Clannad (2007) s01e16 Episode Script

3 On 3

1 Gah.
It's worse than I'd thought.
I think it's a nice, very boy-like room.
You're not being very supportive of him.
As his sister, I can't let this be! I'll clean it up.
Holy That took no time at all.
Mei-chan really knows how to do this right.
I'll go throw these into the laundry.
Excuse me, dorm mother.
May I use the laundry machine? Go ahead.
It's this way.
Thank you very much.
She's very on top of things.
We probably should keep that a secret, right? "That"? How Sunohara-san loves you.
Eh? I-Is that true? Onii-chan and Okazaki-san are dating? No! No! It's only Sunohara-san that's trying to make moves! I just said everything I wasn't supposed to! Gah What a shocker.
Um, I think the shape love takes depends on each person.
I think each individual is free to love whomever and however.
You say something to her, too, Okazaki-san! No, it's very interesting, so let me remain a spectator.
Onii-chan's so hopeless.
Please don't hate my brother.
He has many failures, but he is a kind brother.
Please become my little sister.
Huh? Yes.
I would love to have a little sister like Mei-chan.
Nagisa-chan and Okazaki? What are you two doing in my room? You weren't possibly going to make this your nest of love?! No! No! Never mind that, Sunohara, you have a visitor.
A young, cute girl who loves you very much.
Seriously?! Yahoo! I'm Sunohara Mei.
Nice to meet you.
Why are you here?! I told you over the phone I was coming to visit.
Phone? Ah, about that, I have something to say.
So you set all this up? Due to the flow of the conversations.
You're so horrible.
I seriously thought Sunohara-san was in love with Okazaki-san.
I went through the trouble of buying it, but I guess it's become a waste.
Do you want it, Onii-chan? No, I don't! Are you sure it's fine, Nagisa-chan? Yes.
I would love to get to know Mei-chan better.
I'd like to let her stay, but I can't let a girl stay in a boys' dorm, so let's accept Furukawa-san's offer for tonight.
Yes! Nagisa-chan.
Thank you for taking care of my sister.
Wow I'm home.
Good evening.
Oh, Okazaki-san.
It's been a while.
Who might this be? Wow, you're beautiful.
Thank you very much.
Are you Nagisa-san's older sister? No.
I'm her mother.
Really?! What's going on? It's really lively here.
I have a favor to ask.
What's with the formality? You want to know the mystery behind the scar on your butt? No, that's not what I wanted to ask.
I have a scar like that? You didn't know? If you want confirmation, I can look at it for you.
You're such a pervert, Dad! I'm too old to show it to you! She's become distant towards you, hasn't she? This is why I don't like daughters.
I don't mind Mom seeing it, though.
I want Mom to check.
Don't worry, Nagisa.
Such a scar doesn't exist to begin with.
You lied again, Dad! This is my style of remedying the lack of communication.
You all get along well here.
Isn't it amazing? That was this family's specialty: stupid conversations.
I almost forgot! I'm sorry, Mei-chan.
This is Sunohara Mei-chan.
My friend's little sister.
Could she spend the night? I'm Sunohara Mei.
Nice you meet you.
I'm Sanae.
Nice to meet you, too.
I'm Akio.
No one is more handsome than I around here.
Sanae-san is beautiful, and Akio-san's cool, too.
Hey, you're a good girl.
Want 100,000 yen for a bit of allowance? You're being too generous, old man.
Onii-chan is putting together a basketball match? Yes.
He's working for my sake.
I'd like to see that while I'm here.
May I be in your care until then? We're happy to have you, but what about school? It's fine.
We're in a reading period right now.
Let's do our best for Mei-chan's sake, too, Okazaki-san.
Looks like I have no choice but to do it.
Tomoyo! Hey, Okazaki.
The bell's about to ring.
If you want to be the student council president, it's better for you not to be marked tardy.
Then why are you walking so calmly? I'm a delinquent, so it doesn't matter.
I don't think that kind of reason would be acceptable.
I won't allow anyone to be late when they're with me.
Hey, wait! Let go! A new girl has popped up! What? She's going to come watch the match? We can't lose even more now.
You can't let yourself fail in front of Mei-chan, can you? Nagisa is horrible with athletics, and I can't lift my right arm up.
We need strong support.
Support You don't mean! Okay.
That was fast! When's the match? Will we really get Koumura-sensei if we win? It's set for tomorrow.
I made the Choir Club promise to come watch.
The rest is up to how things go.
Not a concrete setup, if you ask me.
Let's give it our best shot.
Youhei, go buy me a fruit milk.
Wait, I'm an errand boy?! Basketball comes from team play, right? We need a slave- I mean a player who follows the master-slave relationship- I mean listens to the team leader.
Why are you the leader?! Sunohara.
Don't stop me, Okazaki! Both basketball and soccer are about teamwork.
We can't possibly play a good match as a team with a hierarchical relationship.
Get me a milk coffee, okay? We have a hierarchical relationship, as well? Why are you asking this now? Damn you all! I hate hierarchical relationships! Tomoya, I want to put a condition on you, as well.
On me? Yeah.
I want you to come with me during today's lunch break.
Wait in your classroom.
Got it? You're not going to the club room today? Kyou told me to stay in the room.
What is with your reaction? Tomoyo! What are you here for? There's something I wanted to tell you.
So let me join you guys.
From what I've heard, you're habitually late.
As your friend, I can't let that be.
If you're a senior, you should have an understanding of what you're doing- What's wrong? This has nothing to do with you.
Don't mind me and keep eating.
Why you! Don't lean forward suddenly like that.
You made my hand move instinctively.
Why do we have to eat lunch with you?! I won't do anything to you.
You just did! Look.
They're eating with an underclassman girl.
So shameless.
Which one's girlfriend is she? Do not misunderstand.
I'm not interested in Sunohara at all.
Well, excuse me.
I came to meet Okazaki, not Sunohara.
He's late so often, so I thought I'd comment upon it.
Hey, you! What do you think you're doing in other people's classrooms? I don't think there's anything in the school code that prohibits eating in others' classrooms.
But that doesn't mean you can start a ruckus.
Think of the trouble you cause to your surroundings.
Why are you so mad? Could it be that you like Okazaki? Wha- O-Of course not! That's ridiculous.
Do you have someone you're dating right now? No, I don't! And why are you even asking this? I see.
Then there aren't any girls out there who would feel annoyed to see me with you.
There's no problem.
Ah, god! Anyway! He made a promise with me! You're not blameless in this, either, you know? I told you to have lunch with me, and what are you doing, eating bread? Come with me! You wanted me to eat lunch with you? Yeah! I had only begun the conversation.
A pity.
You're not actually interested in Okazaki, are you? No, I do not feel I am leaning that way.
But I see Maybe this emotion can be described as "interested".
What's this? You should spend some time with us, too, once in a while, since you always eat lunch with Nagisa and Kotomi.
Um, if we're imposing on you too much, we won't force you to stay.
No, it's fine.
I-I see.
Tomoya, you just said something interesting, didn't you? The interesting ones were Sunohara and Tomoyo.
That's not what I'm saying.
You said you're not dating anyone.
So you're not dating Nagisa either, right? Yeah, so what? I don't know.
I wonder what it means.
Did Mei really say that she'll come see the match? Yeah.
Looks like she's really worried about you.
Yeah? Then why won't she show up at all today? I bet she doesn't care about her brother.
What? You're sulking since she doesn't care about you? I bet she just wanted to come for a visit.
She's always loved the city.
You can't call this place a city.
Compared to where I'm from, it is.
That said, it's a lot better than having her all over me.
It's totally obvious you're lonely.
Speak of the devil.
Oh, great.
What is she here for? Ah, Okazaki-san.
I knew I'd find you here.
What? Me? Yes.
Sanae-san and Akio-san told me to get you for dinner.
Oh, and Onii-chan.
Yes! What? This gets in the way, so let me leave it here.
This sucks, sucks, sucks! Listen! We must win today's match! You're so pumped up.
Did something happen? She was criticized by one of the basketball club members.
Yeah, he said, "You're so pathetic to team up with those bottom-of-the-barrel guys.
" God, he pisses me off! Tomoya.
Is it against the rules to slam the ball into an opponent's face? Y-Yeah, it is.
Kyou-chan is really intimidating! We won't live if we lose.
I think we chose the wrong person.
Um Please don't get hurt.
Don't worry about it; leave it to me.
Why are the basketball team and Theater Club having a match? I don't know, but it sounds interesting.
Rie-chan, why do we have to come watch this match? Even if they do win the match, it means nothing to us.
Yes, but But he insisted that we come.
What year are you guys? They're all freshman.
What? We're playing against rookies? Of course.
You guys wouldn't stand a chance against the starters.
I wonder how long that confidence will last.
The match will be 3 on 3 for twenty minutes.
No timeouts.
Other than that, the rules will strictly follow regular basketball.
Got it? Is it all right to do this? If your advisor, Oogami, finds out, won't he make a big deal out of it? It's worth it if it means playing you.
Um, Nagisa-san.
Yes, what is it? Is it all right for me to be here? It's all right.
Everyone's focused on the court, and nobody will see us here.
Um, who might she be? I'm Sunohara Youhei's little sister, Mei.
Thank you for taking care of my brother.
Ah, it's nothing.
Nice to meet you.
Everyone, it looks like the match is starting.
He's fast! Sunohara! Kyou! All right! Good one, Kyou! It's all from throwing dictionaries at us.
Flip the scoreboard already.
That was worth three points? Normal shots are worth two points, but when a long shot goes in, it's worth three points.
I never knew that.
That had to be a fluke.
I can't shake her off! Damn it! Sunohara! Kyou! Okay! Nice shot, Kyou! In that case We'll cover her completely! An obvious move.
Then- Sunohara! Not so fast! Eh? Up it goes.
Score! Nice, Sunohara! Rookies! Don't treat them as novices.
Play with everything you've got.
Y-Yes! They'll eventually change to the starters.
The match depends on how much of a point difference we can have by then.
Damn it! Don't mind it! Yeah! They're amazing.
Let's go! This way, Sunohara! Yes.
And they're playing against the basketball team, too.
All right, Okazaki, pass! Got it! Kyou! Nice, Tomoya.
Go for it! Shoot it, Kyou! Good.
Kyou-sama! You're so cool! What's that? I have a strange popularity among the underclassmen girls.
Youhei, pass it to me.
Okazaki can't raise his right arm higher than his shoulder.
There it goes, Kyou! Shoot it! Just watch out for lay-ups from the left side of the court, and he's covered.
Crap, I missed.
Nice rebound! Youhei! Behind you! Keep the pressure on Sunohara and Fujibayashi and don't let them move.
Pass! Good.
Kyou, pass! Kyou, shoot it! Yay! Member change.
All freshmen come off the court.
We're sorry.
Don't worry and leave it to us.
So the starters come to the court.
Nah, just the way I like it.
Are you going to last, Sunohara? Don't worry.
This is nothing.
Five more minutes to go.
Up by eleven points, eh Shit.
You won't get past me! Hustle! Augh! They're catching up fast! I guess they can't beat the real players.
How much more time is there? One minute and twenty seconds.
Defense! They're about to catch up.
Only a one point difference now.
Sunohara-san isn't keeping up anymore.
They've turned the tables around.
Only twenty seconds left! Everyone! You can do it! I'm running out of stamina, too.
Come to think of it, why am I so worked up? Nice! Here goes nothing.
I won't let you! There's no way we can win.
They practice so much every day.
How about me? I just wasted time for two years.
I knew the result.
What a waste of effort.
I shouldn't have played this match.
It just makes me feel pathetic.
So pathetic.
Okazaki-san!!! Shoot! But even I have a place I want to reach now! Yay! They did it.
That was amazing.
I was so surprised.
Th-That was amazing.
They seriously won.
Hey! What is this about?! Crap, that's Oogami! Run for it.
You had great eyes.
Maybe you can still play.
Don't be ridiculous.
Thank you very much, everyone.
It would have been nice if you could have stayed longer.
Both Dad and Mom were saying come again.
Mei, didn't I do great on the court? I remember you weren't much use in the end.
But you looked cool! Y-Yeah? I couldn't stay long this time, but I'll find some time and come again.
I'll see you all again.
Watch yourself on your way home.
There she goes.
That was fast.
But she promised that she'll come again.
I wonder if the Choir Club will give us Koumura now.
Something will come out of this.
Let's go.
Kyou-chan and the others should be expecting us and have a celebration party ready.
They are? Where? In your room.
Why mine? You didn't know about it, Sunohara-san? No, I didn't! The future? Yeah.
What are you going to do once you graduate? Don't tell me you haven't thought about anything.
Well, what about you two? I'm thinking about becoming a kindergarten teacher.
I'm thinking of going to a nursing school.