Clannad (2007) s01e17 Episode Script

A Room Without Anyone

1 Share the advisor? Yes.
Um We watched yesterday's match, and the three of us discussed the matter after that.
How about we ask Koumura-sensei to be the advisor for both clubs? This is great, Nagisa! The Theater Club is back now.
Yes! They rejected me Why?! We have an advisor and members, too.
The sharing of advisors isn't approved.
Club activity when the advisor is not present is prohibited, so it'd be like one day on, one day off.
You said you'd be fine even if that's the case, right? Yes.
But they said there is no precedent, so God.
Why is our student council such a bureaucracy? Nagisa-chan! Nagisa! Nagisa-chan? Nagisa? Nagisa, what's wrong? Nagisa! Thank you so much for coming all this way.
It's nothing; we're all her friends.
They looked like very kind parents.
They said Nagisa-chan will be absent from school for some time.
I'm worried.
Without the president, I guess club activities will have to be called off for a while.
I guess this is the second time you've saved Nagisa.
No, I haven't I haven't done anything.
Okazaki! It's morning! You'll be late.
Good morning, Okazaki.
Tomoyo! What are you doing here?! I came to wake you up, so you won't be late to school.
Why did you?! Your house is on my way to school.
I cannot allow my friend to be constantly tardy.
I did not have an opportunity to inform you yesterday, so I decided to come unannounced.
Did I surprise you? Of course! Don't enter other people's houses without permission! It was not without permission; I received permission from your father.
You met him? Yes.
Is there a problem? No, it's nothing.
Come on, let go of me.
If I do, you'll run away, won't you? Why only me? There is another frequently tardy guy! Who are you talking about? What? What's going on?! I came at Okazaki's request.
I wanted to share the joy of being woken by a girl.
This place is surprisingly well kept.
What is this? Stop it! Oh, it's porn.
Don't go looking at my stuff! Well, I guess you are a guy after all.
Shut your mouth! You don't have to be embarrassed.
You are a boy in the midst of puberty.
Leave me alone already! Good, we made it on time.
See you.
I'm at school five minutes after I opened my eyes.
It's a new record.
Join me for lunch today, too.
Okay? This is a really gorgeous bento.
Onee-chan made all of these.
She worked so hard on them starting early in the morning.
It's good! Isn't it? Onee-chan's really good at cooking.
Some for you, too, Botan.
Puhi! Puhi! You two, scooch over more.
I can't spread the food out.
Hey, who knew? You two match well, sitting next to each other.
Right, Botan? Puhi! Puhi! I declare that when I become the student council president, I will double the menu at the cafeteria! The future? Yeah.
What are you going to do once you graduate? Don't tell me you haven't thought about anything.
Well, what about you two? I'm thinking about becoming a kindergarten teacher.
I'm thinking of going to a nursing school.
I see.
Thanks for the food.
Ryou said she'll make the bento tomorrow, so look forward to it.
What are you doing? You go with him.
Is this really all right? What is? I feel bad for Nagisa-chan.
Tomoya and Nagisa aren't dating.
What's there for you to hold back over? If you don't act, this Tomoyo girl might take him away.
Are you okay with that? Later, Ryou.
I'm sorry.
So Nagisa-chan is absent.
I'm a little lonely.
You're going to go visit her today, too, right? Take me with you.
If I go every day, I'll end up bothering her.
So I don't intend to go today.
You really aren't dating Nagisa-chan, right? I've told you many times that I don't intend on getting a girlfriend.
Why not? Why not what? Why you don't get a girlfriend.
Is there something holding you back? You saw my pops, right? My family is screwed up, and I'm a delinquent bum.
I'm not someone who should have a girlfriend.
I came away with an impression of him being a kind father.
Oh well.
Since I ran into you, let's walk home together.
Where'd this come from? Yeah, let's go home together.
I do not recall asking you.
Asking Okazaki equals asking me.
I've got a little something to do, so come with me, you two.
Damn, she beat us to him.
What business do you have here? You'll find out soon enough.
Seriously? That's so lame.
Yeah, and then- Sa-Sakagami! What are you doing here?! Crap, run for it! You get it now, don't you? I have that kind of an existence here.
So the rumor about beating up gangs was true.
It's in the past.
Shit, it's Sakagami.
Who knows what she'll do to us.
So this is what you had in mind? Guys around here sometimes pick fights with me.
This really does feel great.
Sunohara, if you have something to do, finish it already, please.
I want to go home.
He said this is just the way to get there.
He has business with what's ahead.
Huh? You've had enough, haven't you? If you don't stop, I'll tell her what you had in mind.
Please don't.
I see.
You wanted to come to this cafe.
Better yet, he's treating us.
He's such a caring friend, isn't he? Yes.
You can think of me as your friend starting today, too.
Thank you very much.
It's been a dream of his to go to a cafe with a girl.
Really? Thank you for earlier.
Thanks for what? You figured out I didn't want to stay there and got me out of there, right? Not really.
It's just that I didn't want to be in a place like that, either.
I have a lot of good friends now, but it's fun to be with you guys, too.
Rather, it's fun to be with you .
Well, I'm honored.
See you tomorrow.
Good morning, Okazaki.
You're still asleep, aren't you? You have a really funny face on.
Look, this will make it even funnier.
What are you doing to me?! I was waking you up; you should be thankful.
Do you intend to come here every morning from now on? Yes.
Aren't you happy? Honestly, it's a bother.
You don't have to be so modest; we're all friends.
Okazaki insisted, so we came.
I want you to be thankful.
You think you can talk like that after waking your senpai up from a peaceful sleep?! So you care about the senpai-kouhai hierarchy? It's not something you can get off the hook from with just an apology, got it?! I did not really apologize.
Hey, when I give it a good look, you have a really nice body, babe.
He's one of those people who can never be the main role for anything.
You have an interest in my body? Beg, and I might let you touch me.
You mean it?! So? I beg you! You're beyond pathetic.
Okay, if you go so far for it.
What is this? The hand is part of the body, too.
Isn't it? You bitch You've seriously made me angry.
I'm dead.
Did you hear something while I was kicking him? He said, "This is great!" Is he a masochist? Puhi! Puhi! There you are, Tomoya.
I did promise, after all.
Um, I made today's bento with Onee-chan teaching me.
She worked so hard on it, so you'd better savor it.
All right.
Then I'll gladly enjoy.
Puhi! Hey, Botan! Where are your manners? Puhi! I'm so sorry.
I should have tasted it before packing it.
Don't worry.
The spring rolls tasted pretty good.
Did they really? Thank goodness.
Botan, you're back with us.
I need to go drop Botan off at the gate.
Do you have something on your mind that's bothering you? Not exactly If you want something for a change of mood, there's an interesting book on charms.
Would you like to try it? What do I do after this? You balance another 10 yen coin on that.
That's absolutely impossible! But if you don't, the charm won't work.
It worked! Next, chant, "Ritafuni Kousoku Iita-" three times.
Ritafuni Kousoku Iita- Ritafuni Kousoku Iita- Ritafuni Kousoku Iita- What is this charm for, anyway? It's a charm that gets you locked in a gym equipment storage room with a girl.
Please imagine someone in your mind.
Nagisa is absent.
Kyou! Well, Kyou's probably the safest bet.
Such a convenient charm can't exist.
There is a way to undo the charm, too.
You strip to your waist, and chant, "Curses are nothing to me," three times.
I don't care.
Teach me something more useful.
If you'd share the problem you're having with me, I might be able to give you some advice.
I'm not sure where to start.
Oh yeah.
What do you think of the current student council? I think they're very diligent people.
On the other hand, they do seem too tightly bound to the rules.
Yeah, I agree.
Why can't they allow the sharing of an advisor? But, if the members change, the mood may change.
The election is coming up soon.
The Student Council election! Yeah, if Tomoyo wins the election, all the problems would be solved.
Come back fast, Nagisa.
There's good news waiting for you.
Tomoya! Grab that ball for me, will you? Gym class ran late, so I have to clean up after school.
Why do I have to help you, though? You shouldn't have any problems with this much; I'm treating you to lunch every day.
Who left the door open? What? What's wrong? It won't open.
Looks like someone locked it from the outside.
I'm sorry! Why are you apologizing? You set this up?! What are you planning on Don't tell you're thinking of doing something to me?! What are you saying all of a sudden?! Hey! You can't.
I'm how do I put it not dating you or anything.
Besides, Ryou would Stop! Stop! Stop! Listen to me! Of course, you're a boy, so I understand you have an interest in it but what we think of each other is important for something like this.
Plus, I can't betray Ryou.
I said stop! I apologized to you because of the charm! Huh? There's a charm that lets a person be locked up in a gym equipment storage room with a girl.
What's with that look, as if you're looking at some poor, pathetic being? Where in the world would you find such a pin-pointed charm? I didn't believe in it, either! And why did I have to be the one?! Because I considered the case if it really did work! So, what's this? You thought it would be fine to get locked in if it was with me? Crap, what's this mood in here? You do understand why I'm making you and Ryou have lunch every day, right? Well, vaguely.
Yet, why me? Really, that wasn't my intention.
Come on.
Say something! You're ruining the purpose of me choosing you.
Is what I'm doing with Ryou a nuisance for you? Not to that extent.
Then why not igno- OH YEAH!!! What? Stop worrying! Just leave everything to me! T-Tomoya, are you serious?! I'm serious! There's nothing for you to worry about now! But, but, Ryou is Besides, I don't know much about this It's my first time, too It's my first time, too, but leave it to me! I-If you stare at me with such serious eyes, I'll Can you look away for a while? Okay.
Curses are nothing to me.
Curses are nothing to me.
Curses are nothing to ME! Are you here, class rep? Teacher's calling you.
What are you doing? Oh, nothing.
Thank goodness we were able to get out.
I was worried about what would happen to us for a while there.
You know, I'm sorry.
I think something was wrong with me.
Forget what I said.
It was my fault to begin with.
Class rep! I've got to go now.
See you tomorrow.
Okazaki, let's walk home together.
You didn't have to look so surprised.
Hey, Tomoyo.
Is your presidential campaign going well? What is this out of the blue? Well, there's something I wanted to ask if you become the Student Council president.
You guys are The guys from yesterday! I didn't expect you to come to our territory again, Sakagami! We're here to do you in before you get us! Okazaki, step off to the side.
You can't! If you get in a fight, you won't have a chance to become the Student Council president! Tomoyo! They're not people who will listen to words.
Fuko is here! The chance to show the legendary Starfish Heat is here! Death Blow: Starfish Heat! Fuko has hidden many cute sculptures of starfish around here.
Don't worry, there's enough to go around.
But those who want a lot should work hard looking for them.
There is a winning starfish with Fuko's autograph, too.
Now, let Starfish Heat Begin! They are now absorbed in searching for the starfish.
They'll heat up so much that they'll start fighting amongst each other.
What? Nobody is flinching at all! Fuko failed.
Can Fuko go home now? Go ahead.
What was that about? She looked familiar.
Oh, what's this? Are you guys a little short-handed? Another one that makes things complicated has come.
Your hands are too small to help, anyway.
Don't be like that.
Yeah, we're usually at each other's throats, but- You're always just getting beaten up.
I do fight back on some occasions! Whatever.
Continue with what you were saying.
Yeah, we're usually at each other's throats, but He has to start there to get it right? when we face those from other schools, we're united! You'd only be in the way.
I promise I won't, so let me join you guys.
How long do you guys have to continue this comedy show?! What the hell, just get them all! All right, leave it to me! Um I'm supposed to be on your side I could not differentiate! Forgive me! Sh-She doesn't care if someone's on her side or not.
Crap, she's insane.
Tomoyo! HEY!!! Crap, run for it! What is this about? Okazaki, was it you again?! No, this is my- That's right.
I started it.
That junior year girl standing there has nothing to do with this.
You've got a record.
You're sure to be suspended.
You'd better be ready for the consequences.
He got suspended instead of Sakagami-san Good morning.
A little gift for you.
Puhi! Puhi! I made some food for you, Tomoya-kun.
Come on, eat up.
You transferred here just for that? Yes.
I wanted to preserve this place no matter what.
It's a very important place.