City on a Hill (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Take Me Home

Bette wants to work for the
Bureau when she graduates.
She comes seeking advice.
[JENNY] Sweet mother of God.
- Is that Letitia?
- [SUE] That's her.
- I'm gonna go talk to her.
- No.
I'm Lourdes Mendoza, Hernando's sister.
- This is Pepe, his son.
- [SIOBHAN] I don't want you to worry.
I'm gonna fight for your family.
There's nothing physical tying me
to the death of Officer Andrews.
Nothing but the testimonies
of a couple lying cops.
And a witness.
The man kept changing his story.
What-what do you want me to do?
Quit. Stop being a cop.
You-you know I can't.
What do you want, Tony?
I'll tell you what I don't want:
to be taking shits in Allenwood
for the rest of my goddamn life.
Should've thought of that
before you blew a hole
in Anton Campbell's head.
Sergeant Caysen,
we asked you to come today
because Tony has important information
we believe you'll find useful.
He's willing to give you
the name of the person
that killed both Officer Andrews
and Officer Dunleavy.
You're the prime suspect
in the Dunleavy murder.
Do you want to end up
in a cell next to Tony
for a crime you didn't commit?
[DAN] Fuck you, Caysen.
I'm in the middle of a fucking election
that's making what's
left of my hair fall out,
and you come to me with this fantasy?
Whitaker's innocent.
The only way to set him free
is to find out who actually
killed Duke Andrews.
No, we don't make deals with
killer cops. What the
Maybe we do, if Suferin's
telling the truth.
The problem is, we'll
have to get Shimizu
to ask a judge to reduce the sentence.
And knowing that cunt,
she'll have a shit fit.
I'm not saying Suferin walks tomorrow.
- We shave off a year or two.
- [DECOURCY] Listen, Chris,
I want Curtis Whitaker out of jail, yes,
but Suferin will not
get an early release.
[DAN] Let him go.
Dee? You think I want
Suferin out on the street?
Russ Wallace is dead 'cause of him.
But I'm being investigated
for Dunleavy's murder,
and this will clear my name.
Look, Suferin said the two deaths
are tied together, right?
If he hasn't reported
the murders up till now,
- I'm betting a cop is involved.
- Agreed.
And then, I-I got a lead on this
witness, uh, Dwayne Doucette.
Maybe he can shed some light on
who murdered Andrews and Dunleavy.
And if he refuses to step up?
Just keep looking until we
find somebody who will.
I'm sorry, Dee. Tony Suferin
may be the easy way out,
but I'm gonna convince
Shimizu to negotiate.
- Come on in.
- I'm, uh, glad you were able to see me
on such short notice.
Yeah. Are you sure
you don't want coffee?
- No, no. I'm good.
- So?
So, as promised, I went to see
your da about the lawsuit.
At first, he wouldn't
even let me in the door.
But that didn't stop me.
I kept knocking.
And then, he agreed to talk,
but only if I didn't mention your name.
- Oh.
- And then, after about an hour of sports
and politics and religion,
he brought you up.
He did?
Joe was a wee bit, uh, drunk by then.
Um, he started mumbling a story
about you and him sledding
down a snowy bank
- in some park.
- Oh.
I used his nostalgia as
an opportunity to say
what a fine woman you are,
that you hitting him
was not intentional,
that, uh, he should drop the lawsuit.
He grumbled a bit,
and then he said "yes."
So he's dropping the lawsuit?
- On one condition.
- Well, of course.
- If you apologize.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
My wife is apologizing to no one.
You're the one that
should be apologizing
for bringing that piece of shit
into my fucking house
without even asking me.
- Jackie, please.
- No, Jenny, Jenny, he's right.
I-I should've talked to you first.
But listen, Rohr, we're
way past that now, okay?
I'm trying to make peace
between a father and a daughter.
I'm trying to save you
the time and money
of waging a battle in court.
I don't need to be saved
by a fudge-packing twink.
Yeah, you think I don't know
that your dick was playing hide-and-seek
with another priest's asshole?
Father Bender told me
every fucking thing.
I don't care if the Virgin
Mary appeared to you
on the goddamn toilet!
You do not say that shit
to my friend Diarmuid!
- Yeah, some motherfucking friend!
- Yeah? At least I'm man enough
to admit who I am, good and bad.
- Fuck you, Jackie!
Okay, okay, okay.
My father said he would drop the lawsuit
if I said I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I heard.
- Hmm.
You're not really going to apologize
to that miserable fuck, though, are you?
No, but I would've liked the chance
to at least say so for myself.
Something wrong with the deadbolt?
Oh. I couldn't remember if I had
locked them after Decourcy left.
What are your plans today?
I figured I'd spend the afternoon
doing touristy things:
go see the Mapparium,
measure a few smoots.
Well, we love you being here.
Feels nice, safe, having
more family around.
And once I'm gone, how will you feel?
Why are you asking me that?
You, making sure the doors are
locked, the windows bolted.
Well, I'm just being cautious.
You know, after I was shot,
there were two versions of me:
one who lived every day in that moment,
and one who pretended the
shooting never happened.
My head was so messed up,
hearing the echo of that bullet.
Like, I realized I had two choices.
I could turn into somebody
I didn't know,
or I could fight the confusion
by getting help.
Well, we all react to
things differently.
You said you sleep fine,
and that's great.
But as your favorite brother-in-law,
I pray you'll never have
the nightmares I've had.
Look, talking to a therapist
quieted my anger,
my fears.
I love you, sis.
[DECOURCY] You say you
witnessed the murder
of Officer Duke Andrews.
And you originally told police
that Curtis Whitaker had the gun
he used to shoot Officer Andrews.
I did, but then, thinking back,
I remembered more clearly.
Whitaker took hold of Andrews' gun.
Did he? 'Cause I hear Officer
Andrews was a big man,
big, bigger than Whitaker.
Yet, Little Whitaker was able
to wrestle the gun out
of Officer Andrews' hands.
How the fuck is that possible?
The element of surprise, I guess.
You guess? Okay.
Now, Mr. Hines, when you looked
at the photo in the six-pack,
you didn't pick Whitaker out.
That's right.
But at the lineup, you did.
Tell me, what changed your mind?
He was the only suspect I saw
twice, so I pointed to him.
That made them real happy.
Them who?
Officer Plunkett and his partner,
what's-his-name? Knoche?
Rumor spreadin' round ♪
In that Texas town ♪
- About that shack outside La Grange ♪
And you know what I'm talkin' about ♪
Just let me know if you want to go ♪
To that home out on the range ♪
Have mercy ♪
A haw, haw, haw, haw ♪
A haw, haw, haw ♪
Well, I hear it's fine ♪
If you got the time ♪
And that ten to get yourself in ♪
A hmm, hmm ♪
And I hear it's tight ♪
Most every night ♪
But now I might be mistaken ♪
Hmm, hmm, hmm ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
What do you need?
What do I need?
What do I need?
Any surveillance cameras in here?
- No.
- It's a shame.
I'd love to have a tape of us on a loop
doing what we do right here, right now.
Look how peaceful the house is, Jackie.
I'd hate for anything
to disturb that peace.
You quizzed our chauffeur,
asking Charles about
the comings and goings
of Dominique Zanghi the week she OD'd.
Ah, j-just doing my job.
You also went to the North End
and paid a visit to Dominique's parents.
- If you can call them that.
- Mm-hmm.
Fortunately, they confided
in me and not in Sinclair.
Jackie, you need to be careful.
You gonna tell him?
Sorry to interrupt.
I was just showing Jackie here
how much we appreciate his work.
All you'll get is a handshake from me.
Maria picked up my tux and your gown.
- They're up on our bed.
- Okay.
Fucking around with the boss's wife
right under his nose.
Highly unethical, Jackie.
Well, listen, Sinclair,
uh, we need to
Hey, hey, I'm just messing
with you. [LAUGHS]
As the kids say, chill out.
So a tux, a gown.
You-you-you going to some fancy event?
Tomorrow night.
Fairmont Copley Plaza for a fundraiser
at the Boston Police Foundation.
Letitia and I are gonna spend
the weekend at the hotel.
A little second honeymoon.
You should disappear
Saturday and Sunday.
Go be with your wife or whoever.
Let Braddock watch the house.
Sounds good.
I want you to deliver that for me. Hmm?
Bette Williams, she's
a fine young woman,
very reasonable, very sensible.
Hey, lady, you gonna buy that
or just smudge the pages, huh?
I-I loved Dallas.
Yeah. Hey, who shot J.R., huh?
[BETTE] I got it.
You're the guy from the Drydens'.
I got something for you.
[DAMON] Bette, who are you talking to?
- A classmate.
- It's your boyfriend?
I live with my parents.
So, do they know why
you're getting this money?
They don't.
If I remember correctly, you
wanted to join the Bureau, right?
Not anymore.
Love can shitcan a dream.
You love Sinclair?
No, but, at first, he was
charming and funny,
and he told me he loved me.
He lied. And worse.
Okay, look, uh, I could
get into a lot of hot water
for what I'm about to tell you,
but being paid off won't
make up for what happened.
Oh, it'll come close.
Mr. Doucette.
Knoche and Plunkett stole my drugs,
then tried to intimidate
me into silence.
Said they wouldn't arrest me
if I said that they
didn't take that kilo,
but I wasn't with that.
I don't negotiate with terrorists
or wannabe Klansmen.
All right, so you refused to cooperate
with Plunkett and Knoche.
You went in jail. Then what?
Plunkett came to see me in jail.
Said he wouldn't show up at my hearing
if I supplied them with more heroin.
Which you did.
I had a wife and a kid on the way.
As soon as I got out of that
cell, I quit the business.
Mr. Doucette, how long
did you deal drugs?
Couple years.
I needed the money for culinary school.
You studied in Paris, right?
For a year. That's where I met Hazel.
She's a sommelier.
What made you quit the business?
Like what specifically?
White cops killing us?
Not a surprise.
White cops killing white cops?
That made a lasting impression.
I was there when they shot Andrews.
I saw the fucker die.
You seem like a decent man,
so do the decent thing.
- Say that in court.
- And be the next DWB?
When you was out there slanging,
you faced death every day, eh?
Now, I can't predict
what'll happen if you talk,
but what I do know is that you and I,
we can stop Plunkett and
Knoche from hurting people.
Our people.
Let me talk to my wife.
Hazel's always preaching
that I should do penance
for my past sins.
Elena, I want justice for Duke.
You want justice?
And I want the husband who
slept beside me at night.
Well, finding the bums who killed him
won't lessen your pain, but
Thought that Black guy
Whitaker killed him.
Thought he was behind bars,
waiting for a second trial.
He is, but the case has got holes.
The U.S. Attorney wants to spackle 'em
before moving forward.
Is that why you're here?
What do you want to know?
Did Duke ever mention any other cops?
Tony Suferin, Rick Dunleavy?
Gary Plunkett or Randy Knoche?
The last two, no, but we'd
go bowling with Tony,
his wife Amanda, Rick and Sarah.
Amanda and Sarah were there
for me when Duke died.
But the casseroles stopped
coming a while ago.
Wives keep their distance
from widows. [SCOFFS]
Hell, even my children do.
I'm lonely.
Yeah, I know what you're talking about.
A week ago, my wife Maggie left me.
You find me attractive?
Then sleep with me.
I I'd like to,
but, uh, I'm-I'm still putting
compresses on my own wounds.
When you're ready, holler.
So you play with dolls, huh?
Last year's Secret Santa gift.
I didn't know your tribe
celebrated Christmas.
Why are you here, Rohr?
I need you to dig up
some information for me.
I want to find out if there's any women,
probably college age,
who filed in the past year a complaint
with the BPD against Sinclair Dryden.
The Sinclair Dryden?
G-man, myth and legend?
Going up against one of our
own? [LAUGHING] Shit.
And how the hell am I supposed
to explain this to my boss?
Easy. Don't tell him.
And you want me to ask the Boston
police to open up their files?
Have you forgotten?
The FBI and the BPD are like
the Lakers and the Celtics.
I couldn't get that information
even if my mother asked me to.
Yeah, you know, when I
first started at the Bureau,
I was just like you.
Kept my head down, didn't
want to ruffle any feathers.
That's bullshit. You've been
a showboater from day one.
And look at the result.
I'm a household name in fucking Boston.
Because of the Angiulo brothers?
That bust was ten years ago.
You know, it only took that one case
to make me the FBI's brightest boy.
We started by planting bugs
in the Angiulos' headquarters.
- I don't have time for this.
- Listen.
I heard a lot of stuff on that wire,
but not enough to make an arrest.
And even though I was told not to,
I went to see this leprechaun-sized
alkie named
Can we just skip to the point?
You can play by the rules, or
you can take this silver platter
that I am handing you,
and if you help me,
you will be the brightest boy
by Ramadan, I promise you.
I don't care about shit like that.
Oh, come on. Who the
fuck are you lying to?
I saw you on television,
announcing that Trent Heinke bust.
I recognized that glint in your eye.
You love the spotlight,
just the same as me.
Maybe more.
And how the fuck am I supposed
to get the jump on this?
Lie, cheat, bribe, beg.
My personal style is all of the above.
Just don't mention my name.
The brightest boy.
Jesus. Okay.
I have all these bills.
I need to know something is
being done for my brother.
As expected, I'm meeting a lot
of resistance from the city,
the union and the construction company.
They won't admit to any culpability
for Hernando's accident,
but I am pushing as hard as I can.
I'm grateful for your help,
but we need money right now.
Needham Industries owes
your family restitution.
We will put a number, a high
number, on the suffering,
and we will get that money.
I can't give you an exact date.
So many lies.
What was I thinking, coming here?
So tight.
Clearly, you're under a lot of pressure.
Yeah, I can feel the tension.
Maybe you should find
a job with less stress.
Ow! Oh. [GROANS]
I'm sorry. Was I being too hard?
No. That's the spot where I was wounded.
I'm sorry. I thought this
would be good for me. It's
I was wrong.
Okay. Thanks, Libby.
I'm trying to get in touch with Benny.
She hasn't called me
back since last night.
She's not a cloistered nun, Jen.
She's either in class or in the library,
so just leave her alone, all right?
So when are you meeting with
the lawyer about the lawsuit?
Uh, later today.
Maybe? You're nervous.
Why would I be nervous?
Look, I know how hard it is for you
to talk about what your father
did to you, but you'll see.
Ari Kruzs, he's a good listener.
Hey, you're home early.
The Drydens are attending a gala.
They're spending the weekend
at Fairmont Copley Plaza.
Oh, must be nice, living in a
fancy mansion on Mount Vernon
yet still being rich enough
to weekend at the Fairmont.
How did you know they
live on Mount Vernon?
You must have told me.
No, I didn't.
Well, Sue Stanton, then.
What's the big deal?
Jennifer, don't do anything stupid.
Stupid? Like what?
Like going over to the Drydens
and knocking on the door.
Oh, my God. Fuck you, Jackie.
I would never do that.
Yeah, you would, 'cause you
got this idea in your head
that I want to go back to
shoveling shit at the FBI.
And you might go over to the Drydens'
and stir up some other kinds of shit.
Well, let me tell you something.
There's enough shit going
on over there already.
The man I married is
still the man you are.
At least I hope so.
How the fuck did you get this?
Jennifer? Jen?
Shimizu refused to
negotiate with Suferin.
She thinks he's lying.
Yeah, I know. I spoke with her.
- For once, she and I are in agreement.
- Ah. Bully for you.
That witness I mentioned?
He's willing to testify
that Plunkett and Knoche killed Andrews.
Now, we just need to
lean on the two of them
to see if they'll confess
to the murders.
Plunkett'll cave before Knoche.
Then he's our first stop.
How do you feel about small spaces?
Concrete walls, thick metal
bars on the windows?
You come in here for a friendly
visit, and that's what you ask?
You know, maybe they'll give
you Curtis Whitaker's cell.
The fuck is he talking about?
We found someone willing
to stand up in court
- and point at you.
- Who?
Ah, poor Gary.
His legal fees are gonna be sky high.
Mm. Probably have to sell this
nice house to pay for the lawyers.
Who's this witness, huh?
Somebody I arrested once? [SCOFFS]
Good luck trying to convince a jury
that shit ain't payback
for a righteous collar.
No judge is gonna believe a waste
of flesh drug dealer over me.
Have you seen my record?
Three Hanna Awards for Bravery.
Gary, we never mentioned a drug dealer.
[CAYSEN] And you nominated yourself
for those three fucking awards.
Listen, our witness is gonna
testify that you peddled drugs
and shot Duke Andrews.
Coupled with the fraudulent affidavits
you had a junkie sign, uh,
they're gonna be carrying you
out of Walpole in a body bag.
Question is: do you want to
be there all by yourself?
- Imagine Knoche
- Mm.
walking around free, getting laid
- Mm.
- laughing at you.
I didn't kill nobody.
Not Andrews, not Dunleavy.
Well, testify against Knoche,
maybe ADA Ward here
will split your prison time
with Knoche 90-ten.
Ten years? That true?
Uh, mm, anything's possible.
You know, it's not polite to invite
yourself into someone's home.
Well, I didn't feel comfortable
having a conversation like this
at my office or at a bar or
anywhere remotely public.
Last year, the Dryden Foundation
started a college scholarship
for young women from poor backgrounds.
The five women who applied
for the grant are Lucy Chan,
Angela Hicks, Irina Zhevakin
- Dominique Zanghi and Bette Williams.
- Yup, but here's the rub.
Irina was rejected after
she filed a police report
accusing Dryden of rape.
A week later, she recanted.
Suddenly, the sex was consensual.
A woman's purpose is to procreate,
and a man's is to force her to.
Who said that?
I did. Unfortunately.
So, your father is charging
you with assault
for an incident that took
place on August the 20th.
According to Mr. Congemi's lawyer,
they would like to keep this
case in the civil court.
That means your father is
doing it for the money.
Oh, yeah. Typical. Yeah.
That son of a bitch
just takes and takes.
That's all he's ever done.
Okay. So we settle or we don't.
Jackie won't give him a cent.
And you?
I won't give him half a cent.
Then we will need people
to testify on your behalf,
to, uh, confirm that your actions
on August the 20th were justified.
Tell me, was there anyone else present?
Yes, uh, there was a priest.
Oh. Excellent.
May I ask you a few questions?
Did you feel threatened when
your father entered your home?
No, I don't know.
I don't know what I felt.
Well, did he say anything
or present himself
in a physical way that made
you feel endangered?
Would you consider this
an act of self-defense?
Uh, that, well
That's a lot of questions.
[LAUGHS] I, uh
I don't know. I, uh
I-I cracked. I-I cracked.
All right. Yeah, but perhaps there
was, uh, an instigating factor
that led you to hit him?
Maybe something from the past?
Um, you know, maybe maybe
we should do this another time?
- Is that?
- All right,
but, uh, the clock is about to gong,
and representing you without having
all the facts makes it harder.
So, when you feel ready
sooner rather than later, I hope
you come back to see me.
Mrs. O'Brien?
I'm Siobhan Quays.
I'm representing Hernando Mendoza.
Oh, yeah, the gal from the ACLU.
You tried convincing my husband.
Timmy can't risk losing his job.
- We're barely hanging on by a thread.
- Can we talk?
Just for a minute?
I know how much your husband would risk
by saying what happened
the day Hernando was hurt.
Yeah, the union would blackball him.
It's a long process.
If they do, I'll help you sue the union
for wrongful termination.
Yeah, we could lose in court.
Yeah, but if your husband comes forward,
the Mendozas will be
awarded a large settlement.
His family is also hanging by a thread.
Look, they're nice people, sure,
but I got two daughters at home.
Pepe's aunt can't afford
to house him forever.
There's a good chance the boy
might end up in foster care.
That might do real, long-term damage,
depending on the family
with whom he's placed.
Just no way to know.
Tim's off today. Come at three.
I'm-I'm not making any promises.
[SIOBHAN] Thank you. I'm very grateful.
[SIGHS] Yup, yup.
Rohr residence.
Hi. Yeah, I just got a missed call.
This is the Copley Plaza?
Yeah, it could have been,
uh, Sinclair Dryden.
Yes. Yeah, if you could
please connect me.
- Thanks.
Hi. Is Mr. Dryden there?
No, I'm sorry. He's not.
May I ask who's calling?
This is Jenny Rohr.
Why did you just call my house?
Oh. Um, I'm so sorry.
I just I must have dialed
your number by accident.
I don't know you, lady,
but, uh, I'm pretty sure you
don't do anything by accident.
[JACKIE] Irina Zhevakin?
Special Agent Jackie Rohr.
I'm here legally. I have F-1 visa.
- I have paperwork in dorm room.
- Oh, no, no.
I'm the FBI. I'm not Immigration.
Need to calm down.
I just wanted to discuss a sexual
assault complaint that you filed
against Sinclair Dryden.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Could you
just sit still for a minute?
I need to study.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong.
You were unable to finish a
couple of courses last semester
because of a stint with
mono, the kissing virus?
Your F-1 visa allows you four
years here at Harvard undergrad.
Are you planning on
extending your visit?
I hope to.
I would like to.
I want to get my doctorate
in biochemistry.
Hmm. Too bad that scholarship
from the Dryden Foundation
fell through, huh?
Please go away.
So, the two of you were in the vent?
Hernando was telling me
how Pepe got picked
to play goalie for his soccer team.
The guy was so thrilled 'cause he'd
been training the kid for months.
Hernando was reaching into his pocket
to show me a picture
of Pepe in his jersey
when the rebar came through the ceiling
and went straight through
his plastic hard hat.
Did you notice beforehand
that the vent ceiling above
you was unstable, or?
We complained the day before that
the conditions weren't safe, yeah.
We were told the problem
would be taken care of.
We were ignored.
Jesus Christ.
Alie, give Susie her doll back! Now!
- Sorry. Kids.
- No problem.
Did Hernando drink on the job?
Hernando is a good man, a careful man.
I mean, he liked to drink,
but never at work.
He wouldn't put himself
or anyone else in danger.
Which is why his family
needs you to come forward.
You're their best, maybe only, hope.
Tim will do whatever's necessary.
[DECOURCY] Describe your
activities in Roxbury.
Me and my partner Randy
Knoche were running drugs,
supplied by dealers living
in that neighborhood.
Well, describe your connection
with Officers Suferin,
Andrews and Dunleavy.
They were trying to
horn into our business.
And how did you and your
partner react to that?
We told them to get off our backs,
they didn't listen,
so Randy shot Andrews, and we
pinned the murder on Whitaker.
And Dunleavy?
He was still playing hardball,
so Randy killed him, too.
He would've whacked Suferin
if you hadn't sent that jizzball away.
Can we get 'em back? ♪
Yes, we can ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
The good old days ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
Yes, we can ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
The good old days ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
Yes, we can ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
The good old days ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
Yes, we can ♪
Can we get 'em back? ♪
The good old days ♪
Ooh, bring back all those ♪
[DECOURCEY] Fuck, I'm happy.
I am, too.
Plus, Plunkett implicated
Suferin in those drug deals,
so maybe we can add ten
more years to his vacation.
I hope he gets a pair of
beach balls up his ass.
[LAUGHS] Goddamn.
- Well, I have to go, I
- [MAN] Oh, yeah, you should go.
- I've always wanted to, but
- It's beautiful there.
- Dermo.
- [MAN] Talk to you later.
Oh, God. [GASPS]
What happened to your face?
Y-You look like you got hit by a bus.
Yeah, almost. Fell off my bike.
- Oh. Did you see a doctor?
- Not yet.
Okay, don't tell me
you're one of those guys
who waits three days, hoping
the pain will just go away.
Some pain never goes away,
Jenny, you know that.
Hey, uh, look, if if I asked
you to make a statement
about the day that I hit my father,
would you be willing to say
that my actions were justified?
- Yeah. Sure I would.
- Okay.
But first, I-I want
to tell you something.
I, uh
I don't know how to say this.
Oh, look, I-I am so sorry
that Jackie found out about
you and the other priest and
No, no, no, no.
I-I don't care about that.
Okay. Then, what's up?
I've been wanting to do
that for a long time now.
Ms. Kassell, if you don't settle,
Mr. O'Brien will testify,
and that would cause Needham
Industries to lose a lot more money
in legal fees and future earnings.
I don't think I can settle.
As I said, Thomas Kelly is
no longer CEO at Needham.
I am.
I'll need some time to
review the documents
pertaining to the alleged injury.
The Mendoza family doesn't
have the luxury of time.
And the injury isn't alleged.
Mr. Hernando Mendoza is in a coma.
I'm moving as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience.
Ms. Quays?
Uh, watch tomorrow's six
o'clock news, Channel Four.
You're off the hook
for Dunleavy's murder
and you still look like shit?
When my kids come over to spend a night
and I say something or tell a joke,
they-they look at me
like I'm Daffy Duck.
I-I've started to realize
how much I relied on Maggie
to parent the twins.
Man. Which [CHUCKLES]
She learned Spanish to help
Julietta with her homework.
And goes to every one
of Aiden's hockey games.
I, I never even been to a
parent-teacher conference.
I'm a shit father.
No, no. Look, e-every
father probably feels this
at one time or another.
All right? Just, uh I don't
uh, uh, take your kids out.
You know, go have fun with your kids.
Aiden and I were supposed to
go to a Bruins game Saturday,
but Maggie says he needs to
study for a science test.
You know, he sucks in
science, like I did.
Julietta's got a new boyfriend, so
she has no interest in spending
any time with her dear old dad.
Yeah, well, you know, shit,
you can have fun without
your kids, right?
Look, Chris, there's a woman out
there who will make you laugh.
I'm not saying propose,
just buy a girl a drink.
So, with Doucette willing to testify,
I'll be able to build a solid case
against the two rogue cops.
I should hit the road.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, um,
the Mass Pike will be bumper
to bumper right now, so
B-Before I leave, can
I ask you a question?
Have you and Siobhan discussed
the idea of seeing a therapist?
To talk about the night she was shot?
About the miscarriage?
Yeah, man. Yeah, you know, uh
I've-I've brought it
up before, but, uh
- I-I can't force her to go.
- Of course not.
You know, I had a gun and a Kevlar vest
and I still ended up with
a hole in my stomach,
lying in an OR,
hoping to Christ that the surgeon
knew what he was doing.
Luckily, he did.
We heal from within, brother,
but not without a shitload of
help from those on the outside.
What a pity ♪
Look, do whatever you
can to convince Siobhan.
She is too precious to lose.
What a shame, what a pity ♪
The woman I had took her love away ♪
Yeah, uh, hey, uh, this
is, this is Benny's dad.
Yeah, y-you're the roommate, right?
I'm-I'm sorry, I forget
Libby. Libby, yeah.
Hey, uh, let me talk to Benny, okay?
Oh, she's not?
The Poconos?
Did you hear she's going away
this weekend with Faust?
But like you said, leave
her the fuck alone.
Well, sure, if she's in the
library, but the Poconos?
That's a whole other kettle of tuna.
- Oh.
What's the matter with you?
You're as nervous as a
cat about to be spayed.
I-I went to, uh, I went
to see the lawyer today.
Yeah, Kruzs thinks, uh, you know,
maybe we should settle.
Are you fucking kidding me?
After you told him all the sick
shit that your father did to you?
Oh, fuck.
You didn't tell him, did you, Jen?
- Jesus.
You know, what do you think
will happen if I admit
that my father abused me?
You know, my past will
just magically disappear?
Look, if we don't pay
that bastard the money,
he's gonna come after me some other way.
Okay? And then everything
will just come out.
Well, if you don't tell him, I will.
Oh, well, it's easy for you to be
the pillar of fucking honesty
with my shit.
But when-when have you ever
faced the truth about yourself?
Huh? And-And more than just saying,
"Oh, Jen, I'm a, I'm a piece of shit."
You know? Be man enough to
admit who you are, good or bad.
Oh, don't go quoting that
fucking fag priest to me.
I know exactly who I am.
I am the guy who is
trying to keep you, us,
from handing over our bank
account to that drunken creep
that you call a father.
You want to pay Kruzs's legal
fees for the next ten months?
Fine. It's coming out
of your pocket, Jen.
I don't have a pocket.
I can tell you're miles away ♪
Hey, hey, Jackie. Long time no see, huh?
- Yeah.
- I was so happy to get your call.
Hey, uh, I've missed you, buddy boy.
- All right, well, I'll see you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why you got to rush off?
Come on, sit a minute.
Hearing from you, geez, it took
me back to when we were kids
in the old neighborhood.
I mean, how different life
has turned out to be, huh?
Yeah, back then,
we were dumb as dog shit.
Dumb? Nah.
Jesus Christ, Red, we
wanted to be superheroes.
We wanted to be the good to
combat all the evil around us.
You remember, we even made fucking
capes out of our bedsheets?
- Fuck
Maybe we're still dumb as
dog shit. I don't know.
I mean, you look at me.
I'm doing a dirty job, um,
ignoring my boss's dirty secrets
so I can make a shit ton of dirty money.
And the sad truth is that,
even knowing what I know,
I don't want to stop.
I want to buy my wife a fucking mansion.
I want to pay all my daughter's tuition
so she doesn't have to
work off student loans
for the rest of her fucking life.
Does that make me a reptile?
Or just a human being getting by?
Having choices makes a human.
Choosing to stop Lex Luthor,
that's what makes a superhero.
Oh, baby ♪
Show me how to feel inside ♪
Show me how to fight back the tears ♪
Push it all aside ♪
How to let it all go ♪
Just so tired of fighting ♪
Lay it down ♪
Before ♪
I need help.
Oh, you finally figured that out, huh?
You asked me to testify
at Suferin's trial, I did.
I split the truth in half, he's
in prison. You owe me.
- I don't owe you shit.
- Fine. Be an ingrate.
But I'm here about a case
that could be a big fucking
bull's-eye for you, Dee.
Involving who?
Goddamn it all.
I just love living on easy street.
Is this about Sinclair Dryden?
Fuck What, what, he stop paying you?
[CHUCKLES] Would make it a
lot easier on me if he had.
What did he do?
[QUIETLY] He drugged and then raped
a number of young women.
One filed charges and was
threatened into silence.
Another was paid off,
a third overdosed and died.
Jackie, I got a lot on my plate.
Are you familiar with
John White Webster?
Beloved lecturer at Harvard Med,
had more financial problems
than Kim Basinger?
Well, George Parkman, who was a scion
of one of Boston's richest families,
he, like many others, lent Webster money
so that he could maintain
his highfalutin lifestyle.
And after a long time,
Parkman starts hounding Webster
to try to get the money back, you know?
And Webster goes fucking apeshit.
Kills the poor son of a bitch,
tears his body apart
in one of the most gruesome
murders that Boston's ever seen.
So, y-you're comparing John
White Webster to your boss?
Sinclair Dryden is worse.
He rips these poor girls apart,
but they got to go on living.
Is this about you wanting
your badge back
or about what happened to Benedetta?
Maybe a little of both.
But even I can't look the other way
when I see what this wealthy
come stain has done.
So you gonna help me or not?
I can't risk you fucking me over
like you've already done twice before.
Thank you, Katherine
Preston, at City Hall.
Now we turn to the Big Dig.
- I'm here with Cassandra Kassell
- Oh, Siobhan.
- CEO of Needham Industries.
- Siobhan!
Thank you for coming
on the show tonight.
[KASSELL] Oh, I'm happy to
answer any and all questions.
[INTERVIEWER] Let's address
the recent accusations
against your company,
regarding injuries and deaths.
Needham Industry prides itself on
making sure its employees are safe,
both medically and financially.
Hernando Mendoza was
injured during his shift
at the Big Dig six weeks ago.
Prior to that sad day, we
had received complaints
about Mr. Mendoza
drinking while on the job,
so the cause of the injury seems
to be at fault with the fallen.
[INTERVIEWER] The ACLU says differently.
They anticipate suing
you for negligence.
Yes, I was contacted
by, uh, Siobhan Quays,
uh, the lawyer for Mendoza.
I should also tell you, I spoke
with a member of the legal team
from Ms. Quays' previous employer.
Rawls & Goodwin say that Ms. Quays
was fired several months ago
- for mental instability.
- The fuck?
The Mendoza family
shouldn't trust Ms. Quays.
She's not prepared for
what she's up against.
And there might be more unsettling
skeletons in her closet
Are you fucking kidding me
A-Are they serious?
- O-Okay.
- You've got Come on.
Just-just hold on right
there, baby, I got this.
I can't just sit on my
ass and do nothing
I know, I know, a-and you would
take on the whole world for me,
and I love you for that, but
this is my fight.
My reputation.
You know her?
Not intimately.
But she's friendly with
quite a few of our regulars.
She's still on the clock,
if you know what I mean.
Whatever she's having is on me.
That could end up being a pretty
expensive drink, my friend.
- Morning.
- Morning.
May I help you?
Uh, Michaela Freda,
I'm from The Phoenix.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
I left my position at Rawls & Goodwin
to do public service here at the ACLU.
I don't know who spoke ill against me,
but if they come forward,
I'd be happy to face them.
I'm actually here about your
late friend Lulu Harris.
I was notified that, in 1978,
you both may have played a role in
the hit-and-run of Taylor Malcolm.
Uh, who notified you?
- Needham Industries?
- If you want my article to be balanced,
you give me your side of the story.
Were you or were you not in
the car when Taylor was hit?
I have no further comment.
You can throw me out,
I'm not gonna go away.
I spoke with Andrew Goodwin.
He'll be issuing a statement
denying the claim that I
was fired for instability.
Oh, great.
Unfortunately, that's only
gonna do so much good.
The honest truth has a hard
time erasing an ugly lie.
Show me how not to be afraid.
You ready?
All right, now keep your
feet shoulder-width apart.
Remember, steady your breathing.
Slowly squeeze on the trigger.
All right, keep-keep it at eye level.
- Find your sight.
No. The gunshots remind me
of that night. I-I'm done.
Okay. Okay, hey.
You know, before Louie left,
he suggested going to therapy.
He said that makes a
real difference. Hmm?
You know
Anything to make the noise stop.
Okay, I'm here.
So, what changed your
mind about helping me?
Pity. I pity you, Jackie.
No one wants to talk to a
washed-up FBI agent, hmm?
Your investigation into Dryden
will only get you so far.
Well, I appreciate your concern
for my well-being, Dee,
but I got a sneaking suspicion
that you got another axe to grind.
Yeah, well, we give too much power
to rich white men like Sinclair.
They think they're gods, invincible.
When, really, they're just
thugs who use their clout
to control the system
or to control those who have no control.
Let's show Dryden how
impotent he really is.
I love it.
Decourcy Ward fighting fire with fire.
I'll light the match
and you stoke the flame.
But, Jackie, you fuck me over again,
I'll hammer the final
nail in your coffin.
Fair enough.
Oh, baby ♪
I can tell you're miles away ♪
With the same empty
look in your eyes ♪
Still search ♪
For something we both can't find ♪
You should know by now ♪
Honey, I feel your pain ♪
But the years, they're
all one and the same ♪
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