Clannad (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Once Again After Crying

1 I was born into this world to seek her, sacrificing all the things I would have gained from a life in a new world.
The girl made my body from scrap she had collected from somewhere.
My memory is stagnant.
I cannot recall anything even if I exert effort.
Where I had been until now, or where I was trying to go Good job.
I cannot talk with the girl.
But this is the one and only warmth I seek in this world.
Although, since I am made of scrap, I cannot feel the warmth.
Oh, it's you.
Sorry I'm not a customer.
You always confuse me.
Next time, crawl in on all fours so I know you're not a customer.
How's Furukawa doing? Thanks for coming, but she's sleeping.
Leave her alone.
Just so you know, she wasn't calling your name in her sleep or anything like that.
Don't be so full of yourself, okay? I never asked that.
If she were to say anything, it'd be this.
"Dad, I love you!" "You're so cool.
" "You match so well with my beautiful mother!" Don't make me look like an idiot! You did it on your own! Okazaki-san.
Are you here to visit Nagisa? Yes.
I heard she's stuck in bed.
No, she only has a mild fever.
It's only that Nagisa's physically weak to begin with.
She was away from school for a length of time last year, too, so the doctor said to keep her in bed today to be safe.
I see.
Anyways, thanks to you carrying her back, it didn't turn out to be the worst-case scenario.
Thanks a bunch.
No, it's my fault.
It's Sanae's bread.
Take it.
Just take it.
A token of our gratitude.
I didn't come here for that.
Don't be so modest.
Since we're sure to see leftovers on the shelf.
So my.
my bread is is Furukawa Bread's dead weight?! I love them!!! The way I see it, I guess there really isn't much to worry about.
Excuse me.
Where is the staff? They just ran out.
Take it if you want it.
Are you sure? Yeah, since they gave it to me for free, too.
Thank you.
Say thank you to Sanae-san and her husband for me.
Such a beautiful person.
She's so stupid.
She knew she's physically weak.
You! You! You there! What? Look at this dent! A construction tool fell and things turned out like this.
Will you be my witness? Witness? It's despicable of you to drag an unrelated person into this.
Without a witness, you'd run away, wouldn't you? Like I've said multiple times, I didn't drop any tools.
And if I had, I wouldn't deny it.
How can I trust that?! If you're telling me to pay the repair fee, then I will.
So you admit you did it?! No, I want you to reflect on this one day and think if what the electrician that day said was true or false.
At a place where you feel most restful Next to the person you find most dear.
What is he saying? Don't ask me.
People's lives are repetitions of actions hurting each other.
It's understandable to doubt others.
But being unable to trust anything is the same as being unable to sense other people's love.
Aren't you, perhaps, feeling lonely? Aren't you, perhaps, living slavishly? Are you able to laugh with an honest heart? I think so I see.
Then you must be loved.
Please keep living so that love doesn't go away.
I'm amazed how he can spout all those sick lines.
It was probably a cat.
Cat? Look at it from this angle, and see? You're right! A cat jumped off of the wall and that made the dent, I bet.
Thank you.
You saved me.
I only said what I saw.
I'd like to give proper thanks.
Give me a call when you have time.
What did he say? Like, "aren't you living alone", or "are you smiling", and other stuff.
He's the legendary MC He is the Yoshino Yusuke! You know him? Heck yeah.
He's a retired charismatic musician.
He had CDs out and was pretty popular.
Seriously? He had gone missing, but who knew he was around here.
I have "The Best of" my little sister made for me.
Listen to it.
You have a little sister? Yeah.
I never told you? Sunohara's little sister I bet she looks like this.
Yoshino Yusuke Okazaki.
Okazaki, are you listening? Okazaki! Ah, what? I'm talking about Sakagami Tomoyo.
I was thinking Maybe she's actually a guy.
Eh? Girls can't possibly be stronger than guys! He's cross-dressing and deceiving the world! Are you serious when you're saying that? Tomorrow, I'll prove to you that he's a guy.
At this moment, Sunohara had yet to realize he had begun to walk the path of the pervert.
I can totally hear you, you know.
What now? I didn't come for a fight today.
I just wanted to chat a little.
Listen to what he has to say.
I overslept this morning, so I was totally shocked.
Your character's changed.
And when I tried to shave, I noticed the razor was chipped, so it really hurt.
I see.
So if you don't mind, can I borrow your razor? Why do I have to lend one to you? Hey! He fell for it! You heard it, too, right? I did, but What is this about? You just said, "Why do I have to lend one to you?", right? In other words, you own a razor! Which means- I don't own one.
When I said "why", I meant, "Why do I have a reason to lend you my personal possessions?" First of all First of all? It's rude to ask such a thing of a lady! You're going to kill me! Bye.
I'm glad.
I'm glad that I found the courage to wave at you.
I thought that you might not forgive me, since I hurt you.
I'm sorry, too.
I'm sorry.
Now that I feel relieved I'm such an idiot, right? You might be an idiot, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
You think so? Since I'm an idiot, too.
I'm on the same level as you.
Far away from those who can handle the world well or can take risky gambles.
I bet there's a lot of stress to handle, but if it means crying alone, come get me.
I mean, since I've got time.
Hanging around with you keeps me free from boredom.
I will call you when I feel like crying.
What are you doing? Searching for the knife.
Knife? Oh.
This? Please give it back.
How's your hand? It doesn't hurt anymore.
It's healed.
It hurts, right? No, it doesn't.
It looks like you're in great pain.
Give me five! Dribble From there again? Shoot! It's in! Yay! It hurts, right? It doesn't hurt.
It really does look like you're in great pain.
Then we'll do boxer and trainer.
You're the trainer, okay.
You position your hand like this, and I'll punch your hands.
You say, "One! Two! One! Two!" Ready? Y-Yes.
Here I go.
Jab! Jab! Straight! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! How long are you going to say that for? One- There's the chime.
Let's go.
This is for you.
What is this? Wha? Hey! It's a star, right? Sunohara.
Sunohara, you alive? It's after school already.
Classes are over? Yeah, about a hundred years ago.
A hundred? Then you'd be dead.
I'm a hologram.
Seriously? You've slept for a hundred years after being kicked by Tomoyo.
This is a world a hundred years since then.
What? Then what happened to the world? It ended.
Seriously?! Father.
I'm sorry I was an idiot to the very end.
I'll live my best even if I'm alone.
Wake up already.
The hologram kicked me.
You're real! I'm actually a cyborg.
Then when you said the world ended It's true.
Seriously?! Father.
I'm sorry I was such an idiot.
I'll live to my fullest with the Okazaki cyborg.
I can't believe you can keep it going for so long.
You were lying? You believed it? I would, since I was half-asleep.
Hey! You listening? Okazaki! Are you looking for something? Puhi~ Puhi~ Puhi~ I-It's way too cute.
There's a charm you can't find in cats or dogs.
Puhi~ Puhi~ So, what is it? Beats me.
Puhi! Puhi! Oh come on, don't run away.
Puhi! Puhi! Puhi~ Puhi~ Puhi~ Puhi~ It doesn't like it.
Hey! Sunohara! Compared to Tomoyo's kick, which hurt more? You've got other things to ask, don't you?! I think I saw something light blue along with the sole of the shoe.
Erase it from your mind! Puhi! What do you think you're doing to my baby? That's your pet? Puhi! Yeah, an urinko.
A baby boar.
You hear people call them uribou, too.
Puhi? Did it come to get you? I think so.
Her name's Botan.
It's a really pretty name, isn't it? Sounds so delectable.
Hmm? What did you say? Nothing.
There Botan, say hello.
A new friend for you.
Puhi! Puhi! Practice for the open house? Yeah.
I bet you're not the type that can handle things like that well, are you? So I thought we'd look for a walkthrough on how to do speeches and presentations.
Would we find one here? Welcome.
Is there something I can do for you today? Or would you like me to serve you something? Then, I'll have a hot coffee.
O-Okazaki-san! I'll get it ready right away.
Please have a seat and wait.
Thank you very much.
It's good.
I'm glad to hear that.
My name is Miyazawa Yukine.
So you're Okazaki Tomoya-san and Furukawa Nagisa-san.
This is your first time coming here, right? Yes, nice to meet you.
Are you in charge here? That's how I think of myself.
I really like this place.
This place used to be a library, right? It still is.
All the books that do not get read often are gathered here.
It's like the second library.
There are old video tapes and records, too.
I thought this place had turned into a cafe without notice.
I get various people visiting from time to time.
Is something the matter? No, just thinking that there are lots of unique people at this school.
Or, maybe it's this city.
Speak pretending I'm a visitor.
Calm down and speak loudly.
Yes! Um, I'm Furukawa Nagisa from 3-B.
Thank you very much for coming today.
Uh Uh Keep it up! What's next? The reason why I decided to bring the theater club back is I'm surprised that you want to act when you're like that.
Besides, do you have any experience in acting? No.
I'm a complete amateur.
I don't know any of the details behind it.
And the president reveals the unfortunate truth.
Question! What kind of play will we be doing? What kind of play There are lots of genres, from musicals to plays for kids.
Realistic modern ones to surreal ones.
Really? I'm going home.
All right, then you'd better answer my questions.
You said there was a play you wanted to do.
What's it like? It's a really, really fun play.
That's so vague.
Is it a comedy? No, I didn't mean it as purely humorous.
Then there are tear-jerking moments, too? Yes and no Is it humorous or tear-jerking? S-Somewhere in the middle.
Fine, you pass.
Since you were at least trying to answer.
Next question, please! What was the picture on the flier about? It's the Big Dango Family! Answered without a moment of pause.
The nationally-renowned characters that any Japanese person would know.
It's the Big Dango Family.
I'm so jealous that there's a hundred of them.
Sounds like it's always fun.
I think it'd be big trouble if they all went to an amusement park at once.
But they're- STOP! Don't start talking so eloquently! It drives people away from your gap in enthusiasm! I'm sorry.
It's not a bad thing to have a positive attitude.
But I'm not sure about being more passionate when explaining the Big Dango Family.
You're right.
That would make this an open house for the Big Dango Family.
Looks like we have a lot of walls to break.
I think so, too.
First and foremost, why do you want to act? You have zero experience, right? Because I like it.
What about it do you like? I felt it'd be fun to act with everyone.
Ever since I was little, I couldn't get in school plays since I'd be sick on the day.
I would be absent from school often, so I couldn't participate in practice, either.
So I have an infatuation with acting alongside friends.
I had a clear desire to join the theater club in high school.
That I would give my best at acting for the three years.
But I couldn't come to school often, even in high school I was absent for a long time my senior year, too But I still want to give it a try.
I don't know anything, and it might be really bad, but I want to give it my best as much as possible.
To work on one thing as a group.
I think that's a fabulous thing.
Things like that, I just plain love it.
I think that does it.
What? I think you should say that in the open house.
How should I say I think you were able to say everything you had on your mind.
Really? I usually say exactly what I think.
Yes, you do.
It hurts sometimes.
So believe in your own words.
Yes Keep it up, Furukawa Nagisa.
Yes! Will people come to the open house? We'll never know until it happens.
But we posted up so many fliers, so if two or three people show up- We put a flier up here, right? Yes, I'm sure we did.
If it's the flier that was up there, I saw a student council member taking it down.
Take down? Why? Probably because you didn't get their permission.
You two put those up? Then all the others placed around the school got Furukawa Nagisa-san from 3-B.
Please come to the student council room immediately.
I repeat.
Furukawa Nagisa-san from 3-B.
Furukawa Please come to the student council room immediately.
Seriously? So give me advice on how to talk in order to get on Tomoyo's good side.
Okay, leave it to me.
You look great in your uniform.
In other words- I'm really different this time!!! "First of all"? No, no.
Home run!