Clannad (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

Face Toward The School Festival

1 Hitotsu hegi hegi ni hegigoshi hachikami.
Bongame, bongome, bongomou.
Tsumitate tsumi mame tsumi sanshou.
Choshadan no chashoujyou.
Okome no namagami.
Ohome no namakami.
Konkogome no namakakami.
Oya mo kahei.
Ko mo kahei.
Oyakahei, kokahei.
Kokahei, oyakahei.
Furu kuri no furu kirikuchi.
Kisama no kyahan mo kawagihan.
Shikka bakama no shippo korobi wo Minna de tabinaga ni chotto muite.
This is so difficult.
Mudo soto sono nakade kawara sekiniko sekichiku.
I might bite my tongue, too.
Nora nyorai.
Nora nyorai.
Mina nyorai.
Munora nyorai.
Choto saki no okoho botoke ni okesu na okyaku ga Hosonaga ni, hosodomo ni, hosonoyo ni.
Kyou mo nama nama nara nara nama no mama.
What are these long ass sentences about? Choto shiokande, ochato chatacho chatto chotato chotecho.
Old man Koumura gave them to us.
They're supposed to be for vocalizing and articulation practice.
Aoda tokasen de hochacha tochaha.
Koo ha koo de moo ni koo.
Hey, stop chatting and get serious! Kouya no yama no okera kozou.
All right.
Tanuki hyappiki, ashi hyakuzen.
Tenmoku hyappai, bou happyappon.
Bugubagu bugubagu, nibugubagu.
Awasete bugubagu, mugububagu.
Kikukuri kikukuri, miki kukuri.
Awasete kikukuri muki kukuri.
Mugi gomi mugi gomi nimugi gomi.
Awasete mugigomi mumugi gomi.
Ano nageshino no nage naginata ha dada nagenawa no fuhou no.
Nagisa, are you making progress with the script? Yes.
I'm writing a little at a time as I remember the story.
I think I can finish it by tomorrow.
Ryou and Kotomi will do Sound.
Youhei and I will do Lighting.
Tomoya can do Effects and Directing, right? Yes.
And I'll be the actor.
It's starting to look more and more like a Theater Club.
There are still so many things we need to decide.
Like costume and music.
What should we do about the costume? Anyone good with sewing? I don't think it's impossible to do it, but I don't have much confidence, either.
Then that leaves Leave it to me.
See? It was a good move to ask her.
But Mom's busy.
Don't worry.
I'll work on it a little at a time as I find time between work.
I feel bad for her.
There isn't anyone else who can possibly do it.
Yes, but still So you're back, my daughter who carries my superb genes plus one.
Who are you calling "plus one"?! We're home.
Hey, I rented a good thing for you.
Hey, where is this place?! There's nothing to worry about.
Look at this gorgeous view! How splendid! It's a world fitting for you.
A video of a play, eh? Yeah, it looks like it'll be a good reference.
I've never seen a theatrical play, so this really helps.
You've never seen a play?! No, I didn't even get the chance to watch an elementary school play since I was sick.
Yet another bomb dropped by the President.
If you cry, you can't do research.
But I'm really touched.
I never knew theater was this amazing.
Compared to this, mine's like child's play.
So what if it is child's play? If you put your heart into it, people will understand.
I think you're right.
What's this? You were flirting with Nagisa this late? We were watching the video you got her.
Perfect timing.
Come with me for a bit.
You were looking for something, right? Operation Potty-Chair starting.
I told you we're not looking for a potty-chair.
Can't seem to find it.
Are you sure this picture or children's book you were looking for is hidden in the house? It might be a theatrical play after all.
It could just be that Nagisa forgot about it and actually saw the play in the past.
That's impossible.
If she'd seen something like that, I'm sure I'd know.
Since I don't recall anything like that, there's no way.
Is it Hey.
You found it?! No, this isn't it.
You found it?! It's the potty-chair Nagisa used to use! Why are you so hung up on the potty-chair? You moron! I didn't find it because I was looking for it! Both of you, please keep it down.
Look, she yelled at us.
You're saying it's my fault? I got a great idea from watching the video! What is it? A song! If we insert a song at the climax, I'm sure it'll be very exciting! You can sing well? I've only sung in music classes.
But I think it'll become really good if we insert a song.
You don't think so? I'm not saying no.
But, maybe you shouldn't worry too much about making the play a masterpiece.
You think so? It's not a big production play, so do as you like.
Since it's a stage you made for yourself.
A stage I made You're right, and I want to sing.
So I'll sing.
I think that's what counts the most.
This is a world that has ended.
A world where no one but I exists.
In the room is a small table and a chair.
Outside the window is a vast plain with nothing in it.
Is this interesting? Yes.
I think it's interesting.
We researched some, too, but couldn't discover the title.
The story isn't complete yet, right? Yes.
So, do you know any music that'll fit well as BGM? What do you think, Rie-chan? I have a picture in my head.
All you have to do is put yourself in the girl's shoes.
Put yourself in the girl's shoes It's not about being alone at school or home, but being alone in the world.
It's a very sad thing, isn't it? Yes.
It's a very sad thing.
A music with a sad tone will probably fit well.
Holy! Are all of these CDs yours, Nishina-san? Rie-chan loves music, after all.
How about this one? It's a song called Ma Mère L'Oye by Ravel.
Ma Mère what? Ma Mère L'Oye.
It's Mother Goose.
Since your play has a fantasia-like mood, I thought it would fit well.
Ravel composed many fantasia-like pieces.
This piece was for a Märchen.
It's wonderful! It fits so perfectly that it almost surprises me.
I'm glad you like it.
It's really lively in here.
Why are you wearing glasses? Because my eyes are bad, obviously.
But you never wore them before.
I don't like how I look with glasses on very much.
Then how about getting contact lenses? Those are scary.
I understand that feeling well.
Forget about me! How are things going here? As you can see, we're making good progress.
But we still have lots to do.
We're only getting started.
The path we are taking is still continuing.
Let us both keep working hard.
It's a promise.
As I'd thought, you are a good girl.
I'm glad it was you.
She's one heck of an underclassman, isn't she? I'll try acting along with the music now.
Will you watch? A room that was once empty.
But now, there are this many people gathered here.
We all share time together as Nagisa works hard so we can share the joy together, too.
You really are amazing, Nagisa.
We'll be going now.
We're off.
Tomorrow's finally the School Festival.
Get the rehearsal down good.
Yes! I'll get it down! Relax a little.
Today's just practice.
The real thing is tomorrow.
You've practiced so much that once you're on the stage, your body will move on its own.
You're right.
You're really cute, you know.
I'm sorry, can you wait until later? Woah there.
She's really approaching the limit.
This row is starting to get crooked! Bring some sheets over here, too.
This looks very complicated.
I agree.
My hands are getting tired.
Nagisa, don't move, all right? Otherwise we won't know the position.
A little higher! Yeah, we need the light in the center! Okay, try turning it on! I'm getting really nervous.
I don't think so.
This was something my kid asked me for.
I can't give it to you that easily.
It's not something you can find lying around just anywhere.
It gets pretty dark on the side, eh? Yeah.
We'll need a flashlight tomorrow.
My heart's pounding really hard.
Calm down.
Imagine those watching aren't people.
What should I think they are, then? If not people, then how about aliens? Isn't something wrong with that? They've come to invade the Earth, so they won't care what you do.
I don't want them to be completely oblivious! I want them to watch! In that case, your acting determines if the Earth will be invaded or not.
If you put on a good performance for the aliens, then there'll be no invasion.
But if you give a poor performance, the world gets wiped away.
That puts huge pressure on me! Hey, she's really reaching her limit, so quit the foolish talk.
But I'm starting to calm down.
Seriously? The Theater Club is up next.
Are you ready? Y-Yes.
We're good.
Give it your best.
I'm starting to get nervous again.
You just said you were calming down.
I'm sorry.
But when I think that you're all working hard for me It's not just for you.
Or rather, we're all here to make this moment an enjoyable one.
I guess The School Festival is run by everyone participating in it, so don't take all the pressure on yourself.
I think you're right.
Theater Club.
If you're ready, please begin.
Yes! Let's give this a go! It's something I saw on the TV before, but how about we huddle up, put our hands together, and do a "let's go" kind of thing? I saw one of those, too.
That's so cool.
I want to try it, too.
All right everyone, hands in.
I did a lot of this when I was on the soccer team.
Theater Club, let's go! Yeah! Off you go, Nagisa.
Yes! Let's all take positions, too.
Let's go, Youhei.
Crap, I'm starting to get nervous, too.
Thank you, everyone.
We're home.
We're back.
Welcome home.
Welcome back, the fruit of our love.
By the way, you're not included.
I know that.
How did the rehearsal go, Nagisa? Well How did it go? Flawless like our usual practices.
I'm glad to hear that.
As expected of our daughter.
By tomorrow, all of the idol agencies will be looking for you.
You're exaggerating things now.
Just agree with me, damn you.
Okazaki-san never flatters.
Yeah, I know.
That's why you can count on him, right? Nagisa, can I have your autograph while I have the chance? What doting parents.
Same thing will happen to you once you have a daughter, too.
I swear it won't.
I can see you having one, since you are very much like Dad.
What? Me and him?! My daughter Yes? Daddy's really shocked.
Don't say that when I'm right here.
Come in.
Will you be going to bed soon, Okazaki-san? No, not yet.
Then, may I come in? Sure.
May I sit next to you? Sure.
Is something wrong? No, I didn't have anything in particular, but You're so nervous you can't sleep? Can you tell? I'd be more surprised to find that you were sound asleep.
You're right.
I'm a nervous wreck.
It's your first stage performance, so it's to be expected.
Take the opportunity to get as nervous as you can.
I will do my best in getting nervous.
The old man and Sanae-san will be at the performance, right? Yes What's the matter? It's just that I realized how much I'm loved by Dad and Mom again.
I'm sure.
It's hard to find parents like them.
I still can't stop thinking about what happened when I was a child.
The thing where you feel like you've done something bad to your parents? Yes.
This is probably what Nagisa will think.
Because of her, Sanae and I had to give up on our dreams.
Okazaki-san, is something wrong? Nothing.
You know, Nagisa.
Yes? You're being overly sensitive about all that stuff.
You have a habit of thinking you're at fault, so this is just your imagination, as well.
You need to concentrate on tomorrow's performance right now.
Think about other stuff after that.
You're right Okay, I'll do that.
Good night, Okazaki-san.
Yeah, good night.
Um Thank you very much for listening to me.
Make sure you don't forget anything for tomorrow.
Costume Towel Oh, right.
Nagisa? Okazaki-san These pictures I found old albums and diaries.
Okazaki-san, I never knew about this.
I never knew Dad used to act.
And yet they both gave up on their dreams for me Nagisa, don't think about anything! You need to give your body a rest.
I'll clean this place up.
You need to get some sleep, even if it's only a little.
Do you hear me? After picking Nagisa up at kindergarten, we took a stroll to the river bed.
I'm really happy to be able to be with Nagisa every day.
If I had continued to work as a teacher, I don't think I would have been able to experience this joy.
Old man.
What a mess This is the worst time for her to find out.
Damn me.
The two people in the pictures looked like they were enjoying their lives.
Of course, since they were living out their dreams.
And it was supposed to last forever.
You've got that wrong! Besides, they have to be enjoying their lives right now, too! But they gave up on their dreams.
Am I wrong? And right now, I'm trying to live my own dream when I sacrificed theirs.