Clannad (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

Stuck Problem

1 Another new light is born.
A long time ago, or perhaps in the distant future, I was in a different world.
I still retain the memory that I was once there.
What was that world like? Was it more beautiful than here? I'm sure.
Were there lots of things that kept each day interesting? I think.
It wasn't lonely like here? The girl who spent her time alone in this world that had ended.
Because I knew this place with nothingness was not fun and was a lonely place to be that must be why I chose to be born here.
Hey, did you wish to be born in a world like this? Just lend the name? All she needs is the number, right? I'm not interested in acting, but I don't mind if it's just lending the name.
I bet Nagisa-chan will be thanking me.
And one day, the gratitude will develop into love.
Nagisa-chan! I have good news for you! Tomoya, we've decided to lend our names to the Theater Club.
Honestly, we're not interested in acting, so it's just to reach the number.
This makes four members.
Enough for the student council to recognize us.
To be honest, I feel bad, since it feels like we're tricking them.
You're too honest! Everyone's up to helping you, so don't waste their thoughts, Nagisa.
Now that it's decided, let's take action! Let's go! You have to act tough, Nagisa.
Yes You get moving, too, Tomoya.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, so you want to restart the Theater Club? Yes.
We want to take part in the School Festival.
We've got the number required.
All we need now is an advisor for the student council to recognize us.
Could you please be our advisor? Could you go discuss this with a junior named Nishina Rie? Nishina Rie-san? As in the Nishina-san who lent me the violin? Ichinose-san.
Nishina-san, hello.
It's been a while.
What brings you here today? It's not me today.
Nagisa-chan wants to talk to you.
I'm Furukawa Nagisa from 3-B.
I'm not entirely certain of the situation, but Um, may I speak with her alone? I don't think it's very comfortable for them to see a group of upperclassmen come by.
How did it go, Nagisa? Well What are you going to do, Rie-chan? We approached Koumura-sensei first, so we don't have to step aside.
But Koumura-sensei was an advisor for the Theater Club originally, and they only have this year left to them.
Are you sure?! You might not be able to form the Choir Club! You can't give up singing! That's why we should be thinking of what we can do for all of us to be happy.
Yeah? Choir Club? Yes.
They want to form a Choir Club and asked Koumura-sensei to be their advisor.
Wouldn't the music teacher usually be the advisor for the Choir Club? The music teacher already has her hands full with the Wind Ensemble.
The only teacher who is not advising any club is Koumura-sensei.
So, what are you going to do, Nagisa? You're not going to back down now, are you? Is Sunohara here? No, he's not back yet.
He has a call from his little sister.
Can you take the message from her instead? Oh yeah, he has a sister, doesn't he? Since it's his sister we're talking about, I bet she's like.
"It's me, Onii-chan.
" that; a very demonic girl.
Could you not scare my cat please? What? Looks like I can greet her normally.
Hello? Is that you, Onii-chan? Yes.
Your brother, Sunohara Youhei, the greatest failure in life, speaking.
What are you saying? She didn't fall for it.
You know, Onii-chan, I'm planning to visit you the day after tomorrow.
Sorry, my sister.
Right now, I'm actually behind bars.
I got caught doing something stupid.
There you go again, trying to change the subject.
I'll be there no matter what you say.
What do you want me to bring you? A clay doll.
You want something like that? Yes, please.
If you say so, then I'll bring it.
You still can't tell? I'm not your brother, but- Oh, Mom's calling, so I'm hanging up now.
See you day after tomorrow.
Hey! Hello! Crap.
Oh well.
You're all so mean to go home, forgetting about me.
When I came to, the classroom was pitch dark.
I was hungry, too, and the gate was closed when I tried to go home.
Hey, are you listening, Okazaki? Nagisa-chan, what are you reading? Could it be a love letter? Let's see "Give up on making the Theater Club.
Otherwise you'll be in pain.
" A threatening note? It was inside my desk when I came back after PE.
Who could have If you're in a fight over an advisor with the Choir Club, then it has to be them.
There's no proof, so we can't say that! She They wouldn't do such a thing! They're trying to sing together! So they would never do such a thing! Nishina-san was so kind to Kotomi-chan, as well.
Can you be so sure? Where are you going? I'll look into this my way.
I think I can report the result by the time school ends, so look forward to it.
Hey, wait! Don't worry, I won't do anything rough.
After all, I'm kind to girls.
Do you think it's something Nishina-san and her friends did? It really was one of the choir members.
A girl named Sugisaka.
Do you have proof? Her classmate saw her go into a senior class and put something inside a desk.
I'm not making this up, just so you know.
Ah, here she is.
I called her out.
Good, you came alone.
The letter was something I did by myself.
It has nothing to do with the other two.
I'm the only one who did something wrong! You think that would fly? Everyone isn't thinking enough, and it's making me sick.
Hold up, Sunohara.
Please wait, Sunohara-san! We met in the music room yesterday, right? Let's talk properly.
Nishina-san played the violin when she was little and won many prizes at various competitions.
Her talent was acknowledged by many people, and she was supposed to go study abroad, too.
But right before that was about to become reality she got in an accident.
Her grip became weak.
She couldn't play the violin as well as she used to, either, so she enrolled in this school, but she looked lonely all the time.
So we decided to form the Choir Club! She may not be able to play violin, but she can sing! She's great at singing, too! Please! Don't get in Rie-chan's way! Um You don't have to listen to someone like her!!! Someone who tries to get sympathy out of others like that is a cheater! It's thoughtless of you to try to get special treatment due to a handicap like that! Sunohara A handicap like that I can't get in Nishina-san's way.
You haven't done anything wrong, Nagisa-chan! Forget the things she said! But I've already heard them.
The Choir Club is seriously trying to create music, but the Theater Club is Sugisaka-san.
I'll give up on the Theater Club.
Furukawa-san So please create a wonderful Choir Club with Nishina-san.
Sunohara! Sunohara is the same as me.
He had to quit the club he joined as part of a sports recruitment for the school.
Sunohara-san did? He was on the soccer team.
But he clashed with an upperclassman, got in a fight, and had to quit.
The rest is the same story as mine.
Nothing to do and just wasting every day away.
I see He's the same in the sense that he had to give up on a dream midway through.
That's why he can't forgive others taking advantage of that handicap.
Hey, was this really the best choice? Okazaki-san.
What? It was very fun to work hard with you up until now.
I couldn't reestablish the Theater Club, but I found many more important things.
I was able to become close with Okazaki-san and with Kyou-chan, Ryou-chan, Kotomi-chan, and Sunohara-san, as well.
It's thanks to you that even I was able to work this hard.
I haven't done anything.
That's not true.
It's you who's become strong.
A lot stronger than that day you stood at the bottom of the hill.
Even if you're clumsy and a crybaby, you worked this much.
That's why you became strong.
If you weren't with me, I wouldn't have been able to do anything.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to cry Nagisa HEY!!! I heard from Youhei! You gave into the choir member's tears and gave Koumura-sensei to them? Why are you like that?! If you're always so considerate of others, you'll never realize your dreams! I don't like this either.
If Nagisa-chan isn't going to do it, then I'll go destroy the choir with force.
That's one thing you shouldn't do.
Nagisa will only get sadder.
I don't like this at all! Okazaki, let's go fool around somewhere.
But I just withdrew from my account the other day, so I'm broke.
Welcome, Okazaki-san.
What is this situation? A place where you can drink good coffee for free and can kill time, as well.
Not bad, right? My name is Miyazawa Yukine.
I'm in charge of the key to this reference room.
Is there a meaning to that? All the books here are books no one reads, right? That's why it's great.
All the strange books are collected here.
For example, this.
It's fortune telling using astrological signs.
Sunohara-san, what's your sign? Your constellation says If anything, I'd like to know how to get the advisor back from the choir.
Your lucky color is orange.
Your lucky word is basketball.
Basketball Between us, it'd be your field.
You're very considerate of your friends.
By showing that you sincerely care, those around you will be touched.
How you challenge what seems impossible will move others' hearts.
Challenge the impossible Basketball That's it! Hey, Sunohara! Later, Okazaki! What did that idiot think of? No matter how many times you come, my answer will be the same.
Don't say that, please.
Please, Sakagami-san.
Join the women's Judo Club.
As the men's Judo Club president, I beg of you, as well.
If you join, the women's team would instantly become championship contenders.
I've told you many times that I have no intention of joining.
You're popular as always, Tomoyo.
Okazaki, help me.
Just visiting is fine to start.
They're so persistant.
Just today! Please, Sakagami-san! I have a mission! You- Fuko is here! Sakagami-san came to Onee-chan's wedding.
It is now Fuko's turn to be of her aid.
Looks like the time to show Fuko's ultimate move that wipes out any enemies, Starfish Heat! But you two participated in the wedding, too.
Fuko can't take either side.
Fuko will show up on another occasion.
Until then.
What was that about? No, don't ask me.
Anyway, please come to the dojo.
If you do, I'm sure your mind will change.
Why don't you guys stop already? Who are you? Let's go, Tomoyo.
I was amazed.
You can be dependable when the situation requires you to be.
It wasn't something that grand.
You were facing the Judo Club's captains Not just one, but from both the men's and women's teams.
Were you not afraid? I'm used to being hated, so don't worry about it.
Given how things were going, I might have been forced into the club.
I'm not interested in judo, and soon I'll be busy with the student council president election.
If someone like you were president, reestablishing the Theater Club could have been easier.
What's wrong? I was thinking that you're actually a good guy.
Then you didn't see Sunohara-san last night? Yeah, he didn't come home until pretty late.
I don't have a clue where and what he was doing.
I've been waiting.
A match against the basketball team? Hold on! Where did this come from? Remember what Yukine-chan said yesterday? I can touch those around me emotionally by working frantically.
And the lucky word is basketball.
In other words, if we have a match against the basketball team and win, we can get those choir girls to understand my point.
Those handicaps don't mean anything.
And when Sugisaka and Nishina are touched, they will give us the advisor.
You really think a shounen manga-like plot like you just said would really work? I know you can't shoot.
So be the point guard.
Let's do this! I can't go along with this.
Let's go, Nagisa.
Hey, hold on Okazaki! Was it all right to leave Sunohara-san behind? He's just getting excited by himself.
Don't let it bother you.
But he's doing this for me Was there any case where he did anything for someone else? Okazaki! Let's play basketball! Hey, Okazaki.
Let's play basketball! Okazaki! Let's play basketball.
Hey, come on.
Sunohara-kun is disturbing my studies.
Hold up, Okazaki! Okazaki-san.
Shall we go to the club room- Run! I'm sure he won't come this far.
Wouldn't Sunohara-san be looking for you? It's fine.
Forget about him.
But Okay, I'll tell the truth.
What? Basketball practice is just an excuse to be with me.
An excuse? That's right.
He actually likes me.
He loves me.
Okazaki~ I've left him alone for a while, right? So the loneliness has built up within him and is making him do this.
If you think about it, he's a poor guy.
But, if so, shouldn't you seriously face him? Unfortunately, I can't love men.
So it's better for him to give up on me sooner rather than later.
I see You really are a kind person.
As long as you understand me.
He's here! I finally caught up.
Why did you run away, Okazaki? You're being so unfriendly.
Um well Okazaki-san isn't appreciating it, so I don't think you should.
Why? You know Okazaki and I get along well.
You can't! Even if you're close to each other, there are lines that you can't cross! I need Okazaki no matter what! It must be him! You can't! Since Since Okazaki-san is my boyfriend! Eh?! So I can't give Okazaki-san to you! Oh, I see.
She's trying to protect me.
You two Since when You idiots! Hey.
I'm sorry! I felt that I had to protect you, so I shouted out a complete lie without thinking! Ah, no.
Um Thanks.
It made me happy.
Excuse me.
Was the person who just ran down Sunohara Youhei? And you are? His younger sister, Sunohara Mei.
Do you have someone you're dating right now? No, I don't! And why are you even asking this? Tomoya, you just said something interesting, didn't you? The interesting ones were Sunohara and Tomoyo.
That's not what I'm saying.
You said you're not dating anyone.
Yeah, so what? I don't know.
I wonder what it means.
Nagisa-chan and Okazaki? What are you two doing in my room? You weren't possibly going to make this your nest of love?! N-No! No!