Clannad (2007) s01e08 Episode Script

The Wind That Vanishes Into The Twilight

1 Okazaki-san? Okazaki-san! Oh, what is it, Furukawa? You've been acting strangely since this morning.
So he's gone back to being a weird person.
You're the only person who calls me a weird person! I was talking about Ibuki-sensei.
I got a call from her last night, and she said the wedding will be next Sunday.
I see.
So Koumura must have received the principal's permission.
The day when the fruits of your work ripen is finally coming.
Please accept this! Um, please accept this! It feels like more and more people aren't taking them.
Not only do they not take them, but it's as if they don't notice Fu-chan.
That's not all.
She's being forgotten.
We must be thinking too much.
You're not with Sunohara today.
He's skipping school right now.
It's been a while, Tomoyo-san.
Ah, you were I'm Furukawa Nagisa.
We met at the Founders Festival.
When Fu-chan gave you the sculpture.
Sculpture? This thing.
Tomoyo-san? Yes, I remember! Right, I received a sculpture from her.
It's very rude of me to forget about a present I had received.
But, this is strange.
Why did I forget? Okazaki-san? We have a lot left today.
Don't worry.
You have days like these, too.
He's right.
We'll just work harder tomorrow to make up for today.
There she goes again.
You came back fast today.
Fuko's body just gave me a warning.
"Run! He's dangerous!" it said.
I bet it's your imagination.
It's not her imagination.
You were always playing pranks on Fu-chan.
Like taking her to a different place, or making her hug Sunohara-san's head.
So they were all your fault after all! It's a petit horrible! What's this "petit horrible" supposed to mean? Fuko is told you're hurt when you're called horrible, so it's a term Fuko invented for Okazaki-san.
This way, you feel it's cute even if Fuko says it against you.
How was it? It's meaningless unless you change the word "horrible"! Fuko can't change that! If Fuko has to change something, it'd be the "petit"! Then change "petit" to "I am"! I am horrible! Wait, that makes Fuko the horrible one! So that doesn't work.
You two get along so well.
Hey, Mitsui! Oh, you're from some time ago.
I'm sorry, who were you all? Who are we? You got one from Fuko, too, didn't you? One of these.
This? You accepted it, Mitsui-san.
And you said that you would celebrate Fu-chan's sister's wedding.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I don't remember.
Fuko! We're talking about Fuko! Her! The person right in front of you! Her? No! There's another person! I don't see anyone else.
Is this some kind of joke? Excuse me.
Fuko! Okazaki-san, what's going on? She's starting to be forgotten.
It could be because her condition has worsened.
Everyone's starting to forget about her.
Maybe her existence itself is starting to disappear.
What? Don't let it bother you, Fuko.
Mitsui was just joking around with you.
If not, she was just misunderstanding us.
I-I think so, too.
Seniors are busy with entrance exams, after all.
Don't worry.
You've got Furukawa and me with you.
I'm sure Sunohara will show up tomorrow.
And you even have your private guards.
Don't lose to something like this.
Cheer up! Yes.
Fuko will do Fuko's best.
Yeah, I'm getting better at this.
The starfish bread is very popular, too.
It seems we even have fans of it.
Seriously? At the very least, Fuko loves it! That's great.
Then I'll make you some special starfish bread.
Really? Fuko's so happy! You're pretty quiet today, Nagisa.
Yes I was too absorbed in making the starfish.
Excuse me.
You have a customer.
Don't talk to me.
I'm working on a difficult part right now.
Someone for the shop is back there, right? Hey, are you sure you don't need to go out? It's fine.
Just act like no one's here.
Akio-san! If we're being this noisy, we can't pull that off.
Crap! I think you should be making a different point.
You keep your loud mouth shut! Oh no! First aid kit! First aid kit! Sanae I'm done for Please hold on, Akio-san! U-Um, I'll go take care of the shop.
Yes I leave the rest to you, my daughter.
Thank you very much.
It hurts! Do it more gently! I'm glad to see your family hasn't changed at all.
Akio-san! If you move around so much, I can't treat it! Fuko-chan, can you hold him down? Okay.
Furukawa I know, I'm sorry.
I was holding it in, but What's going to happen now? Will everyone start forgetting about Fu-chan? Maybe, both Okazaki-san and I will one day That's not going to happen.
We only have a little while until the wedding, so we need to be the ones supporting Fuko.
That's right.
Until the very end of her dream.
Hey! What is it this time? They have too many preferences regarding food, so I wanted to give them a little lecture.
They're acting like grade-schoolers.
Like I said, you're too kind.
Give a taste of your lethal moves to anyone who doesn't eat your food.
That'll be enough to change their attitude.
Does it go like that? Oh yeah, Misae-san.
What is this? Ibuki Kouko-san, a former teacher at our school, is getting married.
It's basically an invitation to the wedding.
What were you doing yesterday and today? Fuko was waiting for you, too.
Fuko-chan, eh? I skipped class and did some research on Ibuki Fuko.
Why did you go and do that? The person getting married this Sunday is Ibuki, right? Then Fuko-chan's last name has to be Ibuki, as well.
Isogai Fuko is a fake name.
But Ibuki Fuko is in the hospital.
Then who's the one that's always with us? A fake Ibuki Fuko? If she is a fake, then that's fine.
But she isn't, right? Then that makes Fuko-chan a Okazaki.
Can I go confirm it? Confirm what? I'm thinking of going to the hospital to see Ibuki Fuko's face.
You idiot! Don't! Why? If he sees Fuko in the hospital, I have a feeling he'll forget about Fuko, too.
You know something about Fuko-chan, don't you? If you don't want to say it, then I won't force you.
But I can't stop myself from confirming this matter.
Um, please accept this.
Um, please- He used to be part of her private guards, too.
It looks like more people are walking past her than yesterday.
Morning, Nagisa-chan! You, too, Okazaki.
"Morning"? It's lunch break right now.
Did you just get here, Sunohara-san? Well, something really weird happened, you know? Maybe that's what it feels like to have amnesia.
When I came to, I was walking out of a hospital a city away.
I don't have a clue why I went over there.
I wonder why I went to a hospital.
Maybe I was sleep-walking? Sunohara.
Do you want Fuko's starfish? Fuko? You didn't receive one yet, did you? Please accept this.
Hey, Youhei! Kyou! You came late again, didn't you! Don't cry when you find yourself short in attendance! Why are you worried about my attendance? If you skip school, my sister gets called by her teacher over you! Fu-chan.
What's that? A sculpture of a star? What are you guys doing with th- Onee-chan, doesn't this seem familiar? I was just having the same feeling.
She's Fu-chan! We took classes together! Look! She's right here! Here! You guys should have these at your house, too! Look for them! And remember her! No, I can't remember anything.
God, this is annoying! Onee-chan, calm down.
It'll fade away from those who know her less.
One day, I'll also I don't want to forget.
If I forget about Fu-chan, I won't be her friend anymore.
We played together at school and ate meals together, and yet It's too sad to forget it all! You were with Fuko and cared about her more than anyone.
Even if I forget about Fuko, you won't forget about Fuko.
You think so? Um, please accept this! Where were you this weekend? Please accept this! I went on a trip.
Oh, where? To Nikkou.
Um, please accept this! Sorry, please accept this! Hey there, you two.
Wanna go get lunch? You go alone.
We're busy.
It's boring being alone with him, isn't it? Let's talk about love at the cafeteria together.
U-Um Quit it! What's eating him? Hey, you tell him, too, Fuko-chan! What? I just said something strange, didn't I? You said a person's name.
You just said a girl's name! Sunohara-san, please remember! No, I can't.
I can't remember anymore.
But, I can feel it.
How there once was someone like that.
Um, this Why am I holding this? What is this? A star? Maybe, a ninja star? I don't get it.
Okazaki Nagisa-chan Listen to me.
I didn't hate her.
At least, I don't think I did.
It's Fu-chan, Sunohara-san.
She's Fuko-chan! Fuko It's fine.
That was enough.
Thank you, Sunohara.
He's a kind person.
He's an idiot! When he saw Fuko, he didn't bother trying to get along with her.
I'm sure he will come to Ibuki-sensei's wedding.
Are you going to attend the wedding in those clothes? If Fuko goes home, Fuko has other clothes.
But you can't go home to get them, can you? Since the ceremony is at school, wouldn't the uniform be all right? That's true, but How about we buy an accessory? Fuko doesn't have any money.
I'll pay for you if it's not something too expensive.
When's your birthday? July.
It's a little early for a birthday present.
Then as commemoration for the day she swore to never say "horrible" again.
Fuko will continue to say it.
Then as a commemoration for graduating from starfish.
Fuko will live with them for the rest of Fuko's life.
We don't need a reason.
I think our feeling of wanting to give her a present is enough.
You're right.
It doesn't suit her at all! Okazaki-san! He's very, very rude! Hey, this looks like it's perfect for you.
It's a birthday party set.
Fuko? Fu-chan? Fuko is sorry.
Fuko instinctively imagined wearing one on Fuko's head.
Do you seriously want one? Fuko doesn't want it! Then let's go.
You're such a child.
Fuko can't get it out of Fuko's head! It's a very attractive item! Fuko is sure you two would be jumping on it if Fuko wasn't here! No, we wouldn't.
Fuko is really, really happy.
If you're happy about it, then that's all that matters.
Fuko is starting to get the feeling that you're not that bad of a person.
So you thought I was a bad person until this moment, eh? Now, Fuko likes you more than sea slugs.
Seriously! Yay! I don't understand the ranking at all.
Fuko likes sea slugs quite a bit, so you should be happy.
Aren't you glad, Okazaki-san? Right now, in Fuko's mind I don't want to be sandwiched between them.
Okazaki-san just has a bad mouth.
He's actually a person with a very warm heart.
Furukawa I'm amazed how you can say such an embarrassing line.
Is it embarrassing? I'll go on ahead.
Okazaki-san! It's a fountain! Fu-chan! It's a fountain! Hello.
We're home.
Is something wrong, Dad? Ah, no, I just thought I saw a girl standing between you two.
I've been seeing things since this morning.
I feel like I'm forgetting something really important.
It feels like I might eat Sanae's bread by mistake.
At times like this, this is the best thing to do.
I guess I'll go play some ball with the kids.
Damn it! Dad looked to be in a lot of pain.
He must not have completely forgotten yet.
Like Sunohara, Kyou, and Fujibayashi.
Fuko knows.
The old man likes you, too.
That's why he's in so much pain.
Fuko is happy if that's true.
Um Welcome home, Nagisa, Okazaki-san.
And Fuko-chan.
Fuko's home.
I'm home.
Did you all enjoy school today? Do you want to take a bath with me today, too? What do you think, Fuko-chan? With Nagisa, as well Mom I can't see Fuko-chan! I went to the hospital today.
Hearing that Ibuki-sensei is getting married, I thought Fuko-chan might be Ibuki-sensei's little sister, so I went to check.
Sanae-san Since then, like Akio-san, Fuko-chan has been slowly disappearing from my head.
She's still here, right? Yes, she's here.
Right here.
Fuko-chan You can stay in this house all you like.
Akio-san, me, Nagisa We all consider you family.
So days like this really do come.
I'm sure both Dad and Mom have Do you want to head over to school, Fuko? There's Pops over at my place, and I can't take you to Sunohara's place.
Do you remember the dream Fuko told you that Fuko had about you? Dream? The dream about the Starfish Festival.
The days after meeting you and Nagisa-san were very much like one.
You two would always take Fuko to fun places.
Every day was like a festival, and it was very fun.
Thank you very much.
Fuko enjoyed it a lot.