Clannad (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

The Girl Genius' Challenge

1 What are these lights? I am sure I've never known a view such as this before.
Do you find the lights strange? What about the sky? What about the ground? Just these lights? Why would that be? To her, who has been here all her life, these lights are natural.
"These must be shadows!" is what I thought.
But a shadow always comes with an object that causes it.
Then, where is that? In other words, for you to find this strange, there's some other scene that is familiar to you.
I dig through my memories.
I was in a different world a long time ago or perhaps the distant future.
I still retain the memory that I was once there.
Okazaki-san, good morning.
Nagisa, what are you doing? You'll be late.
I caught a glance of you, so I was waiting for you.
Shouldn't I have? No, it's fine, but Then let's go.
We still can't get new members, eh? You're right.
Maybe I'll go ask her.
Her? Tomoya, move! Tomoya! Okazaki-san, are you all right?! Please get a hold of yourself! Hey, Tomoya-kun.
Okazaki-san? Looks like he's fine.
You're just going to leave?! I'm joking with you.
Nagisa, did you get hurt at all? No, I was fine.
I see.
What? Aren't you close to her now? Calling her by her first name.
Are you two dating now? Have you kissed already? Of course not! I-I'm only having Okazaki-san help me reestablish the club.
We're not dating! Okay.
I'll leave it at that.
See you later.
Okazaki-san, are you really not hurt? When did I start calling you by first name? Um I almost remembered something just now.
Me, too.
Something very warm nostalgic and sad Let's get a move on, Nagisa.
Yes, Okazaki-san.
Recruiting members for the theater club? Yeah.
There won't be anything fun even if you tag along.
Don't be such a stranger.
I want to help Nagisa-chan, too.
Do you seriously like Nagisa? Of course! I've never loved anyone so seriously before.
In the library up ahead, there's a mysterious beautiful girl who is always reading difficult books.
If you talk to her, she occasionally gives you food.
Really cute, innocent, smart, and it looks like she doesn't have a boyfriend.
Please introduce me to her! I think she's there right now.
Go check her out.
All right! What is he doing in there? I got com- -pletely ignored.
That was a long pause.
She won't react to small or sweet talk.
It pissed me off, so I threw books everywhere and knocked bookshelves over, but she still ignored me.
Who the hell is she? She's Ichinose Kotomi.
You know the name, right? Ichinose Kotomi That famous genius girl So basically she lives in a different world.
That was a waste of time.
A person in a different world, eh? Hey, Kotomi.
You can't make a mess like this.
You never change, do you? The theater club? I told you about it before.
We're recruiting members.
Do you want to go see the club president after school? She won't bully me? That's one thing that'll never happen, so don't worry.
Um She's the new member candidate.
Come on, introduce yourself.
Hello, Tomoya-kun.
Not to me! Say your name first.
Um Kotomi.
You spell Kotomi with three hiragana.
When you speak to me, call me Kotomi-chan.
I'm Nagisa, spelled with one kanji character.
People call me differently from person to person Nagisa-chan.
Yes! Can't you guys talk about anything other than your names? My last name is Ichinose.
Mine's Furukawa.
I'm in Class A.
I'm in Class B.
Type A blood.
I'm type A, too.
Pork cutlet sandwich.
Sweet bean bread.
Okay, stop.
It's no longer making sense.
Despite her appearance, she's wicked smart, so she doesn't need to study for entrance exams.
She likes books, so she has a good vocabulary.
So, as a candidate for new member, she's a perfect Hey, what are you doing? Are you all right? Is this Tamatebako? Tamatebako: A box from the story Urashima Tarou with smoke inside that ages those who get covered by it.
No, it's not.
Nagisa, you say something to her, too.
Um I'm jealous of how beautiful your hair is.
No! I'm telling you to talk her into joining the theater club! You practiced the speech, remember? Say things like, "Let's shed the tears of youth together," or something.
Do I have to cry? When the scene requires it, then there are times you have to.
I don't want to cry.
Still when you have to, you have to.
Nagisa-chan, are you a bully? No.
I'm not a bully.
It's the Big Dango Family.
Do you like the Big Dango Family? Yup.
I love it.
I'll walk Kotomi back today.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Today, I was a little scared.
I'm always like that when I talk to a person I've just met.
But Nagisa-chan was kind.
If you're so scared of others, why were you able to talk with me so easily? Nagisa-chan is a very kind person.
Her Big Dango Family pictures were good, too.
I'll just leave it at that.
Is Nagisa-chan your girlfriend? No! Why did both you and Kyou ask that? Kyou? The class representative of Class E and a vicious little girl.
Oh right.
There's a place I want to stop by.
You really take everything at your own pace, don't you? You really like books, eh? I can't become a well-established person if I don't study a lot.
You think so? Stop it, you idiot.
What's wrong, Tomoya-kun? Don't give me that! No matter how much you like books, you can't cut those in the library or bookstores.
At worst, copy down things on a piece of paper Actually, you might get yelled at for that, too.
You think so? You really should socialize with others more.
Will she bully me? Will she bully me? She won't, so introduce yourself.
Hello, Tomoya-kun.
Okay, that was good practice.
Now for the real thing! So? What am I supposed to do? Come on, Kotomi.
Um Kotomi.
You spell Kotomi with three hiragana.
When you speak to me, call me Kotomi-chan.
Huh? Is she a bully? She's the famous genius girl, right? Why is she hanging out with a bum like you? Who are you calling a bum?! Will she bully me? Will she bully me? You.
You don't have to be so frightened.
She's just like this.
You've got lots of friends, right? I was wondering if you can be friends.
Isn't there something strange in becoming friends because you're asked? Friends aren't given; you're supposed to make them.
She spits out common sense only at times like this.
Besides, why are you taking care of her? What happened to helping Nagisa? That is still in progress.
I'm apparently good at taking care of others.
So yet another rival appears against her.
Did you say something? Nothing.
I've got things to do.
Oh, right.
My name's Kyou.
Fujibayashi Kyou.
Okay, I admit that she was a difficult one to approach.
But you have problems, too.
Instead of just reading books, you should learn how to communicate with others.
Like making jokes and jabbing at them.
Jokes and jabs? We'll practice it little at a time.
Your goal is to make a hundred friends.
A hundred friends? Tomoya-kun, that's amazing! Sorry, I don't have that many friends.
No, you need to jab me back, not put a question mark on your face.
Jab What the heck.
I can't get along with you.
Bye now.
Looks like we have a lot of work to do.
Be her friend? Yeah.
We're looking to make her friends.
Come on, introduce yourself.
Hello, Tomoya-kun.
That's getting old.
Um, how are you two related? Think of us as class ditching buddies.
Although, I'm a delinquent while she's a genius.
Um, if you don't mind, may I read your fortune? That's perfect for a conversation topic.
Go ahead.
Will she bully me? Don't ask me.
I'll read your fortune for today.
Please pick any three cards you like.
May I see them please.
I don't think you can make friends.
Don't deny my efforts like that! Wait, hold on, stop! Nothing will change if you run away.
You must face reality.
Ryou-chan is a bully? I-I don't think I am.
You just did.
You just declared that she won't make any friends.
But there are times when fortune telling fails.
Even if the reading comes out bad, the future should be changeable depending on the individual and surroundings.
Does it work like that? Yes.
Since I think you're a fun person, too.
Then you'll be her friend? Yes.
If you're fine with me.
How she's different from her vicious sister really helps in this case.
Ryou-chan wasn't too scary, also.
If we weren't talking to Fujibayashi, you would have weirded the person away.
So first, you have to learn the basics.
How to do an introduction.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
I would be happy if you would become my friend.
We'll practice that during the next break.
Is there anyone good to practice on What are you doing, Tomoyo? A bear You're not on patrol, right? Maintenance check on the suit? Oh yeah.
Introduce yourself to her.
Um Hello.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
I would be happy if you would become my friend.
Looks like she likes you.
It's so fluffy.
Do you, y'know, like stuffed bears? Yup.
I love them.
Hey, Okazaki.
So that's where you were! Let's eat lunch- You're the bear that kicked me the other day! Don't move from there! I'll get my rezombie on you! Rezombie? He always gets a failing grade in English.
A wonderful kick as usual.
There we go.
What's this? Ditching class with a girl today? I am, but she's a true genius, so she's exempt from classes.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
I would be happy if you would become my friend.
I see.
So you're the Ichinoses' Kotomi-chan.
You know her? I'm sure a lot of those that live in this city would know her.
After all, her parents are amazing scholars.
Scholars? Are your parents college professors or something? Um Yes I see.
You're made differently from me at the parental-level.
Ah, there you are! See, I won't bully you.
Good girl.
Good girl.
I thought you don't become friends because you're asked to.
You're right.
That's why I approached her.
But we don't know each other well yet.
If we go hang out together, I'm sure we'll get to know each other better.
Therefore, don't you think this is your chance to show how dependable you are? Are you planning on mooching off of me? I'll talk to Ryou about it, too, so take us somewhere interesting later.
This is the interesting place? Isn't it a nice place? Listen! I was looking forward to karaoke or arcades or fast food restaurants or stuff like that! Aren't we being a bother by imposing on this many people? No, I'm happy.
It's rare for this room to become so lively.
I created the opportunity for you, so use it.
You had better take a step forward.
Um Hello.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
I would be happy if you would become my friends.
My name is Furukawa Nagisa.
A senior in Class B.
My hobby is acting.
I would be happy if you would become my friends.
My name is Fujibayashi Ryou.
A senior in Class D.
My hobby is fortune telling.
I would be happy if you would become my friends.
My name is Fujibayashi Kyou.
A senior in Class E.
My hobby is bullying weaklings.
I would be happy if you would become my friends.
Whose hobby did you say it was to pick on weaklings? Okazaki-san! Did you see that jab, Kotomi? It's this timing that you have to master.
U-Um I'm actually very strong, so I don't want you to bully me.
I can't get along with you This isn't exactly what I had in mind Why don't you all just join the theater club? With this number of people, it's enough to convince the student council.
I'm sorry to the president, but I'll pass on that.
Both Ryou and I don't have any intention of acting.
But please come visit often as you like.
Simply seeing the timing of when a jab should go is a learning experience.
I'll practice a lot, and hope I can get a good jab in, too.
You're admirable, Kotomi-chan.
I'll cheer you on, so good luck.
Please let me join in, too.
Let the three of us work together, then! Yup.
A really strange group has formed.
Let's work hard.
You're part of it.
Oh well.
She looks like she's enjoying herself.
Okazaki-san's jabs are always very harsh.
So I sometimes get- Is something wrong, Kotomi-chan? Hey, Kotomi.
Um, is there something you need? Hey, Kotomi.
What's wrong? I'm sorry.
Was it noisy? No, it wasn't bothering us.
Kotomi-chan, what's the matter? A violin Would you like to play it? I can? Sure.
Kotomi, you can play the violin? Kotomi! Stop, stop! You're putting too much strength into it! You need to relax more! She doesn't hear us! So nice.
Tomoya What's wrong with her? Don't ask me I was about to fall into an eternal sleep from the shock! What the heck? Let's see Okay.
Day after tomorrow, on Monday, we'll hold your violin recital.
What the heck? Are you sure? Isn't Kotomi's violin It'll be fine.
She's improved a lot.
What the heck? Therefore We're alone.
What should we do? I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep.
What the heck?