Clannad (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

The Older And Younger Sister's Founder's Festival

1 Good morning, Okazaki-san.
Please take a look.
They're my newest releases.
C-Could these be They're the starfish bread I spent my entire Golden Week making.
All the cream bread and jam bread have this shape.
What do you think? I think it's horrible.
You gave the same reaction Akio-san did.
Where's that old man? He left the store as soon as these came out of the oven.
His last words were, "Sanae, you're most adorable.
" "But the bread you bake is horrible!" I was crying until a moment ago, but I told myself that I have to work hard alone from now on, so I stood up.
Therefore, Okazaki-san, would you like to try one? I don't want one.
Akio-san, I can't manage this by myself.
You came to that realization quick.
I'm going to go look for Akio-san.
Nagisa and Fuko-chan are inside.
Good morning, Okazaki-san.
Where's Sanae-san? There was just a phone call for her.
She went out on a journey to look for the old man.
What was the call about? After many pants, he kept repeating, "I love you".
Isn't that a prank call? But he was seriously asking for Sanae to stop with the starfish bread.
Oh, it's the old man.
When Fu-chan said it was her, he screamed and hung up.
Naturally, since he was confessing his love to his daughter's friend.
Th-This is! It's a barrier that seals Fuko! What are you talking about? Look at all these starfish that jump into her eyes the moment she comes back! As a result, she'll embark on her trip again.
If we do nothing, Fuko's seal will never be broken.
Then- Several hundreds of years in the future, in an era where evolved humans control normal humans, a traveler will head to the Furukawa home, now a ruin.
O, legendary starfish manipulator.
Lend me your strength.
Come forth, Fuko! Can't imagine it making any sales.
No, I think it's very interesting.
I want to hear what happens next.
I was only joking.
But if we leave her alone, it may not end as a joke.
Okazaki-san, what are you I'll pay later.
No, I didn't mean that.
I failed the other day, so it's time to get my revenge.
Fuko's nose felt really strange just now.
Really? That's mysterious.
And for some reason, Fuko's thirst is quenched.
All right, I did it this time! Okazaki-san! Please have one.
It's a present.
If you would I'm amazed that she can do that day after day.
She's talked to over half of the school by now.
Um Um, sorry.
Please have this.
What's this? I want to let Fu-chan and Ibuki-sensei meet.
Since Fu-chan is working so hard I'll go to the art studio and get more scrap wood.
Then I'll go, too.
You stay and watch Fu-chan please.
Hey, Furukawa! Hey stop- What? Help Fuko, Okazaki-san! Many people like you are coming after Fuko.
People like me? And you come looking for help from the original? Desperate times call for desperate measures.
That's no attitude for asking for help! Fuko-chan! Are you Fuko-chan's friend? No, he's Fuko's enemy! Don't say stuff that complicates things.
We want to form a Fuko-chan fan club.
Fan club? Or her private guards, if you will.
We were touched by Fuko-chan's act of indiscriminately giving out sculptures she makes.
So we want to help her make her sister's wedding a fancy one.
So they say.
Fuko doesn't need you.
Still, we'll do our best! We didn't expect you to say yes right away.
I don't think it's much use.
She's not the type to be moved by things like that.
That makes it sound like Fuko is a cool and wild person.
Fuko is more of a person who values human empathy.
You're so grumpy towards me.
We'll work hard so that Fuko-san will trust us one day.
Since we fell in love with Fuko-chan.
Fuko-chan, and Onii-sama.
Excuse us.
They think we're siblings.
That's really horrible.
That's my line! The number of people accepting the starfish is increasing.
But it's still only a fraction of the entire student body.
And, the Founders Festival is coming up.
It's similar to the School Festival that always happens in May.
Right now, all the clubs are busy getting ready for that.
Everyone will be cheery on the day it happens, and there will be people from outside coming, too.
If we use the occasion to distribute, we should be able to get more people to come to the wedding, as well.
Which department store's business meeting is this? It's the person with the weird hair color! She's as rude a girl as ever.
And I came to help you, you know.
You'll help us, too, Sunohara-san? That's very reliable.
Are you serious? Of course, since I want to be on Nagisa-chan's good side.
So yeah, I'll help you, too.
Fuko doesn't need you.
Good bye, Sunohara.
Aren't you too cold? Weird people might do something weird, and Fuko doesn't want that.
Looking at Okazaki-san, Fuko can really tell that.
I'm grouped with him? Fine, then! You! Fight me! Sunohara-san! You can't start a fight! Yeah.
Or else you'll get kicked down a dust chute again.
No! And is it already decided that I'd lose? So a fight with sculpting? Then I think it's fine, since it flows with sportsmanship.
You don't call this a sport.
If I make a better piece, you'll let me join.
If I lose, I won't say a word and back out.
Sounds good? Okay, the theme is Nue! Nue? A monster with the head of a monkey, body of a raccoon, tail of a snake, and limbs like a tiger's.
Head of a monkey, body of a dog, and favorite food of rice cakes.
There wasn't a word of favorite foods in his description.
Well, whatever.
Ready Go! Okazaki-san.
Do you find nue in zoos? It obviously doesn't exist.
It's a creature that appears in folk tales.
Oh, I see.
I thought it existed, and I had the urge to see one.
This room is filled with idiots.
Fuko is done! That's fast! Seriously? Wait- Th-This is How is this a nue? This was the best Fuko could do.
Good job, Fuko.
You don't get any credit for making something that doesn't follow the theme.
I guess I'm the winner.
Did Not Finish.
Fuko wins.
Can't you worry about me a little? Sunohara-san! You should go to the health center fast! Call Ibuki-sensei to the Founders Festival? Yes.
I'm thinking of inviting her to the festival and letting the two meet.
I see.
That might be a good idea.
Fuko! We have a little something to take care of.
Could you head on home? We'll be back soon.
Can she go back alone? I'm sure she'll be fine.
She's a big girl.
She's supposed to be the same age as me, right? We're almost like Fu-chan's father and mother.
I-I didn't mean that.
Please forget it.
Yoshino Yusuke.
Someone you know? "Yusuke"! Are you Kouko-san's fiancé? I see.
You were her student.
She took care of me when I was a freshman.
We came thinking we'd invite Kouko-san to the Founders Festival.
There's something we'd like to show her.
We're sure it'll be a great day for her.
That is a good idea.
You agree with us? Yeah.
It's up to her whether she goes or not, but I think simply hearing something like that would help her now.
Go for it.
To the Founders Festival? But I retired three years ago, and the only student I know is Nagisa-chan.
But there are teachers you're familiar with, right? There will be stores out, so it'll be fun.
Please come.
I insist.
Let's see Okay.
I'll go.
Before the accident happened, I made a promise with my sister.
We promised to go to the Founders Festival when she enrolls.
I'd like to go on her behalf and tell her what it is like.
I'm sure she'll be happy.
You're getting too emotional! I'm sorry but What's the matter, Nagisa-chan? S-She must be holding in the urge to go to the bathroom.
Are you? Would you like to use ours? Excuse me! That was really unnatural, you know? I'm sorry, I couldn't keep it in.
Her fiancé looked like a kind person.
If I let Fuko and Ibuki-sensei meet, then I can tell how they are related for sure.
Fuko wonders if she'll hear Fuko.
It's finally today.
She worked herself too much.
She was up all night working, too.
I feel bad waking her up and dragging her to school.
I guess this is the only choice.
Stop whining.
If you're a guy, carry a girl or two like they're hacky sacks.
Don't be ridiculous.
Good luck.
So, we're off.
It looks like Fu-chan's comfortable.
I get the feeling she'll say, "It was horrible," the moment she wakes up.
Fu-chan doesn't hate you like you think.
When she's with you, she looks very happy.
If only she could open her heart to others more She's being so cautious all the time like a small animal.
I think Fu-chan's working very hard.
When Ibuki-sensei sees Fu-chan working hard, I'm sure she'll be very happy, too.
Yeah, maybe.
And we'll all say congratulations on getting married.
So you're up, Fuko.
Okazaki-san carried you all the way here.
It's vaguely horrible.
Hear that? What did I say? No, she said, "vaguely," so she didn't find it that horrible.
Is that good or bad? Fuko is sorry.
Fuko said something rude out of habit.
Since you added "vaguely", I think you were very conscious of what you were saying.
Maybe it's because you were carrying Fuko; Fuko had a very strange dream.
More starfish, right? Yes, Fuko was playing with starfish by the shore.
Hey, Fu-chan! Yahoo! Okazaki's the best! And you take my hand.
What are you doing alone? Today's the Starfish Festival.
So what's the Starfish Festival? How would I know?! But that sounds like fun.
It'd be nice if you could stand there during the School Festival.
Thank you very much, Fu-chan.
Did you all make these? Kanji on Bandanas and Robes: Fuko Yes, since we wanted to be of as much help to Fuko-chan as possible.
We plan on telling folks who buy these about Fuko-chan's sister's wedding.
You guys' sense of things is comparable to Sanae-san's.
Fu-chan? There she goes again.
You awake? That looks great on you.
When did Fuko come to this world? We brought you here since you were spacing out.
You're very cute, Fu-chan.
It's a collaborative effort between Class D and E.
Since the class presidents of the two classes are twins, we decided to combine forces.
If you give them as presents to the customers, I think they'll accept them naturally.
I'll help, too.
I heard you're short on people.
You're short on starfish? Not that "hitode"! Pun: help vs.
starfish Sorry for the wait.
Thank you.
What is this? Oh, a coaster? No, it's not a coaster.
Fu-chan's working very hard.
You look pretty good, too.
Yes, being a waitress is pretty fun once you start doing it.
Here! That was Fuko-chan, right? I heard she's working hard for her sister's wedding.
She's a cute girl.
Looks like things are going well today.
She's become famous, huh? Well, she is working so hard every day.
Fu-chan taught me a lesson.
I'll copy what Fu-chan is doing and recruit members for the theater club without giving up.
And I will participate in the school festival with everyone.
I will help for the sake of my beloved Nagisa-chan, too.
What was that? I'm very serious, Nagisa-chan.
Sunohara, she looks like she's not taken.
Which girl? Hey! Hey! You there! Do you want a tour? So his "serious" lasts only for a second.
I really don't need one, thanks.
Oh, come on.
Which school did you come from? Watch where you're going! Move it! Or else she'll get away! If you won't move, then I'll move you.
You have no clue who you're facing.
Get lost! That kick.
You must be Tomoyo.
Tomoyo-san? The person who did away with those people on bikes some time ago.
I'm working as a volunteer on patrol.
I'm keeping my eyes open for those who deviate from code in the midst of this bonanza.
But, why in that outfit? I'm a famous figure among a certain group of people.
There might be people who'd pick a fight with me if they see my face.
Please have it if you don't mind.
For me? Yes.
A present for you.
I usually don't accept things like this.
But it looks like it's handmade.
I often get gifts from the same gender, but they're rarely handmade.
I'll accept it with pleasure.
She's a kind person.
Um, what happened to Sunohara-san? Forget him.
I bet he's back on his feet and flirting with another girl.
Hurry up! So you've continued giving those out.
Please have it if you don't mind.
When is your sister's wedding? It's not decided yet.
I see.
If it doesn't occur before exams, then I may be able to go.
Excuse me now.
And good luck.
I'm happy for you, Fu-chan.
Yes! Ibuki-sensei should be coming soon.
Ibuki-sensei! Good afternoon, Kouko-san.
Sensei, I'm happy you came.
Good afternoon, Nagisa-chan, Okazaki-san.
I'm sorry, was I a little late? Not at all.
It's been a while since I last came here, so I was a little nervous.
It hasn't changed, yet it feels like I'm at a different school.
I'm sure it's because it's filled with students I don't know.
That's why I felt really relieved when I saw you two.
Two? Fuko thinks Fuko is here doing this because Fuko can't see or talk to her.
Because there isn't anything else Fuko can do.
Um, is something wrong? Nagisa-chan? Okazaki-san? Could you celebrate my sister's wedding? Puhi! Starfish can do that! Something strange happened after you and Nagisa-chan went off.
I'm not familiar with animals.
Fuko accepts.
That's harassment.