City on a Hill (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Boston Bridges, Falling Down

Your guy in the FBI, did he
ever find Bette Williams?
Not yet, no.
[DECOURCY] Then Irina
Zhevakin is our last chance
to bring Dryden to heel.
Did Sinclair threaten you?
No, a policeman threatened me.
Which policeman?
I could use your skills to
investigate Sinclair Dryden.
Dryden? For what?
Drugging and raping college women.
[BOYD] The good news is, the bullet
went straight through your thigh
and only nicked the femoral vein.
Bad news, gonna need surgery.
Is there any way that
Sinclair Dryden would know
that you're secretly investigating him?
No. No, no, no.
That was that was the Angiulo
Brothers. They set me up.
H-How could you be so sure?
[O'BRIEN] Hernando is a good man.
We complained the day before
that the conditions weren't safe.
We were told the problem
would be taken care of.
We were ignored.
There's plenty about Joe
Congemi you aren't aware of.
Uh, Mrs. Dryden, this
is my wife Jennifer.
So many things have
gone wrong in my life,
I, uh I don't really
think I'm worth loving.
You're wrong.
- Jenny?
- Hmm?
Last night you said to
wake you up at 7:30.
How are you?
I don't know.
Ah, breakfast in bed?
Well, I didn't know what you liked,
so I made a wee bit of everything.
In 21 years of marriage,
Jackie never made me breakfast.
Well, forget about him.
For now, at least.
Um, I'll have the coffee.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
Doctor says you can leave.
Get dressed.
For a second there, I wasn't
sure you were coming back.
Well, I always come back.
What's going on with you?
Something's changed. You look different.
No, nothing's changed.
Nothing's different.
'Cause, uh, if this is about Letitia
I mean, she's a piece of work.
I mean, I could see how you
could get the wrong idea.
Please, just get dressed.
[DECOURCY] You know,
I-I have this feeling that today
is gonna be a good day for both of us.
What makes you say that?
I'm building a winnable case
against Sinclair Dryden.
Irina Zhevakin has agreed to testify.
You said she's fragile.
Yeah, the woman's been brutalized
physically and mentally.
Well, knowing how sweet you can be,
I'm sure you'll get her through this.
And you? You, uh you got Needham
Industries pinned to the mat?
I finally tracked down that operator
who was working the crane at the Big Dig
when the cable snapped.
I need to convince him to testify,
and I'm having trouble with OSHA.
I can't get anyone at the
agency to talk to me.
I'm starting to suspect an
inspector named Owen O'Dowd
is taking bribes.
- Hmm.
- I wonder if a certain Suffolk County A.D.A.
might pay O'Dowd a visit.
You asking for my help?
I'm there.
Hey, Roscoe.
Chris. I'll get him.
He's here.
Kids. Fucking pain in the ass, right?
You worry about 'em day,
night, and in between,
and they don't give a shit.
My son isn't like that.
I hear you're working for the D.A now.
Still a cop.
I wasn't drunk, Dad.
Let's go.
I said I'm sorry.
What more do you want? A pint of blood?
When I was your age,
if I'd been arrested
for brawling in a bar,
underage with a fake ID,
my dad would've beat me with his belt.
Go ahead.
I'm not afraid of you.
I don't want you to be afraid of me.
I want you to be afraid of you,
of the damage you could do
to yourself and to others.
Oh, yeah? How about you?
Mom's in tears every night,
worrying, wondering if you're alive.
Aiden, that's enough.
No. Do as I say, not as I do.
I'm sick of it.
He didn't mean that.
- Sure he did.
And more.
Mr. Reyes, Siobhan Quays.
I'm representing Hernando Mendoza.
I'd like to talk about what happened
that day he was injured.
You were operating the crane, correct?
Kindly step away, Ms. Quays.
I don't mean to trespass.
Yeah, your mouth is saying one thing,
and your feet are saying something else.
You know, there will come a time
when you'll need your coworkers
to have your back,
and Needham Industries
isn't gonna protect you.
OSHA won't protect you.
The union won't protect you.
So this "me, myself, and I" attitude
is only gonna get you so far.
I don't need to get far.
I just need to get far enough.
I got family I send money
back home to in Puerto Plata.
Hernando Mendoza has people right
here in Boston that depend on him.
Look, I'm trying to wrestle something
positive out of this tragedy
so that Pepe will know his
dad isn't suffering in vain.
Last time, lady, get off my property.
You ever experienced loss, Mr. Reyes?
Had someone you love
snatched from you suddenly?
You don't have to be brave.
Just brave enough.
Ceilings are filled with asbestos,
which has got to come out soon.
Or I'll slap a sign
on your front door,
"Do not enter under penalty of law."
[DECOURCY] Inspector O'Dowd.
I went to your office.
They told me I could find you here.
I'm A.D.A. Decourcy Ward.
I know who you are.
What do you want?
Just thought you'd like to know
that we might convene a
grand jury to investigate
instances of graft connected to OSHA
and various Big Dig construction jobs.
You see, my office believes
that these illegal activities
have contributed to multiple
injuries and several deaths.
What's that got to do with me?
Oh, see, this is a courtesy visit
because your name has come up a lot.
Like a lot.
Your reports rarely mention
unsafe work conditions,
even at sites where
accidents have happened.
So I figure there's two possibilities.
Either this Owen O'Dowd
is really shitty at his job,
or he's up to his earlobes in bribes.
Hey, I worked for OSHA 23 years.
I, uh, done plenty good.
- According to the file, what,
you're two years away from retirement.
A pity if you got fired.
But, uh, no salary and
no pension [CHUCKLES]
Tough way to spend your autumn years.
Though I'm betting that you've
been banking those kickbacks,
so you probably got a nice little
piggy bank stashed away, right?
Difficult to trace but not impossible.
Someone could request your bank records,
compare those to annual salaries,
check for inheritance
and stuff like that.
Hernando Mendoza could use your help.
Give his lawyer a call.
- Hello.
- [GASPS] Christ on a crutch, Rohr.
You nearly gave me a heart attack.
You want to be charged for the
murder of a federal officer
on top of breaking and entering?
Well, it's kind of a pawn move
leaving your car door open.
Besides, you're not happy
to see your mentor?
You are not my mentor.
You are my tormentor.
And you got out of the hospital alive.
Yep. Ready to go hunting.
- [SIGHS] For the clowns who shot you.
- Yep.
And I'm guessing you expect
me to aid and assist.
Well, the way I see things
you owe me one.
I owe you one?
Or I owe you one. Why quibble?
The point is, I got something juicy here
that's gonna put your name in
billboard-size capital letters.
- With your name even larger.
- Well, let's just say
that it's one of those mutually
beneficial endeavors.
Come on, have I steered you wrong yet?
The "yet" is what worries me.
[CHUCKLES] Fair enough.
Will you put this boat in drive?
I can show you, you can
decide for yourself.
Let's find a Dunkin' on the way.
Come on, really?
You never read The Murders
in the Rue Morgue?
- Nope.
The first great modern detective story.
You could learn a thing or
two from Edgar Allan Poe.
Who, I might add, was
born right here in Boston
over on Charles Street South.
Pull over here.
[MILANI] A veterinary
clinic? Let me guess.
We're looking for McGruff the Crime Dog.
- When did you become so sarcastic?
- When in Rome.
Well, try taking after
my good qualities, okay?
'Cause you stink at being a shithead.
Speaking of Rome, this is the clinic
where the Italians come when
they need a street doctor.
The Mafia, such as the
Mafia is these days,
they got no better sense
than to seek emergency medical treatment
- from a hack who deworms kittens.
Fucking guineas.
No offense.
Italy is 2,000 miles from Iran.
And, as I've said repeatedly,
I was born in Somerville.
Mm-hmm. Well, I'm guessing
that this is where the jizz
stain who shot me was taken.
Okay. I'll go and check things out.
Ah, no, no. I'll go.
Then what the fuck am I doing here?
You're my cheering section.
Rohr? Fuck.
I thought the Bureau
had bounced you out.
Eh, back from the dead, you might say,
- unlike this pooch.
This past week, did you treat a patient,
a human patient, for a gunshot wound?
Well, medical ethics
will not allow me to
Don't give me that shit,
you fucking fleabag.
Aiding and abetting a
criminal is criminal.
If I tell you, I'm the next
person laying on that table,
gasping and breathing his last.
And if you stay silent, you go to jail
for practicing medicine
without a license.
What'd this guy do to you?
He shot me
before I shot him.
Now stop fucking around. Give me a name.
Who did the Angiulo Brothers
hire to assassinate me?
[BAKER] Look, I don't know anything
about any assassinations.
Okay, I may have bandaged up somebody.
A name. Give me a motherfucking name!
A thug named Danny Calvi.
Need a hand?
No, all done.
Who are you, Diarmuid?
You know who I am.
- I do, yeah, on one level,
which I love.
But not the rest of you.
All right. Let me see.
I, uh, was born in
what's called The Falls.
It's the Catholic area of Belfast.
My dad was a milkman.
My mum was a housewife.
I've got six brothers.
I'm the youngest and the best looking.
I just found out I have a half brother.
Yeah. My mother kept the secret from me.
Uh, she says I'm better off
not even meeting the guy.
I mean, why would anyone do that?
Do what?
Keep a family apart.
Sometimes a wee bit of
distance is for the best.
And if you think your family are
the only one that has secrets,
I could tell you tales of Belfast
that'd make you weep.
But secrets are no better than lies.
You want to meet him, don't you?
This lost kin of yours.
Yeah. Yeah, I want to see if
there's a family resemblance.
You know, maybe he
likes to sing like I do.
You know? Or, you know, maybe he
is doing something really
cool with his life.
Maybe he's living in New York or Paris
or some exotic place.
But how would you find him?
Sue Stanton gave me the number
of a private investigator.
Well, if there's anything I can do
There is. Come with me.
[DAN] Decourcy.
You know, some people, in their office,
put a photo up of, uh, Lincoln or JFK.
Wade Boggs.
You know, someone they
admire, want to emulate.
You have you.
A gift from my wife.
Ruth put the portrait there.
You're married.
Was I going to argue?
Let's sit.
I understand you're investigating
Sinclair Dryden.
Uh, that's correct.
Did you intend to tell me about this?
Yeah, when I was further along.
Let's say you're far enough along.
I want to hear the why.
He drugs, then rapes women.
That's a disturbing accusation.
Up to now, Sinclair's reputation
has been stellar.
Justice personified.
Doesn't make sense, him abusing women.
What's your evidence look like?
One of the women has agreed to testify.
We're hoping to convince a
few more to do the same.
Chris Caysen, Jackie Rohr and I.
Rohr? Jesus, what is this,
thrice bit, never shy?
Jackie has an intimate knowledge
of how Dryden operates.
Introducing Jackie Rohr
into this equation,
that's the equivalent of swapping
a political hot potato
for a hand grenade.
Well, sometimes the battlefield
determines the weapon.
I'll give you a full coil of
rope on this, Decourcy.
What you do with that rope is up to you.
Thanks, Rocco.
Hey, take it easy, you
guinea, bald bastard.
- See you later.
- Hey, remember me?
Aw, fuck! [GROANS]
This is the guy, the shitty shot.
Daniel Calvi, you are under arrest.
Uh, you're gonna need a squeegee.
Well, here we are.
Jenny, I've been thinking
Finding your half brother,
that's your quest.
You really don't need me hanging around.
You have the strength
to do this on your own.
Yeah, I do.
Yeah, you do.
And you know that you do.
[CASTOR] Come in.
I, uh, called earlier.
Mrs. Rohr, of course.
You were expecting Sean Connery.
- No.
I wasn't sure what to expect.
Please. Please.
Think on this.
When you want to find
out unpleasant things,
you need to go to somebody
who ain't afraid
to dig down to the bottom of
the dung heap, you know?
Stick their fingers deep into the muck.
It's the nature of the business.
There's no pretending otherwise.
So, don't judge a book by its cover?
Oh, no.
No, quite the opposite, Mrs. Rohr.
Ask yourself if this is the face
of someone who can uncover
what you need uncovered.
All right. Let's do it.
Uh, you mentioned a wayward sibling.
Tell me everything.
Well, I'm afraid I don't really
have that much, uh
Hell, I don't even know his first name.
All right.
[SIOBHAN] Thank you, Mr. O'Dowd.
Just got off the phone with Owen O'Dowd,
your new friend at OSHA.
How's my guy Owen doing?
What'd you say to him?
Or do I even want to know?
Oh, everybody fights dirty
while you and I follow the
Marquess of Queensberry Rules.
They love coming at us with that
"Ah, this is Boston" bullshit.
I gave the man Boston.
Well, thank you for whatever
you threw at O'Dowd.
Now he's ready to throw Needham
under the nearest bus.
[DECOURCY] Excellent.
Babe, I-I got to go.
Hurry home.
I've been thinking of ways
to reward you properly.
Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.
What's wrong, Sisyphus?
My son Aiden got arrested.
Drunk, disorderly, fake ID.
Ah, the gamut of teenage crime.
Kicked a guy, knocked him out.
- [SCOFFS] What'd the guy do?
- Aiden won't say.
Maybe he was just
burning off testosterone.
Sometimes he thinks he's Jackie Chan.
Eh, don't we all?
The FBI doesn't like shitbirds
shooting up their fellow agents,
current or otherwise.
Ah, eat me, will you?
My papa's shitting in a prison
cell with the Angiulo Brothers
'cause of Rohr.
He's a seven-layer douchebag.
As true as that may be,
you and Papa will have
a touching reunion soon,
for the next 20 years.
Make life easier on yourself.
Who hired you to do the hit?
- Where's my lawyer?
- Stuck in traffic.
I ain't saying one word till
Cohen gets his Jew ass in here.
Jackie, get out of this room.
Nah, fuck that.
This jerk-off didn't shoot at you.
Start talking.
No. I got a code to follow.
Oh, fuck that outdated omertà bullshit.
The Italians ruled the roost
in this town for 100 years.
But you, you don't have the
stundeens your old man has.
You're nothing but a punk.
You act tough, but
you're a fucking punk.
I took you down in one fucking move.
Your first day at Walpole,
you're gonna be fucked in the ass
five times with Daddy watching.
Now, tell me, who the fuck hired you?!
Mikey dealt with him, not me. Honest.
Mikey della Porta. On parole.
We have an APB out on Mikey Green Eyes.
If you won't talk, he will.
Or he goes back inside permanently.
Everyone snitches these days
to a little tune called RICO.
All I know is, the client,
he-he-he's a preacher
or a priest.
Something of that ilk.
Imagine a man of God bringing
harm on another human being.
- You believe the hypocrisy?
- [MILANI] What's his name?
- [DANNY] He's got a mick name.
- [MILANI] What, like Danny?
[DANNY] No, like a real mick name,
like Digmund or-or Donal or something.
Diarmuid Prick Cocksucking Doyle.
Cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed to you.
- You got it, Father?
- I do.
[JACKIE] You know what your
first mistake was, Father?
Buying guns for the IRA from a
dumb guinea like Danny Calvi.
You're a sad man, Rohr.
- You're a sad, pathetic man.
You motherfucker.
- Oh, hi, honey.
What in the name of
Christ are you doing?
[JACKIE] Oh, I'm just a
private citizen observing
the long arm of the law extend itself
into the recesses of
the criminal underworld.
Total bullshit.
No, you arranged for all this to happen.
I didn't arrest Doyle. The FBI did.
The same FBI that you were
so anxious for me to rejoin,
and do you know why they arrested him?
'Cause he hired a fucking
hit man to kill me.
Liar. Oh, you are such a fucking liar.
I hate you. I fucking hate you!
Honey, honey, you're making a scene.
There's-there's children
around, with the swearing.
Oh, I am making a scene?
You just staged a fucking
FBI takedown, and for what?
Out of jealousy.
Yeah, 'cause Diarmuid and I have a bond
you couldn't fucking
begin to comprehend.
Oh, I can. I can.
You're two thornbirds yet to nest.
- Oh, come on.
- Hello.
Irina Zhevakin won't testify.
We're at a dead end. Get over here.
- [SIGHS] I got to go.
- [JENNY] No fucking way.
- No way!
- We can finish this at home.
Yeah, if I come home.
Oh, that's a threat you'll never keep.
Yeah, maybe this time I will.
Ms. Murphy?
Sergeant Chris Caysen.
What can I do for you, Sergeant?
You're employed as a chef
at the Dryden house?
I'm the cook. Let's not
be putting on any airs.
Can I ask you a few questions?
Some may be indelicate.
I'm 76 years old.
I've heard my share of indelicate.
This is about Sinclair Dryden's
extramarital affairs.
I'm told he brings the
women into the mansion.
I've worked for Mr. Dryden
and the Dryden family
ever since I came to this country.
Sixteen years old.
My parents, dead as dead can be.
- Ms. Murphy, have you ever seen ?
- Mr. Dryden keeps me on,
though I can hardly do
half of what I used to.
The arthritis, don't you know.
Ofttimes, Mr. Dryden cooks for me.
- This is my ride.
Glory of a day to you, young man.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Just made the appointment
with Cassandra Kassell.
Needham Industries, tomorrow at four.
Okay. I think I have everything I need.
A sworn statement from a worker
who was in the vent
when Hernando was hurt.
A sworn statement from a crane operator,
who was pressured to
skip safety measures.
I have intel from an
OSHA inspector. [SIGHS]
Anything we suspected Needham of doing,
they did and then some.
I'm worried that I'll let Pepe,
Lourdes and Hernando down.
People like to think
the law is absolute,
but, no, we can't predict
which way a case will go.
All we can do is our best.
Have I? Done my best?
[COLM] Ms. Quays.
Fancy meeting you here.
Stop following me.
I'm not as defenseless as you think.
Who's following you?
Us connecting like this?
It's meant to be.
I don't know who you are,
but I know who you represent.
You're a middleman between the Irish mob
and the construction union.
Harsh words from such a lovely lady.
Save that crap for the corner bar.
Threaten me, get rid of me,
there'll always be someone who cares,
working to expose creeps like you.
Nice running into you, Ms. Quays.
I went to pick up Aiden
from school today.
The whole drive I get
the silent treatment.
I-I don't know what to do.
All right, don't give me any shit.
I've been taking care of business,
settling some debts.
Well, no. I-I-I've been
doing good deeds, mostly.
Jackie Rohr and good deeds.
It's just hard to think of
those words together.
So, what happened with Irina Zhevakin?
[DECOURCY] Uh, we can't
push her to testify.
Not in the emotional
state that she's in.
- Oh, that's a crock of shit.
- Oh, really?
'Cause I don't remember you
pushing her when you met her.
J-Jackie, think about it, man.
If this was Benedetta, would
you want me to push her?
If it would stop Sinclair Dryden
from hurting another girl? Yes.
See, right now I want to stick my foot
so far up Sinclair Dryden's ass,
he shits Italian leather for a week.
But that's the difference
between you and me, Dee.
I do what I want 'cause
my kind of justice
makes me feel good, and fuck the rest.
No, Jackie. The difference
between you and me is that,
in my case, no one innocent gets hurt.
All right, girls, girls,
you're both pretty,
but time is ticking by.
[JACKIE] So, did Irina say anything
that would point us
towards that goal post?
The first time I met with her,
she mentioned a-a cop bullying her
into recanting her complaint
against Dryden.
[CHRIS] Which cop?
She couldn't remember his name.
Oh. I can look into the files,
see who in the Department
interacted with Dryden
while he was working
at the Bureau, but
I got to say, I doubt a Boston
cop would go out of his way
for an FBI guy.
That's the answer.
She's from Russia, right?
So Irina might not understand
all the pieces of American
law enforcement.
To her, a cop could be BPD or FBI.
Dryden called in a favor
from a former colleague.
Any guesses who?
Eh, I think I may know
just the lying come sack.
State still in the lead,
with International Waters
coming up to second,
with Horseferatu pulling up on the
nine and a half
lengths off the leader.
Taking third position
Willie Ruder, as I live and breathe.
Holy Christ.
Jack "The Mack" Rohr.
What the hell brings you to Lakeville?
Oh, a little waft of nostalgia,
thinking about my early
days at the Bureau
of which you were a significant part.
Dryden's number two. Okay.
Boston Strangler. Blackfriars Massacre.
Crime was crime then.
Still three fingers?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Well, it's good to see
your face, Willie.
But, uh, I got to ask you,
why in J. Edgar's name are you
sitting out here in Siberia?
I asked to be transferred to Lakeville.
I like the peace and quiet.
I hear you quit the Bureau.
I'm working private security for Dryden.
Dryden, the best.
[CHUCKLES] He was always
there for us when he was SAC.
Yeah, always there for us, and
we were always there for him.
Still are.
Do anything he asked us to.
No matter what.
Not sure what you mean.
Oh, I m I mean that little job
you performed for him last April.
Smacking down that whiny Russian chick.
Nope. Wasn't me.
Oh. All right, sorry.
I, uh, must've heard wrong.
Yeah, I don't know about you, Willie,
but when we were young,
I had clear eyes about right and wrong.
Yeah, well, somewhere along the way,
"right" got driven into a ditch.
I know, but are we stuck where we are?
Doing shit that we used
to bust crooks for
when we were starting out?
I don't know.
I've come to grips with who I am.
What about you?
Don't you want to feel
good about being FBI?
"I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office
so help me God."
You got to come clean about what you did
to that Russian girl, Willie.
We took that oath, didn't we?
- We swore to God.
- We swore to God.
I don't believe in God.
Not anymore.
Sorry you got to run.
The way I figure things,
if Rohr's asking for all
these specific details,
they're getting close to
nailing you on the rapes.
How much you want to keep
your fucking mouth shut?
Thirty thou more should do me.
You'll have the cash first
thing in the morning.
[DECOURCY] And what is this?
Early Christmas present.
A transcript of Dryden speaking to
Willie Ruder, the genius that
intimidated Irina Zhevakin.
Bird's-eye view of their conversation.
No sound, but I had a friend
who's deaf read the lips.
You have a friend who's deaf?
Well, yeah, he-he wasn't
deaf when I met him.
No judge will allow this in court.
we can use this transcript
to break Ruder.
My thoughts exactly.
And break him into a million
little pieces, you will.
Agent Ruder, hello.
Leave me alone!
Just headed to my car, lady.
Ah, hey.
When'd you have a camera put in?
When you and Letitia were
away for the weekend.
Well, why didn't you tell me?
This was on a need-to-know basis.
American-made camera.
Total shit.
After a while they start to buzz.
You should have gone Japanese.
Willie Ruder has agreed to
take the stand against you.
I know. I got enough crud on Ruder
to squash whatever lies he's telling.
But you, you, Jackie. You're relentless.
You don't give up unless I satiate
an even greater desire, huh?
You want what I have.
I've always been a generous man, so
You had my wife, huh?
So tell me,
what more does Jackie Rohr crave?
Well, as much as it
pains me to say this,
sometimes even Jackie
Rohr can't be bought.
Cam Neely's averaging,
like, a goal per game,
and that's with one knee.
I mean, if not for Ulf Samuelsson,
the Bruins would be the best team
- in the whole league.
- Aiden Caysen?
- Yeah.
Get in the car, please.
- What-what for? What did I do?
- Get in the car.
- My dad's a cop.
- Do I need to cuff you?
Get in the car.
- [BOY] Dude, what's going on?
- [BOY 2] Officer, what'd he do?
What did he do?
[BOY 1] Dudes, let's go
tell his dad or something.
[OFFICER] Later, boys.
This is us.
To the left.
Right in here.
[DECOURCY] He behave himself?
Like a little angel.
Have a seat.
[AIDEN] Why am I here?
To talk about your dad.
You don't want to hear
what he says about you?
- You want a soda?
- Nope.
All right. Get comfy.
So what does my dad say about me?
How much he loves you.
Yeah, well, I love him.
I just don't like him much.
Because he thinks he's right a
thousand percent of the time.
I doubt that's true.
Mom doesn't like him much either.
That's that's why we're
living with my grandparents.
Aiden, look.
I've never had a son,
but I've been a son.
All right? Uh, my father and I, we
we-we saw the world from two
completely different viewpoints.
And it wasn't till the end of his life
that I began to understand him.
And I think that, you know,
he began to know me.
Look, your dad is a brave man.
He's spent his adult life on the street,
facing whatever comes his way.
Yet, despite the shit that he's seen,
he's still an optimist,
which I find remarkable.
Now, yes, he is flawed.
As are you.
Maybe if you accept that,
you'll be able to meet him halfway.
I can see why Dad likes you.
You bullshit better than he can.
There you are.
You took your sweet time.
And lo and behold, here you are.
What happened to "If I come home"?
Ah, don't change the subject.
Changing the subject?
The fucking subject hasn't
been established yet.
Don't fuck with me!
What you did to Diarmuid?
Oh, for fuck's sake. What I did?
Look, what's gonna
happen to him, Jackie?
Oh, the FBI and Milani are
questioning him right now
about some bad shit,
relevant to his deportation hearing.
Jesus, they're gonna throw
him out of the country?
Well, that's what happens
when you try to have a
famed FBI agent murdered.
Don't flatter yourself.
Diarmuid doesn't want you dead.
Jen, you don't realize
what a phony shit bum
this motherfucker is.
You think you know him, but you don't.
Yeah, I know him a lot
better than you do.
Father Suckcock confessed
to diverting funds
from the church to buy guns for the IRA.
Another lie.
He used those funds
to send Father Bender to fucking rehab.
Jennifer, face the music.
He stole money to buy guns.
Guns that kill people.
I'm lucky I'm not dead!
He doesn't want to kill you, Jackie!
He hired two turdballs to whack me.
If you don't believe me,
go down to the prison
and ask him yourself.
Maybe get him to swear
on a stack of Bibles,
maybe that'll get him
to tell you the truth.
That is if they haven't already
rammed a shamrock up his ass
and sent him back to Dublin or Cork
or whatever-the-fuck
county he crawled out of.
Maybe I will.
Yeah, there you go.
There's the door.
You ju you just turn
the knob and pull.
As a kid, I was afraid of this
old lady who lived on our block.
A madwoman, constantly
ranting and raving.
Now I am that madwoman.
Does a moment define who
you are or simply happen,
- then pass?
I know how I'm supposed
to answer that question.
Screaming at that poor man
in the parking garage
is something I did, not who I am.
When you saw him, what
went through your mind?
I thought of Decourcy.
He looked like Decourcy?
No, I thought about how painful
my dying would be for my husband.
Siobhan, you aren't a madwoman.
Your behavior, being easily startled,
the aggressive outbursts, the fear,
that's a reaction to the
trauma you've experienced.
You think that you're in danger.
I know I sound paranoid,
but there are very powerful people
who don't want me to do my job.
You saw the attacks in the press.
And there's one man in particular
who's been stalking me.
A stalker. [SCOFFS] Believe me or don't.
I believe you, and I understand
why you feel that way.
What we're working on is
articulating the events
around the shooting and miscarriage.
Facing your trauma will
allow you to understand
why you feel fearful.
What are you doing here, Jenny?
Corporal works of mercy.
You know, visiting the imprisoned.
No, you came for answers.
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, I know you haven't always
been, uh, the bedrock of honesty,
but I do have questions.
Then ask them, and I swear upon my soul
I'll answer with all
the truth that's in me.
Did you order a hit on my husband?
I never meant to have him killed,
only hurt, 'cause he hurt me.
Hurt you how?
Jackie was the one who
broke my thumb last year.
And then, a few weeks ago, he
tried to run me over in his car.
So, I went Old Testament,
tooth for tooth.
Did you lie about using the
funds for Father Bender?
Mm-hmm, partially, yeah.
A third went to Bender's recuperation.
The rest to the struggle.
So, you are in the IRA?
Doing God's work doesn't always
mean walking a narrow moral line.
But I'm sure you understand that.
Why would I?
How much do you know about
your husband's activities?
Jackie hides everything from me.
The man who calls himself your husband,
he doesn't honor you,
but you stay with him.
That's a choice of convenience.
I don't stay with Jackie
out of convenience.
I gave my daughter a
home with two parents
who push through their shit
to still take care of her.
I wasn't gonna be my mother.
Neglecting your own happiness.
Is that a life, Jenny?
Oh, is this?
Yeah, you have me there.
I'm in no position to preach,
but I can give advice.
Walk away.
Yeah, where would I go?
I don't know, to New
York City, to Paris,
- to Belfast even.
- Go with you?
Look, here's the sacred truth.
The night that we spent together
that'll stay with me forever.
Yeah, me, too.
Time to go.
- Goodbye, darling Jenny.
- Goodbye.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Bye, Grandma.
Thanks for the ride.
You're welcome.
We have several unimpeachable sources
who can testify to your
corporation's malfeasance.
Perhaps, Ms. Kassell, that makes
your position a little murkier.
You're not the first lawyers to
threaten Needham Industries.
That says more about you than us.
The last time this company was sued,
did the plaintiffs have
several witnesses
testifying to job site negligence,
backed by a compromised OSHA inspector?
You don't have those documents,
as none of those instances occurred.
We do have those documents,
as does the prosecutor's office.
Oh, you mean your husband.
I said what I meant.
If we were to compensate Mendoza
[SIOBHAN] Hernando
Mendoza and his family.
What number are we looking at?
Given there's a teenager involved,
on top of the ongoing
lifetime medical costs,
eight figures.
Don't be ridiculous.
Perhaps you have a figure
in mind, Ms. Kassell?
- Mid-seven figures.
- High seven figures.
- Six million.
- Nine million.
- Seven.
- Nine.
And I'll keep saying nine until
we reach the next century.
Number one,
the company will not take
responsibility publicly.
Number two,
all parties will sign a
nondisclosure agreement.
[KASSELL] We'll have the NDA drawn up.
[ELLIOT] We'll review upon receipt.
Good day to you both.
Why were you so quick to accept the NDA?
As you well know, the Mendoza
family needs the money now.
Relieving their stress is more important
than haggling over the NDA.
Still, the people in
this city need to know
how our tax dollars are being spent,
and Needham's bad acts
have to be exposed.
I'm going to find a legal
loophole around the NDA.
Nine million.
Today turned out to be a good day.
A good day indeed.
- Oh, geez.
Door's open, come on in!
- [CASTOR] Mrs. Rohr?
- Yeah.
Ah, I have news, uh,
regarding your half brother,
whose name, by the way,
is Joe Congemi Jr.
- Wha You found him?
- I did, I did, of course I did.
Uh, he is a patient
at the Hembree Psychiatric
Institute in Vermont,
and he has been since, uh, '85.
Sweet Mother of God.
So, he's mentally ill?
I-I discovered a psych evaluation
from a different hospital,
uh, from 1980,
which indicates he had suffered
from severe bipolar disorder.
How is he now?
Ah, the Hembree Institute
won't release any information
on his current condition.
But I'm-I'm working on it,
I'm working on it.
Here's what else I do know.
Joe is 60.
He's been in and out of the loony bins
pretty much his whole life.
He even spent some
time up in Bridgewater,
- which I'm sure you know is
- Is a cesspool.
He has been put into social isolation.
He has been subjected
to experimental psychotropic drugs.
Uh, he even received
some shock treatment.
- Oh, God, that's horrible.
- Truly.
But here's the good news, Mrs. Rohr.
From what I can glean,
uh, given everything,
all the treatments,
he seems relatively stable now.
So was it my father who put
him into a mental institution?
No. His mother did.
And then, basically,
she just walked away.
That's for you, and you
know where to find me.
[CHRIS] Me being a cop
doesn't bother you?
[WOMAN] I fuck cops all the time, papi.
At least you didn't ask for a freebie.
Where you from in Costa Rica?
You don't do this much, no?
You're the second woman I've
slept with since my wife left.
Trust me, I won't be the last.
What I don't get, papi,
is why you pay for sex
when it's something you
can easily have for free.
Enough with the "papi."
- [LAUGHS] And the reason is
all the women I know
are married mothers
and my relatives or colleagues.
Sometimes sex is better with someone
who knows nothing about you.
More will cost you.
I'm here to see the madam of the house.
What, you forgot your keys?
Gave 'em to a homeless guy.
You probably know this, but
I'm working with the D.A.
to build a case against Sinclair.
This is gonna get bad, as in real bad.
And so I thought, because
of what we shared,
- whatever we shared
I should probably
come by and tell you
that from what I've seen and heard,
you are complicit in your
husband's sexual high jinks.
So you might want to talk to me.
The only friend you got.
Oh, is that what you're doing
at the moment, Jackie?
Being my friend?
I thought we were more than that.
Letitia, you seduced me.
Which, I got to admit,
I liked being the one
seduced for a change.
But letting your husband
do what he's been doing,
nah, that turns me off.
Jackie, you and I fuck
on a regular basis.
You cheat on your wife.
So, please,
just spare me your climb up
to the moral high ground.
Believe me, I got plenty of
guilt for my share in this.
But here's the thing,
you and I, we don't have to drug
each other to bump uglies.
In the great whirlwind of life,
there are always alternative solutions.
So what are our
alternative solutions?
Well Oh, no, no, no.
I didn't come here for
a bribe. No. [LAUGHS]
Otherwise I would've worn my good suit.
No, you misunderstand.
What if together we expose Sinclair?
You become master of this house.
You divorce Jenny, who
makes you miserable.
We get married.
Live in glorious Technicolor.
Jesus Christ.
Letitia I came here to save you,
not to fucking marry you.
I thought I came from
a fucked-up family.
I made a fucked-up family of my own,
but you people, you
take the Carvel cake.
All I want to do right now
is go home to my wife
and pretend I never met you.
Listen, you fucking weasel.
You better understand,
quaaludes or no quaaludes,
I will stand with and defend my husband.
And in the process we will ruin you.
Yeah, well, you know,
I've done a pretty good
job of that myself.
But if you want to try,
go ahead, take a shot.
He says to go right in.
[DAN] Ah, Decourcy, there you are.
You know Sinclair Dryden, don't you?
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