Clannad (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

Hidden World

1 Thank you so much for lending me the violin.
Sorry we borrowed it for a whole week.
This actually isn't the school's property.
It's something a graduate from several years ago left here.
I was asked by a teacher to check if it could still be played, since it is an old violin.
That violin it is old and the strings are wearing out, but it is a wonderful violin.
So please don't throw it out.
I was planning to tell that to the teacher, too.
Thank goodness.
Oh, right.
I had forgotten.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Ichinose Kotomi.
A senior in Class A.
My hobby is reading books.
I would be happy if you would become my friend.
The "nice to meet you" bit is a little strange, but that's the deal.
My name is Nishina Rie.
It's nice to make your acquaintence.
See you again.
Yeah, see ya.
Aren't you glad you made more friends? Yup.
It'll be nice to see the number increase like this.
I hear Kotomi-chan isn't in the library anymore but is attending classes.
Let's go take a peek.
Hey, Ichinose-san.
This problem number three First you set x = cos θ, and then this becomes this.
So the answer is π/9.
I get it! Thank you! You really are smart, Ichinose-san.
Oh yeah.
You were the one that was doing the violin concert the other day, right? What? You can play the violin? You should have told us, and we would have been there.
I walked by, but you don't call that "playing".
What's that supposed to mean? It made me back off.
It's a little embarrassing.
Naive! You're too naive! A world made up of only jabbers means there is no one to play the dumb role.
So there'd only be jabbers in bowties from here to the end of the horizon.
Try missing a line or making a ridiculous comment in that situation.
What do you think would happen? What will happen? What the heck?! Are you an idiot?! That's enough out of you! What? I've had enough from you! What in the world?! You'd get slapped with one after another.
It'd be a really, really harsh world.
Jabs are very scary.
Anyway, it's impossible for you to go into the comedy world even if you were reborn a million times.
I think you're being too harsh.
If we all work together, I'm sure- It's worthless even if you three work together.
Zero is always zero no matter how many of them are brought together.
She's being really harsh.
Then I must resort to my last trick.
I'll show you an amazing joke! I hope it's not something really old again.
It's something I just learned from the TV the other day.
It's really new.
Here I go.
It bends here.
That's a joke? Don't ask me.
They come off.
It's supposed to be a joke, right? Don't cry.
You sure made a lot! I wanted everyone to enjoy some.
Kotomi-chan, what do you usually do when there's no school? I'm usually reading books.
I usually waste time at Sunohara's place.
I think I'm usually at home, too.
You guys are pathetic.
The youngsters in the midst of youth are all wasting their time and bodies.
So you have stuff to do? No, I don't.
I figured.
But I just made a plan.
Meet at the station at nine tomorrow.
Group dating.
Group outing.
This is what innocent youngsters should be doing.
I'm the only guy? If we'd asked Sunohara, I bet he would've come with his tail wagging.
One idiot per group is enough.
Would that one idiot be you? Oh, come on! Of course it's you.
Hey, you come really close in the race, too, you know? Onee-chan.
Kotomi-chan says it's almost her birthday.
It's next Saturday.
Okay! We'll get you a present with our hearts in it! It's impossible.
It won't budge at all again! Hey staff! The placement of the prize is wrong! No one can ever get this if it's like this! Again? Will you give me a break? She's still up for it.
This is the present with your heart in it? That doll is really big.
Is it all right to make it bigger than the actual animal? There you go.
Thank you.
Here's my thirty-fourth try.
Just so you know, this is your last round.
I'm completely broke.
You're up next, Ryou.
I-I don't have the confidence at all.
I failed last time, too.
In that case, the President.
Me, too.
I feel like I would put Okazaki-san's money to waste.
Then I'll- You worthless bunch! Isn't there anyone confident enough to declare that they can get it?! Fuko's here! Who are you? Fuko saw you were in trouble, so Fuko ran here, wishing to be of aid.
Leave everything to Fuko.
Excuse me, we've met before, haven't we? You don't have to remember now.
The day we will naturally reunite will come.
Can you really get it? Fuko is a master at this game, so much so that neighbors say that no one can compare to Fuko when it comes to manipulating cranes.
What kind of neighbors do you have? I feel like I've had this conversation before.
The target is that big thing.
You got that? Here goes Fuko! The shape attracted Fuko and made Fuko's hand move unconsciously.
Just so you know, that's a star, not a starfish.
Fuko couldn't be of help this time, but Fuko wants to come again to help again another time.
Until then! What was that about? Why did I say "starfish"? I don't know We couldn't decide on a present in the end.
We still have time, so let's take it easy.
A contrail.
It's very beautiful.
Kotomi, what's wrong? Our home's this way.
Nagisa-chan, Kyou-chan, Ryou-chan, see you tomorrow.
Yes, good night.
Bye bye.
Thank you, Tomoya-kun.
If I hadn't met you, I don't think I would have had so much fun.
I haven't done anything.
Nagisa, Kyou, and Fujibayashi all just like you.
That's all.
If so, I'll be really happy.
Tomoya-kun, there's something I want to give you.
I want you to hold on to this.
I've already memorized everything in it.
You want me to read it? No, you don't have to read it.
Just hold on to it.
What's wrong? He's the guy from the other day.
The bad guy.
Hey! Looks like he's gone.
Who is he? What business does he have with you? I've been having strange dreams lately.
Guess who, Tomoya-kun? Your breasts! They're pressing against me! Munegasawatteru Munega-san? Are you a gymnast from Russia or something? You're Ichinose Kotomi, and your breasts are pressed right against my back! My heart is really, really pounding.
Who sent you to do this embarrassing joke? Me! Stop teaching Kotomi strange things.
Why not? There's nothing to lose from it.
Kyou-chan! What's wrong, Nagisa? Kyou-chan! Ryou-chan comes to school by bus, right? Yeah, she does.
So? She always gets on the bus around this time, right? So why are you in such a panic? There was a bus accident at the intersection below, and there was a crowd of people.
It looked like a big accident.
Maybe Ryou-chan got No! It can't be! If anything were to happen to Ryou, there's no way I wouldn't know! Kyou! Holy I've never seen a bus roll over.
There could be people hurt.
Ryou! Onee-chan? Ryou-chan! Fujibayashi! You were safe? You weren't on that bus? I was on the bus right after that one.
The road got jammed, so I fell behind schedule.
That bus was on its way back to the depot, so no one was on it.
Both the bus driver and the other driver are fine.
See? You're the one that ignored the light and came in! I only went fast since it was yellow! It's your fault for not paying attention! Fine, fine! We'll listen to the rest somewhere else.
Thank goodness no one was hurt.
I'm sorry for making things dramatic.
It's good to know that it was nothing.
Are you all right? Kotomi-chan.
Ryou-chan's fine.
Kotomi-chan? Kotomi-chan? Kotomi-chan! What's wrong, Kotomi? Kotomi! Kotomi! I'll be a good girl I'll be a good girl, so Kotomi-chan! Kotomi-chan, get a hold of yourself.
Hospital! Ambulance! Actually, the nurse's office! Left early? Yeah.
She left halfway through first period.
That's what the school nurse said.
She looked like she was going through something serious.
Is it all right to let her go home alone? We asked the same question.
She said it's related to Ichinose-san's privacy, so she couldn't share anything more.
Privacy? Let's go to the teacher's lounge.
Her homeroom teacher should know something.
She came to me and said that she wasn't feeling well, so she wanted to go home alone.
What happened to Ichinose-san? What is this privacy deal about? It's called privacy because we can't tell you about it.
You'll have to wait until Ichinose-san shares the story with you.
Would it be all right for us to go visit her house? I feel it's best to leave her alone right now But sure.
Let me write down her address for you.
Don't try to force her to meet you, okay? Kotomi-chan thought I got hurt, so she fell into a state of shock It's my fault.
If I hadn't said there was an accident Neither of you are at fault.
Don't worry about it.
Are you sure? Maybe we weren't really her friends yet.
Is she not home? Maybe she's asleep.
How about we call it a day and come back tomorrow? Okazaki-san? Okazaki-san, is something wrong? No, nothing.
Yeah, what? You've been spacing out for a while.
That house has been bugging me.
I'm not sure what exactly is bugging Okazaki-san? You guys head home.
I'll see you tomorrow! Okazaki-san! Hey! What do you think you're doing here?! You're the boy from the other day.
Do you have some business with this house? Oh, I'm sorry.
I can't blame you for suspecting me for what I'm doing.
I rang the bell, but no one answered, so I came around to the yard to see if anyone is in.
Who are you? I'm an acquaintance of Kotomi-kun's parents.
I was a member of their lab.
I knew Kotomi-kun from when she was little.
Did you come to meet Kotomi's parents? Oh, so you don't know.
If she's keeping it a secret, then it's not something I should say.
It's a private matter.
It's exactly what sensei said.
Kotomi's parents are amazing scientists, right? Are they that important? What we can observe isn't the only universe.
There is a realm that was shed and sealed away while this world was taking form.
The hidden world.
Her parents were the first to find evidence of such a world.
To be precise, they supposedly had.
This sounds like a complicated story.
In any case, it is our pride that we were able to help the Ichinoses' research.
But No, this is as much as I can tell.
Did Kotomi-kun say anything about me? Uh "The bad guy.
" I guess that's what we still are to her.
Are you her classmate? Not in the same class, but I am her friend.
I see.
When you have the chance, I would like you to pass on these words.
"I don't expect you to forgive us, but we still regret what happened that day.
" That day? That's all.
Excuse me now.
This place is familiar looking.
No, I never entered through the front door.
Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
Newspaper Article: Plane Crash: A Tragedy Newspaper Article: Calabi-Yau manifold Newspaper Article: Deceased Ichinoses' So, we met each other when we were kids.
Third period became a study hall.
I couldn't get it off my mind.
What are you doing, loitering around here? Shopping.
You're wealthier than I'd thought.
So, I guess I'll do some more work.
Okazaki-kun, do you know that Ichinose-san has an offer to go study abroad? Study abroad? Good night, Kotomi.