Clannad (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Let's Find Friends

1 How did it go? I'm in trouble.
What did they say? They said any recruitment of members is prohibited.
What the heck is that? Since the theater club is closed right now, no club activity should be happening, therefore they can't give permission to put up recruitment fliers.
What kind of ridiculous story is that?! Did you just say, "Okay," to that? I did my best, but they said, "Rules are rules.
" Don't give up.
There still has to be a way around it.
Do you think so? If there isn't, then we'll make one.
Don't throw your dream away because of something like this.
Oh really? Are you dating that girl from the theater club? Huh? It's strange for you to mess around with clubs, but I can understand if that's why.
To tell you the truth, her family runs a bakery.
And the bread her mother makes is really good.
You get addicted if you even take a single bite.
When you're friends with her, you can eat that bread all you want.
Seriously? Why else would I get myself involved with the theater club? Come to think of it, she doesn't match you very well.
She looks boring and diligent.
You should just think about how to get your revenge against Sakagami Tomoyo.
Right? You're really persistent.
I can't agree more.
I'm only here to meet you today.
Since you're so cute.
I can't trust those words at all.
CRAP!!! I left my breasts at home, and I need them for my next class!! Tomoyo, lend me your breasts! Why? All right, he fell for it! You heard it, too, right? And what's your point? To answer "why" means he can lend them.
In other words, Tomoyo's breasts are detachable! Of course they're not.
First of all "First of all"? What kind of class makes use of breasts?! His guard is tighter than I'd thought.
You're still going to go back? Of course.
I'll get him next time.
Oh, I found the weird person! I'm not weird, so it must not be me.
Please wait, weird person.
It is me, eh? Naturally.
You're so weird you're almost a unique species.
One so rare that you may or may not meet one every ten years.
I'm sure that's not an overstatement.
Yes! I'm sure it isn't an overstatement! Thank you very much.
Please don't mention it.
I'm Okazaki Tomoya from 3-D.
Who is this kid? Someone you know? There are double the weird people here.
What's weird about me? Your hair color is so unnatural! She's really rude even to someone she's just met for the first time.
I only want to talk with the weird person.
I want to talk to you alone, so come with me.
Right here should be fine.
What I want to say is- What? There are double the weird people! You said to follow you.
The one I want to talk to is you! You called me a weird person, too.
You're a person with weird hair! You're a person whose existence is weird! She's totally picking a fight, right? My entire existence is weird.
You're only part-weird, so you're lucky.
I'll let her go this time.
So, weird person.
Stop calling me that.
I forgot your name.
It's Okazaki! Okazaki! Then, Okazaki-san.
Do you not have something to say to me? Thing to say to you? Yes.
One, two.
No, please stop! You really are the worst! One, two.
One, two.
I'm talking about the present! About this that I gave you yesterday.
That was a present? Yes.
Please wait! My older sister will be getting married soon.
Really? Her partner is named Yusuke-san.
Will you celebrate with me? Congratulations on your marriage, Fuko's sis.
No! What? I did say congrats.
I want you to celebrate with her on the day of the ceremony.
At the site.
So you're asking me to attend your sis' wedding for the present you gave me? Yes.
Why do I have to? Besides, I don't even know you that well.
My sister was an art teacher here at this school until three years ago.
I want the students to celebrate her marriage, so that's why I'm distributing the presents.
Indiscriminately to students all around the campus? Yes.
If they receive something this cute, I'm sure they'll all be touched.
Something so cute Hello? My nose just felt really strange.
Dang, I couldn't shoot it up into her nose.
You know, I think it's impossible.
What is? Your sister was here three years ago, right? Then no student on campus would know her.
I don't think anyone is bored enough to attend a stranger's wedding.
You think so? Yeah.
And the seniors, especially, are focused on entrance exams.
But I'll keep working.
I want everyone to celebrate her wedding.
I'm actually pretty busy, you know? I don't have time to tag along for things like this, either, you know? This time around, I'm a little different from the other times.
You always say something similar.
I'm really different this time!!! Are you all right? I instinctively kicked you with all my might.
You've got a pretty good kick.
After a fight, we need to make up.
Come with me for a second.
What is it now? Don't worry about it.
It's only a short trip.
What do you guys hope to accomplish by dragging me into the men's bathroom!? There are limits to harassment! He probably wanted you to join him in taking a leak and confirm if you're a girl or a guy.
Since you're so strong, he suspects that you may be a guy.
You're not going to get mad? It's more of a shock I was thinking that I was acting like a normal girl at this school.
You're really dense to think that.
I am working to change myself, but Damn it, this isn't the end Cheer up.
But I can't think of a good way.
How about handing out the fliers instead of posting them? I already asked that.
They said I can't.
I bet the petition won't go smoothly.
I overheard the story.
You'll help gathering the members? Yeah, since I'm tired of eating the bread from the cafeteria.
Bread? It's something between us.
Anyway, I heard the student council is keeping you from gathering members, right? Then the answer is simple.
Is there a good solution? Call the student council president out to the back of school building, and we jump on him all at once.
We can't do that! The people in the student council haven't done anything wrong.
It's the easiest way.
Anyway, we can't resort to violence.
Then we're going to talk it out? Not my forte.
What a big gap in virtue.
But I'm happy for your consideration.
Please lend us your strength.
Okay, leave it to me.
If this were a RPG Sunohara Youhei wants to join the party.
What will you do? Why is there no "let him join" option?! It'd be so easy to proceed on.
I don't think we can get much done if we only plan by ourselves.
How about we ask others? You might be right about that.
Do you have any idea who we should ask? Of course.
I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't.
Puhi, puhi! Puhi! Botan, you came over again? Hmm, but we still have classes left.
Puhi, puhi.
Puhi! I'll find Tomoya or Youhei later and have them baby-sit her.
Puhi, puhi.
I just heard them say our names.
I figured the class rep would know the school rules well, but her sis is with her, eh? You go and only get the younger one.
Tell her that there's someone that wants to ask her out.
Then the older one should be considerate and step away.
I gotcha.
Nice idea.
What were you two talking about? You think of things you need to ask.
U-Um She's the one that needs to talk to you.
I'm Furukawa Nagisa from 3-B.
I'm sorry I called you out all of a sudden.
I'm Fujibayashi Ryou from Class D.
You're the class representative, right? Y-Yes.
That's amazing.
I would never be able to do that, so I admire you.
I-It's really nothing.
I need to ask you something! Will you listen to me? Y-Yes! She's serious about it.
So answer her back seriously, too.
Please hold on.
Um I didn't think it would be a girl, so Why does gender matter? I think what matters is the passion.
You can say good stuff once in a blue moon.
Since deep down in my heart I am a good guy.
Is it strange to be asked by a girl? N-Not at all.
You're very cute.
But, if it's with me umm How do I put this I've been thinking about this for a while.
But I've decided to be serious! So you were that troubled by it.
This is turning me on.
I don't know what to do now.
Please listen to me.
I will listen to you seriously.
Will you Will you Will you please help me in establishing the theater club? Yes.
Eh? Puhi.
Onee-chan! Puhi Ah! Kyou! You You sons of How dare you fool around with my little sister! Puhi! You should have said that sooner.
Puhi! It's Sunohara's fault.
It's your fault! I'm sorry.
I'm bad at explaining things.
It's all right.
It just made my heart skip a beat.
Hey you.
Are these the only friends you have? Friends Well, I'm having them help me reestablish the theater club.
I bet there's some other motives hidden behind that.
Hey, how about forgetting about them and hanging out with us? Um You agree, don't you, Botan? Puhi! Where's our dignity? You're only in it for the bread though.
Um, thank you for your thoughts, but I can't leave those who have gone out of their way to help me.
Okazaki-san and Sunohara-san are both nice people.
Looks like you won her over well, but are you, like, after her? Heck no.
To restart a club that's inactive, you first need members.
The school rules say you need at least three members and an advisor to start a club.
Ah, right.
And she's prohibited from recruiting new members.
Yeah, yeah.
If it's just the number, we have enough.
Where? Her, you, and you.
No, no.
Huh? Give me a break.
We're not interested in acting at all.
Right? We can't recruit members via posters and fliers, but there's no problem if it's through conventional means, eh? Wow, this is unexpected.
You actually want to help her.
Of course.
If I don't, I can't get the bread.
I guess I should get serious about helping Nagisa-chan out.
She seems to be a good, honest girl.
School might get interesting if I get to know her better.
All right, I'll hit a home run against Tomoyo tomorrow for sure! Your life's a paradise every day, isn't it? Home run! What is this all of a sudden? Nothing.
It's our thing.
How long will this continue? It's really different today.
My perspective on you has changed.
What do you mean? Compliment her attire first.
Your thing on your head looks good on you.
Thank you.
Sex appeal, eh? I accept that Tomoyo's a girl.
Then all I have to do is attack with the right approach.
She totally hates you.
That's why I need your help.
It looks like you and Tomoyo are on the same wavelength.
More so than you.
So give me an advice for how to talk in order to get on Tomoyo's good side.
You look great in your uniform, too.
You're grossing me out.
Is this really working? Don't worry.
Next, say, "You must be really popular since you're so cute," while naturally stretching.
You must be really popular since you're so cute.
He really did it.
Isn't she backing away? Don't worry.
Next, say, "I'm seriously looking for a girlfriend," while naturally doing a Hindu squat.
I'm seriously looking for a girlfriend.
That was totally unnatural! Don't worry.
Next, say, "Please make my breakfast every morning," while pretending to bowl.
Please make my breakfast every morning.
Is there any meaning behind the poses?! Nothing really.
If there isn't, then don't make me do it.
So you were just playing with me.
All that's left for me is to get the first hit in! Sorry.
I kicked you back without thinking.
You're gonna kill me.
Please make this the end.
Oh, hold on, Tomoyo.
Do you have any interest in theater? Theater? We're looking for members.
You can wear dresses like a girl.
It is a little interesting, but I don't think it's possible.
The student council president election is coming up, so I don't have the time to participate in club activities.
Student council president? I'll be busy.
Go ask someone else.
Student council president, eh? Hey, Ichinose.
She's reading at an amazing pace.
As expected from a genius girl.
Hey, Ichinose Kotomi.
Hey, Kotomi.
I'm Okazaki Tomoya from 3-D.
You're Ichinose-san from Class A, right? Um, you spell Kotomi with three hiragana.
Right, Ichinose Kotomi.
I heard you're famous around here.
When you speak to me, call me Kotomi-chan.
Please let me take the "chan" off.
Do you want to read books with me? I'm not here to read books.
Do you want to have a bento? I'm here today to recruit you into a club.
Do you have any interest in theater? Theater? I'm recruiting members.
It doesn't matter if you'll only write down your name.
Name? Tomoya-kun It gives me a strange feeling.
Tomoya kun.
You don't need the pause there like that.
I'll come again, so give it some thought, will you? Tomoya-kun.
What? See you again.
Nothing on your side, either, eh? No.
I went around asking several people, but not a single one.
If you think about it, the club closed down since everyone that was interested in theater left.
This might be harder than we were thinking.
Seniors have entrance exams to worry about.
Freshmen and juniors may be interested, but Freshmen, eh Hey.
So you're still here.
Ah, the weird person.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Furukawa Nagisa from 3-B.
Nice to meet you.
Do you have an interest in theater, Fuko-san? Theater? We're recruiting members right now.
You're a freshman, and you're not in any clubs, right? I'm busy.
I don't have the time to be involved in a club.
Don't be like that.
It's not like you're working on that every moment of every day.
I am working on it every moment of every day.
I'm here all day.
But you do go home at night.
No, I don't.
I'm here at school all the time.
Stop making things up.
I'm not lying.
I'm always at school.
All the way from morning to night? Yes.
So you don't go home? No, I don't.
There's no point in going home.
Have you run away from home? I'm not sure why I'm here.
On the way home from the entrance ceremony, I almost got hit by a car And when I noticed, I was at school.
Hit by a car? Um, Fuko-san.
What is your family name? It's Ibuki.
Ibuki Fuko.
Ibuki Fuko Are you Ibuki-sensei's younger sister? Okazaki-san.
Here's someone who knows my sister.
You are repeating a year, aren't you? She was the art teacher when I was a freshman.
But I heard her little sister got in a car accident and has been in the hospital since.
She came to buy some bread yesterday, too, and said she was returning from visiting her sister.
Have you heard the rumor about the ghost of a girl who was involved in a car accident? You don't mean Her complexion looked better than other days.