City on a Hill (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Ugly, Like I Said


Nothing happened.
I'm a happily married man.
Bette, this is my wife
Letitia and Jackie Rohr.
You don't work for the FBI anymore.
You work for us.
- Jenny!
- Son of a bitch!
I thought we agreed that you
weren't gonna call your father.
No, you agreed, and you forgot
to consult with me, as usual.
[JACKIE] We got you surrounded, Anton.
You ain't got nowhere to go.
- [GRUNTS] Fuck.
- Fuck happened?
Fucking wheeled on me, Chris.
[DECOURCY] I am so sorry, Grace.
[GRACE] I shouldn't have
trusted any of you.
Officer Wallace. You know whether
he was defending himself
or he executed Anton Campbell.
[SIOBHAN] Calling again to follow up
on the status of the Big Dig work logs.
Could you connect me to your supervisor?
I'm saying you blew Wallace's head off.
That's why you're on a desk for
the foreseeable fucking future.
We need to ask you a few questions.

[ROLLINS] You had gunshot residue
all over your hands, Chris.
I go to the range every Sunday.
It's part of my routine.
I told you that before I
voluntarily got swabbed.
If I was gonna shoot someone,
I'd go to the range, too.
Hone the skills.
Use that as an excuse for
a failed paraffin test.
First 48 hours are critical
in a homicide investigation.
You're wasting them talking to me.
Yeah, we disagree.
You've got motive. You've got access.
You're good with a gun.
It's part of your routine.
Everyone in your department
seems to end up dead or in cuffs.
About time someone took
a look at that, no?
I say this calmly but
with dwindling patience:
Fuck you.
- [ROLLINS] Your backup gun.
- What about it?
Please, forfeit the firearm.
- Why?
- Ballistics examination.
- No.
- Fine, we'll get a warrant.
I got nothing to hide, fellas.
But that doesn't mean I'm
gonna make this easy on you,
'cause I really fucking
resent the accusation.
I didn't kill Rick Dunleavy.
All I'm saying is there's no reason
for you to be in that courtroom today.
I'm going for the same reason you are.
- To see justice done.
- And if justice isn't done?
Russ Wallace, the only
guy that can verify
that Suferin is guilty, is dead.
Chris Caysen will tell what happened.
Okay, Caysen didn't see
Suferin shoot Anton Campbell.
And the defense has a slew of
character witnesses lined up
who are willing to say Suferin's a hero.
Chris's testimony will be enough.
Are you the experimental type?
You want to talk about
existential bullshit as foreplay?
That's not what I asked.
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
I asked, are you experimental?

Are you sure that Sinclair
He won't be back for hours.

So, there he is, you know,
after all these years, my father.
He shows up at the house just to,
you know, talk a bunch of bullshit.
No explanations,
no apologies, no kumbaya.
And you gave that sucker
what he deserved,
a right hook to the nose.
So now he's suing me for assault.
Yeah, Jackie wants me to talk
to some a-attorney he's hired.
You know, explain my side.
Why haven't you?
Because I'm not gonna
tell a perfect stranger
about me being abused as
a child by my old man.
You know?
And besides, Diarmuid Doyle said
that he'd try to talk the
bastard out of the lawsuit, so
Shit, I just feel like I've lost
my opportunity, you know?
But not to not to have
my dad back in my life
believe me, I don't want
that but [SIGHS]
to try to make some kind
of peace with the past.
Best way to make peace
with the past? Amnesia.
Yeah. I wish it was that simple.
You know, I know that my
dad cheated on my mom.
Christ, why do all men cheat? I
Suddenly, I don't think we're
talking about your father anymore.
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
You know, I-I Jackie's been
unfaithful to me so many times.
But, you know, I
Sue, I honestly thought
we were past all that shit.
Until Oh, thanks.
Until last night.
I'm lying in bed all alone,
- and I just get this feeling.
- Oh, yeah.
I know that feeling. In the gut.
Yeah. And here. You know?
Any idea who he's fucking around with?
Not exactly.
But he started acting squirrelly
when he got that job
with the Dryden family.
She loves torturing squirrels.
Apparently, I'm the only suspect.
But you didn't shoot anybody.
And submitting your pistol
will help prove that.
So why force them to get a court order?
Because I want the paper trail.
I'm about to testify
against Tony Suferin,
put him away for killing Anton Campbell.
This is an attempt, by my
brothers in blue, to stop me.
- Then don't.
- Don't what?
- Testify.
- Maggie.
We've been through this. I have to.
No. You want to.
Well, I don't want you to.
I have to, 'cause Russ Wallace can't.
Just forget about Russ for a second
and think about yourself.
Proving your innocence.
Hey, Chris
I can just say that I was
with you the entire night.
I-If your "brothers in blue" are willing
to fudge the truth, then so am I.
No, I won't have you committing perjury.
Fine. [SCOFFS]
Then go to prison.
- And what do we tell the kids?
- For now? Nothing.
Morning, Dee-Cee.
What's happened, man? Why are
you in Boston? What's wrong?
Why do you always assume
the worst? Jesus Christ, man.
I'm driving up to Maine.
Figured I'd stop on the way
and see my brother and
his wonderful wife.
Oh, they ain't got
telephones in New York?
Nope, only carrier pigeons.
- Not very reliable.
- Uh-huh.
That's why I wanted to
deliver this myself.
"One thousand one hundred twelve dollars
and sixty-two cents."
The payout from Pop's insurance policy.
It's your half.
Two thousand two hundred
twenty-five dollars
and twenty-four cents?
The value of a life. Goddamn.
Yeah, broke my heart, too.
Hey, man, you should
- you should take it.
- Oh, no.
Come on. Come on, you took care of Pop.
- You deserve it.
- Look, he told me emphatically,
"Make sure Decourcy
gets his fair share,"
so please don't do what you always do
and complicate the situation.
- Just
- All right.
And at some point,
we have to talk about
what to do with the house.
We can't sell our home.
Well, what other choice is there?
Turn the place into the Franklin
and Eudora Ward Museum?
- You could live there.
- Oh, give up my condo,
with the doorman and
the maintenance guy,
to spend the rest of
my life shoveling snow
- and fixing the boiler?
Look, Brownsville's on the upswing.
Okay? There's a lot of
hedge funders, ad execs,
lawyers looking to buy
and rehab old houses.
We could make a chunk of change.
- Louie?
- Oh.
- What brings you to Boston?
- Hey. I'm going up to Maine.
- Oh.
Why Maine of all places?
Never been.
My only view of the Atlantic's
been patrolling Howard Beach.
I'd like to see some trees.
Or maybe a deer or two.
You gonna drive ten hours
just to see some trees?
I'm taking the week.
To get my mind right.
- You should do the same.
- Oh, I will.
Once everything at work settles down.
Speaking of which, we're due in court.
So this is where you
found Dunleavy's body?
Lying on his back, blood
gurgling out of his mouth.
According to the file, homicide
canvassed the area for witnesses,
but no one saw or heard a thing.
None of the apartments have
a clear view of this location.
That's right, it's a dealing spot.
Here's what I need you to tell me.
Any of the pushers
show any signs of fear
since Dunleavy was shot?
Harry Hall.
- [CHRIS] Hey, Harry.
- Oh, shit, Caysen.
Hey. Why are you running away from me?
Get any closer, I'm-a light yo ass up.
Harry, stop. I just want to talk.
Fuck off.
I don't feel like talking to no
white bitch with a side part.
Look, you know me, kid.
If you're in danger, I can help.
Look, I'm just gonna sit here.
Stand wherever you like.
Feel free to keep holding the
knife if that makes you feel safe,
but you might want to
hide the thing a little,
so no old lady comes down, screams.
You were with Rick Dunleavy
when he was shot?
If I squeal, you gonna cap me.
Harry, I swear on the souls of my
children, I'm not gonna hurt you.
In fact, I can protect you.
Step one: tell me who
you need protection from.
Not a chance.
[SINCLAIR] Who's there?
You sent for me?
Jackie. Come on in.
'Cause, baby,
I believe in this love ♪
Anita Baker, live at the Common.
- Quite a night, huh?
- Hmm.
You fucked up a childhood
kidnapping case. Gruesome.
You stood there in my office, lost.
Thought your career was over.
I invited you to go see Anita.
Huh? That very night.
And she sang "Sweet Love" twice,
once with the band and once a cappella.
That song was the only thing in my head
for the next six months.
Yeah, and soon enough,
you were back on track,
skilled, confident, brutal.
Hey, listen, Jackie,
last evening, the young woman
with whom you saw me
- Didn't see anything.
- Exactly.
Just like I didn't see you
this morning, with my wife.
How lovely, baby ♪
Uh, yeah, that's that
that's the exact expression
that you had years ago.
I'll say now what I said then:
there is no cause for alarm.
I mean that.
Never leave, 'cause,
baby, I believe ♪
You can go now.
Sweet love ♪
Hear me calling out your name ♪
I feel no shame, I'm in love ♪
God has not promised me ♪
Sunshine ♪
- That's not the way ♪
- [SIOBHAN] Morning, Grace.
Morning, Grace.
- Grace?
- Oh, my God.
Sorry, I didn't see you.
[DECOURCY] Hey, so
It's a big day. You ready?
Whatever God has in store, I'll accept.
Even if the verdict is not guilty.
Oh, we're not even gonna
put that energy out there.
Suferin's going to jail.
The day a white cop goes to jail
for ending a Black man's life,
hmm, pigs will be flying.
I got to go speak to the prosecutor.
I'll see you inside.
Anton wasn't a saint.
I pray for his soul every night.
He had blood on his hands.
So if this was God's will for him
Cops don't get to play
God and take a life, okay?
No one gets to do that
without facing consequences.
I know this is a lot for you, too.
Reliving everything that happened.
And you still came.
Want me to pray?
Father God, it's me, your
humble servant Grace,
coming on behalf of your children,
asking that you may have mercy
upon us and guide our steps,
so as we do our best
to live your word in this life,
we ask you for strength, Father.
Bless Siobhan, Father God,
your diligent servant
fighting for your people.
Our people.
Give her the fortitude
to face another day.
Let her know that weeping
may endure for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning.
These things we ask in
the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.
Let's watch the Lord work.
Rohr here.
coming home for dinner tonight?
I don't know yet.
The, uh, surveillance
system is still broken.
I'm waiting on the repairman.
He's, like, an hour late already.
Oh. Okay, so you're, uh you're
gonna stay out again all night?
What are you talking about?
I came home last night.
Jennifer, how many times
do I have to say this?
New job, working long hours,
trying to make a good impression.
Yeah, who you trying to impress?
I mean, the master of the house
or, uh or the mistress?
What the hell is that crack
supposed to mean?
Are you
our house is so empty.
All right, look.
I'll be home for dinner. All right?
Uh, we'll watch some football.
The Cowboys/Redskins.
Monday night game.
Okay, yeah, I-I'll even
watch football with you.
Did you go see that lawyer
about the assault?
Tomorrow. Maybe.
- Okay.
- See you later.
Regarding the defendant,
have you ever heard him
use racially charged words?
Things like, uh, "Let's go 'N' hunting."
Or worse, he'd get physical,
strip-search Black people.
[KAREN] More than with white people?
Never white people.
Let's go back to the day
of Anton Campbell's death.
I want to focus your attention
on the moment just prior to the gunshot.
Uh, I told my men to hold their fire.
Then, over the radio,
I instructed Suferin and Wallace
to maintain the rear perimeter.
"Do not engage," I said.
Suferin acknowledged my
orders but defied 'em.
He entered the house, approached
Anton Campbell from behind,
then Suferin shot him.
[KAREN] Did you see the
defendant shoot Mr. Campbell?
But he told me that he did.

[KAREN] Please, tell us his exact words.
Suferin said, uh, "Anton
wasn't gonna surrender,
so I took a chance and fired."
Bullshit. I said more than that, Chris.
Mr. Suferin, you will
refrain from speaking.
[SUFERIN] It's bullshit.
- So, did you lean on Father Doyle?
- [MILANI] I did.
- Did you get him to confess?
- I didn't.
Jesus, Milani,
he stole money from the parish
to buy guns for the fucking IRA.
There's no proof of that.
Well, what do you want, the IRA
to give you a fucking receipt?
If I was still with the Bureau,
I would've nailed this fucking guy.
Like Jesus to the cross.
I got that autopsy you wanted.
Dominique Zanghi died
of a codeine overdose.
Unprescribed, I assume.
- Codeine?
- There's more.
The deceased had traces
of latex in her vagina,
which usually indicates
sex with a condom.
No bruising, no defense injuries.
Toxicology also found
quaaludes in her bloodstream.
As you well know, quaaludes are illegal.
Quite a party.
Sedatives followed by evidence
of intercourse could mean rape.
Jackie, if anything
untoward is going on,
you'll let me know, right?
You'll be the first.
[DEVLIN] During this standoff,
you knew Anton Campbell
was armed, correct?
How did you know he was armed?
He fired a round.
At you and the other police officers?
Uh, possibly. Hard to guess
where his mind was at.
Anton Campbell's arrest record
is filled with acts of violence.
- Objection.
- Judge Vela,
he was the primary suspect
in multiple homicide investigations,
all of which involved a firearm.
My client knew that, and Caysen
knew my client knew that,
which goes to justification.
I'll allow.
Knowing Campbell's history of violence,
putting two and two together,
Anthony Suferin probably saved
the lives of his fellow officers.
Possibly yours.
I gave my orders.
Suferin disobeyed them.
A man died needlessly.
If, as you seem to think,
Officer Suferin was such a bad cop,
why did you keep him on the
Youth Strike Force for so long?
Three years. Why not transfer him?
Aren't you, in part, responsible
for the death of Anton Campbell
by bringing Officer Suferin
on the raid that day?
Objection. Your Honor.
[DEVLIN] Withdrawn.
Last question.
You attacked the reputation
of Officer Rick Dunleavy,
but aren't you currently under
suspicion for his murder?
[VELA] Sustained.
Mr. Devlin, move on.
The jury will disregard.
I don't want to hear another
question in this area.
This question is stricken.
My answer is no.
Do you want to win this case on merit,
or do you want to lose 'cause of ego?
Jackie Rohr was there
when Suferin admitted to
killing Anton Campbell.
Put Jackie on the stand.
Suferin's lawyer will object.
You brought Jackie up in trial prep.
And you can convince Judge
Vela to let him testify.
Jackie Rohr.
- Yeah, I admit, it's not ideal.
I am not asking that asshole
to do me any favors.
You want him here, you bring him here.
Well, imagine my surprise
when I get a message
that A.D.A. Decourcy Ward
wants to speak with me.
The impossible happens
every day, Jackie.
Okay, before you tell
me what you're after,
let-let me pose a theoretical question
about a moral dilemma.
Let's say a girl is given a
quaalude and then raped
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Why are you asking me this?
Jesus Christ, Dee.
I'm a lot of fucking things.
I'm not a fucking rapist.
Then who is?
I told you, it's-it's theoretical.
I'm writing a mystery novel.
Working title is Don't
Be a Dipshit. What?
I'm just wondering how the OPR
could've ever found you unprofessional.
"I aimed at the public's heart,
and by accident, I hit
it in the stomach."
Oh, no, you-you taking
the quote out of context.
What, you thought you were the
only one who read Upton Sinclair?
You know, Dee, I think you
might be my fucking soul mate.
Oh? Well, you you-you
should write a book.
Yeah, you should, you should. Call it
Landing on My Feet by
the great Jackie Rohr.
All right, you know what?
Next time I have an ethical quandary,
I'll go see Zelda the
fucking fortune teller.
Now, why am I here? What do you need?
The angels of your better nature.
Oh, yeah, for that,
you should've called Billy
Graham or that nun in India.
Jackie, I want you to take the
stand in the trial of Tony Suferin.
I would rather hump a corpse.
Russ Wallace is dead.
Killed by unfriendly fire.
No, he killed himself when
he agreed to rat on Suferin.
You got Wallace to admit that
Suferin shot Campbell in cold blood,
and you were there when
Suferin admitted that he did.
This has got to be killing you.
- What?
- Asking me for a favor.
Uh, it's technically not a favor.
I'm not prosecuting Suferin.
Oh, right, yeah, it's a federal
case, so the prosecutor is
Karen Shimizu.
Then, absolutely,
emphatically, no fucking way.
All right, yeah. I
I-I thought you'd say that.
What's that?
We've been here over an hour.
- Am I boring you?
Given the circumstances,
boring is a good thing.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
[JENNY] Sweet mother of God.
- Is that Letitia?
- [SUE] That's her.
- [SIGHS] Oh, my
- Yep.
I'm gonna go talk to her.
[BAILIFF] Do you solemnly
swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, so help you God?
I solemnly do.
[BAILIFF] Please be seated.
Mr. Rohr.
Ms. Shimizu.
You were an agent in the
Boston FBI, is that correct?
I was a highly decorated and
regarded FBI special agent
for 19 years, yes.
And in those 19 years,
were you ever disciplined
or investigated for wrongdoing?
Well, a couple of times, some
methods came under scrutiny,
but all of my cases ended in
commendations and convictions.
I was clean as a houndstooth.
You interviewed BPD
Officer Russell Wallace
regarding his responsibility
in the death of Anton Campbell.
I did.
You then witnessed Officer Wallace
- sign this statement to that effect.
- I did.
On the day of Anton Campbell's death,
did you overhear the defendant
talking to Sergeant Caysen?
I did.
Tell us what was said.
Well, Suferin had clearly
disobeyed Caysen's orders,
'cause he was saying that
Campbell posed a threat,
and then he said, "I fired."
Thank you, Mr. Rohr.
Always a pleasure, Ms. Shimizu.
Your witness.
Mr. Rohr, was anyone other
than Sergeant Caysen present
when you eavesdropped on
this alleged conversation?
Officer Wallace.
[DEVLIN] Who, sadly, can't testify.
Didn't Officer Suferin
say more than "I fired"?
Didn't he say, "Campbell
wheeled around toward me"?
No, I didn't hear him say that.
Mr. Rohr, you're under oath.
Look, pal, Boston cops are notorious
for covering each other's asses.
FBI does the same thing.
So why would two respected
law enforcement officers
me and Caysen get up
here and lie about a cop?
Lie on behalf of a cop, sure.
Lie about a cop shooting
a Black kid? No. Uh-uh.
Not unless we were telling the truth.
No further questions.
[VELA] Thank you, Mr. Rohr.
Thank you for your testimony.
Ms. Shimizu, do you have
any further witnesses?
[KAREN] No, Your Honor.
The prosecution rests.
[FOREPERSON] In the matter of The
United States v. Anthony Suferin,
case number 3:93-CR-621426,
we, the jury of the
above entitled action,
find the defendant
Anthony Suferin guilty
of causing death under color of law,
a felony against Anton Campbell.
[VELA] The defendant is remanded.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
I want to thank you for
your time and attention.
You are dismissed.
I got to admit, I
I'm pretty stunned they
found Tony Suferin guilty.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, I wasn't
expecting us to win, either.
Doesn't really feel like we won.
I wish I felt like we did.
A win for Henry Dumas, Michael Stewart,
Eleanor Bumpurs, Willie Turks, but
No, no, no, we didn't win for them.
We won for
- Anton Campbell.
- Yeah, Anton fucking Campbell.
Hey, you, uh you ever
hear the name Sam Hose?
Nah, most people haven't.
He was lynched in Georgia.
A crowd of thousands,
including children,
all gathered to watch him die.
They sold pieces of
his corpse as souvenirs
at the local grocery store.
25 cents for a bit of bone.
Hey, somebody stole his heart
his-his fucking heart
stole it, gave it to the governor.
- It's fucking horrible.
- But not uncommon.
The monsters who committed
that long list of heinous crimes,
they were never punished.
There was no justice.
So we may have won today, but
the score is still 10,000 to one.
[MUTTERING] Stop. Stop the car.
- Stop the car.
- Siobhan.
Siobhan, hey, hey. Siobhan, baby.
- You're okay.
We're not in that car. We're miles away.
All right?
Hey, it's okay, baby, all right?
All right? I got you.
I got you.
[JENNY] Jackie.
Jackie, didn't you hear me calling?
Get up. You're late for work.
Oh, Jesus, I haven't seen that
look since Mom lived here.
Things okay at Mr. Dryden's?
I mean, not so long ago, you were
hopping out of bed whistling.
You couldn't wait to
get out to Beacon Hill.
Jesus Christ, I'm fucking up. All right?
I know what this is.
Yeah, you've always been on
your own clock, your own hours,
answering to nobody.
Yeah, but now you punch in a real clock,
you know, filling out,
uh, invoices or whatever.
You're having to compromise yourself,
and you're miserable about it.
I mean, last night,
all you could talk about
was testifying at that
cop's murder trial.
You know? And
You miss the old job.
- You miss being in the FBI.
- Bullshit.
Fine. Okay.
Suit yourself.
[DECOURCY] Just give him
an hour with his son.
I'm asking as the prosecuting attorney.
Thank you, Warden.
Yeah, uh, all right, well,
after the first visit,
let's talk about setting
up a regular schedule.
All right.
I'll do that. Goodbye.
When are you taking Whitaker to trial?
Uh, when and if I'm ready.
I've been digging into the case files
of Officers Plunkett and Knoche.
You know over 20 of their affidavits,
including Whitaker's, have
been signed by the same CI?
Tex Kramer?
Hmm. That's definitely hinky.
Yeah. Yeah, this guy Kramer,
he might be the key.
Good news: Nehemiah Powell is
now officially incarcerated.
The Camden Fish Market is giving
us all the free lobster we can eat.
Uh, congratulations? Uh
You've got a great track record.
I'm simply playing catch-up.
[DAN] I had intended to give
this case to you, Decourcy,
but since Blair's on a roll
Fanatic blew up an abortion clinic.
Killed two people.
Defense is claiming he's schizophrenic.
[BLAIR] Mental health is a real problem.
I'll try to find some compassion
before I toss this jerk two
consecutive life sentences.
Why do I get the feeling
that you two staged this little
piece of performance art?
Hello, Pepe.
Hi, Miss Quays.
I talked to the doctor.
She says there's been no change?
[PEPE] Not yet.

[SIOBHAN] Timothy O'Brien?
My name is Siobhan Quays.
I am the attorney representing
Hernando Mendoza.
May we talk?
Sorry, not interested.
Were you on site when
Hernando was injured?
Please don't drag me into this.
Do you have kids, Mr. O'Brien?
Why? You gonna stalk them, too?
I went through the shift logs.
You and Mendoza worked together often.
More often than most crew members.
Then I looked you up and I realized
you two live in the same neighborhood.
Yeah. We're neighbors.
His son Pepe, he asked
me to come talk to you.
Figured you'd want to make
sure that a tragedy like this
won't happen to another family.
Pepe said that?
Union told us to keep quiet.
Promised they and Needham
Industries had every intention
of making things right for the Mendozas.
- You believe them?
- Hey, the union leaders
assign us to do a job each day.
Okay? I talk, I don't work.
And, yeah, I do have kids.
Babies, so I need the money.
Has anyone threatened you?
[SCOFFS] They don't have to.
We all know what they're capable of.
They? Who's they?
I only get a half hour for lunch.
Hey there, Charles.
Let me ask you something.
The night Dominique Zanghi
was having dinner here,
did you drive her home?
Uh, yes.
What time was that?
Uh, I don't recall.
Was she unconscious?
[SIGHS] I don't recall.
Okay, three nights later,
did you drive Dryden to
Dominique's apartment?
I don't recall.
Like Reagan and Iran-Contra.
Suck my dick, Jackie!
See? That's what I
like about you, Chuck.
You're cool under pressure.
And there you go.
Ten thousand dollars.
This'll give my campaign a real boost.
I can't think of anyone I'd rather
have elected attorney general
of the Massachusetts Commonwealth.
Well, if there's anything
I can do in return,
don't hesitate to ask.
Within ethical bounds, of course.
Of course.
Give my best to Letitia.
And mine to Ruth.
Oh, I didn't know
D.A.'s made house calls.
I heard you were working
here, licking Sinclair's ass.
Check the mirror.
Looks like you got a little
brown on your nose yourself.
A BPD informer named Tex
Kramer signed an affidavit
swearing that you sold him heroin.
Didn't happen. Don't know
any Texes or Kramers.
Yeah, I thought so.
Mr. Ward, did you talk to the
warden about me seeing my boy?
I'll make sure you get
some time with your family.
[TEX] Every day is a choice.
That's the value of living.
Every moment is a decision.
To stay sad or be happy.
To quit or work harder.
To give into temptation
or to do the right thing.
Uh, you used to help the BPD
from time to time. Yeah?
Supplied a few investigations
with important information?
I'm pretty open about my past, uh,
but that part of my life is something
I really don't like to revisit.
Yeah, understood.
Mr. Kramer, I'm not here
to accuse you of anything.
I-I just want to get all
my facts, you know?
Yeah, well, facts can be
deceptive sometimes.
Are they?
Officers Gary Plunkett and Randy Knoche,
they caught you doing heroin,
so to beat the charges,
you would feed them information
on drug dealers, yeah?
Ah, our arrangement was uglier.
First time, I went to them.
Gave them a tip on a dealer
in exchange for cash.
After that, they'd come to me.
I got drugs. They got affidavits.
Yeah, yeah, affidavits claiming
that you would buy dope
from whoever Plunkett and Knoche
wanted to arrest, when in reality,
you were actually getting drugs
from those two police officers.

Yeah, uh Ugly, like I said.
Do you know how they got their drugs?
Nope. Didn't ask, didn't care.
Curtis Whitaker.
Does that name ring a bell?
Only from watching the news.
Only from
'Cause, see, a key piece of evidence
that the BPD used to investigate Curtis
was an affidavit that
claimed he was dealing.
That affidavit was signed by you.
Am I going to jail?
But this is a chance for you
to set the record straight.
By testifying against Knoche
and Plunkett in court?
Possibly, yes.
Those guys don't fuck around.
Well, every day is a choice.
That's the value of living.
Mr. Zanghi, I'm sorry
to drop by unannounced.
- What are you, police?
- FBI. Used to be.
Uh, I just wanted to say how
sorry I am for your loss,
- about what happened to your daughter.
- [ANNABELLA] Who are you?
Dominique's death, I mean,
that must be devastating.
Beyond devastating, and plus,
you're working s-so hard
to put a bright young
mind through Harvard.
You know, I got a daughter
of my own at NYU,
and that shit ain't cheap.
Every time I cut a check,
it's like I'm passing a kidney stone.
It's worth the sweat, though. Right?
So that's why I just wanted
to, you know, come by
parent to parent just to see if
there was anything that I could do
to-to get to the bottom of this
and just find out what
happened to Dominique.
With all the drugs Dom was taking,
something bad was bound to happen.
- Annabella.
- What? Truth is the truth.
She was addicted to anything
in particular, like quaaludes?
[CARLO] Quaaludes? Nah.
Just the codeine.
Codeine. Oh.
Did you speak to Dominique
the night she died?
What about before that?
Was she intimate with anybody,
as far as you know?
- Listen, Mister
- Rohr.
Mr. Rohr, Dom is dead.
And there's nothing we
can do or you can do
that's gonna bring her back.
Yeah, but I just thought that
knowing the circumstances
might help you rest easier.
Well, we're in negotiation.
Our lawyer says not to talk.
Negotiation with who?
I just told you, I can't say shit.
What kind of limp-dick son
of a bitch are you, Carlo?
You know? My daughter O.D.'d.
I almost lost her, and I wanted
to kill everybody in sight,
and all you can fucking say
is, "We're in negotiation"?
You know what? Fuck you.
Fuck both of you.
- Hello?
- [JACKIE] Bendrops.
Hi, Dad.
Hey. It's kind of loud.
Yeah, having a party.
Couple of us girls.
In the middle of the day?
Did you need something, Dad?
No, no, I-I just
No, I was just calling to s
just to say, you know, just be safe.
Just be fucking safe. That's all.
Just k-keep an eye on your drink
and-and don't trust nobody,
not even Faust.
You know, 'cause sometimes the
people that you think love you don't.
Oh, we're just having fun, Dad.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. F-Fun is good.
But-but if-if I have to come
down to New York, I will.
All right? I fucking will.
I won't hesitate.
Look, I'm not drinking, Dad.
And you shouldn't be drunk
this early in the day.
- What? No, I-I'm not
[JENNY] Though Jackie's
not in the FBI these days,
I'm still in touch with
a couple of the wives.
Me being here might not be appropriate.
And if he found out,
Jackie would pop a vein.
[CHUCKLES] But I'm-I'm just
I'm hoping, you know, maybe you can
point me in the right direction.
Uh, those OPR people made
a mistake pushing him out.
Jackie's a good man.
He's good at his job, anyway.
You must be a patient person.
Guess so, yeah.
I'm not.
I don't blame you for attempting
to get your husband
back into the Bureau,
but he doesn't deserve to work there.
He's corrupt,
among many other unsavory traits.
Sure. Yeah, yeah, I
I mean, Jackie can be a
a dickhead.
But I know how he treats the
things that he cares about most.
Uh, he's a protector.
I mean, he would lay down
in the middle of traffic
on Boylston for our daughter Benny.
And his job is a part of him.
And no part of me wants to see that
egocentric degenerate reinstated.
In fact, I helped get rid of him.
I was kind of picking up on that.
[SOFTLY] Okay.
You I can see why you rattle Jackie.
I mean, you're smart.
I kind of wish I scared him
the way you do. [CHUCKLES]
Mrs. Rohr.
You seem like a nice
person, so I'll say this.
If you want to get Jackie reinstated,
you'll need to find a lawyer,
and that lawyer will tell you
to go after Holly Gunner's reputation.
At which point you'll
have a decision to make.
Do you want to ruin
another woman's life?
A life your husband has already
done so much damage to?
Siobhan Quays.
- Do I know you?
- You don't.
I just stopped by to
recommend you stay away
from the construction site, all right?
No, that's not all right. [SCOFFS]
What happened to Hernando
Mendoza is a damn shame.
But an accident is an accident.
Unless it's not.
- Are you trying to frighten me?
- Oh, there's no chance of that.
Big bad Black lady stomping around town,
handing out your cards,
demanding reports,
asking about this and that.
- Just working for my client.
- Hey.
Didn't you get shot a few months ago?
I'd be extra careful after
an experience like that.
[SIOBHAN] How deeply involved is
the mob in the construction union?
Oh, I mean, nothing's been proven,
but I'd say, right now,
they're one and the same.
Why do you ask?
Mm, just trying to connect some dots.
How's Whitaker coming along?
You know, I think I got a solid lead.
I'll know some more tomorrow.
Come here, come here, come here.
I got something for you.
- A present?
- Yeah, it's
it's a gift for both of us.
And neither of us.
I bought it with my
dad's insurance check.
You know, I felt weird just
putting the money in the bank
or using it to pay gym fees.
- You know.
- Mm-hmm.
I wanted to do something meaningful.
Something in his name
so that Franklin Ward is a part
of our past and our future.
It's-it's for our kid.
For-for when they turn 18 or-or
graduate college, you know.
And from their grandpa, you know?
A man who was on time when he was early
- and late when he was on time.
That's beautiful, but
Yeah, I-I know, we're not
planning on having a kid soon.
This is not me pressuring you.
Just, you know, when we do,
I figured that it-it could
bring Dad back to us.
It's a lovely idea.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
This is a man's watch.
So I'm guessing, when that time
comes, it needs to be a boy?
What? No, baby.
- No, I-I told you, if we have a girl
- Mm.
- that'd be amazing.
- Mm.
And we'll just keep trying
till we get it right.
'Cause Oh, you
putting your dukes up?
- A'ight. Hey, hey.
- [CHRIS] Hello?
In here, Chris.
- Where are the kids?
- My parents.
You know, being in the courtroom
and listening to the testimony and
hearing Suferin just scream at you
[SIGHS] I got this chill down my back.
And it's the same chill I had
standing with Carol
Wallace in the morgue
while she identified her dead husband.
I never told you,
but I saw the hole in
the back of Russ's head.
And I don't ever want to be
anywhere near that morgue again.
All right, Maggie, I know how you feel.
You saying that, Chris,
means you have no
fucking idea how I feel.
Sometimes you're gone for days.
I don't know where you are, and I panic.
And then the phone rings, and I jump.
And you're on the line,
all calm and cool,
asking for a clean pair of jeans.
I screw up sometimes.
I'm sorry.
But we've always worked this stuff out.
Right? W-We've always found a way to
- give each other a little grace.
- No, wrong.
You get the grace.
And I get the worry.
Baby, we used to be so happy.
And now
I'm just sad
all the time, and
and I hate you for it.
But I swear to Christ,
I am not gonna stare at a hole
in the back of your head.
What do you what
do you want me to do?
Quit. Stop being a cop.
What-what am I gonna fucking do?
Work for my dad. Be a
dog walker. I don't care.
Just fucking quit.
I can't.
You-you know I can't.
Yeah, I do know that.
I do.
Which is why I'm leaving.
What? Leaving? What? Wait, for how long?
The kids and I will be
at my parents' place
if you need to reach us.
Maggie, wait. Ju
Stay here with the twins.
Just t-take the house, t-take
as much time as you need.
I-I just
I'll go. I'll go.
You've always loved
this place more than me.
You stay.

With all my heart ♪
I love you, baby ♪
Stay with me ♪
And you will see ♪
My arms will hold you, baby ♪
Never leave ♪
'Cause I believe I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Hear me calling out your name ♪
I feel no shame, I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Don't you ever go away ♪
It'll always be this way ♪
Your heart has called
me closer to you ♪
I will be all that you need ♪
Just trust in what we're feeling ♪
Never leave ♪
'Cause, baby, I believe in this love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Hear me calling out your name ♪
- I feel no shame ♪
I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Don't you ever go away ♪
It'll always be this way ♪
There's no stronger love ♪
In this world ♪
Oh, baby, no ♪
You're my man, I'm your girl ♪
I'll never go ♪
Wait and see, can't be wrong ♪
Don't you know this
is where you belong? ♪
Oh, how sweet this dream ♪
How lovely, baby ♪
Stay right here ♪
Never fear ♪
I will be all that you need ♪
Never leave ♪
'Cause, baby, I believe in this love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Hear me calling out your name ♪
I feel no shame, I'm in love ♪
Sweet love ♪
Don't you ever ♪
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