Clannad (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

Until The End Of The Dream

1 Furukawa, aren't Sanae-san and the old man worried that you're not home right now? I did tell them where I'd be.
That I'd be with Fu-chan tonight.
What was the old man's reaction? After he heard Fu-chan's name, he tried to remember her.
I guess he hasn't forgotten everything.
If they find us here, we'll get yelled at, won't we? If it happens, it happens.
Hey, you're being impatient.
Fuko can't resist anymore! Kami kara no otsuge nanoka sono okonai no imi Is what you're doing a prophecy given by a god? 神からのお告げなのか その行いの意味 You really are a kid.
Fuko's just short! Inside, Fuko's more mature than you! I don't want to hear that from a person opening a toy package so enthusiastically.
If you follow what she does, そうすればどんな夢でも Sousureba donna yume demo Fuko knows the point you're making in Fuko's head, but Fuko's hands won't stop! Kanau to iuno Gandhara Any wish will come true.
åã†ã¨ã„うの がんだーら Hoshigata no kawaii choukoku wo kubatte aruku The famous lady loved for her cute appearance and gestures 星型の可愛い彫刻を 配って歩く Okazaki-san? It disappeared! Fuko's hat! Over here.
背格好も仕草も愛らしいと 評判のお嬢様 Sekakkou mo shigusa mo airashii to hyouban no ojousama Walks around giving out cute star-shaped sculptures.
Don't steal Fuko's treasure! If you're an adult, restrain yourself.
だけど そのやり方は いささか強引 Dakedo sono yarikata ha isasaka gouin But her method of distribution is a bit forceful.
Fuko will become a child for just this moment! Fu-chan! Okazaki-san! Give it back! Okay, fine! I'll give it- Step in and slash away! ステップインして 切り込んでく Suteppu in shite kiri kondeku A hit & away method! ヒット&アウェイで Hitto & awei de Are you two all right? Ow Accept it, and there's no turning back.
Uketotta naraba sore ga saigo 受け取ったならば それが最後 Fuko was a child only for that moment.
She won't let you return it.
もう返却は受け付けませんので Mou henkyaku ha uketsuke masen node So forgive Fuko.
Get off of me already! You're heavy! Kaze no youni sattayo She ran away like a gust of wind.
風のように去ったよ You're same age as me, right? Taisetsu na koto wo wasurete imasenka? Isn't she forgetting something important? 大切なことを忘れていませんか? Act a little more mature.
You're much more of a child.
If you're an adult, you should be addressing girls who are close to you by their name.
Why are you taking the situation to such extremes? Yusuke-san calls Onee-chan by name.
And Onee-chan calls him Yu-kun, as well.
They're both adults.
I call you by name, too, Fuko.
What Fuko is talking about is Nagisa-san.
Fuko thinks you two are acting very distant, calling each other by last names, when you're both very close.
If you're an adult, then you should be calling her by her name like one.
You're not making any sense.
H-He's right.
Even if you say something like that all of a sudden Then try calling her by her first name.
I think Okazaki-san should address you with the "chan" ending, and Nagisa-san should address you with the "kun" ending.
Ready, and go.
Nagi To Tomoya-kun Na Nagisa-chan I can't say it! Me, too.
This is a little too embarrassing for me to bear.
Then it's decided that you're both more childlike than Fuko.
At least let me take the "chan" off.
That's what I do with Kyou and Tomoyo.
Then try it.
Yeah, this is easier on me.
Yes, me, too.
But, I need a little more time before I am able to call you by your first name.
Fuko will accept that.
Why are you acting so bossy?! Fuko loves both Nagisa-san and Okazaki-san, so Fuko wishes the best for you two.
Like Onee-chan and Yusuke-san.
H-Hey There, it's done.
How does it look? How does it look? You fit under that the best out of everyone in Japan.
No doubt about it.
You're really cute, Fu-chan.
You're embarrassing me.
Fuko's #1 in Japan! What are you doing, being so excited now? The wedding's the day after tomorrow.
Um, can't we have a pre-celebration now? Pre-celebration? Of the wedding? The person getting married isn't here.
We can't do it without her? I think it's fine.
Let's have one with just us.
There's a vending machine on the first floor.
And I'm sure the home economics room has a match, at least.
This is the best! I bet you just want to party with that on your head.
That's absolutely not true! Okay, everyone.
Your words of tribute please.
Congratulations, Onee-chan! Congratulations, Kouko-san! Congratulations, Ibuki-sensei! Fuko's ears are ringing.
Fuko, you've got tape hanging off your head.
Um, you too, Okazaki-san.
Is this it? Nagisa, you, too.
Are you cold at all, Fuko? Let's all get closer.
It'll be warm as if we're playing Oshikura Manju.
Note: Oshikura Manju is a children's game where kids huddle together and push each other.
It'll be like the Big Dango Family.
Doing this really makes us like a family.
You're right.
Fu-Furukawa What? Why was I asleep in a place like this? Okazaki-san? This is We stayed over at school last night? It looks like it.
We crashed while we were thinking about how to reestablish the theater club? It feels like that now that you mention it But it doesn't look like that here.
I'm sorry for sleeping out without letting you know! Looks like we fell asleep without realizing it.
You think that kind of excuse is going to work? Akio-san! Dad! Is what I'd like to say.
But I think I heard you tell me that you'd sleep out, my daughter.
Me, too.
I think I heard you say there was something important you needed to do, so you couldn't come home.
Um, do you remember what that "something" was? Strangely, I don't remember.
This is annoying me.
Damn it! Not to quote the old man, but something's bugging me, too.
I feel like the thing I can't remember is something really important.
Okazaki-san, take a look at this.
There was something that looked exactly the same in the club room, wasn't there? There was one in my room, too.
Though I don't remember where I got it from.
But looking at it calms me.
Do you get the same feeling? What are you doing spacing out? I'm trying to remember something.
"Something"? What? I don't really know.
Oh, so you're bored.
Then hang out with me tomorrow.
It's Sunday.
I'm going to go shopping with Ryou.
Tomorrow I think there was something scheduled for tomorrow.
What kind of vague way of rejecting me is that? I'm not rejecting you.
I honestly feel there was something I needed to do tomorrow.
Something really important.
I see, so you do, too.
I feel there's something important to do tomorrow, as well.
Something has to be happening tomorrow.
Let's remember what it is.
What are you working on? Can't you tell by looking at it? Someone's getting married? What a strange question.
Have you developed dementia at your age? It's really depressing to hear that from you.
Take a good look at it and remember it for yourself.
Kouko-san! Ibuki-sensei! She's having her wedding here at school tomorrow because you two brought up the idea.
That's right.
How could we have forgotten such an important thing? Furukawa, why did I want to celebrate Kouko-san's marriage? That's another strange question.
Because you and she are in a relationship that makes you want to celebrate her marriage, of course.
I think I'm the one who introduced Okazaki-san to Ibuki-sensei.
But I think there was one other person that brought us all together.
One other person Would that possibly be Ibuki-sensei's younger sister? Younger sister? I'll see you around.
Ibuki-sensei's younger sister Fuko-chan! That's right! Fuko! You Fu-chan You've been standing by us all this time? Yes.
I'm horrible, aren't I? I didn't want to forget about you that much, and yet You're not horrible at all.
It was a natural occurence.
Don't say such a sad thing.
We always want to be with you.
Let's always stay together, Fu-chan.
We'll stay together until the wedding happens.
It's great how the weather held up.
I heard it was the bride's wish to hold the ceremony at the school.
Looks like there aren't any students here.
But Okazaki-san and Nagisa-san are here.
The rings hold two meanings.
First: Eternity.
Second: Completeness.
By exchanging rings, you both vow to each other to be truthful to each other forever.
Now, repeat what I say.
This ring I give to you as proof of my eternal love for you.
Okazaki-san! Where are you going?! We're going to wait for them at the front gate! We'll send them off with a voice louder than anyone else's.
Right, Fuko? Yes! Okazaki-san What's going on? Puhi! Puhi! Puhi! Puhi! Puhi! Kyou.
I thought you two were going to go shopping.
Puhi! Puhi! Yeah We were intending to Right? When I saw this in the morning, I remembered about the wedding.
It made me feel I had to come celebrate it.
Sunohara! So you came.
Since I had some time to spare.
And look over there, too.
We figured you'd be here, too, my daughter.
Quite so.
Something must have been wrong for us to have forgotten the wedding until the day of the ceremony.
They reached them.
Your feelings! They were well planted in everyone! It's hard to believe.
I'm happy for you.
Do you remember the dream Fuko told you that Fuko had about you? Dream? The dream about the Starfish Festival.
When Fuko was playing alone on the beach, you took Fuko's hand.
Saying, "What are you doing alone? Today's the Starfish Festival.
" The days after meeting you and Nagisa-san were very much like one.
You two would always take Fuko to fun places.
Every day was like a festival, and it was very fun.
Thank you very much.
Fuko enjoyed it a lot.
Is something wrong? You look sad.
Please listen to me, Kouko-san.
There was a person who longed to see this sight.
There was a person who worked hard for this day.
There's a person who gathered all this blessing for you.
We love that person.
We really love that person, so You two must have been with her this whole time.
We were with her because spending time with her was fun.
That's all.
The same applies to everyone gathered here.
So Kouko-san! Please have a great life for her sake, too! Yes.
The place changes and goes.
Like a wind, like clouds, Like the traces of the heart, no halt at the places.
Congratulations, Onee-chan.
Have a Have a wonderful life! Have a- The place is so far away be far apart.
Have a wonderful life forever.
Fu-chan? People's hand does not reach, so merely has the worship.
The place is a lofty lord, can't meet nobody put on.
Fu-chan said congratulations to me.
Wished me a happy life forever.
I think she was giving me her blessing from her dream.
We will lose the place, so lofty which changes.
And that reached me.
As long as we hang on to the happy feelings Not all were desired.
However, we're never sad.
I'm sure she can be happy, too.
I can honestly believe that now.
Hey, did you hear the rumor about the girl who got in an accident two years ago and is unconscious? I heard she's the younger sister of Ibuki-sensei, who got married the other day.
I heard she's very cute, too.
Who said she is? It's only a rumor.
But, don't you get the feeling that she is? How she's cute, earnest, and always running through the school.
Yeah, I can see it.
Right? Hey, it's been bothering me for a while, but what's that? This? I found it in my room one day.
I don't have a clue where I got it from.
But this is "that", right? Yes.
Yup, "that".
Starfish! Why do we know that, though? Hey you! Stop sleeping and join the conversation.
Tomoya! Hey! Wake up! Since who knows when, the school has been abuzz with rumors of the girl.
How she's innocent, earnest, and always running through the school.
An image of such a girl.
And since who knows when, everyone's been waiting for the day the girl wakes up.
I'm definitely one of them.
And one day, that day will come.
If you don't mind Please be Fuko's friend! Ryou-chan is a bully? Yes.
Since I think you're a fun person, too.
Will she bully me? Yes.
If you want me to.
Do I have to cry? When the scene requires it, then there are times you have to.
I don't want to cry.
Still when you have to, you have to.
Nagisa-chan, are you a bully? Yes.