, Chris.
He wheeled on me!
Don't fucking touch me!
No. Holly! Hey! Hey!
You know what?
Fuck you.
I'm gonna find him myself.
Oh, and if you do,
don't expect
a touching reunion.
Now, I made this choice.
It's a permanent reminder
of who I am, what I stand for.
Go on.
I did a good deed,
and I feel good about that!
So shut up
and let me have this.
Thought you were off
to Lakeville.
Who'd you have to screw
to stay?
No one yet.
Now tell me what the fuck's
going on,
or I'm gonna start
a little rumor
that you and your partner
are playing dick hockey
in the back of your Toyota.
Arms deal
went belly up last night
three bog-trotters and a Greek.
Used the casket
to smuggle weapons.
Got five rifles,
two semi-automatics,
couple of handguns.
To what exotic location
were they attempting
to transport the weapons?
To the IRA, I'm guessing.
"Killing is forbidden
unless you kill
in large numbers
and to the sound of trumpets."
You know this one?
Never seen her before
in my life.
Hey, Decourcy. Good to see you.
I'm glad you came out to play.
That's what we're doing?
I'm not sure. I'm still sober.
Weller, double,
but in two glasses.
- Very good.
- Hennessy, rocks, please.
You believe this clusterfuck
in Los Angeles
Rodney King?
Two cops were found guilty.
Yeah, and two more,
guilty as Pontius Pilate,
were deemed innocent.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right, now, look,
you didn't call me here to talk
about shitstorms
in Los Angeles, huh?
I want you at the table with me
for Kelvin Campbell's trial.
What we have in Braxton Summit
is a hornet's nest
stinging this city
a thousand times a day
with drugs and killings.
Kelvin's brother shot my wife.
Sitting at his trial
would look like
I'm after schoolyard revenge.
Revenge to some,
justice to most.
You don't need me.
The case is all there.
Just use the-the rule
of felony murder.
A Copeland gang member
was killed by a Braxton boy.
Doesn't matter
if Kelvin Campbell
pulled the trigger
he was present.
End of story.
Guilty as charged.
You are so goddamn full
of self-righteous piety,
- you don't see what I'm asking.
- Mm.
The jury is five whites,
seven Blacks.
Doesn't matter how guilty
Kelvin is.
I'll look like a towering,
vindictive Caucasian bully
trying to convict
a baby-faced kid.
Ah, you need me to be
your token Black boy.
I want you to do
your fucking job.
I'm asking to be polite.
The Youth Strike Task Force
Officer Tony Suferin
I want his fucking badge,
I want him in Walpole
for executing Anton Campbell,
and I want all your attention
paid to the cause.
After we convict Kelvin, yes.
Annie Lennox,
what are you writing?
- Don't touch that!
- Oh.
You still pissed off about me
missing that church solo?
Was your little friend
Maeve there?
But I didn't expect her to.
Right now Maeve's probably
sitting on a beach
somewhere in California,
sipping a mai tai.
I'm happy for her,
starting a new life somewhere,
and I'm happy
I helped her get there.
Yeah, well, sometimes we do
things that we think are good,
but they don't necessarily
turn out that way, you know?
That sounds like something
you tell somebody
before you give them bad news.
No, no, no, no. No.
You-you what you did
was good
for Maeve.
And-and, listen, you know,
about the church solo,
I'm gonna be there next time,
- I swear to God.
- Yeah.
I'm guessing God's pretty tired
of hearing you
swear to Him all the time.
- Come here. Come here.
- Oh, God, what are you doing?
Is this your way
of saying "I'm sorry"?
Okay. Okay.
Miss, I'm gonna need
some more sugar.
You're not worried
about diabetes?
I'm distracting my heart
from the impending angina.
I'm guessing that
you're not here
out of concern
for my continued good health.
I have a project for you.
I know there's thin ice
under your feet
'cause of Holly Gunner.
This could help you
skate across that ice.
Holly Gunner's
got nothing to do with me,
but if you're interested
in my assistance,
I'm happy to listen.
Cop who shot Campbell
Tony Suferin.
I want to put him away.
He murdered Anton Campbell.
That could be the big, splashy
front-page comeback, huh?
I mean, it'll keep you
from getting transferred
to nowhere.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
You want me to help you
bust a white cop?
No, thanks.
I was hoping we could talk.
All right,
come up to the office.
It's personal,
not a legal matter.
- You here about Kelvin?
- Yes.
Seems to me
that's personal and legal.
Uh, Siobhan, I truly believe
that there's still hope
for Kelvin.
I want him to have a chance
to finish school,
find a job, have a family.
I've always admired you
maybe more than my own mother.
Your impact on the community
is what inspired me
to go to law school
where I studied
the definition of crime,
the reality
of evidence and facts.
Maybe deep down
Kelvin is a good kid,
but the bottom line
he broke the law.
I see.
This is nothing more
than payback for Anton.
Don't you go there, Grace.
Anton took Raina
from Gloria and Darron.
When he shot me,
he took away my future.
I grieve for your pain. I do.
And I pray that God
fills your heart once more.
But the system
killed both our babies.
Anton is a grown man
who knew what he was doing.
Siobhan, I watched my son die.
Mine died inside of me!
I'm sorry.
You are?
Then why wasn't that
the first thing you said?
Uh, Mrs. Ryan?
What are you doing here?
I read a book by a guy, um,
Dale Carnegie,
and he says a good businessman
should get close
to his subcontractors.
Look, my kids
are two seconds behind me.
Can we please just meet
at the Ebb Tide
on Thursday like we agreed?
You missed
our last appointment.
You need to pay me
what you owe.
I need a couple more days.
Cute kids.
Hey, guys. Come on.
Bus is here. Let's go.
I'll see you at the Ebb Tide.
And, Mrs. Ryan?
Don't be late.
Ma, who was that?
Don't worry about it.
Just let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Where's your sling?
Well, I went
to the doctor today,
and he said I was fine.
I just need to keep doing
the exercises.
That's wonderful.
And then Grace paid me
a lovely visit at the office.
About Kelvin's trial, huh?
That, and she attempted
to apologize for Anton,
but I didn't let her.
Just 'cause
she asked for forgiveness
doesn't mean
you have to be ready for that.
- Yeah.
- You don't ever have to be.
Not ever.
So, instead, I lied and said
I wouldn't help Kelvin,
when the truth is, I can't do
a damn thing about it.
He's so young.
In Roxbury,
in those projects.
Oh, no, Siobhan, look
the majority of young people
in Braxton Summit
haven't made the choices
that he and his brother made.
Yeah, and Grace
worked really hard
to give them better options.
Letting Kelvin
walk away from what he's done
is not the right answer.
I'm not saying
that he's innocent.
I'm just saying that,
you know, he
he shouldn't be crushed
for a past
that he didn't deserve.
I don't know.
Let's just change the subject.
How was work?
Well, the lawsuit
I've been working on for months
was handed over to Myers.
Partners are coddling me
like I'm a porcelain doll,
They just want
what's best for you.
Yeah, well, I'm the only person
who knows what's best for me,
and if I say I'm ready to work,
I'm ready to work.
Did you get my messages?
I've been trying to reach you
for an hour.
I got a meeting.
Is this important?
For me, no.
For you, very.
The Office
of Professional Responsibility
is calling you in for a review.
The board doesn't conduct
these interviews
unless they're sure
they have cause.
So you can forget
about a transfer to Lakeville.
This could mean a boot
to your backside.
Do you know Buddy Cianci?
Mayor of Providence?
Convicted of assaulting the guy
who was sleeping
with his ex-wife.
He's my hero.
Comes from nothing,
amazing career.
Even after
they forced him to resign,
he still came back
and got reelected as mayor.
Nothing's stopping the guy.
They're gonna pick through
every case you've ever had,
and you've done
a lot worse things
than beat up some idiot.
You know the raid
that I was on?
The raid that killed
Anton Campbell?
I can deliver the white cop
that murdered that kid.
According to the BPD,
that shooting was justifiable.
The bullet in the back
of Anton's head
tells a different story,
and bullets don't lie.
You want to be having dinner
at the White House
with Bill and Hillary?
You can bury this rogue,
racist cop
with an airtight
civil rights case.
You are such
a fucking toothache.
I don't give a shit
about dinner
at the White House.
But you do care
about people in authority
hurting people that aren't.
In return for the white cop
Make this OPR bullshit go away.
Only if what you purport
to be true is actually true.
I want a reliable witness
willing to testify.
Hand on the Bible. Done.
Hey, Officer Wallace.
You look like the cat that
swallowed the canary, but
I'm not Tweety Bird,
Agent Rohr.
Fuck you.
You were with Suferin right
before he fired that shot,
so you know whether
he was defending himself
or he executed Anton Campbell.
I didn't see shit.
Officer Wallace.
I looked you up.
Your jacket's pretty clean.
BC criminal justice,
applied to the Staties,
decided to go with the BPD.
Wife, Carol, kid on the way.
Leave my family out of this.
Hey, I know you didn't murder
that fucking kid.
I need to hear you say
that he did.
He didn't.
Don't be a dope.
You are gonna be asked
under oath about what happened.
If you lie,
you're gonna be shit-canned
by the estimable
Boston police force.
A promising career,
squashed like
a fucking cockroach.
I rat on a fellow cop,
my career's in the toilet.
Yeah, but you're not gonna be
doing 20 years for perjury.
Plus, you get to keep
that nifty new car.
Okay, I'm-I'm gonna
give you some time
to ponder
your two alternate realities.
Time's up.
Not here.
I'll drive.
Come on.
All rise for the honorable
Judge Aloysius Farisi.
All right, let's, uh
let's get this cha-cha started.
Superior Court
is now in session.
Case number 93-CR-3-11-10,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Kelvin Demetrius Campbell.
I love you.
District Attorney Guy Dan,
the floor is all yours.
Ladies and gentlemen
this is a case
about violence
savage violence.
Your Honor, I am, regrettably,
forced to object.
The word "savage"
is biased and offensive.
Kelvin Campbell
has time and time again
shown himself
to be a dangerous,
- hard-hearted menace.
- Objection!
Your Honor,
this repeated interrupting
is clearly a tactic
by the defense
to derail my opening statement.
Objection overruled.
You will have your chance
to speak, Mr., uh, Kalil.
Let the man finish.
Uh, could you dance
a little faster, Guy?
The State will prove
that the defendant
is a drug dealer,
a gang member,
and a participant
in a triple homicide.
You're going to hear
from his mother
"My son is a saint."
Well, we're going to show you
that his halo is fake.
The defense will say
Kelvin Campbell is innocent
because he didn't pull
the trigger.
But is the man
who loads the gun innocent?
Is the man
who cheers the killer on
"Shoot! Shoot!"
free of guilt?
During this trial,
we will examine the attitudes,
the actions of Kelvin Campbell,
a man
whose life is teeming
with dark thoughts
and, yes, savage violence.
Christmas came early.
I'll compare notes
with the Suffolk County DA.
But it's
what I promised you, right?
Tony Suferin
whacked Anton Campbell.
White cop, Black victim, bingo.
Amazing you're so full of joy.
Russ Wallace will most likely
end up shot in the back.
Friendly fire.
Who gives a shit?
But did you do your part?
Did you clear me
out of that OPR hearing?
I tried.
You tried?
That doesn't mean
it won't go your way.
All you have to do
is not be Jackie Rohr.
You understand the charges
for which your son
is being tried?
I do, and the DA is wrong.
Your Honor, the witness
isn't a legal expert.
She is an expert on her son.
Why is
the district attorney wrong?
His whole life,
Kelvin has been a blessing.
He's grown into a young man
of strong moral character.
He would rather take on
the suffering of others
than see them in pain.
Can you be more specific?
He gave away his winter coat
to a neighbor boy
who wouldn't walk to school
'cause he was too cold.
That same winter,
without his coat,
he saw an older woman
slip on the ice, hit her head.
As cold as he was,
he helped her to a bench
and prayed with her
until the ambulance arrived.
That's the kind of
compassionate young man he is.
Your witness, Guy.
Does your son sell drugs
out of compassion?
You and Kelvin are close?
Yes, very.
I have here
your sworn statement
claiming that you were unaware
of his drug dealing
and other criminal activities.
If you and your son
are so very close,
how could you not know?
I like to see the good
in people.
Don't you?
I do.
Sadly, there is none
in this case.
Do you know Assistant
District Attorney Ward,
- working with me today?
- Yes.
And you know his wife, Siobhan.
You know she was shot,
and as a result,
she miscarried?
Objection. Relevance.
Yeah, help us out, Guy.
Where are you headed
with this line of questioning?
Mr. Kalil
has touted the witness
as a champion in her community
and a beacon of honesty.
But you're willing to lie,
aren't you,
when your family is involved.
Give false statements
to the police.
All right, that's enough.
That's enough.
You don't have to answer.
As for people getting shot,
most gunshot victims
in this city are Black
and from neighborhoods
like mine.
But no one's seeking justice
for them.
But now
assistant district attorney's
wife gets wounded,
Black couple living downtown,
and suddenly Boston cares?
Is she any better than me?
Solemn music
No further questions.
Why am I here?
I don't even know
what I'm doing here.
Perhaps I came here
to see Grace suffer.
Suffer like I did, like we did.
I should've known.
Only brought that suffering
back on myself.
These cycles of loss and grief,
of punishment and revenge.
Of course Grace
would attack me.
She was being attacked!
I couldn't sit there
and watch Guy Dan use us
and what we lost as a tactic
to hurt another family.
Baby, I got you. I got you.
I got you, baby.
Have you lost
your motherfuckin' mind?
Hey, do you mind?
I'm having a private moment.
You never said you were gonna
bring up my wife!
Maybe, but I never said
I wouldn't.
When I saw her coming
into the courtroom,
looking all angelic
I figured, "Why the fuck not?"
You crossed a line
bringing my family into this,
you rat bastard.
Rat bastard?
On a good day, yeah.
You call out Grace
for the damage done to Siobhan.
Look in the mirror, Counselor.
I filed a complaint
against the DA.
What Guy Dan did to your mother
was the worst form
of witness badgering.
Yeah, that was foul.
I will also try and suppress
the ballistics
from the Copeland shooting.
You seem nervous.
No, no. That's adrenaline.
We're gonna lose, aren't we?
Hard to say.
Look, I want to take the stand.
Kelvin, no. No way.
Desperate times,
desperate measures.
Guy Dan
will slice and dice him.
After what that DA
did to Grace?
Attacking Kelvin
may be the only thing
that gets that jury's sympathy.
Mr. Campbell, are you gonna
answer the question
while I'm still in my 60's?
My mother,
she got the mayor to send plows
when the Sanitation Department
forgot about us
after last winter's blizzard.
How is that
an answer to my question?
Mama read the Bible to us.
"Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you."
But, um
my brother and me
we did the opposite.
I-I deserve to be here today.
I-I deserve to be locked up.
Kelvin, stop.
I'm changing my plea.
Your Honor, I request a recess
to talk with my client.
I'm guilty.
Kelvin, why?
please take the defendant
in the back so that he may meet
with his attorney in private.
Tense music
This court is adjourned.
Dirty win.
I'll take what I can get.
Hey, I'm going to Regina's.
You want a slice?
Ooh, what's that?
Your letter of acceptance.
Or rejection.
You scared or what?
Actually, beyond scared.
Of what?
I don't know. If I don't
get in, if I do get in.
Let me see that thing.
It's so official, isn't it?
Ah, these things
get fancier and fancier.
You know,
when I got into college,
it was a single piece
of paper.
"Congrats. You're accepted.
Enjoy debt."
Yeah, none of this
even feels real to me.
You know, college
didn't feel real to me either.
Not until I flunked
my first course.
Or maybe it was
my first blackout.
Your boyfriend get in?
Yeah, he got a scholarship.
You know,
you've faced a lot, Bendrops.
You can face this.
I faced my past
because I know my past.
But this
- You got to open it.
- No, not me.
It's too much pressure.
No. Mm-mm.
I can't.
Oh, yeah.
For God sakes, Dad.
Congratulations, Benny.
You're gonna wake up
in the City That Never Sleeps.
God help me.
I'll go tell your ma.
No, I want to.
Mom! Mom!
You busy?
Working on chapter seven,
"From Selma to Montgomery,"
but I need a break.
I heard about the trial.
All over.
Are you relieved?
Mm, one thing gets solved,
another doesn't.
It's been quite a while since
you've been here at my office.
Well, I thought I'd save you
a trip to the apartment.
You must be sick
of our place by now.
And I'm sick of your cooking.
Ah, so tiny.
When you're a little girl,
everything seems
larger than life.
I feel like
I'm going backwards, Mom.
Like I've lost my way
in my career,
in my marriage.
This is a conversation
we've had before.
You work hard.
You care about your work.
What's different?
I want to make a dent
in our community like you do.
Like Dad did.
Then recharge your run
for City Council.
I'm not ready for that.
What do you have in mind?
What if I told you that
I'm gonna quit my job
at Rawls & Goodwin?
And do what?
I want to work for the ACLU.
that's a sharp turn.
Oh, for God's sake, Mom,
I need to know
if I'm making the right choice.
I can't tell you what to do.
You've been to hell and back.
You know your own mind
better than anyone else.
I will say this.
Siobhan Quays
will do what's best
Like the daughter I raised.
Like the woman you are.
Oh, you look like Atlas
about to shrug.
Uh, I'm just going
through the pregame checklist
of the shitty fucking day
that lies before me.
I'd be happy to console you
over whatever the bumps are,
but you never tell me
what's what.
You should be grateful
you don't share
that part of my life, Jen.
Mom, Dad, I'm headed to school.
- I'll see you later.
- Ah, bye, Benny.
I'm gonna miss that.
Carl Sagan says that someday
we're all gonna be able
to travel back in time.
I wouldn't mind going back
and reliving the day
she was born.
Life was simpler then.
Not even close to simple.
I can't let you loose
on the world
with a screwed-up Windsor.
Get over here.
Come here.
Kind of ironic that
I wear a knot
named after the man
that abdicated
the throne of England.
Well, guess it's fitting.
Agent Rohr,
you don't get to decide
whether or not this point
is covered or laid to rest.
You're right, Mr. Corchoran.
My mistake.
One of many, Mr. Rohr.
Yes, ma'am.
Are you actually contrite?
Are you admitting
mistakes were made?
I'm admitting that working
for 25 years
as a decorated
and successful field agent
in a tumultuous arena
has its challenges.
Two of your informants
Clay Roach and James Ryan
were murdered.
They didn't live casual lives.
Did you
investigate those murders?
- I did not.
- And why not?
The answer's
right in front of you.
My purview is not limited
to the deceased.
I carry a dozen cases,
a dozen informants.
I don't have time
for whodunnits.
Roach and Ryan helped you
close investigations,
yet your response
to their murders was what?
A shrug?
No, my response
was to do my job,
to honor my oath
to defend the Constitution
and the city of Boston.
Agent Rohr
the litany of alleged crimes
committed by you
in the course of your career
is disturbing.
It's mind-boggling.
But the reason
you are here today
is your involvement
in the drug overdose
of Assistant U.S. Attorney
Holly Gunner.
She was left
outside the ER of St. Eligius,
where, not coincidentally,
your former partner,
Salvatore Clasby,
is head of security.
Who, I'm assuming,
you've spoken to.
We have.
And what did he say?
His testimony is sealed,
but I think you know
what he said.
Mr. Rohr, please, no smoking.
You'll be fine.
Well, obviously,
all decorum and impartiality
have gone out
the fucking window.
You dragged me up here
to the sixth floor
predisposed to hang me.
Well, let me
save you some trouble.
Holly Gunner snorted
way too much cocaine and OD'd.
I didn't want her to die,
so I took her to the hospital
where my friend
Salvy Clasby worked
because I thought
that he could help me
keep her fuck-up a secret!
She had a family,
and she had a career,
and I didn't want her
losing everything
over one mistake.
Salvy, open up!
Hey, you looking
for Salvy and Tracy?
Yeah, dropping off some money
I owe 'em.
Yeah, they're gone.
Went on vacation.
When are they coming back?
No idea.
Lot of suitcases, though.
They even took the birdcage.
Ah, great.
Oh, and this one means
you'll graduate
summa cum laude from NYU.
Either way, going to college
in September should be fun.
Our lives will be
entirely different.
We'll have to force ourselves
to go to class,
get weekend jobs,
make our beds,
do our own laundry,
eat cafeteria food
or find really good pizza.
We'll be on our own.
Okay, you're right.
We're doomed.
Hey, why are you getting up?
Oh, my dad says
when a woman enters a room,
a gentleman stands.
Wow, your dad sounds like
a real Prince Charming.
Unlike my dad.
Do you want a soda or anything?
No thanks, ma'am.
Hey, Ma, Non called.
She asked me to take her
to physical therapy.
I hope you told her
to take a taxi.
Yeah, I was gonna, but someone
convinced me otherwise.
Oh, is that
your father's influence again?
My dad always says
family first.
Non also
was having trouble
at the pharmacy
with refilling
her prescription.
She wanted to know
if you could go down there
and straighten things out.
- Yeah, but why can't she?
- She tried.
Got kicked out of Hailer's
for using foul language.
Yeah, well, serves her right.
Ma, she needs the drugs.
She's carrying a lot of pain
right now.
Family first, Ma.
Hey, Faust,
tell your father
he can go fuck himself.
I'm not gonna work
for Rawls & Goodwin anymore.
After all that's gone on,
I need a change.
Hey, maybe now's not the time
to be making any big decisions.
I was shot.
Anton's dead.
Kelvin's in prison.
There's been a lifetime of pain
in the last two months,
and I know you feel it,
same as me.
For over a year now,
you've been killing yourself
to get made partner.
That was all ego.
I know that now.
Everything is ego, baby.
It just depends
on what you do with it.
I want to work for the ACLU.
I called them this morning.
The interview's tomorrow.
You know those cases
will put you
right in the middle
of social and civil injustices,
like, right back
to where you started
between Anton and me.
Hey, I got your meds,
but you got to take 'em
with food,
so I got you some sandwiches
from Bubba's.
She's in physical therapy.
That's not till four.
Uh, well,
an earlier slot opened up,
and she convinced Benny
to drive her.
Say, your daughter's
boyfriend, oh!
He's a handsome little fuck.
She better be careful
with that one.
God, you sound
just like Jackie.
He hates the idea
of Benny dating.
Ah, I guess I do, too.
But she's amazing, you know,
rebuilding her life.
She's gonna be okay.
Yeah? What about you?
You asked Rosa
about your father.
Yeah, and I got nothing
out of her.
Big surprise.
Well, what do you want to know?
Maybe I can enlighten you.
All these years he's dead,
and then out of the blue,
Ma says he's alive,
and he's a mooch.
I mean, what else
do I need to know?
Maybe knowing more
isn't important.
Maybe telling him
a few things is.
That's where
you'll find the shitbag.
You missed our date
at the Ebb Tide
Y-yeah, I know. I know.
I-I, uh, I was trying
to call you,
but my phone
got disconnected, so
so, y-you know.
The fucking NYNEX, man, you
you miss one payment,
right, and
Just you may have
medical bills, whatever else,
and they disconnect yous.
Double chilled Patrón.
- You remembered.
- On my tab.
We're indicting Suferin.
Marshals are arresting him
right now.
Well, that'll fuck up his day.
You made a solid case.
Thank you.
Stopped by your office.
They said you might be here.
The OPR is recommending
to the Inspector General.
He almost always goes along
with their recommendation.
I'm out.
Won't be official
for a couple weeks.
no appeal process, right?
You have to go to court
to be reinstated.
Or you can fly down to D.C.
and rim-job
the Director of the FBI.
Well, Freeh's
a good-looking guy.
If you close your eyes,
lips are lips.
Ahh. Fucking Barabbas
got a better deal.
You're happy.
You got to bury me.
You didn't even need a shovel
to do it, just Clasby's tapes.
They're firing your ass
because you deserve to go.
On second thought,
she's paying.
"From the Bible,
man has learned cruelty,
rape, and murder.
Belief in a cruel God
makes for a cruel man."
I need you to bless me, Father,
for I have sinned again.
You should keep an ashtray
in here.
Genesis 3:19
we all become ashes in the end,
Mr. Rohr.
Including your friend Maeve.
May her soul rest
in our Savior's peace.
Been meaning to call Jenny,
see how she's holding up.
They became quite close.
Jenny is under the impression
that she saved Maeve's mick ass
when she gave her that money.
She has no idea
that she actually
blew a fucking hole
in the wee lass' head,
and I would like
to keep my wife
in the proverbial dark
about that.
You have my word.
Is that what
you came to see me about?
Yes and no.
I said I have something
to confess.
Yeah, and what would that be?
Breaking and entering.
You see, I don't trust you,
Father Twat.
I never have.
So I figured
that I would check out
your personal space, you know?
See if there's
any child pornography,
leather whips, cock rings,
something I could
hold over you.
This burglary,
are you asking God
or me for forgiveness?
I also looked at the parish
financial records.
Remember that money
that I gave you last year?
That donation, $5,000?
It never made it into
the church's bank accounts.
You're stealing
from the parish.
And you're giving the money
to the IRA
to buy fucking guns,
just like poor dead Maeve.
Now, I don't always see
eye to eye with God,
but I'm pretty sure
that the Almighty
would not approve
of what you're doing here.
No one can speculate
what God's judgment will be.
Well, on a personal level,
I hope you're right about that,
but you should be
more concerned
about my judgment.
You see,
trafficking in firearms?
That's a federal crime.
That's five years imprisonment,
which is gonna be hard
for a hunk of cheese like you.
I'm a man of God,
but I'm also a man with a duty,
a duty to protect my people
against those bloody Unionists,
who'll murder an old lady
simply for crossing the street.
Look, I'm not here
for a debate, Doyle.
You send one more fucking dime
to your freedom-fighting
paddy pals,
and I will drag your ass
off of that pulpit
in handcuffs
and straight into deportation.
If I go back, I'm a dead man.
So we have a deal.
Yes, you fucking demon.
And if I needed you to testify
on my behalf, would you?
Not a chance.
That's harsh.
Well, how about
you perform an exorcism?
Come on, bless me, Father.
Yeah, with pleasure.
God, the Father of
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I want to I want to see you
do-do the whole thing.
You know, with the hand and
you know.
Come on, come out here.
My thumb! My thumb!
Consider that your baptism.
I fucking own you now.
what happened?
Don't call me that here.
Just call me by my name.
I'm sorry.
Talk, Mama.
We haven't got all day.
love you.
Yeah, don't say that neither.
How are you?
Do you need anything?
I need you not to cry.
I don't want to think
about that when I go to sleep.
That story you told?
In court,
about the winter coat?
That was a long time ago, Mama.
That boy is still in you.
Look, don't come back
next week.
Seeing you will be
all I think about.
And in here, I got to think
about other things.
By the blood
That flowed from Thee
In Thy
Bitter agony
Hey, I forgot to tell you
something this morning.
Oh, yeah? What?
I love you.
Yeah, what's what's going on?
Can I ask you a question?
Perfect time.
Why me?
I mean, why'd you choose me?
Out of all the girls at BC,
there were lots of
pretty, smart, funny women.
Why'd you choose the shy one?
- Fishing for a compliment?
- No, an answer.
I was a pretty cocky
son of a bitch, as you know,
and I thought
I deserved the best.
And I still chose you.
Oh, if you ruin this moment,
I swear to God,
I'll stab you in your sleep.
Just answer the question.
You know, what'd you
what'd you see in me?
Marines, you know
we can spot each other
without even saying "hello."
I can see it in his eyes.
He can see it in mine.
We've been through
the same shit.
Um, I could tell by the way
that you walked
that you'd been
through fucking hell.
Not my hell, your own.
I know where my father is.
He's alive
and lives in the North End.
Oh, fuck me.
He's in Boston?
Jennifer, don't.
Your father is a sleeping dog.
Just let him lie,
fleas and ticks and all.
Hey, guys, come on,
hand me those bags.
Kick, give me the duffel.
Come on, what are you
waiting for?
Let's go.
Guys might want to stay
in this shithole forever,
but I'm getting out of here.
But why Florida?
Kids, come on, get in the car.
Give me your backpacks.
Go. Seat belt on.
It's warmer in Florida.
Corie's there,
your cousins are there.
People got hair down there
just like they do here.
I'll start another salon.
You're gonna start a new school
and make new friends
nicer school this time.
You're gonna get to be
an 11-year-old.
You want to know something
your father
always used to say to me?
"If you don't say goodbye
maybe you won't miss people
so much."
I got to assume the same goes
for Boston.
Hey, whose daughter are you?
Frankie Ryan's.
I'm sorry, what? I-I must have
wax in my ears or something.
I'm Frankie Ryan's daughter.
That's right.
And who else's?
Cathleen Finnegan Ryan's.
You're goddamn right.
Hey, Boston
You ready?
I really wish
they would've let me speak
on your behalf at the hearing.
HUD CCRs are pretty clear.
Anybody in your family
convicted of a felony,
you leave.
Rules are rules.
Take good care
of yourself, Ms. Campbell.
Do they know you got
the 20 million
for the Braxton Summit?
Them knowing is not important.
Better they enjoy
the improvements
the money'll bring.
Well, I will tell them
next Sunday at church.
I will shout that news like
Moses from the mountaintop.
Is that the last one, Nana?
I hope what's coming
is better than what is gone.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, get this man a double,
a beer, and all the peanuts
he can eat.
Ah. You heard.
Let me ask you something, D.
If the OPR had asked you
to come in
or if I'd asked you to,
you know,
be a character witness,
what would you have said?
No, never mind.
Don't answer that.
Thanks for nailing Suferin.
Heard the U.S. Attorney
is prosecuting him
with a civil rights violation.
Don't thank me.
Thank Lyndon Johnson.
You know, I wanted to take down
the son of a bitch myself,
but, truthfully,
a federal sentence
is worse than any conviction
that I could've delivered.
does this mean you're gonna
miss me when I'm gone?
What you gonna do now?
I hear there's a
there's a spot at, uh,
St. Eligius.
They they're looking
for a, uh, head of security.
Ah, no, no, no, I mean, uh,
are you gonna fight
the termination?
Yeah, I got myself a lawyer.
Beacon Hill Brahmin
fucking guy's got three names.
I'm gonna take these OPR dicks
to court.
So I may still be asked
to testify.
How's your bride?
In flux.
She must've been upset
when she heard.
Heard what?
Kelvin Campbell
took a beating at Walpole,
got his skull crushed in.
He's dead.
Holy shit.
I just, uh
I-I-I didn't think
that I would care.
Well, you do.
Of course you do.
That's who you are.
No, I'm a killer.
I knew Kelvin
would die in prison.
Fuck, I might as well have put
a gun to his head and fired.
Hey, come on.
We're all guilty
of something, kid.
That's the key to life.
Jesus, who's this now?
Does, uh, Joe
Joseph Congemi live here?
What do you want?
I'm, uh, I'm Jenny.
I'm his, uh, daughter.
He's got nothing to say to you.
Fuck you.
You can have it.
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