Clannad (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

The Scenery With A Carving

1 Go to Ibuki-sensei's house? Yeah.
We'll meet her in person and ask.
Then we'll know for sure if she's Ibuki-sensei's sister or not.
You'll come with us, won't you? Fuko will wait here.
Why? We'll get things done faster if you meet her, too.
She's suspicious.
Why doesn't she want to come with us? There might be a reason.
How can we believe her? We don't know if she's a ghost or a wandering phantom, but it's ridiculous that she's a spirit and her body's at a hospital.
She's human no matter how you look at her.
Well that's I'm sure there's something.
Maybe like a reason that forces her to say she's Ibuki Fuko.
Or maybe she believes she's Ibuki Fuko for some reason.
What kind of reason could that be? How would I know? Sensei! Good evening.
I'm Furukawa.
How unexpected of you to visit.
Hey, you're the person that came to buy bread.
Okazaki-san, you know Ibuki-sensei? I gave her Sanae-san's bread once when there wasn't anyone in your store.
So is he your boyfriend? No! No hesitation.
Ah, I didn't mean that I don't like you Um I'm sure there's a person better suited for you Do you already have someone you're in a relationship with? No, I don't have anyone like that.
You don't? Looks like you have a good chance, Nagisa-chan.
P-Please pretend you didn't hear what I just said.
Nagisa-chan's cute, isn't she? Well, ah.
Right! Sensei! Congratulations on getting engaged! I heard you'll soon get married to a person named Yusuke-san.
So we're here to congratulate you.
Who did you hear that from? His name, too.
I didn't tell this to anyone but my little sister.
You're sure? You've only told your little sister? Yes, to my sister who's in a deep, long sleep.
You know how my sister, Fuko, is sleeping, right? Yes.
Even though she's asleep, I talk to her often.
I've told her about my marriage, too.
But no one else.
Um We heard a rumor about it at school.
Maybe someone who saw you walking with your boyfriend embellished the story.
I see.
Then that makes sense.
How is your sister doing? I went to check up on her a while ago.
Her complexion looked better than other days.
To be honest, I'm not sure if I'll get married or not.
Given the situation my sister is in, I can't make the decision if I should get married and just have my own happiness.
What's going on? I almost couldn't stop myself from telling her that Fuko-chan is at school right now.
You should have.
Everything is solved if we make the two of them meet face-to-face.
But I feel this is something I shouldn't talk about so carelessly.
Fuko-chan was against it, too.
Furukawa, do you really believe that? That she's a ghost or spirit or something like that? If it's about the marriage, maybe she overheard the guy talking about it.
I know it is strange, but I don't think Fuko-chan is lying.
I don't know why, but Fuko-chan is making those sculptures to get people to celebrate her sister's marriage, right? Hey, don't cry.
Yes, I won't cry.
Instead I want to help her! Help her with what she's trying to accomplish! You get really worked up if it's for others, eh? What are you going to do about the theater club? That's important, too, but I can't leave Fuko-chan alone in the state she is in.
I'm sorry.
I know you've helped me a lot, but I'll tag along.
Fuko's situation does bother me, too.
I've got nothing better to do, anyway.
Okazaki-san Are you sure Fuko can impose upon you like this? I can't let you sleep at school.
Your parents know about Ibuki-sensei, right? Yes, since she comes often to buy bread.
Then we should hide her last name.
Come up with something, okay? Okay.
So basically, you want to let her stay with us for a while.
We have no problem with it, but what about your family? Well, they're horrible parents.
They left her behind and went off for a vacation.
Right? What's your last name, Fuko-chan? It's Isogai! She sure picked a unique one.
Isogai Fuko-chan? Isogai-san is our neighbor, right? You idiot! Okazaki-san! She took the next-door neighbor's last name! Is she the neighbor's relative or something? Not at all! It's a complete coincidence! I see.
So it's a coincidence.
I think we could have fooled them even if we had said, "Ibuki".
Fuko will be in your care.
Hey, she knows her manners.
We look forward to getting to know you, as well.
Hey! I won't forgive you guys if you do it again! We're sorry! They went to peep on the girl's dormitory again.
They want your attention.
Be a little stricter and I bet they'll stop being stupid.
Is it something like that? A slap isn't enough.
I think a joint lock would be enough against them even with a woman's strength.
I don't like violence, though.
Oh, Okazaki.
You're here? Hey, peeping tom.
Huh? Hold him.
Divine punishment! My arm hurts.
Now I can't go mess with the student council.
Regarding the theater club, we won't be doing anything for a while.
We have something else to do now.
Something else to do? Yeah.
Babysitting a ghost girl.
Not that I believe she's a ghost.
Huh? Ghost? Fuko bothers me, but I'm worried about Furukawa, too.
So I'll be helping out and keeping an eye on them for a while.
Therefore, give me tea.
That doesn't follow! Hello! I'm coming up.
What the hell is this?!?! I'm bleeding! What is this so early in the morning? Oh, it's Okazaki-san.
Good morning, Okazaki-san.
Have you all been carving these since last night? Yes, we're helping Fuko-chan.
Excuse me! Hey, you have a customer.
You go.
What? The shop.
That's not something you should be asking your daughter's friend to do! He's right, Akio-san.
That's right, Sanae-san.
Tell him.
We can carve these while minding the store.
If Sanae says she loves me that much, then fine! No one said that! All right, time for labor.
I'll get ready for school, too.
When you see all of them together, the floor looks like a starry sky.
Why? Well, these are stars, right? No, they're starfish.
Come again? They're starfish.
You were making starfish all this time? Of course.
Fuko doesn't understand why Fuko would have to carve stars.
That doesn't make any sense.
Starfish make even less sense! Seeing them all together makes them very cute.
Starfish~ Did she tell you these were starfish? No, that's what I thought they were from the beginning.
How can you tell? And do you think starfish are cute, too? They are, since Fuko-chan made them.
I don't care anymore.
We managed to give out a lot.
We can give out a lot thanks to you two helping.
Don't you want to meet your sister rather than to do this? Fuko does want to meet her, but Fuko wonders if she'll hear Fuko.
What do you mean? Fuko think Fuko is here doing this because Fuko can't see or talk to her.
Because there isn't anything else Fuko can do.
Um, Fuko-chan.
What does your sister call you? Fu-chan.
Then can I call you that, too? Yes.
Can I call you that, too? That'd be horrible! Why?! It just is! Why you Miyazawa, you here? Welcome.
And this is? Um, please take this.
What? A present for you.
Thank you very much.
I see.
So she's doing this to get students to celebrate her sister's wedding.
And we're cheering her on.
I'll be cheering you on, too.
Good luck.
Thank you very much.
You take everything in stride, don't you? It was nice to have her accept it, wasn't it, Fu-chan? Yes.
It was thanks to you, Nagisa-san.
You're ignoring me? Because you're Fuko's enemy.
I'm not.
Then Fuko's nemesis.
It's gotten worse! It'd be better to say you're Fuko's archnemesis.
Okazaki-san! You can't pick on Fu-chan.
So she enters that state when Nagisa hugs her, too.
Um, Fu-chan? Calling her name is useless.
She's gone for a while once she's in that state.
Fujibayashi! Yes? Can you come here for a second? When she comes back to us, tell her, "I'm Okazaki; I just turned into a girl.
" She's always spacing out, so I want to give her a little warning.
Will you help me out? Sure, I don't mind.
If she asks what happened, tell her, "It falls off every now and then.
" Anything else, just say, "I guess.
" Yes.
We'll hide and watch.
Is this really for Fu-chan's sake? Um, what were we talking about? Eh? Where did Okazaki-san and Nagisa-san go? I'm Okazaki; I just turned into a girl.
I said, I'm Okazaki.
I just turned into a girl.
This doesn't make sense! Why did you turn into a girl? I-It falls off every now and then.
That's too big of a shock! So it falls off every now and then? Gosh I-I guess.
You guess?! It falls off that easily?! Fuko never knew such a person existed! Looking at it in reverse, is there a chance of one attaching to Fuko, too? I guess.
It could happen?! Fuko is utterly shocked! It reattached?! What are you talking about? So it was a bad dream, after all.
Note: "Taro" is a typically masculine ending for a name Thank goodness.
Fuko thought Fuko might one day become Futaro.
Okazaki-san, you should tell her soon.
There are two Okazaki-sans! We split into two on occasion.
Fuko is utterly shocked! Hey, Tomoya! I've been watching! Stop playing pranks using my sister! Same face! There are three Okazaki-sans! How much more can she go with this? Please.
You're giving these to us? It's a big star.
Or maybe it's a starfish? You're wonderful! You're part of Fuko's starfish alliance! What? This really is a starfish? Yes.
A sculpture of starfish Fuko made with all her heart.
Umm I meant it as a joke, but Give the starfish a hug.
Like this? You look wonderful! It's great! What kind of tastes does she have? But they're both beautiful, so seeing them lined up makes them look very nice.
Inside, they're completely different, though.
The older one is a gorilla and the younger is a hamster.
Okazaki-san! You just said something really rude, didn't you? You can't throw something you received.
Yeah! If you do that, Fuko'll be- I-I'm sorry.
It looked like it had a good damage bonus, so I moved without thinking.
Flying starfish It's great! Why?! Everyone is accepting it.
Well, we are picking out kind people.
Mitsui-san! It's Ibuki Fuko.
We talked a little during the entrance ceremony, right? Yes, I recall that.
You got into an accident, right? Were you released from the hospital? Um Yup.
She got released and is starting over as a freshman.
And we have a little favor to ask.
Please accept this! What's this? A present.
And if possible, Fuko hopes you can come to Fuko's sister's wedding.
I'm sorry, but I can't accept it.
You're a freshman, so you might not understand, but seniors are at an important time with entrance exams.
I don't want to do anything that leads to a loss of time.
Excuse me now.
Fu-chan Hey, why don't you cheer up already? Fuko is doing fine.
I'm saying so because you don't look like it.
Fuko only got to talk to Mitsui-san a little during the entrance ceremony.
It was good enough that she remembered Fuko's name.
Fuko hasn't attended any classes.
Fuko is only picking up extra wood and carving in open classrooms.
Fuko wanted to attend classes, too.
All right then.
Time to call Kyou and Sunohara then.
It looks lively even though it's the weekend.
Yeah, since the Founders Festival's coming up.
They must be getting ready for that.
Thanks to that, we can enter campus, too.
Ah, there they are.
Good morning, Okazaki-san, Furukawa-san, and Fuko-chan.
Good morning, everyone.
Sorry to have you all come.
I came for Nagisa-chan, you know.
Thank you very much, Sunohara-san.
But Tomoya, why do we have to do this? There are a few reasons behind it.
I'll explain all of them some other time.
What's wrong, Fuko-chan? Fuko is a little nervous.
Come here, Fu-chan.
Class will be starting soon.
Over here.
Get over here already.
We have the students, but what are we doing about the teacher? That's a problem.
I couldn't ask a real teacher.
Then is one of us doing the teacher role? Not you, since you're an idiot.
You're so rude! Okay.
Class is starting.
Sanae-san? Why are you here? I heard the story from Nagisa.
If you're okay with it, allow me to fill the teacher's role.
Hey, Tomoya, who is she? Nagisa's older sister? Something like that.
Hot chick! Looks like this'll be a fun class.
We have one person in a different world from the rest of us.
Okay, everyone, please take your seats.
Sanae-san looks really comfortable with the teacher role.
Since this is the first class, everyone, please introduce yourselves.
Yes! I'm Sunohara Youhei! The kanji for Sunohara is spring-field.
My, that's a beautiful name.
Sensei, Sunohara-kun is an idiot.
Don't go saying things like that! She would have found out soon enough.
Sunohara-kun, make up for it with your energy.
I'm Okazaki Tomoya.
I'm a lazy bum at school.
Yes, it's nice to handle things at your own pace.
I'm Furukawa Nagisa.
Sunohara-san and Okazaki-san are goofing off, but I want to take the class seriously.
I guess you're this class's class rep.
You should become the class rep.
No Rather than me I recommend Fu-chan.
Since this class is centered around Fu-chan.
I like that.
Fuko! Are you up for it? No objections.
Good luck with the position.
If that's what Nagisa-chan says.
So, class representative.
Please introduce yourself.
Ibuki- No, you're not! Isogai Fuko! Fuko likes starfish.
Good job.
Fuko-chan, everyone you see around you is your classmate and is your friend.
Let's all get along well.
Yes! Let's start the class now.
Class representative.
You have to say the words.
Ibuki Fuko She's a little strange, but she's a normal girl no matter how you look at her.
Call Ibuki-sensei to the Founders Festival? Yes.
I'm thinking of inviting her to the festival and letting the two of them meet.
I see.
That might be a good idea.
Um Um, sorry.
Please have this.
I want to let Fu-chan and Ibuki-sensei meet.
We promised to go to the Founders Festival when she enrolls.
I'm happy for you, Fu-chan.