Clannad (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

The First Step

1 If you wish, would you like me to take you? To the place in this city where wishes come true.
What are you doing here? Did you leave something at my house? Uh, no, I was just taking a walk.
What were you doing? Reciting lines from a play.
It's a play that I want to perform when the theater club reforms.
Oh, so they were lines I always practice here.
Since you were here, I had you watch my performance.
So you're up to getting the theater club back together? Yes.
I don't know how much I can do, but I'm thinking I'll give it my best.
I see.
The girl's life is a lonely one.
No one other than the girl exists.
It is a given since nothing is born or dies here.
This is such a world.
That body was made for me.
Is "wishing" all I have to do? Wish to be born in this world The one and only warmth in this world.
Since some time ago, I've sought that.
Getting the theater club back together Well, at least it'll be a good diversion for me.
Tomoya! Get out of the way! Ow! Hey, watch it! That's my line! Are you trying to kill me?! To tell you the truth, I'm not used to driving yet.
I only got my license last week.
All right.
No dents.
I'll let you off without paying the repair fee.
You'd better be grateful.
Hey, aren't I the victim here? Fujibayashi Kyou, eh? There are a lot of savage girls in our school, don't you think? Sunohara.
It's rare to see you at such a normal hour.
I like paying back debts quickly.
To that other savage girl.
You are so persistent.
I was out of shape last time, but not today! When there's too much time between taking the mound, even the best pitcher can get knocked out! That's a really lame analogy.
Take my advice and stop.
Or do you not mind becoming unable to come to school? I wonder which one of us will be unable to come to school? You're hopeless.
Will you be my witness? That this is for self-defense.
Since it really is.
All right.
So, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to make you unable to stand for a while? You can't possibly do that! Quit blabbering and bring it on! Wow, he's getting air time.
Acquaintance! The dust chute! Help me! You'll fall if I release these fingers.
What do you want me to do? Do you want to fall? So you do.
I didn't answer! Did I go too far? No, he's fine.
Hey! Sunohara! You alive? Screw you! This isn't the end! Hear that? I really wish this were the end.
But seeing you guys brings back memories.
Forget what I said.
You saw it, right? Yeah, so she really does exist.
What are you guys talking about? Oh, Okazaki.
She was just here in this hall.
The ghost of a female student.
She walks up to you and gives you a cursed item.
At a glance, she's a normal girl, but something's different.
Is the door unlocked? Perfect, I'll take a nap here.
Hey, hey, hey! That book belongs here, right? You can't go cutting it up! You're reading hard stuff.
Are you skipping class, too? And why are you barefoot? I made it.
This is the one most well done.
Food is off-limits in the library, you know? Do you want one? All right, since you offered.
What? I only have one pair of chopsticks.
It's good.
You'd better clean up now, since class will start soon.
You still need something? See you later.
Is she the ghost of the girl that got in an accident? That's probably Ichinose Kotomi-san from Class A.
Ichinose Kotomi? She's a genius girl who ranks in the top ten in every subject in the national exams.
I hear she does independent studies, doesn't attend classes, and the school doesn't have a problem with that.
She's a famous person in the school.
A genius girl, eh? No wonder she was strange.
Oh yeah, Fujibayashi! Your sister! It's no laughing matter! Is there something wrong with her? Well, she comes to school on her bi- Hey! Tomoya! Come with me for a second.
"Bi"? What bi? "Bi"? What do you plan on saying in the middle of the classroom? "What?" The fact that you ride a bi- Do you want to get me suspended from school? You know commuting to school by bike is prohibited, right? Okazaki-kun, what were you talking about with Onee-chan? Everyone, listen! Fujibayashi Kyou in class E is bi! Seriously? "Bi"? Bi?! She does it with guys and girls? Yeah, she is kind of masculine.
Why you Onee-chan, is what he said Why are you believing him?! It's "bike"! We were talking about the scooter.
What's wrong? Cleaning duty? You're alone? Furukawa, did something happen? No, it's nothing.
I'll finish it right away, so please wait in the club room.
All right.
We need to get members or else we won't get anywhere.
Let's make a flier for recruiting members.
It'd be good to make the date after the Founders Festival.
It's done! Isn't it missing something? Really? How about adding, "The cutest president on campus will be waiting"? The cutest president on campus will Um, is that Who else? If you write that, some stupid guys might fall for it.
I wouldn't want people to come for that! Besides, you're more suitable as the president! I told you yesterday that I'm only helping.
I'm not interested in theater.
Even if the theater club goes active, I won't join.
You won't? You have to be the center of things.
The president makes the final decision in the end.
You even have a play you want to perform, right? But, will I be able to do it? Get your act together.
You can write this flier as you like, too.
As I like Then, can I draw an illustration that I like? Sure.
Since only words is bland.
Okay! Then Dango, dango, dango, dango.
Big dango family.
It's done! That's something that was popular a while back Yes! The Big Dango Family! I love it! Why the Big Dango Family of all things? It died off a long time ago! But it's still cute to me.
You don't think it's good? Ahh, if you think it's good, then go with it.
I did say to do as you like.
Pork cutlet! This is a charm to cheer myself on.
It's to give myself a favorite dish as a reward if I can do my best.
It's strange, isn't it? No, it isn't.
Rather than pork cutlet, let's get a Big Dango Family and bring it home.
After we get the fliers posted.
Yes! I have way too much time on my hands.
D Did I surprise you? I'm sorry.
Is this the art club's room? Then are you working on your art homework? Then what is that? This? This is my favorite Hey.
Hello? Hey! The blade's chipped.
It's dangerous for you to use this.
Please give it back! Make sure you use a sharp knife.
You'll find them in the art studio, won't you? Please give it back! Your hand hurts, right? No, it doesn't.
See, it does hurt.
No, it doesn't.
Give me five.
Five? The thing where you slap hands after you make a shot in basketball.
I know! I've seen it before! All right.
Give me five then.
Ready? Dribble Shoot! You need to go from there? I made it! All right, nice shot! Yay! See, it does hurt.
I'll hold on to this.
See ya.
There's the last one.
"Join the Theater Club"? Okazaki, you're involved in something like this? And what have you been doing up till now? Training to beat Sakagami Tomoyo.
But, the theater club, eh? I'm surprised to see you interested in a damn thing like a club.
You've always hated those involved in club activities so much it made you want to puke.
Well, you have to give me the details in the near future.
Okazaki-san, you don't like club activities? Don't worry.
It was a meaningless conversation.
Can't do much about it if they don't sell them anymore.
Well, these have got to be better than nothing.
Oh, this is nostalgic.
What are you doing with these? I'm giving them to my friend.
Will you let me help? What do I do? Will you teach me? Don't touch them! Stop it already! What's with talking to me like I'm a stranger?! What am I to you?! Tomoya-kun.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Damn it! It's the Big Dango Family.
Though it's not the real thing.
I'm happy.
It really is a big family.
I wish I could join them.
To be honest, I was depressed all day today.
During the cleaning, I was originally working with everyone in the class.
But before I knew it, I was alone.
I see.
I'm always clumsy.
I've had jokes played on me by others like that since I was little.
But, I feel better now.
Thanks to Okazaki-san.
What I was talking about earlier Yes? Sunohara and I both enrolled to play sports.
You know enrolling to play sports, right? Sunohara came for soccer, and I came for basketball.
But I quit soon after enrolling in school.
There's a little story behind it.
You came to not like basketball anymore? No, but I haven't touched a ball in a while, either.
Okazaki-san, in that case, would you like to play basketball with me after school tomorrow? I'm actually pretty athletic.
I'll be waiting for you on the court tomorrow after school.
No, I'm Let's play some basketball.
In that case, would you like to play basketball with me after school tomorrow? Okazaki, let's skip school today.
It's Saturday, so it's a half day anyway.
Yeah Why do you keep looking out the window? I'm borrowing your umbrella, Sunohara.
She wouldn't be, right? Furukawa! Okazaki-san.
Are you an idiot or something?! It's raining, so you should have gone home! But we would have missed each other if you had come when I was gone.
There was no proof that I'd come, was there?! But you did come.
You always help me.
So I wanted to at least be able to play basketball with you.
To return the favor.
What are we going to do in this rain? Then, let me see you take a shot.
I want to see it.
I've never seen a shot from a basketball player up close.
You take a position like this and shoot, right? Unlike me, you won't shoot underhand, right? My right arm doesn't go up.
I got in a fight with my pops when I was in my third year of middle school and injured my right shoulder.
My arm won't go any higher than my shoulder.
I can't play basketball anymore.
I I'm sorry I Furukawa! I keep troubling you Furukawa! Furukawa.
Furukawa! You may be an idiot, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
You think so? Yeah.
I bet you're not the type that can handle things like that well, are you? Really? I usually say exactly what I think.
Yes, you do.
It hurts sometimes.
So believe in your words.
Yes Keep it up, Furukawa Nagisa.