Clannad (2007) s01e01 Episode Script

On The Hillside Path Where The Cherry Blossoms Flutter

1 I hate this city.
It's full of all the memories I want to forget about.
Go to school every day, chat with friends, and then go back to the home I don't even want to go back to.
Will something eventually change, doing this? Will that day come? Sweet bean bread! Do you like this school? I really, really love it.
But nothing can stay unchanged.
A girl I've never seen before.
The words weren't directed at me.
She must be talking to someone in her heart.
Fun things Happy things They can't all possibly stay unchanged.
Even so, can you keep on loving this place? Just find them.
Just find new fun and happy things.
C'mon, let's get going.
We start to walk up the long long uphill climb.
Ramune's pretty nostalgic, isn't it? Have you learned your lesson now, Sunohara?! What do you think you're doing playing your CD so loud every day? But if I don't listen to it, I don't get rolling.
Scrum! They don't get tired of doing that every day, do they? Okazaki! Stop watching and help me! I'll get infected by your idiocy, so no.
You're so heartless! TRY!!! Shut up!!! Break it up already! For crying out loud! I'm the one that has to deal with the complaints from the neighbors.
Dorm mother sounds like a tough job.
Misae-san Come save me earlier, please You're the one at fault, aren't you? Why don't you learn your lesson? Yes, ma'am Damn that rugby club They'll never hear you if you mumble.
Damn that rugby club!!! Who just said that?! Are you trying to kill me?! You're wimping out.
I wouldn't be backing out if it was one-on-one.
But there's just too many of them.
Just you watch.
When graduation comes around, I'll pay them back in full.
When the time comes, Okazaki, I trust you to watch my back.
Lucky! I'll be sure to stab you well.
Don't come after me! Go after them! But I'm on the rugby club's side.
Since when?! Only for that.
Keep it down! Should I kick back? Like that, another same-old-day ends.
Hey, tea.
We don't serve that here.
It's not like I have a goal or something to devote my passion towards.
I'll pray to you.
A bland day.
Praying won't change things! This is a world that has ended.
Nothing is born; nothing dies.
Even time does not exist.
If I were searching for a place to be born, then I realized it should not be here.
There is a person in a world like this.
Could she see me? I am not born to this world.
The girl who lives alone in a world that ended.
The girl who lives in a vacant, unmoving world.
For some reason, she interests me.
Okazaki and Sunohara aren't here yet? What are they thinking? They're seniors, so don't they have exams and their futures to worry about? Forget about them.
We don't have the time to worry about others, do we? Hey.
U-Um, Okazaki-kun.
Huh? What, Fujibayashi? You came in late today, too.
So? Um, I think you should come to school properly every day.
So you talk like a class representative, eh? N-Not just "like", I am the class representative.
Hey Okazaki.
Don't make the class rep.
Her sis is gonna come running in here.
I'm fine.
I'm not crying.
Let's just say it'll depend on tomorrow's mood.
Th-Then um I'll read your fortune for tomorrow.
Since fortune-telling is my hobby.
Come on Okazaki-kun, you'll be late tomorrow.
Are you picking a fight with me?! That's how the cards came out.
I think this is how this sort of fortune-telling works.
"Think"? On the way to school, you'll have a romantic meeting with a kind girl, forget about the time passing by, and therefore be late.
It's really detailed, isn't it? A-A maiden's inspiration.
Hey! Okazaki Tomoya! Onee-chan.
Kyou You've got some nerve to pick on my sister.
You loser! I was only talking to her! Yeah, Onee-chan.
He wasn't picking on me or anything.
Then fine.
You had Ryou read your fortune? Yeah.
Apparently I'm going to have a romantic meeting with a kind girl tomorrow.
What's with the grin? Nothing.
Well, good luck.
So, where shall I go eat? A ghost? Yeah, I heard it appears.
The ghost of the girl that got in a car accident.
I bet it's something else.
I'm not kidding! And I heard she's cute, too.
A ghost, eh? Hey.
You alone? Why not eat in class with your friends? Sweet bean bread? Hey, are you listening? I'm sorry.
I'm eating right now.
Um, how can I help you? Wanted to ask why you're eating lunch out here alone.
Do you like this school? Not particularly.
I really, really love it.
I used to have friends and teachers I got along with, but now Did something happen? Last year, I was away from school for a long period of time.
So I'm You're repeating.
Yes, I'm repeating.
All the people I knew graduated, and only people I don't know fill the school.
I feel like Urashima Tarou.
Note: Urashima Tarou is a story in which the protagonist jumps forward in time and finds no one he knew alive.
I'm sorry.
What am I saying to a person I just met So that's why you were mumbling that.
You weren't involved in any club? No.
I originally wanted to join the theater club, but I have a weak body, so I don't think I can properly participate in the activities.
Participate to the extent you can.
Why not go to the theater club after school? But Hey, look over there.
They're looking over at us.
If you always look so sad, you won't make any friends.
Smile and wave your hand.
Come on, with a big smile.
I guess they didn't notice.
I don't have much of a presence in class, either.
What is that sound? Wow, so cool! They're wheeling around! Sunohara, what's going on? I think they're here for a fight.
Guys from another school are here on bikes.
Hey, what are you doing on top of my head?! Is she going to give them a lecture? Why did this happen? This is, after all, the best school in the city.
So there are guys who don't like that idea.
You're going to help? I can't sit and watch.
You don't have to worry about Tomoyo-san.
Tomoyo? You don't know her? She transferred in as a junior starting this spring.
Sakagami Tomoyo-san! She's really strong.
If you go out, you might just get in her way.
But I don't want to cause an unnecessary disturbance.
Get lost before you get hurt.
If you do, I'll let all of you go.
You don't want to deliberately ask for pain, do you? Don't screw with us! Don't screw with us! Yay! So cool! What is she? So she's a transfer student She's in a similar situation as you, and yet she's so popular.
So everything depends on the individual.
Maybe you are right.
Who do I think I am? I'm in no position to lecture others.
Not me.
I'll be going now.
Ah, yes.
Um Thank you very much.
I'm Okazaki Tomoya from Class D.
I'm Furukawa Nagisa from Class B.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, nice to meet you, too, Okazaki Tomoya-san.
'ey, Okazaki.
Tag along later.
A setup? Yeah.
There's no way a girl can beat guys.
You paid them or something, asking them to lose, right? To get popular.
If it's not money, would it be the other something? Girls are lucky, since stupid guys will listen to that.
Who are they? They're the gang from the senior class.
I think they're Sunohara and Okazaki.
I was thinking I wouldn't hurt those in the same school, but I will make an exception and specially fight you.
You're so cute acting tough.
I bet your knees are shaking.
I would like to make this self-defense.
So you come at me.
Don't be so full of yourself.
DIE! That's when I remembered.
In this city, there used to be a really strong, beautiful girl, who went around beating up people who troubled ordinary folks.
So the rumor goes.
Tell me earlier.
That guy's so lame.
She's so cool.
Please don't come again.
Damn it! Third floor of the old building.
If I remember, this is where the liberal arts club rooms are.
Looks like she's up to it.
Hamburger? Excuse me.
I didn't know you were there.
What's this hand for? No real reason.
I had forgotten.
The theater club closed down in March.
I heard the number of members was small to begin with.
But since they're only closed, once conditions are met, it can start up again.
Do you think so? Why not give it another try? I'll help you, too.
Um, Okazaki-san.
Why are you being so kind to me when we've just met? Why? I wonder why, too.
Sit when you eat.
We'll part here.
Um, Okazaki-san.
My house is the bakery further ahead, in front of the park.
Please come when you feel like.
Yeah, when I feel like it.
What? No one's here? That's this week's new release.
Please try one if you'd like.
Furukawa's older sister? Or mother? You don't have to worry about paying.
Since it's a leftover.
The concept for that is "soothing".
Soothing Then I'll take the offer.
There's a rice cracker inside.
It's rice cracker bread.
The naming sense is amazing, but your sense for making bread is amazing, too.
You think so, too? It's a victory from an idea.
Um, is there a problem? You want to hear it? To be frank, this is a failure.
It wasn't good? There is a problem with the taste, but first of all, it's too difficult to eat.
It's natural that you get leftovers.
So my my bread is H-Hey.
It was natural there would be leftovers?! Like mother, like daughter.
I hope the father is sane.
What? Well, this sucks.
You said what you're not supposed to say.
You should have kept eating and said it's good.
That's what duty is about.
What morality is about.
The truth is always harsh.
And, to tell her that so straightforwardly would be too brutal for her! The neighbors all eat her bread saying it's good.
This is an unspoken rule! It's law! So you'd better obey it.
Or else I'll knock you down.
You're wearing the same uniform as our daughter.
Don't tell me you're Nagisa's friend? Should've told me earlier, idiot.
I'm sorry I presented myself so shamefully before my daughter's friend.
Don't worry, Sanae.
He looks dumb, so I bet he forgot about it already.
Right? You shouldn't say that to our guest.
Why is it turning out like this? In any case, it's great! Nagisa brought a friend over as soon as the new semester started.
And a boy, too.
What?! A guy? You just notice now? Maybe he's her boyfriend.
I can't give Nagisa away to a puny guy like him.
Go home.
Then excuse me.
Shoo! You really call yourself a man? If you're a man, sweep away the woman you fell in love with even if it means using force.
That said, I still won't give her to you, though.
You're all getting along already.
Of course.
We'd never mistreat our daughter's friend.
Goo! What's with the blank look? I was thinking that I probably shouldn't get myself involved with this family.
As you can see, we can already fire slightly harsh jokes at each other.
Oh right, we haven't heard your name yet.
He's Okazaki-san.
Okazaki Tomoya-san.
What a puny name.
Note: Ginga = Galaxy Make it like Okazaki Ginga! That is nice.
May I call you Ginga-san? While you're at it, change your last name to Daiuchuu.
Note: Daiuchuu = Cosmos Daiuchuu Ginga.
Great name, ain't it? My name is Okazaki Tomoya! What a picky brat.
Sanae, do you have any good names? Let's see How about adding something after the first name? Not only large, but to say that he's a being that has surpassed the flow of time: Okazaki Tomoya Eternal.
That's great! That's your name from now, Ethanol.
It changed Thank you.
I know the way back from here.
Sorry we made you stay so late.
It was a strange experience.
So there are families like that, too.
You guys get along so well.
You think so? I think we're normal.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
On the 27th, the distance between Earth and Mars will be close to 55.
75 million kilometers.
Mars is a planet that revolves outside of Earth's orbit, and due to the rotation rates, the distance will close in more than usual.
Pops, if you're going to sleep, you should lie down.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, hi.
I guess I caused Tomoya-kun some trouble again.
My mother died in a car accident when I was little.
Possibly because of that, Pops fell into alcohol and gambling, and stopped working.
If you wish would you like me to take you? To a place in this city where wishes come true.
Okazaki, let's skip school today.
It's Saturday, so it's a half day anyway.
I'll finish it right away, so please wait in the club room.
All right.
No dents.
I'll let you off without paying the repair fee.
I made it! Nothing.
Forget what I said.
You're alone?