Clannad (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Theory Of Everything

1 Okazaki-san.
Hey, 'morning.
A little present for you.
Were you here all night? You've got to be kidding me.
I do go home at night.
Um, we were thinking of skipping school, as well, and helping.
Just the thought is enough.
We can't have both Class E and D's class reps be absent.
Kotomi! Are you getting your sleep? Are you eating properly? We're looking forward to your birthday the day after tomorrow! Will this really all work out? See you tomorrow.
Please don't push yourselves too hard, both of you.
We know.
Good night.
Does it look like things will end by tomorrow? Piece of cake.
To be honest, I intend to work through the night today.
In that case- No! I didn't say anything yet.
You were going to say you'll stay, weren't you? Absolutely not.
If you catch a fever or something, the old man will get pissed and might ban me forever from your house.
But, didn't you work until late last night, too? This is nothing compared to the basketball team's workout.
Then please let me know any time you need a hand.
Man, I'm exhausted.
Everyone's worried about you.
You understand, right? What we can observe isn't the only universe.
There is a realm that was shed and sealed away while this world was taking form.
The hidden world.
The hidden world, eh Looks like I made it in time.
You don't mind me reading it now, right? Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, I see.
So she was quoting the lines from this book.
Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
Where am I? Who are you? Why are you here? I was playing, and I wandered in here.
Who are you? Kotomi.
You spell Kotomi with three hiragana.
When you call me, call me Kotomi-chan.
Oh my.
We have a cute guest.
That's how I met Kotomi.
This is a California poppy.
This is a pansy.
Kotomi-chan, since the weather is so nice, why not go play outside? We are outside.
Outside is beyond the hedge.
It's a very vast world with many things that you don't know about.
It's scary, so I don't want to go.
Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
Kotomi didn't like going outside.
I never saw her other friends visiting her.
Hey, can I bring my friends over to your birthday party? I want to celebrate your birthday with everyone.
I'm sure it'll be fun.
What? A birthday party of someone we don't know? Isn't it embarrassing to go to a girl's birthday party? Not knowing how I should face her, I couldn't bring myself to go to the yard.
It was after dark that I finally came to a conclusion that I had to go.
I felt I had to apologize for skipping her birthday party.
What? Kotomi-chan?! I burnt it I burnt Father and Mother's paper! No, there's no reason for you to cry.
What you burnt was something for you.
I never saw Kotomi after that.
I visited her house several times after that, but never got to see her.
My encounter with Kotomi All the time I spent in the yard Everything seemed like a dream.
And eventually, I forgot everything.
Who are you? Why are you here? Are you awake? I might still be asleep.
I always remembered the boy who wandered into the yard.
I really, really liked that boy.
He was my only friend so so I kept waiting for him.
Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
You're Tomoya-kun.
I'm here to get you.
Everyone's waiting for you.
The sky's really beautiful.
She's here! Good morning, Kotomi.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Morning, Kotomi.
Good morning, everyone.
Were you all waiting for me? Of course! Today's your birthday.
Oh, right.
And, about your present Here.
A violin gift certificate.
It's that violin you like.
We intended to give it to you, but it broke.
It can be repaired, but it couldn't be fixed for today.
When it comes back fixed, we'll give it to you, so hold on to that until then.
Thank you.
Ichinose-san! Wonderful.
I see you're willing to come to school again.
Sensei, good morning.
Good morning.
Your godfather is going to be here today.
He said there's something he wants to give you.
Don't worry.
He's not that bad of a person.
You actually know that, don't you? Let's have him come to the theater club's club room.
That way you can relax.
We'll be there with you.
Let's meet him, Kotomi-chan.
Sorry to have you come all the way here.
It's fine.
I'm glad I could see her today.
It's Father's suitcase.
This arrived at the research lab late last night.
I opened it and confirmed it belonged to Dr.
Ichinose, and told myself I had to give this to you today.
Is the paper inside? Open it for yourself.
We're with you, Kotomi.
He's right.
Fight, Kotomi! What does it say? Don't ask me.
Let's see If you this suitcase "If you find this suitcase, please take it to our daughter.
" The signature is the initials of Ichinose Koutarou and Ichinose Mizue.
In other words, Kotomi-kun's parents.
This is how they always signed co-authored papers.
The suitcase belonged to the Ichinoses.
It must have drifted to shore after a long time.
Someone found the suitcase, opened it, and saw the letter.
Then passed it on to someone else.
This suitcase must have gotten passed on from one person to another like that.
There is evidence of several people touching up the bear and suitcase.
You probably don't know what was inside the envelope you burned, do you? The paper Father and Mother wrote? There was never a second copy of the paper.
Your father was editing the paper until the very last moment, so he mustn't have had time to make a second copy.
Then what was inside the envelope? Inside was a catalogue of teddy bears.
You probably would never have believed me if I had told you this any earlier than today, but I think you'll believe me now.
I still remember it.
"For the first time, my daughter said what she wants.
" The happy face your father had as he said that.
But the paper should have been inside this suitcase, right? Father and Mother's paper.
Read it please.
"Dear Kotomi.
" "The world is beautiful.
" "Even when they are filled with sadness and tears" This is Father's handwriting! Mother Your Father and Mother threw away everything else inside, including the paper, and instead placed the bear and the letter.
Your parents were trying to describe the world's origin as beautifully, purely, and concisely as possible.
But I've never seen anything more beautiful than the words in that letter.
Your Father and Mother were wishing for your happiness until the very end.
Father, Mother.
I've been waiting all these years.
I've been crying inside the house all these years.
Then, Tomoya-kun came to get me.
I'm very blessed right now.
Very, very blessed.
So So Father Mother Welcome home.
That suitcase must have traveled the world.
Cities in the desert, islands of ice, steep mountains, and green plains.
From one person to another.
It was passed on with care.
If you find this suitcase, please take it to my daughter.
この鞄を見つけたら、どうか娘に届けてください。 If you find this suitcase, please take it to our daughter.
Si vous avez trouvé ce sac, veuillez l' envover à notre fille  Als U deze koffer vindt, bring ze dan naar onze dochter Se trovi questa borsa prego di portarla alla nostra figlia  Kalau anda menemukan tas ini, mohon mengembalikan kepada putri kami  Se encontrar esta mala, por favor envie-a para nossa filha.
이 가방을 발견하시면 제 딸 앞으로 보내주ì‹ì‹œì˜¤.
если вы найдёте зтот чемодан, то отправьте его нашей дочери поÐалуйста.
如果你找到這盒公事箱, 請把它郵寄給我們的女兒 Dear Kotomi.
The world is beautiful.
Even when they are filled with sadness and tears, open your eyes.
Do what you wish to do.
Become what you want to be.
Make friends.
Don't rush, and take your time in becoming an adult.
He's a bear we found at a gift shop.
We looked around many places, and he was the biggest one.
We didn't have time and couldn't send him from the airport.
Our cute Kotomi Happy birthday.
Hello, everyone.
We invited Sunohara and Miyazawa, too.
They're getting the food right now.
My father and mother will come, too.
When everyone gets here, let's have the presentation ceremony.
I made some sweets, too.
I bet you made too much again, didn't you? Yes Today, it doesn't matter how much you made.
Like the concert we had, I gathered a lot of people.
Hey, that'll be too many people.
Will they all fit here? It'll be fine.
My yard is big.
Basketball Between the two of us, that'd be your field.
Is there a meaning to this? Okay, I'll tell the truth.
What? I'm sorry I didn't mean to cry Sunohara So, what are you going to do, Nagisa? You're not going to back down now, are you?