Clannad (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

The After School Rhapsody

1 Tomoya-kun.
Tomoya-kun? Tomoya-kun.
Tomoya-kun! So nice.
K-Kotomi Hello, Tomoya-kun.
Don't "hello" me like that.
Then How do you do? God And I was having a nice nap So I played a lullaby.
I was about to fall into an eternal sleep from the shock! Okazaki! Who is this? A friend of yours? Hello.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
And her weapon is the violin.
It takes only 0.
2 seconds before sound waves come out from the moment she takes position.
The number of people she's felled is countless.
I've never felled people with the violin.
M-My eardrums Do you see us on the floor right now? Hey! Kotomi! What do you think you're doing? Kotomi-chan? So that was Kotomi-chan.
Kyou-chan, Ryou-chan, Nagisa-chan.
Hello to you all.
Don't "hello" me! Bonjour? No! Bo-n-jour? Augh! Why can't I communicate with her? Please calm down for now, Kyou-chan.
She's right.
You lose if you get trapped in her pace.
I know that! What are you doing here? Playing the violin.
That's the one that was in the music room, wasn't it? They lent it to me.
They said, "If you like it that much, would you like to use it for a while?" Thanks for the trouble.
Allow me to play the next piece.
You don't have to! 'ey.
Oh, if it isn't Tomoya-kun.
It wasn't funny? Don't make such a sad face.
See, your gags don't have any momentum, and you say them with the wrong timing.
It's fatal for a comedian.
If you understand, go to that corner and take practice swings.
What were you guys talking about? What the heck.
What the heck.
PLACEHOLDER What the heck.
If you don't keep her occupied, she'll start playing the violin again.
PLACEHOLDER What the heck.
PLACEHOLDER What the heck.
Oh, if it isn't Ryou-ch- You're all here already.
Oh, if it isn't Nagisa-ch- See? You don't have the timing down, so you can't say it all.
Give it another try, Kotomi.
Oh, if it isn't Nagisa-chan.
Oh, if it isn't Kotomi-chan.
Kyou-chan, was that good? Let's just say it was.
I see lots of unique things.
It's the first time I've opened it, too.
Is the recruiting of new members making any progress? Not yet, but I want to get enough members by the time the School Festival comes.
Nagisa-chan, what's this? I think it's a magic wand.
Magic wand? You say an incantation as you twirl it in the air, and then you transform with flying stars.
Tibi, magnum Innominandum, To you, the great Not-To-Be-Named, Note: This incantation is from the fictional grimoire, De Vermis Mysteriis, part of the Lovecraft Mythos Signa stellarum nigrarum signs of the black stars, Et bufaniformis Sadoquae sigillum.
and the seal of the toad-shaped Tsathoggua.
Looks like nothing happened.
Maybe I didn't enunciate it correctly.
But you're amazing, Kotomi-chan! I want to be able to recite lines smoothly like you, too.
They're all getting along well, aren't they? You should go join the conversation, too.
You want me to hold that wand and recite strange incantations? Can you even see me doing that? Transform! Piraruku Piraruku Gyo Gyo Gyo Gyo Gyo! I love fish! Can I punch you until you cry? I'm sorry.
What are you doing?! The conversation drifted towards saying she's better with the violin than incantations.
If you have to play it, play it somewhere else.
If the reputation of the theater club drops, you'll cause the president trouble! Um, I'm fine.
I want a lot of people to hear it, after all.
It's probably a good thing you feel that way, seeing how you used to hide in the library, but Plus, I have to return this violin to the music room eventually.
So I want to play it as much as possible while I have the opportunity.
Let's do something about it, Onee-chan.
Let's see Okay.
Day after tomorrow, on Monday, we'll hold your violin recital.
Recital? We'll gather more people for you on that day.
So you're prohibited from playing the violin here until then.
Recital Okay.
I'll go practice then.
May I accompany you? I'll go, too.
Then me, too.
I'll work out the details for the recital with him.
Okay, then we'll go.
See you later, Tomoya-kun, Kyou-chan.
Work out what details? I was just splitting you and Kotomi up.
She's always all over you, head-to-toe.
So I thought it would be better for her to spend time with other people.
Yeah, I guess.
Therefore, we're alone.
What should we do? I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep.
You're super rude.
Please don't screw around with me while I'm sleeping.
You think it was all right to leave them alone? You really do spoil children.
Both Ryou and the President are there, so don't worry.
I'm worried because it's those two.
Hey, you said you don't have a girl you're dating now, right? If there was a girl out there who loved you so much that she couldn't control herself would you date her? What's this, all of a sudden? Just answer.
Even if I did, I'm a delinquent bum.
The girl would probably get tired of me soon enough.
Delinquents can be well-liked in some cases.
Especially by girls with good grades.
Then Sunohara is well-liked, too? That's totally impossible.
Thanks for your thoughts.
See you tomorrow.
How are you all spending this Sunday morning? Today is a beautiful morning throughout the nation, and various events are being held at different places.
I don't think Nagisa is up yet.
I guess I'll bother Sunohara again.
It can't be.
Kotomi! Tomoya-kun, hello.
Why are you here? It's Sunday.
Are you a ghost living on campus or something? I'm here as your host.
Don't even go there.
Tomoya-kun, are you a bully? I instinctively stopped you since it was so lame.
It was a very advanced joke which puns ghost, a hypothetical creature, and host, the noun form of "to host", the act of catering to a guest.
It wasn't advanced at all! Maybe in the B range? Frankly, it was at a reeeeaaaaallllyyyy low level.
You really are a bully.
Honorary library attendant? I was borrowing the key day after day, and then the librarian gave me the key and made me an honorary library attendant.
That's why you're here even on a Sunday.
I'm usually reading books, but today, I'm practicing the violin.
I was told not to use the theater club's room, so I was practicing here.
That's your bento for the day? I was thinking that maybe you would come.
So I made enough for two.
What would you have done if I hadn't come? I don't know.
But you came.
It's an apple pie.
It's my first time making it, so I don't know if I made it well.
It looks professional.
I used sour apple and coated it with an apricot jam smoothed with rum.
This tea, too.
I used actual tea leaves for the first time.
Is this really your first time making this? Um It wasn't good? No, it's great! I can't believe that this is your first try.
I could eat this nonstop! Hey, what's wrong? So you unfreeze when I hit you? Are you a household appliance? Um, is it really good? Really for real? Really for real.
Thank goodness.
I'm really really happy.
Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
Kotomi? More violin practice? Since I'm full, time for a little rest.
You know, Tomoya-kun.
Only if you don't mind Can we Can we with one another read a book? Oh Hey, books aren't very entertaining to read together.
You don't think so? Then could you read one to me? Me? I like watching you read books, and I like your voice, too.
Oh, but no difficult science books.
Make it a novel or something.
In order to get accepted into a comedian training school, I'm practicing the violin.
I think that plot is too wacked out.
It's a violin standup comedy.
What the heck.
When the dango flower blooms, What the heck.
I'm happy! Dango? I'm cooking bread.
Tonight, the dango will be making love.
Oh no, the dango are The reading says that you have schizophrenia.
How can you tell that from fortune telling? Um The way you see things is proof of schizophrenia.
You can't, Ryou.
He's my patient.
I knew it was about time for you to show up.
The gas emitted from cooking bread is unhealthy for human physiology.
That doesn't make any sense.
Again, that must be due to the gas emitted from the baking of bread.
Tomoya-kun, you sounded like you were having a nightmare.
Yeah, I was having a strange dream.
A scary dream? Rather, it was a dream that didn't make any sense.
I'll see you tomorrow, Tomoya-kun.
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
You know, Tomoya-kun.
What? I was really happy that you came today.
I was sleeping practically the entire time.
Even so.
I was happy.
Ichinose Kotomi, Violin Recital.
The one who made this poster is Obvious.
Kyou-chan asked me to.
Honestly, I questioned the Big Dango Family, but it has a good impact, so I said okay.
I'm sure lots of guests will be there.
But will it really be okay? I have a history of putting up recruitment posters and getting yelled at.
Don't worry.
I'll let them know about it later.
You should pick up some of her shamelessness.
If you're being considerate of those around you, you can't reestablish the theater club.
You might be right.
Now we go invite everyone we know before the end of the day! Thanks for coming.
You gave me an invitation, so of course.
It's my first violin recital, too.
I know it's strange to tell you this, being the one who invited you, but try to get a seat towards the back and be ready to run at any time.
Huh What did you do? I just skipped cleaning duty the day before yesterday.
Yeah, I only forgot to bring the lifestyle guidance handout back.
Why does that have to get us into this? I was threatened for eating lunch early half a year ago.
That's Kyou.
She collected all the criminals for their misdemeanors using her class rep status.
Okazaki! What's with this crowd? Is something happening here? You came without knowing? Kyou asked me to come out.
She said a real cute chick wants to see me.
Man, it's tough being a playboy.
I see.
Godspeed to you.
When I get to know her well, I'll introduce her to you, too.
I'll let him dream for a while longer.
You're here, too, Misae-san? The bunch from the rugby club invited me.
I had some time, so I wanted to hear what it's like.
Excuse me.
Would you be Sagara Misae-san, the dorm parent of the boys' dorm? Yes, I am.
I'm Sakagami Tomoyo.
A junior.
I'm familiar with the rumors about you.
You were a legendary student council president, and you're now working as a dorm parent.
Student council president? Legendary? You're exaggerating.
It was nothing like that.
Right? I'm aiming to become the student council president, as well.
May I visit you to ask for advice in the near future? I can't give you much in the way of advice.
If you're okay with that, come anytime you like.
Misae-san! We've reserved the seat for you! See you.
Misae-san was a student council president, eh? You have my gratitude, Okazaki.
Thank you for inviting me to this recital.
Old man! So you came I invited them.
We can't stay away after being invited by our daughter.
We couldn't come for the Founders Festival, so we wanted to make it today.
Are you sure? Isn't Kotomi's violin It'll be fine.
She's improved a lot.
There's Kotomi-chan.
She's a cute girl.
Not as cute as our daughter.
All right, thank you all for coming.
Look, she made me buy these.
Me, too.
For ¥300.
Kyou was even making money off of this? So you know, the earplugs are your last resort.
There will be penalties waiting for the spineless wimps who use them early.
Kotomi-chan, your introduction to everyone.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
Thank you for coming today.
Well said.
Everyone, a round of applause.
What's with that lame clapping? Give me more noise! She's a pretty good MC.
I feel like I've met them somewhere before.
They're Kyou-chan and Ryou-chan.
We became friends the other day.
Bring them over one of these days.
We'll give them a warm welcome.
Yes! Here's the first piece of the day.
How do you call this an improvement?! She was doing better during practice! I think I think she's nervous! Help me! What do you think you're doing, taking advantage of the situation?! Puhi puhi.
Botan! You came again? What is this violin?! Puhi puhi puhi.
Akio-san I don't think I can last any longer.
Sanae Hang in there, Sanae.
Sanae!!! Looks like everything made it through in one piece.
Although we had fatalities in the audience.
You played the last song really well.
My dad said it was good, too.
He said he hasn't seen a breathtaking stage performance like this in a while.
So glad.
I'm happy.
Why are we all working so hard for her? She has this little kid side to her.
It's like, we can't leave her alone, and it's tickling our maternal instincts.
You're right.
I feel that I want to do anything if it's for Kotomi-chan.
You're so merry, aren't you? She's your rival, isn't she? What rival? Nothing! It's nothing! Huh? Who is he? Nagisa.
Okazaki-san! Kotomi-chan! Who are you?! If you have something you need to say, I'll hear it instead.
Ah, well I'll come back another day.
Until then.
Who is he? He's the bad guy.
He's the bad guy.
Tomoya-kun, thank you.
If I hadn't met you, I don't think I would have had so much fun.
I haven't done anything.
Nagisa, Kyou, and Fujibayashi all just like you.
That's all.
If so, I'll be really happy.
Kotomi, what's wrong? Kotomi-chan?