City on a Hill (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

Speak When You're Angry

City on a Hill S03E03
Speak When You're Angry
Jennifer, it is great
to see the old place.
- [JENNY] Son of a bitch! Get out!
- [DOYLE] Jenny! Jenny!
[VICTORIA] I came looking
for clues to prove
that my father was with
Dominique the night she died.
You find anything?
An empty bottle of
1963 Lafite Rothschild.
Dominique could've never afforded that.
Hernando Mendoza was injured
working on the Big Dig for you.
- [KELLY] I think we're done.
- Don't you fucking touch me.
Don't you fucking dare.
Dunleavy. You're not
getting away with this.
Fuck you, cocksucker.
You need to wake up.
You're not gonna absolve
Boston of its sin and vice.
And the only reason you
aspire to in the first place
is because it distracts
you from yourself.
Guy Dan wants to speak with us both.
- You know why?
- I just got here.
I'm telling you, we're lucky working
for a guy like Sinclair Dryden.
When he was the S.A.C.
of the Boston Bureau
despite coming from all
this fucking money
he never once pulled any of
that la-di-da shit with me.
He was the one that gave
me the go-ahead to bug
the seven Angiulo brothers in
the North End headquarters.
I couldn't fucking believe what
I was hearing over that wire.
They're bragging about wasting,
like, 20 Irish mobsters.
It's like I hit the fucking lottery.
What happens when one of the
Angiulo brothers goes free?
Won't they come after you?
I hear the Italians have a
long and lethal memory.
You step out of a restaurant,
burping up a steak
and bang.
- What, I scare you?
- [VICTORIA] I don't fucking believe you.
This is fucking bullshit.
Oh. Trouble in paradise.
[VICTORIA] What are you talking about?
You know, you got a morbid
fucking imagination,
- Badcock.
- [VICTORIA] I can't believe you.
- [SINCLAIR] Victoria
Three months?
I don't want to go to London
for three fucking months.
Well, if you'd listened to me
and studied another language,
you might have some options.
At least in England you'll know
how to ask for a bathroom.
You don't have to send me
across the goddamn ocean
just because you're too guilty
to look me in the eye.
All right, look, Victoria [SIGHS]
Letitia and I both think that
Dominique was a lovely girl,
and we understand that her
death is difficult for you.
Studying abroad is gonna
give you some distance
from the pain and confusion.
Oh, I'm not confused.
I understand the situation perfectly.
If you try to send me away,
I'll talk to the police.
About what? Me?
There's nothing to say.
Yes, there is.
You were with Dominique
the night she OD'd.
[GRUNTS] Have you taken your medication?
Oh, fuck my medication.
Jackie, get in here.
Jackie will take you to
Logan this afternoon.
Wait, today?
If you wish, I can have
the maid pack for you.
What? No. Fuck you both.
Fuck you for having other
people do your dirty work,
fuck your maids and
your security detail,
- fuck your Swedish exercise ball
and your fucking stupid leotard.
Fuck you both, forever and ever, amen!
"Speak when you're angry,
and you'll make the best
speech you'll ever regret."
- Ambrose Bierce?
- No, a lot of people think that,
but it's Groucho Marx, actually.
Hello, Dad.
How are you?
Was that so hard?
What, Ma?
Oh, nothing. I was just, uh
Talking to yourself.
You going crazy on me?
Last dinner at home before college.
I am gonna make you all your favorites.
Lasagna. Yeah, and garlic bread.
Ma, what's going on?
- You seem nervous.
- No, I'm not nervous.
You know? Excited.
Yeah, we're going to
New York City. Oh, yeah.
Where people ride in
a hole in the ground ♪
New York, New York,
it's a wonderful town ♪
Ma, is this because I'm leaving?
Yes and no.
Let's hear the "no" part.
Look, don't tell your father, but, uh
I saw my dad.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
Being near him again,
I-I felt like my heart
was beating right between my ears.
[CHUCKLES] It's happening
again right now.
I had imagined that moment for years.
And in my mind, I always
took the high road.
But Benny, I went crazy on him.
- What did you say?
- No, I didn't, I didn't.
I-I shoved him and I hit him. I
I beat up an old man.
He earned it.
No, but I-I wanted
to be better than him.
I just ended up proving that
I really was his daughter.
You proved you were human.
He's the monster. You just reacted.
I'm so glad he never got
a chance to know you.
Ah, you're my safe place, Benedetta.
My one true thing.
Hey. You've probably heard
Millstein is retiring.
While I find his replacement,
I'll need both of you to pick
up a couple of extra cases.
I'm assigning you Curtis Whitaker.
You're new in town,
so I'm guessing you're not
familiar with the case.
Twenty-eight, Black, accused of
murdering a policeman last year.
Duke Andrews, BPD.
Whitaker's on his second trial.
The first one ended with a hung jury.
Oh, I'm sorry,
did my talking get in the way
of you interrupting me?
I want Curtis Whitaker.
Are you sure? I was gonna
give you the easy one.
I don't want the easy one.
Blair, you get the dipstick from Southie
who drove off with ten
grand worth of lobster.
Millstein will bring
you both up to speed.
Remember, I need headlines
to boost my campaign
for state attorney general.
So I want you two to deliver guilty
verdicts efficiently and fast.
Ward, a moment?
True or false?
You carry a fucking
gun in your briefcase.
A licensed firearm, yes.
Anton Campbell is dead.
And my wife and I are alive.
I intend to keep us that way.
You know, they're gonna let
you into bars in London town.
You don't even got to
sneak in with a fake ID.
- Sh
Whatever my dad told you,
whatever he tells you, is all lies.
And because of him,
Dominique is [INHALES]
She overdosed.
I confront him and he makes me disappear
before I can find proof
that he's responsible.
I mean, you know I'm right.
So do something.
Oh, you've come in search of a file.
Curtis Whitaker.
That goddamn case.
You sure you're ready for this?
Why wouldn't I be ready for this?
Well, Whitaker's a boondoggle.
And I heard you lost your dad.
You know, five years ago,
I came back to work the
day after my Rosie died.
Big mistake.
We all need to know our grief.
I'm A-okay.
Well, good luck shoveling this shit.
You know, truth is, uh, I didn't
get a conviction on the first trial
because the case is a little
fuzzy around the edges.
Meanwhile, Curtis Whitaker
has been sitting in a cell
for over a year.
Uh, you want me to feel bad about that?
Yeah, be a nice fucking change.
Yes, I'm calling again to
follow up on the status
of the Big Dig work logs.
The ones I subpoenaed.
The South Street location where
Hernando Mendoza was injured.
Uh, w-wait.
Could you connect me to your supervisor?
- [DECOURCY] Siobhan?
- Hey.
- Uh
You better be extra sweet to me. Mm.
The Mendoza case?
The stone wall around Needham
Industries is impenetrable.
Yeah, well, I'm handling
Curtis Whitaker's second trial,
so I expect the same.
Guy Dan, he's out there
gunning for a conviction.
Treating me and Blair
like-like we're just jousting
- on American Gladiators, so
- Who's Whitaker's lawyer?
I don't know. Some public defender.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Maybe I should get involved.
You know, I'm starting to think
that you just like seeing
me in the courtroom.
Mm. Well, it is where
you wear your best suits.
What about Lulu?
What happened?
I understand.
Will do.
My high school friend Lulu Harris
Uh, yeah, from your
the-the basketball team, right?
She's dead.
Car accident down in South Carolina.
She listed me as her next
of kin, which is bizarre.
I-I know her parents
died a little while ago
and she doesn't have much family, but
we haven't spoken in 15 years.
Did you guys have a falling out?
No, we just, um
Lady Letitia.
Uh, just a friendly reminder
that Braddock here
will be saving you from the bad guys
while I'm in New York City tomorrow.
Whatever you need, Miss
Dryden, I'm your man.
By end of day, you'll
forget old Rohr exists.
[JACKIE] Well, I don't know about that.
I mean, as annoying as I may be,
once I'm in your head,
I'm pretty hard to get out.
[LETICIA] Thank you, Greg.
She wants you to leave.
[JACKIE] Ah, that novel about
the love affair on the bridge.
You're welcome to borrow
the book when I'm done.
Uh, nah. I'll pass.
Not the romantic type?
Romance is a crutch used by people
that don't have anything
interesting to say.
Or is talking a crutch used by people
who want to avoid their feelings?
No, talking is the best,
especially when you're
not so big on listening.
So, why are you headed to New York?
My daughter Benedetta,
she's a, uh, freshman at NYU.
Oh, are you taking your spiffy BMW?
Oh, not enough room.
My wife bought her a whole new wardrobe,
plus bedding and enough kitchen supplies
to stock the Union Oyster House,
so my little girl will be
making her grand entrance
into Manhattan in a 1985 minivan.
- I'd like to meet your family.
- Mm.
I'm sure your wife and
I have a lot in common.
Hurry back.
[JENNY] Anything interesting
going on at the Drydens'?
I ask about your job, you look
like you need a getaway car.
So why you asking?
I'm making conversation.
If you want to accuse me
of something, accuse me.
God, what are you
talking about, accusing?
Uh God, what's Dryden got you doing?
What, burying bodies at Tenean Beach?
"Tales of circus life are
highly demoralizing."
You know, Jackie, just once,
I'd like you to give me a
straight fucking answer
instead of pulling out the goddamn
book of Bartlett's quotations.
How's this? Mind your
own fucking business.
This is gonna be a fun five hours.
The mistrial clearly proved
that the prosecution didn't
have sufficient evidence
to convince a jury.
Search every square
inch of Jamaica Plain.
There's nothing tying me to
the death of Officer Andrews.
No gun, no history.
Nothing but the testimonies
of a couple lying cops.
And a witness.
That witness, in the first lineup,
couldn't identify Curtis.
Then, in the second lineup,
suddenly could.
[WHITAKER] Read the case file.
The man kept changing his story.
First he said that I had a gun,
then he said I grabbed Andrews' gun.
In any case, I wasn't anywhere
near that corner on that night.
I read the file, and
the trial transcript.
You have no alibi.
Me and the wife had a disagreement.
I went for a walk to cool
off. Is that a crime?
Do you often need "to cool off"?
That other prosecutor stood up
and told a room full of people
I killed a cop for a street trophy.
I don't do that kind of shit, Mr. Ward.
You gonna say that I do?
Look, I won't build a
case around a theory.
[WHITAKER] But you're gonna
build a case, though.
Man, I-I got a wife and a baby.
I've only held my boy twice,
locked up in here.
He needs his dad.
So tell me, why didn't you
cross-examine the witness?
The sole civilian who IDed your client?
I mean, he appeared without notice.
My motions for a continuance
and to preclude his
testimony was denied. I
I-I was concerned that cross-examination
without preparation could backfire.
And from your investigation
into the two officers
who made the arrest,
Officers Plunkett and Knoche,
is there anything there
I should follow up on?
Look, at the first trial,
my limited energies were
focused on proving Curtis
was an upstanding citizen
without a motive.
So-so, there's no investigation
into the officers.
Three character witnesses?
That's your defense?
- That's your defense?
- [WHITAKER] Those cops are dirty.
- Says who?
- The streets.
Please, man, ask around.
I'm going to examine the evidence.
That's what I'm here to do.
You have a beautiful kid.
[PLATTE] Hey. Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, what's
with the interrogation?
Huh? You want an innocent man to think
I'm the reason he's stuck in this hole
with nothing but a wallet-sized photo?
Honestly? If I try this case,
I don't want the thing reversed
on ineffective assistance of counsel.
You know, in the year since
I've been handed this case,
I've been handed 184 felony cases,
and I don't even have
one fucking paralegal.
I'm lucky I remember the man's name.
Driving here, I kept thinking of Lulu
and how inseparable you were.
You doing all right?
My client Hernando Mendoza
is lying in a hospital
and here I am, obsessing over the dead
while the living suffer.
Well, I understand.
Lulu's death was a shock.
I'm not shocked.
I'm trying to guess what
flowers or what dress,
what type of wood she would've
chosen for her casket.
What Did she want to
be buried or cremated?
Or shot into space? I have no idea
because I don't know who
she is was anymore.
Lulu loved you.
She wouldn't have wanted you to stress.
- You don't know that.
- Uh
You're just saying the
things that people say.
Uh, Siobhan, I'm here to help.
Put me to work. Okay?
I've buried a few people in my time.
I've already, uh, arranged for the
body to be flown up to Boston.
Okay, good.
I'll have Cole's Funeral Home at Logan,
pick up the casket.
She should be buried
with her parents, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- They're at Forest Hills.
Right. I'll take care of that, too.
You get back to work.
We've been here ten minutes
and already you're
stinking up the place.
Put that out, you know,
make yourself useful.
What? Footing the bill ain't enough?
Jesus, you're in a mood these days.
Something you're not telling me?
Uh, Mom, Dad?
There's a couple of people I
wanted you to meet really quick.
[FAUST] Mr. and Mrs. Rohr,
my parents Barbara and Gus Aquino.
Oh, hi hi, I'm Jenny.
Good to meet you, hi.
Hi, and this is Jackie.
[RUS] Uh, Faust says
you're an FBI agent.
Bet you have a bunch
of great stories to tell.
I'm gonna feed the parking meter.
Pardon me.
- So, how was your drive down?
Sorry to drop in unannounced.
It's no problem. Have a seat.
- Get you a beer? Tonic?
- Ah, no, thank you.
In case you were being polite.
[EXHALES] What's going on, Dee?
All right, so, look, y
You, um, you-you remember
Duke Andrews, yeah?
The cop who was shot in JP last year?
Well, we, uh, we went to his funeral.
Andrews' murder was pinned on
a man named Curtis Whitaker.
There's no evidence,
just two blue fingers
pointed back at him, right?
Now, the cops, Gary
Plunkett, Randy Knoche,
I-I hear they're dirty.
Now, I-I was, I was hoping
you'd look into them for me.
You want me to spy on other cops.
Possibly testify against them?
It's no small favor, I know.
We-we just buried Russ
Wallace for being too honest.
And Chris is a few days
away from testifying
against Tony Suferin for
killing Anton Campbell.
Look, plenty of days,
you and I both put up with
the corruption in this town
either out of self-preservation
or exhaustion,
but there's got to be some mornings
you just wake up and say, "Enough."
If a guy like you won't
tell the truth, who will?
I-I, uh
I-I can't make a career
busting other cops.
I mean, there's already enough
guys who want me dead.
I'll find another way.
- That's everything.
- Let me carry that for you.
- No, but thanks.
- Where's the Mace I gave you?
In my room.
Well, that was your first mistake.
Dad, please don't spoil today.
You know, when I went off to college,
I walked out of a cold house
with nothing but a backpack
on my shoulder.
My shithead father was who-knows-where
and my ma was passed
out on the fucking couch
and I didn't want to wait
for him to get home,
'cause fuck him,
and I didn't want to wake
her up, 'cause fuck her.
So off I went.
And guess what?
I'm not gonna tell you goodbye
and I'm not gonna tell you
how incredible you are
or that you're the wind
beneath my fucking wings.
You want to hear that
kind of shit, just
go up there and find your mother.
I love you, Dad.
Free condom?
Yes. Thank you.
I'm really sorry, Mr. Rohr,
but there's really no
right answer there.
'Cause if I take it,
you'd think I have intentions
with your daughter,
and if I don't take it, you
think I'm irresponsible
- Hey, Faust.
- Yeah.
How about you shut the fuck up?
Yes, sir. Shutting the fuck up, yeah.
- When you were a baby
- Mm-hmm.
you choked on a cherry.
[LAUGHS] And I-I put your head down,
I smacked you on your back and
thank God, it came out, okay? But
I mean, w-what was I thinking,
giving you a cherry?
- You were too little.
- Ma, look.
No cherry. I survived.
- Thanks to you.
- Nah.
Luck is what saved you.
Yeah. Not me.
Not my maternal instinct.
That's why you're here today, it's luck.
Yeah, me, you and everyone else.
You know, I used to fantasize
about what I'd do,
you know, who I'd-I'd turn out to be.
You know, maybe having
some control over my life,
instead of feeling like shit just
kept piling up on top of me.
But you can take control.
Be whatever you want to be.
In a way, that kind of makes me
feel like, you know, I succeeded.
Okay, I got to rip the Band-Aid off.
- Okay.
- Come on, kiddo.
- Here we go.
Uh, okay, okay.
Study hard.
Hug Faust.
Go to your NA meetings.
And just know that you
are a total badass.
Okay? And, for fuck's sake,
Benny, have some fun.
- For me, okay?
- Yeah.
- Oh
I'm gonna have to take you
out for a lobster dinner.
Ward. Where's my Whitaker conviction?
Millstein gets a year and I get a day?
Blair already got a confession
out of the lobster bandit.
Well, of course.
You said that was the easy one.
Reverend Hughes, thank you for coming.
- I know you're a busy man.
- How's Siobhan?
Oh, she's great, thank you.
Please, have a seat.
Reverend, I'm taking on
the Curtis Whitaker case.
- I need your help.
- That poor family.
Yeah, between you and me,
I suspect that he was
wrongfully charged.
But I need to understand
the circumstances
surrounding the death
of Officer Andrews.
They say you shouldn't
speak ill of the dead.
But in the case of Duke Andrews,
I'll make an exception.
He terrorized my neighborhood
to the point where he and I,
well, sometimes even a man of
God has to do some smiting.
- What, you fought?
- He fought with everyone.
Would you be willing to sign
a statement to that effect?
Give me a pen.
Did Curtis have any
reason to kill Andrews?
As far as I know, the two never met.
All right.
The-the two officers
that arrested Curtis,
what can you tell me about them?
Plunkett and Knoche?
They pop up every once in a while,
bust some heads of
some pushers and leave.
It's like they're trying to
win some merit badges.
Chris fucking Caysen.
- Cody.
- Fuck you, you son of a bitch,
how do you look exactly the
same as you did in the academy?
- Right back at you.
- Yeah. Yeah, okay.
So, what brings you to
my happy little home?
Gary Plunkett, Randy Knoche,
they work here with you, right?
Yeah, they do, sad to say.
What do you want with those dickheads?
- Yeah.
Ah, I'm glad I caught you
before you went home.
You did what I asked, didn't you?
According to a highly reliable source,
Plunkett and Knoche are
the worst kind of cops.
The two of them brag
about altered warrants,
false affidavits, extortion.
Any details on mishandling
the Whitaker case?
No, but plenty of other shit
should disqualify their testimony.
- Who's your source?
- A cop in their unit.
- Good cop.
- He or she willing to testify?
Well, no, he wouldn't.
Maybe he isn't such a good cop, then.
- I'll find someone who'll talk.
- Yep.
Hey, Chris.
I appreciate you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you doing?
Oh, my whole day's been consumed by
- By what?
Consumed by nothing?
After what you just went
through, losing your father,
I'm not gonna burden you.
Oh, come on. Burden me, please.
Mm You don't talk about your father.
He dies and I don't even see you cry.
I'm not gonna sit here and blubber
about someone that I
knew once upon a time.
Is there a rule book on
who can cry and when?
When I was little,
I loved peach Yoplait. [CHUCKLES]
Eventually, my tastes changed,
but my mother kept stocking the
fridge with that same yogurt,
year after year.
- She still does.
- Right, yeah, uh,
uh, I love you, baby,
but, uh, what the hell are
we talking about now?
The funeral arrangements.
I'm afraid that every choice
I make is Lulu's peach yogurt.
Something she used to like.
Uh Yeah, but
There's love in the trying.
[SIGHS] Four months after shooting,
we're still getting medical bills.
Rohr here.
Deegan, you slimy piece of shit.
What'd I do this time?
Oh, you're fucking kidding me.
You couldn't let a
sleeping dog lie, huh?
You had to wake him up, shake his tail.
Now he's back, all teeth and slobber.
I thought we agreed that you
weren't gonna call your father.
No, you agreed.
And you forgot to consult
with me, as usual.
I just got off the phone
with a dickwad lawyer.
Daddy Dearest is hitting you
with an assault charge.
Did you assault him?
- Yes.
- Fuck! You see?
This is why I told you not to see him.
'Cause I knew this was gonna happen.
Oh, yeah, you knew I was
gonna attack my father?
Wow, I didn't even know that.
Well, I know you better than you think.
I know you better than
you know yourself.
You don't know anyone but yourself.
He was gone from your life, Jen!
So, again, you're welcome,
for 20-plus years of peace
that you just drop-kicked
out the fucking window.
Oh, yeah, life-life has
been real peaceful.
What the fuck compelled you
to invite that scumbag into our home?
I didn't invite him. I
Oh, he just showed up?
Okay, I
I confided in a friend.
That bitch Sue Stanton.
Don't tell me.
The walking penis in a clerical collar?
This isn't about Father Doyle.
He was trying to help.
I told you to keep your distance
from that mick piece of shit.
You want me to keep my
distance from everyone!
Do nothing, confront nothing.
I'm not your fucking princess you
can keep locked up in a tower!
I can't believe I thought this
house would be too quiet
- with Benny gone.
- "Quiet"? You want fucking quiet?
- Yeah, I want fucking quiet!
- Here's your quiet!
Hey, Braddock. Cover
for me today, will ya?
Got some shit I got to do. Later.
So they finally kicked your ass
out of the priesthood, huh?
How do you know where I'm staying?
Divine intervention.
Wait, wait, Father, Father.
I genuinely need a piece of advice.
How do I get a nosy greenie to
mind his own fucking business?
Get out of his face, he'll do likewise.
You know, I'm actually getting
tired of hearing myself say this,
which is odd, seeing as I love
the sweet sound of my own voice.
But stay the fuck away from my wife.
Jenny would rather talk to me
than to you and that's my fault?
"Pride goes before destruction
and a haughty spirit before a fall."
You can thump your Bible all you want.
You're not the first to suggest
that I'm going to Hell.
But let me offer you a piece of advice.
You should worry less
about my final destination,
and more about what I might
do to you on the way down.
And I already broke your fucking thumb.
- Next time
- You broke my thumb, Rohr,
'cause you caught me by surprise.
I assure you, that will
not happen again.
Oh, you're gonna act
the tough guy now, huh?
I'm not acting. Not anymore.
You forget where I come from.
I grew up in a neighborhood
far worse than yours.
Once again, stay away from my wife
or the next time, I wait
inside your apartment,
and I break your fucking spine.
Peace be with you.
[SIOBHAN] Decourcy?
You mind if I take a walk?
Catch up with you later?
Not at all, babe. Go ahead.
Once I get these clothes off,
this whole sad pageant can
officially be in the rearview.
Sad, but lovely.
- You did right by Lulu.
- [CHUCKLES] We did.
I hoped once she was put
to rest, you'd be okay.
Are you?
I'm worried about Decourcy.
He'd rather roam around a cemetery
than talk to me about his
dad, which of course,
reminds me of when Dad died.
I just need a minute.
Hey, Milani!
Got a collar for you.
Priest stealing parish funds.
A bad priest? Impossible.
Oh, look who's a comedian now.
You know what I mean.
Come tell me when a priest
didn't fuck over the Church.
- That would be worth my time.
- Just 'cause something happens a lot,
like a bad priest, that don't
mean that that ain't a crime.
And just 'cause you don't
feel like doing your job,
that don't mean that I won't
make sure that you do.
Now I don't know what
they do with thieves
in whatever-the-fuck country
it is that you come from,
but this is America.
We punish people here.
- I was born in Somerville.
- Prove it.
Going up against God.
This priest must've done
a really nasty to you.
You gonna tell me what?
His super-ego irritates my id.
Minute's up.
Sorry, I thought I was
long past mourning Dad.
Siobhan, this isn't about your father.
It isn't even about Decourcy.
You're willing to talk about
anything else except Lulu.
Which is obviously front and center.
So what's going on?
Um, I got a letter from her.
A goodbye.
What'd she say that upset you so much?
I'm not sure telling
you is fair to Lulu.
Siobhan. You two were so tight.
And then one day, you
stopped hanging out.
You said it was because she made
fun of how you dressed? I
I just assumed it was something else.
[EXHALES] The letter was, um
She, uh
Her car wreck wasn't
She wrote a suicide note.
"I can't stop thinking about that
terrible night." What night?
We were at a party
after a basketball game.
We got drunk.
Lulu was driving us home, badly.
She was swerving all over the place.
Too fast.
The car slammed into a man.
A guy walking his dog.
Mom, we just
we just kept driving.
The next day there was a story
in the news about a hit and run.
And his name was Taylor Malcolm.
Married, two kids,
worked at The Pru.
That's why Lulu and I
stopped being friends.
The-the sight of each other
just made us sick with regret.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I knew you'd force
me to go to the police.
Yeah, you're damn right I would've!
I wasn't driving.
And I'd like to think if I was,
I would've turned myself in, but
nothing was going to change the
damage done to that man.
Why ruin Lulu's life, too?
I know what you're thinking.
If I had spoken up,
maybe Lulu would be alive right now.
No, what I'm thinking is that
you were party to a crime
that haunted Lulu so
deeply she killed herself.
And you, you just
- You just What?
- Go ahead, finish your thought.
Lulu became suicidal and I
I pushed the guilt away.
- You pushed the guilt away?
- Mm-hmm.
You pushed it away for years.
How do you do that, Siobhan?
How did you do that?
How did you not tell me?
How did I not know?
- Oh, so this is about you?
- No, this is about you.
This is all about you. How
I don't need your shit right now.
No matter how bad you want me to feel,
trust me, I feel much worse.
What happened to Taylor Malcolm?
He was paralyzed from the neck down.
God, just hearing you say his
name makes me want to die.
I don't blame Lulu for
Okay, no, no, no,
stop, just, okay, stop.
It's okay, okay.
Okay, stop.
Okay, listen to me, listen to me.
You can face it.
I need to find Taylor Malcolm.
What kind of man makes his
wife pick him up from work?
Jesus Christ.
I don't know.
[RICK] Maggie, remember me?
Rick Dunleavy.
You need to ditch this loser here.
You can forget any vows he made.
- He won't keep 'em.
- [CHRIS] Hey, Rick?
Why don't you and your
fucking smirk take a walk?
- What? You're gonna fight him again?
Just get in the goddamn car.
[RICK] Your owner's calling you.
- [MAGGIE] It's not fucking worth it.
- [CHRIS] Just fucking drive.
- Just fucking drive.
- He's
- Just fucking drive.
- He's not worth your time.
Well, here's that list of local
clinics you were asking about.
- Oh, thanks.
- Okay.
Hey, Dermo.
[DOYLE] Hey.
Hey, are you angry at me?
What, at you? Never.
It's been a rare week.
Did you get the results
from your HIV test yet?
- Negative, I'm happy to say.
- Oh.
Um how's life in Quincy these days?
uh, my father's
charging me with assault.
Yeah, Jackie's furious.
Oh. Now I understand.
- Understand what?
This is all due to my meddling.
Look, I established a fairly
good rapport with your da.
You want me to talk to him?
See if I can get him
to drop the lawsuit?
Oh, you know, I couldn't
ask you to do that.
No, I'd be happy to.
Only I'm not sure your
husband would approve.
He paid me a visit.
Yelling about me talking with you.
And then, uh
Jackie threatened me.
Oh, my God, I am so sorry. I mean, he
He's been really, uh, on
edge these last few days.
Then an FBI agent came to see me.
What? Why?
Jackie's accused me of pilfering
donations made to the parish.
Well, for Jackie, lying's
just like breathing.
You know, it comes naturally.
Uh there's no truth
to that though, right?
The money he's talking about
was in the pastor's slush fund.
And Father Bender, he drinks a
bit, so then I put him in rehab.
I wasn't public about what I did,
in order to save the
old fella's reputation.
I wanted you to know the truth, though.
Father Bender's fine now, by the way.
Look, you know what?
Please, let me talk to Jackie.
No, actually, please don't.
As I said, he's already raging
that I've defied his orders
to stay clear of you.
Yeah, well, that's even more reason
for you and me to be friends.
You are quite a gal, Jenny.
That gobshite doesn't deserve you.
[LETITIA] No, I don't think so.
Listen, I'll call you later.
Someone's knocking. He looks suspicious.
A gift from New York, New York.
Lincoln Steffens.
I read him in high school.
Or tried to, anyway.
- Bit pompous
- [SINCLAIR] And this is my
- for my tastes.
- my fun room.
It's where all the fun happens.
Oh, excuse us.
Uh, Bette, this is my wife Letitia
and Jackie Rohr, our head of security.
[BETTE] Lovely to meet
you both. [CHUCKLES]
Mrs. Dryden, your home is gorgeous.
Oh, that's very kind of you, Bette.
[SINCLAIR] Bette wants
to work for the Bureau
when she graduates.
She comes seeking advice.
Advice from this guy?
Who better?
Well, this guy here could
tell you a thing or two.
But I need his help with something.
If you'll excuse us.
- You look like a Burgundy gal.
- Yeah?
- Sure.
You know, Letitia, that-that girl
I'm glad my husband has a shiny
object to keep him occupied.
Before you left for New York,
we were in the middle of something.
He died this year.
I wonder if Lulu found out.
That's why she did what she did.
Taylor's family should know what I did.
Why? So that they can attach a name
to the person they've
hated all these years?
Stirring up that grief
might help you feel better,
but it's not gonna help them.
Then what should I do?
Find a way to forgive yourself.
Let your husband know what's going on.
Mm. No. I can't.
He's got his own problems.
Well, that's even more
reason to talk to him.
You two have a bond, not just love,
but sorrow and loss.
Lean on each other.
Hey, so I'm watching the-the
midnight movie the other night,
and there's this old flick on,
The Informer, about an Irish
guy who rats on a friend.
All kind of shit hits the fan.
Until the informer ends up getting shot
by his other friends,
his former friends.
The movie ends with him dying
on the floor of a church.
Begging for forgiveness.
Cautionary tale. Am I right?
Or am I right, huh?
So your husband's aware of
what you're up to in here?
Are you afraid of losing your job?
Forgive me for being curious.
Sinclair and I keep
each other satisfied.
Sometimes that means
giving one another privacy.
Okay, so you're aware
of what he's up to?
I'm not an idiot, Jackie,
if that's what you're asking.
I'm asking if you knew that he had sex
with one of his daughter's friends?
You were poor growing up.
A job working private security
doesn't say "old money" to you?
when I was little, I was one of six kids
and we were always
poor and always hungry.
Some nights, my parents
would go out to dinner.
Leave us in the car.
Come back with a few slices of bread
and a couple ketchup packets.
When I married into this family,
I got caviar served to me on a yacht.
A giant rock on my finger.
Do I look the other way sometimes? Yes.
I pay my rent with silence
and low-cut tops.
Nothing's free in this life,
especially for the needy.
"And the rich people had all the money,
and all the chance to make more.
They had all the knowledge
and all the power,
and so the poor man was down,
and he had to stay down."
- You know who said that?
- No, and I don't care.
You don't have to keep reminding
me that you read books.
Trading your emotional comfort
for physical comforts.
I'm not sure you got the
best end of that deal.
I'm not uncomfortable.
But we're not just talking
about infidelity here.
I mean, Dominique Zanghi, she
Overdosed alone.
Did a broken heart send her spiraling?
Hardly makes her death Sinclair's fault.
Stop listening to rumors or
Victoria's rabid imagination.
But that's not exactly the sound
of silence I'm hearing.
There's some complicity there.
None of Sinclair's lovers have
ever complained about him.
And not everything needs investigating.
You don't work for the FBI anymore.
You work for us.
- [RICK] Come back here, you piece of shit.
- Stop, you motherfucker!
Where you going?
Come on, you fucker.
Oh, you fucking motherfucker.
Goddamn it.
[RICK] Stop!
Stop, you little asshole!
Harry. Harry.
- We had an agreement.
- I know, I know.
And you ain't doing your fucking part.
All right, Dunleavy, all right.
I want my share of the money.
All right, all right. All right.
All right, all right, I got your money.
Yeah, I got it in here,
take it. Take it.
- Take it.
- The drugs, too.
I-I don't got the drugs.
I don't have the drugs.
- Oh, you don't, do you? Huh?
- I don't, I don't.
Oh. What's this in here, huh?
What's this in here? [LAUGHS]
What's this? Yeah. Your fucking
nana's baking powder?
You stick to our deal or
I swear to Christ on the cross,
I'll put you away forever.
All right, Dunleavy, all right.
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey.
[WHISPERS] Hey, hey.
There we go.
[HOST ON TV] So you and
your wife met while skiing.
[MAN] That's right.
- And we shared a chair lift.
[HOST] How romantic.
[MAN] As we got off,
- I accidentally knocked her down.
- [HOST] I'd like to rescind my statement.
Rollins, Gutierrez, what are
you boys doing out here?
Hey, Chris. Can we come in?
What's this about?
Rick Dunleavy was shot.
He's dead.
We need to ask you a few questions.
[WOMAN OVER RADIO] That was "Summertime"
sung by Ella and Louis.
Now we give Louis a
moment in the spotlight
with "I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas."
Can we talk?
This-this is my father's favorite song.
I'm a ding dong daddy from Dumas ♪
And you ought to see me do my stuff ♪
I'm a clean-cut fella from Horner's ♪
Oh, you ought to see me strut ♪
Oh, eble, able, oble, bugle ♪
- And I done forgot the words
Ding dong daddy from Dumas ♪
Ought to see me do my stuff ♪
Ding dong dong dong ♪
Ding dong daddy from Dumas ♪
And ought to see me do my stuff ♪
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