City on a Hill (2019) s03e06 Episode Script


I want you to deliver that for me.
Bette Williams.
She's a fine young woman,
very reasonable.
Being paid off, it won't make
up for what happened.
Oh, it'll come close.
Stay away from my wife,
or the next time I wait
inside your apartment
and I break your fucking spine.
I have no further comment.
You can throw me out.
I'm not gonna go away.
You know, before Louie left,
he suggested going to therapy.
Anything to make the noise stop.
You know her?
[BARTENDER] She's still on the
clock, if you know what I mean.
You fuck me over again,
I'll hammer the final
nail in your coffin.
Fair enough.
[EMT] GSW to upper left
thigh after reports
of multiple shots fired at 9:30 p.m.
Stable condition, but decreasing BP.
[JACKIE] Hey, what are you doing?
I paid a lot of money for these clothes.
You gonna charge me $2,000
just for using those fucking scissors.
- BP 100/55.
- I want that fucking watch back.
Pulse 100. Mr. Rohr?
- Do you remember what happened?
- Yes.
I fucking remember what happened.
I'm telling you, Bette is gone.
- Gone where?
- We don't know.
Bette told us about Sinclair Dryden.
About the drugs and the rape.
Her mother and me's worried sick.
All right, well, if you hear from her,
have her give me a call, all right?
[JACKIE] Fuck are you doing back there?
- You feel this?
- Ah, yeah.
[BOYD] Wiggle your toes for me.
- [GRUNTS] I'm hit!
- Get in!
Fuck you, Angiulo!
Fuck you! I know you!
[BOYD] The good news is, the bullet
went straight through your thigh
and only nicked the femoral vein.
The bad news, you're gonna need surgery.
I've never been afraid to-to die
'cause I always thought that
I would see death coming.
But-but if I'm under anesthesia,
- how am I gonna know?
- Either you'll wake up or you won't.
Angela Hicks?
- Hi.
- Do I know you?
I'm Decourcy Ward.
I'm a Suffolk County A.D.A.
Been calling you,
leaving a few messages.
I I'd like to ask you
about Sinclair Dryden.
We pulled your name from
a list of five women
who applied for a college scholarship
from his foundation.
That part of my life is over.
Look, do you know any of the others?
Irina Zhevakin, Bette Williams, uh,
- Dominique Zanghi, Lucy Chan?
- No.
Ms.-Ms. Hicks, we have reason to believe
that several of these women were
sexually assaulted by Dryden.
If you pull me back, I'll fall apart.
I'm engaged to be married in the spring,
I quit college, I got a good job here.
All the muddy waters
are clean, Mr. Ward.
And they're gonna stay clean.
Jesus, Jackie, what the fuck happened?
I was quick, the Angiulo
Brothers were quicker.
What, the Angiulo Brothers?
I mean, are you sure?
I mean, aren't-aren't they in prison?
I put 'em behind bars.
It's not my job to keep them there.
What so, what, they escaped?
Yeah, I-I don't know
Hey, do you know where my phone is?
Somebody took my fucking phone.
I need to make some calls.
I need to find these fucking guys.
Okay, yeah, I'll look,
I'll look into it.
- All right.
- Ma'am, here's his necklace.
Oh, thank you.
You know, in the car, I was
thinking, you know, God,
what was the last thing I
said to you this morning?
Uh, it was something
like, "Go fuck yourself."
No, I'm-I'm behind the wheel,
okay, knee-deep in tears,
and what comes over the radio?
Otis Redding.
Singing "Try a Little Tenderness."
Jesus, Jackie.
I wish to God we weren't always
giving each other so much shit.
Smooth seas never made
a good sailor, Jen.
Maybe love's the same way.
[WOMAN] [ON P.A.] Nurse Daniels,
please dial the operator.
We have to take him.
The waiting room's around the corner.
Oh, uh, two more minutes?
- I just got here.
- The OR's ready for him.
- [JENNY] Are you gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
It's all right, sweetheart.
I'm all right, I'm okay.
- I can walk with you, though.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Ju-Just find me my goddamn phone.
Oh yeah.
Footage of the bombing,
which destroyed a Brookline
abortion clinic and took two lives,
was released today by the
Boston Police Department.
A quiet street is suddenly
turned into a warzone.
The alleged bomber Wesley Hartman
surrendered without
incident to authorities.
Hartman's motive remains unclear.
- [KNOCKING] You wanted to see me?
- Yeah, sit.
I'm five points down in the polls.
How's that possible?
My opponent is practically brain-dead.
- Drink?
- Yeah.
That why you called me in, for a drink?
What's the occasion?
I never thought you were
guilty of murdering Dunleavy.
Really? How come this is
the first I'm hearing that?
I don't mean you're
not capable of murder.
But only if justified.
You rank high on the moral
Richter scale, so tell me,
if someone wants to stop the
killing of babies in the womb,
does he have the right
to blow up the doctors
- who perform those operations?
- No, of course not.
You believe that even as a
cross-your-heart Catholic?
We're talking about the
abortion clinic bombing.
We are.
Hello, Sergeant.
- Blair Chavez.
- Chris Caysen.
I want you to work with
Blair and win this case.
Bury that fuck Hartman.
Will do.
Siobhan, sometimes the
cultural reality for women,
African-American women especially,
is this misconception that we have
to keep our feelings in check.
At all costs, we have to keep going.
Is that wrong?
Absolutes don't leave
room for gray areas.
And most of life falls into gray areas.
What's your relationship with
your husband like these days?
Decourcy and I? Um
We're the couple that gets shit done.
Stopping's never really been our style.
Like Satchel Paige said,
"Don't look back.
Someone might be gaining on you."
More often than not,
what's gaining on you
is unresolved trauma.
Why don't we unwrap some of your pain?
Put words to your feelings.
I lost my baby.
Decourcy and I worked
hard to get to a point
where we could agree
to even having a child.
And just like that
our baby's snatched away from us.
How am I supposed to
bounce back from being shot
or losing my baby or my friend Lulu?
Do you want to talk about being shot?
How about Lulu?
She's dead.
Whatever needed to be
said, she took with her.
- Hi.
- Oh, hey. Benny.
Oh, God.
I came here as soon as I could.
How's Dad?
Uh, he's still in the operating room.
Here, let me get Oh, God!
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- What do you have in here, bricks?
I hit the books on the train here.
And I'm hitting 'em on the train back.
- Wow.
Major history exam.
The Renaissance.
You know, I kind of thought that, uh,
Faust would be coming with you.
Faust and I broke up.
Oh, my God, what did he do?
He got pissed at me.
What did you do?
New York ain't like Boston,
Ma. It's humongous.
I slipped.
I smoked some weed at
Washington Square Park and
that led to tequila shots
on Bleecker Street
and me blacking out.
Faust said, "You need to fix this."
Well, you know what,
thank God you're okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And, you know what, good for
Faust for not enabling you.
Honey, please tell me you've
been clean ever since, right?
Yeah, I'm back.
I'm in N.A. meetings at
Judson Memorial Church.
- Good, good job.
- Yeah.
Ma, please don't tell
Dad that I slipped.
I won't.
C C.
C, the C-word.
Not "cunt," you dirty-minded floozy.
Open season on Catholics.
Crush the Freemasons and the KKK
and the great-grand Mafia, too.
Coming out of my television in
the morning and late at night.
I can't even eat my
Reuben sandwich in peace.
I tell you what I told them.
This persecution of
Catholics goes way back.
Nero played that hand.
Feeding us to the lions.
Ripping out our hearts and our fetuses.
Mr. Hartman,
two witnesses have placed
you at the abortion clinic
in Brookline moments before the bombing.
Must've been St. Paul.
I'm sorry. Would you repeat that?
I'm the last gladiator.
Yep. Had to be St. Paul.
And I'm an atheist.
But what little I know of St. Paul,
he believed in welcoming
flock to the fold.
Not in bombing them.
That's only because bombs
didn't exist back then.
So, what do you think?
How loony is his bin?
I don't clock him as insane.
There's something behind those eyes.
Time we draw a circle around his life,
do a deep dive into his past,
track the events of the
day he set off the bomb.
Lucy Chan was the best
roommate I ever had.
She never gossiped about anyone. Not me.
I mean, not even herself.
[DECOURCY] And she didn't
mention the name of the man
she'd spent the night with?
Uh, no.
Only that his mansion was spectacular.
And that his wife was in
the house at the time.
But, uh Lucy couldn't actually
she couldn't actually
remember much else.
And the next day she left school?
Yeah, Lucy said that she was
headed back to Pittsburgh.
I think that's where her parents live.
I think it uh, wait a second.
No, actually, Plattsburgh they're
- No, Pittsfield.
- Yeah, all right.
And-and you hadn't heard from her since?
Not even a postcard.
All right.
Do you know, uh, any of these women?
This is Angela Hicks,
Bette Williams, Irina Zhevakin,
Dominique Zanghi
You know Dominique?
uh, no, sorry.
I've never seen a dead body before.
Thank you, Ms. Malatesta.
You've been very helpful.
We all know you were
one of the shining stars
at Rawls and Goodwin.
That, despite what was on
the news, you weren't fired,
certainly not for mental instability.
A lie invented by Needham Industries.
But the spin is working against us,
putting the Mendoza family's case
in escalating jeopardy.
Needham Industries is playing one
of the oldest tricks in the book.
The hysterical woman in the attic.
Straight out of Jane Eyre.
We shouldn't cave to such pressure.
Nor should ego sabotage an important
lawsuit which we could win.
So I'm the liability now?
In the public's eyes, yes.
Find a way to reframe the narrative.
The last thing I want to do
is take you off the case.
Oh, Ma. What, you came
here to see Jackie?
Not out of respect.
I've been on my knees to St. Cecilia,
praying that this'll be the end
of that foul-mouthed prick.
- That's my dad you're disparaging.
- Oh. Look at this.
The college girl with
the three-cent word.
- Oh.
- I'm gonna go get you some coffee.
- Oh, thanks.
- And I would offer to buy you one, too,
but hopefully you won't
be here that long.
I told you not to send her to New York.
I told you she'd turn
into an ungrateful witch.
Oh, wow.
No, you're a real fountain
of kindness, Ma.
Look who's talking.
I heard you smacked your
father good and hard.
Oh, yeah. [SIGHS]
I don't even know what I was doing.
[ROSA] Joe finally got what he deserved.
I can't tell you the number of
times I wanted to hit the bastard.
I never had the courage.
I had no voice.
[JENNY] Huh.
You never really struck me as voiceless.
Which only proves you don't know shit.
Yeah, well,
hey, do you know, uh, my
father's been shacking up
with a woman named Eve?
No surprises there.
I stole Joe from another woman.
Another woman stole Joe from me.
No, not this one. She's too young.
Must've dumped the third wife, too.
Well, hold up, Ma. What? Third wife?
- There was a wife before you?
- Sure.
There's plenty about Joe
Congemi you aren't aware of.
Well, like what?
If Jackie dies, I'm moving
back into the house.
Oh, Jesus. If Jackie fucking dies,
you can have the whole
fucking house, okay?
What else don't I know?
Joe has a son.
So I have a brother?
A half brother.
Let me stress the "half."
Capital "H." I never told you
'cause I knew you'd try
to connect with him.
But trust me,
you don't want to call
this guy your brother.
Well, shouldn't I be the judge of that?
Well, your judgment is
like your personality.
And I want my fucking house back.
Two people are dead.
I just hope they're not
dead because of me.
You didn't blow up the abortion clinic.
Your fiancé did.
[KIMBERLY] I should've seen this coming.
"Should've" is a crooked street.
You can get lost in
the twists and turns.
[CHRIS] Tell us about
you and Wesley Hartman.
No need to rush. We have all day.
We dated close to a year,
and everything was normal.
Then I found out I was pregnant.
So, things start to spiral?
[KIMBERLY] Yes. We bicker.
We shove.
He tells me when to come and go.
I mean, there's no way I can have a baby
in a situation like this.
Or with him.
So I do what I need to do.
After, I lie and say I
miscarried. [CHUCKLES]
I'm a terrible liar.
He's using the insanity defense.
But your testimony will
ensure a conviction.
Can I count on you to
speak the truth again?
I'll burn in eternity for
having that abortion.
For lying.
Might as well add betrayal
to my list of sins.
First, you refused to talk to me
about your role in the hit-and-run.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Ms. Malcolm and her children
are about to relive his
death all over again.
Did Lulu Harris try to brake
before the car hit Malcolm?
What if I said I was driving?
- You weren't.
- Does that matter?
Shouldn't I have said, "Let's stop.
Check to make sure he's okay"?
But, like Lulu, I panicked.
So you're taking responsibility?
That day, the way I engage
with the world changed.
My disregard for
Taylor Malcolm's life
compelled me to become an attorney.
I'm involved in this case at the ACLU,
and a corporation refuses to
properly compensate a man
who was injured on the job.
I've talked this over with my husband,
and I intend to put my money
where my principles are.
I will pay the Malcolm family
out of my own pocket
for the harm that was done.
Thank you for your frankness.
Off the record,
how do you know so
much about Lulu Harris?
Ms. Harris wrote a letter
to the Malcolm family
confessing that she was
the one who drove the car
that paralyzed him.
And asking for forgiveness.
Takes courage.
Yeah. A limited amount.
Well, Mr. Rohr, you're still
in the land of the living.
The surgery was a success.
You'll need to convalesce
here at the hospital
for a few more days while we
keep an eye on your progress,
but I don't anticipate
any changes, so
Um, I take back every rotten thing
I ever said about this dump.
Now can I have my phone?
I'll have someone check with admitting
to see where your phone ended up.
Oh, yeah.
Hey. Psst. Hey, buddy.
Come here. Come here for a sec.
[WOMAN] [OVER P.A.] Nurse
Martin to outpatient pre-op.
Nurse Martin to outpatient pre-op.
Jesus, Peter, Paul and Mary.
My body's up in arms against me.
Well, that's not your arm.
But a good ping will solve the problem.
The fuck is a ping?
[NURSE] Uh, one flick on the head
of your penis with my finger,
your erection will subside.
Uh, no. Uh-uh. No, I don't think so.
Okay, Macho Man.
But if my wife and daughter were
right outside waiting to see me,
I wouldn't want to welcome them
in with a, uh, full salute.
All right, well [EXHALES]
Is there a female nurse
around that could ping me?
[NURSE] Bingo.
I'm not supposed to tell you this,
but Guy Dan is gonna offer you a job
as an investigator for our office.
[BLAIR] That's all you can say? "Huh"?
Well, it's a big decision,
leaving the Strike Force.
I mean, that'd make
my wife Maggie happy.
Then again, I'd be giving
up my BPD pension.
Oh, I'm sure something
could be arranged.
What do you say?
When Guy Dan makes the
offer, I'll act surprised.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mm.
- You're spoiling my celebration.
I'm not exactly what you'd call
a champagne kind of guy.
- [BLAIR] Even so,
you're easy on the eyes.
Sexy, soon-to-be-single man.
In a different universe,
I'd make a play for you.
And what's stopping you?
My husband, whoever he is,
will have to be a power broker.
And you, you're a nice fellow,
but you'll only ever be a cop.
My wife said the same thing.
- [NURSE] Go ahead.
- [JONES] Thanks.
Aw, some detective you are, Jones.
You got no sense of urgency.
What if I had died on
the operating table?
Then we'd be interviewing
one less schmuck,
and the Homicide guys
would be standing here.
Come on, Ray. That any way to talk?
[JACKIE] Don't mind this one,
kid. He's been on the job
way past his "use by" date.
Empathy and compassion for the victim.
- That's the path.
- [MOONEY] Agreed.
And so, Mr. Rohr, if you
don't mind me asking,
did you see who shot you?
I didn't get a clear view.
[JONES] The list of your
enemies is long and complex.
I doubt we'll chase down
a shooter anytime soon.
[JACKIE] Hey, these
guys could try again,
so how about giving me some cover, huh?
Post a uniform outside the door.
[JONES] If you were
still with the Bureau,
I might be so inclined,
but these days you're
just an average schmo.
Good luck, you fuck.
Hey, uh, just grab a usual, please?
- [CHRIS] Oh.
So, I hear you've been keeping
time with Blair Chavez.
Only on the abortion clinic case.
Guy Dan wants me to be an
investigator with you guys.
So, uh, I'm leaving the Strike Force.
I lost so many men
Wallace, Suferin, Dunleavy
I'd have to start the
whole unit all over again.
Best to make a clean break,
let someone else take charge.
Look, man, I
I'd be glad to have
you around, you know.
Just, uh, watch your back with Chavez.
After the shit I've been through,
I watch my back with everybody.
Well, uh
I could use your skills to
investigate Sinclair Dryden.
- Dryden?
- Yeah.
Holy shit. For-for what?
Drugging and raping college women.
How'd you learn that?
Jackie Rohr.
I have to admit, I
I didn't shed a tear when
I heard he took a bullet.
I'll say this. Without Jackie around,
a man can enjoy his drink in peace.
And on that note,
- I got to take a leak.
- Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
What, uh, kind of company
you been keeping?
Any dalliances with
the oldest profession?
I-I'm a married man.
- And I'd never pay for sex.
- Well, you are paying.
You have syphilis.
But we caught the little bug early,
so with the antibiotics,
you'll soon be back in the saddle.
Guess I should've worn a condom.
You weren't? What, are
you a gambling man?
Yeah, well, there's no such
thing as 100% protection.
Not unless you're celibate.
And, for you, that choo choo's
already left Back Bay Station.
[ELLIOT] Whatever you
said to that reporter,
you've been exonerated.
[BLAIR] Decourcy.
Hey. I heard you got the abortion
clinic bomber to confess.
[CHUCKLES] With Chris
Caysen's able assistance.
What are you working on these days?
Uh, sexual predator.
Can't say more just yet.
- Sounds like a winner, though.
- Yeah.
We're gonna be working side by
side potentially for quite a while.
I think we should strive
to understand each other.
Well, what do you want to know?
You carry a gun,
but would you ever pull the trigger?
If I had had a clear shot
at Anton Campbell
when he almost killed my wife?
No hedging.
Just pure honesty.
That's rare in a man.
That's rare in some women, too.
Can you push a little faster, Zorba?
I got to make a fucking phone call.
My name is Zorich, not Zorba.
Constantine Zorich.
[JACKIE] Ah, fuck, out of order.
Is there another phone around here?
[ZORICH] Not in this wing.
[JACKIE] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Zorba, I-I was told that I
was getting a single room.
Sorry. This is where the head
nurse told me to bring you.
[BENEDETTA] This room
could use a little more light.
Fuck. Let there be light.
[JENNY] Hey, we brought
you some Italian cookies.
[JACKIE] No. Hey, where's
my fucking phone?
Uh, I had to buy you a new one.
- Here, take it.
- I got to take a leak.
- Okay, come on. I got you.
- No.
- It's all right, I got it. I got it. I got it.
- Okay.
Hey, we got a ton of Mike's Pastries.
Uh, you know. Happy to share.
I'm partial to the rainbow cookies.
Hey, those are Jackie's
favorites, too. Yeah.
Uh, seven layers.
Italian flag cookies.
Napoleons. The cookie of many names.
Yeah, I used to make these from scratch.
I'm just way too lazy now.
Oh, and, uh, I-I'm Jenny Rohr,
and this is my daughter Benedetta.
And, uh, the-the guy limping
with, uh, his ass hanging out,
that's my husband Jackie.
Xavier Brackin.
- Oh.
- What happened to your face?
Benny, he might not
want to talk about that.
I got the shit kicked out of
me in front of The Linwood.
- Gay bar.
- Jesus. What?
What's wrong with people, you know?
Being so stupid, so mean.
You know? I mean, lately I started
volunteering at this place
called the Nichols Community Center.
I mean, they do some really good work.
You know, they shelter runaways.
They-they feed the hungry.
They make home visits
to people with AIDS.
My friend, you know, her
daughter just came out to her.
- Sue, my friend.
- So, she's trying to show solidarity
[XAVIER] Solidarity.
Spare me your liberal bullshit, lady.
Hey, pal, my wife is just trying
to make polite conversation,
seeing as we're gonna be
convalescing and such.
You might want to be courteous
and do the same.
Oh, might I, now?
If it was me, I would've
told you to go fuck yourself
like a heartbeat ago.
[BENEDETTA] Dad, um, now
that you're out of the woods,
- I got to go back to school.
- What?
Okay? I'll see you at Thanksgiving.
- All right. All right.
Come on, help me on the bed,
though, before you go.
- Ow. Oh. Oh. Ooh.
- Ooh. Ooh.
[JENNY] Jackie, I'll swing by after
I drop Benny off at the station.
- Okay. All right. All right.
- [JENNY] Okay.
[WHISPERS] And hey. Hey.
Just be nice to Xavier.
- [BENEDETTA] Love you, Dad.
- All right, sweetheart. All right.
Dr. Griffin to the chapel.
- Dr. Griffin to the chapel.
Well, I never been in a hospital before.
I mean, uh, I mean,
not-not as a as a patient.
Even when I broke my arm. I-I was, uh
I was a little kid, and I thought
I was gonna fucking fly.
[XAVIER] Oh, no. You're a talker.
Hello. I'm here to see a Ms. Malcolm.
- I'm Siobhan
- I know who you are.
We all know who you are.
Let her in.
- Thank you.
- [AMAYA] Don't thank me yet.
Do you know how long I've hated you?
You know how long I've
wished harm on you,
which goes against the very
fabric of how I was raised?
So don't thank me for being courteous.
I'm here to say that I'm sorry.
You're a lifetime too late.
Before the accident, we were blessed.
This house was full of fun.
Taylor bouncing around
like a basketball.
After, I prayed for God to release him
from the bondage of his body.
Ms. Malcolm, I'd like to offer
you compensation for
[AMAYA] How am I supposed
to put a dollar sign
on the fact that I haven't danced
with my husband in 15 years?
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
- It's about time you showed up.
I called you, like, hours ago.
Wow. I wish I had my camera. Ooh.
These cookies look delicious. May I?
My grandparents would be
ashamed of me, Jackie.
I'm breaking with Iranian custom,
coming here empty-handed.
Well, if you come bringing
news of Bette Williams,
you're not empty-handed.
We're scouring the city,
all her college haunts,
and coming up empty.
Yeah, keep looking. My hunch is,
she's not as far as she is near.
What about the other thing?
None of the Angiulo Brothers,
the ones who are still alive,
have escaped prison or been paroled.
- I saw Donato.
- In the dark, our eyes play tricks.
Oh, suddenly, you're an ophthalmologist?
Listen, they must've sent one
of their guys to shoot me.
Let's face the facts.
I'm the reason that they're in prison.
Plus, Sicilians are revengeful people.
I know. I'm married to one.
Jackie, you and I both know RICO
put an end to the Mafia in Boston.
There's no one left.
There's got to be some punk somewhere
that wants to bring the mob back.
All right. I'll ask around.
- One more cookie for the road.
- [JACKIE] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
- yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
[XAVIER] I knew I recognized your face.
You used to be on TV all the time.
Acting like a big shot, talking
about crimes you solved.
Like that armored heist.
Yeah, that's me.
You ought to shave that stupid mustache.
Read your fucking magazine.
Beacon Hill is not the same
without you, Jackie Rohr.
Oh, well, maybe that's a good thing.
This room could do with
a little white sage.
Negative energy will
bring you down, Jackie.
I prefer you up.
I'm here to make you feel better.
[JACKIE] Oh, you're a
regular Flo Nightingale.
- [JENNY] Um
- Uh, Mrs. Dryden,
this is my wife Jennifer.
Jen, this is Mrs. Dryden.
I have heard so much about you.
Your husband brings you up all the time.
Odd. Yeah, he-he never
says a word about you.
Mm. Fabulous having Jackie at our place.
Jen, Mrs. Dryden was just leaving.
[LETITIA] Was I? Well, perhaps
I have outstayed my welcome.
[JENNY] No, no, no, no,
hon. No, please, please.
Make yourself at home.
Yeah, I'm-I'm very happy to hear
my husband's been rendering
such wonderful service.
Yeah, with his badge,
Jackie's a good-for-nothing
but with purpose.
No, without that badge, wow,
Jackie's just good-for-nothing.
Jen. Come on. Jennifer.
[SIGHS] Secrets.
You know, my whole
family's all about secrets.
I mean, Benny falls off the wagon.
- Oh.
- She's okay.
But, you know, she doesn't
want Jackie to know.
And then my ma,
she shows up at the hospital
and she tells me that
I have a half brother.
Yeah. Yeah, a whole other person
that I didn't even know existed.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, well Fuck. You know what?
I got secrets, too. Yeah.
[EXHALES] Father Doyle?
Uh, he kissed me.
- What?
- Yeah. I mean, I
I could never tell Jackie.
I mean, he would freakin' explode.
You know, okay, forget I said
anything about the kiss.
Okay. Okay.
Well, what about this
half brother of yours?
- You gonna reach out to him?
- No. I don't know.
I mean, sometimes you
go looking for ghosts,
you end up finding demons.
Having a brother's nice.
You know, I've got four.
They're a godsend.
Most of the time. [CHUCKLES]
Well Yeah, but I-I don't
know how I'd even find mine.
Well, I'll give you the name
of the private eye I hired
to trail Cabot when the son
of a bitch started sleeping
- with his new bimbo secretary.
Thank God all that shit
with Cabot's behind you,
'cause, uh, I just met Letitia.
Yeah, and she is everything that
you said she was. And worse.
I would bet the whole
bank at Monte Carlo
that Jackie's doing her.
Do what I did.
Give back what you're getting.
What would make Jackie more jealous
than you fucking the priest?
Oh, my God. Sue.
[DECOURCY] Here, taste that. Taste that.
Nope. Go and get that.
Why you playing? Get it.
Get it. Hey, hey, taste it.
- Yeah. How's that jambalaya?
- How that taste?
- You put your foot in that jambalaya.
Man, yeah! It's my mom's recipe.
You know, it was one of
the many great things
that I found in the house
after Pop passed.
This meal was a staple in the family,
but after she died, we just,
like, we stopped eating it.
And you made some for me?
No. I made some jambalaya for us.
Hey, you feeling good?
Thanks to you.
And Dr. Robinson.
How's therapy?
[SIGHS] Too early to tell,
but I'm getting there.
All right.
I've been thinking about
the parallels in our lives.
Your mom died when you were young.
My dad died when I was
about that same age.
My mom says
our bond isn't just in love
but in sorrow and loss.
Regardless of the how or the why,
I'm just grateful we're together.
Smooth operator.
- Hey, hey.
- You're on a roll tonight.
Hitting all the right notes.
Have you been to the
hospital to see Jackie?
- Don't you think you should?
- Nope.
Well, I think you should.
He handed you the Sinclair Dryden case.
You owe him an update.
I mean, okay.
And you should take him some flowers.
- That, I refuse.
Hell no.
The fuck?
Are you doing what I think
you're doing over there?
This side of the room belongs to me,
- so mind your own fucking business.
- Jesus Christ,
I would never beat off in
earshot of a total stranger.
But you would if someone
you know is nearby?
You know what? No wonder
you got slapped around.
You're a bigger asshole than I am.
[XAVIER] So, what, straight guys
are the only ones that
get to be assholes?
I have the right to be as
much of a prick as anyone.
Equal opportunity, baby.
And look at me. I was out having
fun with a couple friends.
Two dildos from Charlestown
drove by, calling us names.
I gave them the finger.
And here I am with two
broken ribs and a concussion.
Oh, I can hear the violins starting now.
Back off, Bucky.
I'm no crybaby. I'm proud of who I am,
even if I am a dickhead.
If you're looking for a gay
role model, call k.d. lang.
Well, that still doesn't justify
you beating off where I can hear you.
At least go in the fucking bathroom.
Follow your own preaching.
I saw you with the succubus
that wasn't your wife.
What's your sweet bride's name?
Jen? Jenna? Jennifer?
Hey, you keep my wife's name
out of your filthy fucking mouth
or I'm gonna beat your
fairy ass all over again.
Someone shot you, from what I hear,
and you're surrounded
by hate on all sides.
- I spy through my crystal ball
one Jackie Rohr in the
not so distant future.
A drool-dripping, doddering
old man in a flannel bathrobe
with no wife, no daughter, no friends.
Not even a stray dog.
[JENNY] Benny left a lot of
old clothes at the house.
I should just bring 'em down,
put 'em to good use, right?
- [SUE] Good idea.
- [JENNY] [WHISPERS] So cute.
Okay, bye.
- Need a hand?
- Sure. Yeah.
I-I just want to apologize
for the other day.
Grabbing you like that without
permission and kissing you.
- I'm terribly sorry.
- No guilt. Please.
I mean, you were being spontaneous.
And me? I wish I was more that way.
So, uh, you know, how
you been otherwise?
I mean, looks like you're starting
to heal a bit from that fall.
Yeah, yeah. A wee bit, yeah.
I heard your husband was shot.
Are you, uh are you worried?
Oh, h-he'll be fine.
Yeah, but between Benny
being off at college
and Jackie being laid up,
I'm, uh, a bit at a loss.
Well, as you know, I'm
always here for a chat.
A chat would be nice.
Hey, maybe I could cook for you.
Are you asking me over for dinner?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I guess that's, uh,
that's what I'm doing.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I'd be delighted.
Uh, but I-I wouldn't feel comfortable
anywhere near your house.
We could eat out.
Yeah, of course not.
[CHUCKLES] Eating out.
That-That'd be nice. You know, get
out of the kitchen for a change.
All right. Done deal.
We're on.
You've left me in the dust.
Working with Decourcy?
I go where I'm needed.
What's he working on?
Remember what Kimberly Foster
said about the sin of betrayal?
Well, for me, loyalty and discretion
are key to a professional relationship.
- You're not going to tell me.
- I'm only a lowly cop, Blair.
Not really a part of your
grand scheme of things.
So, Zorba, what happened
to the bum chum?
Mr. Brackin asked to change rooms.
- Can't imagine why.
- Well, yeah.
Well, now I got the whole
fucking place to myself,
so good fucking riddance,
right? [CHUCKLES]
Geez. What'd you do to the orderly?
[JACKIE] Decourcy, is it me?
Are people just more
sensitive these days?
Oh, it's you. All the way, Jackie.
Uh, without a doubt.
Hey, you know, it's been like
a revolving door of friends
and family and business acquaintances,
so, so, what category do you fall into?
Well, I'd like to think
whenever you're involved,
I don't fall into any category.
So, Angela Hicks.
She's not talking.
Too much to lose. I don't blame her.
Lucy Chan, she's off the grid.
Has your, uh your guy in the FBI,
did he ever find Bette Williams?
Not yet, no.
All right. Then Irina Zhevakin
is our last chance
to bring Dryden to heel.
I'll let you know how that goes.
Yeah, well, I'm stuck in this
shithole for the time being, so
Is there any way that
Sinclair Dryden would know
that you're secretly investigating him?
- Letitia knows, so she might've said.
- Shit.
Do you think he had anything
to do with you getting shot?
No. No, no, no.
That was that was the Angiulo
Brothers. They set me up.
How can you be so sure?
I could smell the garlic. [CHUCKLES]
Hey, you know, a lot of
famous people have died
in the fucking hospital.
Jim Henson, Fred Astaire, Geronimo.
Your old man, he had the right idea,
slipping off into the next world
from the comfort of his own bed.
Like, uh like Louis Armstrong.
- Louis Armstrong. Sure.
- Yeah, he, um
So, my father, he would
drive us past Satchmo's house
in Corona, Queens.
He-He'd take my brother and
me to what I still think ranks
as the best Italian ice in
all five boroughs, right?
I could never understand
how a guy as famous
as Louis Armstrong would, you
know, live in such a modest pad.
He and his wife Lucille, they
never had kids, you know?
But, uh
I don't know, they still managed
to make that little house a haven.
She was his family.
So I guess, I don't know
I guess two is all being a family takes.
Maybe even one.
Irina. Hi.
I'm A.D.A. Decourcy Ward.
I, uh, see you like running.
Irina, uh, look, I know
you're frightened
and you're dealing with
a lot of pressures.
But with you as a witness,
we can build a solid
case against Dryden.
Even if I wanted to
testify, which I don't,
which part of "they will hurt
me" don't you understand?
Did Sinclair threaten you?
No. A policeman threatened me.
Which policeman?
I don't think he said
his name. [SNIFFLES]
When was this?
[SIGHS] Last April.
He cornered me in front
of Mary Chung Restaurant
on a Thursday night.
If-if you can say this in a courtroom,
I promise you 24-hour protection.
Protected from Boston Police
by the Boston Police?
I'll be a dead woman by midnight.
No. No. Not with a cop that I trust.
Look, e-even a
psychiatrist will tell you
that confronting your abuser
will start your road to recovery.
Freud and Jung were idiots.
All right, then. How about this?
There's joy in revenge.
Spoken like a true Russian.
My babushka always used to say
Revenge is sweet. Like ice cream.
Come on, Jen. Pick up the fucking phone.
Come on.
Hiya, Dad. How you feeling?
Oh, like a million tax-free bucks.
Dr. Boyd says I'm gonna get out
of here in the morning. [GRUNTS]
That's great.
Hey. You heard from your ma?
No, not since I left Boston. Why?
Ah, no reason. Just asking.
You two get in another fight?
Sorta. Yeah.
About what?
- My ex-roommate.
- Ex?
What happened to Xavier?
[GRUNTS] Same thing
happens to all of us.
He was here and now he's gone.
Well, you know how, like, uh
when an asshole says something,
you know, you just kind of ignore him?
'Cause he's an asshole.
But if you ignore what he is
and just think about
what he said, it just
makes you [SIGHS] think, you know?
Yeah, Jackie and me, we used to
eat out all the time, you know?
Before Benny. Then,
when Benny was little,
you know, Ma would babysit.
But, uh, you know, whenever
Jackie and I would go out to eat,
the food was never as good
as what you make at home
and it was so expensive, too.
You really want to talk about
your husband tonight?
- Over dinner with me? [CHUCKLES]
I'm God, I'm not very
good with small talk.
- Oh, well, there she goes.
- What?
- Belittling yourself.
Jenny Rohr's fallback position.
I guess I just, uh
I feel a little guilty.
Good old guilt, huh?
When I, uh when I was a boy
growing up in Belfast, uh
I was taught to believe certain
things about God and sin
and sex and
And I followed all the rules.
- Religiously?
- Yes.
But, uh, when I left Belfast
- to attend university
- Mm-hmm.
I encountered a much wider
world than I'd ever imagined.
There were temptations everywhere.
And in the years since,
my desires have only grown.
[EXHALES] I don't know.
Maybe this, this need
to live a full life
is just taking me down the road to hell.
Or maybe up to paradise.
Being under anesthesia,
You-you don't know if you've been under,
like, five minutes or five years.
It's like you're
It's like you're dead, you know?
And, uh, then you wake up
and you're blurry
and [STAMMERS] then you're clear.
A-And you know, just makes you
appreciate what you got.
You know?
Sure you got better things to do
than listen to me ramble on.
Yeah. All right, sweetheart.
Good night. Sleep tight.
You, too, Dad.
I love you.
[WOMAN] [OVER P.A.] Dr. Wade.
Dr. Jacqueline Wade to the ER, please.
You're a remarkable woman, Jenny.
You move through this
world without pretense.
But sadly we don't live in a world
that values a genuine heart.
Is that all you think about me?
You know, that I'm unpretentious?
I think a lot of things about you.
But ultimately I don't matter.
What do you think of you?
I don't know. I guess, you know,
so many things have
gone wrong in my life.
I, uh
I don't really think I'm worth loving.
You're wrong.
- You are.
You are. You are worth loving.
Darling Jenny.
You know, last time you kissed me.
This time I want to kiss you.
Are you sure?
You won't regret it, no, no ♪
Young girls, they don't forget it ♪
Love ♪
Is their whole ♪
Happiness ♪
Yeah ♪
But it's all so easy ♪
All you got to do is try ♪
Try a little ♪
Tenderness ♪
Yeah ♪
All you got to do is, man ♪
Hold her where you want her ♪
Squeeze her, don't tease her ♪
Never leave her ♪
Get to her, try, try ♪
Just try a little tenderness ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
You got to rub her gentle, man ♪
All you got to do, don't got ♪
Don't bruise her, no, no ♪
You got to love her, tease her ♪
Don't squeeze her ♪
Got to try, na-na-na ♪
Try, try a little tenderness ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
All you got to do is, man ♪
Hold her where you want her ♪
Squeeze her, don't tease her ♪
Never leave her ♪
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